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Electric Shocker Plans

The following are plans to build a safe, electric shock device, which allows you to feel directly the effects of electricity. As you know, everything is made out of atoms. Atoms have a massive center or nucleus surrounded by tiny electrons whizzing around the outside. Conventional electricity is the flow of these electrons from one atom to another. The device runs on a 9-volt battery. If you lick the terminals of a 9-volt battery you will feel a strange sensation in your tongue. 9 volts of electrical pressure is enough to push quite a few electrons through your tongue. If you push the 9-volt battery against your dry skin you will feel nothing. Your skin has higher resistance than your tongue. 9 volts is not enough electrical pressure to push a significant number of electrons through your skin. The shocker works by boosting the voltage from 9 volts to approximately a hundred volts. It does this with a transformer. Although the resulting voltage is high enough to push many electrons through your body, the number of electrons or the current flow is small enough so that it is quite safe. Transformers need alternating current or bursts of current in order to function. Thus the direct current from the 9-volt battery is converted to a rapid series of pulses with the doorbell. A bell that runs on 9 volts is the most difficult part to locate. A switch allows you to turn the device on and off. This device was developed by Steve Honett at Dublin High School, Dublin, CA. 94568.

Parts List Transformer, 120-volt to 12-volt, (for instance Radio Shack #273-1511) Toggle Switch (almost any switch will work) 9-Volt Battery Battery Terminal Clip (Radio Shack #270-325) 9-Volt Battery Holder (Radio Shack #270-326) Door Bell (Must work with 9 volts! One that works well is #13-1AB Edwards Lungen Bell, 510VDC, (818-845-7852), available from Electrical Sales, Inc., 9125 Chesapeake Dr., San Diego, CA 92123, (619-292-1177); or 2937 Norman Srasse Rd., San Marcos, CA 92069, (619-5981510). Many buzzers available from Radio Shack will not work.) Metal Handholds (If they are big enough to grab, then the difficulty in letting go can be easily demonstrated.) Hook-up Wire A Board on which to mount all of the items. Misc. Hardware to attach items to the board. WARNING! This device has been used by thousands of young students without the slightest indication of injury. However, it would not be prudent for a person with known heart problems to experience unnecessary electrical shocks. It is safer than a Taser. References Let-go current studies: Dalziel, IEEE Transactions, Dec. (1943) 62 page 745, IEEE Spectrum, Feb. (1972) page 41 Taser safety discussion: “The Taser Gun” & “Crafting the Perfect Shock”, IEEE Sectrum Dec 2007 pp 25-31; “Can …the Taser X26 Cause Immediate or Delayed Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Normal Adults?” Am J of Forensic Med and Pathology, Vol 28, No 3, Sept 2007, pp 195-201