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Higher Order Thinking Skills Level Alpha/Beta

Did you know that • The biggest determinants of future success of a child are HOTS? • Applied intelligence is directly linked to HOTS, which are never taught formally at school? • HOTS multiply the efficacy of academic learning? While school education introduces academic knowledge, children never ever get a structured opportunity to build Higher Order Thinking Skills. Think A+ Higher Order Thinking Skills program (HOTS) scientifically builds skills that impact academic performance in the near term and professional success later on. HOTS program develops: • • Program details • • • • Duration Monthly Fee Applicability Registration 3-4 months per level (2 hours per week) Rs 600 per student* Students of Class I-VIII Call 4150 0990/0991
* Service tax extra

Critical thinking Logical & Analytical Reasoning • •

Creative Thinking Problem Solving
Think A+ specializes in boosting academic skills in school-going children. Hundreds of students have benefited from Think A+ programs resulting in higher achievement levels.

Course schedule for HOTS-Beta:
HOTS Program - Level Beta (Grade 2-4)
Critical Thinking Analogies - β Classification - β Module 1 Compare and Contrast - β Character Analysis - β Main Idea - β Sequence - β Real or Fanciful - β Evidence Validation - β Description Analogy Types: Descriptive, Comparative, Categorical, Serial, Causal Isolate and Identify individual elements and recognize part/whole relationships Evaluate on the criteria Infer feelings and actions Central thought binding words, sentences and paragraphs Based on Time, Size or any other parameter Judge ideas based on real-life experiences/observations Distinction between Fact and Opinion 10 working sessions 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1

Logical & Analytical Reasoning Observation - β Module 2 Patterns - β Cause and Effect - β Inference - β Inductive Reasoning - β Deductive Reasoning - β

Description Attention to details Establish a criteria with figures Differentiate between the originating and resulting action Solve by using facts mentioned, along with prior knowledge Inferring unknown generalization or principles Use generalization to infer unstated conclusions

7 working sessions 1 1 1 1 1 2

Creative Thinking Module 3 Fluency - β Mental Imagery - β Flexibility & Originality - β Elaboration - β

Description Develop fluency in idea generation Focus on visual representation and think on multisensory level New idea generation by using characteristics of different objects Improvise the idea by building on it

6 working sessions 2 1 2 1

Problem Solving Estimation - β Module 4 Error Analysis - β Drawing Conclusion - β Problem Solving - β Math Word Problems - β

Description Generating the best guess using specific estimation strategies Apply principles of classification, sequencing etc Hypothesis creation and validation Establish the problem statement, generating alternatives, evaluation Develop number adeptness in real life problems

7 working sessions 2 1 1 1 2

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