Ujian Akhir Nasional Tahun 2003

PART V 31. We have been running the youth camp … five years. a. before b. after c. since d. for 32. Irene has been reading that novel … a. for one hour b. when I met her c. next Tuesday d. last Friday 33. Could you send me the catalog to … the princes? a. verifying b. verified c. verification d. verify 34. The bigger company … the smaller one which could not survive. a. took over b. took off c. took out d. took down 35. The package for my parents … by the courier a few days ago. a. was sent b. will be sent c. is being sent d. is sent 36. The candidates … have submitted their application letters will have to come for an interview. a. who b. whom c. which d. whose 37. How can you expect to get well soon if you don’t … the medicine regularly? a. eat b. chew c. take care d. swallow 38. The book is … high for the little boy to reach a. enough b. so c. quite d. too

39. Energy can be created from the steam of … water a. cooking b. boiling c. heating d. running 40. This classroom is too small, I think we need a … one a. smaller b. bigger c. smallest d. biggest 41. The production … promotion cost should be reduced to lower the selling price a. but b. and c. yet d. as 42. Waste … must be well managed to keep the environment clean a. refusal b. disposal c. proposal d. appraisal PART VI 43. The news which were broadcast on TV last night was shocking A B C D 44. The builder hasn’t finishing his work yet even though the time limit is over A B C D 45. Doctors should threat them patients politely and carefully A B C D 46. If Tyson prepared for the fight more intensively , he would have won it A B C D 47. The man said that his brothers was busy with his works A B C D 48. The weather was terrible cold so that the climbers could not reach the peak of Jayawijaya

Ujian Akhir Nasional Tahun 2004
PART V 31. The last sentences he wrote on is letter was that he sent … regards to all his friends and colleagues. a. well b. big c. good d. warm 32. The student … in the workshop when a group of student from another province came to do comparative study. a. practice b. are practicing c. have practiced d. were practicing 33. The poor child thanked us for … him food and money a. give b. gave c. giving d. given 34. Playing together with Mr. Sofyan, Johan’s performance at the Exhibition got a positive … a. respond b. response c. respondent d. responding 35. Agustin … you if she had your phone number. a. will call b. would call c. called d. would have called 36. When you are … a job, you must be patient. a. looking at b. looking for c. looking after d. looking up 37. Neither lunch … dinner was served at the hotel a. or b. and c. but d. nor 38. The doctor carefully examined the patients … heads had been injured in an accident a. that b. whom c. who d. whose

39. Education in Indonesia is the … of school, government and society a. responsible b. responsive c. responsibly d. responsibility 40. New Product … in the electronic exhibition in Jakarta Expo Centre a week ago. a. display b. displaying c. were displaying d. is displayed 41. Amelia is smart and diligent and … she is nice to all her classmates. a. however b. besides c. nevertheless d. therefore 42. Yusuf Kalla who comes from South Sulawesi is one of the … people in eastern Indonesia. a. more richer b. richer c. richest d. most rich PART VI 43. Many children could not go to school because economic reason and the distance A B C between their home and schools. D 44. After finishing my study here, I do not continue studying at a university A B C D 45. Mr. Smith lives in Paris for ten years, but now he is living in Rome A B C D 46. Mr. Tanaka would be fired if he had not finished his project before the due date A B C D 47. Scholarship are provided for student which get the first and second rank A B C D 48. Every customer are served very well in the shop, that is why ,it is always full A B C D 49. They asked me to copy the report, but I told them to do theirselves. A B C D 50. Everyone must impress by the beautiful scenery of the island and want to come back A B C another time D

Ujian Akhir Nasional Tahun 2005
PART V 31. I don’t know why they prefer … in Menoreh valley. a. live b. living c. lived d. to living 32. If you … some more clothes, you’ll be broke again. a. buying b. bought c. buys d. buy 33. You can … the machine by pushing the “Start” button. a. turn on b. get into c. shut down d. knockdown 34. … Kris … Nani didn’t appear at the OSIS meeting yesterday. a. But – also b. Either –or c. Both - and d. Neither – nor 35. The lady , … luggage was taken by accident to the tenth floor, had to wait for an hour to get it back.. a. whose b. whom c. who her d. which her 36. The young man’s … to study abroad makes everybody wonder. a. refuse b. refusal c. refused d. refusing 37. In a workshop, people can share their knowledge and … a. expert b. exposure c. experience d. explanation 38. The salad’s dressing is …from peanuts, palm-sugar, and mayonnaise a. made b. make c. makes d. making

39. … They have been advertising the position for three months, no one applies for the job. a. Beside b. Because c. Although d. Therefore 40. “Viva” cosmetics sales representatives … the new products in every supermarket in your town this week. a. promote b. promoting c. are promoting d. was promoted

PART VI 41. The laundress unintentionally tore a silk-blouse while she washed it this morning. A B C D 42. Mr. Bloomfield’s ID card, whom you found yesterday, is in the filling cabinet. A B C D 43. If the hotel service is good, the visitor would not complain. A B C D 44. In a world where antibiotics don’t work , the simples infection are capable of A B C escalating into fatal illness. D 45. Ms. Susanti will take the last flight to Jakarta this afternoon because she miss the A B C morning flight. D 46. Successful candidates will be invite for the interview as soon as we complete our A B C D report. 47. Most vocational schools have experience teachers and skillfull students. A B C D 48. My sister myself confirmed the reservation of the hotel three days ago A B C D 49. A waiter take orders, forwards them to the kitchen and serves the foods to the A B C D guests’tables. 50. Everybody knows that Jakarta is most crowded than Surabaya A B C D

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