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Alexander 28 Points.

These are the first 25 points that come to mind, in no order of importance, I may have left some things out, but there are the most common mistakes of natural game that I see being made all the time. 1. Be yourself. Be your best self. Be a man. Take responsibility. Take action. Trust yourself. You are enough. These are all one and the same thing. Where people get lost is in idea of transition or change, acting out of character or whatever. Forget all that. Being yourself means following your core purpose and purest intentions free from socially conditioned influence. You will make mistakes when you do this, but thats natural because interactions are subjective. Responsiveness is the answer to interaction mistakes. Being your best self means you plus you taking responsibility in life. Your physical nature as a man, and your nurture that is individually unique to only you that sets you apart. 2. Be natural. Its better to be natural and do things that pick up would say are wrong, than to do the perfect pick up according to the book. If the pickup is too perfect, if you seem too seamless as a person you wont come off as normal and you the girl wont take you seriously. When your being natural you make mistakes. This makes sense to the girl. In fact, you should make lots of mistakes, you prove your worth (DHV) when you deal with your own mistakes and other turbulence. 3. Dont calculate and micromanage. One of the first things girls look for is evidence of the cogs in your head grinding to see if you second guessing yourself and if yourself aware. If you are self aware, calculating your game, and trying to micromanage the interaction the girl will instantly put you in the not alpha male category and you are done even if you can string the set out a bit. If youre not self aware, not calculating not micromanaging that is to say if your present, in the moment and not self aware you communicate to the girls that you are enough and they categorise you as an alpha male and attractive. This is what you want, its only when you second guess yourself that you shoot yourself in the foot. So trust yourself and keep things moving forwards for your own sake. 4. Be unapologetic. This is the key to showing you are congruence with who you are. Even if you fuck up you didnt mean to, and you didnt intent to offend anyway. Unapologetic is the key to getting away with anything, similar to Stifler or James Bond. When your unapologetic you can do what you want, get away with it, and ultimately people will react to you, you dont react to them, youre the source of a range of emotions and stimulation and this makes you a man of value to them. 5. As a man, there is nothing someone can give you that you cant get for yourself. As a result of natural evolution men have become socially and emotionally autonomous where are women are not. If you need people, especially women on any level, especially for ego validation or sense of self - youre being a bitch. You will never be attractive. Remember that when you go out: your sense of self and fulfilment is something you can achieve on your own, this is not true for a woman. Realising this is the key to a naturals frame. 6. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. In life, time will tick away whether you like it or not. Time is a constant. Whatever you are doing in that constant of time will be reinforced. If you are getting out there taking action, moving forward, taking responsibility you will either achieve things or learn things, making way for other achievements. The worst thing you can do with your time is nothing. Staying home, not going to the gym, not approaching, or ejecting for a worthwhile set. If you arent winning or learning something at every point in time in your life you will be out of congruence with your man-of-action innate trait and you will feel bad. When you win and when you learn you feel good. Get out there. There is no failure, there is just competent and not-yetcompetent. 7. Whatever you feel, she feels. Remember that women dont judge you on your status, they dont judge you on your looks or even on your words. They judge you and react to you based on what feeling you influence them with. That said, its most important that you are always feeling good. Best way to do this is to be a man of action with a path in life, someone who is ballsy and risk taking, someone who is daring and someone who sets out with positive intentions. You were born feeling good with self esteem, so you know that if you get back to natural state then you will feel good. Its only when you try and force things or unnatural do you lose your default good feeling. Be natural, be relaxed and you will achieve the very important goal of feeing good most of the time, and automatically make all girls feel good most of the time. You will be a fun guy to be around. 8. State is chill, not fireworks. This is a big one, most guys have no idea that state is not something exciting, not something flashy or

even something extravagant, the coolest people you have known in your life and alpha males all have a chill vibe about them. This is true state, what Jeffy calls a burning coal. It is EASY to be consistently chilled-out or relaxed, its as simple as adopting an its all good attitude and having some willpower to not let petty things get under your skin. If youre always operating from an its all good attitude, and you dont get into bad state by letting people or incidences (the external world) get to you, then simply taking actions of your own choice (following your core) will ignite the nimbus. You will draw state from within. As a man its when youre doing something you want to do that youre most aroused. You influence others with this arousal and it makes you attractive. This state, unlike fireworks state, is the infinite well and never burns out making you always attractive. 9. Others ARE socially conditioned, have empathy. It doesnt matter what you have read or what manipulative tricks you know, IF WHAT YOUR DOING DOENST GEL WITH ANOTHER PERSONS REALITY THEN YOUR NOT GOING TO FIT INTO THAT REALITY. What that means is, if what youre doing as good or as slick as you may think it is- doesnt make sense to the people you are doing it to, you will simply be ignored or not taken seriously. Have an awareness of how those around you are socially conditioned and be responsive to that. Start within the constraints of that, then lead the interaction in your direction your reality. Just as important, if you continue on, not aware that the way your approaching people doesnt make sense to them, they will think you lack empathy and give rise to ignore responses or straight up blow outs. Be calibrated, use your brains and your empathy. 10. If the girl isnt gaming you, youre not going to have sex with the girl. Its true that people value something they have to work for, or something they think of as higher value than them. And this can be confusing if you are learning cold approach pick up. How can I approach her, then, get the girl gaming me? Furthermore, to think that you have to game the girl implies that you are lesser than her, and this implication with become a self fulfilling prophecy to the girl you are interacting with. After all, the way you approach her is the way she makes up her mind about you. The way to get the girl gaming you is in the VALUE INVERSION POINT, what some people call the transition or the point when you go from 90/10 to 50/50 talking ratios. Go in chat, even entertain her and arouse emotions. Then withdraw. This usually elicits a question from the girl. Usually something chodely like where are you from? or what do you do?. This is her gaming you, once you get this going, keep it going, answer with statements (obviously), express yourself to inspire attraction and she will continue to game you. The more she finds herself gaming you (unlike the way guys usually try and game her) the more she will find herself liking you and the closer youll be to sleeping with the girl. 11. Whatever you do, DONT try for rapport. There are many levels of communication when two people interact and there are subsets of communications within them. To name a few there are verbal, non verbal and physical ways to communicate; and if you want to be more technical there are logical modalities and emotional modalities, direct or indirect. The modalities arent as important as using them to ensure you dont try for rapport. In any interaction people automatically fall into a role of high value and low value. If youre trying for rapport you will automatically communicate low value, if you dont, you wont communicate low value. To try and break rapport is tricky, and to force it is actually a form of trying for rapport. What you will find is that when you are completely natural, as a man, you never try for rapport, and others automatically respond by taking on a subordinate value to you. 12. The girl is down to fuck until otherwise proven innocent. And most guys shoot themselves in the foot pretty quickly, sometimes before they even approach. Many guys fail to realise that girls are constantly on the lookout for that special guy, in the same way we are on the lookout for that one hot girl in a bikini. To guys, a girls looks set her apart. But girls judge a guys behaviour, the way you behave is where your potential to be seen as a special guy lies. So when you start an interaction deep down shes hoping to meet an awesome guy but doesnt expect to, and she wouldnt even know what that looks like when it ran some game on her. If you dont do anything offensive, or socially retarded to get yourself blown out then you give her a chance to start FINDING in you the things she wants in a guy. Interpretation of behaviour is very subjective, and it helps that the girl is making a conscious effort in life to interpret guys in the way she hopes to see them. So do less, stay in set, dont shoot yourself in the foot and the you give the girl a chance to be attracted to you. 13. Proactive DHVs communicate lower value. The ideal of demonstrating higher value is as important in the game now as it ever was. But to go out of your way to demonstrate value to someone is really demonstrating lower value. To tell a clever DHV story to a girl, to do a magic trick or to run some elaborate routine is unnecessary. Proactive DHVs are the actions of man with a mindset that he is not good enough just as he is; as opposed to a guy who just assumes value. Girls derive their attraction to you, or not, based on your mindset (which automatically generates your behaviours and autopilot responses). Proactive DHVs is like showing a girl your Ferrari Key chain no good because your saying to the girl that guy hiding behind the key chain isnt enough. If youre a cool guy the girls will know automatically, if youre not cool they will know just as quickly.

14. Beating congruence tests is the way to overtly DHV. If you have even known a cool person in your life you will know that it wasnt them who convinced you they were cool, someone eluded you to the fact, or their value or coolness became apparent when they successfully dealt with a testing situation. They dont need to convince you theyre cool because theyre already aware they are, you only realise theyre cool once you get to know them. These types of guys are usually extremely chill and unstifled. In the club, what this translates to, is being nicely conversational and expressive. As you talk to the girl youre bound to elicit congruence tests because thats what girls do, and the way they interpret you is subjective. If you get a test, an awkward lull in conversation, a we have to go with our friends, an I have to go to the bathroom or a personal challenge from the girl this is your opportunity to demonstrate higher value with a Positive-Dominant response. You overtly show you can think for yourself, deal with tricky situations, are unreactive and you go for what you want. 15. Confidence is binary; youre either confident or youre a complete chode. You cant be ninety percent confident. Close but almost confident really means that you are just a bitch or pretending to be a chode. The best understanding I have of confidence is confidence happens when you perceive that nothing holds you back. Thats why five year old kids can be just as confident as multi billionaires or rock stars. Its all about not having a care in the world. Girl make a very quick attraction judgement based on your confidence which is conveyed in your behaviours. If you hold yourself back in any way... you lose. If you dont put any mental obstacles between yourself and what you are out to achieve your confident; youre attractive. 16. Uncomfortable is the magic word. You know how many chodes complain that with girls no means yes and yes means no, this isnt exactly true but it is true that girls dont logically communicate what theyre emotionally feeling. Why do they do this? To see what your made of, if you trust yourself and if you have balls. Its a pure alpha-ness and attractiveness gauge. Most guys dont realise that girls very rarely communicate socially in the logical and verbal realm, most of what is said becomes redundant, and when you open your eyes to the emotional channels you will understand women much better. Most guys take a simple no, or a lack of enthusiasm from women as gospel, when realy its just a test. I can guarantee that you can take most sets or interactions MUCH further than you think you can, and she wants to see if you have the balls to. Sometimes you will be miscalibrated or you will reach your limits of the set or escalation... you will know when the limit of the interaction is when the girls uses the word uncomfortable or any translation of that. 17. Indications of interest is when the girl is quiet and attentive. Did you used to read the old emails that advocated that a girl liked you when she licked her lips/played with her hair/touched your arm/took off her skirt? Most did, and most guys are looking for some kind of guidelines to when a girl likes him so he can eliminate the risk of rejection and his chode world coming collapsing down. Whats worse is when youre searching for traditional IOIs you set out to suck them out of the girl which makes your behaviour even worse. Furthermore, girls rarely think to themselves yes Jessica, I like this guy, I hope he will kiss me in the night Im sure that does happen, but if youre waiting for that then youre not going to get the girl because you will miss your window of opportunity. A part of her liking you is when you assume she is interested in you, she will be attracted to a guy with that reality. So, if your still looking for a way to tell if a girl might be interesting in becoming attracted to you look for the ones that are nervous and attentive to you. Quiet, but paying attention to you. This is the same behaviour that a guy would exhibit for a girl that he was very attracted to. 18. Dont know; grow. If youre coming into the community looking to learn how to become a guy who is good with girls it makes sense to you that you need to logically learn something in order to become a guy who is good with girls. No, the game isnt about learning the game is all about growing. The reason why ideas, moves and techniques can be appealing is the way they inflate your ego and your false sense of self. Really, knowing inflates your ego, messes up your identity and suppresses your natural self beneath it. To learn human interaction is a intuitive, intangible thing and very difficult to measure. Unless you have academy award winning acting skills there is no way to truly fake it till you make it with learned knowledge because incongruence will still be communicated. Use the knowledge you are gathering from others to guide your growth and change your mindset so you can grow into the guy that you are supposed to be. 9. It is impossible to become a guy who is good with girls. Although the allure of the community advertises that you can become a pimp with women and you will be able to fuck 10s it is wrong to say that you will ever be a guy who is good with girls. To say that, is to say that you are above the process and you are not a guy who is going to take action. To identify with being good with girls is

to cease to take action on a daily basis and lazily rest on your laurels. If you dont take action then you will cease to approach, cease to move things forward and cease to be good with girls. Some guys get a sharp reality shock when they realise that they cant ever become a guy whos good with girls. But the sooner you realise its a futile pursuit the sooner you realise that you have to continue to take action on any given night in any given set. As a man it is correct to identify with being a man of action because thats what you physically and biologically are. Instead of looking to achieve the identity of being a guy whos good with girls seek to identify yourself as a guy who is always continuing to get good with girls. This is the road to Pick up mastery. 20. Inspire attraction, dont seduce it. Express yourself, dont impress others. Whether or not you can be attractive to someone is completely subjective and thus, unpredictable. You can have no idea what will turn on different people, especially when you are cold approaching lots of them. So instead of focusing your efforts on what will impress them and what impression you are going to make, do the things that is sure to inspire attraction in everyone. When you shift your focus from setting out to impress people to, instead, expressing yourself and doing the things that you know will inspire attraction; youre reality strengthens significantly, others react to you, you become unstifled and most importantly you have lots of fun. They fact that youre not out to seduce attractive form women and instead are out to inspire it communicates to women you approach that you have all the trust in yourself that you have enough and are enough to be attractive to them. You inspire it in women, you dont need to trick it out of them, and they come to you. 21. Be involvement worthy. The best way to go about natural game is to be someone worthy of involvement. The best way to think of being good at natural game is to be continually asking yourself Am I being involvement worthy?. This paradigm has massive emphasis on responsibility, pro-activity and leading. When you continually ask yourself am I involvement worthy you move into a headspace where you are continually drawing on yourself to get things started, move conversations forward, formulate ideas and extrapolate social opportunities. In accordance with other natural game principles you know that youre not going to get the girl unless shes gaming you, if youre conversational, assertive and making situations fun then the girls will take it upon themselves to make the most of your time and vie for more of it. Being involvement worthy is like wild male animals expressing themselves hoping to find a mate. In this day and age the guy who has the most to say, is the least stifled and the most expressive that will be the most involvement worthy and get the most girls. 22. Get yourself into state. One of the primary differences between men and women is where they get their state from. Women get their state from their environment, whereas men dont. Higher forces take care of womens state, but men are indifferent to them. A mans default state is a chill relaxed positive feeling, in a noisy pumping venue, thats your baseline, but thats not enough to be calibrated. A mans state is proportionate to his ability to be present, positive, dominant and active. If youre not getting yourself into state the environment will eclipse you and put you deep inside your head. Get busy, do something positive; entertain yourself with stupid bar games. Do something dominant; arm wrestle your friends, lead a girl by the hand, be loud or stand up tall. Do something pro-active, open sets, move around, dance and escalate with girls. These are the best ways to get into state. Another rule of thumb is motion is emotion, take action and move yourself around, dance, clap your hands and bob your knees and state will come. No one else will do it for you. 23. Keep Things Simple While Learning. Once you make a significant transformation towards a guy who is in congruence with himself you will realise that natural game is a minimalist thing; youre strong reality and intent leading the girl with continual calibrated responsivity. But if you still have lots of mental noise from residual social conditioning make an effort to keep things simple, your end goal should always be no mind, all intuition. So when you go out make an effort to think about only three things for once. If your new, three good things are friendly, unapologetic, draw state from within. A more intermediate three might be assertiveness with a smile, lead, cant get blown out from escalating and an advanced three might be every man starts equal, be 100% honest with yourself and others, and persistence beat resistance. If you go out while youre learning the game with truckloads of theory spinning around in your head you will only get out of state and reverse good progress you have made. Its likely that you would be so inside your complicated head that you dont even approach. 24. There is no such thing as a crush; ice cream theory. The classical notion of having a crush on a girl is one of the most unnatural and destructive forces that counter natural game. The Dynamics of the crush is one of the biggest limiting factors fort guys learning natural game. To have a crush on a girl is to build up an idea of her in your own mind that is completely fabricated and usually vastly different from reality. People think they have a crush on a girl because having a girl who is their type appeals to their ego and their

attempt to project a particular sense of self. You dont know a person, or a girl, until you have spent a lot of time with them. Its natural that you treat everyone equally and dont assume anything and wait and see if you cultivate affection for the girl or not. When you develop a crush on a girl you go into chode mode. Even when you get the girl you have a crush on you will eventually get a reality shock when you realise what you thought she was isnt what she actually is. All attractive girls are good. Like flavours of ice cream, appreciate them all, and after lots of experience then you can develop a preference.

The Darker Side by Ozzie

It Is Good To Lose How can you embrace winning without losing? How can you win girls without losing them? Lets face it, you wont be pulling more than one girl or may be two every night most of the time. How do you get to those girls? Whats the process? I can almost guarantee that for every girl you pull there was a bigger amount that you lost in the process-the number of girls you lose varies depending on how on you were that night. So was it good to lose girls those? You bet. When you are banging that very girl you pulled you dont think about the dozen you couldnt pull home. You conveniently erase them from your memory. Why Is It Then That We Dont Like Losing And Refuse To Embrace Losing As Part Of The Game? For every time you looked good in set there are more times when you looked bad. I refuse to accept not being rejected on my program. If a guy is not being rejected, he is playing safe game. You need to embrace losing to win. Like Paul Newman tells Tom Cruise in the movie The Color of Money, I will teach you how to lose, son. Uncomfortable, inconvenient, painful? Yes, sir. Necessary? Yes, too. Fundamentals and Losing I think the art of applying fundamentals is there for you to be able to stand losing and not allowing you to get sidetracked. When I teach freedom from outcome, one of the fundamentals, I encounter resistance in the student at first, then, once he sees what an advantage it is to be free from outcome, and how relax he can approach women without being obsessed with a result, he lets go. A new avenue for exploration has opened itself up. He starts getting it. This is something that cannot be grasped by logic or congruently explained but it is experiential, the same way enlightenment cannot be explained in terms of words because it is a state of mind and spirit. In other words the fundamentals must be experienced in order to be understood. The reality of it far exceeds any plausible explanation. That is why logical guys seem to finish last in this game. How Much Should I Lose? Religion says lose everything, and then you will be free. Our society goes the other way and says Winning is everything. Dont be a loser! How can we reconcile these two? And if we do, what would we lose? Fear of losing at work.

Scarcity Mentality in Pick Up Unless a guy is in the field consistently it is hard to understand the fundamentals. Anybody who approaches women regularly quickly realizes this freedom from outcome fundamental: he knows better than to go in a club looking for the quick result. He intuitively knows that the night is long and success could come anytime as long as he keeps approaching and is not affected by losing. He develops a long term focus naturally and refuses to judge results based on one approach or one night. This long term vision is necessary for switching from the scarcity-if I lose a girl, it means I will suck forever- to the abundance paradigm with women-there is more than plenty for everybody. Money is scarce-though some money gurus will tell you different-, food is scarce, and natural resources are scarce but women-an unlimited resource unless you live in a 200 people village. Actually some of the scarcity mentality around women can be traced back in history to the fact that humans used to gather in small communities limited in female population in prehistoric times and yes; there were no clubs to go with hundreds of available girls! But not today. Even if you live in a remote village, you can move to a bigger town and solve the scarcity problem. Approach as many as you want, lose as many as you want, get as many as you want. Yeah, yeah, we know all this. But still whats the problem? Why guys react so bad against losing? Society Rejects Losers as Defective Items We live in a perfectionist society. Due to the influence of technology we have zero tolerance to error. Lets face it: if the computer doesnt work we buy a new one and discard the old, etc...We dump everything that is not working and replace it with something new, more perfect, more efficient. We live in this paradigm that to err is to be defective and the item must be replaced. We turn into defective items when we lose. It is a sin of modern society to err. What happens in pickup? You are such an item. Can you be replaced by a better one? You are stuck with what you got. That enrages people! We dont want to be stuck and losing. What if being stuck for a while is what you need right now? Unacceptable. Something must be done. What if I told you that there is nothing to be done. You are stuck with what you got: your imperfections, your virtues, your looks, your rejections in the field. You need to accept the process, not fight it. If you fight it, it is likely to get worse. How To Spot You Are A Victim Of Losing Syndrome? Take a piece of paper and draw 2 columns. In one write all the things you consider your good qualities and on the other your bad qualities. If your bad qualities far exceed the good quality list you are a victim of this defective item syndrome. You probably spend too much time trying to fix yourself because you look at yourself as defective, faulty, etc. you will encounter a lot of resistance submitting yourself to the practice of pick up, a discipline that requires tons of

flexibility and ample room for error. You probably are a fixer upper, somebody who focuses on problems and defects rather than strengths. Too much time in the dark and very little in the light. You will remain forever in darkness. Coming Into the Light

The way you see the problem IS the problem. If you see yourself as defective thats how you will present yourself to people. People will feel it coming out of you. It is involuntary, you cannot control this process. You can hide which is what most people do. Interactions with people become a race of how long it will take for them to figure you are defective before you can crawl your way out of the interaction into your next set. And it starts all over again. It is a recipe for failure. You need to change the way you look at yourself. A new paradigm needs to be in place where you dont feel defective when you make a mistake. There is room for error and imperfections. Realizing that there is no fixed structure to human interactions and that conversations could go anywhere is a good start. It will allow you not to try to control the outcome of a conversation. Of course, you need lots of practice for this. Thats why field is king. But you need to go in the field with the intention of practicing and changing the paradigm about how you see yourself. Reconciliation, not a split, between the dark and the light must take place in your head. The way you see the problem IS the problem. If you see yourself as defective thats how you will present yourself to people. People will feel it coming out of you. It is involuntary, you cannot control this process. You can hide which is what most people do. Interactions with people become a race of how long it will take for them to figure you are defective before you can crawl your way out of the interaction into your next set. And it starts all over again. It is a recipe for failure. You need to change the way you look at yourself. A new paradigm needs to be in place where you dont feel defective when you make a mistake. There is room for error and imperfections. Realizing that there is no fixed structure to human interactions and that conversations could go anywhere is a good start. It will allow you not to try to control the outcome of a conversation. Of course, you need lots of practice for this. Thats why field is king. But you need to go in the field with the intention of practicing and changing the paradigm about how you see yourself. Reconciliation, not a split, between the dark and the light must take place in your head.