Subject : New Media Assignment Evaluator : Mr.

Karan Murarka Sophomore – Communication Management The Team : Shweta Mallapur Niksha Katkar Supriya Devnath Sneha Ojha Nitesh Luthria Akshay Kumar

5. has 5 dogs Royal Enfield is a poor mans Harley Concept: At the Running of the Bulls (encierro) festival in Spain. INCOME: restraunt business aprox 100 cr 3.DEMOGRAPHICS : 1. NAME : Stanford Pieriera AGE: 51 years INCOME: Media Giant 45 lakhs Plus Per year Self made Part time guitarist & vocalist Jeans and shirts old memorable leather jacket signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger Never drives without the jacket NAME : Jose Peter 1. Love for Big breed dogs. Casual and formal when needed 5. 4. 3. 7. AGE: 38 years 2. Tagline: “Harley Davidson conquering fear” . 8. 6. 2. when the bulls are running suddenly there is a roar and it is seen that the bulls are being chased by Harley Davidson bikers. His love for bikes started in his childhood when he rode his fathers Bullet 4.

) Concept : An old man on the wheel chair (acting as handicapped) is sitting in the middle of the street. climbs on the tree and hops and jumps through the benches. A funny hearty laugh video though !! . Suddenly a dumper approaches intending to hit the old man on the wheel chair. the old man gets up and starts running. The rescuer makes an attempt to stop the dumper ( a natural response to the scenario). the care taker excuses himself/ herself to make a phone call to inform the old mans family members.Viral Video Concept 1 Title : Prank on the street (After all it makes you smile…. The same prank will be played on various street walkers and their expressions and response will be recorded. The care taker of the old man seeks help to rescue. One of the wheel is stuck in the pit noose. As the rescuer makes an effort to stop the dumper. The care taker then comes and reveals to the rescuer that he is being played a prank on and the cameras were recording the prank. As the rescuer comes. The rescuer is shocked looking unable to digest that an handicapped old man starts running through the road.

sometimes. colleagues. Step 8 :The video will be promoted on social networking sites for as many people to view it.e. but it’s the surest way to make people want to share your video. approximately 30-60 seconds which can be watched as many times as possible making it easier for people to watch. This will make it easy for everyone to forward the video to all of their friends. families. Step 7 : No copyrighted content will be used such as music or images. It will be emailed to our network like friends. Step 6 :The content of the video will be funny and more of comedy that will touch the emotions and feelings of people. Step 3 :The Viral Video will be kept short i. Step 4 :The concept of the video is quite funny.The process of making a video viral Step 1 : The Viral Video will be put on all video sharing sites. . Step 5 :The video will be promoted and not advertised. Humor can be hard to get right. Step 2 : The Viral Video will be promoted.