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1.0 Introduction One Borneo Leisure & Lifestyle Hypermall is Sabah’s largest shopping mall. It is comprises of 1.

5 million sq ft which is approximately three times the size of Centre point shopping centre and acquired with more than 600 retail lots. One Borneo is located about 7km away from the city centre which is adjacent to University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) with close proximity to the state and federal administrative centre. One Borneo has providing a very wide range of merchandise and services that attract thousands of visitors every day. One Borneo Hypermall is home to a large collection of restaurants, label clothing, department stores, entertainment outlets, appliance stores and supermarkets. It also houses 3 hotels, 2 apartment block towers, a cinema multiplex, night spots and an upcoming aquarium that should be finish in the not too distant future. One Borneo also houses 4 hotels, 2 apartment block towers, a cinema multiplex, night spots and an upcoming aquarium that should be finish in the not too distant future. The unique shopping concepts included the “Jalan-Jalan” street bazaar, the Handicraft & Batik Gallery with Cultural Heritage Centre. The hypermall will also house One Borneo’s 36-lane state-of-the-art

bowling centre, 10-screen multiplex & KTV lounge, one-stop bridal centre, homemaker/children centre, IT/internet centre, DIY stores and Autocity.

2.0 Identifying the Problems In every shopping center, it was facing its own problems. The problems can be a minor or major form in the operation. Sometime, the problems are good to address. Thus, the improvement can be made to the current inconvenience and dissatisfaction condition. For One Borneo Hypermall too, there are several problems have been identify according to the survey and research towards the customers that included households and individuals. After the problems had been identified and recognized, the best selected strategic and improvement problems.
2.1 Complaints from Customers








The customers are begun to complain when they needs and wants cannot fulfill by the retailers. Sometime they were

dissatisfaction with the current buying environment when some barriers existed. The complaints from customers might arise when


the pricing of the merchandise are too costly, the qualities of the merchandises are in queries, the quality of service by shuttle bus and the insufficient and condition of parking spaces. Mostly, the customers of One Borneo Hypermall are comprised by the UMS students. The reason is the geographic location has encouraged the expenditure in the shopping centre. As we know, One Borneo Hypermall was situated near University Malaysia Sabah. Thus, the students are easily gone there for their meals or in personal purchasing. The outlets in One Borneo Hypermall were offered costly merchandises. Since the major customers are students, it may be a financial burden to them in buying expensive merchandises. The consideration must be taken by the

management team when selecting the tenants. As well, the income level of people in Kota Kinabalu still not very high. They cannot buy the luxury merchandise as frequently. Another, some qualities of merchandises were under queries because of its low quality in performance. Currently, the problem that existed at here was transportation where UMS students relied the shuttle bus go to One Borneo. The problem arises when the students are confronting with the difficulty to get bus because the unpunctual of the shuttle bus service. Besides, in this period, the shuttle buses were under repair and maintenance. This has caused inconvenience among the

the condition and numbers of parking spaces also might be a problem in that shopping centre.students to go there. the rental for outlet in One Borneo Hypermall was very expensive.2 Under. As we know. their sales may 4 . They had attracted many customers to go to shopping and hang out in shopping centre. It was almost RM4000 per month.performance of the centre or the anchor tenants Usually the management of shopping centre will go around finding the famous and branded retailers to open stores at there. In some more. 2. The reason is the retailers may help in attracting crowd to the shopping centre. Thus. These three major retailers are the strengths of the One Borneo’s management team. Parkson and Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC). buyers less contribute to expenditures. 2. The anchor tenants in One Borneo Hypermall are Giant. For those small outlets. the tenants may face difficulties and pressure in sales. the events or sales may useful to stimulate the customers in buying merchandises. At that moment. The parking spaces might not enough to support the capacity of the excessive cars during the events hold in the shopping centre.3 Vacancies and difficulty in filling empty spaces Another problem existed in One Borneo Hypermall was the vacancies and difficulty in filling empty spaces. In a low period season.

There also more varieties. the management team was encouraged to advertise their vacancies in the media press such as newspapers or magazines. It may become a barrier for the tenants to run business. The customers might more easily to find and purchase 5 . management team needed to recognize the vacancies left and continue to find the tenants which have interest to open stores. It was a tough work to find the suitable tenants because not every tenant was recognized and agreed the terms and condition under contract. there were more middle scale outlets than luxury outlets in One Borneo. Besides. the choices of merchandises in One Borneo Hypermall were limited. They were faced the problem in their financial if their continuity occurred loss. So. 2. As a result. Thus. they may end up by closing their shops. They maybe have their own ideas and thought. The areas were less pass by the customers because the location may not ideal as well. the un-strategic location for the shops may contribute in difficulty in filling empty spaces. In Centre Point shopping centre.4 The offering of merchandise other than what is required by the target market Compared to Centre Point (CP) shopping centre. The buyers were affordable to buy merchandises from the outlets in Centre Point.not ideal as be planed.

5 Ineffective Communication One of the problems that recognize from the One Borneo hypermall is ineffective communication. Commonly. and the recipient should make sure he understood the intended 6 . For example. In any communication both parties are responsible. The sender of the message must ensure that the recipient received the message. Communication is effective when the message sent by sender decoded rightly by receiver. messages bring out need to be clear. the lack of low prices merchandises might be a constraint for the customers in buying them. they were not demanding on high quality merchandises.their preference of goods or products compared One Borneo merchandises. For some customers. 2. they have intention to buy low price product rather than its quality. One Borneo Hypermall not actually was good choice in offering the goods and products that really fulfill the needs and wants by the target market. Unclear message will make people misunderstood. Some of the shops have poor communication. The causes are: I. Unclear Message For effective communication.

and catalogue as a tool of communication. RM168 and all sun glasses are at the price of RM98. Inside the flier. flier. Some of the consumers feel they are cheated by the Giant supermarket and having bad impression against Giant. Many tenant use banner. Message Overload Furthermore. For example. the IT shop use banner to promote their IT product and some of the optical shop use flier to attract customers. The messages are unclear and will make the customer misunderstood that all optical are at the price of RM138. Giant is having a big problem about the price tag. II. It might due to inefficient price management to update the product prices but it will cause inconvenience to a lot of consumers. it only stated frame include lenses are at the price of RM138 and RM 168 and the Sun glasses are RM98. but it also cause some problem to the consumers. The price that stated at the catalogue is discrepancy with the price that inside the Giant hypermarket. As an example. Besides that. Although these are the faster and effective ways to bring the message out. the messages that provide by optical shop in the flier are not clear enough. message overload is a barrier to successful 7 . Giant use catalogue.message.

it is important to have the attention of consumers. 2. If the message is not received. Message overload is when a person receives too many messages at the same time. The main reason that Anna Cafe closing down is because the product and services does not satisfy the consumer needs. there was no point in sending it. Many tenants are closing down for example.communication. and the messages are complexity. Demand of the shop is low and it cannot cover the fixed expenses such as the rental and utility fees. Anna Cafe. So. Starbucks and Dome are well known with its 8 . it also will affect the consumer lost the interest in seeing the poster or the banner. Only the banner with the picture that has bright color and content less word will attract the attention of consumer. Usually. Besides that. Message overload will affect consumer lost the focus point. For example.6 Tenant mix does not satisfy the needs of customers Another problem that faced by One Borneo hypermall is the tenant mix does not satisfy the needs of customers. the banner of reducing using plastic bags outside the Parkson department store contents too many word. The main drink sold at Anna Cafe is coffee. Its main competitors are Starbucks and Dome. Anna Cafe is facing many competitive at One Borneo. people will ignore it.

Its main dishes are Chinese food and considered as Non-Halal. Nowadays. One of the reasons that Anna Cafe lose up is due to the quality of coffee are not high as Starbucks and Dome. food and beverage anchor is also closed down. Suria Sabah. and cannot satisfy most of the customer’s needs. Besides that. Anna Cafe with less competitive advantages absolutely can be easily defeated. and the customers desire with the products that are fresh. The most threatening is Suria Sabah. Thus. but it still facing the strong competition from competing. This is why Canton House lost a lot of customers especially Malay customers. hygienic. 2. meat products that are Halal. recently Canton House. For example. or prepared the Islamic ways. The target markets are become narrowed than other restaurant which is provided the Halal food. Suria Sabah is one of Kota Kinabalu's most popular 9 .7 The centre experiences very strong competition from competing/ new centres Even One Borneo Hypermall is the 1st and the largest lifestyle hypermall in east Malaysia. competitively priced and in a Muslim country. consumer tastes have become more sophisticated. Centre Point and City Mall are all competitors of One Borneo. products.

Suria Sabah has many special features.places for shopping with its prime city centre location on the waterfront. its location is not as strategic as Suria Sabah. The special features of Suria Sabah include first Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) 3D hall for 3D movies. This giving the Suria Sabah a unique character and merchandise profile that is very different from most shopping complexes that are dominated by chain retailers. One Borneo is located out of the prime city that is 7km northwards along the Jalan Sulaman Highway. The sea view at the food court attract many people choose to dining at the food court. it also has large food court with unique sea view with other specialty food outlet. Besides that. It crowded with people. This is because Suria Sabah is located at prime city centre. Suria Sabah is the first GSC that provided the 3D movie around the Sabah. the first Metrojaya and The Reject Shop outlet in Sabah at located in Suria Sabah. Compare to One Borneo. It becomes one of the competitive advantages of Suria Sabah. it helps Suria Sabah attract many consumers. Threat Most of the retail stores of Suria Sabah are local brands. Compare to One Borneo. 10 . Besides that. At that moment. location of Suria Sabah is more strategy.

In One Borneo Hypermall. Suria Sabah has over 2000 car park bays with car wash. They can easily find the parking space and having the car wash services when they are shopping at Suria Sabah. Suria Sabah is close to tour operators which is Wisma Sabah and it also has wheelchair accessible and handicapped friendly toilets. Although Suria Sabah is a new centre. This can prevent One Borneo from becoming the dead mall in the future. the primary trading area could be the Giant hypermarket at the ground floor. Lastly. but its unique characteristic and strategy location had bring forward the threats towards One Borneo.1 Distinguish the existing primary and secondary trade areas The primary trading area is the geographical area from which the shopping centre derives 50 to 70 percent of its customers.0 Research Objectives 3. Suria Sabah has the largest collection of ladies beauty and cosmetics outlets. This is because Giant was the only hypermarket in One Borneo. One Borneo need to have better management practices in order to gain the future competitive advantages. Furthermore.For other side. 3. Thus. Giant 11 with its nature of the . It is very convenience for the visitors. These can attract many visitor included local and foreigners.

these three stores will be the first sight of them. When people come down from upstairs. People are more tend to enjoy their meals in these stores which their dishes are different from the daily meals. students usually will enjoy their meals out of one of these three stores when they enjoy their leisure time in One Borneo. McDonald and Pizza Hut which are operate opposite among each others at the corners had shape the another trade area which it account for the majority of a customers. Giant’s strategic location (proximity with well known franchise stores – KFC. In One Borneo. McDonald and Pizza Hut) will encourage people to stroll at Giant after them having their meals at these franchise stores. Moreover. As example.merchandise sold and the assortment offered could attract much people to consume at there as well as achieve the high satisfaction among customers and fulfill their unique needs. These three stores have its own competitive advantages that could manage to attract much more customers and survive in the market. KFC. especially students and families. Besides. the secondary trading area was 12 . The secondary trade areas refer to the geographical area of secondary importance which generating about 20 to 30 percent of its customers. these three stores’ strategic location which is nearest with the escalators had contributed to its trade areas. It could attract people to buy the products from these stores. Besides.

For example. F. Education was one of the socio-economic factors in these trading areas. Education level can shape customers’ views towards 13 . Giant hypermarket was offered the lowest prices of its products. GSC as one of the anchors which located at 4th floor had become the primary entertainment while people stroll at there. attitudes.O. thus everyone can purchase with fewer consideration.S outlets nearest by became the place to go while people waiting for the movie time.Golden Screen Cinema (GSC).2 Establish the socio-economic and demographic profile of the customers living within these trade areas Socio-economic is the social and economic experiences and realities that help mold one's personality. People can enjoy their ultimate shopping experiences throughout these areas. The socio-economic for the customers within these trade areas can be defined from customers’ income or wealth. Starbucks was also nearby GSC with take only few steps also became the place to go before and after the movie start. The requirement of purchasing power of these trading areas was not such high as luxury areas. and lifestyle. Moreover. 3. Most of the UMS students purposely go to One Borneo to enjoy their leisure time in GSC in order to release their pressures.

The first stage. evaluation of alternative. The customer shopping patterns can determine via the stages in the buying process. After customer decides a need. conflicting needs. They will no purchase that particular merchandise from the same stores if its merchandise couldn’t fulfill their expectation. Hedonic needs are the objective the consumers go shopping for pleasure. 3. The stages in the buying process are need recognition.retail stores and their buying decision. information search. motivation that influence customer to go shopping can assort into the type of needs. The objective of consumers goes shopping to satisfy utilitarian needs are to accomplish a specific task. channels. Customers with higher education level often are smarter buyers who are desire for the merchandise that could exceed their expectation. they ingress search the information about retailers. and stimulating need recognition. purchasing the merchandise and service. The type of needs classifying as need utilitarian needs and hedonic needs.3 Establish the shopping patterns of the customers The shopping patterns of the customers can determine based on the household. or products that their needs. 14 . leisure and sport. and postpurchase evaluation.

purchase the merchandise or services that customers satisfaction. In this stage. Sources of information could be via family. Then. or read specialist magazines to help with the purchase decision. or dealers. most of the shopper will be characterized as purposeful. features the buyer wants or does not want. The next stage of buying process is purchasing the merchandise or service. The third stage in buying process is evaluation of alternatives. The shopping patterns of customers in One Borneo is depends on the customer purpose. In One Borneo Hypermall. necessity or personal 15 . The customer may decide that the merchandise need to buy based on highest rank of products in their mind. The final stage of buying process is postpurchase evaluation. neighbours.The customers can search information to help them do purchase decision. or ask the sales people. the retailer may know the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the products. The customers may choosing buying alternative includes products. At here. the customers need to establish criteria for evaluation. friends. the retail store and method of purchase. The customer who shopping in One Borneo is fulfills their wants.

At One Borneo. there have brand retailer operate. or brand. The reputation of One Borneo in Kota Kinabalu is good and attraction. resulting in a contraction for the luxury and gourmet foods markets.4 Identify the image of a centre compared to major competing centres The image of One Borneo Hypermall can be recognizing via the reputation and appearance of One Borneo. Today's consumer will practice a more reasoned and rational trading down with deal-seeking behaviors like coupons and comparison shopping. Research findings included in The New Consumer Behavior Paradigm also indicate that one-fifth of consumers will continue to forgo buying items that seem too expensive. One Borneo is the luxury Hypermall and its luxury merchandises are usually bought by tourist rather than local shopper. Trading-down behavior was related to the choice of retailer. 3. product.purpose. private label brands will remain a significant factor due to their increasingly higher quality and low cost since retailers don't have to advertise or promote them to the same degree as national brands. However. The design of One Borneo can attract the local community and tourist comes to centre. The customers may easy find their favorites brand their like in One 16 .

there have several of strengths and weakness compare with other centres.Borneo. The appearance of One Borneo also one of the images can compare to Suria Sabah.5 Identify the strengths and weakness of the comparison to other centres centre in Strengths • Reputation Weakness • Location • Customer loyalty • Entertainment In the One Borneo Hypermall. Besides. One Borneo has famous mall director that operate in the One Borneo. One Borneo is the ultimate shopping experience for local and foreign tourist alike. Customer loyalty also is the strength that having in One Borneo compare to other centres. One Borneo is famous Hypermall in Kota Kinabalu because it is the first and largest lifestyle hypermall in east Malaysia. The first strength of the One Borneo Hypermall is reputation. The community of One Borneo has 17 . 3. One Borneo is the first and largest lifestyle Hypermall in East Malaysia.

One Borneo possesses more entertainment facilities compared with other centres. The members who hold this member card can enjoy discount and other facilities that provide in the One Borneo. make-up and hair body care products. Centre Point and Suria Sabah. The entertainment facilities having in the centre can let the customers ease and enjoyable in the One Borneo. Golden Screen Cinemas. for instances. covering over 16. The only weakness of One Borneo is location. fragrance.conducted some activities to build loyalty. SaSa is cosmetics retail which sells over 600 brands. The location of the One Borneo is far from the Kota Kinabalu Town. One Borneo has offered the platinum card to the customer who registers as the platinum club members. Most residents living around centre city are more tend to stroll at nearest shopping mall. The customers who stroll in One Borneo mostly are residents nearing One Borneo Hypermall. 3. health and beauty supplements under international brands including own18 . Pool Zone and etc. The entertainment facilities that located in the One Borneo are bumper car.000 skincare. K Box KTV.6 Focus on specific issues like media use and propensity to support specific stores Specific store that we choose is SASA Beauty Retail.

Sales promotion is special incentives or excitement-building program that encourages consumers to purchase a particular product or service. In One Borneo Shopping Centre. The salespersons would provide information and services to their customer which customer can get information about the product before buying process by customer. To advertise the product. SaSa use sales promotion as media to communicate to customer. SaSa cosmetics in One Borneo Hypermall using media channel to market the product and to communicate with their customer. The store operation is start from 11:00am until 10:00pn on Monday to Friday and 10:00am until 10:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. SaSa use samples to offer potential customers the opportunity to try a product or service before they make a buying decision. Personal selling is communication processes in which sales associates help customers satisfy their need through face-to-face exchanges of information. Ground Floor. The leaflets are attractive design and provide information of 19 . Leaflets are distributed to customer whom people pass by SaSa store. SaSa use leaflets and poster. Besides. the store is located at Lot G-226. The coupons offer a discount on the price of specific items when they’re purchased.brands and exclusive products. The main media use by SaSa Beauty Retail is Personal Selling. their also use coupons to attract customer to come their store.

One Borneo will provide the catchment for its retail business to public from in and around Kota Kinabalu. jewellery. 3.5 million square fit of shopping. One Borneo is still new in shopping centre marketplace which the One Borneo completed constructed in 2008. One Borneo Hypermall shopping centre is the best place for discover seamless shopping pleasure with outlets ranging from latest clothes. leisure and dining 20 . our groups realized that One Borneo Shopping Centre have ability to assess its performance and position in the marketplace. Is it future promising or questionable? What does it need to do in the future to provide strong financial returns? Why? After doing observation regarding market research. As we know. watches. leather and various regional designer brands. accessories. The attractiveness of One Borneo can give comfortable to Kota Kinabalu citizens and also give value to Kota Kinabalu City Hall. One Borneo provides 600 retail outlets within the building are spread across four floors. To assess One Borneo marketplace positioning.7 Assess its performance and position in the marketplace.product while poster hanging on walls which content some new product to let the customer knows. According to Kota Kinabalu population of people. One Borneo Hyper mall has 1. and prospects for the future.

The Aquatica can attract the customer in shopping mall besides buying things. Prospects for future.000 square feet Giant Supermarket whilst the Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) complex with 8 screening halls and 36 lane bowling alley. Besides.outlets besides containing a deluxe hotel. Courtyard Hotel. exclusive event and promotional areas and platinum lifestyle card. B and Price Tower (Tower C) give accommodation to people in or out of Kota Kinabalu. One Borneo Hypermall has a good position in the marketplace to attract tourist and citizens in Kota Kinabalu to shopping and spending in One Borneo. One Borneo also provide amenities such as transportation services by taxis and bus shuttle as well as disabled-friendly facilities for those visiting the shopping mall. Besides that. 84. The lower ground floor designated the market hall/ household/ services zone that largest supermarket in Sabah. One Borneo must continue first public aquarium and ocean discovery centre called Aquatica in shopping mall. the four condominium blocks consist of Tower A. To build Aquatica is still questionable because 21 . specialist medical centre and a private college which make One Borneo differentiate to others shopping centres to help in positioning in marketplace. Grand Borneo Hotel and Tune Hotel which bringing hotels room at One Borneo. there have international and regional chain hotel groups positioned at One Borneo such as Novotel Hotel.

3. To provide strong financial returns in the future. Sport centre such as indoor football can attract students from private and public college around One Borneo. thus. entertainment outlets. One Borneo should make sure the retail store lease with the price which retailers can afford. As a result. it will force the retailers to close down the stores and lease to more empty stores in One Bornoe. Group of students will consume more at One Borneo in term 22 . One Borneo can build playgrounds and sport centre which focus on children and teenagers as target market. UMS have expanded its students hostel to the One Borneo apartment had increase the market opportunities of retailers. In One Borneo Hypermall. Recently. One Borneo is home to large collection of restaurants.the project’s expenditure is higher. Once retailers’ revenues unable to cover its fixed expenses. departmental stores and supermarkets. absolutely UMS students will be the primary target market. there still have store not yet leasing to retailers because the price for 900 square feet is RM 5000.8 Identify the following questions: a) The target market that you think the shopping centre is directing its efforts and why? Due to One Borneo was located nearly the University Malaysia Sabah.

Besides the students. CVC. KFC. Nevertheless. there are also particular shuttle buses provides free back and forth service to Warisan Square. some well known international franchises such as Starbucks. for instances.of daily food. Besides. Free shuttle bus services have been provided for UMS students to solve their transportation problem. there are some restaurant offered with the student prices. McDonald and Pizza Hut became the choices of tourists since most of they are still unable to adjust 23 . It could help students to save their cost and satisfy their needs. One Borneo had also directing its effort toward tourist. One Borneo consists of numerous of international brand outlets that could attract this group of customers. Courtyard Hotel and Tune Hotel. Grand Borneo. Moreover. In addition. My Kitchen. tourists are more willing to purchase luxury merchandises if compared to the local citizens. such as Novotel Hotel. One Borneo was surrounding by numbers of hotels. Moreover. b) How the shopping centre strives to satisfy the needs of the target market One Borneo Hypermall have offered several merchandises and services to fulfil the needs of its target market. Apple. entertainment and others. central of Kota Kinabalu to its hotel customers.

This is because GSC has provided the special offer (lower price than usual) to students during the weekdays. Breadth of variety and depth assortment has been provided by Parkson. shoes. dresses. which aims to cover every aspect of needs. Many anchor tenants could be found in the One Borneo. Parkson departmental store was another tenant existed in One Borneo. shopping mall that always satisfy customers’ needs will build the customers loyalty as well as competitive advantages over its competitors. for instance. Giant Hypermarket had provided breadth and depth of merchandises with the lowest prices that could fulfil every shopper. Different brands of clothes. One Borneo could put more effort to satisfy its major customers – UMS students. Undeniable. There was highly competition among shopping malls in Kota Kinabalu City. accessories cover all the clothing needs from men to women as well as child. Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) became the first choice of students during their leisure time.their tastes with the local foods. The problem that we 24 . To survive in market. Better services and products should be served to them. GSC was also became one of platforms for students to release their pressures. In addition. c) How the shopping centre builds a long-term advantage over the competitors.

Besides. more entertainment facilities should be prepared in order to attract these group of people to consume in One Borneo. d) Conclude with how effective you think the shopping centre strategy is for each tenant. and the property 25 . The tenant strategy for One Borneo seems more likely insufficient since there was number of retail stores closed up time by time. there are less or no renovations towards its shopping mall. This might because the shop rental was high and some stores unable cover with its and force to end up their businesses. the customers coming back. For instances. more unique stores should be opened in term to differentiate One Borneo from other competitors and build up its unique image. It will lead to more vacancies and fewer choices for customers. Renovating is a frequent and planned event to keep the tenants happy.discussed above should be solved and more types of stores should be introduced into One Borneo. thus increase the profits of retailers and reduce the empty spaces too. Lastly. The Aquatica can attract the customer in shopping mall as well as simulate the shopping environment. One Borneo should continue its construction of first public aquarium and ocean discovery centre called Aquatica in shopping mall. Moreover.

One Borneo should make an improvement to manage the shopping centers to compete with their competitors and make a different. it will bring the bad impression towards One Borneo. Suria Sabah is the new shopping centre. in One Borneo. One Borneo is the one shopping centre that really popular among people at Kota Kinabalu but this is not the only shopping centre that have been build in Kota Kinabalu. However. some broken floor tiles was existed until today and no renovation action towards it. Signage and graphics can help 26 . One Borneo can provide uniqueness store offering. The others shopping mall that can be One Borneo competitor such as Centre Point and Suria Sabah.looking good. The product provide in the store should be current updated with new design and style. To compete with others shopping centers. One Borneo can lease store to the retailers which can sell unique product which their competitor have not provide uniqueness store. One Borneo Hypermall should improve the signage and graphics because One Borneo still lack in advertising the store product and also the event highlight. When customers discover it.9 Discuss and make a recommendation of competitive advantages for the chosen shopping centre. 3.

customers locate specific products and departments store and provide product information. Graphics such as photo panels which hanging on wall at specific place which customer can see. Signage in One Borneo also should be improved. The website needs to provide details information which customer can know each store before they come to shopping.0 Appendixes Outlook of One Borneo Hypermall 27 . Signage is very important to identify the location of store in shopping centers. One Borneo Hypermall also needs to improve their website which still lack of information. The sign are hung from the ceiling which customer can see. 4. Lastly.

Night view of One Borneo Hypermall 28 .

Major anchors of One Borneo: Giant as primary trading area Primary trading areas: KFC which nearest with Giant 29 .

Another store contributes to primary trading areas: McDonald’s Aquatica that still under construction and its empty spaces in front 30 .

Stores that closed down and lead to vacancy Trading areas that with fewer people passed by 31 .

Situation at car parking area SaSa Beauty Retail 32 .

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