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Basics Death Knight is a class that has been added in newest World of Warcraft expansion which is called Wrath

of the Lich King. They are the opposite of paladins, they use dark spells to defeat or weaken their enemy. To make a death knight you must have a character that is level 55+ on the server you wish to make the Death Knight. All races can be Death Knight. You will need to do quests to obtain rare gear and to get your mount which is essential for leveling. Deathknight is a hybrid class which combines damage dealing and tanking. They can wear plate and are able to dual wield or use two handed weapons. They also have 3 presences (something similar to paladins aura, but benefits the Death Knight only): Blood Presence - Increases damage done by 15% and heals the Death Knight by 2% of damage dealt. Only damage dealt to targets that grant experience or honor can trigger this heal. Frost Presence - Increases armor by 60%, increases health by 10%, reduces spell damage taken by 5%, and increases threat generated by 45%. Unholy Presence - Increases attack speed by 15%, increases movement speed by 15%, and reduces the global cooldown on all Death Knight abilities by 0.5 sec. They have similar combat system like warriors, instead of rage they use runic power. Runic power is generated by single target abilities that do not drain it. Also Death Knight has its own "Profession" called Runeforging, it allows them to enchant their weapons with passive combat buffs, runeforging enchants do not stack with other weapon enchants. It requires a Rune Forge found in Deathknight starting area, called Ebon Hold. Death Knight Lore In the past, when arthas went to Northrend to cleanse the land of Scourge he met a scourge overlord called Mal'Ganis, to defeat him Arthas was ready to suffer any consequences it might bring. So he took the cursed sword called Frostmourne. On that day the most powerful of Death knights was born. Trough Frostmourne he was getting orders from Lich King who used the blade to torment his soul. When he returned to his homeland the lich king gave him orders trough the cursed blade to kill his father. With the King of Loaderon dead, Arthas plans to build an order that will shake the very foundations of the world... Death Knight Talents So death knight has 3 talent trees: Blood, Frost, Unholy. Blood talent tree is a dps tree that improves your damage attacks and gives you some unique abilities. Most important talents from that tree would be: Blood aura (with 2 points in that talent it heals u for 4% of your damage. Only triggers on targets that grant experience or honor) - useful for long fights or pvp. Rune tap (converts one blood rune into 10% of your maximum health) - very useful in long fights or pvp. Bloody Vengeance (with 5 points in that talent gives u 5% critical strike chance) - increases damage Dancing Rune Weapon (Summons a second rune blade using your runic power that does same attacks as the death knight) - improves your damage output greatly while rune weapon is summoned. Frost talent tree is a tanking tree which improves the 2h weapon tanking capability of the death knight. Most important talents from that tree would be: Black Ice (increases frost damage by 30% with 5 talents in it) - increases your damage and your threat generation. Lichborne (makes you immune to charm,fear, sleep effects for 15 sec and increases the chance of meele attacks to miss u by 25%) - very useful in boss fights. Frost Aura (all party or raid members within 45 yards of the Death Knight gain 80 spell resistance) - useful against spellcasters and lowers their damage on the whole raid/group. Unholy talent tree focuses on improving your dps as well as improving your survivability. Most important talents from that tree would be: Master of Ghouls (your ghoul is considered as your pet and is under your control)

- its very nice to have in pvp as well as in pve. Anti-Magic Zone ( places a large, stationary anti-magic zone that reduces spell damage done to party inside by 75%, it absorbs up to 10,000 spell damage) - very useful against raid bosses in pve that do alot of spell damage or in pvp against mages, locks etc. Bone Shield (the death knight is surrounded by 4 whirling bones. While at least one bone remains he takes 40% less damage from all sources and deals 2% more damage with all attacks, spells and abilities) - its nice to have it on at any time cause it improves your overall damage as well as your survivability.