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Evidence from our mass production Department records prove and a survey conducted by the department proves that our company has a problem of a small market to sell our goods and products. To improve our marketing and sales profits so that it meet our companys target, we need to embarked or engaging with the mass- media such as by sponsoring one of their reality program named Masterchef Reality Show 2013. The recommended sponsorship will cost about RM 2000 for the whole session of the show and will increase the sales of the products as well as increase our companys profits and enlarge the market of our products.


Problem Small market of FD baking powder products is a serious concern. As a good corporate citizens, we have a responsibility to the community to encourage and educate our community of the usage of Halal and Good dairy products. As merchants, we also seek the recognition and the demands to our products from our customer, increased our profits as well as enlarge and expand our product to more large market. We risk of decreasing of our products profits if we are only focusing on the small local market to market our products. Solution Small market of FD baking powder problem can be eliminated if we embarked and engaging with mass media and huge companies to promote as well as sell our products to our company. To engage our promotion through media such as TV, we must become one of the sponsors of the TV station program such as the reality program show. Objectives The purpose of this proposal is to suggest to Forever Deliciouss Top Management to sponsor a reality TV that will be shown on Trust TV, named Masterchef Reality Show 2013. As the nature of the program is a cooking show, it will give more opportunities for our company to promote our products through this reality show program. Background From our records for the last 6 months proves that the sales of our products, FD Baking Powder is keep increasing and has become one of the popular product bought by our customers in the local market for dairy-based products. The details of the sales for FD baking powder product: Giant Hypermarket: 200 sales per month Tesco Hypermarket: 150 sales per month Mydin Hypermarket: 100 sales per month Jusco Hypermarket: 100 sales per month

In additions, from the survey conducted by our Production department showed that there are an increase of demands to our products by 10 % by the customer. With this increment in demands, we feel that it is an opportunity for our company to further explore the market by promoting our product through a media such as TV programs.

Data Sources The data used to create this proposal came from our sales records for the past six months from our Production department and the survey conducted by the department to the local market to see the whether the support given by our customers to our baking powder products. Assessment of Cost From the letter received from the production team of the show recently, the reality show program will cost about RM 20000 per production session. However, our company was requested to sponsor only for the ingredient or the products used in the show which will cost only RM 2000 for the whole programs session. In spite of sponsoring the reality show programs, we feel that this reality show program will provide good opportunities for our company to expand our market more large in the peninsular regions. CONCLUSION. This proposal will acts a suggestion for the Forever Delicious to take the opportunities to sponsor for the reality show programs that will be shown in the Trust TV as it will benefits a lot to our company by expanding and enlarge the market of the our product to a more huge market as well as promotes the quality of our products to the customers. We recommend that an allocation of RM 2000 will be allocated in this quarters operation budget for the sponsorship to the Mastercheff Reality Show programs.


Prepared for : Mr Hassan Nasruddin, General Manager Forever Delicious Sdn Bhd.

Prepared by: Mr Johan El-Gamal , Manager of Marketing Division, Forever Delicious Sdn Bhd.

April 28, 2013