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Production Staff

Sound Designer: Brian Shevelenko Stage Manager: Rachael Smith Assistant Stage Manager: Montana Rizzuto Light Console Operator: Lei Ishikawa Sound Console Operator: Kent Shinomae Master Electrician: Falcon Aguirre Production Electricians: Ray Moschuk and Kelsey Peacock Electricians: Students from THEA 101, 221, 240, and 445 Stage Crew: Ana Sikkink, Jihye Lee, Cindy Huynh, Jungmin Bea Properties Crew: Randal Yamaguchi, James Keanu Staff Production Manager: Rick Greaver Staff Technical Director: Gerald Kawaoka Faculty Design Consultant: Brian Shevelenko Staff Costume Shop Manager: Hannah Schauer Galli Assistant Costume Shop Manager: Evelyn Leung Costume Construction Crew: Kelsie Bartolome, Calli Brennan, Amber Davison, Kale`a Raymond, Samantha Shields, and students from THEA 499 Wardrobe Supervisor: Calli Brennan Dressers: Courtney Fontaine, O. Xavier Smith

Partial funding is provided by the State Foundation of Culture and the Arts through appropriations from the Hawai`i State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mayors Office of Culture and the Arts, UH Japan Studies Endowment, UH Diversity and Equity Initiative, Taiko Arts Center, UH Center for South Asian Studies, UHM Music Department, and the School of Pacific and Asian Studies.

2012-2013 season

main stage

Waikiki Parc Hotel, Hospitality Sponsor for the Arts at UH Manoa. The UHM ticket program is supported in part by a grant from the Student Activities and Program Fee Board. The Kennedy Theatre production program is generously supported by grants from the John Chin Young Foundation and the Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation. Keyboards for the concert were graciously provided by Keith Luke, K2L2 Synthe-Sonix, Inc. Additional sound reinforcement provided by Randy Bauske, Baus Engineering, Inc. Kenny Endos taiko provided by Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten of Tokyo, Japan.

Front of House Staff

Staff Theatre Manager: Marty Myers Box Office Supervisor: Nicole Tessier Box Office Staff: Clementine Butter, Heather Kalehuawehe, Nicole Trivison, Harold Wong Publicity Director: Matthew Kelty Publicity Assistant: Alex Munro Web Site Assistant: Andrew Lee Graphic Designer: Alex Young Photographers: Chesley Cannon, Reese Moriyama House Manager: Lani McGettigan Winskye Assistant House Managers: Garrett Ornellas, Kina Ranoa, members of THEA 200E Department Office Staff: Lori Chun, Tana Marin Department Chair: Paul Mitri Director of Dance: Gregg Lizenbery

Special Thanks
Kazumichi Hashioka, Saburo Mochizuki, Taiko Center of the Pacific, Byron Moon and UHM Music Department, Niu Valley Intermediate School, Judy Van Zile, Carol Egan, Marcia Sakamoto Wong, Washington Middle School, Bill Feltz, Larry Paxton, Colleen Young and Pamela Taura.

Front of House Information

For large print programs, Assistive Listening Devices or any other accessibility requests please contact a House Manager or call the Kennedy Theatre Box Office at 956-7655. To arrange a Campus Security Escort from any two points on campus, please see a House Manager. Please silence all pagers, phones and digital watches. No photography, video recording, or text messaging is permitted. Please refrain from eating, drinking or smoking in the theatre. Lost and Found, call the Box Office at 956-7655. Visit us on the web at

Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble The Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble (KETE) has been entertaining audiences since 1990. Based at Taiko Center of the Pacific, a year-round school of traditional and contemporary Japanese drumming for students of all ages and all skill levels, KETE performs kumi-daiko (all drum ensemble), Japanese festival music, traditional Japanese lion dance, as well as Endos contemporary music. The ensemble is comprised of drummers from all walks of life including music, performing arts administration, architecture, culinary arts, education, business, sales, and more. Chizuko Endo is the Managing Director of the Taiko Center of the Pacific. Visit

Musical Director: Kenny Endo Concert Director: Peggy Gaither Adams

Feb 8, 9*, 15 & 16* at 8pm Feb 17 at 2pm

Feb 10: ADK Benefit Performance *Free pre-show chat at 7pm

Upcoming Dance Events

Spring Footholds
April 24-28, Earle Ernst Lab Theatre

The Asia Pacific Dance Festival

July 8-26, Summer Dance Intensive taught by international artists and scholars July 20-21, Asia Pacific Mainstage Performance

For more information:

Department of Theatre and Dance College of Arts and Humanities

O Kaua Pele I Haka I Tahiti (hula kalaau)

Kumu Hula: Vicky Holt Takamine (Choreographer) Hoopaa (chanter): Charlene Hazlewood Lighting Designer: Ray Moschuk Olapa (dancers): Rohini Acharya, Carli Akasaki, Lyndsey Baker, Chelsey Blake, Jean Marie Dagupton, Patrice Dang, Allyson Franco, Mari Galiher, Kaena Kalima-Gascon, Hooheno Haumea, Michelle Johnson, Lea Moses, Dionne Ehulani Naki, Gavin Ono, Michelle Kaili Rattley, Brittany Supnet, Kekoa Tango, Roslyn Vanderford-Dayton

Empty Sky
Choreographer: Kara Miller Solo Choreography and Performance: Sami L. A. Akuna Composer: Winds of Change, Kenny Endo Lighting Designer: Ray Moschuk Costume Designer: Cheri Vasek Rehearsal Assistant: Mareva Minerbi Musicians: Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble, Derek Nakamoto Dancers: Mitsuko Horikawa, Lexi Hughes, Devon Izumigawa, Alexa Rae Manalansan, Ruby MacDougall, Kele Roberts Jr., Julia Shropshire, Monica Winstone As ash falls and the sky clears, a new horizon of hope is born. The composition, Winds of Change, features a rhumba influenced rhythm and a trio of shime daiko (small rope-lashed drum). Floating over this intricate rhythm is a simple flowing melody. The shime daiko parts were composed from triplet patterns displaced to create a hocketing effect.

Jugoya (Crystal Clear Moon)

Choreographers: Gregg Lizenbery and Amy Lynn Schiffner Composer: Kenny Endo Lighting Designer: Ray Moschuk Costume Designer: Cheri Vasek Dancers: Chelsea Van Billiard, Ruby MacDougall, Alexa Rae Manalansan Musicians: Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble, Derek Nakamoto Literally meaning fifteenth night, Jugoya refers to the brightest full moon of the year. In the old lunar calendar, this was the fifteenth night of the eighth month. In the modern calendar, it corresponds to the harvest moon, which throughout Asia takes place in late September.

Pele, goddess of fire and volcano, battles with her sea goddess sister, Namakaokahai and leaves her home in far off Kahiki to find a new home for herself and her fire making sisters. Guided by her shark god brother, Kamohoalii, they travel to Hawaii. Pele takes her magic digging stick named Paoa and travels the archipelago from the northernmost islands digging deep into the earth searching for the fires and warmth. Pele and her sisters settle at K lauea crater on Hawaii island. The battle between the two goddesses, fire and water, continues even until today where the lava enters the ocean in a fiery display. The dancers use the kalaau (long and short dancing stick) for this hula representing the magic digging stick of Pele.

Araumi (Stormy Sea)

Yamamba de Koolau (Wandering Mountain Spirit)

Choreographer: Betsy Fisher Music and Drum Choreography: Chizuko Endo Mask Design and Construction: Chizuko Endo Lighting Designer: Ray Moschuk Costume Coordinator: Cheri Vasek Katsugi Drummers: Yeeman Mui, Patrick Oiye, Kirstin Pauka, Dennis Tan Dancers: Genessis Ramirez, Chelsea Van Billiard Musicians: Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble

Choreographer: Betsy Fisher Music and Drum Choreography: Kirstin Pauka Lighting Designer: Ray Moschuk Costume Designer: Cheri Vasek Dancers: Lexi Hughes, Ruby MacDougall, Blythe Stephens, Spencer Weidie, Malia Wild Musicians: Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble This music depicts the clashing of two fundamental elements or energies: air, in the form of a tempest, and water, in the form of the ocean. Araumi features movements reminiscent of whirlwinds and waves to an increasingly faster beat. The choreography is based on the drummers movements.

Midnight Moon
Choreographer: Peggy Gaither Adams Composer: Kenny Endo Lighting Designer: Ray Moschuk Costume Designer: Cheri Vasek Musicians: Kenny Endo, Derek Nakamoto Musicians and Dancers: J.D. Andrade, Lyndsey Baker, Chizuko Endo, Carrie Esaki, Angela Haugejorden, Mitsuko Horikawa, Lexi Hughes, Devon Izumigawa, Yeeman Mui, Patrick Oiye, Kirstin Pauka, Jacqueline Wijaya, and Elbereth Walker, understudy The uchiwa daiko (fan drum) is traditionally used by Nichiren Buddhist monks while chanting in procession. The concept of Midnight Moon was to create a performance in which dancers become musicians and musicians become dancers. The 12 uchiwa daiko represent 12 moon cycles of the year, the 12th hour in the evening, 12 rhythms, and the circular energy of the 12 performers. This is the premiere of Midnight Moon. The music composition by Kenny Endo is funded by a grant from the Mayors Office of Culture and the Arts.

Sosen (Ancestors)

Yamamba is a female spirit who wanders throughout the mountains. A young dancer mimics her dance. When the full moon rises and the fog rolls in, Yamamba appears. Her dance symbolizes her endless solitary journey. The music describes her passage through the seasons of life. She represents truth, freedom, and eternal rebirth. The katsugi drummers represent forces of nature and worldly elements. Inspired by a classic noh play, the musical composition was developed during time spent in the Koolau mountain range.

Choreographer: Sonja Sironen Composer: Kenny Endo Reconstruction and Staging: Rohini Acharya Lighting Designer: Ray Moschuk Costume Designer: Cheri Vasek Musicians: Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble Dancers: Rohini Acharya, Sami L.A. Akuna, Lauren Hancock, Makena Harootian, David Heller, Kathryn Holt, Laurie Hubbs, Michelle Johnson, Chelsea Van Billiard Sosen is the product of the Taiko and Percussive Dance project sponsored by the Mayors Office on Culture and the Arts (MOCA) in 2009. It was a special collaboration between the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble and Sonja Sironen. The musical composition is based on both traditional patterns found in kabuki theatre and new patterns. The dance is original choreography that is based on traditional bharatanatyam movements.

Tatsumaki (Whirlwind)

Music and Drum Choreography: Hiroshi Tanaka Lighting Designer: Ray Moschuk Musicians: Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble Tatsumaki is inspired by one of natures most magnificent phenomena, the tornado, from the calm before the storm to the whirling gusts of wind.

Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble

Kenny Endo, Chizuko Endo, Kirstin Pauka, Eric Chang, Cara Sawai, Eri Ishizuka, Jessica Seki, Scott Mita, Greg Socito, Erin Takahashi, Tiffanie Masutani, Jacqueline Wijaya, Dennis Tan, J.D. Andrade, Patrick Oiye, Yeeman Mui, Carrie Esaki

Threads of Aspiration
Choreographers: Peggy Gaither Adams and Kara Miller Composer: Derek Nakamoto Lighting Designer: Ray Moschuk Costume Designer: Cheri Vasek Musicians: Derek Nakamoto, Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble Dancers: Lyndsey Baker, Mitsuko Horikawa, Angela Haugejorden, Lexi Hughes, Devon Izumigawa, Alexa Rae Manalansan, Blythe Stevens, Spenser Weidie, Malia Wild This is the premiere of Threads of Aspiration. It celebrates the spirit of collaboration. The music composition by Derek Nakamoto is funded by a grant from the Mayors Office of Culture and the Arts.

Ray Moschuks lighting design for this concert is in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Master of Fine Arts Degree.