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It started with the following Controversial but Interesting question, raised by me in a forum on linkedin :"HR is compelled to become a puppet on a chain

,in view of the larger than life image of the CEO's... Tell me your experience...if you can...rather ,have the guts to open up the can of worms!!" Several participants came up with interesting replies, covering the topic from different angles.Well my remark is as follows :-Unfortunately ( You may differ), i am into a business ( Globally called Executive Search/ Contingent Recruitment and locally "CONSULTANTS" -Don't confuse with the elite class of Business Consultants), doing "PLACEMENTS",where the Degree /volume of interaction with Senior professionals in the industry, including HR is high enough to be kept informed about inside developments ( Organization Dynamics :- or Politics?). Years of data collection -"intended/unintended" ,originally meant for Business Intelligence and subsequent analysis , has been catalyzing an extrinsic manifestation of this rude but relevant thought, squeezing my mind for long. Actually, i am confused now ! Wish to know why ? Well move forward... Let me now compare the role of HR ,restricted to Recruitment (How, do i know about other areas ?) in two similar organizations, ( My current clients..hope HR Heads are not reading this comment ! ) and flash out the observation chart for you:Company 1 : HR Head is from a Premier Institute, with excellent leadership qualities.Down to earth and exceptionally intelligent. Good knowledge base . High comfort level with peers and my interaction level in that company could not go beyond know, what i mean..CEO,MD etc.Not required , i feel. He remains on tour for long and quite often major recruitment decisions keep patience!! But the moment in, he more than compensates...."No Scope For Complaints." Company 2 : HR Head is from a Premier Institute with excellent educational achievements , highlighted by teaching experience ,again in premier institutes.Any decision regarding senior level recruitment is weighed from numerous angles, and by the time candidate are called for finalization,they are almost completing the probation period in another organization !!!. MD watched him for few months and started bypassing him totally.A born leader with quick decision making ability,senior level recruitment is initiated by him and the follow up done by the concerned Business Heads.Going great.All happy, except one.Does it matter , in the broader perspective ?I don't know ! Again "No Scope for Complaints". What is the morale of the story...? It's all about "Personal Branding" of Leaders , as perceived by others and mostly determined by their " Social Intelligence Skills & Knowledge Base." , ultimately :- The "Ability To Deliver". No more confusion..!!!

Author : Abhijit Kar