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Dear Parents, Were

excited that youll be participating in the 40 day Bible Challenge. This journey through the major stories of the Bible is something we want the entire family to share together. This a great way to introduce your kids to the Big Story of redemption throughout the Bible and it only takes a few minutes a day. This kids version highlights 40 core passages from the Bible to give your kids a good overview. Remind your kids that the Bible is not just any book. Its 66 books Written by over 40 authors Over 1,600 years and it all comes together to tell ONE STORY. A story about a really BIG God who loved sinful people so much he became human-Jesus. Jesus lived, died, and rose again so WE could be forgiven redeemed and live with Him forever. -adapted from Know God 28 Day Devotion for Kids After each story, spend a few minutes reflecting on what youve heard as a family. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. -Engaging Kids Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105

40 Celebration

We want to recognize and celebrate kids whove accomplished Club 40! Parents, we cant do this without you. Thank you in advance for making the 40 Day Bible Challenge a priority in your home! Save the date for this very special Topping Sundae Celebration planned for June 9th Each child will receive a certificate for completing the 40 day Bible Challenge and enjoy a delectable array of toppings to create a spectacular sundae of their own! Your kids deserve it!

Set aside time each day to participate as a family. Sign each day you complete. 7 Exodus 20 The Ten Commandments 14 Psalm 51 Davids Personal Confession 21 Daniel 6 Daniel and the Lions Den 28 Luke 10, 15 Parable of Good Samaritan and Lost Son 35 I Corinthians 13 Love is

1 Genesis 1-3 Creation, Eden and the Fall 8 Joshua 6 Joshua and the wall of Jericho 15 Psalm 93-100 Psalm of worship and praise 22 Jonah 1-4 The Story of Jonah 29 Matthew 24 Jesus tells of the End of the World 36 Galatians 5 The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

2 Genesis 6-8 Noah and the Ark 9 Judges 13-16 The Misadventures of Samson* 16 Psalm 139 Gods intimate Love and Care 23 Matthew 1-2 The Christmas Story 30 Mark 11-15 Palm Sunday, Last Supper Trial and Crucifixion 37 Philippians 4 Rejoice in the Lord Always

3 Genesis 22 Abraham and Isaac 10 Ruth 1-4 The Love Story of Ruth 17 Isaiah 40 Soaring on Wings like Eagles 24 John 1 The Word became flesh in Jesus 31 Luke 24, John 20 Jesus rises from the Dead 38 Hebrews 11 The Hall of Fame of Faith

4 Genesis 37, 45 Joseph and his brothers 11 1 Samuel 17 David vs. Goliath 18 Isaiah 53 The Messiah as Suffering Servant 25 Matthew 5-7 Jesus Sermon on the Mount 32 Acts 2 The Holy Spirit arrives on Pentecost 39 I John 3-4 God is Love

5 Exodus 1-4 Moses in the Nile and Burning Bush 12 Job 1, 42 Jobs Plight and Gods Response 19 Jeremiah 31 The New Covenant is Predicted 26 Mark 4 Jesus feeds 5000 and walks on water 33 Acts 9 Paul meets Jesus 40 Revelation 21- 22? Our Future in Heaven

6 Exodus 7-12 The Ten Plagues

13 Psalm 23 The Shepherds Psalm 20 Daniel 3 Three Men in the Oven 27 John 3 Jesus talks to Nicodemus 34 Romans 8 Nothing can separate us from Gods love Great Job! Bring in your chart to enjoy our 40 Celebration!

* Throughout the Bible we see God using sinful man in his redemption story, use your discretion with some elements of this story.