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Steps to Install the Peoplesoft workstation / Application Desinger on Local system / Desktop when the Peoplesoft is installed remote server.
1. Install Oracle Client with following type: Administrator: Enables applications to connect to an Oracle Database on a local or remote system. It also provides administration tools for the Oracle Database. 2. Pass TNS entries in tnsnames.ora file at the following path: D:\Oracle\product\10.1.0\Client_7\NETWORK\ADMIN Change the drive accordingly. 3. Map Network drive of the server. Window explorer - Tools > Map Network drive. Create the network drive and provide the path to peoplesoft install folder. Z: Folder:\\<ip address>\psft\HRMS9 An other option is to copy the psft install folder in to the local system and skip this step. 4. Access Configuration Manager on the following path: Z:\bin\client\winx86 Provide the details as shown in the screen shot. Connect ID: People UserID: PS Connect Password: Peop1e - Usally connect password will be Peop1e. Provide it as requried.
5. Click on Profile and then Edit Button Provide DataBase Name and click on Set Button. – This configuraiton will be done Application desinger is installed correctly in the remote system. If you have copied the the installation folder to local system then you have to export the profile from the remote system and import same profiel in the local system. (or enter the same information here )
6. Click on Profile, Edit Button and then on Process Scheduler on Configuration Manager. Map all the paths to Mapped Z:\ drive axcept for C:\
7. Click on Client Setup Tab and then click on ODBC Administrator Button.
8. Click on Client on Add Button on ODBC Data Source Administrator window. Select Oracle in OraClient10g_homeX.
9. Click on Finish Button: Data Source Name: Data Base name Select appropriate database from TNS Service Name drop down. UserID: SYSADM
10. On the Client Setup tab check the following check Boxes: Install ODBC Driver Manager 3.5 Install PeopleSoft ODBC Driver Install Workstation then click on Apply Button