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I, VIKASH SINGH, student of MBA (2011-13) at MIT, Modinagar hereby declare that the Project work entitled CONSUMER AWARENESS OF PRIYA GOLD is compiled and submitted under the guidance of Mr. Amit Panday . This is my original work. Whatever information furnished in this project report is true to the best of my knowledge.

VIKASH SINGH MBA- IVth Sem Roll No. - 1138070028

I, Vikash Singh, the student of MBA, was required to undergo a marketing research program. I would like to thanks all other people, who directly or indirectly, were the part of my marketing research program. I hereby extend me sincere thanks to the Mr. Pardeep dubey (Faculty of Management) and marketing tactics helped me in project report. With regards VIKASH SINGH all my friends whose

successfully completion of this

As an integral part of my academic studies as a student of MBA: I have done my Research project report in a progressive and esteemed organization Surya Foods & Agro Limited.

I am interested with a project on Consumer behavior as I am seeking of marketing. My topic is based on the Brand Positioning of priya gold in India & which service is most projects by the consumer in Meerut city among the different category of people for this I conducted a survey in Meerut City with the help of questionnaires developed by me.

I am giving the following report, I have tried to find out the behavior of the consumer its means to say that which service is mostly prefer by the consumer in Meerut region. I have also tried to find out the strength & weakness of Priya gold. I have tried my best collect and useful information analyzes and interprets the date and finally present unbiased impeccable and useful

recommendation in the following report.

Chapter 1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Introduction Industry profile Company Profile Distribution Network Product profile Distribution system Objective of the study Research methodology Data collection 43 47 49 57 62 82 85 88 91 96 101 9 12 15 25 33 Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4 10. Data analysis Chapter 5 11. Limitations 12. Findings 13. Inferences 14. Conclusions Chapter 6 15. Questionnaire 16. Bibliography

AMONG fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies that are more inclined to freezing their ad budgets, the biscuits category has emerged as a tough cookie with higher advertising sbiscuitsds and improved visibility across media.

According to AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research, which has been tracking food sector promotions, advertising in the biscuits category on television has grown by 39 per cent in 2003 as compared with 2002. Britannia Industries and Parle Products top the list of advertisers with nearly 35 per cent and 33 per cent of the advertising respectively, while Surya Food & Agro Pvt Ltd with its Priya Gold brand retains the third position. ITC Ltd stands fourth.

"Biscuits as a category have grown by around 8-10 per cent since last year, with enhanced competition across the category. Brands

such as Priya Gold have come out of their local fold, and are competing nationally. ITC's Sunfeast has also widened the category further," said Mr Pravin Kulkarni, Marketing Manager, Parle Products Pvt Ltd.

Apart from increasing competition, a shift in consumer attitude has spurred the growth in this category. Biscuits are now considered more as a meal substitute instead of a plain snack, Mr Kulkarni said. Moreover, consumers have also begun to shed the `remorse factor' about consuming sweet cookies with high calorie content," he added.




Britenia is well-know name to the Indian consumer but as Priya Gold is a comparatively new launched and though it has connections with Candia which though again a big shot in dairy products is less know to a average India consumer. The retailer are being educated about product Priya Gold by informing them about it being a sister concern later on telling them about the International connection of the Priya gold with Candia which the market leader in diary product in France and Europe. The company first looking to consolidate its distribution network before spending on improving brand awareness the result few advertisement on air. This policy of the company can be counter productive in the new biscuits arena where the market is tough and competitors are big. My efforts were concentrated more and more on educating the customer and retailer about the product and compensating for the less promotion that the company was forced into.

The company is into the market where there are big competitors in the market and the already have a solid brand name. So to lap up the market the company is trying hard to flex its muscle and show that they are the best and have the unique tastes that can drive both sale and volumes. My project aims at providing information about the current biscuits market, which is growing at 16% per year. The project will give information to the organization about the dealers choice and preference for the selling over others products or brand and the cause behind it and customers likings and disliking regarding our product comparing to other product. In short this product can make the product more popular and customer and retailer aware, which may help the organization to take step to promote its product as well as to drive up the volumes and sales simultaneously.



The wondrous magical journey of our company Surya Food & Agro Ltd. began in Oct. 1993 & since then we have been one of the leading manufacturers of biscuits in northern India. Our brand PRIYAGOLD has been a perennial household favorite since then. On a profound level spread in to western as well as southern India, the inevitable cycle of distribution network has helped us to spread into western India as well. Our obsession is to make the finest quality biscuits available to the consumers & our constant endeavor is to provide our consumers, a palate to look forward to a taste & flavor that is uniquely PRIYAGOLD.

We are operating in the new age, ruled by the dizzying pace of technology, poised to pace up with emerging trends thus improving quality standards every time. Our fully automated ovens bake the biscuits round the clock and then they find their way to the automatic packing units at the companys plant in


Surajpur, Greater Noida (U.P.), catering the ever growing demand of PRIYAGOLD biscuits. This is reflected through our brands positioning which says Haq Se Maango, a positioning that was formulated keeping in mind that everyone has the right to good taste and the right to ask for it. We feel that the means to finding the future lies in believing in ourselves. Our over the period created trust and confidence, can never be destroyed, just like the eternal force of nature. We adhere to ensure that PRIYAGOLD continue moving forward towards achieve best quality for total consumers satisfaction. Towards ensuring your good health, our humble efforts. Cherish it, with us.


QUALITY: Priya gold is committed to produce quality Writing Instruments to the total satisfaction of its customers. It is the policy of Priya gold to develop and supply innovative products meeting the customers requirements from time to time. The company realizes that this shall be achieved only through continuous upgradation of technology, team work, motivation of employees and participative management. Apart from ISO-9001 standard, our products also conform to DIN quality for our products and for the entire marker range. While Britannia introduced more variants in its Good Day brand, Parle included a few more variants under its Hide & Seek franchise with flavours such as butter, badam pista and cashew. Surya Food & Agro Pvt Ltd also plans to introduce three more variants of Priya Gold biscuits this year and has lined up major expansion plans. Mr B. P. Agarwal, Chairman, Priya Gold, told Business Line: "With the biscuits category growing, it is natural that ad

sbiscuitsds will increase and stimulate demand. We will enter the southern markets of Hyderabad and Banglore by the month-end and will further fuel the competition." Priya Gold is sbiscuitsding Rs 8 crore on advertising this year. Unlike a time when biscuits were considered aspirational in the largest of the SEC categories, brands such as Priya Gold have been able to grow by capitalising on increase in width (more consumers consuming biscuits) and depth of consumption (same consumers consuming more) along with increased frequency of consumption, Mr Jagdeep Kapoor, Managing Director, Samsika Marketing Consultants Pvt Ltd, said. The study also says that dramas, soaps, feature films and comedies are emerging as primary genres for advertising biscuits, which indicates an evident swing in strategy from targeting children to targeting the family. While 54 per cent of the television advertising sbiscuitsds in the biscuits category in 2003 was directed towards genres such as


soaps, feature films and comedies, 12 per cent was sbiscuitst on cartoon channels. Biscuits are considered more of a family product, and targeting programmes watched by the entire household is the best bet for biscuit companies rather than just cartoon channels, Mr Kapoor said. Chairman of surya Agro & Foods Ltd recieves the International Quality Crown Award in London, December, 2004.


SURYA Food & Agro Ltd, maker of PriyaGold brand of biscuits, has unveiled a contest titled PriyaGold Khaao Aur Khelo.

According to the Chairman and Managing Director, Mr B.P. Agarwal, on every purchase of Rs 50 and above worth of PriyaGold biscuits, the customer will be given a free gift coupon, enabling him to become eligible for a prize.

The first prize will be a Mercedes Benz car, followed by Maruti Alto (5 second prizes), Tanishq Jewellery (10 third prizes) and a Compaq Laptop (10 fourth prizes).


COMPANY STRATEGY: Post Launch strategy detail. I. The company persisted with functional appeal in its ads throughout 2003. II. At the height of sales during growth period, the company extends to the emotional platform PriyaGold Khaao Aur Khelo. However, the sales continued to drop for the last two months. But this was more to do with product quality than promotion failure. The company

systematically oriented the marketing mix elements especially product quality to arrest the declining. III. The price of the existing product, which started becoming popular to the customer, suddenly became high. This also affected a lot the market. POSITIONING STRATEGY It hasnt stick to its original tagline of Haq Se Mango throughout the life cycle, while at the same time other brands remains with their tang line. incrementally


Phase I the original tagline was supplemented with Haq Se Mango. It showed how Priya gold could make a family including a husband, wife and kids mother-in-law and the family friend a romantic dream sequence, highlighting the taste factor.. Phase II- The new media blitz was a feature of specific campaign on the promotion of the newly launched product. But the price of family pack is too much higher than the popular brands available in the market.


MARKETING STRATEGY Phase I- Competing on price differential, at Rs. 5 to Rs. 125 for a family. It was only segment to make the customer happy by paying so little amount for a biscuits. Phase II- Now the company has started giving promotional scheme to dealer as well as to the customer. The highly priced [Rs.30] is now available at a lower price 5.00. Phase III- But the promotional scheme came at late session of the main pick season. Now the competitors also started giving more attractive promotional scheme to the consumer as well as to the dealer. Phase IV Discount to dealers is also lower the other brands. So the dealers are also less interested to associate with the Cream Bell.




The distribution network of the Priya gold biscuits is its biggest strength that helps it to reach the market that it caters to effectively and efficiently. This is achieved by maintaining trade relations, providing innovation incentives to retailer. We use carrying & forwarding Agents (C & FA) who pass on the textile to distribution Stockiest (DC) who sell to registered wholesalers. The wholesalers feed retailers. C&FA act as a buffer stock point to ensure that stock does not take place. This system has proved to be both cost effective and time saving using C & FA also allows them to save on taxes.









Whether the biscuits is mightier than the sword is a verse that has been put to the test through centuries of turmoil, upheaval and civil strife. But would it survive the mechanization of the school? This has been a question that has haunted the writing instruments industry for three decades. Thirty years later the answer: the market lives! In this digital age, it continues to be the enduring symbol of literacy and refinement. In India, the multi-billion rupee computer industry has failed to displace the humble biscuits as the tool for communication. These simple truisms are continually relevant in a society where nearly a third of the population has just about started to ink success by emerging from the darkness of illiteracy. The Indian writing instruments market is estimated at Rs. 150 billion and is growing at a healthy clip of 12% annually (Source: bakery Industry estimates). The leader, among several manufacturers, Priya gold, has the largest market share and its turnover is expected to exceed Rs. 15 billion in 2004. Priya gold is the front runner in the most

important segments of the market, with its full suite of biscuitss and other writing instruments that serve various applications and needs.

ACHIEVEMENTS The biscuits, by virtue of being an I-see-it-a-million-times-a-day, product probably evokes little or no excitement. But the truth really is that no segment is more fiercely competitive than the writing instruments business. With the combined market in excess of 3,500 million units per annum (Source: Writing Instruments Industry estimates) the biscuits is in the thick of a serious battle. Priya golds achievements, in such an environment, are many, impressive and astounding. By continuously introducing new products in the Indian marketplace, it has kept its nose ahead of the competition. It may be a historical fact that if there was a significant piece of writing in indebiscuitsdent India it was probably inked with a biscuits manufactured by Priya gold. PROMOTION


Priya gold built the brand on the strength of its product range and quality and by appealing to the fledgling nations desire to be seen as self-reliant. Priya gold's advertisements of the early years would matter-of-factly state: For the first time in India. This straight forward approach worked well. It laid the foundation for Priya gold's exponential growth in the 1970s and 1980s. The company also started, albeit unknowingly, the trend of celebrity endorsements in India. In the 1960s, it featured film stars, sportsmen and other celebrities for its writing instruments. Most of these were not paid endorsements since celebrities were not yet marketable commodities. However, once celebrities saw

themselves as brands and began to charge money, Priya gold, which was a small company at that time, got off the celebrity endorsement bandwagon.

By the early 1980s, the Indian market was becoming quite sophisticated and there were many players in each product category vying for a share of the consumer's mind. The time had


now come to launch and build brands, rather than just products.



Mr. D.K. Jain (President)

(Mrs. Pooja Jain)













BUTTER BITE PREMIUM: Priyagolds Butter Bite Premium is yet another buttery experience with crispy & fresh taste. Its a combination of pure butter and fresh flour to give you perfect health.


INGREDIENTS Wheat Flour, Sugar, Edible Refined Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Palm Oil/ Soya Bean Oil/ Cotton Seed Oil And Sesame Oil), Sweetened Condensed Milk, Butter, Invert Syrup, Liquid Glucose, Iodized Salt, Leavening Agents (Ammonium Bi-Carbonate & Sodium Bi-Carbonate), Processed Cheese, Mono Acid Calcium Phosphate, Dough Conditioners (Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite), Contains Added Flavours (Butter).


GLUCOSE V EXTRA: Priyagolds Glucose V extra is enriched with vitamins, calcium, iron and extra glucose to energize you with every bite. Baked to stay crisp and fresh long. So, have it to believe it.

INGREDIENTS Wheat Flour, Sugar, Edible Refined Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Palm Oil/ Soya Bean Oil/ Cotton Seed Oil And Sesame Oil), Invert Syrup, Permitted Emulsifiers (Glycerly Mono Stearate),

Liquid Glucose, Iodised Salt, Leavening Agents (Ammounium BiCarbonate & Sodium Bi-Carbonate), Sweented Condensed Milk, Soya Lecithin, Dough Conditioners (Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite), Contains Added Flavours.


MARIE LITE Marie Lite is all goodness of natural fiber and quality wheat to give you nutrition with 89.9% fat free. So, all you calorie conscious people delight with Priyagolds Marielite.

INGREDIENTS Wheat Flour, Sugar, Edible Refined Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Palm oil/Soya bean Oil/Cotton seed oil and Sesame oil), Liquid Glucose, Invert Syrup, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Leavening

Agents (Ammonium Bi Carbonate & Sodium Bicarbonate), Iodized Salt, Permitted Emulsifiers (Sodium Stearoy 1-2Lactylate), Dough Conditioners (Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite), Contains Added Flavors.



Butterbite Premium: Butterbite Badam Pista: Butterbite Kesar Butterbite Cashew Nice Day Magic Gold Classic Cream Chocolate Classic Cream Orange Classic Cream Elaichi Classic Cream Milk Marie Lite Kids Cream Butter Kids Cream Chocolate Vanilla Kids Cream Strawberry Snacks CnC Glucose V Coconut Crunch









DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM OF SURYA FOODS & AGRO LTD. The success of each and every company depends upon the effectiveness of their distribution system. Priya gold Writing Instruments Pvt. has an efficient distribution model. Manufacturer



Whole seller


Consumer LWIPs new distribution system to reach more consumers:


Priya gold new plans of reinventing distribution so as to redefine current channels and look at creating new channels. Competition was the main thrust for this change in its area of distribution.

Which has been reinventing its distribution system, in a bid to reach out to more consumers, will look at a three way convergence of product availability, brand experience. They are building key capabilities entraining the large number of people involved in these initiatives; through all these initiative they are getting their brands closer to the consumer.

These initiatives are expected to create employment and vocational opportunities through its nation wide network of 7,000 stockiest and 6,000 sub-stockiest, thereby, employing over 60,000 people.


To find out the awareness among the consumers about the various type of Priya golds and their brands available in the market and identify the factors that determine the behavior of selected Priya gold buyers and consumers. analyze the decision making process of the




To know the awareness among the consumers about the various type of Priya golds and their brands available in the marker.

To identify the factors that determines the behavior of selected Priya gold buyers.

To analyze the decision making process of the consumers.



Research methodology is a systematic way, which consists of series of action steps, necessary to effectively carry out research and the desired sequencing to these steps. The marketing research is a process of involves a no. of inter-related activities, which overlap and do rigidly follow a particular sequence. It consists of the following steps:-

Formulating the objective of the study Designing the methods of data collection Selecting the sample plan Collecting the data Processing and analyzing the data Reporting the findings


Objective of Study

Research Design

Sample Design

Data Collection

Data Analysis

Report of findings

RESEARCH DESIGN Research design specifies the methods and procedures for conducting a particular study. A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of the data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure.


Research design is broadly classified into three types as Exploratory Research Design Descriptive Research Design Causal Research Design I have chosen the descriptive research design.

DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH DESIGN: Descriptive research studies are those studies which are concerned with described the characteristics of particular individual.

In descriptive as well as in diagnostic studies, the researcher must be able to define clearly, what he wants to measure and must find adequate methods for measuring it along with a clear cut definition of population he want to study. Since the aim is to obtain complete and accurate information in the said studies, the procedure to be used must be carefully planned. The research design must make enough provision for protection against bias and must maximize reliability, with due concern for the

economical completion of the research study.

SAMPLE DESIGN A Sample Design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population. It refers to the technique to the procedure adopted in selecting items for the sampling design are as below:

SAMPLE SIZE Sample method Survey period

SAMPLE SIZE: The substantial portions of the target customer that are sampled to achieve reliable result are 100.

The cost and time limitation completed me to select 100 respondents as sample size SAMPLING METHOD: In this marketing research project, I am using

Random sampling method SAMPLE DESIGN As complete enumeration of all the members of the population (Member and Non-member) I have understate sampling technique. SAMPLE SIZE 100 Customers SAMPLE TYPE AREA SAMPLING Meerut SAMPLE SELECTION Simple random selection sampling


SAMPLE TECHNIQUE I have taken the Statistical tool of percentage method to analysis and interpretation of the collected data.

RANDOM SAMPLING: A random sample gives every unit of the population a known and non-zero probability of being selected. Since random sampling implies equal probability to every unit in the population, it is necessary that the selection of the sample must be free from human judgment.

There is some confusion between the two terms random sampling and unrestricted random sampling. In the latter case, each unit in the population has an equal chance of being selected in the sample. Such a sample is drawn with replacement, which means that the unit selected at each draw is replaced into the population before another draw is made from it, As such, a unit can be included more than once in the sample. Most statically


theory relates to unrestricted random sampling. In order to distinguish between these two sample. I.e. sample, without replacement and sample with replacement, the terms sample random sample and unrestricted random sample are used. If the latter is devised in such a manner that no unit can be included more than once, it will then be known as the simple random sampling.

It may be noted that while both sample random sampling and unrestricted random sampling give an equal probability to each unit of the population for being included in the sample, there are other sample design too which provide equal probability to the units. The process of randomness is the very core of simple and unrestricted random sampling. The selection of a sample must be free from bias, which can be ensured only when the process of selection is free from human judgment.




DATA COLLECTION The study was conducted by the means of personal interview

with respondents and the information given by them were directly recorded on questionnaire. For the purpose of analyzing the data it is necessary to collect the vital information. There are two types of data, this are Primary Data Secondary data PRIMARY DATA:Primary data can be collected through questionnaire. The questionnaire can be classified into four main types Structured non disguised questionnaire Structured disguised questionnaire. Non structured non disguised questionnaire Non structured disguised questionnaire.

For my market study, I have sleeted structured non-disguised questionnaire because my questionnaire is well structured, listing of questions are in a prearranged order and where the object of enquiry is revealed to the respondents.

To making a well-structured questionnaire, we have adopted three type of questions Obiscuits ended question Dichotomous questions Multiple choice questions These types of questions are easy to understand and easy to give required answers.

SECONDARY DATA:Secondary data means data that are already available i.e. they refer the data which have already been collected and analyzed by someone else. When the researcher utilizes secondary data, than he has to look into various sources from where h e can obtain them,

in this case he is certainly not confronted with the problems that are usually associated with the collection of original data. Secondary data may either be published data or unpublished data. Usually published data are available in: Various publications of the central, state and local government; Various publications of foreign government or of

international bodies and their subsidiary organizational; Technical and trade journals; Books, magazines and newspapers; Reports and publications of various associations connected with business san industry, stock exchanges etc.; Reports prepared by research scholars, universities,

economists etc; Public records and statistics, historical document and other source of published information. The source of unpublished data are many; they may be found in


diaries, letters, unpublished biographies and autobiographies and also may be available with scholars and research workers, trade associations, labor because and other public private individuals and organization. COLLECTION TECHNIQUE: Questionnaire method is used in collection the data.



DATA PROCESSING AND ANALYSIS Processing & Analysis the collected data: - once the field survey is over and questionnaire have been received, the next task is to aggregate the data in a meaningful manner. A number of tables are prepare to bring out the main characteristics of the data. The researcher should have a well thought out framework for processing and analyzing data, and this should be done prior to the collection. it includes the following activities

(i) Editing: the first task in data processing is the editing. Editing is the process of examining errors and omissions in the collected data and making necessary corrections in the same.

(ii) Coding: coding is the procedure of classifying the answer to a question into meaningful categories. Coding is necessary to carry out the subsequent operations of tabulating and analyzing data. If coding is not done, it will not be possible to reduce a large number

of heterogeneous responses into meaningful categories with the result that the analysis of data would be weak and ineffective, and without proper focus.

(iii)Tabulation: tabulation comprises sorting of the data into different categories and counting the number of cases that belong to each category. The simplest way to tabulate is to count the number of responses to one question. This is also called universal tabulation. The analysis based on just one variable is obviously meager. Where two or more variables are involved in tabulation, it is called bivariate or multivariate tabulation. (iv) Analysis: after the all three above steps, the most important step is analysis of the data. Under this step, they can use the various tools of the analysis such as Central Tendency, Dispersion, Correlation co-efficient, Regression Analysis, Test of Hypothesis etc. Table 1. Sample Size-100 SL No. Serviceman Respondent 27 Yes 19 No 6

Businessman Student Housewife Total

22 46 5 100

17 38 9 83

5 2 10 23

1.Awareness about Priya gold biscuits

100 80 Percentage of awareness 60 40 20 0 yes no Series1



Interpretation: From the above table and graph it shows the awareness about Priya gold Biscuits is 83%

Types of Biscuits Marie lite Glucose Premium Butter Total

No. of respondent 39 3 58 100

percentage 39 3 58 100


Table 2. Sample Size-100

2.No. of different types of biscuits user

60 Percentag 40 e of Users 20 0 Gel Pen Ink Pen Ball Pen Products

Series1 Series2

Interpretation: The above table and graph shows that the Marie Lite are mostly use by the customers and after Glucose biscuits Premium Butter Biscuits use by the customers and very few customers of Ink Biscuits.

Table 3. Sample Size-100


Factor Easy Available Quality Friends Advertisement Price Total

No. of Respondent 10 19 20 17 34 100

Percentage 10 19 20 17 34 100

3.Influence factor
Easy available 10% Quality 19% Friends 20% Price 34% Advertisem ent 17%

Advertisement Price Friends Quality Easy available

Interpretation: This Graph and Table shows that 40% users are influence by Easy


Availability and 34% users are influence by Price and 20% are influence by Friends suggestion and 19% by Quality and 17% are Advertisement.


Table 4. Sample Size-100

Company Priya gold Britannia Parle Asian Total

No. of Respondent 36 31 28 5 100

Percentage 36 31 28 5 100


4.Percentage of different comany,s usres

Asian 5%

Parle 31%

Priya gold 36%

Priya gold Britannia Parle Asian

Britannia 28%


According to my survey Priya gold are 36% use by the consumers and Parle is 31%, Britannia is 28% and Asian is 5%.


Table 5. Sample Size-100

View Higher-Higher

No. of Respondent 12

Percentage 12 28 40 20 100

Society Higher-Middle 28 Society Middle-Middle 40 Society Middle-Lower Society Total 20 100


45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Higher- Higher- Middle- Middle- Society Higher Middle Middle Lower Society Society Society Rank



Interpretation: According to my survey Priya gold are mostly used by Middlemiddle Society percentage of 40% and Then Higher-middle society is 28 % and Middle-lower society is 20% and Higher-higher society is 12%


Table 6. Sample Size-100

Factor Low Price Better taste Good quality Attractive Packing Others Total

No. of Respondent 34 24 19 17 6 100

Percentage 34 24 19 17 6 100

Advantage of other co. over the Luxor Pen

40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0
e Be t te rt as te G oo d qu At al t ra ity ct ive pa ck ing Pr ic th er s



Lo w


Interpretation: The above data shows that maximum customer look to another co. Low price and Better taste.


Table 7. Sample Size-100

Price Range Rs 3-10 Rs 10-25 Rs 25-50 Rs 50-100

No. of Respondent 34 34 19 16

Percentage 34 34 19 16


Interpretation: The above data shows that Rs 3-10 and Rs 10-25 are most popular in the consumers.


Table 8. Sample Size-100

Satisfaction Level Highly Satisfied Some what Dissatisfied Cant Say Total

No. of Respondent 15 22 45 11 100

Percentage 15 22 45 11 100


Perfomance of Luxor Pen

50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Highly Satisfied Some What Dissatisfied Satisfaction Level Can't say



Interpretation: The above data shows that maximum of the consumers are highly satisfied of the performance of the Priya gold.


Table -9. Sample Size-100

Factor Agree Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree Nor Disagree Total

No. of Respondent 47 33 11 6 3 100

Percentage 47 33 11 6 3 100


Interpretation: Maximum of consumers are agree and strongly agree about the Superiority Level of Priya gold.



Preparation of a project report and concluding a research is a whole process which is carried out in a number of steps. Therefore through out the whole process of research there are a number of difficulties encountered by researcher, at every step. In the present study we may assume following limitation.

a. b.

Data dont represent entire population behavior It is very difficult to measure perception by means of mathematical calculation


This research was done in Modinagar & Muradnagar city only hence this Conclusion. In valid only for Modinagar & Muradnagar.


It was assumed that respondent have the knowledge of the choice that were given in the questionnaire and respondent were compelled to choose only from given alternatives.


The respondent view point on the study/questionnaire


purely judgment and may be induced by other reasons also.




The awareness about Priya gold is high as about 83%.

Glucose biscuits users are more than Marie lite Biscuits and Butter bite Biscuits

According to respondent view the Priya gold are mostly used by middle class family.

Mostly respondent graded product quality is very good.

Glucose brand of Priya gold are most popular.

Under the Three rupees to ten rupees price range of product are most used by the customers.

Maximum of consumers are agree and strongly agree about


the Superiority Level of Priya gold.

Priya gold are easily available on all retailer and nearest shop. Means the distribution system of Priya gold are very good.




As note of the systems I perfect in itself, there are always weak points that bounds to crap in, thus instead of ignoring them, we should try to avoid them in totality in order to achieve the objectives of the organization. Following are the points. I think, that company should further consider. 1. As it is facing treats of competition from Marie lite, Glucose and Butter premier it should regularly revise its schemes in the interest of the customers. It will retain the existing customers at the same time it will help in prospect generation. 2. The response time of the company is bit late, so it should be improved. 3. Retailers/Sellers should be given proper training so that they become competent enough and become aware of every feature present in the product. This will help them to

clarify the queries and doubts that intrude and halt in the minds of customers. This will help in increasing the sales and at the same time will uphold the product in the market. 4. Single visit solution should give to the customers as over and again visiting may cause irritation and rawness which might have bad effect on the companys good will. 5. The network system should be made much more efficient more towers could be placed it they are required. 6. Advertising not only boost up the sales but also create a positive impression of the product. So proper advertising must be done through various medium such as newspapers, magazines. television, Direct Mail, Radio and



Considering the findings of the survey conducted among the consumers it has been observed that the awareness level of the product is good and is increasing. People are aware about the Priya gold. But the major fact that come to light is that some people are unaware of the fact that Priya gold. But people who know it have full faith in the product.

If we consider the market potential of the product in the market we find that although the product is a many years old it has strengthened its market potential rapidly

In nutshell we can say that the product is doing well in the market. Although much advertising campaign has not been done for the product but still it has gained popularity due to its natural feature. A strong sales promotion programme can play a major role to boost the sales of the product.


Name : Company : Designation Phone No

Address : Email : Country :

Comments : Butterbite Premium: 100 x 60 250 x 24 Butterbite Badam Pista: Butterbite Kesar: 250 x 24 Butterbite Cashew: 100 x 60 250 x 24 Nice Day: 75 x 800 200 X 30 Magic Gold: 100 x 60 250 x 24 Classic Cream Chocolate: 75 x 80 150 x 40 Classic Cream Orange: 75 x 80 150 x 40 Classic Cream Elaichi: 75 x 80 (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs 100 x 60 250 x 24 (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) Packs Packs Packs Packs


150 x 40 Classic Cream Milk: 75 x 80 150 x 40 Marie Lite:

(6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg)

Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs Packs

20x20x16 (6 Kg) 100 x 60 200 x 30 250 x 24 400 x 20 (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg)

Kids Cream Butter:

75 x 80 150 x 40

Kids Cream Chocolate Vanilla: 75 x 80 150 x 40 Kids Cream Strawberry: 75 x 80 150 x 40 Snacks: 4x20x15 75 x 60 150 x 40 CnC:

20x20x20 (8 Kg) 50x10x20 (8 Kg) 75 x 120 200 x 30 (9 Kg) (6 Kg)

Glucose V:

20x20x20 (8 Kg) 50x10x20 (8 Kg) 75 x 120 100 x 80 200 x 30 (9 Kg) (8 Kg) (6 Kg)

Coconut Crunch:

20x20x15 (6 Kg) 75 x 80 200 x 30 400 x 15 400 x 15


(6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg) (6 Kg)



Name Age Occupation Profession Student Address : Phone No. : 1. Are you aware about Priya gold? Yes 2. NO : : Businessman Others :

Which type of Biscuits do you prefer? Gel Biscuits Ink Biscuits Ball Biscuits


What are the factors that influence you to purchase a biscuits? Advertisement Price Easy available Friends Quality


Which Companys biscuits do you use ?


Priya gold Parle 5. Where do you rank it? Higher-higher Society Middle-Middle Society 6.

Britannia Asian

Higher middle society Middle-Lower Society

If you used Priya gold then which brand do you mostly use? Butter bite Glucose Other Butter premium Marie Lite


What are the advantages of the biscuitss of other company over the Priya gold? Low price Good quality Others Better Taste Attractive packing


Which price range you would like to prefer? RS 3-10 RS 10-25


RS 25-50 9.

RS 50-100

How many brands of Priya gold do you know? One Three All two four


Why people choose Priya gold more?


Do you satisfied with the performance of Priya gold? Highly satisfied Cant say somewhat Dissatisfied


Priya gold are generally better than other ones. Agree Disagree strongly disagree

Strongly agree Neither agree nor disagree 14

Are the Priya golds Easley Available in the market? Yes NO


Any suggestions comments (Please specify)





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