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Bishop takes prudent steps forward in TOGETHER vision

The diocesan-wide special appeal is now in an extended preparation phase
A recession hurts. We have lost savings. We have lost jobs. We have lost businesses. And the headlines continue to tell us that the economy will get worse before it gets better. Now is a difficult time to talk about money. Yet conversations about money are everywhere – even at church. On November 4, 2008, Bishop Michael O. Jackels sent a letter to the faithful of the diocese about his decision to move forward with a special appeal. The intention of the appeal has always been greater than fundraising. It is a vision for the growth of our diocese. But at no time has the Bishop ever taken the decision to move forward with this vision lightly. In his November letter, Bishop Jackels wrote about the Divine Guidance that calmed his fears and gave him a sense of trust. “This decision was not made with insensitivity to those affected by the economy,” he wrote. “Rather we care about and for people, especially those hurting.” But since November, the recession has become even more painful. And the Bishop’s compassion for those hurting during this recession is unfailing. In December 2008, the Bishop resolved to extend the preparation phase of the appeal until economic indicators show some stability. Though we do not yet know how long we will wait, Bishop Jackels has declared that there is no question if we will proceed but when we will invite everyone to make a sacrificial gift. The priorities of this special appeal will not go away. In fact, the number of lives who will be touched by the appeal will only swell over time. The cost both in dollars and effort will only increase. But this special appeal is about more than funding three valuable priorities: seminarian education, Catholic formation programs and renovation of the Cathedral campus. It aims to strengthen the oneness between parish and diocese and deepen our practice of stewardship as a way of life, sharing responsibility for the mission of the Church.


official newspaper of the diocese of wichita

Catholic Advance
AvanceCatólico páginas 13-14
Friday, March 20, 2009 • vol. CXLIV No. 6

The TOGETHER vision logo incorporates the diocesan “window”. All of these goals are reflected in the name. TOGETHER: We gather. We learn. We serve. During the extended preparation phase for TOGETHER, the diocesan staff is working hard to develop the TOGETHER story and create the necessary materials to communicate it. You will begin to see the TOGETHER logo more often. Beginning April 17, Bishop Jackels will write a monthly article in the Catholic Advance where he can speak directly to each member of the diocesan family about TOGETHER. In addition to the Bishop’s articles in the Advance, you will see the logo in stories that highlight different aspects of the TOGETHER vision. In the TOGETHER vision, each Catholic and every parish can come to a greater sense of oneness. TOGETHER: We gather. We learn. We serve.

Live as another Christ, show kindness in response to need
Bishop Jackels’ Lenten message about love
By Bishop Jackels The Good News recorded in Scripture describes Jesus coming among us, dying to redeem us from punishment for our sins, and rising from the dead to admit believers into the eternal life of heaven as God’s gift to us, showing his love, mercy, and kindness to us. “For God so loved the world …” We did not deserve such treatment; God did this in spite of our sinfulness and indifference. Jesus did Bishop this, not because Michael O. God needed us, Jackels but because we need God and cannot enjoy communion with God here and in heaven if Jesus did not do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Kindness in response to a need As a result, we who believe in Jesus and are baptized are saved and made a new creation: another Christ, our lives hidden in Christ, living our lives in Christ, imitating Jesus. Christians are God’s “handiwork, created in Christ Jesus for the good works that God has prepared in advance, that we should live in them” (Ephesians 2:10). Living as another Christ, we too show kindness in response to a need, regardless of whether the person deserves our kindness, but just because … this is what Jesus would do. We can show kindness like Jesus to someone in need by contributing money to charitable organizations. For example, Catholic Charities is always in need of donations to help them help others with food and other emergency services. Other local organizations are also in need. We can show kindness like Jesus to someone in need by volunteering our time to places like the Lord’s Diner that provide food for the hungry. Other local organizations have the same need. We can show kindness like Jesus to someone in need by joining groups like the St. Vincent de Paul Society or the Knights of Columbus that exist to help others in so many different ways. Living as another Christ. Showing kindness in response to a need. How we do this might vary from one person to the next, but for those who bear the name Christian this is not an option; it is an evangelical imperative. The gift you have received, Jesus says, give as a gift (see Matthew 10:8).

Making a pilgrimage

Jill Martin, a member of Blessed Sacrament Parish, Wichita, holds a processional cross while praying the Stations of the Cross last Friday at the Spiritual Life Center, Wichita. The stations are prayed there at 3:30 p.m. each Friday – indoors in bad weather. The stations help the faithful to make a spiritual pilgrimage to the chief scenes of Christ’s sufferings and death. The stations originated in medieval Europe when wars prevented pilgrims from visiting the Holy Land. (Advance photo)

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March 20, 2009


Moses fled Egypt because he murdered an Egyption
Test yourself on your knowledge of Exodus
By Msgr. William Carr Who is Moses? Moses is the great law-giver of the Old Testament. He led the children of Israel out of slavery from Egypt. Later, when there was a dispute between two Hebrews, Moses tried to stop it; one of the Hebrews taunted him with “Are you going to kill me as you did that Egyptian?” Moses realized that the killing was known and he fled across the Sinai peninsula to the land of Midian. What happened to Moses in Midian? Moses married a wealthy man’s daughter. He had a family, and would have been content to live the rest of his days in comfort in Midian. Why did Moses go back to Egypt? Moses was tending the flocks of his father-in-law, Jethro. He saw a bush which was burning but not consumed. When he went to investigate, he heard a voice saying, “Moses, take off your shoes; this ground is holy ground. I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. I have heard the cries of my people and have

3:13-15. Why does the old testament never put ‘YAHWEH’ in print? Out of reverence for God’s holy name, Hebrews (and Jews today) never pronounce the name of God. In ancient times, it was blasphemy for a Jew to say God’s name — for the reasons given above. Only once a year, on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) did one person (the High Priest) pronounce the name YAHWEH. This was in the Holy of Holies of the Temple when he sprinkled the Ark of the Covenant with blood. As he did so, he called on God to forgive all sins committed during the last year. He pronounced the name of God: YAHWEH. In most translations of the Bible, what word is used in place of YAHWEH? The word used in place of YAHWEH is LORD. Some Protestant groups have a word different from YAHWEH. Yes. They use the word “Jehovah.” They used different vowels for the Hebrew consonants. Jehovah was never a word; it was contrived by using the consonants for YAHWEH and the vowels for the Hebrew word for LORD.

Bible facts

• The word Bible comes for the Greek word Biblia, which literally means “books.” •Two men in the Old Testament never died: Enoch and Elijah. God took them into heaven. mystic notion Semitic peoples had about names. If you knew someone’s name, you had a power over that person. When Adam “names” the animals, it is a sign that he has dominion over them — and shares in the dominion of God. When an Egyptian child was born, the child was given a real name which no one ever knew, and another “nickname” which everyone knew: This was so that the “demons in the nether world” would never know the person’s real name, and thus have power over the person! So, when Moses asks God’s name, it may be a sign that Moses wanted to have control over God! God told Moses, “I am who I am.” Ever afterwards, the Hebrew people’s used this as the name for God. In Hebrew, “he who is, who was, and who will never cease to be” is ‘YAHWEH.’ Read Exodus

What is the story of Moses’ infancy? The Bible says that Pharaoh had ordered male Israelite babies to be killed. Moses’ mother hid him in a basket daubed with pitch and set the basket afloat amid the reeds of the river. Pharaoh’s daughter found the baby and brought him to be reared in Pharaoh’s household. She called him “Moses” because she said she drew him out of the water. This is a popular etymology for Moses’ name. The word which means “one who has been drawn out” sounds like the Hebrew for Moses. Why did Moses flee Egypt? Moses saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. He killed the Egyptian and buried him in the sand.

come to deliver them.” Read the story in Exodus 3. Did Moses want to go back to Egypt? No. Moses made every possible objection to God. He objected that Pharaoh would not believe him. He objected that the Hebrews would not accept him. He objected that he was an escaped murderer. He objected that he was a stutterer and no one would understand him. (“Slow of speech” means “stutterer!”) God answered all his objections and said he would be with him. Why did Moses ask God’s name? There may be several reasons, but one intriguing one is the

This Sunday is Laetare Sunday
By Msgr. William Carr II Chronicles 36:14-17,19-23; Ephesians 2:4-10; John 3:14-21 This Sunday is usually called “Laetare Sunday.” “Laetare” (layTAH-ray) is the first word of the Latin Entrance Antiphon. It means “Rejoice!” It is a long story, but this Sunday came to be a Sunday of rejoicing in the midst of a penitential season: Today, the organ and other instruments may be played; and there may be flowers on the altar. The “long story” is this: In ancient Rome, Mass was celebrated by the pope and people in different churches on different days. These churches were called “stational churches.” The liturgy often took its readings and theme from the “stational church.” The “stational church” today is the “Church of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem” which is in Rome. This church was built by St. Helena to house the cross and the relics of the Lord’s Passion which she brought back from Jerusalem. She used dirt from Jerusalem as ballast for her ships. This dirt was then placed around the foundation of the Church of the Holy Cross — so it really was in Jerusalem (or on Jerusalem soil) even though it was in Rome. The Church represented Jerusalem — the ancient city as well as the heavenly Jerusalem. The Entrance Antiphon, then, was “Rejoice Jerusalem! Be glad for her, you who love her!” The “rejoicing” theme in the middle of Lent came from this antiphon! The first reading (the conclusion of II Chronicles) is anything but joyful. It tells of the pathos of the destruction of Jerusa-

Fourth Sunday of Lent

all celebrated the Eucharist. This is the background for today’s readings. The unifying theme is “priesthood” — not just the ministerial priesthood, but your priesthood by your baptism Prepare for Sunday’s Mass and confirmation. The entire Gospel of John is lem. God had warned his people summarized in the prologue: “He to return to him; they did not; came unto his own, and his own therefore the city of Jerusalem and received him not…but to as many the temple were destroyed and the as received him, he gave the power people languished in captivity for of becoming children of God.” seventy years. The first half of John’s Gospel is The second reading gives us called the “Book of Signs.” By reason for joy: seven signs, Even though we Jesus replaces have offended Daily reflections online the forms and God, he is rich A link for reflections on the institutions of in mercy. He daily readings is located at the Judaism with saves us not diocesan website: something new because of any and better. (For good we do or example, manna merit of ours, but solely from his is to be replaced by the Eucharist; loving kindness. Let us thank him the Torah is to be replaced by the for his mercy by living lives of living water of the Spirit in baprighteousness. tism.) Unfortunately, “his own” The gospel contains the most did not accept him. Today’s gosfamous sentence in the Bible: “God pel selection is the climax of the so loved the world that he gave his gospel: “His own” did not receive only Son, that whoever believes him, but Gentiles (Greeks) came to in him may not die, but may have him: “To as many as received him, eternal life.” (John 3:16.) he gave the power to become chilWe rejoice today because of dren of God!” Jesus proclaims that God’s mercy which we do not de- now he is glorified! His priesthood serve. We rejoice that he sent his extends to the world. And what is Son to save us. We rejoice in our the essence of that priesthood? It Elect who are nearer to the Eas- is his self-giving: “Whoever loves ter sacraments. Let us always be a his life loses it; whoever hates his people of joy. life in this world preserves it for (Today we celebrate the second life eternal.” Our share in Christ’s of the three Scrutinies.) priesthood is to “lose ourselves” in him in the service of others. The second proclaims Fifth Sunday of Lent that Christ wasreadingbecause of heard Jeremiah 31:31-34; Hebrews his obedience. We, too, share in 5:7-9; and John 12:20-33. his priesthood when we joyfully Sixteen centuries ago, there accept our crosses. was no special Mass on this SunThe first reading, from Jerday in Rome. All Rome gathered emiah, proclaims that the new in St. Peter’s Basilica on Sat- covenant will be written on hearts urday evening for an all night and not on stone. We are the livvigil. At the conclusion of ing stones of the temple of God. the Vigil, the pope or- Through baptism and confirmation dained priests, and we are called to bring this world to God, and to bring God to the world. (Today we celebrate the third and final Scrutiny.)

Word of the Lord

We worship as it has been done for two thousand years
By Denise Bossert One of the primary questions many non-Catholics ask themselves when choosing a church is whether or not the worship style of that faith community is a good fit. How structured is the service? Do they have old hymns or contemporary music? Do they have altar calls? Can one yell out a hearty “Amen” in the middle of the sermon? Or is worship more reserved? The prospective parishioner considers these things (at least subconsciously) and makes a determination based on personal preference. As Catholics, our primary goal is to worship God in the way He wants to be worshipped. We adhere to a sacred liturgy that has been passed down through the ages. We simply don’t factor in personal preference. While in RCIA class a few years ago, I read The Catechism of the Catholic Church. I was struck by the solid teaching on every page, but one passage on the structure of the Mass by St. Justin Martyr was particularly memorable. With meticulous precision, this Church Father describes early Christian worship. Moreover, the rubric for worship didn’t just drop out of the sky in 155 A.D. St. Justin Martyr summarizes how the Church always worshipped God. Here’s the kicker. Line by line, we see that his description of worship is identical to the structure of the Catholic Mass. It is all a matter of historical record, a record that dates back to just 55 years after the writing of some New Testament books! Even so, why don’t Catholics emphasize personal preference? God made us each unique. Why not let each one approach God on his own terms? On a very simplistic level, worship begins with communication. When we want to communicate with someone we love, we figure out how they want to be approached, and we pursue them in

the manner that they desire. For example, I don’t like phones. Most people who are close to me know that I prefer to be reached by email. My children text each other. I’ve decided to learn how to text because that’s their mode of communication. My uncle doesn’t text or do email. When I want to communicate with him, I use the phone. Yes, I set aside my personal preferences and just make the call. The emphasis is on the one we seek, not on self. And this should be our goal when we come together as One Body to worship God. We worship in the manner that pleases Him. Malachi chapter one prophetically described the Mass, saying, “Everywhere they bring sacrifice to my name, and a pure offering.” What is this perfect offering? It is the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As wonderful as all other forms of worship are, this is the pure and perfect offering. The Book of Revelation magnifies what happens in the Mass by saying, “Worthy are you. . . for you were slain and with your blood you purchased for God those from every tribe and tongue, people and nation. You made them a kingdom and priests for Our God. . .” People from every nation come together to present a pure offering, giving to God what He most desires, the perfect Sacrifice of His Beloved Son. Throughout the week, private worship can be expressed through personal preference. You can turn up the volume on your inspirational music or pray the Rosary or meditate while playing the piano (or a round of golf or a game of racket ball). But when we worship Him as one – those from every tribe and tongue, people and nation – we do it in the way Christians have worshipped Him for two thousand years, by praying the Mass and offering the Heavenly Father a pure and perfect offering.



March 20, 2009


Winfield parishioners plan ahead for future priest or religious life vocation
Holy Name Parish, Winfield, has never produced a vocation to the priesthood and hasn’t had a vocation to the religious life in recent years. But that isn’t stopping parishioners from praying and planning for one, or two, or more. The parish has started what could be described as a college fund for the next young man who begins seminary work or the next young woman who enters the religious life. Julie Toon, a convert of about seven years, said the parish will be hosting its third dinner Saturday, April 4, to raise money for their future vocation. The dinner does two things, she said. “Not only will it help pay for books when they go to school or enter the religious life, it also increases awareness of vocations in the parish.” The parish has been praying for vocations, Toon said, adding that the prayer and events, such as the dinner, help young men and women understand the parish’s support for religious vocations. “We’re hoping by the time we have a vocation there will be enough money in the fund to help them out considerably,” she said. Julie and her husband, Tim, are chairpersons of the prime rib dinner which will be held after the 5:30 p.m. Mass Saturday, April 4, in the parish. Several parishioners are acting as chefs for the event. A silent auction will also be held.

St. Joseph Novena for the unemployed online

“The hallmark of this event is vocation awareness,” said Fr. Bernie Gorges, pastor of Holy Name. “And second to that is the fund.” Father Gorges said he wants parishioners to understand that vocations to the priesthood and religious life come from normal families. “We want parents to realize that vocations are possible in their own families,” he said. Guest speakers will be Father Michael Simone, director of Vocations for the Diocese of Wichita, and Jim and Connie Armour, whose daughter is a nun.

A novena to St. Joseph the Worker is online on the Downloads page at The novena was prepared by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto who invite those who are unemployed or in stressful employment situations to pray the novena. The Sisters prepared the novena keeping in mind that Pope Pius XII established the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. In so doing, the Holy Father placed an emphasis on the dignity of work. A novena is a nine days' private or public devotion to obtain special graces. The Religious Education Office of the Diocese of Wichita received permission to promote the novena in the diocese.

A statue of St. Joseph holding the baby Jesus inside St. Peter Chanel Church in Roswell, Ga. The feast of St. Joseph was celebrated March 19. just a few hours. For more information, contact Gates at (316) 744-0167, or by email at

The interior of Holy Name Church, Winfield.

The dinner will be held after the 5:30 p.m. Mass Saturday, April 4. For tickets call (316) 221-0230 or email jtoon@holynamewinfield. org.

Want to go?

Newman University is hosting a “Life After Lay Off Event” from 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, March 29, in De Mattias Hall. Admission is free. Presentations on a variety of topics will be made ranging from financial counseling, resume assistance, interview skills, and educational opportunities. Newman is also offering up to 50 percent savings per credit hour for those who have been laid off. For more information call (316) 942-4291 ext. 2230, or go to www.

Life After Layoff Event Next Advance April 3 March 29 at Newman The next print edition of the

Catholic Advance will be delivered on Friday, April 3, to most of the diocese. Those wishing to receive the Advance electronic newsletter may sign up at the Advance website:

4 p.m. Vigil Mass at WSU Newman Center

Garden help needed at Spiritual Life Center

Second phase of Shepherd’s Crossing given a thumbs up

Those interested in the second phase of Shepherd’s Crossing may contact Courtney Wolfe, marketing director, at (316) 771-6550.

As spring unfolds, there are a number of opportunities for garden help available at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita. Tami Gates, the center’s volunteer coordinator, said adopting a garden is an ideal service project for youth groups, men’s and women’s clubs, Knights of Columbus councils, and others. She suggested that those with green thumbs and not so green thumbs might enjoy gardening at the center on a regular basis, or for

St. Paul Parish, the Newman Center at Wichita State University, now has a Sunday Vigil Mass celebrated at 4 p.m. on Saturdays. The parish is at 1810 N. Roosevelt, which is on the north side of 17th Street, about halfway between Hillside and Oliver.

Midwest Catholic conference Aug. 7-9

The Midwest Catholic Family Conference’s website is up for those who want a preview of this summer’s conference Aug. 7-9 at Century II in Wichita. The website address is www. Among those scheduled to speak are Tim Staples, Fr. Bill Casey, Johnette Benkovic, and Brother Isaiah.

WICHITA – Plans for the second phase of Shepherd’s Crossing at the Catholic Life Center have been given a green light. The second phase will contain eight duplexes and four four-plexes totaling 32 residences. They will be located on about 6.5 acres next to the 22 residences that made up phase one. “We are excited to get the next phase moving towards our full

master plan of 134 residences,” said Tom Church, CEO. “Several couples have already made reservation deposits.” He said the homes have been with senior needs in mind, such as no threshold entry and internal safe rooms. “Residents have priority admission to the constellation of services provided on the campus,” Church added. “The monthly maintenance fee is one of the lowest among competitors.”

The patio homes are located on the Catholic Life Center campus and within walking distance of the Church of the Resurrection. Residents have access to the many programs and services offered within the main campus buildings, including daily Mass and a number of community gathering areas. Shepherd’s Crossing and the Catholic Care Center are jointly sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Wichita and Via Christi Senior Services.

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Ron Helten, DVM

6630 W. Central (East of Applebee’s) Visit our website
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Helten Veterinary Clinic 942-1002

Sunday, April 15, 2009 Conway Springs, Kansas
Refreshments 12:30 p.m. Games 2:00 p.m.

21 handmade quilts • One will be auctioned

Quilt Party

St. Joseph Altar Society Annual

Knights of Columbus #4118

Lenten Catfish Dinner
Friday, March 27 2009 ,
5:00-7:30 p.m. Adults $7

3202 W. 13th St. N. in Wichita

Children under 10 $5 Parking in rear


March 20, 2009



Donation to Holy Savior brings tears to principal
By Christopher Riggs Delia Barnett said she began to weep when the Junior League of Wichita told her that Holy Savior Catholic Academy was going to receive a grant for the school’s library. “Over the last 11 years we haven’t had an official library,” the principal said. “Our books were outdated and we were lacking in technology.” She said the library wasn’t high on her list of priorities because the school had so many other pressing issues. “The Junior League made it possible,” Barnett said. “It is truly a blessing because it came at a point when we are focusing on school improvements and focusing on reading. What better way

Two volunteer librarians, Linda Lauer, left, and Alice Johnson, stand among a group of Holy Savior Catholic Academy students in the school’s library which was a recipient of a large gift from the Junior League of Wichita. (Advance photo)

When members of Region IX of the International Catholic Stewardship Council meet in Kansas City March 26 and 27 they’ll step a little deeper into their on-going stewardship journey. In all, 15 dioceses from Region IX – Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas – will attend the gathering. Bishop Michael O. Jackels will be one of the keynote speakers of the two-day conference, which is called “Growing Deeper.” The Wichita diocese has built a practical model for fostering stewardship as a way of life over the past 30 years. The conference will build on previous meetings and give participants the spiritual nourishment needed to deepen their communion with Christ, with the hope of bearing fruit and prospering in their respective communities of faith. Other presenters from the Wichita diocese include Mike

Bishop Jackels to speak at KCK regional stewardship meeting on March 26-27

to get interested in reading and gain a love of reading than to have a very effective and up to date library.” The volunteer librarians and the students love the new library, she said, with its new books, new computers, new furniture, and other equipment. The $45,811 gift for the project was raised through Holiday Galleria, the Junior League of Wichita's annual upscale shopping event featuring more than 100 regional and national merchants. Before the improvements were made, the library could be completely inventoried in 45 minutes. Many of its books dated back to the early 1900s. Bob Voboril, superintendent of diocesan Catholic Schools, said

the gift ties in well with what the St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School fund does. “Being able to read and loving to read are key to any successful academic achievement. I hope that the children get so excited about reading that they wear out the furniture and wear out the binding

on the books. May God bless the Junior League of Women for their generosity and thoughtfulness.” The Junior League of Wichita is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities. Its purpose is exclusively

educational and charitable. The Drexel Fund was established to benefit parishes that are financially challenged to provide a Catholic education to the youth of the parish. Contact: criggs@


Wescott, director of Development and Planned Giving, and Father Jarrod Lies, chaplain at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School in Wichita. Wescott’s talk will cover “Creating a Parish Pastoral Plan, and Fr. Lies’ will speak on “Encouraging a New Generation of Stewards: Stewardship Among Generation Wh(y).” “The mission of the ICSC is to foster an environment in which Christian stewardship is understood, accepted, and practiced

Bishop Jackels

Michael Wescott

as a way of life in the Catholic Church,” Wescott said. “Every two years, the four states that comprise Region Nine come together to offer parishioners in our respective dioceses the opportunity to hear speakers from throughout the country. Our hope is that we can further spread the message of stewardship through these conferences.” Founded in 1962, the ICSC’s primary goal is to promote the concept of Christian stewardship. Through seminars, publications and conferences, the ICSC emphasizes that all members of our family of faith are called to be Christian stewards and share their time, talent and treasure in proportion to the blessings they have received from God. Jody Paulsen, assistant director of Parish Stewardship for the Diocese of Lincoln, will talk about practical stewardship.

Catholic Charities and The Lord’s Diner are joining with the Feinstein Foundation to fight hunger and raise awareness and support for the hungry. Each year, Alan Feinstein issues a challenge nationwide for food assistance agencies to collect food and money. Feinstein will issue $1 million match to agencies across the country. Food and money donated to each agency, Catholic Charities or The Lord’s Diner, will be eligible for part of that money. Two outreach programs of the Diocese of Wichita, Catholic Charities and The Lord’s Diner, offer food to the hungry. The challenge continues through April 30. How to donate To donate to Catholic Charities, call us at (316) 264-8344, deliver food to 437 N. Topeka, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and

Charities, The Lord’s Diner part of annual Feinstein Foundation challenge

5 p.m., mail donations to 532 N. Broadway St, Wichita, KS 67214, or donate on the Web at www. Regular-sized non-perishable food items are requested for the food pantry, seeing a list online. To donate to The Lord’s Diner mail to 520 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS, 67214. Food items may be delivered to The Lord’s Diner Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Larger quantities of food items are helpful. As participating agencies, Catholic Charities and The Lord’s Diner will count every food item and dollar that comes donated from March 1 to April 30 toward the Feinstein Challenge. Donations of canned and nonperishable food items in their original sealed packaging are accepted and included in the challenge. Food items will be valued at $1 per item or pound.



March 20, 2009


Operation Rice Bowl assists people around the world

TransplanT Transmission
Off of highway 96 at 69th Street North, Colwich, Kansas

The country for this week is Honduras. The person being highlighted is Martín Reyes Granados. My name is Martín Reyes Granados, and I am a farmer living in Estancias, Honduras. Estancias is a small rural town in the western part of the country. Like many people here, I have always worked very hard to provide for my family, but it was difficult putting food on the table. I prayed for the day when I could make my small farm more productive. My prayers were answered when CRS came to the region and offered farmers like me the opportunity to join the Country School for Small Farmers. Through the school I learned clear and simple skills to help me improve my farming operations. The school is based on the concept of learning by discovery, where the farmers and teachers are able to exchange knowledge through experience and experimentation. Through this process we learned about animal nutrition and health, livestock improvement, production, and marketing strategies. I have been able to go from owning a few cows that barely produced milk to being the proud owner of a small dairy farm. Some other farmers and I formed a local co-op and now have access to a dairy plant where we can bottle and market our milk and dairy products. Our income has increased and our lives have changed. The school training provided me with the skills to become a successful farmer, and a businessman who is working towards the improvement of my community and my region. Today, I am the president of the local co-op, and a member of the Fair Trade network in Honduras. Recipe: Plantain Turnovers (serves 4) 3 plantains (soft to the touch) ½ cup cooked black beans ¼ cup of sugar ½ cup of vegetable oil ½ Tbs. of cinnamon powder Wash and cut plantains into three pieces. Boil until soft, drain and mash plantains. Place beans in a blender until you have a soft puree. Fry beans with a little bit of oil and add the sugar and cinnamon. Heat remaining oil in another frying pan, add plantain mixture, 1 Tbs. at a time, and spread with a fork into shape of a small pancake. Fry 3 minutes. Place 1 tsp. fried beans on each pancake and fold shaping into a turnover. Fry for 3 minutes on each side until brown. call 943-4351, ext. 2228. Klein, a prisoner of several Nazi Germany work camps and one of very few survivors of a 350-mile forced march, will share her story of despair and hope. Klein, whose story was made into the Academy Award-winning documentary “One Survivor Remembers,” has written several books with her late husband, a U.S. Army soldier who liberated her in 1945. They started the Gerda and Kurt Klein Foundation, which promotes tolerance, respect, and empowerment of students.

36 years experience

Call now 316-773-4591
Free tow within Wichita area

transmissions $100 oFF all rebuilt march with coupon good through
Se habla español
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3 yr warranty available

Author, human rights activist, and Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein will present a public lecture at 7 p.m., Wednesday, March 25, at Newman University. The lecture will be in the DuganGorges Conference Center. The event is free but seating is limited and reservations are required. To reserve seats, visit http://, or

Holocaust survivor to speak at Newman University Wednesday

Fish Fry
Colwich – St. Mark’s Knights of Columbus #9510

Friday, april 3 sacred Heart, Colwich

in the reC building Serving 5 to 7 p.m. Fried catfish, baked cod, hush puppies, French fries, potato soup, coleslaw, mac & cheese and fruit salad
Freewill donation to support our seminarians

Mexican Dinner
St. Margaret Mary Parish Sunday, March 29
Serving from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Carry out available – 267-4911

2635 Pattie

Tacos • Spanish Rice • Burritos • Refried Beans Tostados • Enchiladas • Taco Burgers Hot Dogs • Desserts • Drinks


March 20, 2009


Center of Hope dinner April 26
This year’s Center of Hope benefit dinner, its major fundraiser, will be held in the spring this year instead of in the fall. The dinner will be held on Sunday, April 26,, at Newman University’s Dugan Library & Conference Center, 3100 McCormick, Wichita. Tickets are $70 per person with $50 of that amount tax deductible. A table of eight is $500. Reservations are necessary and must be made by April 15th by calling (316) 219-2121 and using a MasterCard or Visa charge card. Reservations may also be made by mailing a check for $70 per person to Center of Hope Dinner, 400 N. Emporia, Wichita KS 67202. Center of Hope is a homelessness prevention program sponsored by the religious order


Newman University to host annual fundraiser for the homelessnes prevention ministry

Father Matthew Marney enjoyed the annual Catholic Charities Cruise Night with his parents Teresa and Richard in the Wichita Hyatt Regency..

Cruise Night raises $150K
WICHITA – Cruise Night, held Sunday, March 1, at the Hyatt Regency, raised about $150,000 to help Catholic Charities Harbor House. “During this difficult economic time, we are pleased with the results of this event,” said Janet Valente Pape, executive director of Catholic Charities. “It has been reassuring to see and hear from many of our past supporters and new supporters too. We are thankful for the help of those who organize this event and to those who support it. The money goes a long way – we see to that.” Guests enjoyed the ports of Hong Kong, China; Ensenada, Mexico; Casa de Campo, Domini-

Proceeds help support Harbor House ministry to help women break cycle of domestic violence

can Republic; Vancouver, British Columbia; and San Diego, California – created by local florists. Chefs from across Wichita created tantalizing cuisine. The captain and host for the evening was Terry Newman, president of Papa John’s Pizza and Genghis Grill. Newman and his wife Kris joined Janet Valente Pape, Catholic Charities executive director, Harry Pape, Sheri Bent, director of Harbor House, and Norman Bent to greet guests. As host for the evening, Newman offered an “extra” live auction item: large pizzas every week for a year – this brought $600 for the charity. Other hot items included a trip

to Chicago, a hunting trip, and a five course dinner prepared by KAKE’s Susan Peters and Harry Pape. The live auction was lively and guests showed great support. Catholic Charities is a ministry of the Diocese of Wichita. Cruise Night helps women break the cycle of domestic violence at Catholic Charities Harbor House. Harbor House is a shelter for abused women and their children. Since opening in 1992, Harbor House has helped thousands of victims of domestic violence through shelter and outreach advocate services. The new shelter facility opened in 2006, making Harbor House the largest domestic violence shelter in the state. This Catholic Charities program is able to make a difference not only in the lives of those who stay at the shelter, but also in the lives of thousands of others who receive outreach services.

‘Love & Logic’ parenting series begins March 24 at Resurrection
The Office of Family Life and Natural Family Planning will again offer the “Becoming a Love & Logic Parent” series. Weekly sessions will be held at Wichita’s Church of the Resurrection school library from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. for six consecutive Tuesdays starting March 24 through April 28. The cost to participate is $10 and includes the “Love & Logic” workbook. To register or for more information please call the Office of Family Life and Natural Family Planning at (316) 685-5240 or by e-mail at The classes will be presented by Annette Clutter and Marceline Arnold, educators from St. Anne

Adorers of the Blood of Christ. Now in its 25th year of service in the Wichita area, the program helps clients with rent, utility bills, other emergency needs, counseling, referrals and case management. “We’re seeing many people who’ve never needed to ask for help before,” said George Dinkel, executive director. “When their unemployment benefits end and they’ve exhausted their savings, we truly are the last hope for many people.” Members of the Newman University Troubadours will entertain at the dinner. The social hour will be held in the Macias Gathering Space and the dinner and program in the Conference Center. A raffle and auction will be part of the program.

School in Wichita, who are both certified and experienced Love & Logic teachers. The classes include humorous video presentations, practical suggestions, and question and answer periods. The Love & Logic Institute says, “Love and Logic is a commonsense approach that teaches parents skills that cultivate confidence and good decision-making in children by offering choices, empathy, and respect while adults avoid anger, threats, warnings or lectures. Love and Logic is easy to learn and can be put to use right away; it changes lives, and raises responsible children. And isn’t that what we all want for the children in our lives!”

Sacred Heart Gifts
Limit one coupon per customer • Valid through 03-31-09

SALE • 15% Off any one item (in stock)
113 S. Hydraulic, Wichita, KS 67211 Hours: Mon-Fri: 10-5 & Sat.: 10-2

Beautiful gifts for First Communion, Confirmation, RCIA

Friday, march 20 st. mark’s Parish life Center

Fish Fry
Colwich – St. Mark’s Knights of Columbus #9510
Freewill donation to support our seminarians

Rachel’s Vineyard Ministry expanding to Southeast Kansas

(316) 262-2610

19230 West 29th street north Serving 5 to 7 p.m. Fried catfish, baked cod, hush puppies, French fries, potato soup, coleslaw, mac & cheese and fruit salad

A Rachel’s Vineyard retreat is scheduled to be held in Southeast Kansas for the first time. It will be offered on April 24-26, during the Easter season, and is open to persons of all faiths. Registrations can be made now by calling 269-HOPE (4673) in Wichita or toll free 888-456-HOPE (4673). The ministry appreciates early registrations. All inquiries are confidential. The ministry of Rachel’s Vineyard empowers people to break the silence of abortion by voicing their grief and guilt over losing a child or children in such a traumatic fashion.environment enables true healing to begin.

RESIDENT CAMPS DAY CAMPS $95 Boys & Girls (6-14) $395 Boys (6-14) Girls (6-16) June 8-12 • 9-Noon Kapaun Mt. Carmel H.S. bobby bribiesca June 21-26 Southwestern College June 15-19 Friends University Winfield, KS

Prayer intentions of Our Holy Father

Here are Pope Benedict XVI’s prayer intentions for next month. General Intention: Farmers and World Hunger. That our Lord may bless farmers with abundant harvests and sensitize the richer nations to respond to the ravages of hunger throughout the world. Mission Intention: Christians as Signs of Hope. That Christians working in desperate conditions among women, children, the poor, and the weak may be signs of hope in their courageous witness to the gospel of solidarity and love. Daily and monthly reflections on these prayer intentions may be found at www.apostleshipofprayer. org.

Trio of St. Peter first graders get early start in stewardship training

A trio of first grade girls initiated a book drive at St. Peter School to gather texts for Books for Life. “My daughter heard about the book drive on television and wanted to help get some books for the children,” said Corri Roberts, mother of one of the girls. “She asked Emily Bosley, and Abby Scheer to help her with the book drive. These three girls practiced a speech for three days, went to all the classes and delivered their speech. The books are being sent to Liberia, West Africa, in response to a teacher’s request. The Liberian teacher said students there have about one book for every 27 children, which makes it difficult to teach reading. Their goal was 500 books. They gathered 1,200.

Diocesan employees taking Spanish classes to better serve the faithful
By Yrene Corona de Lewis


March 20, 2009


Three St. Peter School, Schulte, pupils are learning about stewardship at an early age. The girls are from left Abby Scheer, Emily Bosley, and Madeline Roberts along with Principal Brenda Hickok. A larger photo is online.

Annual Books for Life sale set for March 21
Books and other media, such as CDs and DVDs, are being solicited for the ninth annual Books for Life sale 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, March 21 at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 3202 W. 13th, Wichita. Donations may be dropped off from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today at the Sarah’s Hope Foundation, 3202 W. 13th St., Ste. 6, Wichita. Help is needed to set up the sale at 4 p.m. today, and to break down the sale at 5 p.m. Saturday. For additional information call Tony at 209-5029.

Knights Good Friday blood drive April 10

Knights of Columbus Council 4118 will host its annual Good Friday Blood Drive from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. Friday, April 10, at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 3202 West 13th. Healthy individuals who weigh at least 110 pounds and are at least 17 years old, or 16 with a completed parental consent form, may donate blood. Go to to print the required form and reading materials.

Looking for a Mass?

Going on vacation and looking for a church? Check out “http://”. You’ll need an area or a Zip Code.

How can I help my neighbor if he or she is only able to speak Spanish? This is the ever-increasing obstacle when it comes to serving others throughout our diocese. A group of employees from the Catholic School Office, the Chancery, and Catholic Charities are taking a Spanish conversation class at the Hispanic Pastoral Center to overcome that hurdle and better serve the Spanish-speaking community of the diocese. Mercedes Villanueva, a Cuban immigrant since 1960, teaches the Spanish class from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Mondays to about 15 students, some of whom, she says, are familiar with the language because they might have taken Spanish classes in high school or college. Villanueva, who holds a major in Spanish from the Catholic University of Great Falls and Carroll College in Montana, is a volunteer teacher for the class. She also volunteers at the Church of the Magdalen, her own parish, and at the Spiritual Life Center. “When I arrived in Wichita two years ago I was eager to help. One day I asked the bishop how could I better help and he sent me to Jo Fernandez at the Hispanic Pastoral Center,” said Villanueva. Fernandez, director of the Office of Hispanic Ministry, had little to think about when it came to putting Villanueva’s

Mercedes Villanueva teaches about four Spanish verbs to a group of diocesan employees studying to improve their conversational Spanish. The verbs are to cry, to eat, to read, and to live. (Advance photo) talents to the service of others. She coordinated the effort to offer classes to English-speaking employees. “I decided to offer the classes because knowing another language is the first step towards communion and solidarity with another culture.” Heather Welch, a student of Villanueva’s Spanish class and advertising coordinator for the Catholic Advance, said to understand other people and their ways of life she must do her part to learn about them. “The beauty and richness of the Hispanic cultures, including the language, is something that can enrich my life,” she said. Welch said Villanueva and Fernandez are very patient with the group. “They know they have to speak slowly and enunciate for us,” she said. “My goal is to learn enough vocabulary and sentence construction to serve my Spanish-speaking neighbor if the opportunity arises.” For more information about the class contact Jo Fernandez at (316) 269-3919. Contact: yrene@


Fish Fry
3205 e. Grand in Wichita
In the gym Dine-in or carry-out Serving time: 5:00 to 7:30 p.m.

All Saints Annual

Meatless Mexican

Friday, march 27, 2009

LEntEn DinnErS
Every Friday of Lent
2409 N. Market in Wichita

Every fourth Saturday after 5:30 p.m. Mass 4411 W. Maple in Wichita For more information, contact Deacon Len at 773-2016

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Center

Christ the King

5:00 p.m.

Parish Dinner and Raffle
11 a.m.-5 p.m. Adults $7 Children under 12 $4 Preschool $1

St. Joseph’s 49th Annual

sunday, march 22, 2009 145 s. millwood, Wichita
roast beef & German sausage
All-you-can-eat, family style dinner

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul may be able to help those facing difficulties resulting from the recent economic downturn. John Mavec, president of the Society’s Wichita Conference, said Bishop Michael O. Jackels, urged the Society to be active in serving the poor. “The Society is an international society of friends united by a spirit of poverty,” he said. “Among the core All Saints: Blessed Sacrament: Cathedral: Holy Cross, Hutchinson: Holy Savior: Magdalen: St. Anne: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: St. Francis of Assisi: St. John, El Dorado: St. Peter, Schulte: SVDP, Andover: (rectory) John McKenzie John Mavec Ron Kelley Ric Camargo Jim Weldon Galen Slusser Barb Mayer Pat Burns Pam Pirotte Jim Belvilacqua Kent Weixelman

Society of St. Vincent de Paul serves the poor

Grand Prize: $10,000.00
other prizes: 5-Day Cruise for two, 32” lG lDC Flat-screen tV, Handmade Quilt, iPod touch many more prizes Donation: $1 a ticket - or - Book of 6 tickets for $5 Plus a boardwalk of games! For more information call (316) 261-5800
If you are unable to attend but would like raffle tickets, complete the followling form and send it to the parish office at 132 S. Millwood, 67213: Name: ___________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________ # of books ____ x $5 = ______________ enclosed.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul conferences and contact information
682-1415 685-1758 262-8759 (620) 662-1979 680-9808 652-0396 943-7388 722-8925 706-7185 742-3430 721-0277 733-5759

values of the Society is the dignity of the human person. Charity and justice are among our primary concerns.” He said there are 12 conferences in 12 parishes in the Wichita area, Hutchinson,and El Dorado. “Those who wish to help their brothers and sisters in need may contact them,” Mavec added. “Also, those who might be in need are invited to contact them.”,


March 20, 2009


KENNEDY Helen L., 65, St. Patrick, Parsons, March 3. RUSSELL MILLER Marjorie, 83, St. Mary, Derby, Joe N., 74, St. Teresa, HutchinFeb. 9. son, March 3. TIPPIN KAYSER Joyce D. (DeVault), 78, St. Jude, Don, 89, St. Joseph, McPherWichita, Feb. 16. son, March 4. IDLEMAN RENTERIA Edith Marie, 67, St. Francis Marie “Angie,” 85, Our Lady of Xavier, Cherryvale, Feb. 25. Perpetual Help, Wichita, March 4. CAFFREY RAUSCH Edward Robert “Bob,” 85, St. Alberta B., 78, St. Joseph, ConElizabeth Ann Seton, Wichita, way Springs, March 5. Feb. 26. WENGBERG ORTH Neva J., Stanley D., 82, Kingman, Please pray for 68, Blessed SacMarch 6. the departed rament, Wichita, MAUS Feb. 26. Robert R. May the souls of the faithful PADGETT departed, through the mercy of “Bob,” 78, SaIdabelle, 79, cred Heart, ColGod, rest in peace. St. Anne, Wichwich, March 7. ita, Feb. 26. NGUYEN NEDEAU Carlene Mustamaa, 57, Our Noreen Emmajane, 71, St. Jo- Lady of Guadalupe, Newton, seph, Wichita, Feb. 27. March 7. RICHARDSON FUGIT Margaret Anne, 85, All Saints, LaVon K., 91, St. Thomas AquiWichita, Feb. 27. nas, Wichita, March 8. SECK PARTRIDGE Virginia R., 93, Our Lady of Billie L. “Bill,” 86, Holy Cross, Guadalupe, Hutchinson, Feb. 28. Hutchinson, March 8. ARMOUR BOHRER Evelyn C. (Jansen), 90, St. John, Dale A., 52, St. Peter, WilClonmel, Feb. 28. lowdale, March 10. UNDERWOOD FAGER Marie V., 90, St. Patrick, KingGeorge L. “Sonny,” 84, St. man, Feb. 28. Francis, St. Paul, March 10. ROTTERING SCHAUF Herman J., 91, St. Leo, St. Leo, Edna Ann, 76, Sacred Heart, March 1. Halstead, March 10. KERNS GUZMAN Gregory Alan, 61, Church of Ezequiel, 56, St. Mary Cathethe Resurrection, Wichita, March dral, Wichita, March 11. 2.


Vocation banners

Allye Pletcher of Sacred Heart, Colwich, carries her banner into the Church of the Magdalen for the processional opening the 2009 Vocations Faire. Pletcher is a 6th grader at Sacred Heart Catholic School. The faire was sponsored by the Serra Club.

“What Does God Want?” was the theme for the Serra Club’s Vocations Fair held March 5 or 6 for about 900 sixth graders in Hutchinson, Parsons, and Wichita. Father Michael Simone, diocesan director of Vocations, celebrated Mass at St. Patrick Church in Parsons. Bishop Michael O. Jackels celebrated Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Hutchinson and the Church of the Magdalen in Wichita. In his homilies, Bishop Jackels asked the youth what they thought

900 participate in Serra Vocations Fair
God wanted of them. Maybe he is telling you to become a teacher, doctor, a mother, a father, he said, and maybe he is asking to lead you down a path to become a priest or a sister. Pray and open up your heart to God and you will find your way, Bishop said. Banners were brought by the schools to be judged for the use of the theme “What Does God Want?” They also led the procession into the church for Mass.

The students listened to talks from several sisters and priests on subjects such as living the life of a sister, religious sister discernment, living the life of a priest, and discerning a priestly vocation. The sessions were given a recess where Father Bernie Gorges helped to get rid of some pent up energy with his famous shoe relays. The Serra Club’s of Wichita and Reno County coordinate the annual event with the schools, parishes, and diocesan personnel.

We repair all lines of farm equipment and all brands of hydraulic cylinders

New address: 1050 S. McCOMAS IN WICHITA

Our mechanics are experienced on all brands of farm equipment

Sunday Mass Schedule
8:00 a.m. The Mass in Latin 9:30 a.m. The Mass in English 11:00 a.m. The Mass in Vietnamese St. Anthony RomAn CAtholiC ChuRCh 258 Ohio, Wichita, Kansas
St. Thomas Aquinas Knights of Columbus Council 10242

Colwich-St. Mark fish fries today, April 3 to help seminarians

For out-of-town toll-free calling dial 1-866-943-0203
Joe and Diana Helten family, members St. Joseph, Ost

Fish Fry
Friday, April 3 • 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. 1321 N. Stratford in Wichita
One block east of 13th & Woodlawn

The Colwich-St. Mark’s Knights of Columbus Council 9510 has two more Friday Lenten Fish Fries planned. A fish fry will be held today at St. Mark’s. Another will be held on April 3 at Sacred Heart, Colwich. The fish fries will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Free-will donations will be accepted. Proceeds support diocesan seminarians. On the menu will be fried catfish, baked cod, hush puppies, French fries, potato soup, cole slaw, macaroni and cheese, and fruit salad.

Bring the Family

Boiled Shrimp, Fried Shrimp Fried Fish, Onion Rings, Cole Slaw, Fries & Beverages Delicious dessert booth will be available

Great Food & Lenten Event

St. Margaret Mary’s Mexican Dinner Sunday, March 29

Cochran Mortuary & Crematory
No-cost consultations No-cost aftercare counseling Free online guestbook Free DVD life tribute videos Personalized award-winning service No extra charges for rosary/vigil services Conveniently located in the historic Midtown district Wichita’s only member of the International Order of the Golden Rule (A professional association of locally owned and independent funeral homes)

Wichita’s only Catholic-owned traditional family funeral home

St. Margaret Mary Parish will hosts its annual Mexican Dinner from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, March 29. The dinner will be held at the parish at 2635 S. Pattie, Wichita. Traditional Mexican food is on the menu. Pricing is a la carte. Carryout will be available by calling 267-4911.

St. Joseph, Wichita, dinner March 22

Chapel of the Roses
1411 N. Broadway Wichita, KS 67214 (316) 262-4422 (800) 960-4422
Bob & Terri Cochran Phifer • Owners/4th generation • St. Vincent de Paul parish Todd & Brandi Phifer • Managers/5th generation • St. Vincent de Paul parish Rory McCandless • Assistant Funeral Director • All Saints parish

WICHITA – St. Joseph Parish, 132 S. Millwood, will host its 49th Annual Parish Dinner from 11a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, March 22. A family style dinner will be served. On the menu are roast beef, German sausage, mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, applesauce, and corn, as well as desserts. The grand prize in the raffle will be $10,000. For tickets contact the parish office at 261-5812.


436 participate in Rite of Election

St. Mary, Newton Catechumens – Laramie Lawrence, Jennifer Pfannenstiel Candidates – John Carper, Tracy Eustace, Shelby Evans, Jonathan Joy, Shanna Joy, Trinity Muth, Kelli Schulte St. Patrick, Parsons Catechumens – Ron Dickens, Melvetta Sevart, Anna Smith, Oren Smith, Clint Stoy, Sawyer Woodworth Candidates – Sonja Herman, Melvin Hutchinson, Susan Hutchinson, Mary Sanders St. Mark, St. Mark Catechumens – Connie Christine Wiss Candidates – Kara Lynn Parrish, Katrina L. Roybal St. Francis, St. Paul Catechumens – Dara Dillinger St. Peter, Schulte Catechumens – Jayson Cherry, Heather Cooper, Jay Johnson Candidates – Courtney Clymer, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Wichita Catechumens – Scotty Barlow, Sana Christmann, Xariel Leija Candidates – Jennifer Gonzalez, Xavier Leija, Courtney Sapp, Carol Thompson

March 20, 2009


Please pray for our baptized and unbaptized as they prepare to enter the Catholic Church
Four hundred thirty-six persons participated in the Rite of Election Sunday, March 1. Catechumens are unbaptized. Candidates are baptized. Here is a list of those who participated in one of three rites March 1 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Wichita. St. Vincent de Paul, Andover Catechumens – Madison Ast, Nathan Ast, Nolan Ast, Chasity Carney, J.J. Carney, David Stanley Candidates – Cortney Ast, McKenzie Ast, Nick Ast, Kyler Fisher, Dale Franz, Armando Garcia, Jessie Garcia, Nikki Gillespie, Shiloh Hoffman, Ressa Lakey, Dani Marstall, Wade Martin, Chris Scheuber, Debora Spicer, Cody St. Germain Sacred Heart, Arkansas City Catechumens – Nickelus Emery Brookshire, Justin David Byers, Dalton Jacobs, Jacob Michael Shepherd, Alyssa Dawn Trammel Candidates – Darrin Brett Butler, Thomas Carl Mulkey, Cheryl Anne Shepherd, Mitchell Todd Shepherd, Kayla Marie Strickland St. James, Augusta Catechumens – Randy John Leonard, Laryssa Jaye Overby Candidates – Carolyn Marie Buchanan, Linda Gail Drouillard, Marvin D. Hartley, Eric William Larsen, Vicky Lynn Leonard, Jessica Marie Morgan, Jonathan Blake Morgan, Jayna Dane Overby, Lacey Nicole Prockish, Nathan A. Zorn St. Patrick, Chanute Candidates – Alexis Hosack, Janeese Pruitt, Leon Smith Holy Name, Coffeyville Catechumens – Lyndia Letterman Candidates – Wendy Isle, Samuel Wilson St. Rose of Lima, Council Grove Candidates – Jerre Hollis, Golden Horada, Brandy Villalobos, Amber Weeks St. Mary, Derby/Rose Hill Catechumens – DeAngela Ingalls, Christina Juarez, Lynn Nguyen, Derek Piskorski, Jennifer Webster Candidates – Ron Brown, Carissa Hunt, Evin Hunt, Kathy King, Joey Kippenberger, Jodie Leeser, Rusty Lewis, Luan Sparks, Tyson Webster Sacred Heart, Fredonia Candidates – Terri Floyd, Christine Zambon, Marshall Nienstedt, Eddie Wheeler St. Anthony, Garden Plain Catechumens – Stacy Ayres Candidates – Lance Gordon Church of the Holy Spirit, Goddard Candidates – Stacy Jo Aylward, Scott Reichenborn, Jennifer Rebecca Francois, Amanda Lynn Bentley St. Cecilia, Haysville Catechumens – Trenton Ames, Tracy Marie Rausch, Brayden Richard Reiling, Kaleb Andrew Overton, Nina Marie Williams Candidates – Jeff Ames, Tiffany Renae Knight, Sarah Kirby, Darrell J. Schenk, Karen Schenk, Lisa Marie Nicole Shuck, Tara R. Smith Holy Cross, Hutchinson Catechumens – Megan Burdette, Nataylie Burdette, Linda Caley, Kate Copeland, Jonathon Tyler Hooper, Jules Martinez, Paige Martinez, Kristin Sorensen Candidates – Todd Brown, Carrie Copeland, Daniel Copeland, Chris Endress, Shannon Martinez, Philip Young Our Lady of Guadalupe, South Hutchinson Catechumens – Zoltan Csendes, Gina Imel, Nancy Prater Candidates – Kevin Crabbs, Michelle Mog St. Teresa, Hutchinson Catechumens – Leslie Barnes, Tim Bishop, Stephanie Larsen, Jessica Nelson Candidates – Dalton Adams, Scott Drush, Steve Ellingboe, Tiffany Schofield, Gracee Smith, Jerome Smith, Riley Smith, Shelly Smith St. Andrew, Independence Catechumens – Cory Dillon, Marci Horning Candidates – Art Bourbina, Brian McBride, Jon Risner St. Patrick, Kingman Catechumens – Michael Dumond, Emily Harrison, Katy Harrison St. Bridget of Sweden, Lindsborg Candidates – Jaycee Gfeller Holy Trinity, Little River Candidates – Carly Tomlin St. Paul, Lyons Catechumens – Bryan Becker, Kristina Silva Candidates – Tim Weber St. Joseph, McPherson Catechumens – Kevin Felix Candidates – Elizabeth Felix St. Michael, Mulvane Catechumens – Emily Peavey, Travis Phillips, Shawn Rogers, Elizabeth Sarchet Candidates – Dale Kline, Andrew Phillips, Herbert Phillips, Jack Theobald, Luca Trooren-Smith, Nikki Trooren-Smith Our Lady of Guadalupe, Newton Catechumens – Seth Claassen, Edward Hodgkins, Cade Valdez, Cailen Valdez, Cristian Valdez, Hailey Valdez, Lisa Valdez Candidates – Raymond Garcia, Jr., Laurie Robinson

Candidates – Richard Benish, Daniel Bliss, Alex Duivenvoorden, Kendra Foltz, Landon Grams, Shirley Hansen, Lana Harrington, Ashley Igo, Derick Jones, Jim Jury, Sharon Jury, Whitney Jury, Ralph Kimble, Julie Lueger, Linda Myers, Randy Myers, Janie O’Neil, Deb Osborn, Angel Quirarte, Zach Christ the King, Wichita Thorpe, Hope Vogel, Betsy Vogt, Catechumens – Fred Brooks, Anay Wenningham Maria Gonzalez, Jo Ellen Taube, Teri Taylor St. Francis of Assisi, Wichita Candidates – Emily Brown, Catechumens – Sarah Baker, McKenzie Posch, Glen “Dave” Payton Carter, Chad deMontfort, Probst, Tracy Wolf Zoe Fredrick, Michael Greening, Gracie Gutierrez, Raina Martinez, Church of the Magdalen, Austin Milner, Dylan Milner, Ryan Wichita Milner Catechumens – Elizabeth Bui, Candidates – Daniel Benefiel, David Ho, Alina Tos, LeKhanh Van Shellie Brandt, Margaret Close, Candidates – Sheena Colvin, Jessica Cornejo, Carl Haas, Daniel Gabriel Dollmann, Peter Huynh, Hopkins, Estella Meraz, Roxanna Alison Kirkham, Allyssa Kirkham, Moore, Minh Duc Pham, AmJack Kirkham, Mylissa Lara, Mar- ber Rau, Herb Shaner, Christian shall Porter, Gregory Reed, Jorge Stafford, Pam Stead, Stephen SyRomero, Lisa Slavens, Beverly Jean monds, Tyler Viramontez, Stanley Smitherman, Leon Smitherman, Jr., Williams Kayla Steele, Jennifer Walker Church of the Resurrection, Wichita Catechumens – Joanna Crawford, Nhung Dao, Joshua Evans, Jessica Herold, Damon Herrington, Chris Looney, Hang Nguyen, Mai Nguyen Candidates – Larry Canup, Wayne Herold, Arlene Laveist, Bryce Laveist, Michael Moore, Amanda Muller St. Joseph, Wichita Catechumens – Ryan Allen, Richard Johnson, John Klein, Brian Toedmann, Scott Toedmann Candidates – Haley Busch, Shelly Chaffin, Erin Flinn

Richard Crum, Cody Gerberding, Christopher Gwinup, Brad Johnson, Cheryl Peters, Sharon Streit, Chad Wallace, Eloise Wigal St. Anthony/St. Rose, Wellington Candidates – Autumn Christine Dvorak, Candace JoAnne Giefer, Pamela Ann Hadden, Shelley Renee Hansel All Saints, Wichita Catechumens – Casey Duangpraseuth, Misty Whitaker Candidates – Donna Becker, Margaret Blecha, Jerry Earlywine, German Rodriguez, Maria Rodriguez, Jack Smith Blessed Sacrament, Wichita Catechumens – Mark Conklin, Adrianna Moore, Amber Moore, John Muir, Barb Oberly, Ryan Robertson, Christina Rogers, Julie Schmidt, Maddox Senethivisouk Candidates – Bryan Buck, David Pendarvis, Dan Phillips, Christine Powers

Holy Savior, Wichita Catechumens – Shyla Thompson St. Margaret Mary, Wichita Candidates – Gwynne Birzer, Catechumens – Ekko Buzzell, Goldie Carr-Davis, Leonard Fields, Chelsa Roudybush, Shelli RoudyGalena Frazier, Jelenis Winesberry, bush Nayuvel Winesberry Candidates – Emily Clark, Charles Vaught Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Wichita St. Patrick, Wichita Catechumens – Julius Cato, Catechumens – Eloysa HernanRaquel Espinoza, Rosa Elvira Fu- dez, Miriam Rodriguez entes, Jairo Emilio Samuel Candidates – Annelise Day, Candidates – Edgard Aguilar, Yancarlo Rodriguez Claudia Coronel, Martin Becerra, Ana Julieta Cato, Alejandra DelSt. Paul, Newman Center, gado, Samantha Dominguez, GaWichita briel Garcia, Vanesa Garcia, Reggie Catechumens – Michelle Lim Jones, Gracida Montanez, Isabela Candidates – Robin Brown Ramos, Victor Raymundo, Jesus A. Rodriguez, Johnatan E. Salas, Juan Villanueva St. Thomas Aquinas, Wichita Catechumens – Kenneth AnNewman University, Wichita drews, Jessica Antle, Amber Hein, Carolina Maine, Christopher SwCatechumens – Lindsey Laird yers Candidates – Amy Overmiller Candidates – Justin Antle, James Armstrong, Richard Brown II, RobSt. Anne, Wichita ert Burgess, Matthew Butler, John Catechumens – Delaney Byers, Patricia Lyons, Kristi Ham, Cowden, Michelle Cowden, Sophia Eric Jarvis, Harold Kammerer, Ross Cowden, Jamie Ray Criser, Michael Kelsey, Breanne Lasoro, Shane Kelty, Timmy Tran Phillips, Kate Rohr, Joel Sutherland, Candidates – Yessenea Lopez, Melissa Templin, Kelli Warren James Newman, Dorothy Tull St. Catherine of Siena, Wichita Catechumens – Corey Hurst, Dalton Hurst, Lisa Hurst, Ashley Rathbun, Kim Rathbun, Kirk Richards, Stacy Terwilliger Candidates – Jeremiah Bishop, Matt Burroughs, Kelly Charters, Sue Christensen, Amanda Dolechek, Julie Goldston, Jona Rohling, Jerry Thompson, Brent Wooten SEAS, Wichita Catechumens – Kirk Bliss, Hailey Brewer, Penny Caporale, Theresa Chase, Deja Grant, Bryce Harvey, Monica Lubbers, Alex Myers, Dominique Rodgers, Jesse Rodgers, Shanan Ryan, Elle Vogel, Maddy Vogel, Amber Wimer, J.R. Yost Holy Name, Winfield Catechumens – Alex Bowker, Ashley Cooley, Katina North Candidates – Lori Aikins, Matthew Aikins, Richard Alba, Katie Allender, Scott Bevilacqua St. Dismas Ministry Catechumens: Jos Chavez, Ronald Allen Easley, Treck William Fetters, Nicholas Wade Flowers, Cameron Lee Johnson, John Joseph Leas, Matthew Dean Siemens, Robbin Wayne Tweedy Candidates: Stanley Mitchell Elms Jr., Marcos Martinez, Marcus Martinez J.M.Z., Miguel Angel Martinez, Miguel Martinez, Timothy Mildfeldt, Jerome Ryan, Juan Triana

St. Jude, Wichita Catechumens – Heather Maddox, Roger Morton, William Paronto Candidates – Betty Coon, Karen Dao, Patrick Drennan, Walter Hansen, Martha Klassen, Joel Maddox, Joseph Rodriguez


Senate bill would abolish state’s death penalty
Catholic teaching does allow for capital punishment, but only when there is no other way to protect society. By Christopher Riggs A Kansas Senate bill that would abolish the death penalty was given new life this week. Michael Schuttloffel, executive director of the Kansas Catholic Conference, said a committee voted Wednesday, March 4, to haven’t executed anyone in the state for over 40 years,” Schuttloffel said. The executive director of the Kansas Catholic Conference presented testimony to the committee Feb. 26 on behalf of the four bishops of Kansas. The bishops said in their statement has ceased to be a matter of necessity.” Catholic tradition allows for the taking of human life in cases of defense against an aggressor, the bishops testified, but added that church teaching makes no room for killing for the sake of revenge. One reason the bishops recommended that capital punishment be abolished in Kansas was to prevent the execution of an innocent person. “In the last 35 years, over 100 Americans have been released from death row due to evidence of their innocence,” the bishops said. “The fact that innocent persons were near to being executed in this country is so astounding, so shocking, that we have no choice but to seek alternate forms of justice.” Society has failed if only one innocent person is put to death, the four bishops said. “The only way for society to have the peace of mind that no guiltless person will ever face execution is for there to be no executions.” The bishops testified that by imprisoning a convicted criminal rather than killing him, society gives itself time to ensure that a correct verdict has been reached. In addition the criminal is given time to reflect on what he did. The Kansas bishops also challenged the faithful to pray for the conversion of criminals. “While the wounds that have been inflicted by crimes of violence cannot ever be fully mended in this world, would it not be better to know that the perpetrator has come to regret his actions?”

March 20, 2009



The Catechism of the Catholic Church says in paragraph 2267: If...non-lethal means are sufficient to defend and protect people’s safety from the aggressor, authority will limit itself to such means, as these are more in keeping with the concrete conditions of the common good and are more in conformity to the dignity of the human person. they said. “We should not kill our prisoners for the same reason that we do not torture them. We do not want to be the kind of people who kill human beings out of anger, revenge, hate, bloodlust – the same dark emotions that animated the original crimes we seek to punish.” The bishops concluded their statement by saying the death penalty, “by vainly trying to repay killing with killing, does great harm to the society that dispenses this false justice, while permitting the guilty to avoid a lifetime of confinement and reflection upon their crimes. “The guilty have blood on their hands,” the bishops said. “Let our hands be clean.” Contact: criggs@

What does the Catechism say?

To contact your representative or senator, go to www. The testimony by the four Kansas bishops to the senate committee is available in full on the Downloads page at

Want to contact your representative?

Full statement online

send SB 208 to an interim study committee rather than advancing it to the chamber floor for debate. “Then the next day the committee unexpectedly reconsidered, re-voted, and approved to pass it out of committee,” Schuttloffel said. “It can now be brought out for consideration by the whole senate.” The bill was considered by the Kansas Senate earlier this week but was eventually returned to committee for further study. The bill would bar new death sentences after July 1 but would not affect the 10 state inmates already awaiting execution. “We

ment, “Abolishing the Death Penalty in Kansas,” that the Catholic Church takes a nuanced position with regard to capital punishment. “It has traditionally been allowed, not as a form of vengeance, but rather as a means of protecting people in cases of absolute necessity: in other words, when it would not be possible otherwise to defend society,” the bishops said. However such circumstances rarely, if ever, exist in modem industrialized societies, they added. “We have the technological means to ensure that those who would do us harm are incarcerated for life. Thus, capital punish-


Students gather in the morning before school in auditorium for a spiritual workout
By Fred Solis Every morning during Lent – Monday through Saturday – teams of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School students gather in the school’s auditorium for their spiritual workout. This Lent marks the God Squad’s fifth anniversary. Initiated by Father Jarrod Lies, the school’s chaplain, the squad’s intent is “to take the training for spiritual life as seriously as music, sports or other things.” He based the idea on 1 Timothy, 4:7, which encourages us to “train yourself for devotion, for while physical training is of limited value, devotion is valuable in every respect, since it holds a promise of life both for the present and for the future.” Because Fr. Lies is so involved in sports at the high school, he adopted sports terms for the God Squad’s activities. There are “coaches” (chaplain and teachers) who assist in organizing and arranging God Squad events, and “captains” (students

BC’s ‘God Squad’ getting pumped up again this Lent

Rachel Stanley, senior at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, leads about 150 fellow members of the God Squad in the Liturgy of the Hours. The group meets every morning, Monday through Saturday, during Lent to devote time and energy to strengthening their spiritual life. The God Squad, led by Father Jarrod Lies, has been in place for five years. (Advance photo by Fred Solis.)

who facilitate small groups) who lead prayers and discussion. Sunday is referred to as “game day,” and the “arena” or “court” is free will. “Studying the playbook” means meditation on scripture. Other translations include “doin’ ropes” (praying the Rosary), “scrimmage (daily Mass) and “huddles” (student led discussion groups). Team designations carry metaphors as well. To be on the varsity team, a

student must attend “training days” (daily activities) 80 percent of the time. Junior varsity members must participate 50 percent of the time, and C-team members participate without specific accountability. It’s even possible to “letter” in God Squad. Winning a Liturgy and Spirituality letter signifies that the student has made the varsity squad two consecutive years.

Senior Rachel Stanley, a captain, has been on the God Squad for four years. She does it “because it makes such an impact on me and my spiritual life,” she explained. “It would be beneficial to continue while I had the opportunity.” Contact: solisf@


Trena Lopez, program manager for the Women’s Initiative Network, holds a basket of food items sold by the ministry. She is standing in front of a display of other items the ministry sells to help women. (Advance photo)


March 20, 2009


Ministry has some Lenten food ideas
Women’s Initiative Network helps women overcome the cycle of domestic abuse
The Wichita Women’s Initiative Network store has some ideas for Friday Lenten meals. The WIN store has several soups: Tomato & Rice; Split Pea; Hearty Chili Bean soup and Prairie Bean soup with five different beans. Sister Diana Rawlings, an Adorer of the Blood of Christ, suggested WIN’s Lentil & Rice Salad, which can be turned into a one dish meal. “For something more unique try our oatmeal pancakes topped with one of five assorted flavors of Trappist jelly,” she said. Sister Diana, development director for the ministry, said Lent helps the faithful improve their spiritual lives through prayer, penance, self-denial, and alms-giving. “Buying our products helps women break the cycle of abuse,” she said. “Donations cover only a small portion of our budget.” Sister Diana added that there are many items available online and urged the faithful of the diocese to visit the store or go online to view their soups and speciality items. Purchases help women survivors of domestic abuse with edunership with them to make that education even better,” said Newman Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Michael Austin. Newman has also signed similar agreements with many other community college in Kansas. For more specific information on transferring credits from Butler Community College to Newman, contact Austin at (316) 942-4291, ext. 2367 or

Children holds signs welcoming Pope Benedict XVI in Yaounde, Cameroon, March 17. Making his first papal visit to Africa, the pope said the Catholic Church can help bring answers to the continent’s chronic problems, including poverty, AIDS and tribalism. (CNS photo/Alessandro Bianchi, Reuters)

The Wichita Women’s Initiative Network store is located at 510 E. Third Street. To order online go to www.wichitawin. org, or call (316) 262-3960. cational and employment opportunities fostering their healing and self-sufficiency. WIN, a sponsored ministry of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, started in 1997. Since that time 106 women have been served through the program. at Tiller’s abortion clinic April 4. The rosary is prayed to end abortion and for the establishment of a culture of life in our society. Tama Dutton, director of the diocesan Respect Life and Social Justice Office, said that although anyone is invited to join in the monthly recitation of the Rosary on any first Saturday, specific parishes will be asked to support the Rosary. These parishes are scheduled for April 4: Christ the King, Wichita; St. Thomas Aquinas, Wichita; St. Patrick, Chanute; St. Joseph, Humboldt; St. Francis, St. Paul; St. Ambrose, Erie; St. Joseph, Ost; St. Rose, Mt. Vernon; St. Louis, Waterloo.

Want to help women in need?

In Africa, pope says Gospel is answer to continent’s problems
YAOUNDE, Cameroon (CNS) — Arriving in Africa, Pope Benedict XVI said the church’s message of hope and reconciliation was sorely needed by a continent suffering disproportionately from poverty, conflict and disease. At a welcoming ceremony March 17 in Yaounde, the pope said he was making his first visit to Africa to respond to the many men and woman who “long to hear a word of hope and comfort.” In Africans’ fight against injustice, he said, the church is their natural ally. “In the face of suffering or violence, poverty or hunger, corruption or abuse of power, a Christian can never remain silent,” the pope said. The 81-year-old pontiff stood on a platform at Yaounde’s airport next to Cameroonian President Paul Biya, who welcomed the pope on a hot, humid afternoon. Groups of schoolchildren sang and cheered, waving paper flags with the Vatican’s colors. The pope said he came to Africa as a pastor, not a politi-

WICHITA – Newman University recently signed an articulation agreement with Butler Community College that will allow for a seamless transition for Butler students who want to further their goals in a four-year institution. “Butler Community College does a tremendous job of educating students in the Wichita area, and we are proud to work in part-

Newman U. signs agreement with Butler

First Saturday rosary April 4 at Tiller’s

WICHITA – The First Saturday Rosary will be prayed at 9 a.m.

cian, to a continent where the saving message of the Gospel needs to be “proclaimed loud and clear.” The encounter with Christianity, he said, can transform situations of hardship or injustice. He cited the regional conflicts in Africa that have left thousands homeless, destitute and orphaned, as well as human trafficking that has become a new form of slavery, especially for women and children. “At a time of global crisis in food shortages, financial turmoil and disturbing patterns of climate change, Africa suffers disproportionately: More and more of her people are falling prey to hunger, poverty and disease. They cry out for reconciliation, justice and peace, and that is what the church offers them,” he said. “Not forms of economic or political oppression, but the glorious freedom of the children of God. Not the imposition of cultural models that ignore the rights of the unborn, but the pure healing water of the Gospel of life,” he said.


March 20, 2009



Holy Spirit CatHoliC SCHool
• New Preschool opening for 2009-2010 • Enrolling Preschool-8th grade now! • Come learn about our growing community. • Small student/teacher ratio • Full day kindergarten available Located at 183rd and Kellogg Contact Mrs. Kelly Bright with questions: 316-794-8139 18218 W. Highway 54 Goddard, KS 67052

LD Carney & assoCiates
RCB Bank Pioneer
Residential mortgage rate
Contact Matt or Larry Carney, (316) 721-9660 We do construction and first-time homebuyer’s loans Rates subject to change
Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender Member St. Francis of Assisi

4.875% apr

Providing loved ones a consecrated resting place that proclaims our faith in the resurrection and promise of eternal life Call 316-722-1971 for information

CAtholiC CemeteRieS of the DioCeSe of WiChitA
ASCenSion CemeteRy ReSuRReCtion CemeteRy CAlvARy CemeteRy

Cena Mexicana One word away from winning
Parroquia Santa Maria Margarita
2635 South Pattie 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Servicio de Ordenes para llevar • LLamar: 267-4911

When that last word came up at the Sedgwick County Spelling Bee Feb. 28, it probably didn’t hurt that Jakob Eck has Germanic ancestors on his mother and father’s sides of the family. The word he correctly spelled was “schnitzel,” a thin slice of veal or other meat that has been breaded and fried. But Jakob wasn’t hungry at the time. The St. Joseph School sixth grader said he was really nervous when there were only two contestants remaining in the auditorium of East High School. So was his father. “My mom said his eyes were on the chair in front of him and he was nearly sick,” Jakob said. But all those hours of study paid off. He spelled the word

St. Joseph’s Jakob Eck wins county spelling bee

St. Joseph School’s librarian said Jakob Eck spells well because he is an avid reader.

schnitzel with nary a hiccup. To prepare for the competition, Jakob studied words from the national spelling bee list, from a school dictionary, from the Wichita Eagle, and the Catholic Advance. His parents, Kirk and Laura Eck, coached him with words and meanings. St. Joseph Catholic School

Principal Dan McAdam said he was in his car when he heard that the school’s spelling champion had won the county bee. “I was cheering with excitement for him, but not terribly surprised,” McAdam said. “Jakob has always been an outstanding student. We are very proud of him at St. Joseph’s.”

Domingo Marzo 20, 2009

Tacos • Arroz Mexicano • Burritos • Frijoles Refritos Tostadas • Enchiladas • Taco Burgers Hot Dogs • Postres • Bebidas

HUTCHINSON – Esmeralda Tovar, an immigrant from Mexico City, couldn’t speak English when she started in St. Teresa School’s three-year-old preschool. On Jan. 29, Esmeralda, now a sixth grader, took second place at the Reno County Spelling Bee. It wasn’t easy to get from there to here. Like many immigrants, the child worked hard to adapt to her new country. She also followed the example of her father, Pablo, who also spent hours studying English using language tapes. Esmeralda’s teachers at St. Teresa said she also learned English by studying hard at school, being diligent with her homework, and – just like thousands of other kids – by watching cartoons on television. “My parents said that they are very proud of me and have told me to keep working hard and doing good work,” she said. Esmeralda, who is on the honor

St. Teresa School student couldn’t speak English as a child

Esmeralda Tovar, center, was one word away from winning the Reno County Spelling Bee this year. With her is Jesse Bribiesca, left, who helped Esmeralda prepare for the bee, and the sixth grader’s teacher, Molly Perser. roll, will be a student next year at Trinity Junior/Senior High School. Esmeralda, her father, and her works from Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Albinoni’s “Adagio in G minor” for strings and organ. mother, Carmen, are members of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in South Hutchinson. at St. Joseph School, Wichita, has qualified for the April 3 State Geography Bee in Abilene. She qualified by winning the school’s geography bee and then receiving one of the top scores in the state on a written test submitted to the National Geographic Bee.


in Sales and Service!

no int e financ rest availa ing ble

Way of the Cross with Music April 3 at Resurrection Parish

Resurrection auction and dinner April 25

Washers/Dryers • Refrigerators Microwaves • Freezers

TV’s • DVD’s • VCR’s Home Theatre

Cy’s TV Service, Inc.

2219 N. Broadway in Wichita (316) 838-0811 • Fax: 838-0812

WICHITA – Church of the Resurrection, located at 4910 N. Woodlawn, will host a special Stations of the Cross service at 7 p.m. Friday, April 3. It will present “The Way of the Cross with Music for Prayer and Meditation,” which incorporates a variety of choral and instrumental music. Music will be provided by the Church of the Resurrection Choir with parish and guest instrumentalists. Selections will include

WICHITA – Those attending the Eighth Annual Resurrection Catholic School Auction Saturday, April 25, will take a trip to the Imperial Far East. The $30 tickets go on sale March 14 and include dinner. They may be purchased after Masses or on weekdays at the school office. For more information and for auction items, go to

Kids fastpitch softball clinic set for April 22

St. Joe student going to state geography bee

Maureen Dowell a 7th grader

WICHITA – Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School is hosting a Kids Fastpitch Softball Clinic from 4:15 to 6:15 p.m. Wednesday, April 22. The cost for the clinic and a Tshirt is $20. To sign up contact Head Coach Missy Congdon at 250-3415 or Sign up by April 1 to guarantee a T-shirt.

El periódico oficial de la Diócesis de Wichita

Vol. 8, No. 3
Un grupo de matlachines acompañan al Padre Andrew Heiman, pastor de la parroquia con el nuevo nombre San Antonio-Santa Rosa, en una procesión con el Obispo . La procesión se realizó de la parroquia Sta. Rosa a la parroquia San Antonio. (Foto cortesía de Teresa Lee, Wellington Daily News).

Viernes 20 de marzo del 2009

El perdón es el principio para imitar a Jesús
Un mensaje de cuaresma del Obispo Jackels
Por obispo Jackels “Éste es mi hijo amado” (Marcos 9,7). Pedro, Santiago y Juan oyeron una voz que provenía de una nube que decía esto de Jesús. “Hijo amado” es lo que es Jesús para Dios Padre. Esto es también lo que nosotros, aquellos quienes profesan su fe en Jesús y son bautizados, somos para Dios. La misma voz diría de cada uno de los bautizados, “éste también es mi hijo amado”. Hay, por supuesto, una diferencia entre Jesús y sus seguidores. Jesús es la Palabra encarnada de Dios, la segunda Persona de la Santísima Trinidad, el único Hijo engendrado del Padre eterno. Nosotros, por otro lado, somos y seremos siempre humanos. Pero por virtud de nuestra profesión de fe y bautismo nos convertimos en una nueva creObispo ación y somos Michael O. adoptados como Jackels hijos de Dios. La nueva creación en la que nos convertimos es … Jesús. San Pablo describe el efecto de la profesión de fe y el ser bautizado en términos de convertirnos en miembros del cuerpo de Cristo (ver I Corintios 12) y ser vestidos con Cristo (ver Gálatas 3,27). Así como nos referimos a los sacerdotes, un cristiano es otro Cristo. Dios Padre ve a los cristianos como hijos en el Hijo de Dios, Jesús. Esto conlleva la misión de los cristianos: conversión continua para imitar cada vez más la mente y el corazón de Jesús. El camino rápido en la imitación de Cristo es amar como Jesús amó y a quien Jesús amó. Esto dijo Jesús a sus discípulos: “Así como yo los he amado, también ustedes deben amarse los unos a los otros” (Juan 13,34). Una lectura rápida del evangelio muestra claramente cómo Jesús amaba en términos de perdón, servicio y sacrificio. (Continúa en pag. 14)

Parroquias de Santa Rosa y San Antonio en Wellington se unifican
Obispo Jackels celebra una Misa para unificar nueva parroquia San Antonio-Sta. Rosa
Por Christopher Riggs Los feligreses hispanos de Wellington quienes se esforzaron para crecer en su fe por casi 60 años fueron honrados el sábado 21 de febrero en una Misa celebrada para unificar las dos parroquias de este pueblo. En su homilía, el Obispo Michael O. Jackels dijo que había sentimientos encontrados con respecto a la fusión de las dos parroquias. “La tristeza de los feligreses de la parroquia de Sta. Rosa es real y debe ser respetada”, dijo el Obispo. Considerar que una parroquia cierre sus puertas es muy difícil, dijo el Obispo, y agregó que se sintió tan indeciso como lo fue San Pablo en la segunda lectura de ese día. “Con respecto a la parroquia de Sta. Rosa, después de conocer las razones por la cual fue creada, tengo que confesar que nunca me sentí tan indeciso”. El Obispo Jackels explicó que hay evidencia que Sta. Rosa fue creada “para proveer un hogar espiritual sin tensiones para la gente que hablaba español en Wellington” en un tiempo donde había cierta discriminación en contra de los mexicanos que estaban siendo reclutados para trabajar en una empresa ferrocarrilera. “Nunca debieron de existir dos parroquias”, dijo. “Las parroquias normalmente son divididas por límites geográficos y este nunca fue el caso aquí; las parroquias fueron divididas por la discriminación. Por esta razón creo que es lo correcto y lo mejor que las dos parroquias se fusionen”. El Obispo Jackels terminó su homilía pidiéndole a la parroquia concentrarse en el futuro y en lo que Dios está haciendo para unificar dos comunidades en una parroquia que ahora será llamada San Antonio-Santa Rosa. El Padre Andrew Heiman, pastor de la parroquia dijo que un feligrés le dijo que cuando la Misa había comenzado se sentía una tristeza como la de un funeral, pero al final había un sentimiento de unidad para avanzar juntos como una sola parroquia. El Padre Heiman dijo que tiene la visión de crecer como una sola parroquia. “Nuestros corazones han cambiado, nuestras mentes han cambiado. Ahora somos todos uno, como debió de haber sido desde un principio”.

La Pascua, la fiesta principal de la Iglesia
La Pascua es la fiesta principal y mas antigua de los cristianos. Es el corazón del año litúrgico. León I la llama la fiesta mayor (festum festorum), y dice que la Navidad se celebra en preparación para la Pascua (Sermón xvii en Exodum). La pascua conmemora la Resurrección del Cordero Inmolado: Jesucristo. Manifiesta la victoria ganada en la Cruz por Jesús sobre el demonio. Los hombres estábamos bajo la esclavitud de Satanás pero en Cristo tenemos vida nueva. Siendo la fiesta mas importante de la liturgia, la pascua se celebra por 50 días, desde el domingo de Pascua hasta Pentecostés. Según la liturgia actual, la cuaresma termina en la tarde del Jueves Santo con la

El Obispo toma pasos prudentes en la visión de la campaña JUNTOS
La campaña especial de apelación a nivel diocesano ha extendido su fase de preparación.
continuar con esta visión con ligereza. En su carta, el Obispo Jackels escribió sobre la Dirección Divina que calmó sus miedos y le dio confianza para seguir adelante. “Esta decisión no fue tomada sin tener sensibilidad por aquellos afectados por la economía”, escribió. “Al contrario, nos preocupamos por la gente, especialmente aquellos que están sufriendo”. Pero desde noviembre la recesión se ha hecho todavía más dolorosa y la compasión del Obispo por aquellos que están sufriendo en esta recesión es constante. En diciembre del 2008 el Obispo decidió extender la fase de preparación de la campaña hasta que los indicadores económicos mostraran estabilidad. A pesar de que todavía no sabemos por cuánto tiempo más tendremos que esperar, el Obispo Jackels ha declarado que no queda duda de si procederemos o no, sino de cuándo se hará la invitación a todos para hacer ese regalo que implica sacrificio. Las prioridades de esta campaña especial están presentes, no desaparecerán. De hecho, el número de vidas que serán beneficiadas por la campaña se incrementarán con el tiempo. El costo, tanto en dólares como en esfuerzo, solamente aumentará. Esta campaña especial es para tres prioridades importantes: la educación de seminaristas, programas de formación católicos y la renovación de la Catedral y sus alrededores. La campaña pretende fortalecer la unidad entre la parroquia y la diócesis y profundizar nuestra práctica de compartir nuestros bienes, talentos y tesoro como una forma de vida, compartiendo la responsabilidad por la misión de la Iglesia. Todas estas metas se ven refle-

liturgia de la Cena del Señor que da comienzo al Triduo Pascual. El Viernes Santo se hace el “ayuno pascual” que se continúa el sábado santo, preparatorio a la gran celebración pascual . El triduo culmina en la Vigilia Pascual del sábado por la tarde. Los primeros ocho días de la pascua constituyen la octava y se celebran como solemnidades del Señor. El agua bendecida en la Vigilia pascual se usa para los bautismo en toda la temporada de pascua. En el día 40 de la pascua se celebra la ascensión del Señor y los 9 días de la ascensión a Pentecostés (la novena original) son días de intensa preparación para la venida del Espíritu Santo.

Una recesión económica duele. Hemos perdido ahorros. Hemos perdido trabajos. Hemos perdido negocios. Y las titulares los periódicos continúan diciéndonos que la economía va a empeorar antes de mejorar. Ahora es un tiempo difícil para hablar de dinero. Sin embargo, las conversaciones sobre dinero están en todos lados, hasta en la iglesia. El 4 de noviembre del 2008, el Obispo Michael O. Jackels mandó una carta a los fieles de la diócesis sobre su decisión de seguir adelante con la campaña especial de apelación de fondos. La intención de esta campaña ha sido siempre más profunda que la de una simple recaudación de fondos. Es una visión para el crecimiento de nuestra diócesis. Pero en ningún momento el Obispo ha tomado la decisión de

El logotipo de la compaña JUNTOS es parecido al logotipo utilizado por la diócesis. jadas en el nombre “JUNTOS: Nos Reunimos. Aprendemos. Servimos”. Durante la extensión de la fase de preparación para la campaña JUNTOS, el personal diocesano está trabajando para desarrollar la historia y crear los materiales necesarios para comunicarla. Así comenzarán a ver el logotipo de JUNTOS más seguido. A partir del 17 de abril, el Obispo Jackels escribirá un artículo mensual en el Avance Católico donde hablará directamente a cada miembro de la familia diocesana sobre la campaña JUNTOS. Además de los artículos del Obispo en el Avance, comenzarán a ver el logotipo en artículos que destaquen diferentes aspectos de la visión de JUNTOS. En la visión de JUNTOS, cada católico y cada parroquia pueden llegar a tener un mejor sentido de unidad. JUNTOS: Nos reunimos. Aprendemos. Servimos.

Escuelas parroquiales agradecen ayuda del Fondo Drexel


March 20, 2009

Marzo 27-29 Curso Felipe Organiza Escuela de Evangelización Juan Pablo II en Parroquia de Santa Ana, Wichita. Info. Simona o Carmelo Gomez (316) 293-9531. Abril 2 Presentación: Jóvenes sexualidad y fidelidad a las enseñanzas de la Iglesia Para jóvenes de 12-18 en el Centro Pastoral Hispano 6:30 PM. Info. Centro Pastoral Hispano (316) 269-3919. Abril 9-12 Semana Santa Abril 7 (1er martes del mes) Rosario de Mujeres Hispanas Información con Martha Schweiger al (316) 721-7732. Reuniones de Oración Carismática en Wichita En Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro, miércoles 7 p.m. y Hora Santa de Sanación, último jueves del mes 9 p.m. En la Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción, jueves 7 p.m. En Santa Margarita María, viernes 7 p.m. En Santa Ana, viernes 7 p.m. Si tiene algún evento, acontecimiento, suceso o cursos en su parroquia que quiera dar a conocer en este calendario católico escriba a o llame al (316) 773-6703 con Yrene Lewis.

Alumnos de la escuela de Sta. Margarita María utilizan parte de los fondos recibidos para actualizar el laboratorio de computación. De las 39 escuelas católicas en la Ana está agradecida por las condiócesis de Wichita, 25 pueden ben- tribuciones dadas a nuestra parroeficiarse del Fondo Drexel, el cual quia a través del Fondo Drexel. Los fue creado para ayudar a las parro- planes para utilizar este dinero son quias con dificultades económicas cuidadosamente estudiados para para proveer educación católica a obtener el mejor beneficio”, dice niños y jóvenes de la parroquia. una carta de agradecimiento de diEn el año fiscal 2007-2008, el cha escuela. Fondo “St. Katharine Drexel” dis“El Fondo Drexel nos ha permittribuyó $349,020 a varias parro- ido comprar computadoras y conquias y escuelas católicas de esta vertir uno de nuestros salones en diócesis. laboratorio de cómputo”, dice otra “La escuela católica de Sta. carta de la parroquia de Sta. Cecilia

en Haysville. La parroquia de Sta. Margarita María en Wichita, la cual sirve a una comunidad muy diversa que incluye estudiantes de origen hispano, vietnamitas y anglosajones, planea utilizar los fondos recibidos para contratar a un maestro de educación física de medio tiempo, comprar computadoras y actualizar los libros de texto. Por otro lado, la pequeña escuela parroquial de Holy Name en Coffeyville ubicada en una zona rural del sureste de Kansas, agradeció a los donadores del Fondo Drexel por sus contribuciones, las cuales ayudarán a la escuela en sus necesidades tecnológicas y para dar instrucción que cubra necesidades de aprendizaje de los estudiantes. Para que las escuelas o parroquias puedan beneficiarse de este fondo un 30 por ciento de los estudiantes deben calificar para recibir almuerzos gratis o a bajo costo, un 50 por ciento o más de las ofrendas dominicales de la parroquia deben de ser para la educación católica y la parroquia debe de tener un programa activo de “Compartir” (Stewardship en inglés).

Calendario Católico Hispano

Empleados diocesanos toman clases de español para servir mejor

Mercedes Villanueva, maestra de las clases de español Un grupo de empleados de la Oficina de Escuelas Católicas, la Cancillería católica y Caridades Católicas están tomando una clase de español en el Centro Pastoral Hispano para servir mejor a la comunidad hispanohablante de la diócesis. (Continuación de pag. 13)

Mercedes Villanueva, una inmigrante cubana desde 1960, enseña la clase todos los lunes por la tarde a cerca de 15 estudiantes quienes dice que algunos de ellos saben algo de español por haber tomado clases en preparatoria o en la universidad. Villanueva tiene un título universitario en español y en francés y también sirve de voluntaria en su propia parroquia, la Iglesia de la Magdalena y en el Spiritual Life Center. Heather Welch, coordinadora de publicidad para el Avance Católico y una de las estudiantes en la clase dijo: “La belleza y riqueza de las culturas hispanas, incluyendo el lenguaje, es algo que puede enriquecer mi vida. Mi meta es aprender suficiente vocabulario y construir oraciones para servir a mis vecinos hispanohablantes cuando se presente la oportunidad”.

Aprenda el método aprobado por la Iglesia Católica sin riesgos para la salud física y espiritual de la pareja para espaciar los nacimientos de sus hijos. Sta. Margarita María Martes 24 de marzo (cada 4to martes del mes) Clase de introducción. Método de la Ovulación Info Oficina Parroquial (316) 262-1821 o Kristina Sample (316) 685-7540

Clases de Planificación Familiar Natural

Clausura de clases del Instituto de Formación Pastoral

Obispo, mensaje de cuaresma

Arquidiócesis lamenta decisión de Corte Suprema

Perdonar a todos por todo es el comienzo para practicar nuestro amor imitando a Jesús. El no querer perdonar aunque sea a una sola persona estropea nuestro parecido a Cristo. Pero no es fácil perdonar; nuestra naturaleza humana quiere desquitarse. Por esto progresamos gradualmente en nuestra imitación del perdón de Jesús. Comenzamos al aguantarnos sin responder con daño al daño que nos han hecho. Con el tiempo, como fruto de nuestra imitación de Jesús, encontraremos que podemos rezar por las bendiciones de Dios por medio de nuestros atormentadores, y luego ayudarles cuando lo necesiten, y finalmente, hasta comportarnos como si el daño nunca hubiera sucedido. Jesús, manso y humilde de corazón, haz mi corazón como el Tuyo. Que así sea. Amén

El cardenal Norberto Rivera Carrera y sus obispos auxiliares expresaron el “profundo dolor” de la Iglesia Católica porque ocho ministros de la Suprema Corte han decidido avalar la despenalización del aborto en el Distrito Federal.

56 estudiantes recibirán certificados por haber participado en las clases en el Instituto de Formación Pastoral en el semestre de invierno. Se invita a familiares y amigos a la clausura de clases el 28 de marzo a las 7 p.m. en San Patricio. Habrá una Misa y después una comida. Las próximas clases del Instituto comenzarán el mes de septiembre. Para más información comuníquese al Centro Pastoral Hispano (316) 269-3919.

30 jóvenes de 12 a 17 años participan en la clase de abstinencia “Pure & Simple”, ofrecida por Silvia Landers en el Centro Pastoral Hispano. Los jóvenes aprenden los beneficios de la abstinencia hasta el matrimonio, las consecuencias de la toma de malas decisiones y maneras de no dejarse llevar por la cultura de muerte y el consumismo dirigido a los jóvenes. Para más información llame al (316) 269-3919.

“Pure & Simple”, clases de abstinencia para jóvenes

Periódico Oficial de la Diócesis de Wichita • Sección en español publicada el tercer viernes del mes • Para publicidad llame al (316) 269-3965 (inglés) • Para contenido y editorial llame a: Yrene Lewis al (316) 773-6703 (español/inglés); E:mail:

Será el sábado 4 de abril de 1 a 4 p.m. en la parroquia de St. Francis of Assisi, Cana Hall Habrá 30 agencias que podrán resolver preguntas e información para todo tipo de necesidades: financieras, educativas, espirituales, vocacionales, residenciales, sociales o de recreación. Para más información llame al Centro Pastoral Hispano al (316) 269-3919.

Feria de Recursos para discapacitados


Online @
Because of the number of photos the Advance gratefully receives, and because of limited space, we have larger versions of these online
Wichita’s Blessed Sacrament School Barons won the A division of the 6th grade Catholic School league. Students and staff of All Saints Catholic School, Wichita, hosted students from St. Joseph School when “Body Venture” visited All Saints. The statesponsored traveling walkthrough exhibit teaches children how to live a healthy lifestyle.


March 20, 2009


Let us cater your: Special Events • Wedding • Church • School Anniversary • Family • Company • Birthday Phone: (316) 796-0821 P.O. Box 187 Fax: (316) 796-0721 Colwich, KS 67030

Ray’s Countryside Catering, Inc

Any reason to have friends, family and food together!
Ray & Kathy Mies & family
Member St. Mark

The Holy Savior Catholic Academy’s volleyball team took first place in the Mt. Carmel Division with a record of 16-2. In the post-season tournament the team placed first with a record of 4-1.

The Holy Savior Catholic Academy’s girls basketball 10-0. In the post-season tournament they took first place with record of 4-2

Trading cars? Dealer won’t deal?
Twenty-six eighth graders and 32 of their parents participated in a Project Freedom Retreat March 6-7 at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School, Schulte. With them is their pastor Fr. Andrew Kuykendall. The Holy Savior Catholic Academy’s boys basketball team took first place in the Cathedral Division with a record of 10-0. In post-season tournament play they took first place with record of 4-0.

Cars for the Poor Program
Call tom at 208-4090
Proceeds go to support Holy Savior Catholic Academy and other poor of Wichita. Because we give cars to needy families or sell them at significantly below market value, you may be able to take the full”fair market” value deduction for your donation. Consult your tax advisor. We also accept junk cars.

Donate to Society of St. Vincent de Paul/ Holy SaVior catHolic academy

Advance on tape

Anyone interested in receiving the Advance on tape should call Ministry with Persons with Disabilities at 269-3900.

Sacred Heart Gifts
Esquina de Douglas y Hydraulic Horas: Lun-vie 10-5; Sab 10-2

113 S. Hydraulic

Libros y regalos en español


March 20, 2009

N. Arkansas, Wichita. Cost $5. All Catholic women welcome. Reservations required by March 18. Call 838-6853 or 744-1010. Sedgwick County Chapter Right to Life of Kansas, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 24, Sacred Heart REC, Colwich. St. Margaret Mary Parish annual Mexican Dinner, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, March 29, 2635 S. Pattie, Wichita. Traditional Mexican food is on the menu. Newman University’s “Life After Lay Off Event” 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, March 29, in De Mattias Hall. Admission is free. Oblates of St. Benedict, 7 p.m., Tuesday, March 31, St. Paul’s Parish, Newman Center, 1810 N. Roosevelt, Wichita. Email your calendar item to


Colwich-St. Mark’s Knights of Columbus Council 9510 Fish Fry, March 20 at St. Mark’s, 5 to 7 p.m. Free-will donations will be accepted. Catholic Adult Network - Singles, Friday, March 20, Stations of the Cross, St. Thomas Aquinas, 1321 N. Stratford, 6:30. After the Stations, they have soup or light supper in the basement. Books for Life, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, March 21, K. of C. Hall, 3202 W. 13th, Wichita. Catholic Adult Network - Singles, Saturday, March 21, Christ the King Singles Potluck and Game Night, 4401 W. Maple in Charity Hall. You can attend 5:30 mass and the potluck immediately follows at 6:30 with games after that around 7 p.m. of cards and dominions. Bring a dish to share. St. Joseph Parish 49th Annual Parish Dinner, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, March 22, 132 S. Millwood, Wichita. Catholic Adult Network - Singles, Sunday, March 22, St. Joseph, 132 S. Millwood, Parish Dinner, 11 a.m. If you want to attend mass beforehand, it’s at 10 a.m. Newman Book Club, 1 p.m., Monday, March 23. Book Review by Jeanne Cardenez. Mother Teresa’s Room, St. Patrick Parish, 2023

March 20

Email your event

The first lecture of The Gerber Institute for Catholic Studies, “How Christians Understand Reconciliation,” will be presented at 7 p.m., Monday, March 30, in the Dugan-Gorges Conference Center at Newman University. Admission is free. Father Robert Schreiter, a Vatican Council II Professor of Theology at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, will make the presentation. He directs the Program in Reconciliation and Peacebuilding at its Cardinal Bernardin Center for Theology and Ministry. The Gerber Institute, named for Eugene J. Gerber, Bishop Emeritus of Wichita, furthers the Mission of Newman University by promoting interdisciplinary dialogue exploring Catholic thought and practice in the diverse realms of educational, philosophical, political, social, and cultural life.




Knights of Columbus Council 4118 Good Friday Blood Drive, 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. Friday, April 10, Knights of Columbus Hall, 3202 West 13th. Novena to the Divine Mercy begins, 3 p.m., Good Friday, April 10, at the Church of the Resurrection. St. James Parish, Augusta, annual parish and school auction Saturday, April 18. Silent auction at 5 p.m. Dinner at 7 p.m. with a live auction immediately following. Columbian Squires Esto Dignus Car, Truck, and Bike Show, 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday, April 19, St. Jude Parish, 3130 N Amidon, Wichita. Eighth Annual Resurrection Catholic School Auction Saturday, April 25. For more information and for auction items, go to Center of Hope annual benefit dinner Sunday, April 26, Newman University’s Dugan Library & Conference Center, Wichita. Reservations are necessary and must be made by April 15.


Reconciliation topic of March 30 presentation at Newman University

KMC students place at regional contest If special accommodations are required to participate in this event, please email no later than March 20. The Fair will feature representatives of disability providers and agencies from throughout the Wichita area who will answer questions about and explain their available services.





Colwich-St. Mark’s Knights of Columbus Council 9510 Fish Fry, April 3 at Sacred Heart, Colwich, 5 to 7 p.m. Free-will donations will be accepted. The St. Francis of Assisi Ministry with Persons with Disabilities Resource Fair, 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 4, 861 N. Socora. Secular Franciscan Order, 1 p.m. Sunday, April 5, St. Anthony Parish. Call 832-1357. or go to

April 3




SFA ministry hosting disabilities resource fair Saturday, April 4



WICHITA – The St. Francis of Assisi Ministry with Persons with Disabilities is hosting a Resource Fair from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 4, for people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, and advocates. The fair will be held at the parish, 861 N. Socora. Use the office entrance off the main parking lot. For more information email

WICHITA – Kapaun Mt. Carmel journalism students participated in Kansas Scholastic Press Association Regional Competition at Wichita State University Thursday, Feb. 19. Eight students placed in the competition: Emily Adamson, third in Cutline Writing, junior Emily Cook, honorable mention in Editing, Kate Cunningham, second in Editorial Cartoon, Rachel King, first in News Writing, Max Martin, first in Newspaper Sports Writing and second in Editorial Writing, Andrew Patton, third in Yearbook Sports Writing, Soli Salgado, third in Yearbook Copy Writing, and Zack Reed, first in Yearbook Sports Writing. Students will compete at state in Lawrence on May 2. In a related matter, the Kapaun Mt. Carmel 2008 DVD Yearbook is one of eight finalists for the National Scholastic Press Association’s (NSPA) Digital Yearbook Pacemaker.

Are you moving?

Are you moving or changing parishes? Help us keep track of you by sending your new address to:

an “eclectic but orthodox” community of that nourish the imagination and intellect


Spiritual life Center
7100 E. 45th St. N. Wichita, KS 67226 (316) 744-0167 (316) 744-8072 (FAX) Sign up for our monthly Capstone E-Newsletter Go to: Click on “Newsletter” We have a very few openings for this retreat weekend set for April 3-5, 2009. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS TODAY, Friday, March 20. Call the Center or register online.

of faith and history, philosophy, literature and art (plus a hobbit-hole full of children’s books) for thinkers, for dreamers, for children and the childlike
Open 10 a.m.– 8 p.m. M-F 10 a.m.– 6 p.m. Saturday


gif ts

RETREAT: “Palm Sunday Weekend Retreat” with Bishop Jackels RETREAT: “Purposely For God: Being Our Best Devoted Selves” with Fr. John Graden, OSFS

Come visit our new location and see for yourself.
2838 east douglas, wichita (just 3 blocks west of hillside)

(316) 683-9446

This retreat set for June 12-14 with Salesian Father Graden is based on the classic thought of St. Francis de Sales. Come to explore a variety of themes including the universal call to holiness, deliberately deciding for God, prayer and the sacraments, our heart’s transformation by growth in daily life’s virtues, obstacles and temptations along the way and holding on to the Lord who holds us forever. Discounted earlybird rates available now through May 29. INDIVIDUALLY DIRECTED RETREAT: Guided by several spiritual directors, July 12-20, 2009.

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March 20, 2009


Call 269-3968 to place a classified ad
for all classified ads Advance payment is required for all occasional classified advertisers.

Business directory and classifieds now available online. Go to .
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Good Christian Lady wants to clean medium homes w/ no house pets, offices or apts. West-side only. $25.00 an hr. (316) 729-1766 or 648-0203. Office and residential cleaning, west Wichita, professional references provided. (316) 722-8869. House and office cleaning. Reasonable. Reliable. Honest. Call Katie at (316) 807-1583 or (316) 729-6230 Let us clean your home or office with a detailed look! Rates that are great and a cleaning job you will tell your friends about. Call Angie (316) 640-8104 or Patty (316) 617-5890. Looking for a cleaning lady – look no further! Will clean residential and commercial. References available. Call Sandy, (316) 729-7328. Dependable, Christian woman will clean your house. Call (316) 617-9657.


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Mature, dependable woman, member of St. Joseph Parish, BBA accounting major, seeks accounting/ bookkeeping, receptionist or general office work. (316) 308-6338. Mature, dependable woman will care for elderly, house sit, or pet sit. References. Experienced with own Alzheimer mother. (316) 308-6338. Alterations. 25 years experience. Pick up and deliver. Joyce, (316) 744-8144. Quality Inspector seeking full-time position, (316) 838-2348. You Might be Looking for Me – I have been a legal secretary and have worked in various call centers here in Wichita. Because of asthma I need to work either at home or in a perfume-free environment. I can type very well and can do any kind of phone work necessary to complete the job. Please call Mary at (316) 871-9443.

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Foot care in your home for the elderly, disabled or diabetic. In-grown and thick nails, corns, calluses. Only $35. Call Brenda Ingram, RN, BSN at (316) 946-0722.

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The Rosary Ladies
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administrators needed for Catholic Schools in the
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The U.S. Census Bureau needs you! If you are a U.S. citizen, at least 18 yrs old and have work experience, call the U.S. Census Bureau at 1-866-861-2010 today. Pay depends on the area where you live. EOE

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DaviD Lies PLumbing, inc.
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Residential • Commercial New • Remodel • Repair Lic. # 1542 1420 S. Sabin WPP82 (Since 1978) Wichita, KS 67209

Jerry r. Forshee
Members St. Jude parish

“We care about our customers” Remodel & repair



Family-owned and operated

Candidates must: • Be a practicing Catholic • Be eligible for Kansas certification as an administrator • Promote a standards-based instructional program • Possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills If interested, please contact: Dr. Fred Saab, Asst. Superintendent, Catholic Diocese of Wichita, 424 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS 67202.


March 20, 2009


For rent
Cabin in Cascade, Colorado. 3 bd., 2 baths. Sleeps 10. Call Jody (913) 685-0466 Nice home in the country near Valley Center. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fenced back yard, pole-shed. (620) 728-0292.

Dave’s Handyman Services—Free estimates, senior discount. Home repairs, painting, plumbing, fences & decks, etc. Small jobs welcome. 686-8796. AirTechs Heating & Cooling LLC: 8829 Woodside Haysville, KS 67060, (316) 440-3298, airtechsllc@, Service, Installation, 24 hour Emergency Service. Ask us about our Maintenance Agreements!!! Need energy? Look great. Feel great. Call 218-9991.

Remod., redec.
old SChool EStatE SalES
Professional Sale Management Services
Free Estimates Family Owned and Operated Gennine Westerman (316)706-9739 shane neal (316)644-8488

Real estate
Hedgecreek Estates–Andale: 24120 Hedge Creek Cir. 2200+sq ft ranch on 3 acres under construction. Spacious kit & hrth rm. 3 BR up, w.o. bsmt. Ready for buyer to pick colors & fixtures. Call John–841-1790. Home for Sale – 1550 sq. ft. full-brick ranch on æ acre. Oak cabinets. Sprinkler system. Very nice landscaping. St. Peter Parish. Call 516-6789.

Specializing in Interior/Exterior Home Painting and Light Repair “Call Mike for the price that’s right”
Mike Manning, member St. Mary’s Cathedral


Custom Hay Grinding
(620) 532-2246
Kingman, KS Clint & Patti Eck

Heating & Air Conditioning
Frank Wille

Helten ConstruCtion, inC.
Licensed and Insured Specializing in Decks, Kitchens & Basement Finish Over 30 years experience

Real estate
Prudential Dinning-Beard, Realtors 796-1691 Member St. Mark parish 721-9271 Silver Lake Rd. lots – Nice location, price, schs & hwy access. 3 10-acre lots. Buy one or all. Great country sites with several small ponds, paved rds, and only $26,000 per lot.

Remodeling and New Construction Roger Helten

Mary Kay Martin

Peggy Church
Dinning BearD realtors
Serving YOU with care office (316) 721-9271 cell (316) 648-9705

Transportation • Errand Running Shopping • Gift Wrapping • Wait Service Gift Certificates available

Odds and Errands
(316) 295-6936
Member of Christ the King Parish

Remod., redec.
member St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish New Homes • Garages • Add Ons Patios • Decks • Custom Builder L.N. 165 — L.N. 00600 Free Estimates Kitchen & bathroom remodeling • Window & door replacements • Cabinetry • Formica • Tile • Interior woodworking • Basement remodeling In business for 20 years Mark Schwebke, owner Phone/Fax (316) 687-3401


(316) 871-2408

member, Christ the King

Lic. # 869

heating & CooLing LLC Service • Installation • 24-hour emergency service
Ask us about our Maintanance Agreements! 8829 Woodside, Haysville, KS 67060

(316) 440-3298

(316) 722-2793

“Since 1954”

Quality Construction and Remodeling
Commercial & Residential Concrete work • Kitchens • Baths Basement finishes • Decks • Fences Garages • Room additions Painting • Roofing & Siding Loader & dump truck service available

1. 1103 Lakewind – Sandpiper Bay Lake Condo – swim-fish updated neut. décor-all appl. incl. frig, stove, washer & dryer-garage-3 baths $97,900. 2. St. Vincent de Paul – 1062 S. Glenmoor Ct. – 5 br rnch-3 baths-3 car-lake setting. $250,000. 3. Andale – 7833 N. 295th West – 5 Acre-4 br ranchvery nice one owner. $199,000-west out of Andale to 295th. Follow signs. 4. All Saints – OPEN SUN mARCH 22 – 1638 So. Drollinger – 1700 SF rnch plus bsmt-all brick-lrg fam room-lrg master-nice. $86,000. 5. Christ the king – OPEN SUN mARCH 22 – 1066 No. Bayshore – Sandpiper Bay Lake Condo-rnchswim-fish-walkout to lake-2 car-$159,900. 6. All Saints – 3007 Sunnybrook – 3 br rnch-1 car-wide driveway-lrg back yard-$56,900.

J.P. Weigand & Sons Inc. (316) 992-9808

Paul & Kay Donham

1906 N. Glen Wood

Magdalen – Gorgeous ranch on waterfront lot in Reeds Cove. Eastside deck & great view! Over 5200sqft with 3 bdrms/2.5 bths on MF; 3 bdrms/2 bths in Bsmt. Many Extras! Fin W/OV/O Bsmt w/ awesome Theatre Rm. MUST SEE!


3306 Bayview

St. Jude – Stunning lakefront property w/ upgrades & extras galore plus 4+car garage w/ lake storage underneath. Over 3900sqft w/ 4 bdrms & 3 bths plus full W/O Bsmt w/ office & wet bar. MUST SEE!! RE/MAX Realty Professionals


Shari Boehlke
722-0001 x 146

all types of work

by Jeff Vap

Drive-Right School • Teens/Adults • Convenient, flexible, one-on-one instruction • Authorized for obtaining your driver’s license through the M.V.D.


Custom Homes & Remodeling
Licensed and Insured Lic. #@7146

New Homes Additions • Garages Replacement Windows

Jarod Eck

If you are looking to buy, sell, lease or rent to own a home,

call or email Sue today!

all work guaranteed with low, low prices

Sue Langston-Ames
Acting Managing Broker Keller Williams Signature Partners, LLC


Lic. #2486

Electric Operators & Garage Doors SALES & SERVICE
member St. Francis of Assisi Lic #1364 • Licensed • Bonded • Insured

Graf Garage Doors, Inc.

Member St. Peter, Schulte Lic., bonded and insured Lic. #SP00220497KREC

Lic. #7072

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1625 E. Central Wichita, KS 67214

(316) 706-0173

Member St. Joseph, Ost

Jarod eck


Member St. Thomas Aquinas

Visit sue at or on Facebook. She’s available to help wth all of your residential real estate needs!

Mid America Exteriors, Inc 265-5444
• Seamless Vinyl Siding — no seams (exclusive) • Traditional Vinyl & Steel Siding • Trim Coverings — Overhangs/ Windows/Doors
City License #2646 County License #1084

800-278-5444 FAX 316-265-5220

Julie & Scott Stremel
Scott cell: 518-9083 Julie cell: 519-9083 Web site: JULIEANDSCOTTSTREmEL@WEIGAND.COm St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parishioners

J.P. Weigand & SonS, inc. RealtoRS 316-722-6182 Listings

Molina Electric Commercial, Residential
Remodel & Service Wiring Al Molina, owner • 461-2199

IN-HOME • HOME-BOUNDS Will come to your home for Perms — Cuts — Styling ASK FOR MIKE —Licensed—

Hair Care
263-8794 (days)

• Uniframe Replacement Windows (exclusive) • Bay, Bow & Garden Windows • Patio & Entry Doors • Sunrooms
Gregg Schmidt, Co-Owner Member of St. Jude

Financing Available
Member BBB & WABA

606 Forestview 3133 Landon Circle 14006 Taylor Circle 1429 N. Aksarben 1137 N. Manchester 13404 W. Links 2231 Stoneybrook 10118 W. Westport 11303 Valley Hi 2444 N. McLean 11805 Lost Creek 2704 Wilderness 2422 Lindberg 6223 E. Brookview 814 N. Parkridge

$350,000.00 $294,900.00 $267,855.00 $124,900.00 $164,000.00 $275,000.00 $225,000.00 $187,500.00 $250,000.00 $275,000.00 $292,000.00 $475,000.00 $244,900.00 $189,900.00 $168,500.00

St. Elizabeth St. Elizabeth St. Elizabeth St. Elizabeth St. Elizabeth St. Elizabeth Magdalen St. Francis St. Elizabeth St. Jude St. Elizabeth Magdalen Magdalen Resurrection St. Elizabeth

Open 2-4 march 22

Open 2-4 march 22

Open 2-4 march 22

Contact Scott or Julie for additional infomation or to set up a showing.

agriculture, residential & Commercial Same location for 35 years 5159 n. 119th W., maize, Ks 67101 316-722-8380 Curtis Weninger, owner serving Wichita & surrounding areas Member Sacred Heart, Colwich

9915 W. 21st N., Suite A, Wichita, KS 67205



Roof MeChaniCs, inC.
“We solve the problems that are over your head” Residential & Commercial • Construction & Remodeling Free inspection and estimate 3205 N. Broadway in Wichita

Beautiful stone and brick front ranch on one acre in the country but only 2 minutes from the YMCA and 5 minutes to Walmart and New Market Square! There’s a finished walk-out, view-out basement with 4th & 5th bedrooms, 3rd bath, game room and family room w/two-way gas fireplace, entertainment center and wet bar! Also includes hardwood floors in the fully-applianced kitchen, breakfast area and beamed hearth room! The master suite features marble master bath and there’s a covered wood deck and 3-car garage all on a private cul-de-sac. For all the details and extras call Doug at 942-7402 X1027. near CrestVieW CC! New 4BR, 3.5 ba, 2 fplcs, safe rm, 3-car! $389,900! Matt 942-7402 X1077 eXeCutiVe estate! Terrific 5BR, 4 ba + ofc, 3 unique fplcs, hickory flrs & cabinets + SS appl’s! Heated pool, party house & several outbuildings on 30A! $925K! Doug @ 942-7402 X1027 roomY! Slick 5BR, 2.5 ba, fam rm w/ fplc, bsmt, 2-car det gar! $160K! Jerry 942-7402 X210 small toWn! Tax rebate for 6 yrs! 4th BR, 3rd ba & fplc in v/o bsmt, 3-car! Dal 942-7402 X1017 maiZe sCHools! Newer 5BR, 3.5 ba, bsmt, 3 car & cov’d deck! $182,900! Jim 942-7402 X1047 Close to eVerYtHinG! – 3BR, 2 ba, bsmt, 2-car gar on cul-de-sac! Doug @ 942-7402 X1027 meCHaniC’s Dream! Charming 2BR w/24x32 3-car det gar! Now $35,900! Jerry 942-7402 X210

beautiFul CountrY liVinG!!


See our ad at Roofing Contractor in your SBC Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages and at www.

WE HAVE THEm IN SEVERAL AREAS AT VARIOUS STAGES OF CONSTRUCTION! arK CitY – Brand new homes priced from $149,900 to $189,900! 3-5BRs, 2-3 bas, fully appl’d kitchens, some w/full v/o, daylight bsmts, some w/fplcs, main flr laundry rm, 2 & 3-car garages! CHeneY – 7 brand new quality-built homes! Choose from 3 - 5 BRs, 2 - 3 bas, some bsmts are fully finished w/family room & rec room w/wet bar, some w/fplcs + 2 & 3-car garages! All have main floor separate laundry room & fully appl’d kitchen w/breakfast bar! From $131,900 - $187,900! ClearWater – Super new home w/oak woodwork throughout! Fully appl kit w/breakfast bar, main flr laundry, 3rd & 4th BRs, 3rd ba, fam rm w/fplc, rec rm in full fin bsmt, 3-car gar! $172,900! For information on any of these new homes, please call Dal @ 942-7402 X1017 or Doug @ X1027 ************************************************************************************** nW sub – New home on 1A just minutes away from ICT! Beautiful stone & brick front 5 BR, 3 ba, hardwood flooring in kit, breakfast & hearth areas, main flr laundry, 3-car gar! Environmentally friendly alternative septic system! Cov’d wood deck! All for only $309,500! Or high quality home with a gorgeous view on 4A! 3BR, 3 ba, knotty alder kitchen w/large island, brkfst bar & granite tops, storm room & 9’ ceilings in basement, 3-car oversize garage! $369K! Doug @ 942-7402 X1027


• Buying a Business? • Selling a Business? “No One Has Sold More!” Vr business brokers 316-262-8722
Members SEAS

New – Re-Roofing – Repairs

• Bonded Roofs • Guttering • Slate & Tile • Wood & Shakes • Built-Up Tar & Gravel • Asphalt & Gravel • Asphalt Shingles • Aluminum Coating 2307 S. Mead

Emergencies call 685-8035


Val Gottschalk, owner, member St. Anthony parish

Since 1950

2a & 5a lots @ 69th N & 151st W – Maize Schools – $32K-$50K. Or 1a lots at 21st N & 215th W. – Renwick Schools – Detached buildings allowed! $23,000 to $30,000. Doug 942-7402 X1027 near ValleY Center – Only 2 lots left, both suitable for pond! $32,500! Leo 942-7402 X260

Land & Lots

Go to for all available listings, pictures & virtual tours.

Diocesan Programs
Family Life
(316) 685-5240 (800) 813-2410 Beginning Experience June 26-28, Spiritual Life Center. For more information or to register call Beverly at (316) 264-4876 or, or visit Engaged Encounter April 17-19 or May 1-3, Spiritual Life Center. For more information or a reservation please email the Spiritual Life Center at: or call (316) 744-0167. Love & Logic Parenting Classes (Series of six weeks) March 24 – April 28, Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Church of the Resurrection. Cost is $10 for the “Love & Logic” workbook. For more information or to register, please call our office at (316) 685-6776 or by email at marriage Encounter June 5-7, Spiritual Life Center. For more information or to register call (316) 721-1650 or visit Marriage Encounter (en español) July 10-12, Spiritual Life Center. For more information or to register call Victor and Paz Bañuelos at (316) 708-7289 or (316) 946-9730. Retrouvaille Weekend July 17-19, Spiritual Life Center. For more information or to register call Tim and Betty Stolz at (316) 796-0553, or visit www.

of Lima Parish by appointment. For more information please call Chris & Sandy Bachura at (785) 499-6441. Strong City Classes are offered at St. Anthony of Padua Parish by appointment. For more information please call Patrice & Carol Coirier at (620) 273-6167. Wichita Saturday, March 21, 10 a.m. Clifton Medical Center, 1515 S. Clifton, Ste. 400 Tuesday, April 7, 7 p.m. St. Francis Ministry House, 866 N. Socora Monday, April 20, 7 p.m. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, 645 N. 119th St. West Family of the Americas Ovulation method (en español) Wichita Martes, 24 de marzo, 7 pm, La Parroquia de Santa Maria Margarita, 2701 Pattie. Para registrar llame al 316-262-1821 FertilityCare Services Ovulation method St. Paul Sunday, March 22, 3 p.m. St. Francis Parish, 208 Washington, St. Paul, KS Wichita Saturday, March 28, 10 a.m. Clifton Medical Center, 1515 S. Clifton, Ste. 400
• • • • •

March 20, 2009



“Family Helping Families”
19864 W. Kellogg Dr., Goddard (316) 794-8558 Toll-Free 1-800-368-0855



HomeCare you can trust and afford


nursing home isn’t



Harvest House
Goddard, March 20, 8 p.m., Mass and breakfast at Gerrards, Holy Spirit Church St. Anne, March 20, 7 p.m., soup supper after Stations of the Cross, Setter Hall Coffeyville, March 24, 11:30 a.m., check your local bulletin, Holy Name Parish Andover, March 25, 11:30 a.m., Last Supper DVD, St. Vincent de Paul Chanute, March 26, noon, check your parish bulletin, St. Patrick Parish Mulvane, March 26, noon, to be announced, St. Michael Parish St. Patrick, March 30, noon, Empowering Haiti, Gail Capper, Mother Teresa Room St. Jude, March 30, noon, guests of St. Patrick Harvest House, Mother Teresa Room


• For an aging parent who wants to remain home • Relief for a wife or husband caring for an ailing spouse • Alzheimer’s Care • Trained, bonded, insured non-medical caregivers & companions

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
7348 W. 21st St., Suite 123 • Wichita, KS


Call for a free information packet

Call 269-3968 to place a classified ad
for all classified ads Advance payment is required for all occasional classified advertisers.

Deadline: Monday

General classified rate: $8 for four lines. Each additional line is 75¢. Classified display: $12.75 per column inch. Quantity of weeks, determined at time of order, determines rate per week. No cancellations or payment returns. Credit cards not accepted.

Christian lady providing home health aid. Have experience and good references. Call (316) 390-0357. Will care for elderly at home in Wichita. Call (316) 461-2048 or (316) 409-4992.

Cemetery plots
2 plots in Ascension. Very front. Section 3A, 1 and 2. Call (785) 227-5090 Calvary. Two plots side-by-side. Call (316) 744-9387. Leave a message if no one there. One single plot at Calvary Cemetery. Sacred Heart section. $700. Call 558-5835. Mausoleum crypt for two. Ascension. Marian Wall. Includes two pre-paid entombment fees. Paid $6,200 asking $4,000. Call (316) 634-1667.

Child care
N.W. reg. daycare, M-F, 6 am-6 pm. Ages 6 wks–5 yrs. $25 off 1st week of care. $25 for each referral. Call 807-6425. Licensed Daycare–Lots of TLC, walks & educational activities. Central & Maize area. Cathy, 721-1901 or 640-5045. Openings for daycare. Call Tori Duling 305-4184. 119th and Kellogg. Reg. Daycare. 8 wks thru preschool age. 13th & 119th W. area. (316) 253-9774. Registered child care, 135th and 13th. Accepting children of all ages. Great rate! Contact Tracy at (316) 617-0296.

(316) 685-6776 (800) 813-2410 Billings Ovulation method Ft. Scott Classes are offered at Mary Queen of Angels Parish by appointment. For more information, please call Mary Barbara McKay at (913) 471-4318.Goddard Monday, March 23, 7 p.m. Church of the Holy Spirit, 18218 W. Hwy 54 Augusta Thursday, April 2, 7 p.m. St. James Parish, 1012 Belmont Ave. Couple to Couple League Sympto-Thermal Method Couple to Couple League – Sympto-Thermal method Series of three classes Wichita Sunday, April 19, 3 p.m., Blessed Sacrament Parish, 124 N. Roosevelt McPherson Monday, April 20, 7 p.m., St. Joseph Parish, 520 E. Northview Hutchinson Saturday, April 25, 10 a.m. Holy Cross Parish, 2631 Independence Rd.Método Sintotérmico de la Liga de Pareja a Pareja Family of the Americas Ovulation method Chanute Classes are offered at St. Patrick Parish by appointment. For more information please call Sandy at the parish rectory at (620) 431-3165 or F. J. & Annette Van Anne at (620) 431-9411. Council Grove Classes are offered at St. Rose



St. Vincent de Paul, Andover, 9 a.m. Sunday Church of the Magdalen, Wichita, 9:30 a.m. Sunday St. Peter, Schulte, 10 a.m. Sunday 744-0167 Spiritual Formation Centering Prayer and “Lectio Divina,” Mondays at 9:30 a.m. Centering Prayer and “Lectio Divina,” Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

Signed Masses


Spiritual Life Center

General Contractors Serving the Insurance Industry
Specializing in Fire and Water Damage Repair Remodeling and Restoration March 22, 12:30-3:30 p.m., St Patrick, Parsons April 2, 6-9 p.m., Magdalen, Wichita April 25, 9 a.m. to noon, St. Michael, Mulvane May 2, 9 a.m.-noon, Magdalen, Wichita May 11, 6:30-9:30 p.m., St. Teresa, Hutchinson May 12, 6:30-9:30 p.m., St Elizabeth Ann Seton, Wichita Aug. 30, 1:30-4:30 p.m., St Andrew, Independence

VIRTUS Training


3711 N. Hillside • Wichita, Kansas 67219

(316) 267-3321

Lic. #306

March 20-22: Young Adult Beginning Experience retreat, Spiritual Life Center 27: Applications for CLAY due to the Youth Office 28-29: DCYC – Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference, Wichita Airport Hilton April 18-19: CLAY retreat for freshmen and sophomores, All Saints, Wichita



March 20, 2009


Master NFP training in Winfield planned for March 27-29

Kathy Gonzalez, lower right, along with Marisela Garcia, upper right, and other members of the Cathedral Parish’s youth group lay out their banner design for the upcoming Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference, March 28-29 at the Wichita Airport Hilton. Last year the group’s banner took first place in the conference’s competition. This year’s theme is “We suffer all kinds of afflictions, yet with Christ are not overcome.” The annual event is held by the Youth and Young Adult Ministries Office. (Advance photo by Fred Solis.)

Getting ready for annual youth conference

A Family of the Americas Master Teacher Institute Training in the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning will be held at Holy Name Parish, Winfield, March 27-29. The 20-hour institute begins Friday, March 27, at 5:30 p.m., concludes at 5 p.m. Sunday, March 29. Trainers will be Judith and Gerald Leonard and Martina Holmes. To register, or for questions, email Judith at or call (800) 813-2410.

Squires vehicle show April 19 at St. Jude

Annual Augusta auction April 18

AUGUSTA – St. James Parish is hosting its annual parish and school auction on Saturday, April 18. The silent auction begins at 5 p.m. Dinner is at 7 p.m. with a live auction immediately following. Tickets are $30 and includes a full meal. They may be purchased by contacting Cathy Phillips at the St. James Parish School office at (316) 775-5721. Among the items up for auction are hand-sewn quilts, spa packages, hot air balloon rides and a parachute jump.

Divine Mercy novena starts Friday, April 10

Father Noel Rucastle celebrates Mass at Our Lady of the Flight into Egypt Cathedral in Cape Town, South Africa, March 10. Parishes in South Africa and other African nations recently began using a revised English translation of the Roman Missal for Mass. The new translation corresponds more literally to the Latin. (CNS photo)

The first Esto Dignus Car, Truck, and Bike Show, sponsored by the Columbian Squires and the St. Jude Knights of Columbus will be held Sunday, April 19, at the parish 3130 N Amidon, Wichita. Esto Dignus, means “be worthy” and is the Squires’ motto. Registration begins at noon. The show is from 2 to 5 p.m. There will be a D.J., food, drinks, auction items, and a raffle for a new car. Registration is $10 per car and two non-perishable items for the Lord's Pantry. For additional information, contact David Close (316) 755-3265.

CLAY retreat April 18-19 at All Saints

WICHITA – A novena to the Divine Mercy will begin at 3 p.m. on Good Friday, April 10, at the Church of the Resurrection. The novena, nine days of prayer, ends April 19, with the Divine Mercy Service. Jesus asked that Divine Mercy Sunday be preceded by a novena to the Divine Mercy. He gave St. Faustina an intention to pray for on each day of the novena.

Vatican allows southern Africa to continue use of Mass translations
CAPE TOWN, South Africa (CNS) — The Vatican has allowed parishes in South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland that have started using Vatican-approved Mass translations to continue to do so, after the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference said it mistakenly

gave them the go-ahead. The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments “has accepted the explanation” by Archbishop Buti Tlhagale of Johannesburg, conference president, “regarding the early implementation of the new translation,” said

a mid-March statement issued by Father Vincent Brennan, general secretary of the bishops’ conference and a member of the Society of African Missions. “The congregation has agreed that the implementation continue, along with continued catechesis explaining the changes,” the statement said, noting that “this catechesis should include preparation of music for singing the new texts.”

A Christ’s Light in All Youth retreat will be held April 18-19 at All Saints Parish, Wichita. CLAY is for high school freshmen and sophomores. CLAY uses skits, hands on activities, and creative forms of prayer to impact the spiritual lives of its candidates. The retreat starts at 6 p.m. Saturday, April 18, and ends at 4 p.m. Sunday. The cost is $45 and includes sleeping accommodations, two meals on Sunday, and all supplies. For an application or further information please contact the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministries at (316) 269-3930, or to download the CLAY application. The priority deadline for applications is March 27. Adults who work with youth are also welcome as candidates.

Quality Care, Reasonable Price
122 W. Main St., Valley Center, KS 67147

murray J. Dean, DVm 316-755-0189
Member St. Jude


GENERAL CONTRACTOR City of Wichita License 753 • Insured



Is your kitchen a sight? We’ll make it right!


Member St. Peter, Schulte