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--------------------=-------------:TCS LATEST PATTERN2012-2013:------------------------------1. P(x)=(x^2012+x^2011+x^2010+...+x+1)^2-x^2012 Q(x)=x^2011+x^2010++x+1 The remainder when P(x) is divided by Q(x) is ? 2.

In a stream running at 2 kmph, a motorboat goes 6 km upstream and back again to the starting point in 33 minutes. Find the speed of the motorboat in still wa ter ? 3. Directions for Q. 1 to Q. 5: Refer the data: J, K, L, M and N collected stamps. They collected a total of 100 stamps. None of them collected less than 10. No two among them collected the same number. (i) 3 collected the same number as K and M together. (ii) L collected 3 more than the cube of an integer (iii) The no. Collected by J was the square of an integer. (iv) Total no. Collected by K was either the square or cube of an integer. 1. The no. Collected by J was: (1) 27 (2) 49 (3) 36 (4) 64 2. The no. Collected by K was: (1) 16 (2) 27 (3) 25 (4) 36 3. The difference of numbers collected by L & M was: (1) 3 (2) 2 (3) 5 (4) 9 L=12, N=11, J=27, M=14, K=36 4. A man can row 6 km/hr. in still water. If the speed of stream is 2km/hr., it takes him 3 hours to row to a place and back. How far is the place? 5. F(n) is a function...where f(f(n))+f(n)=2n+3. F(n)=0;find f(2012) ? 6. How many vehicle registration plate numbers can be formed with digits 1,2,3,4 ,5(no digits being repeated)if it is given that registration number can have 1 t o 5 digits ? Options: 205 100 325 105 7. You can have registration plates of 5,4,3,2 or 1 digits So, it's 5*4*3*2*1 + 5*4*3*2 + 5*4*3 +5*4 + 5 =120 + 120 + 60 + 20 +5 => 325 8. A merchant buys 20kg of wheat at rs.30.00 per kg and 40kg wheat at rs.25.00 p er kg.He mixes them and sell one third of the mixture at rs.26.00 per kg. The pr ice at which the merchant should sell the remaining mixture so that he may earn a profit of 25% on his whole outlay is Total cp = 20 * 30 + 40*25= 1600 Sp = 125/100 * 1600= 2000 Sp for 20kg mix = 26*20 =520 Rem sp = 2000-520 = 1480 As this sp is for 40 kg = 1480 / 40 = Rs37 9. Four friends namely Rahul, Ravi, Rajesh and Rohan contested for a dairy milk chocolate. To decide which friend will get the chocolate they decided to throw t wo dice. Every friend was asked to choose a number and if the sum of the numbers on two dice equals that number, the concerned person will get the chocolate. Ra hul's choice was7, Ravi's choice was 9, Rajesh's choice was 10 and Rohan's choic e was 11. Who has the maximum probability of winning the amount? A) Rahul b) Ravi c) Rajesh d) Rohan 10. Messrs. Siva Constructions, leading agents in Chennai prepared models of the ir lands in the shape of a rectangle and triangle. They made models having same

area. The length and width of rectangle model are 24 inches and 8 inches respect ively. The base of the triangle model is 16 inches. What is the altitude of tria ngle model from the base to the top? A) 24 inches b) 8 inches c) 20 inches d) 32 inches If h is the height of triangle model, then 24*8 = 16*h/2 h= 24 inches 11. In month of jan 4 thursday and 4 sunday then on 1st jan of that month which willbe the day? 1. Monday 2. Friday 3.saturday 4. Wednesday 12. There is a 12*6 grid...grid contains 1*1 squares. What is d total number of squares..(consider 1*1,2*2,3*3,4*4,5*5,6*6 size squares as well). 13. 7,5,9,12,18,36,47,72,? 14. 5, 9, 12, 18, 26, 36, 47, 72, _? It is 5 ...... 12....... 26......... 47 12= 5+7 26= 12+27 47=26+37 Next is 47+47=75 And 9, 18, 36, 72 hence next 144 Therefore 5, 9, 12, 18, 26, 36, 47, 72, 75, 144 15. F(x)=f(f(x))=f(x^2) many such functions with degree >2 exist 16. The length and breadth of a field is 300x400ft, if there are 3 ants on avera ge per square inch of field, find the approximate number of ants in field As 300 ft=3600 inch and 400 ft=4800 inch.then area in sqr inch=17280000 1 sqr inch need 3 ant hence 17280000 sqr inch need 3*17280000 ants 17. The diagonal of a square is twice the side of equilateral triangle the ratio of Area of the Triangle to the Area of Square is? A) 3:8 B) 2:5 C) 3:6 D) 2:4 Ratio = sqrt3*a^2/8a^2....i.e sqrt3/8 18. A, B COMMON TO ALL THREE. THEN ATLEAST 1 ELEMNT COMMON TO 2 IE X1,X2,X2,X3,X 3,X1. FINDMINIMUM ELEMENTS IN EACH GROUP. ANSWER IS 4. 19. There are three dice, threw 3 times probability of getting 10 is ? Possible event.......(1,3,6)(1,4,5)(1,5,4)(1,6,3)(2,2,6)(2,3,5)(2,4,4)(2,5,3)(2, 6,2)(3,1,6)(3,2,5)(3,3,4)(3,4,3)(3,5,2)(3,6,1)(4,1,5)(4,2,4)(4,3,3)(4,4,2)(4,5,1 )(5,1,4)(5,2,3)(5,3,2)(5,4,1)(6,1,3)(6,2,2)(6,3,1) Total 27 possible events Given dice is thrown 3 times So probability is ..........3*27/216 20. What is the probability of throwing 3 dices to get a sum of 10? 21. Raj tossed 3 dices and there results are noted down then what is the probabi lity that raj gets 10? A) 1/72 B) 1/9

C) 25/216 D)1/8 27/216 than ans is 1/8 22. From 52 cards 3 cards drawn randomly prob of getting 1 spade , 1 red queen a nd 1 black king?? 13C1*2C1*2C1/52C3 = 0.00235 23. A) in how many ways can 3 postcards can be posted in 5 postboxes? B) in how many ways can 5 postboxes hold 3 post cards? A)5^3 B)3^5 24. The climb from foot to top of a hill 800 meters, Jack can climb at 16 meters per minute and rests for two minutes or 20meters per 2 minutes and rest for one minute. Paul can climb at 10 meters per one minute and rest for one minute or16 meters per minute and rest for 2 minutes. If take has to reach the top in exact ly two hours. What is the maximum number of rests that he can take? A) 41 b) 42 c) 40 d) 43 Total=800m 16m per min means for 1m=800/16 =50min to climb 10m per min means for 1m=800/10=80min to climb for paul.....The total time is 2h, time taken for rest by paul is 120-80=40min 25. Two cyclist begin training on oval racecourse at same time the professional cyclist complete each lap in 4 sec noves take 6 minute how many minute after sta rt will both cyclist pass at exactly same spot where they begin to cycle(a)10(b) 8(C)14(D)12 26. Two points r there two person from A running to same direction with speed 20 km/hr. & 15/hr. respectively and from other end another person running to oppos ite direction with 30 km/hr.? Distance between them 100 km??At what time they wi ll meet? 27. Tim and Elan are 90km away from each other .they are starting to move toward s eachother simultaneously ,tim at speed 10kmph and elect at 5kmph ,,if every hr . they double the speed ,what is distance that tim will pass until he meets elan ? (60) 28. There are 10 stepping stones numbered 1 to 10.a fly jumps from 1st stone as follows: every minute it jumps to the 4th stone from where it started -that is f rom 1st it would go to 5th, from 5th it would go to 9th, from 9th it would go to 3rd, etc .where would the fly be at 60th minute if it starts at 1? Answer 1 1minute=1+4=5 1 minute=1+4=5step 2 minute=5+4=9step 3 minute=9+4=3step 4 minute=3+4=7step 5 minute=7+4=1step the same process is repeated 12*5 times hence at 60th minute fly would be at 1st step 29. Given the following information who is youngest? C is younger than a; a is taller than b; C is younger than d; C is older than b; B is taller than c; A is older than d (1)d (2)b (3)a (4)c

30. 1!+2!+3!...+50! Divided by 5! Remainder will be ? (0 or 33) 31. If there are Six periods in each working day of a school, In how many ways c an one arrange 5 subjects such that each subject is allowed at least one period? 32. We have 5 sub and 6 periods so their arrangement is 6P5 and now we have 1 pe riod which we can fill with any of the 5 subjects so 5C1 6P5*5C1=3600 33. An article manufactured by a company consists of two parts X and Y. In the p rocess of manufacturing of part X, 9 out 100 parts many be defective. Similarly , 5 out of 100 are likely to be defective in the manufacturer of Y. Calculate th e probability that the assembled product will not be defective? A)0.6485 b)0.6565 c)0.8645 d)none of these Ans=c (0.8645) Probability of no defective of x= 91/100=.91 Probability of non-defective of y= 95/100=.95 So, probability of no defective product=.91*.95=0.8645 34. There are six multiple choice questions in the examination. How many sequenc es of answers are possible, if the first two questions have 3 choices each, the next two have 4 choices each and last two have 5 choices each? 3c1*3c1*4c1*4c1*5c1*5c1=3600 35. The ratio of perimeter of an equilateral triangle having an altitude equal t o the radius of the circle, to the perimeter of an equilateral triangle inscribe d in that circle is ? 36. Arun was all bent on building a new house. He carefully got the blue print o f his house designed by his friend Ashwin, a civil engineer. He wanted to build a room of dimension 27 by 48 ft and lay tiles in this room. Each tile was of dim ension 2 by 3 ft. How many tiles should Arun buy? 27*48/2*3=216 37. Father is aged three times more than his son Ronit. After 8 years, he would be two and a half times of Ronit's age. After further 8 years, how many times wo uld he be of Ronit's age? A.2 b.5/2 c.3/2 d.1 F=3R. After 8 yrs. F+8=5/2(R+8) 2F+16=5R+16 2(3R) +16=5R+40 R=24 ROHIT Aft further 8 Rohit == 24+8=32 Father == 24*3+8=80 80/32====5/2 38. Roy is now 4 year older than Erik and half of that amount than Lewis. If in two years Roy will be twice as old as Erick, then in two year what would be Roy age multiplied by Lewis age?? Ans is 48 Firstly two equations from 1st sentence... Suppose Roy=x, Erik=y, Lewis=z So x=y+4.... (1) 2nd is x=z+2... (2) (Roy is now 4 year older than Erik and half of that amount t han Lewis so 4/2=2) Also after 2 years Erik and Roy relation will b X+2=2(y+2)... (3) So put this into 1st equation. U will get y=2...

And then x=6, z=4(by substituting other) Now asking multiplication after two years of Roy n Lewis is (6+2)*(4+2) =48... 39. My name is PREET. But my son accidentally types the by interchanging a pair of letters in my name. What is the probability that despite this interchange, th e name remains unchanged? A.5% b.20% c.25% d.12.5% 10% there are 10 possible pairs. Out of which 1 will not change my name. So probability that name remains unchanged = 1/10 = 10% 40. In how many ways can 20 identical pencils be distributed among three girls s o That each gets at least 1 pencil? Consider 3 girls as A, B, C THEN A+B+C=20, but each one should get at least 1 pe ncil so giving 1 pencil to each student, the remaining pencils are 20-3=17 now A '+B'+C''=17, Number of non-negative integers of A', B, C are (17+3-1) C (3-1) So total Combinations are 19c2=19*9 = 171 41. A sequence {An}is defined A(1)=0&A(n+1)=A(n)+2(n)WHAT IS VALUE OF A(100)(a)9 902(B)9900(C)10100(D)9904 Last will be A (1) +2*99*98*.....1 Now put the value 1+2(1+2+......+99) 2+ 2*99(99+1)/2 =9902 42. The sequence {A (n)} is defined by A (1) =2 and A (n+1) =A (n) +2n. What is the value of a (100) Let a=2, d=2, a.p formula find nth term i.e... TN=a+ (n-1) d Where TN=100... 100=2+ (n-1)2 gives n=50. Now sum of n terms n/2(a+l) =2550(ans). 43. In a sequence of integers, A(n)=A(n-1)-A(n-2),where A(n) is the nth term in the sequence, n is an integer and n>=3, A(1)=1,A(2)=1. Calculate S (1000), where S (1000) is the sum of first 1000 terms. Ans: 3 44. In base 7, number is written only using digit0, 1, 6.a number 135in base 7 i s 1*7^2+3*7+5=75in base10.what is sum of base7 numbers1234&6543in base 7? (A) 11 101(B) 11110(C) 10111(D) 11011 Ans: b) 11110 Explanation: Convert the number from base 7 to base 10 Base 7(1234) = base 10(466) Base 7(6543) = base 10(2334) Sum of 466 + 2334 = 2800 Convert to base 7 Base 10 (2800) ===> 11110 45. M,N,O,P ARE DIFFERENT INDIVIDUAL M IS DAUGHTER OF N; MIS SON OF P;WHICH FOLO WING TRUE (a)M IS DAUGHTER OF P (B)IF B IS DAUGHTER OF N THEN M AND B ARE SISTER (b)IF C IS GRANDDAUGHTER OF O ,C AND M ARE SISTERS(d)P AND N ARE BROTHER 46. Which of following true: A occur only B or C occur B occur D&E occur if C no t occur g occur if A and F occur option A occur whenever F occur2) F never occur 3) G not occur if D not occur (3584) 4) none of these 47. House1 is older than H2, H3 is taller than H4, and H4 is older than H1... (I )H1 is older than H3 (ii) H2 is taller than H4 (a) only 1 (b) both (c) neither ( d) only2

48. Apple costs L rupees per kilogram for first 30kgs and Q rupees per kilogram for each additional kilogram. If the price of 33 kilograms is 11.67and for 36kgs of Apples is 12.48 then the cost of first 10 kegs of Apples is A) 3.50 b) 10.53 c) 1.17 d) 2.8 30L+3Q=11.67 30L+6Q=12.48 -----------3Q=.81 Q= .27 From that L=0.362 cost of 10 kg apple is 10*.362=3.6 49. The letters in the word ABUSER are permuted in all possible ways and arrange d in alphabetical order then find the word at position 49 in the permuted alphab etical order? A) ARBSEU B) ARBESU C) ARBSUE D) ARBEUS AB**** =4! = 24 ways AE****=4! =24 ways next word is 49th so AR**** in alphabetical order **** will be BESU Ans is B 50. X,Y,W,Z ARE INTEGER THE EXPRESSION X-Y-Z IS EVEN&Y-W-Z ODD IF X IS EVEN THEN WHICH OF FOLLOWING IS TRUE(a)Y MUST BE ODD(b)Y-Z MUST BE ODD(c)W MUST BE ODD(d) Z MUST BE ODD Ans. (c) W must be ODD X-Y-Z=even and X even no. Hence (y-z) must be even because (even -even = even) And y-w-z=y-z-w=odd and (y-z) is even so W must be odd because (even - odd=odd) Hence option (c) is correct 51. The milk and water in two vessels A and B are in the ratio 4 : 3 and 2: 3 re spectively. In what ratio, the liquids in both the vessels are mixed to obtain a new mixture in vessel C containing half milk and half water? Mr and Mrs smith had invited 9 of their friend and their spouses for party at wi ki beachresort.the stand for group photograph if Mr smith never stand next to Mr s smith then how many way group arrange in row (A) 20! (B) 19! +18! (C) 18*19! (D) 2*19! 52. A father purchases dress for his three daughters. The dresses are of same co lour but of different size .the dress is kept in dark room .What is the probabil ity that all the three will not choose their own dress... 53. An empty tank is filled with an inlet pipe 'A' in 42 minutes. After 12 minut es an outlet pipe 'B' is opened which can empty the tank in 30 minutes. After 6 minutes another inlet pipe 'C' opened into the same tank, which can fill the tan k in 35 minutes and the tank is filled find the time taken to fill the tank? 54. There are three buckets. Of 8, 5 n 3 litres...out of which only 8 ltr bucket s is fully filled...u have to fill exact 4-4 ltr liquid in 8 and 5 litre bucket by using only these buckets in minimum number of steps. 55. 16 meters per minute and rest for 2 minutes. If take has to reach the top in exactly two hours. What is the maximum number of rests that he can take? A) 41 b) 42 c) 40 d) 43

56. There are 4 boxes colored red, yellow, green and blue. If 2 boxes are select ed, how many combinations are there for at least one green box or one red box to be selected? A) 1 b) 6 c) 9 d) 5 57. N! Have 13 zeros than what is the highest and lowest value of n?? 65! Will have 13 +2= 15 zeros.55! , 56! .59! Will have 13 zeros. Lowest value of n=55 highest value of n =59 58. N is an integers and N>2 at most how many integers among N+2,N+4,N+5,N+6 and N+7 are prime integers? A) 1, b) 3, c) 2, d) 4 If n=3 than 5 7 8 9 10 so prime no. 2 Ask