Name: Nur Paezen binti Mohd Ezuddin QUESTION 3 PARTS OF A PROPOSAL

Group: 5

The Forever Delicious products are increasingly becoming popular in the local market. Bearing in mind the 5C’s principles of effective communication, complete the following parts of the proposal to the General Manager, suggesting for the organization to sponsor a reality show on TV. You are advised to include your own additional information whenever necessary.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With the rapid increasingly popular products in the local market, The Forever Delicious products meet the criteria of healthy and delicious food products in the market. As a new company, it needs more promotion to introduce their products into the market. The Good Production has been planning to produce a reality TV show to promote a healthy food preparing to families as their target audience because non-healthy food has been promoted aggressively and it is not good for families, especially kids. But, they lack of budget to produce the show. Therefore, requesting sponsor from the The Forever Delicious is an alternative to run the show. The Forever Delicious’s products would be used during the show and would be given as a gift to the guest artist that is in the show. The cost incurred for 18 episodes would be RM 14400. INTRODUCTION Background To satisfy the viewer interest, our production would like to produce a new reality TV show about preparing a healthy food. The target audience for this show is the whole family including parents and their children. Therefore, we would like to request from The Forever Delicious to sponsor our show. Your products are increasingly becoming popular in the local market currently. This would be a good advertising opportunity to introduce your products into the market.

Data Sources After conducting a market survey, your products have been chosen as the most favourite product among kids and are supported by their parents. It would be better if you could advertise your products in the TV. 85% of correspondent in a survey agreed that products that are advertised in TV would last longer in the market.

Problem Our show is about promoting a healthy food to our target audience. But, majority of the food products current available in the market are not good for the whole family especially kids. We hardly find a suitable food company to sponsor our show. In order to save the cost of current funding, we have been requesting for sponsor from a few company. One of them is your company, The Forever Delicious. Your products meet with the criteria that we want, healthy and delicious.

Solution You would get plenty of benefits by sponsoring our show. Our show is a good show to be watched with the whole family. Thus, it would attract more audience. It is also a good opportunity for your products to be known in the local market. Your products would be used as an ingredient during the show for preparing the food and also would be advertised during the commercial break. At the end of the show, your products would be announced as our main sponsor for the show.

Objective Our objective is to request for sponsor in terms of your own products to be used during the show and a token of appreciation consists of your own products to be given to our guest artist during the show.

Assessment of cost Direct costs involved during the show are stated as below: Products used during the show Token of appreciation Total cost RM 500 RM 300 RM 800 x 18 episodes RM 14400

Conclusion In this proposal, both our production and your company would get the benefits. We would be able to promote healthy food and your company would be able to introduce your products into the market extensively. From the issues discussed in this proposal, we hope that The Forever Delicious would give a serious consideration and approved our request.

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