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NOCTURNUM : Credits : ORIGINAL STORY PUBLISHER Christian T, Petersen Christian T. Petersen WRITING* PRINTING Darrell Hardly Bang Printing DEVELOPMENT and ADVENTURES Darrell Hardy & Christian T. Petersen 20 SYSTEM DEVELOPER None of the niles content of this product is open content Greg Benage and is being wilized under specific permission from INTERIOR ILLUSTRATIONS ideas ioe Conn. tne : Toren “MacBin” Atkinson, Andy Brase, Michael All ules i this product are taken from, or derived from, Clarke, Earl Geien Bil Heagy, Hive, Eric Lofgren, Brad les in Wizards of the Coast, Ic.'s® Call of Cthulhu MeDevitt, Brian Schomburg, Christopher Shy, Tyler Roleplaying Game Walpole, Kenneth Waters “420 System’® and the “820 System'® logo sre CARTOGRAPHY Registered Trademarks owned by Wizards ofthe Coast, nc. and are used by permission, Brent Ferguson (Chastian T. Petersen Copyright © 1999, 2002 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Ine, . ‘Nocturnum™ isa trademark of Fantasy Flight GRAPHIC & COVER DESIGN Poblishing, Inc. All rightsreserved, This work, or parts thereof, may not be copied without permission. The Call ‘of Cthulhu game system is used under license from ‘Chaosiur, Inc: Call of Cttuhu isa registered trademark PLAYER HANDOUTS ‘of Chaosium, Inc. Allright reserved. Any similarities Brian Wood between people or institutions in this work and any actu al persons or institution is purely coincidental Brian Schomburg, EDITING Greg Benage ART DIRECTION and LAYOUT * The Weaving of Three written by Christian T. Petersen Wil Upchurch Klaus the Shepherd written by Darrell Hardy FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES 1975 W. County Rd. B2 Roseville, MN 55113 651.639.1905 Contents Introduction «T I: LONG SHADES "Chapter 1: Snow/lake Valley Chapter 2: The Madness of the Twilight Queen Chapter 3: Stillness PART Il: HOLLOW WINDS - Chapter 4: Wanted! Chapter 5: A Dire Warning Chapter 6: The Sky is Falling Chapter 7: The Benefactor Chapter 8: Visiting Hours Chapter 9: A Family Affair Chapter 10: Revelations Chapter 11: Thor’s Anvil PART III: DEEP SECRETS Chapter 12: The Copenhagen Connection Chapter 13: The Weaving of Three Chapter 14: Beyond the Sea Chapter 15: Moscow Showdown Chapter 16; Into the ast Chapter 17: The Turning of the Wheel Chapter 18: The Tyrr Nemaii Chapter 19: Armageddon Plain 179) Ww 27 225 234 245 256 263