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Assignment 1 Experience in Vise I, A pedagogical event Vise 1 was full of different events which I could learn little by little

how to be a teacher and how to understand the child’s world. In my experience, I had to assist and observe classes in a fourth grade of primary school. Most of them were nine-year-old children; the class was composed by fourteen boys and only one girl. Generally speaking the class was very quite, children were very respectful, responsible and the classes were developed normally. However classes were normal, I could observe some pedagogical events that caught my attention, some of them were positive situations and other were not. I can remember a specific situation that amazed me because of the way that the teacher behaved. It was a day of September, specifically on Monday 22nd. It was around nine in the morning, children were in the classroom and the teacher asked for the homework that children had to do on the weekend before. Teacher requested children to show her their copybooks to check it. Everybody did the homework, but Camilo, who was at the end of the room, did not. When the teacher went to Camilo’s desk and she asked him for the homework he said: -‘Miss, I neither did the homework nor I have my copybook here’. The teacher immediately frowned and said to him louder: -Do you think I am playing here? Do you think homework is not important? Do you think copybooks are useful if you leave them at home? You are a mess!! The Child turned pale and he tried to say something but the teacher interrupted him and said: - ‘I don’t want to know your excuses, give me your notepad!! Camilo say no more words and he gave her the notepad, the teacher wrote a note, besides she wrote a negative note on the class book. I didn’t think why the teacher reacted that way and I following questions came to my mind: How would I define the teacher’s behavior? I think she exaggerated, she was impulsive and she behaved not as teacher at all. What she did was punishing the boy without listening why he didn’t do the homework. Besides, Camilo was a good student, it was an unusual situation. I wondered what the teacher had forgotten before react in that way. She forgot that she was talking with a nine-year-old child. At that age, most of children depend of their parents in term of doing school works. Most of the time, children have to adapt to their parents hours and activities, and parents sometimes do not have enough time to help them to do what school demands. What would have happened with the boy, was it a significant situation for him? I think that Camilo could adopt a negative disposition in relation to the subject; he could hate the subject, besides he could feel hated and feel worried about the teacher. Without a doubt, if I were the teacher I would behave in another way. Because Camilo is a good student and it was only homework, I would listen Camilo’s excuses and at the end of the class I would tell him the importance of doing some light school work on weekends, besides I’d send a note to Camilo’s parents asking them to control and help Camilo’s school work and I’d would tell them the importance of parents in the teaching processes. Romina Jaqui Maltrain VISE II , English Pedagogy