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Parliament Makes History
Parliament of Pakistan achieved a legislative work during this period. and engaged themselves into Public milestone in Parliamentary history this Particularly from January - March this Hearings - a comparatively new quarter. For the first time after 1977, year, it engaged itself in hectic sessions phenomenon in this part of the world. P a k i s t a n ’ s N a t i o n a l A s s e m b l y and Committees’ meetings before the The credit goes to very able Speaker completed its term and gave way to a end of its term. smooth transition to new democratic set-up after upcoming General Elections in May 2013. SDPD, for having been engaged with both the Houses of Parliament since almost a decade now, proudly claims to who ran the House with exemplary statespersonship. The youngest Deputy Speaker ever, complemented her talent and leadership. Parliamentary parties in treasury and opposition played their part with responsibility and maturity. It would be unfair not to acknowledge the hard work of the Secretariat here. Congratulations all!

The tenure had not been an easy ride have assisted the Committees and for the National Assembly that contributed to their strengthening during c o n t i n u e d c o n f r o n t i n g m y r i a d this fragile period of Pakistan’s challenges. It deserves accolades for democratic history. The Committees many ‘historic firsts’ as well as massive became more active during this period




PARTICIPATING JOURNALISTS ASKING QUESTIONS FROM COMMITTEE MEMBERS ABOVE: (RIGHT TO LEFT) MS.w ay held on 19th February 2013 involving prominent members. be dealt with extended sensitivity. Tanveer Nisar attended the event. reporters' better coordination with the Association was launched in an event R i a z F a t y a n a a l o n g w i t h o t h e r C o m m i t t e e s . JAMILA GALLANI. TANVEER NISAR. Jameela Gilani information flow and knowledge around twenty journalists from different and Ms. RIAZ FATIANA. MS. MS. MARVI SIRMED Responsive reporting of Human Rights enhancement about critical issues of media houses including print and Violation is a demanding task and it is to human rights violations. e n s u r i n g t wo . WHILE MS. Ms. ABOVE: MS JMILA GALLANI PRESENTS CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION TO A WOMAN MEMBER OF HURRA.Human Rights Reporters’ Association-HuRRA BELOW: MEMBERS OF HURRA. MR. RIAZ FATIANA LOOK ON ABOVE: JOURNALISTS INTERACT WITH COMMITTEE MEMBERS INFORMALLY . SDPD facilitated electronic media. TANVEER NISAR AND MR. With the formation of the Human Rights the view to improve it through Reporters Association (HuRRA). The The Chairperson of the Committee Mr.

  Souvenirs   and   society. FEHMIDA MIRZA MAN BEHIND THE SHOW SYED SHAMOON HASHM I.DR.   OF THE MOST DYNAMIC ONES IN NATIONAL The   launching   ceremony  was   ASSEMBLY . SDPD’S NPD . RI AZ FAT I ANA OV E R S E E I N G A R R A N G E M E N T S BEFORE THE BITE CO MMIT T EE ME MBE RS & UND P ’S ACD STEALING A S IP SE CRE TA R IAT O FFI CIAL S A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY CANNOT EVOLVE AND FUNCTION WITHOUT THE RESPECT AND ENFORCEMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS .SPEAKER followed   by   a   farewell   lunch   for   the   members   of   the   members   from   media   and  civil   committee.   to   National   Assembly   Standing   the   committee   over   its   tenure.   t h e   C o m m i t t e e   a n d   i t s   T h e   C o m m i t t e e   C h a i r   increased   effectiveness   in   acknowledged   the   support   p e r f o r m i n g   m a n d a t o r y   provided   by   the   civil   society   functions.   The  honorable  Speaker   certi>icates   of   appreciation   acknowledged   the   support   of   were   also   presented   to   the   SDPD  in   ef>icient   functioning   of   members   of   the   committee. THE EVENT MAKING IT SURE MR.Human Rights Committee’s Two Years’ Report Unveiled S D P D -­‐ U N D P   a s s i s t e d   t h e   and   media   representatives.   Committee  on  Human  Rights  to   He   presented   certi>icate   of   produce   its   >irst   ever   progress   acknowledgments   to   selected   report.   Fahmida   Mirza   launched   HUMAN RIGHTS’ the   report   on   28th  February   COMMITTEE HAS BEEN ONE 2013.   Honorable   Speaker   Dr.

Foreign Secretary. JALIL ABBAS JILANI. senior wherein they proposed policy guidelines for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. FARHATULLAH BABAR. AITZAZ AHSAN. SENATOR HAJI ADEEL. involving honorable members of both Iqbal Tabish. (LEFT TO RIGHT) MR. IFTIKHAR AHMAD. former diplomats. of SAARC in the context of Pakistanrepresentatives of civil society. The Hearing aimed at Jaleel Abbas Jillani. IFTIKHAR AHMAD . “Future Betterment of People of SAARC. GEN (R) TALAT MASOOD. the Hearing. Director General-SAARC the committees in an informed debate Chamber of Commerce and Industry. defense was collected from the technocrats region including War on Terror & analyst and Iftikhar Ahmed. first ever Public Hearing titled. AKRAM ZAKI The Standing Committees on Foreign Regional Security Situation. The High Commissioners facilitated to jointly assemble in their Resolution of Disputes for the of SAARC countries. SEN. MR. Mr. Trade j o u r n a l i s t t e s t i fi e d b e f o r e t h e Affairs from both the Houses were Economy & Visa Liberalization and Committees.Foreign Affairs Committee Gets Public PUBLIC HEARING BY SENATE FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: WITNESSES SITTING WITH COMMITTEE MEMBERS MOMENTS BEFORE TESTIFYING R TO L: SEN. MR. HAJI ADEEL. media. SEN. During the Hearing. critical evidence on various issues important for the General (R) Talat Masood. IQBAL TABISH. think tanks and intelligentsia attended India Relations”.

MDGs Committee SDPD assisted MDGs Committee in overseeing the implementation of country’s plan of action to achieve Millennium Development Goals. How useful have the MDGs been for Pakistan? 2. What is needed in the future goals? What issues need to be highlighted for the Post-2015 global agenda? 3. The Committee observed that there was lack of authenticity of data due to more than institution compiling similar data basing it on different kinds of indicators. the Committee acknowledged that as 2015 approaches. the UN system is leading the process of developing a new framework for international development goals. Most importantly. The debate is around the following key questions: 1. The Committee recommended the establishment of a dedicated cell on Poverty Reduction and MDGs in Planning and Development Division to track progress continuously and to produce an annual MDGs status report that should be submitted to the Parliament. its findings against every Coordination Ministry. The Committee suggested that the Social Sector Coordination Committee of the Cabinet may be given the responsibility to track progress on attainment of MDGs and make recommendations to the Cabinet for accelerating progress. To ensure mainstreaming of less developed remote areas. How can the new goals be better measured The Committee was constituted as Special Committee by the Honorable S p e a ke r o n O c t o b e r 1 4 . should be reviewed The report describes the outcomes of periodically by the Council of Common the consultative process that the Interests that could be requested for it Committee undertook for compiling t h r o u g h t h e I n t e r P r o v i n c i a l the report.Poverty Reduction Cell in Planning Commission Needed . Committee recommended. the Committee noted. General recommendations by the Committee to improve the MDG achievements and contours of debate on post-2015 plan of action. SDPD’s contribution mainly consisted of assistance in making observations of the status against the achievement of targets under MDGs. consequent to the adoption of a motion on 23 June 2011. the Committee was assisted by SDPD in compiling this report and by Poverty Reduction Unit of UNDP Pakistan for undertaking the Another important recommendation process of consultations in making the was about the social sector spending of observations. which the Committee was of the view. 2 0 1 1 . ICT and AJK set their targets against each goal and produce their reports to feed into the National Report. Goal under the MDGs. National Assembly’s Special Committee on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) presented its report to the Speaker of the House in March before its dissolution. the provinces. the Committee recommended that the new National Assembly when comes into being after the General Elections in May 2013 must constitute a similar Special Committee on MDGs to oversee the achievement of Goals. It recommended that there should single umbrella organizations to provide credible and reliable data. would run through March 2013. the Committee recommended that the Federal government should ensure that FATA. National Population & Household Census should be conducted regularly and registration of births/deaths should be ensured. The Countr y Consultation process in Pakistan. The ‘historical first’ in its own right. GB. For post 2015 action plan. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics could act as one. t h e t a r g e t s . To ensure fresh and credible data. status against . C o m m i t t e e ’s recommendations to meet targets and achieve deadlines.

it would have added r e v e n u e t o n a t i o n a l e x c h e q u e r. Finance Committee’s Data Preserved SDPD has been humbly served the National Assembly of Pakistan in another historical development and has digitally tabulated all the data of Finance Committee meetings. The Bill introduced the amnesty scheme for the identified ‘non-tax payers’ to bring them in streamline. Calling Attentions etc. . This second concesutive report of the Committe in line with its constitutional obligation of presenting its performance to the people through the House. on the development of which. is new. The issue has been on the agenda of Government Assurances Committee since last two years. If passed. which has been submitted to the Speaker for approval. there have been many issues raised from different sections of media and civil society. its recommendations and actions taken since 2008 to date. This will go a long way in empowering the upcoming Committee when the new National Assembly comes in after the General Elections in May 2013. Committee had a meaningful debate on the Bill and was able to technically analyze it clause-by-clause. The Briefing Paper was developed with a view to enhance the understanding of the committee members on the provisions of the Bill to facilitate informed debate thereon. F E AS I BI L I T Y O N THE ISSUES OF I-16 • I-16 is a new residential Sector of Islamabad. through which parliament makes itself accountable to the people. T h i s Committee keeps track of Ministers’ commitments on the Floor of the House. This parliamentary mechanism. PAPER ON CHILD R I G H T S AC T The Project developed a Briefing Paper on the National Commission on Child Rights Act. A public awareness campaign was charted out by SDPD Research Associates for better outreach of the Committee UPCOMING FINANCE COMMITTEE OF NATIONAL ASSEMBLY EMPOWERED EVEN BEFORE IT IS CONSTITUTED Human Rights Committee’s Second Report Ready SDPD has developed the draft of the Second Progress Report of the NA Committee on Human Rights. which was then being reviewed by the Human Rights Committee of the National Assembly. The Bill was subsequently passed by the parliament. SDPD developed a Feasibility Report for the Committee to conduct a detaile study on the problem and respond to the civil society’s concerns raised through petitions.Tax Amendment Bill Critically Evaluated National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Finance & Revenue was assisted to critically evaluate Tax Amendment Bill 2012. Similar tabulation has been completed for Bills presented through or reviewed by the Committee. PUBLIC AWA R E N E S S Senate Functional Committee Committee on Government Assurances is a comparatively lesser known but highly important Committee especially from the perspective of parliament’s ove r s i g h t o n gove r n m e n t .

groups. SDPD has been assisting the Senate Committee on IPC in its functions of oversight and legislation wherever applicable.Understanding US Drone War A fact-sheet about US Drones on Pakistan’s soil since 2004 was prepared for Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee to enable members have informed discussion upon the agenda items. bodies and organizations. technocrats and media through an official Twitter account. SDPD assisted the Committed in documenting the process and compiling a comprehensive ‘Proposal on Pakistan’s Foreign Relations’. The Proposal is expected to be published by the Senate after due process of adoption. The Chair is now personally interacting with citizens. SDPD encouraged the use of social media by the Committee Chair. Inter Provincial Coordination has got a central focus in sorting out many issues related to the devolution of powers from the federal to provincial governments. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR HUMAN RIGHTS Committee started interacting with citizens through social media. Please follow him at @FACommSenate to know more about Pakistan’s Senate Foreign Affairs Committee FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE DEVELOPED LINKAGES WITH COMMITTEES OF OTHER PARLIAMENTS Inter-Provincial Coordination After the Eighteenth Constitutional Amendment. FO R E I G N AF FAI R S O N TWITTER To enhance the public outreach of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs. Much of the feedback was gathered by the Chairman himself and by the Committee secretariat through a very d y n a m i c Tw i t t e r a c c o u n t (@NAHRComPak). Student Exchange Programs and National Academy on Performing Arts through Papers. the Committee was briefed on important issues like Expanded Program on Immunization. the Portal is acting as an excellent way of watching the elections campaign and any violations of rules therein. Democracy Watch Network launched its web portal with members actively sharing information. With special focus on upcoming Elections.democracywatch. the account has been temporarily suspended till the new Committee is set up after the General Elections in May 2013 Linkages with other Parliaments The Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs engaged itself extensively with building linkages with Committees from similar parliamentary systems. D E M O C R AC Y WAT C H N ETWO RK SDPD’s work with the civil society organizations at community level all over Pakistan. This quarter. over last eight years has transformed into a network of individuals.pk . That has increased the oversight role of the Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Committees of both Houses as well. Over the last quarter. Because of the dissolution of the Assembly. The Portal is accessible at www.

Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. with the Committee that compiled citizens recommendations on possible electoral reforms. The recommendations were an outcome of comprehensive consultative process that SDPD carried out in around 65 districts of all the four provinces. earlier. I NN O CEN CE CLAI M: L E G I S L AT I V E B R I E F • A Legislative Brief on ‘Review of the Innocence Claim Bill 2012’ was produced for the Senate Committee on Law. It was laid before the House in the last week of its tenure. Justice and Parliamentary Affairs. a countrywide network of experts. CITIZENS FROM ALL PARTS OF PAKISTAN ACTIVELY PARTICIPATED IN THE CONSULTATIVE PROCESS FOR FORMULATING RECOMMENDATIONS ON POSSIBLE ELECTORAL REFORMS FOR UPCOMING ELECTIONS IN 2013 Another report was also shared. The report covered the joint sessions of the Standing Committees on Law & Justice and Parliamentary Affairs and the consequent recommendations by the members. PAR L IAME NTARY S U P P O RT G RO U P A PARLIAMENTARY SUPPORT GROUP HAS BEEN FORMED WITH PIPS AS ITS CHAIR AND UNDP AS ITS CONVENER. The timely shared information through the same RA connected the Committees of both the Houses in a unique way. . Strengthening Electoral Lawmaking SDPD Research Team has produced a report on electoral laws for the NA Standing Committee on Law & Justice. civil society organizations and individuals. THE GROUP WILL PERIODICALLY EXCHANGE INFORMATION AND IDEAS OF MUTUAL INTEREST IMPORTANT FOR TJE CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT OF PARLIAMENTARY STAFF AND OF HONORABLE MEMBERS. A manifestation of this was seen in the close working relationship that Senate’s Special Committee on Election Reforms and the NA Committee on Law and Justice have developed. FATA. Good luck to both the Secretariats for carrying on with the spirit! CURATIVE J UR I S DIC TI ON : L E G I S L AT I V E B R I E F A Legislative Brief on The Curative Jurisdiction [by Supreme Court] Bill 2012 was produced for Senate Committee on Law. Similar relationship has been seen between Committees on Foreign Affairs of both Houses and Committees on Law & Justice. SDPD built partnership with Insaf Network Pakistan. To produce the Brief. The Brief dilates upon the provisions and assess merits and demerits of the Bill. The Bill iprovides for the establishment of and Innocence Inquiry Commission for the persons convicted or sentenced with either death or life imprisonment. Justice & Parliamentary Affairs in partnership with Insaf Network Pakistan.SDPD: Connecting Committees Coordination between the Committees of both Houses is enhanced because of building bridge between them through the SDPD’s Research Aassociate.

The paper was later included in the report of public hearing as Annexure. could make an effective tool of accountability of the parliament to the people. Parliament’s own Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS) and a fellow project of parliamentary strengthening being supported by European Union. The Induction Program 2013 will be carried out in partnership with National Assembly Secretariat. Senate Standing Committee on F o r e i g n A f f a i r s a n d S e n a t e ’s Government Assurances Committee are underway. the project initiated the process to formulate the Strategy in February. This being first time in parliamentary history of Pakistan. We hope it is going to be resolved soon. In order to create an enabling environment for parliament and the public to interact more effectively. SDPD would publish number of knowledge products besides holding orientation seminar for the first-time Members immediately after the oath-taking. The websites are expected to go online in second quarter of 2013. the matter regarding National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee website has been kept in pending. if becomes a practice. During which. However. National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance. Under the Program. • Committees Going Online: SDPD i s p ro v i d i n g a s s i s t a n c e t o t h e Committees of both the Houses to develop their websites for better accessibility. The report is going to be published in April after the approval of National Assembly authorities. civil society representatives and parliamentary experts. which is expected to be published in April 2013. subject to the approval from NA Secretariat. N AT I ON AL AS S EMBLY ’S PERFORMANCE SDPD has prepared a comprehensive assessment report of the performance of National Assembly of Pakistan during its last tenure (March 2008 . SDPD plans to present the Debriefing of the Strategy to the Secretariat in June and submit the Draft Strategy to the parliament in July. SDPD initiated consultative process to develop the communications strategy for both Houses of the Parliament. . Second phase of tconsultations in underway that consists of in-depth interviews with Secretariats’ officials. T R I B U T E TO OUTGOING N AT I ON AL A S S EMB LY Paying tribute to the outgoing National Assembly of Pakistan and greeting the partners on the onset of new parliamentary year (March 2013 March 2014). consultations were made with senior journalists covering the parliament. • Communications Strategy for the Parliament: During the Quarter of January-March 2013.UPCOMING • Induction Program 2013: SDPD is in the process of preparing for comprehensive Induction Program for the new parliamentarians after the General Elections of 2013.Viva la democracia! PAK-INDIA TRADE This Briefing Paper was prepared for Senate Foreign Affairs Committee members before the Public Hearing on ‘Future of SAARC’.March 2013). Websites of Senate Committee on Law and Justice. due to procedural hiccups. The Report is expected to come out in the last week of April. while the parliamentarians’ views would be taken in the third phase. • Performance of Human Rights Committee: Compilation of a performance report of the Committee throughout its tenure (2008 – 2013) has been initiated. Another Paper prepared by SDPD that is going to appear in the Report is on Resolution of Disputes among SAARC Countries for the Betterment of People. SDPD has produced a planner for the use of all partners in common cause of strengthening democracy in Pakistan.

‘Defining Pakistan-EU Partnership’ & ‘Frozen in Siachen’ are Briefing Papers for Foreign Affairs Committees on different strategic issues • ‘Analysis of Blasphemy Laws’ is a comprehensive assessment of country’s existing laws dealing with controversial blasphemy laws. • ‘How to be Effective Chair’ and Mechanisms of Parliamentary Oversight’ are handouts for the members • ‘Assisting the Parliament’ is a brief document for the researchers and other committees’ staff of the parliament to act as basic guideline to provide efficient support to the parliamentarians • ‘Pakistan-China Relations’. • ‘Parliamentary Oversight Questions’ is a training manual produced in partnership with PIPS • ‘Dialogue and Inclusiveness’ is Conference Report of the 3-Day Youth Conference SDPD organized earlier. It presents a a range of opinions on the issue before the members of the Human Rights Committees. providing them opportunity to interact with parliamentarians • A ‘Project Review Report’ has been published that details the observations and recommendations of Project Review Mission fielded in 2012 • ‘Towards 2014: Challenges of NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan’ is a collection of Papers from strategic experts on the subject and was prepared for Senate Committee on Defence & Defence Production . gathering youth from all provinces.PUBLIC ATIONS THIS QUARTER • “Pak-US Stalemate’ and ‘Sir Creek’ are Briefing Papers on strategic issues for Foreign Affairs Committees.

Tahira Ambreen Ms. but also to SDPD’s project approach. Ayela Ashfaq Ms. we are happy that he is pursuing a thriving career. UNDP Pakistan Mr. he has brought innovative thinking to the project. Assistant Country Director. Wazir has been great support to the Project since he was appointed Focal Person by the Senate Secretariat. Aakif Naeem Ms. Azhar Saeed Malik. Azhar Saeed Malik has brought a new vision to not only the Governance portfolio of UNDP Pakistan. As much as we are saddened on his leaving the country. Salma Chaudhry Team Leader: Marvi Sirmed. Abdul Karim Gabol. Zobia Haider Mr. administrative and procedural matters is great help for the project Mr. We wish him best for his future endeavours. Not only that he has guided the team in difficult situations. Mr. SDPD Could not have done it without your Support! Syed Shamoon Hashmi. Focal Person SDPD / Joint Secretary Senate of Pakistan Mr. Javeria Farheen Ms. His special interest in keeping everything inline with procedures and meticulous eye on capacity building. The Project team has benefitted greatly from his rich experience and knowledge. Advocacy & Communications Officer Syed Mujtaba Zaidi.SDPD RESEARCH TEAM Mr. Sharifullah Wazir. National Project Director SDPD / Joint Secretary National Assembly Shamoon Hashmi has been an asset to the Project ever since he was appointed NPD by the National Assembly. Bilal Khan Khattak Ms. Monitoring & Evaluation Officer Mr. National Project Manager. .

we await you earnestly! FRANKLIN DE VRIEZE What’s in the dock for SDPD summer MATERIAL FOR INDUCTION SEMINAR 1. His main areas of expertise are parliamentary development and good governance programming. it views Induction 2013 as a comprehensive and continued process. He has conducted identification. We hope he brings innovation and fresh global perspective to parliamentary strengthening in Pakistan. formulation and evaluation missions for parliamentary and governance programs in Eastern Europe. Islamabad Pakistan +92-51-111-111-137 W: www. Welcome on board Franklin. he has been working on policy issues relevant to the legislative. While SDPD would be an active partner in the Induction Seminar. As Programme Manager of UNDP’s Global Programme for Parliamentary Strengthening (GPPS). nation’s eyes are set on the new National Assembly. who would be joining us soon as Chief Technical Advisor.org. He has recently worked with UNDP Pakistan and was part of a Project Review Mission for SDPD. in very close consultations with National Assembly Secretariat and Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS). South Asia. Currently. along side its partner in parliamentary strengthening. Therefore. The Joint Induction Seminar would be held within first week of the oath-taking of the new members of National Assembly.sdpd. G-6/3. he works as international consultant in parliamentary development.pk E: npm@sdpd. European Union’s IP3 Project. ALL THE MEMBERS WILL BE PRESENTED WITH BAGS CONTAINING NECESSARY MATERIAL AND PARLIAMENT’S BROOCHES This is going to be a busy summer for SDPD as it would for the National Assembly! After the upcoming General Elections. European Commission and USAID. HANDBOOK FOR FIRSTTIME MEMBERS (FTMS) 2. BRIEF REFERRAL GUIDELINES FOR HONORABLE MEMBERS 4. implementation & evaluation. PROCEDURAL MANUAL FOR FTMS 3. Main sets include: A: General Orientation on Parliamentspecific themes B: Specialized Policy Orientation Sessions C: Building the capability for specific functions of legislation & oversight 90-Hakeem Luqman Road. Middle East and Africa. is preparing for New Parliamentarians’ orientation to facilitate and assist them perform their functions effectively. Particular emphasis was given to innovative approaches to parliamentary development. oversight and representative functions of parliament.WELCOME FRANKLIN! We welcome Franklin De Vrieze to Pakistan and to SDPD. SDPD.org. Franklin has worked on governance issues for 20 years. GUIDEBOOK FOR WOMEN PARLIAMENTARIANS BESIDES. including for programs of the UNDP.pk SDPD . we have worked out SDPD’s signature Induction campaign in phases with different sets of Sessions and knowledge material.

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