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Allegra School of Music and Arts

The Allegra SMA Art House
programs will consist of various media studies and will be offered to children ages 5— 16. Adults may enroll with their children.

For Me a drawing is like a story which stimulates the imagination and draws the mind to a place filled with expectation and pleasure By developing their ability to observe, every child can learn to draw By exploring lines, textures and space, every child can learn to create a drawing with the illusion of depth and distance By having fun and feeling good about themselves, every child will fall in love with the process of creating, and will make ... Masterpieces -Jane Sutley Artist and Teacher
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Your Arts resource center right in your neighborhood

Allegra SMA’s Art House

invites you and your children to expand your artistic potential by joining us in an atmosphere of creative, artistic and educational discovery.

Allegra SMA’s Art House

programs are designed to promote artistic growth for adults and children. Be a part of an art education delivered by professional & certified art educators.

Childrens Classes
Registration will be limited to 8 students per class. The ages unless otherwise noted will be 6 through 16. children will be placed in age appropriate groupings as class enrollment completes. Parents may enroll in classes with their child. Tuition must be paid before 1st class. There is a yearly school registration fee of $35. Materials are In-


Tel:908 874 4351

Concepts in Drawing:
Students will develop their ability to see and record objects through the use of contour lines. Students will create a blind contour drawing using a continuous line. In blind contour drawing, the artist concentrates on the model without looking at his/her paper. Students will also create a drawing with the illusion of space and distance using various techniques of Perspective (shading, placement, shadow, etc.,). Students will learn about Value (the difference between light and darkness of colors) using blending, hatching, stippling, etc).

Concepts in Drawing: Session 1 5:30 - 6:45 Session 2 7pm - 8:15 Wednesday Fridays

Begin date based on enrollment requirements . Course Cost - $250.

Registration Fee: $35

Students will learn that the Principles of Design (rhythm, balance, pattern, proportions, emphasis, unity and variety) are guides for seeing and creating art. Through various media (pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, etc.), students will explore lines and textures and learn that lines create illusion. The main objective of this class will be observation and the development of basic - intermediate drawing skills. Based on enrollment, classes may be mixed aged. Since the class registration is limited by design, each participant receives a high level of interaction with the instructor and progresses at his/her own pace. Parents are welcome to enroll in the class with their children. Student ART SHOW
Classes are 8 wks in duration.

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856 Route 206 South Hillsborough, NJ 08844

The final class culminates with a thirty minute festival celebrating the childrens of work from throughout the semester.