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Higher Order Thinking Skills

Level Alpha/Beta
Did you know that
• The biggest determinants of future success of a child are HOTS?
• Applied intelligence is directly linked to HOTS, which are never taught formally at school?
• HOTS multiply the efficacy of academic learning?

While school education introduces academic knowledge, children never ever get a structured opportunity to
build Higher Order Thinking Skills.

Think A+ Higher Order Thinking Skills program (HOTS) scientifically builds skills that impact academic performance in
the near term and professional success later on.

HOTS program develops:

• Critical thinking • Creative Thinking
• Logical & Analytical Reasoning • Problem Solving

Program details
• Duration 3-4 months per level (2 hours per week)
• Monthly Fee Rs 600 per student*
• Applicability Students of Class I-VIII
• Registration Call 4150 0990/0991
* Service tax extra
Think A+ specializes in boosting academic skills in school-going children. Hundreds of
students have benefited from Think A+ programs resulting in higher achievement levels.
Course schedule for HOTS-Beta:
HOTS Program - Level Beta (Grade 2-4)

Critical Thinking Description 10 working sessions

Analogies - β Analogy Types: Descriptive, Comparative, Categorical, Serial, Causal 2
Classification - β Isolate and Identify individual elements and recognize part/whole relationships 1
Compare and Contrast - β Evaluate on the criteria 1
Module 1

Character Analysis - β Infer feelings and actions 1

Main Idea - β Central thought binding words, sentences and paragraphs 2
Sequence - β Based on Time, Size or any other parameter 1
Real or Fanciful - β Judge ideas based on real-life experiences/observations 1
Evidence Validation - β Distinction between Fact and Opinion 1

Logical & Analytical Reasoning Description 7 working sessions

Observation - β Attention to details 1
Patterns - β Establish a criteria with figures 1
Module 2

Cause and Effect - β Differentiate between the originating and resulting action 1
Inference - β Solve by using facts mentioned, along with prior knowledge 1
Inductive Reasoning - β Inferring unknown generalization or principles 1
Deductive Reasoning - β Use generalization to infer unstated conclusions 2

Creative Thinking Description 6 working sessions

Fluency - β Develop fluency in idea generation 2
Module 3

Mental Imagery - β Focus on visual representation and think on multisensory level 1

Flexibility & Originality - β New idea generation by using characteristics of different objects 2
Elaboration - β Improvise the idea by building on it 1

Problem Solving Description 7 working sessions

Estimation - β Generating the best guess using specific estimation strategies 2
Module 4

Error Analysis - β Apply principles of classification, sequencing etc 1

Drawing Conclusion - β Hypothesis creation and validation 1
Problem Solving - β Establish the problem statement, generating alternatives, evaluation 1
Math Word Problems - β Develop number adeptness in real life problems 2

*** For exact details of skills under HOTS-Alpha, contact Think A+