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Committee: UNITED NATIONS CHILDRENS FUND Topic: Combating child malnourishment in developing countries to ensure the population of the

workforce continues replenishing the economy Country: Italy Name: Van Trinh Dear Honorable Chair and Fellow Delegates, Now the malnutrition is one serious issue that Untied Nation has to get concern when the malnutrition rate of the world keeps raising up. Malnutrition is when the kids has lack of amount of the nutrition, vitamin that they could not function like the normal .There are two million six thousand died of malnutrition every year and every hour there are 300 children died. Malnutrition could be spread through the world not especially at South Asia and African countries. Some of the countries in European could also the victims when their sources has limit and the price of food has growing up. Italy malnutrition is 141th place compare to the world. There are 1 child has died in one thousand child. In different situation, the malnutrition is not only families dont have enough food to eat but it because of the family dont have enough money to buy the food that have rich nutrition to help their child development. Italy has similar problem. Since, the government has limit the rural area to build more industrial and more strictly policies has make the farmer get harder the grow food. The price of food keeps increasing. On begin of 1960, the price consumer index just less than twenty indexes. As following the year the consumer price rapidly increase and has touch 200 in 2012. The inflation of consumer price in 2011 was 2.9%.Currently, the unemployment rate of overall the country is 8.4 %. There is more than $ 22,397 average annual spending on food in Italy. The problems is also affected Italy economic when the unemployment still, average wage was very low that people could not afford for their life, the consumer and investment is not improving . The foreign debt is increasing. Italy was one of the partner with United Nation on the program World Food Program that Munity of Rome has sign agreement to help the country has serious problems about malnutrition countries. Italy is including the transportation help transport the food. Italy would like other delegates to help Italy overcome this situation by create a program to research about the malnutrition rate of different area to get Italy the financial help. Italy also encourage delegates to promote the export and import the production which will increase the rate of consumer and investment, keep trading and make relationship to each other . Italy will try to reducing price of trade market in order to help Italy economy get better