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Everyone has a part in protecting Mother Earth. Discuss 3 ways how you can do this at home.


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We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it for our children. Dr.Mustafa K.Tolbe Director, UN Environment Programme. Our earth is the only beautiful planet in the Solar System bestowed with incredible and marvellous nature. This beauty is gradually being threatened by the harmful and destructive activities of her own children out of self-greet. For example, the green lungs are fact disappearing from the mother earth. UN Study shows in 100 years worlds rainforest will vanish. Brazil has an international debt of USD 159 billion and in order to repay it, the government rely on logging concession. Thus, the delicate eco-balance is in great jeopardy.

Everyone has a role to protect Mother Earth from the man-made disaster. If not we might be harming ourselves in the years ahead. Let us think ways, for example, to preserve our green lungs. As a noble act from home, we can initiate awareness and tree-planting campaigns and programmes within our neighbourhood and inner community. We can lead to educate the mass through local gatherings that cutting plants and trees will cause global warming, global cooling and other threats. Moreover, at home we can use forest and timber products with optimum efficiency, such as papers, match stick and pencils. For example, teach your kids to use pencils until it become as small as possible.

Charity begins at home. As such, change our unnatural life style from home. We should find ways to save endangered species, flora and fauna, as they are essential part of our Mother Earth. Do not allow your children to release colourful balloons in mid air. The synthetic items will be drifted away by wind and land in the sea and oceans. Unfortunately, these colourful balloons are mistaken as jelly fish by the turtles and they are eventually perished by devouring them. Sea turtles are part of delicate cycle of marine creations. The threat of one will affect the others in chain-cycle.

A little act means a lot. Be an example and teach your children to use public transportation instead of using personal vehicle, especially motorbikes, as it will help in reducing pollution to a great extent. Bikes are convenient mode of transport. But the idea of burning petrol and emitting carbon dioxide in the air for just riding a block away from your destination is not good for mother earth. We can walk or cycle indeed which will surely extend our lifespan. The smoke and chemical reagents are responsible for climate change and depletion our precious ozone.

We should all stand together to save our planet earth.

Its a pivotal opportunity for

individual, corporations and government to come forward to create a global green economy. The ways proposed above are domestic in nature and can be initiated by everyone with no cost at all. Let us begin our benevolent act by celebrating World Earth Day annually on 22nd April.