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Energy Healing thru Holograms………………………………………………………………… 4 WHO AM I REALLY? …………………………………………………………………………………… 4 The Physical Body……………………………………………………………………………………… 6 Etheric/Vital Body……………………………………………………………………………………… 7 The Astral/Emotional Body………………………………………………………………………. 8 The Mental/Intellectual Body…………………………………………………………………… 10 The Causal/Soul Body……………………………………………………………………………… 12 The Physical to Causal Bodies Combined……………………………………………….. 13 The Manasic/Higher Mind Body………………………………………………………………… 16 Budda/Christ Körper…………………………………………………………………………………. 19 The Atmic Body………………………………………………………………………………………… 22 The Monadic Aspect………………………………………………………………………………….. 23 The Logoic/ God/ Goddess/ Solar Aspect………………………………………………… 26 So what can Energy Healings thru Holograms do for me?…………………….. 28 How does the principle of Energy Healing thru Holograms function? …… 29 What is a pattern? …………………………………………………………………………………… 33 The power of subconscious messages……………………………………………………. 38 Creation of Healing Energy Holograms…………………………………………………… 42

The Functional Hologram for your Health………………………………………………. 44 The Ascended Masters……………………………………………………………………………… 45 Glossary of Ascended Master Terminology……………………………………………….49 Comprehensive, Purification, Clearing, Protection and Healing ……………. 53 Self-Clearing Method for Purification and Protection ……………………………. 56 The Self-Clearing & Maintenance Command ………………………………………… 62 The best way to do the Command for complete purification and protection ……………………………………………………. 63 For a quick clearing session ……………………………………………………………………63 Appendix 1 - THE TRUE SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL …………………………………….65

Appendix 2 - THE EVIL .………………………………………………………………..…….….81

Energy Healing thru Holograms “Five peas were living in a pod, which was green, and so they thought, the whole world must be green.“ Hans Christian Anderson Energy Healings thru Holograms are composed of a series of Healing Sessions, which help in their wholeness, human beings to clear, heal and dissolve negative, dysfunctional pattern, and build in positive energy frequencies, which create a positive emotional, mental and physical state of holistic health. Energy Healing let you grow thru Holograms in your spirituality, help to remove all kind of blockages, which sabotage your way to ascension and Wholeness. Healing Holograms (in short: HealHolos) can be encoded in pictures, color cubes, Audio CDs, and in Energy Attunements. Every part of these HealHolos contains, as a cell of your body, the information of the Whole. I will introduce now 6 categories of Healing and Enlighten Holograms, which will clear, heal and remove old, destructive, and non-love pattern from your subconscious and Energy fields:        Live in abundance, success, and prosperity Create Protection shields Karma Effect General Healing Emotional Healing Mental Healing Blockades and negative pattern of your being and personality (childhood, past lives, partnership, DNA&RNA and genetic pool etc.)

As we start Energy healing thru Holograms we first have to deal with the question: WHO AM I?

WHO AM I REALLY? You are definitely more than the physical body, which you identify yourself with. Your Spirit, Soul and Emotions have their own body. These bodies are different, but interconnected with your physical body. In fact you have much more bodies, than you’ve ever imagined. Sensitive and clairvoyant people at all times were able to see one or more of these nonmaterial bodies. The latest developments and scientific researches proof their existence.

This is the point where you create your reality. This is why it is important to set your PowerPoint in the ’NOW’ presence.Our daily living and experiences confirm the truth. to understand more clearly what it means ‘I AM’. that we live in a holistic energy reality. Then you are on the path to WHOLENESS. . back to the KINGDOM OF GOD. Then you will understand why Energy Healing thru Holograms correspond to the Truth – and the Truth is with GOD. who you believe you are. In short: We experience what we think and belief. This is where YOU belong. supported by our emotions. The figure in the center is the one. Furthermore use the HealHolos to clear. emotions and belief pattern that shape our daily living thru quantum probabilities. To understand who we really are. we first make a journey thru our Energy Bodies. heal and replace the destructive pattern of the past. based on our thoughts.

).The Physical Body Function: The Physical Body provides an experience of complete separation. sound. All states of consciousness exist independent of the physical body. Range of Consciousness: The five physical sensory organs giving perceptions of sight. The five physical organs of action: hands (grasping. This experience of separation clarifies personal character and the essence of individuality. mind. While the brain appears to be solid. Form/Structure: THE PHYSICAL BRAIN IS NOT A SOURCE OF EXPERIENCE as some current neuroscientists now mistakenly believe. digestive system (eating and excreting). but . THEREFORE. Nor can they fully explain the human psyche with neuroanatomy.painful and not painful.any lessons learned while in a Physical Body. many neuroscientists do admit that they cannot locate emotions. The Physical Body also provides stability. feet (motion).it is energy appearing solid. taste. and gaseous matter . This relay station works in both directions: spiritual. IS A MISTAKE. NEUROCHEMICALS AND ASSOCIATED BRAIN PROCESSES ARE SIMPLY CHANNEL SELECTORS FOR VARIOUS STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. or spiritual awareness. it is not . thought. The Physical Body also assists in the crystallization of consciousness . a solid foundation for all the other bodies. and spiritual events and information into neuro-electrochemical events and information. and genitals (sex and reproduction). mental. mental. and smell limited to solid. liquid. etc. any experiences processed through it. which is unavailable in any other body. and soul in the brain. TO SAY THAT THE SOLID PHYSICAL BRAIN IS THE MIND. CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS HAS PROVEN VERY CLEARLY THAT SOLID PHYSICAL MATTER IS AN ILLUSION AND THAT ALL IS ENERGY ONLY. or emotional states trigger neuro-electrochemical events in the brain (physical consciousness) AND neurochemical stimulation (for example through drugs) open access to specific states of emotion. become clearly defined and permanent consciousness as result of the Physical Body's separative and stabilizing influence. This is why the Physical Body is so valuable in our growth process. translating emotional. touch. throat (speaking). THE PHYSICAL BRAIN IS A RELAY STATION. While areas of the brain are associated with different consciousness functions.

is not solid . See an anatomy book for more details. . Subtle/etheric energy can be seen as well as felt.painful and not painful. an energy that interacts with the energy that creates the appearance of a brain.it is energy. liquids. The mind is also energy. It steps energies from the higher bodies down into our physical consciousness. and many processes that result in health. Etheric/Vital Body Function: The Etheric Body gives vitality. It attunes our consciousness to the principle of Energy. health. only. Range of Consciousness: An awareness of various types of subtle energy moving through the Physical Body and in the environment. and gases and is dependent upon the Etheric Body for its vitality. It has a total of 3 spatial dimensions. life and organization to the Physical Body. life. organization. How Awakened: Through dynamic physical activity and intense physical sensory perception . The Physical Body is composed of the energy states of solids.

that are connected to the endocrine glands and process seven main types of consciousness. The Astral/Emotional Body . From the inner body. Each auric layer has luminous string-like hairs that radiate out and always move in wave like motions. This figure form is made of numerous energy channels called nadis or meridians. sparkles of vitality move outwards. prana. The Etheric Body has a figure form in the same shape as the Physical Body. The second extends about three or more feet from the Physical Body. tai chi. chi kung (qi gong). The first extends about one foot from the Physical Body. It is also composed of subatomic particles. called chakras. vitality. The Etheric Body has two auric layers. It glows overall with color variations in the range of blue to violet to silver. the finest of which are quarks.Form/Structure: The Etheric Body is the subtle level of the Physical Body. It is composed of various energies such as electromagnetic. chi. There are seven major energy centers. There are 21 minor energy centers and many smaller energy centers. How Awakened: Awareness of the Etheric Body and the etheric universe is awakened by do practices such as pranayama. taoist yoga as well as simply by paying attention with the idea of energy in mind. etc. ki. It has a total of 3 spatial dimensions.

from the worst possible hells to the most glorious heavens. It has 7 major energy centers. happiness. Form/Structure: The Astral Body has a figure form in the shape of the Physical Body and an aura usually in an ovoid shape pointed at both ends. Clairvoyance (astral sight).Function: The Astral Body gives you the ability to have desires. and Emotional Idealism (astral equivalent of smell). and above all a personal point of view. lucid dreaming. certain pranayama practices. imagination. out of body experiences. It also includes the full range of desire from totally selfish and destructive desire to common personal desire to high spiritual aspiration to selfless serviceful desire. hallucinations. imagination. Range of Consciousness: Astral consciousness includes the full range of emotions from fear. The five astral senses are: Clairaudiance (astral hearing). and visions. and psychic abilities. Awareness of the Astral Universe is awakened by meditation. psychic development techniques. drugs . How Awakened: Astral/Emotional consciousness is primarily awakened through the stimulation of desire. feeling. Astral consciousness and the Astral Universe includes anything imaginable. and sorrow to love. To thought it lends power. just like the etheric body. Psychometry (astral touch/feeling). It is constantly changing color. certain types of trauma. hate. Astral experiences include dreams. The Astral Universe contains an astral replica of the higher universes. and many smaller centers.especially psychedelics. shamanic practices. fantasies. It has a total of 4 spatial dimensions. It is filled with imagery. . The aura extends about 4 to 9 feet from the Physical Body. near death experiences. and ecstasy. biochemical imbalances. Imagination (astral equivalent of taste). emotions. which is essential for effective action and manifestation. and certain types of energetic stimulation. dark to brilliant colors depending upon your mood. 21 minor energy centers. out of body (astral) travel techniques.

abstract. distinguishing thought to unitive. joy. and bliss. and to have thoughts. and the Manasic Body) is overall a place of profound rarefied celestial beauty.The Mental/Intellectual Body Function: The Mental Body facilitates cognition. awe. Range of Consciousness: Mental consciousness ranges from discernment of the very specific. detailed. peace. concepts. Discernment (mental equivalent of taste). and depression. and Spiritual Discernment (mental equivalent of smell). It is filled . Causal/Soul Body. the faculty of knowing. mental fear. embracing thought. separative range of thought then there is judgment. When there is excessive focus within the limiting. Separative. inclusive. Planetary Psychometry (mental feeling). beliefs. The five mental senses are: Higher Clairaudiance (mental hearing). It gives you the ability to discern. The Manasic Universe (which includes the Mental/Intellectual Body. Higher Clairvoyance (mental sight). particular to the discernment of the very general. and higher psychic abilities. When thought expands into the more unitive ranges then there is compassionateunderstanding. The Mental Body has its own range of feeling.

blue and gold. factual. silver. How Awakened: Mental consciousness is awakened through academic study. However. It has a total of 5 spatial dimensions. and impersonal than astral consciousness. yellow. gray. just like the etheric and astral bodies. Radiations of light extend from the heart area. white.primarily white.with light . It also has an aura that is ovoid shaped with pointed ends. and certain meditation practices. contains a mental replica of the higher universes. The Causal/Soul Body . certain types of energetic stimulation. It has 7 major energy centers. It is filled with knowledge about everything. and many smaller centers. The aura extends about 4 to 10 feet from the Physical Body. and gold. The Manasic Universe. individual personality and character reach their pinnacle of development in mental consciousness. although the full range of pastel colors are common. similar to the Astral Universe. Usual colors are light blue. Mental consciousness is more objective. 21 minor energy centers. Form/Structure: The Mental Body has a figure like form in the shape of the Physical Body. however all pastel colors can be present. reading.

and eventually the level of Logoic/ God/ Goddess/ Solar Aspect. mentally. the essence of you is absorbed back into the Causal Body. Here it is applied to the Causal Body because it is the pinnacle of personal consciousness. approximately 30 feet in diameter. especially developed will/power. Monadic Aspect. The Soul's life is one of unity. it extends its range of consciousness into the Higher Mind/Manasic Body. It is the first level of your individuality that is relatively immortal as the Causal Body exists for many millions of years. Atmic Body. It is the source of your personality.The Causal/Soul Body is named "Causal" because it is the originating source of each personality that incarnates in each lifetime. and purpose. causing it to be and exist. As it spiritually awakens with the aid of the meditating personality. whether a personality is in incarnation or not. emotional/astral. love. It lives primarily in the Manasic Universe. Generally it is meant to designate the innermost individuality. It has vortices on the top and bottom. bliss. etheric. lines of light and sparkling energy throughout. The word "Soul" is used as a label for many bodies or human aspects by various religions and cultures. The Causal Body has two additional mental/manasic senses: Response to Group Vibration (used to find its soul group). Limitations of perception has caused this label to be applied to the astral body. mental/intellectual. the mental body and other inner aspects. a miniature sun. Function: The Causal Body is the depository for all consciousness and virtues cultivated in each personality lifetime. Animals have yet to obtain a Causal Body and superhumans that are liberated from the cycle of rebirth discard the Causal Body and move on to higher levels. Most people have slices missing . emotionally. Range of Consciousness: The Causal Body/Soul is the central focal point of consciousness itself for the entire human being. It is the vehicle that facilitates the unfolding of consciousness that we use physically. Buddhic/Christic Body. It is the vehicle for human immortality. group consciousness. It is the treasure chest that safe keeps the fruits of all past experiences. When your personality ends. The experience of time is accelerated such that a physical lifetime is experienced as a day. and spiritually. and Spiritual Telepathy (used to communicate with other souls). during your journey as a human through many incarnations or lifetimes. wisdom. love-wisdom. As it awakens spiritually it becomes aware of other souls on its own level and participates in a universe and an existence independent of the personality. Form/Structure: Viewed from a 3 dimensional perspective it appears as a radiant orb of white and golden light. and creative intelligence. It is built out of all the benefits of all past lives. Therefore its range of consciousness includes the physical.

imagination. Viewed from a 5 dimensional perspective it appears as a radiant. personal power. It has a total of 5 spatial dimensions. knowledge. yellow. The Physical to Causal Bodies Combined The enveloping Causal/Soul Body (golden orb) is the subtlest level of personal individuality. is the vehicle for energy and vitality. The Mental/Intellectual Body (next inner level. beautiful flower of light that is continually blossoming and turning in upon itself. each of which is a vortex that is rotating and conducts a major type of consciousness. The Astral/Emotional Body (next inner level.that appear dark or vacant which are areas of consciousness that are to be unfolded in time. How Awakened: Causal/Soul consciousness is awakened through life and certain meditation practices. and much rose. thoughts. indigo. It has 12 petals. blue. desire. light bluish). and is a focus of feeling. is the vehicle for emotion. As a person evolves through an average of 777 lifetimes these petals or vortices open and become radiant and functional. and cognitive processes. is the vehicle for understanding. green. violet. multicolored). bluish). . It could be called the HigherSelf. The Etheric/Vital Body (next inner level. and all future life personalities. beliefs. the subtle basis for the physical body. As the petals open they radiate subtle hues of the colors: orange. all past life personalities. the enlivening source of life and consciousness for the current personality.

The Energy Body in his common. food intake. We are all divine beings of light! At the same time. various deleterious conditions tend to accumulate in our nonphysical energy bodies without us knowing it. but cannot be seen by most people. the Etheric/Astral Body. thru negative emotional and thought pattern. All past life experience. Since perception of these effects of stress is just beginning to awaken in most people. before such conditions accumulated. negative elementals. as a unit. knowledge.The Physical Body (at the center. unhealthy condition. the Astral/ Emotional Body. . We forget the purity and wholeness that we had as a child. and the Physical Body. color. effectively erasing past life memories on a personality level. When perceived with a full range of supersensory perception each of us is an amazingly beautiful display of light. tan colored). The Personality is very temporary and is changed or recreated every lifetime. unhealthy state. and individual focus. and energy. our current time period subjects us to a variety of stresses that take their toll on our energy health. because their perception towards higher vibration aura fields is undeveloped. and developed ability is retained on a Causal/Soul Body level as the Causal Body lasts many millions of years. The above image is of the bodies in their optimal healthy state. The Energy Bodies change their appearance. But almost all humans look completely different. The Personality is composed of the Mental/Intellectual Body. separation. is the vehicle for stability. environmental influences. This dirty condition will only be recognized by humans thru personal illness or negative emotional behavior. Over time such deleterious conditions of energy health become what is considered "normal" and are taken for granted. and other detrimental impacts and assaults into a dirty.

energetic hygiene is not. They create blockages to vital/etheric health. Some people look better. you can handle any kind of stressful experience with ease and remain free of any negative effects.The above image reveals conditions that are common for most people to have without them knowing it. These holes leak vital energies and allow unhealthy energies to get in from the environment. or Mental Body? Imagine if you never took a bath or shower your entire life. certain drugs. is normal practice today. The Emotional/Astral Body has accumulated darker colored energies. some people look worse. and living life to its fullest. Some people are beginning to sense that such conditions exist. arguments. . certain drugs. magnets. Blockages in the chakra energy centers can interfere with healthy mental and emotional functioning as well. taking baths. While physical hygiene. Perhaps that is the case on energetic levels. These interfere with accepting one's self and life. especially in the lower half of the aura. These are accumulated and sometimes deeply suppressed negative emotions. These are very common and are the result of some past trauma. The dark accumulations that appear on the physical body of the above image are not actually on the physical level. They are dense thought and emotional energies that have accumulated. This is the fundamental cause of all the other deleterious conditions . The Emotional/Astral Body also has holes with vital energies (red streams) leaking out. Whatever conditions are present.. past trauma. excess alcohol. The black little tornados in the Mental/Intellectual Body are repetitive negative thoughts. Such holes are very common and can be caused by emotional loss. The red energies along it are emotionally reactive patterns associated with the past event. The black slices in the Causal/Soul Body are not negative accumulations but rather vacancies . showers. If you have sufficient consciousness.areas or types of consciousness that need to be developed. The gray stains in the Mental/Intellectual Body are negative thought energies that have accumulated. Emotional Body. they can be resolved. These accumulated dense energies also create weak areas in the Etheric/Vital Body that can then create holes in the etheric aura. there is a lack of natural protection from negative emotional energies in the environment. electric blankets. A long crack stretches from the upper right corner to the lower left corner.the need for more consciousness. When Emotional/Astral holes are present. When this happens. These blockages can also accumulate in chakra energy centers. etc. Who ever taught us to clean our Etheric Body. internal organs and glands can be weakened. Perhaps this is the case for nearly everyone. excess alcohol. Other causes of etheric holes are: traumas. In the Mental/Intellectual Body there are generally horizontal zigzagging black and gray lines that are patterns of judgment and suppression. many common electromagnetic appliances such as leaky microwave ovens and cellular phones.

Through it we have the ability to directly comprehend vast reservoirs of knowledge and truth about reality and existence. and profoundly liberating to the human spirit. And you will find the right methods here. It is important to emphasize that all of the above conditions can be remedied with the right methods. When this level of consciousness is awakened the awareness of omnipresence becomes established. Manasic consciousness incarnates the intelligence aspect of Deity. There are a wide variety of other conditions that can also be seen in people that are unique to each person. This is why you read this book!  The Manasic/Higher Mind Body  Function: The Manasic/Higher Mind Body is the vehicle of contact with the Universal Mind.The above is just a sampling of various common deleterious conditions that can be perceived with a full range of supersensory abilities or with the latest aura scanning and diagnose devices. Every human is unique – a genuine mirror of the CREATOR. It exists in the higher levels of the Manasic Universe. . Range of Consciousness: The Manasic Body's orientation is towards mental comprehension of abstract and universal truths which are infinite in quantity. It gives us the ability to become conscious of the Divine Plan as it is working out in manifestation. exalted in quality. Manasic consciousness is normally rapturous and blissful.

3rd SamprajnataJhana Plane Sananda Samadhi Realm of 3c.The 7 Primary Levels of Energy of Our Reality with Integration of Other Systems Level/Name Description Neither perception nor nonperception. Sphere. accumulation of virtues and consciousness of intelligence. Buddhic 6 Spirit. Causal. compassion. group consciousness. divine union. Son Devaloka. Fine-MaterialVijnanamayakosa. Manasicuniversal truths. Manasic. Higher: experience of Abstract omnipresence 5 Devaloka. Sphere.VijnanaHoly Ghost Sphere. complete freedom from separative individuality Total Christian Spatial Equivalent Dimensions Buddhist Equivalent Hindu Equivalent 7. Father ImmaterialSphere. omnipotence cessation of feeling Whirling groups within groups of souls in purposeful ecstatic interaction. Neither Dharma-MeghaPerception nor Nirbija Samadhi Nonperception Plane. divine mind Relative immortality. Jhana Plane SamprajnataVicara Samadhi Devaloka. 2nd mayakosa. Atmic Identification with life Pure equanimity. experience of divine will. NoThingness and Shivaloka. Fine-MaterialAnandamayakosa. at-one-ment.Kingdom of Middle: spiritual souls. Father 4. Sphere. Father 5. principle. 2nd SamprajnataJhana Plane Vicara Samadhi 3b. experience of omniscience. Space & Nirbija Samadhi Boundless Consciousness Plane Brahmaloka. Fine-MaterialAtman. source of bliss and all pleasant feeling Universal abstract thought. 4th SamprajnataJhana Sasmita Samadhi 6. Logoic 9 Spirit. Fine-Material. realization of core individuality. and Cessation ImmaterialSphere. Boundless Vishnuloka. spiritual intuition. 7 Spirit. realm of universal archetypes Relationship. Soul light. Monadic Origination of principle of consciousness 8 Spirit. tremendous power Function Transition to higher evolution. Soul . transcendence of perception of separate self and identification with Transcendent Source Boundless pure consciousness outside of normal space and time. divine love. bliss 5 Heaven.

Soul Fine-Material. . sadness Supportive vitality and structural information Heaven. quarks. The appearance 1a. Manomayakosa Woeful Plane 2b. AstralLower 4 Hell Physical energy.Vijnanamayakosa. Physicalsubatomic Etheric particles. Soul Sense-Sphere. beliefs. Sensuous Manomayakosa Blissful Plane Sense-Sphere. psychic powers Lower emotions: fear. Earth Sensuous Pranamayakosa Blissful Plane Sense-Sphere. liquids. Body. Dense of growth of and gases consciousness 3 Please note: This is an extreme simplification.love. electromagnetic. AstralHigher Higher heaven worlds 4 Heaven. aspiration. Earth Sensuous Annamayakosa Blissful Plane Separation. liking. altruistic love Average emotions: fun. It is meant to give on integrative overview only. Just as the description of the Physical-Dense world is simplified to the barest description (the appearance of solids. 3 Sense-Sphere. will 3a. Soul 2a. Body. and gases). discrimination Highest emotions: ecstasy. hate. 1b. so is everything else in this chart. AstralMiddle "Heaven" worlds. love. Sensuous Manomayakosa Blissful Plane Sense-Sphere. Physicalcrystallization of solids. ManasicRealm of Lower: knowledge Intellectual Cognitive processing: concepts. 1st SamprajnataJhana Plane Vitarka Samadhi 5 2c. liquids. "Summerlands" Realm of earthbound ghosts and hell realms 4 Heaven. Sphere. Each part of the above table could be expanded to endless volumes of information.

social group. This allows identity to break free of individuality so that identity can include others. Many world teachers and founders of major religions embodied in the world this state of consciousness. can be helpful. etc. . although the study of abstract mathematics. How Awakened: The Manasic/Higher Mind Body is awakened through specific meditation practices and certain types of energetic stimulation. friends. and eventually humanity as a whole. The Buddha and The Christ. abstract philosophy.Form/Structure: When awakened. Size will vary between people. A central column of light-energy signifies its current range of universal thought. Budda/Christ Körper This body was not named after the individuals. the Manasic Body can be perceived as a vast field of particles of light. soul group. such as family. radiating from a central point and extending about 1200 feet in diameter and about 340 feet in height. but rather they were named after this level of consciousness that they embodied. It exists in 5 spatial dimensions. Function: The Buddhic Body facilitates the expansion of consciousness beyond separative individuality.

Causal/Soul. Mental/Intellectual. Therefore. When we engage with an object or event that we have a strong desire for. Similarly when our consciousness is agitated by aversion or strong desire. happiness. Correct meditation is the way to consistent bliss. our Source's way of leading you back home. During a windy day the sun cannot clearly reflect upon the water. pleasure is derived entirely from within. Even the anticipation of the satisfaction of desire has a concentrating effect upon consciousness and thereby allows some bliss in. As your consciousness ascends into higher states the bliss becomes increasingly fulfilling and satisfying. What then is pleasure and where does it come from? Pleasure or bliss is our natural innate state of being in the core of our individuality. your Causal/Soul Body is just the beginning of bliss. i. The Buddhic level is THE source of happiness and bliss for the Manasic/Higher Mind. We have more choice than we often realize as to what we allow to be painful for us. we are at peace and our innate bliss is allowed in. The source of your bliss is YOUR INNER SPIRITUAL BEING. and bliss is consistently naturally present. you are not your mind. which further stills our consciousness and allows more bliss in.. It is the plane of bliss or pleasure. Striving for an integration of ultimate satisfaction that survives the date of death is essential. If you examine a hot fudge sundae ice-cream under a microscope. And. upon examination. It is always in bliss. The balanced joyful . The more concentrated our consciousness. our innate bliss is thrown out of our consciousness. nothing is painful. The Mechanism of Pleasure Although it may appear that we get pleasure from external objects or events. When you feel pleasure. This is our Source's homing signal. they inhibit our natural innate bliss or they allow it in. you will not find any pleasure inside of it. For those who have reached enlightened liberation. the more bliss is allowed in and the more bliss we feel. The same goes for any object and any event that gives us pleasure. knowing by being that which is to be known. Astral/Emotional. Any activity or perception that results in peace or concentrates consciousness allows our innate natural bliss in while such activities and perceptions are not the source of the bliss. You are not your physical body. the external universe of phenomenon is composed of objects and events that are painful or not painful. All of these are temporary and will be discarded upon death. When our aversion or desire is satisfied. Varying degrees of this innate bliss flow into our consciousness depending upon our state. all is equal. denying ourselves of the relative satisfactions of this world is unnecessary.The Buddhic Body facilitates intuitive understanding through union with others. joy or ecstasy you are feeling this part of yourself. and Physical levels. you are not your emotions. Sex strongly concentrates the consciousness by the action of sexual energy and thereby allows a large amount of bliss in for most people. A true test of progress in the growth of consciousness is the degree of natural happiness or bliss that a person resides in. Your Causal/Soul Body is that nearly immortal part of you that is your source of bliss. our consciousness becomes concentrated upon it. you are not your personality. At the same time.e.

Buddhic/Christ consciousness is a state of ecstatic individual selftranscendence. These are: Comprehension (Buddhic hearing of 4 sounds: personal. Pure Buddhic consciousness is characterized by an expansion of identity beyond individuality so that you are big enough to identify with a group of individuals or souls. the ability to sense the ideal). whereby one's essence is recognized in and under all forms). World teachers embody this state in the way that they totally dedicate their individualities to the good of the group of humanity. unity. Buddhic consciousness incarnates the love aspect of Deity. and becoming evermore full of the source of joy. The joyful path is composed of enjoying life. They will never or rarely speak about their individuality. Realization of identification with the Divine begins on this level. The mark of someone who has truly attained this state of consciousness on a continual basis is that they are never oriented towards their individuality. This body eventually transmutes. the fusion of the personality and the Buddhic/Christic body is the goal of human evolution. If what is thought to be Buddhic or Christ consciousness does not include this experience of intense orgasmic bliss then it is not actual pure Buddhic/Christ consciousness but rather its reflection in the Mental or Astral levels. It is a state of intense love and continual total-being orgasmic ecstasy. and resolves all human problems with the power of love. Intuition (Buddhic taste. daily working on integrating the source of ultimate satisfaction. that of one's soul group. that of the planetary entity that is one's origin). Range of Consciousness: Buddhic consciousness does not begin until very significant progress on the spiritual path is made. . while not getting lost in their overindulgence. heals. They are totally selfless in their actions and desire nothing of a personal nature because they reside in the source of fulfillment. and wisdom. in continual intense bliss. Healing (Buddhic feeling that facilitates realization of the manner in which to heal and cause wholeness). Also. This starts as intuition (an ability to know wisdom through love. all-knowingness. or a mixture of Buddhic with Mental or Astral levels. that of others. their expression is utterly harmless and overflowing with compassion. without thought or psychic abilities) and as compassion for others. The Buddhic vehicle has its own level of five senses. while understanding the real source of our joy.path includes the appreciation of the relative joys of the world. Buddhic consciousness is also characterized by omniscience. and. The Buddhic/Christic body contains the archetype of perfection for the human being. Divine Vision (Buddhic sight that allows one to see the divine in all). and Idealism (Buddhic smell. Unity is so real and intense on this level that you are in a state continual ecstatic union with others. The embodiment of this archetype.

friends. It has a total of 6 spatial dimensions. The Atmic Body . it expands and elongates and travels to the object faster than the speed of light or the speed of thought. in the image above. the Buddhic/Christic body can be perceived as a large conglomerate of spinning vortices pointed outward. When a person takes their evolution in their own hands by the disciplined spiritual practice of meditation then pain and suffering become unnecessary and are replaced by bliss. Loving service to one's family. A central column of light-energy signifies its current range of consciousness.) Form/Structure: When awakened. the first glimmer of Buddhic/Christic consciousness. Buddhic consciousness is awakened primarily through certain types of meditation. as depicted above. and when its attention is directed to an object (on its own level or mental. are vortices of energy. Rarely are Buddhic bodies seen alone. or physical levels). profound wisdom. The cone shaped structures.It resides in the Buddhic Universe which is filled with golden and white light. humanity. They are normally dynamically interacting with groups within groups of other Buddhic beings. How Awakened: Pain and suffering awaken the beginnings of compassion for others. also helps to awaken this consciousness. swirling mandalas of groups within groups within groups of light-beings. astral. then the vortices tunnel into the object facilitating an immediate unification and merging with the object of attention. This body is extremely elastic. (For information about the Buddhic Universe go to The 7 Universes. and the world.

Active Service (the Atmic feeling sense of the ever unfolding need of creation). If there is a strong sense of individuality. but with all pervading life itself. Form/Structure The Atmic body is a radiation from a central point that is unified with the One-Life that envelopes and surrounds the earth. Manasic. Atmic consciousness incarnates the will aspect of Deity. It is the vehicle through which perfect self-mastery is attained. an extreme power of will that makes nearly all possible.Please note: This image is more metaphorical than actual because such levels cannot be well represented in imagery as they are very abstract. Perfection (Atmic taste that leads to the heart of one's nature). its true home). Function: The Atmic Body is the vehicle of identification with the One-Life the enlivens as well as observes and acts through every living being and creature on planet earth. a complete transcendence of both pain and bliss. This radiation of awareness extends in 7 spatial dimensions. Range of Consciousness: Atmic consciousness is undifferentiated awareness . animating. not with individuality. Atmic consciousness is also characterized by omnipotence. Perfected Knowledge (Atmic smell that guides a being to its source. Physical) on the earth. acting through all living creatures on all levels of existence (Buddhic. Realization (the Atmic ability to see the truth). Causal. Astral.extremely intense peace. then it is not a pure Atmic state but rather a reflection of it in Mental or Astral levels.identification. perceiving through. How Awakened: Atmic consciousness is awakened through specific meditation practices. The feeling of Atmic consciousness is that of pure equanimity. not with groups of beings. . The Atmic 5 senses are: Beatitude (the Atmic ability to hear the sound or vibration that creates the form of anything and everything on all levels up to the Atmic). Mental. It resides in the Atmic Universe. completely unbiased and equanimous towards all . Etheric.

(For information about the Monadic Universe go to The 7 Universes. It resides in the Monadic Universe. Manasic.) The experience of time is accelerated such that a physical lifetime is experienced as a minute while also simultaneously processing billions of years into the past and billions of years into the future. The Monadic Aspect contains the last remnant of individuality prior to merging back into our Source. It is also the powerstation from which we draw the principles of Will. and Intelligence. Manasic. our individual aliveness. This point of focus is the absolute source of our individual awareness. Mental. On its own level. a point of focus. Physical). Buddhic. Causal. it is pure consciousness without object. Physical). Mental. Buddhic. Astral. Causal. Function: The Monadic Aspect is the source of consciousness for all levels of experience (Atmic. and our individual expression. While a Monad is profoundly at one with and identified with Source. completely formless. Etheric. It is the generator of the principle of consciousness. Range of Consciousness: Monadic consciousness IS the awareness we use on all levels of experience (Atmic. Astral. it also has a very subtle individuality. Etheric.The Monadic Aspect Please note: This image is more metaphorical than actual because this level is extremely abstract. It has been called the Spark within the Flame. Love. .

For the Monad. Objectively it is a linear progression of universal change. the faster time goes by. the faster time goes by. time stretches on for a seeming forever. There is nothing wrong with the past that needs changing.we continually see better ways of doing things. Subjectively it is the processing rate and a holistically inclusive consciousness of change. The past is set and does not change. it is interpreted as a detriment and acts upon the present as a detriment. Thus. the higher your consciousness. When the past is resisted. Time is not a dimension in space. as time passes. acceptance of experience speeds processing rate and resistance to experience slows processing rate. Additionally. Why? Because higher states of consciousness use subtler (lighter and quicker) energy and lower states of consciousness use denser (heavier and slower) energy to process your experiences. Lower states "eat" physical time at a slower rate. Time is both objective and subjective. Time is so sped up for the Causal Body (the Soul) that a Personality lifetime for it is like a day. it is just different. Also. The higher the state. acceptance speeds up the experience of time and resistance slows the experience of time. No event is inherently bad. how we interpret it. The lower your consciousness the slower time goes by. how we frame it. Using physical level change (time) as a baseline. and learnt from then it is interpreted as a resource that empowers the present and the future. Thus. A good life is like a good day. time is much faster . higher states process physical change much quicker than lower states. which is very dense and slow compared to higher levels.nothing more. As we grow in consciousness. What needs changing is how we view the past.Understanding Time Much misunderstanding exists today as to the nature of time in higher levels. Events are temporary but the valuable consciousness gained from the events lasts forever. The higher your consciousness. When you are depressed. The potential future is continually being improved as we harvest lessons from the past . What is changing is how we view the past. giving the experience of physical time flying by.What does Future mean . time flies. Time generally speeds up for an older person (life goes by faster) because they are generally processing at a higher rate. Thus the higher your consciousness. we are able to harvest increasing quantities of valuable lessons from the past. Thus higher states "eat" physical time at a faster rate. giving the experience of physical time passing slowly. very temporary. valued. everything is subject to interpretation as bad or good or neutral. The following is intended to resolve some of these issues. When the past is increasingly accepted. the greater the ability to include more of the past from which learning is continually occurring and more of the potential future that is being created in a continually more optimal way. the more expansive and inclusive it is of the past and the future. A bad life is like a bad day . When you are happy.a Personality lifetime is like a minute. Time does exist in higher levels. hundreds or thousands . when you are in a higher state you process experiences faster and when you are in a lower state you process experiences slower.

. The earth is the densest place to live in our Solar System. the Monad is also so expanded in its consciousness that it is simultaneously processing billions of years into the past and billions of years into the future. Life. in the now it is experiencing what could be called the "Eternal Now". We are Her children. Form/Structure: Impossible to describe aside from that it exists in 8 dimensions. The Logoic/ God/ Goddess/ Solar Aspect Please note: This image is more metaphorical than actual because this level is extremely abstract. There are many nonphysical planets that are teeming with life and activity. However. are Her. 60 Billion of the Individualized Beings in our Solar System are on the Human path of evolution. Its expanse is much greater than a planet but usually not greater than a solar system. while the Monad is focused upon the current moment along with the Personality and the Soul. She is our caretaker. There are 200 Billion Monads/Individual Beings (such as you and me) living in this Solar System. We fundamentally. and Love. How Awakened: Monadic awareness is awakened through specific meditation practices.of human lifetimes (incarnations) are experienced very quickly for the Monad. Each Individualized Being is an atom in its body. Nearly all the planets are populated on nonphysical levels. The Solar System is Alive. The Solar Aspect is the source of our Light. as Individual Beings. Our Solar Deity is a Goddess. Each planet is a major energy center in its body. This makes our Local God. the Solar Deity. We are the atoms in Her body. 140 Billion of the Individualized Beings in our Solar System are on the Angelic (called in the east Devic) path of evolution (which is feminine in relation to the Human path). technically feminine in gender since most of its atoms are feminine.

Interstellar dynamics in 9 spatial dimensions. such as a cube. which an inherent part of our current Solar System. is viewed with 2 Dimensional awareness a line is perceived. Atmic. When viewed with 4 Dimensional awareness a cube is perceived. This will be explained as follows. Manasic. Although our consciousness is primarily limited to 3 spatial dimensions.Function: To unfold Consciousness which is fundamentally Love. and 3rd Dimensions a hypercube is created. When a 3 Dimensional object. Range of Consciousness: Encompassing the life and activity of 200 Billion Beings evolving and living on multiple levels (Monadic. When the 4th Dimension is combined with the 1st. is viewed with 3 Dimensional awareness a flat object is perceived. 2nd. When a 1 Dimensional object (a line) is viewed with 1 Dimensional awareness (1 direction only) a point is perceived. Astral. Understanding Spatial Dimensions Much misunderstanding exists today as to the nature of spatial dimensions. When viewed with 2 Dimensional awareness a line is perceived. after Love is fully developed. . The previous Solar System unfolded Intelligence. possibly an infinite number of dimensions. The 1st Dimension is Length. Causal. The next Solar System will unfold Will and Power. such as a square. The following is intended to resolve some of these issues. creating a line. We have to in order to perceive 3 Dimensional objects. Buddhic. we actually exist in a universe composed of many more spatial dimensions. which combined with the 1st Dimension creates a plane or sheet. which combined with the 1st and 2nd Dimensions creates a cube. The 3rd Dimension is Height. The 2nd Dimension is Width. When a 2 Dimensional object. Etheric. Mental. Without realizing it. Physical) on many planets. we actually use 4 Dimensional awareness all the time. The 4th Dimension is an added depth in hyperspace (outside of 3 Dimensional Space). When viewed with 3 Dimensional awareness a square is perceived.

we must use 5 Dimensional Awareness. The Buddhic/Christic Universe in 6 Spatial Dimensions. and a vast number of nonphysical planets existing in subtle levels of reality. Full and complete awareness in a higher Universe includes awareness of additional spatial dimensions. such as a hypercube. The Physical-Etheric Universe is structured in 3 Spatial Dimensions. The Galactic Deity. asteroids. To perceive a 4 Dimensional object. the known physical planets. Also. It also serves the role of the Heart Chakra/Center of a Being somewhat larger than itself. . When viewed as a whole on all levels the Solar System looks like an immense whirlwind of radiant energy. In the same way it is a mistake to call the Manasic Universe the 5th Dimension. How Awakened: Logoic/Solar Consciousness is awakened through specific meditation practices. Time is not a spatial dimension but rather is a measure of events in space.THUS WE USE 4 DIMENSIONAL AWARENESS TO PERCEIVE 3 DIMENSIONAL OBJECTS. The Astral(Emotional) Universe is structured in 4 Spatial Dimensions. The Atmic Universe in 7 Spatial Dimensions. moons. and 3. The Manasic Universe (including Causal/Soul and Mental/Intellectual) is structured in 5 Spatial Dimensions. the Manasic and higher Universes all contain the 4th Dimension. To call the Astral Universe the 4th Dimension is a mistake because the Astral Universe also contains Dimensions 1. Form/Structure: The entire Solar System including the Sun. The Logoic Universe in 9 Spatial Dimensions. It is an atom in the body of our Galactic God. 2. The Monadic Universe in 8 Spatial Dimensions. ALL THE TIME. like a huge radiant atom.

and prosperity Create Protection shields Karma Effect General Healing Emotional Healing Mental Healing Blockades and negative pattern of your being and personality (childhood. dysfunctional pattern. the information of the Whole. which help in their wholeness.So what can Energy Healings thru Holograms do for me? Energy Healings thru Holograms are composed of a series of Healing Sessions. destructive. and non-love pattern from your subconscious and Energy fields:        Live in abundance. human beings to clear. success. Energy healing takes place. DNA&RNA and genetic pool etc. heal and dissolve negative. Healing Holograms (in short: HealHolos) can be encoded in pictures. Every part of these HealHolos contains. Audio CDs. as a cell of your body. help to remove all kind of blockages. which create a positive emotional. heal and remove old. when the encoded energy of the Hologram will be transmitted to the contemplator thru intend. Energy Healing let you grow thru Holograms in your spirituality. color cubes. I will introduce now 6 categories of Healing and Enlighten Holograms.) How does the principle of Energy Healing thru Holograms function? Note: This color cube is an example of a Healing Hologram with rainbow coloring as the carrier energy. and in Energy Attunements. prayers and conscious soul connection. mental and physical state of holistic health. . which will clear. which sabotage your way to ascension and Wholeness. and build in positive energy frequencies. partnership. past lives.

curses. business. less-thanlove energies. GOD please help me to be peaceful. peace. GOD please align my ego with the will of GOD. GOD I ask for a new alignment and a deeper relationship with you. GOD please open my heart and mind to the fullest extent possible at this time. energetic systems and quantum fields and particles. negative thoughts. car and personal office space. God please align my ego to the Divine. mind control. cords. God please align my will with the will of the Divine.YOU. God please clear me of attachments that are less than Divine. allowings and permissions or auric leaks. GOD please deactivate my ego and open me to oneness. God please align my mind with the Divine. and any non-me frequencies. GOD please clear my past. compassionate and nonattached. non-me frequencies to enter my quantum fields. parts and particles. GOD please extend this clearing to my business. parts and particles and from my energetic systems. the Health & Truth Searcher. entities. service and Christ consciousness quotients to the highest levels that I can tolerate now. GOD please clear and remove any blocks or obstacles I have to becoming one with you or any blocks I have to becoming 100% sovereign. spaces and my quantum fields. for the Divine energy to flow through. attitudes and emotions. karma. aura. I am one with GOD. Absorb the following: I AM Aligned with GOD Calibration  I now align with GOD. energetic systems. web       . web sites. slow. stagnant. GOD please help me to surrender as much as I can at this time to you. matrix energies. GOD please raise my level of consciousness as well as my love. would like to connect and align yourself to GOD. rips and tears going beyond all that I know to ask for in my energy field that creates an opening for any less-than-love. land. light. deprogram and shut down any and all interference. GOD please illuminate my shadow and dissolve as much of it as is possible at this time from my quantum fields. less-than-love interference. GOD please fill me with love. healing and truth. personal property. implants. stuck. going beyond all that I know to ask for from my aura. dense. GOD please place me into a state of serenity and clarity and optimal functioning and well-being. GOD please align me with the Truth and Love and Light of GOD on all levels to the fullest extent possible at this time. GOD please clear any underlying patterns or energetic anchors. duality and tribal consciousness and deprogram me from family and religious programming. God align my vessel of light with the Divine vessel of light. subjugation and any matrix energies within my energetic systems. GOD please blast. serene. spells and hexes. God shield me of attachments that are less than Divine. God transform me into a hollow reed. release and heal on all levels any disturbed energies. GOD please deprogram me from mass. discrepancies. clear. GOD please deactivate. grace. congested energies. subversion. etc. home.

direction. GOD please clear any blocks I have to giving.     The energies of this meditation or prayer or affirmations has been encoded in the image below. home. trauma.  GOD please heal my body. greed. real and personal property. drama and processing. as well as around my web sites so that no thing or being with less than 100% Love can enter into this sacred space or impact me or my web sites in any less than 100% Love manner. anxiety. duality consciousness. flow. tension. Please calibrate these energies and transmit them to me in the divine ideal way. Thank you!" . feeling unloved. aura and energetic systems. spin and flow. get centered in your heart and ask if it is in your highest good to accept these energies. sarcasm. GOD please heal all of my energy bodies. If you get a YES. worry. shame. GOD please clear out any and all energetic anchoring. bondages and constraints of cause/effect. grieving and memories as much as is possible at this time. GOD please release me from the limitations. GOD please clear. impatience. loneliness. self sabotage. etc. all you have to do is say: "God I choose to align with you. consciousness.site. depression. core fear.GOD please clear. release and heal my cellular memory. GOD please clear me from learning my lessons by playing them out in the physical plane of duality. take several deep breaths. addictive patterns and programming. quantum and subatomic fields. and lack of self love. etc. unkindness. allowings and permissions that allow me to be influenced and/or interfered with by the dark side. money. lust. guilt. unappreciated or unsupported.000 miles long in all directions around my quantum fields and particles. heart and soul to the fullest extent possible at this time. mind. GOD please clear out all energetic patterns around doubt. stress. upgrade and recalibrate all of my chakras up to function at the level of 100% and in the divine ideal level of opening. GOD please heal my DNA and any genetic predispositions that allow or support an energetic imbalance to the fullest extent possible now. abundance and any blocks that obstruct my ability to connect with the universal flow of abundance. GOD please establish a perimeter 5. Calibrated Image to Help YOU to Align with GOD The energies and frequencies from the list of affirmations above has been encoded into the image below. car. esteem and acceptance from my consciousness at all levels of my being. As you look at the cube below. energy. deserving. time. energetic systems. receiving. heal.

But the transmission can only take place by your intend and the permission of your soul.The transmission of the energy is authorized by levels of Higher Consciousness and encoded into the color cube by different realms like the angelic councils. destructing pattern of thoughts and belief in your energy fields. and healing on all levels of your existence. Ascended Masters. If we take this violet cube above as the carrier energy. which can be only recognized by your soul. An Energy or Spiritual Healer. They work only for your Highest Good at the moment! Let’s take again a look to the picture of the disturbed Energy Bodies: . who acts as a facilitator and intercessor. The Healer connects to the Higher Spirits and anchors the energy into the cube or an Audio CD or can directly connect the energy to your Higher Self and Soul. You are this Consciousness in development. then these Higher Spirits transmit the energies in this cube and encode also an invisible symbol. Devas or the Hierarchy of the Light. This Higher Consciousness – as mentioned as the several bodies above – is actually a part of your Being. the clearance of your old. directs this transmission. Higher Beings are only interested in the acceleration of YOUR development.

healed and removed. as your Hard Disc this book. And worse. But. and finally allow a disease to warn or inform the ’man in the center -YOU’ that there is something wrong in your whole system. school. You speak the text and the recorder repeats the message. What is a pattern? A pattern is a belief system and an energetic accumulation of vibrations in the subconscious mind that we’ve finally anchored thru our thoughts and beliefs. which are determined by the mass consciousness. because all energetic bodies up to the physical will be cleared. and childhood. than your subconscious mind doesn’t ask your permission any more to replay it. environment. once the subconscious has stored the text. which contaminate chakras. . You can compare it with a recording on your tape recorder. which darken the etheric body even further.The person in the center is you – or the ONE you think you are – and is mostly treated by doctors and psychologist with best ethic intend and scientific knowledge. positive programs. DNA/RNA. the etheric and other Higher Bodies. The origin of a disease are in most cases accumulated negative thoughts and emotions. In fact a disease is nothing more than a gentle reminder of corrections to be done by the will and change of attitudes of the ’Personality’ living in their evolving Energy Bodies. but unfortunately worsen the situation of the picture above. The solution is the Healing thru Energy Holograms. healed and old pattern will be removed and replaced by new. the origin of the disease will never be cleared. But therapies based only on the cellular level can only suppress symptoms. but plays it automatically and sabotages sometimes best intensions. genetic pole. since medicine itself are drugs.

because the subconscious belief system pattern has memorized poverty as an important virtue for spiritual enlighten. that you will not get rich. This is why spiritual oriented people often struggle with money issues.Example: In your previous life you was a monk in India.“ . If you receive a YES. Note: Connect to your soul    Ask your soul if the Healing Energies encoded in this cube are for you highest good. in your present life as a post officer you wonder. that you have debt and cannot hold money. say loud or silent “I accept “. and the energies are downloaded into your Energy Field. and implant a new pattern into your subconscious mind: ’I enjoy abundance and prosperity and I attract easily money in my life. Once you get the feeling that the energies are downloaded – similar to a computer download to your hard disc – just say or think “Thank you GOD/CREATOR. Now.’ To accomplish Healing thru Energy Holograms we will execute the following steps: 1) First you align with GOD. and often even waste it The pattern of being poor is still stored in your Energy field and always searches for ways. Solution: You clear your Higher Bodies. where poverty was a means to reach ascension from the wheel of karma. Take a few deep breath and connect both with your soul (simply touch your heart) and the energies in the Hologram (simply visualize yourself standing in the color cube). How do you do that: The healing Energy of the Alignment with GOD is encoded in the color of Hologram in the picture below. delete the pattern of poverty.

“ Note. the karmic ties will be removed (if allowed at that time). and the energies are downloaded into your Energy Field. and the energies are downloaded into your Energy Field.   Say loud or silent “I accept “. Once you get the feeling that the energies are downloaded – similar to a computer download to your hard disc – just say or think “Thank you GOD/CREATOR.Note. Visualize yourself in this rainbow cube 2) Next. Once you get the feeling that the energies are downloaded – similar to a computer download to your hard disc – just say or think “Thank you GOD/CREATOR.“ .   Say loud or silent “I accept “. Visualize yourself in this color cube 3) Now you dissolve old pattern and remove old messages from your subconscious.

“ Note.   Say loud or silent “I accept “. Visualize yourself in this color cube . specific poverty pattern and replace the old pattern with new.Note. Once you get the feeling that the energies are downloaded – similar to a computer download to your hard disc – just say or think “Thank you GOD/CREATOR. and the energies are downloaded into your Energy Field. to program your subconscious mind with abundance and prosperity. Visualize yourself in this color cube 3) Now you clear and heal yourself from old.

Thank You!” Note. The subconscious mind is the gate to your soul and Higher Self. The Power of Subliminal Messages How to attract your wishes. that is to say that it will unquestioningly accept anything and everything we submit to it. The subconscious mind is sublime. disease. health. you have to reprogram your subconscious mind. you can clear your Energy field from negative pattern. Visualize yourself in this rainbow cube After you have cleared. Align with GOD – Look into the cube below. The subconscious mind is around 90% of your total mind power as opposed to the 10% of our mind that we usually use in our normal daily waking state. desires. In this book you will learn how to use healing holograms for all kind of problems. and will then act upon our instructions thereby bringing our vibration into complete harmony with our desires. needs and desires with the minimum of time and effort. and from keeping your money in your bank account. connect to your heart and soul and say loud or silent: “God I want to be ONE with you and release NOW all blockages and negative pattern that sabotage my alignment with you. healed and released negative pattern from your Being. thus enabling them to manifest into our life where we can . The power of subconscious messages: How you can materialize your dreams. success or anything else at all that you desire is to bypass the conscious mind in order to access the immense powers of the subconscious mind.Applying consistently these 3 simple steps over 21 days. and goals in the shortest possible timeframe. be it wealth. and corrupted pattern. Always align with GOD first. One of the major secrets to success with anything at all. that prevent you in this life to enjoy abundance and prosperity.

wishes and desires so that the super-conscious Mind. as many people have discovered. Over the years I have heard of and from literally thousands of people who have been faithfully and frequently repeating affirmations without much success. and will therefore have its full cooperation. and in fact rarely are consistent with our "best interests". In order to access the infinite potential of the subconscious mind we first of all have to bypass the logical. which in turn will bring us into vibrational harmony with our needs. wishes and desires in order to analyze them to "decide" whether or not they are "in our best interests". . Of course. the "interests" of our conscious mind are not always. in order to access the infinite power of the subconscious mind. in other words in the form of affirmations. which in turn can receive your affirmations much more directly and subsequently act upon them. which might also be seen as our adversary. due to the fact that this is very often what the conscious mind wants in maintaining its ego driven status quo. gradually the message will filter through the conscious mind to reach the subconscious mind which will then act upon them to bring the object of the affirmations into your experiential reality. ego driven filters of the conscious mind which will always intercept our instructions in the form of our needs. or close to the "theta" frequency range which brings us into much closer contact with the subconscious Mind. Ironically it is much easier to attract a lack of success. Again.experience them in full. The conscious mind is only interested in control and in maintaining the status quo of whatever gives it the most gratification based on the demands of the ego. needs and desires is to bypass the filters of the conscious mind in order to directly access the infinite potential of the subconscious mind. If we experience a lack of success then we begin to believe that we will never succeed and that then becomes our reality. It is clear therefore that the key to attracting our wishes. wish for and desire that we have to bypass the conscious mind. reasoning. And there is nothing like a lack of success to attract even more of a lack of success as the Law of Attraction works immutably in all directions. So in this case you have both your conscious and subconscious mind working against you. There are several ways of accomplishing this and in fact this is one reason why I developed HoloCDs. Affirmations are particularly powerful just before sleep and just after waking due to the fact that we are in. There are several ways of more effectively accessing the power of the subconscious mind and HoloCDs provides you with all the tools to accomplish this most easily and effectively. By continually repeating our desires in the form of short statements phrased in the present tense. can subsequently materialize them into our experiential reality where we can enjoy and benefit from them. It is absolutely crucial if we are to progress and to attract into our experience all that we need. The Universe.

Only allow thoughts that are consistent with your needs. it is absolutely vital to be totally conscious of your thoughts at all times. After all. The official dictionary definition of "Subliminal" is: "Below the threshold of conscious perception". . Visually the subconscious mind can perceive and understand visual messages that are not perceivable by the conscious mind. wishes and desires and dismiss everything else immediately. For visual subliminal messages this means flashing the messages at such a speed and at such a frequency that only the subconscious mind can detect them. analyzing and subsequently rejecting it.I have found over the years that it is human nature to want as much as possible in return for as little effort as possible. we can much more quickly. By sending affirmations "below the threshold of conscious perception". However. For audio subliminal messages this means playing the messages at a frequency that cannot be perceived with the conscious hearing range of the human ear. So how then can we attract our desires with the minimum of time and effort? Enter Subliminal Messages. easily and effectively access the power of the subconscious mind to our considerable benefit So what then are our options for achieving this? There are two main methods by which we can use subliminal technology for maximum effect: Audio Subliminal Messages Visual Subliminal Messages Invisible Subliminal Messages (Energy holograms) In all cases our objective is to get our message in the form of an affirmation stated in the present tense through to the subconscious mind without the conscious mind intercepting. Invisible subliminal messages are symbols created by Higher Beings into picture cubes (as introduced in this book) that couldn’t be seen by the human eye but perceived and encoded by your soul and transmitted to the subconscious. Fortunately the range and speed of perception of the subconscious mind is considerably greater than that of the conscious mind. which of course is understandable in the busy lifestyle of today. The same applies to audio messages where the ears can hear and perceive audio messages that are not perceivable by the conscious mind. HoloCDs includes advanced technologies to accomplish both of these objectives. Which of course is precisely our objectives. your thoughts creating your reality. no one really wants to spend all day repeating affirmations. I am frequently asked how log it takes to start seeing tangible results from these subconsciousprogramming techniques.

The glasses had not changed. only the mind had changed. and placed everything viewed the right way around once again. if you miss a few days you will be effectively be back at the beginning. thereby overriding the physical effect of the glasses. intuition. balancing your brain and leading you to a highperformance state scientists call "whole brain functioning"… » Dramatically improve your learning ability. The astronauts had to wear these special glasses almost all the time with very few temporary exceptions. For around 30 days everything seemed to be upside down.The answer is it takes an average of 30 days of frequent. it might take others several months. memory. Their task was to adapt to this "upside down" environment. concentrate and think more clearly… » Create true quantum leaps in your personal self awareness… » Significantly lower your stress levels and lower your levels of harmful brain chemicals related to stress… » Create remarkable improvements in your mental and emotional health—even in areas that have stubbornly resisted change with other approaches… » Dramatically increase your production of vital (and very pleasurable) brain chemicals related to your longevity. The HoloCDs have a frequency modulation sound layer to program the subconscious mind even faster and effective. While you are in a relaxed state. This can be illustrated by an experiment carried out by NASA for the space program. Trainee astronauts where given a special pair of glasses to wear that caused everything they view do be inverted so it was upside down. creativity. but of course everyone is unique and whereas some people might see results within a few days. well-being. . the subliminal messages will go directly and without disturbance to your subconscious. But after 30 days on average suddenly everything appeared to be the right way around. consistent use of these methods. just as it would be without the special glasses. The subconscious mind had learned that the glasses were a "trick". Stimulating your brain with this sound frequency has the following effects: » Safely and effortlessly take you to states of profoundly deep (and extremely pleasurable) meditation… » Stimulate the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain. and quality of life… This frequency is overlapped with a meditation sound to bring you even deeper state of relaxation. In that moment the Universe – GOD – is working for you to manifest your desires dreams. and goals. Consistency is the key however. and your ability to focus.

and slow vibrations. The reason for this higher vibration is the convergence from the central sun to the earth. and to prepare humankind for the New Age. joyful and abundant reality. This substance is very subtle and cannot be perceived by the physical senses. positive changes in our spiritual life. We create Holograms by ourselves. dense. The starting point was the whole energy body. You are an important part of these changes. when you start a subliminal program. where the earth and other planet are shifted to a higher and more subtle frequency and vibration. that has to be cleared. Concepts – like energy healing. and this is why you read this book. The steps: 1) 2) 3) We do daily clearing and healing sessions with the encoded Energy Holograms. and emotions. You can be really blessed to experience a great and interesting time on your adventure evolution journey. Creation of Healing Energy Holograms What do you have to know about Healing Holograms: 1. ascended masters (more later) and other Light Beings. thoughts. The Clearing and removing of old. archangels.that are mocked by most now will be soon medical reality. peaceful. (HoloCreation). It is not only your intention to create a picture. which are able encode the healing power in Holograms. healed and newly programmed with positive attitudes. The consequence is the repulsion of dark. . Their purpose is to help human evolution. to attract Healing Energy directly from the cosmos. negative pattern from the Energy bodies thru Higher Beings. We listen daily to HoloCDs which re-program our subconscious mind in the way we want it.NOTE: Make sure that you set an intend or imagine your purpose. Healing thru personalized Energy Holograms We have met up to now two pre-requisites to create a life in health in harmony. but rather a living substance. loving. so that we will experience dramatic. You build a new manifestation of your own. These Higher Beings are mostly angels.

That your creation can grow you have to plant it in the ‘universal soil. love. THINKING ’SUBSTANCE’ OR CONSCIOUSNESS THAT CREATED EVERYTHING AND PERMEATES IN ITS PRIMAL ENERGY THE WHOLE KOSMOS! * AN IDEA OR THOUGHT DIRECTED TO THIS SUBSTANCE PRODUCES THE THING THAT IS IMAGINDED BY THE THOUGHT! * THINGS OR WISHES FORMED IN THE THOUGHTS AND IMPRESSED THRU HOLOCREATION UPON THE INTELLIGENT SUBSTANCE. The whole universe is composed out of countless frequencies. That leads us to the next step. you will experience the positive outcome in your daily life. wishes and in our case health. ONE THINKS. During the process of HoloCreation you work with Higher Powers. wishes and dreams. The process of creation starts in the presence. It goes with success. and nobody else create them! If you learn how to direct and channel your thoughts positively. From now on you can be the creator of your reality and grow spiritually…That is the sense and purpose of our earth-school called life. you are a creator. prosperity. The basic assumptions regarding the creation of Healing Holograms are: * GOD OR THE UNIVERSE IS AN INTELLIGENT. TO BE CREATED. Keep an open state of mind and gratitude. As you create your reality or perfect health. HoloCreation is the intended focus of your thought energies toward a clear picture of your dreams. 4. Your job is to consciously set intend und expectation towards the realization. You. the conscious control of energy. family and all positive state of manifestations you can ever imagine. peace. We all create this reality thru Energy Holograms. This includes miracle healing and perfect health that is our main topic. you demand.’ You know you created an entity that has to be planted and then be nurtured to grow. From a seed to a tree. not in the future. you will create the state of health. you will get connected to powerful dimensions and frequencies. When you learn to control thoughts and emotions and direct them wisely. harmony. abundance. CAN CAUSE THE WISH. Accept and realize the importance that you can mold life after your goals. 5. 6. NOW – is your power and creation point. Have confidence that your created substance has a real existence. which transmit the manifestation of your imaginations and emotions toward the physical realm. . 3. simply stated. Healing thru Energy Holograms The Healing process is.2. As with the encoded Energy Holograms. 7.

1) After you finished the session. Then your Ego and analytic thoughts will step in and doubt the whole process. However you can do other. forget about them completely. don’t think or visualize anything anymore about this particular HoloCreation. Let the HoloCreations grow and trust in the process. .The concrete steps to let HoloCreations do their work in the universe: HoloCreation Category _________________________________________ Creator thank you for your healing assistance for_____________________ Big Picture and Result _________________________________________ Main Emotion ________________________________________________ 1. but then cut your connections to the HoloCreations.15 Seconds to be hold) _________________________ After this procedure plant the HoloCreation into the universe. The lecture here is to have faith in Gods work rather than to give in to your doubts. Take your time to create regularly and consistently. So be ready to eliminate these destructive elements or let it be done. WARNING: Destructive thoughts and emotions will prevent your HoloCreation to grow.Screenshot ___________________ Emotion ____________________________________________________ Big Picture and Result __________________________________________ Main Emotion (appr. but be open for impulse and intuition that will follow. Once you are thru with you daily sessions. and give you directions and hints how to act in accordance and sync to your goal. Do your daily routine.Sreenshot __________________________________________________ Emotion _____________________________________________________ 2. You do this by either shooting it there as a rocket or visualize its ascension as a balloon. I highly recommend Angelic Energy Holograms.Sceenshot __________________________________________________ ___________________ Emotion 3. 2) Since we life in a three dimensional world of space and time. negative and analytic thinking of your day-to-day living. new HoloCreations. They are thousand times proofed to be very effective. it will take time to manifest the goals in your reality.

In fact there are no miracles existing. because we made our journey thru the Energy Bodies. even they support it) Listen to HoloCDs which program your subconscious for fast Filling up your daily HoloCreation for Health – as filled up above.The Functional Hologram for your Health Now. organic food and supplements in agreement with your health care professional. and lack of exercise that causes a disease. as that is our purpose as individualized souls.spiritualhealingpower.html You already can imagine who you really are.com/Energy-Healing. Practical Example: You had a heart attack. Here you will find more about Healing thru Energy Holograms: http://www. You do this by either shooting it with a rocket to the stars or visualize the HoloCreation as a balloon that ascend to heaven. All bodies are in constant development. Your Higher Self exist in Higher . As you create or receive Energy Holograms. copy it and use it daily. and now recovering from the stroke. inheritance. Finally you have to accept the fact that you are a multidimensional.html More about personal Healing: http://www. Big Picture and Result: You see yourself happy and full of joy at the breakfast table Main Emotion: Joy and Happiness 1. You’ll do the following in sequence: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Medical Treatment to support the physical recovery and maintenance. To accomplish miracle healing thru holograms. stress. holographic Being! As you perceive yourself in the day-to-day life is only the surface of the deep ocean. but rather phenomena and appearances of the cosmic truth that seem like miracles only for ‘uninitiated humans’. we fill up the above example for the daily SESSION: HoloCreation Category: Health . your Higher Self and your soul will integrate these energies in your physical reality. Print out a sheet. Take in only natural. Take your medicine in the holstic way.Screenshot: You do jogging in your surroundings Emotion: Power 3. (NOTE: It is not only the bad diet. because they cannot rationally explain them in their limited material way of perception. we have take all resources of your Being into account.I give thanks for my new hope and positive attitude toward my health.com/distanthealing.Screenshot: You jump out of your bed while laughing Emotion: Happy 2.Screenshot: You crack jokes with your co-workers in your office Emotion: Relaxed Big picture and result: You see yourself happy and full of joy at the breakfast table Main Emotion: Joy and Happiness (hold this emotion for about 15 seconds) After you hold the Main Emotion for approximately 15-30 seconds plant your daily HoloCreation into the Universe.spiritualhealingpower. Daily clearing and healing of the energy pattern thru Healing Holograms that led you to a stroke.

lifetime after lifetime. and give thanks to GOD and the HIGHER BEINGS like the Ascended Masters. and the Hierarchy of Light encoded in Holograms. learning the lessons of Life. Having come into embodiment. . not bound by time and space. Angels. fulfilling Their earthly mission and manifesting and becoming God in action. you have to accept it. the permanent integration with the Light of Their own true reality. thru dreams. Your Higher Self and your soul are also the recipients that receive messages. If you accepted the Energy. if they are aligned with your personal incarnation purpose. since your free will has always priority. show gratitude. as you and I through the portals of birth. wishes and dreams. since it always try to give you impulses to manifest your goals. the only thing you have to do is to receive it. You can call it your control station or ‘Best Buddy’. You will realize that if you feel doing or not doing something in that or another way – you call it intuition. healing and power from Ascended Masters. They mastered all the lesser things of this world. They continue to stand ready to assist the mankind of earth to accomplishing this same Goal and will continue to extend the Fires of Their Hearts till all are received into the Brotherhood of Light. the HoloCDs or both. They walked the earth fulfilling the inner calling of Their God Presence day by day. Their Mighty I AM Presence.realms and is directly connected to the whole universe. But in order to receive these energy transmissions. balancing karma. This is why you take in consideration to work with your subconscious. clearing. At the completion of Their mission They achieved the ultimate Victory through the Ascension. But you might ask yourself who are these Ascended Masters ? The Ascended Masters The Ascended Masters who guide and help with the expansion of Light on this planet are God-Free Beings. Your soul decodes the energy and transmits it to your physical body and to your inner voice. Your subconscious has a direct pipe to your Higher Self.

are called the Ascended Masters of Love. Light. Wisdom and Power that the human mind gasps at its immensity. Each Ascended Being Is The Complete Embodiment of Love It is through the radiation or outpouring of his own Pure and Luminous Essence of Divine Love that an Ascended Master is able to help those who come under his care and direction. They manifest Their Mastery over all that is human. Pure.which is Superhuman Divinity. . Eternal.” Hence. visible. while still here on earth. controlling all by the manipulation of the Light within Himself. to do naturally all that the average individual would consider supernatural. The Ascended Master's Body is constantly pouring out Rays of His Light Essence upon the discords of earth. The Ascended Masters Are Real Beings The Host of Ascended Masters are tangible Beings of Great Light! They are real. The Radiation which They pour out to humanity on earth is consciously drawn energy to which They give quality. In this way. for it dissolves all discord and establishes Perfect Balance in all manifestations.“Life. and so stands free and worthy to be entrusted with the use of forces beyond those of human experience. He realizes himself to be the Oneness of Omnipresent God . They have "Ascended" into the next expression above the human . Hence. places. who guard and help the evolving human race. He showed the Dominion of the Ascended Masters. and proved to mankind that it is possible for each person to so call forth his God Self that each one can consciously control all things human. and Perfection. Wisdom and Power of the God Self within. conditions. "Mastery" and "Ascension" These Glorious Beings. They give protection thousands and thousands of times to persons. and things of which mankind are totally oblivious. all forces and things obey his command because he is a Self-Conscious Being of free will. This Luminous Essence has within It the Highest Force in the Universe. They Have Transcended All Human Limitation An Ascended Master is an individual who by Self Conscious effort has generated enough Love and Power within himself to snap the chains of all human limitation. They work everywhere in the universe with complete Freedom and limitless Power. dissolving them like the rays of force which we call light and heat from our Physical sun dissolves a fog.Jesus Set The Example Jesus came forth to reveal the Conscious Dominion and Mastery that is possible for every human being to attain and express. living and caring friends of old who have such Love. They are all the word Master implies because by bringing forth the Love. glorious. AllPowerful Perfection. and again send it out to accomplish a definite result.

Each Master Is One With The Mind of God The Ascended Master has the All-Knowing Mind and the All-Seeing Eye of God. From Him nothing can be hidden. Each Master knows and sees all concerning the student, patient or healer for He reads clearly the record which every human has made. This reveals the state of the humans development - his strengths as well as his weaknesses. Each Master Is An Individual Focus of the Forces of Nature They are the wielders of such Power and manipulators of such concentrated force as to stagger the imagination of the person in the outer world. The Ascended Masters are really Great Batteries of tremendous Power and Energy, and whatever touches Their Radiance becomes highly charged with Their Light Essence through the same activity that makes a needle kept in contact with a magnet take on its qualities, and become a magnet also. All Their help and Radiation is forever a free Gift of Love. For this reason They never use any of Their force to compel. They Are The Guardians of Humanity The Ascended Masters are the Guardians of the race of men, and as in the world of physical education, various grades of teachers are provided to guide the development of the individual's growth from childhood to maturity, so do the Ascended Masters of Perfection exist to educate and help the individual that he too may expand his consciousness beyond ordinary, human expression. Thus, he develops his superhuman attributes, until like the student graduating from college, the one under the care and instruction of an Ascended Master graduates out of his humanity into the full, continuous expression of his Divinity. Communion With The Ascended Masters Brings Bliss Personal association with one or more Ascended Masters produces an intense feeling of Love and Gratitude that can never be put into words. Following such contact with Their Living Presence, there can be but one overwhelming desire displacing all other desires and that is to BE ALL THAT THEY ARE! Once a human has truly, even for a fraction of a second, experienced the Ecstatic Bliss radiating from an Ascended Being, there is nothing in human experience that one would not endure or sacrifice in order to reach Their Height of Attainment and express the selfsame Dominion and Love. Since 1880 the Ascended Masters have carefully released to the mankind of earth the understanding of how each individual might cooperate in winning Their final Freedom and attaining the original purposes of incarnation. Precept upon precept, They have built a magnificent, cohesive understanding of True Identity. In this process they help humans, the animal kingdom, mineral kingdom, plant kingdom and elemental kingdom to further develop and evolve. One way they do this is, is by anchoring their master energy in Healing Holograms, and release it by intend to individualized souls –YOU – or group souls that we find, for example, among animals. If you create the holograms, as explained before, by yourself, you are the one, who first sends the impulse to Ascended Master or other Higher Beings that respond accordingly, and help to manifest your desire – HEALTH, FAST RECOVERY – in your day-to-day life.


Glossary of Ascended Master Terminology

Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters are Individuals who were once embodied on Earth and learned the lessons of Life in Their embodiments. They gained Mastery over the limitations of the matter planes, balanced at least 51% of negative karma, and fulfilled Their Dharma (Divine Plan). An Ascended Being has become God-like and a Source of unconditional Love to all Life, and through the Ascension has united with His or Her Own God Self, the "I AM" Presence. Ascended Masters serve as the Teachers of mankind from the Realms of Spirit. The Divine Plan is for all people to eventually attain the Ascension and move forward in Spiritual Evolution beyond this planet.

Ascended Master Octave

Also known as the Ascended Masters' Octave, this refers to God's Realms of Light - the Immortal, Eternal Realms of the Spirit Universes and the Highest Heavens, Octaves or Planes of Spirit. These are the habitation of the Ascended Masters, Angels, Cosmic Beings, and Elohim. Saint Germain explained that in the Octave of the Ascended Masters there is " . . . Perfect Life which is the Divine Light and Eternal Inheritance of every one of God's children. Many have chosen to take a long time to come to This Point, but all must make a beginning sometime, and all must do It eventually."(The Magic Presence , by Godfre Ray King, 1974 - 4th edition, pages 86 - 87)


The Ascension in the Light into our Immortality - through reunion with our own God Presence - is a goal of life. That is when there is a complete raising and permanent union of the purified outer self with the "I AM" Presence - that True Identity that is the unique Individualization of the Most High Living God for each person.

Bodies of Men and Women

We have "seven bodies". There are four lower bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and memory. These bodies are four sheaths composed of four distinct vibrations of matter that surround the life stream and provide the vehicles for the personal identity's journey through time and space. There are three Higher Bodies: the Holy Christ Self, the Causal Body, and the Electronic Body of the Mighty I AM Presence, [the "Holy Trinity" for each lifestream]. These Bodies are three Immortal Bodies composed of three distinct Vibrations of Spirit. There is also the "White Fire Body" [the Individualized God Flame] - out of which the I AM Presence of each Twin Flame is Individualized. The "White Fire Body" continues Active and Immortal - before the embodiment of Twin Flames, during embodiment, and after the Ascension of the Twin Flames.


A Chohan is an Ascended Master that focuses the Christ Consciousness of one of the Seven Rays of God's Manifestation, becoming the Law of the Ray and governing Its use in man. A Lord or Master; a high Adept; an Initiate who has taken more Initiations than the five major Initiations which make man a "Master of the Wisdom". One of "Seven Mighty Beings who, having passed the Sixth Initiation, have the Power to focus within Themselves the Ray-Streams or Attributes of Logoic Consciousness" (The Secret Doctrine by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, 5th Adyar edition, Volume 6, page 452)

The Seven Chohans of the Rays are Ascended Masters representing the Attributes of the Solar Logos and Christ Consciousness of each Ray to Earth's evolutions.
o The First Ray (Blue Flame of Power, Will, Protection, and Faith) is represented by El Morya in the Retreat of God's Will, Darjeeling, India. o The Second Ray (Yellow Flame of Illumination, Wisdom, and Understanding) is represented by Lord Lanto in the Royal Teton Retreat, Grand Teton Mountains, near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA. o The Third Ray (Pink Flame of Love, Adoration, Creativity and Compassion) is represented by Paul the Venetian in the Château de Liberté in southern France. o The Fourth Ray (White Flame of Purity, Discipline, and Harmony) is represented by Serapis Bey in the Retreat and Temple of the Ascension at Luxor, Egypt. o The Fifth Ray (Green Flame of Truth, Healing, Abundance, and Science) is represented by Hilarion in the Temple of Truth at the Island of Crete. o The Sixth Ray (Ruby, Purple, and Gold Flame of Peace, Ministration, and Service) is represented by Nada in the Arabian Retreat in Saudi Arabia. o The Seventh Ray (Violet Flame of Freedom, Ceremony, Mercy, and Transmutation) is represented by Saint Germain in the Cave of Symbols at Table Mountain in the Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming; and at the Great Divine Director's Focuses of the Cave of Light in India and the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania, Romania.

Christ Self The Holy Christ Self — also known as the Higher Mental Body, the Higher Self, or the Guardian Angel — is the "Only Begotten One of God." Beloved Kuthumi described this Body as "the only part of you created solely by God, in contrast to your human consciousness." (Pearls of Wisdom, December 2, 1960 - Volume 3 Number 49) It is the Christ Mind that is aware of the Perfection of the God Presence, but is also aware of the imperfections and requirements of the outer self. It does not accept any imperfection of the outer human self, but remains Pure and Perfect. The Holy Christ Self is endowed with the Discriminating Intelligence to act in the outer self. It has been described as a "Step-down Transformer" with the ability to act in the lower human realms. It is an Intelligent Being with a Body of Light that is of a lower vibratory rate than the God Presence.

by Godfre Ray King. In this Body." At this moment in Cosmic History. Beautiful.66. somewhere must raise the outer or atomic structure into the Imperishable. and the Origin of all physical and spiritual creation. seminars. and yet have said: "We are not going on into Cosmic Heights and leaving our brothers and sisters on Earth behind. Voice of the I AM®. 1939." Beloved Jesus referred to this Body when He spoke of the Seamless Robe or the Bridal Garment of the Spirit." (Jesus. Elohim. the Twelve Solar Hierarchies. This Electronic Body has Divine Purity and Structure. We will stay and assist. the Door is wide open. It is the Heart of the God Life of the Universe. where no imperfection exists. November 1939. Beneficent Members from other planets that are interested in our welfare. Cosmic Beings. and Free from every conceivable limitation. Ascended Masters. space. pages 63 . The Great White Brotherhood is sponsoring the Release of the Spoken Word through conclaves. Included in this Cosmic Hierarchical scheme are Solar Logoi. This Universal Order of Divine Self-Expression is the means whereby God in the Great Central Sun steps down the Presence and Essence of His Universal Being / . for in It there are no barriers of time. Sons and Daughters of God. 87)  Great Central Sun The Great Central Sun is the Source and Center of the Galaxy and a Cosmos. 1974 4th edition. and forever remains "Eternally Youthful. Perfect. Saint Germain has stated that: "Every human being sometime. books. Strong. Electronic Body. for It is composed of Pure Electronic Light. nor condition. and through personal discipleship and training. page 7)  Great White Brotherhood A Spiritual Organization composed of those Ascended Masters who have Arisen from our Earth into Immortality. The Great White Brotherhood also includes Members of the Heavenly Host. It is the Nucleus of Integration of the Spirit/Matter Cosmos. Beings of the Elements. as well as certain unascended chelas. writings. Archangels. the Spiritual Hierarchy directly concerned with the evolution of our world. place.  Hierarchy The Cosmic Hierarchy is a "Universal Chain" of Individualized God Free Beings fulfilling Attributes and Aspects of God's Infinite Selfhood. "The Great Central Sun is One with every individual's Mighty I AM Presence. Electronic Body The Electronic Body is the Immortal Body which the I AM Presence — a Divine Spirit — uses as one of Its Vehicles of Expression. October 1. Angels. Individuals can and do function wherever they choose in the universe. No imperfection can ever be recorded in or upon It." (The Magic Presence. and Twin Flames of the Alpha-Omega Polarity sponsoring Systems of Worlds and entire Galactic Systems.

... There may be a measure of vanity......Consciousness in order that all Life in time and space might give and receive Unconditional Divine Love.. Before the Energy Healing. or pride... but create negative pattern that will be cleared.  Human creation Human creation is that mis-creation which human beings create with a consciousness of being separate from God .. Healing means Learning.separate from Divine Ideals and Inspiration... healed and replaced by Healing Energy Holograms. self conceit or self concern. or prejudices inherent within the thoughts and feeling world... Most of these can be very subtle.. It is limited creation that is the result of carnal and mortal motivations.measured by Awareness and Manifestation of balanced Love. with a tendency toward human equations of desire.. Wisdom. One's placement on this "Ladder of Life" in the Spirit / Matter Universes is determined by one's level of Spiritual Attainment . This is what this book is all about.as well as the embodying of other Divine Qualities. Here we see again the picture of the human energy bodies filled up with mis-creation.. and Power . egotism... Let’s go ready to rumble .

Protection and Healing This service clears from your auric field and energetic system obstacles to healing.. You want to be as still and receptive as possible during the half hour service session.. acupuncture points and meridians. energy bodies and energy structures are cleared and healed. parasitic discarnate people.. patterns.after a complete healing! NOTE: Drink extra water after this service to flush out associated physical toxins that may release as subtle energy toxins are cleared. new levels of healing and empowerment are given. detrimental spells.As you already know. and other detrimental influences. curses. energies.. to the maximum degree that you are able to integrate them. health. (if they are present) such as: detrimental thought forms. heal. detrimental psychic mechanisms. Turn off the ringer on the phone or the volume of the answering machine or any other device that might disturb you. let’s start a practical session to clear. and spiritual awakening. Soft. make sure that you will not be disturbed in a room all to yourself without any animals or people in it for a half hour. . This is your special time to receive profound healing and empowerment. forces. and protect YOUR bodies thru ENERGY HOLOGRAMS. help and heal us. Do not watch TV or listen to loud music during the session. what your bodies are composed of. what the sense of our lives is. As each service is repeated. Before receiving this session. Clearing. You may repeat the service whenever you feel the need. . detrimental cords. soothing music is okay. detrimental vibrations... minor centers. You may repeat each service as much as you like. low volume. blockages and congestion in all chakras. Comprehensive Purification. happiness. that Higher Beings are willing to guide. All chakras.

This is very important. such as your child. v i s u a l i z e t h e m i n t o t h e c u b e a n d s a y . before the session. Please Purify. This clearing will only work once for one person per session. Clear. This will teach you how to keep yourself clear after the session. Clear. now and forever. Please Purify. "We release all that is not aligned with our highest good. Sensitive people usually feel the changes immediately while others may notice the changes over time. now and forever. now and forever. print out a copy of the Self-Clearing-Method." ." If you are doing this for another person. "I release all that is not aligned with my highest good. which you may read during the session. drink extra water for seven days to flush out associated physical toxins. Clear. visualize them into the cube and say: "We release all that is not aligned with our highest good. Please Purify. Afterwards. Clear. This is very important. and Heal my Energy System now. Print this out before the session so it will be ready before you start. and Heal (their name)'s Energy System now. such as your child. and Heal my Energy System now. It will give you a method of keeping yourself clear after doing this service. visualize yourself in the violet cube below and say out loud. now and forever.For this particular service." You need to do this only once. (If you are doing this for another person. Please Purify. You may need extra rest also for three to seven days in order to integrate the changes. To activate the clearing energy. Here is the activating statement again: "I release all that is not aligned with my highest good. or other people will notice the changes for you. You may read the Self-Clearing Method while you are receiving the session if you like. and Heal (their name)'s Energy System now.

After you’ve finished this Healing Session. to the maximum degree that you are able to integrate them. If the following sounds bizarre . Supersensory reality is verified by modern science. . new levels of healing and empowerment are given. without any perception of them by you at all. . Consider the fact that all radio music from classical to heavy metal. Self-Clearing Method for Purification and Protection You may copy this document and pass it on. IMPORTANT! STAY TUNED! You may repeat each service as much as you like. but rather the radio or TV. inaudibly. . please repeat the following Self-ClearingMethod daily. As each service is repeated. invisibly. The reason why it is not affecting you is because it is not targeted at you. all TV broadcasts from the news to wonderful movies to horror movies. and millions of cellular telephone conversations are permeating the air around you and passing through your body right now. It takes only one minute.

cancer. or some other health problem. 3. You gain control and freedom by becoming more conscious. "Invisible" energies have long been perceived by those with supersensory perception. pretending that what they eat will not harm them.As science has verified. Existing on nonphysical levels (energetic/etheric. they cannot win the battle with these thoughtforms. Some people get caught up in obsessing about the possibility of such influences and what they actually create is a battle with their own self generated imaginings and thoughtforms of such influences. Proceeding with as much detachment as possible is essential in this work. astral/emotional. However. 4. any fear of such influences can be resolved when you recognize the fact that any influence that is malevolent is less evolved. You cannot control something in your life if you deny its influence. However. The solution to this situation is to: 1. to fully own the influence as one's own creation. they are not real even though the effects and experience can be as real as from the real thing. You cannot free yourself from such influences if you are not open to the concept that they are there and if you do not act accordingly to purify and protect yourself. Years later they end up with clogged arteries. observe any changes that resulted from your actions to purify and protect yourself. of the thoughtforms. This will only increase your relationship with the influences. Achieving greater degrees of freedom. an aspect of their subconscious mind. the thoughtforms. most people deny the influence of diet upon their health. it is just a matter of time before science verifies all the other forces and influences that sensitive and highly perceptive people have been aware of for a long time. If someone self generates thoughtforms of detrimental influences that attack them." In other words the more evolved can control the lesser evolved simply because the more evolved are closer to Source and have more spiritual power available to them. be humble to the possibility that you may not be able to completely perceive them yet. A trap to avoid and how to get out. There is a general law in the universe that "The higher can control the lower. the opposite of denial is excessive worry about the influences. Refusing to believe that the food they ate was harmful did not protect them. Therefore. they generate thoughtforms of such influences attacking them that seem real. The proper attitude and steps to gain freedom from detrimental influences are to: 1. 2. when they should be fighting with the generating source of the thoughtforms that is within themselves. is farther away from Source. 3. 2. You don't want to do this either. Such influences are their own creation. Through their fear and obsession with such influences. . if necessary. and has less spiritual power than you. to use the appropriate commands to disintegrate the thoughtforms and the generating source. For example. Awakening to more perception of reality while maintaining a balanced consciousness. With the acceleration of technology. assert the proper actions to purify and protect yourself regardless of your perceptions. determine to end obsession and fear of such influences. be open to the possibility that they may be influencing you. 5. within themselves. This is because they are fighting with the wrong enemy. endeavor to be conscious of such possible influences with a detached awareness (not obsessing about them). our five physical senses reveal very little of what is actually around us and existing in our universe. and mental/thought levels) there are some forces and influences that do not have our best interests in mind and that have their own agendas at our expense. You are controlled by what you are unconscious of. Denying its influence and pretending that it is not there will not protect you.

it can be clearly seen that many interfering and detrimental influences are nearly everywhere and significantly hinder and harm people and their lives. For example. and causal) are seen beyond the physical veil that normally blocks the experience of them. then you will have mostly good days. however the beneficial consciousness that they generate is eternal. which only takes 30 seconds. drugs. and violence but no body to fulfill their cravings. If you don’t do the command. do the command and see if it makes a difference. because now you have the knowledge and power to keep yourself clear of them. Very rarely do I meet people who do not have any such parasitic discarnate people attached to them. they attach to living people in order to get the energy of the fulfillment of these addictions. It is the challenges that make us stronger. Darkness is present at this time to contrast with the Light and thereby generate more Light-Consciousness. This nothing to be afraid of. emotional. and IS in control here on planet earth. this period of darkness that humanity is going through now is only a momentary "spanking" for wrong choices we have made in the past . because this indicates that you have a discarnate that is trying to discourage you from doing the command so it does not get cleared. The "Devil" truly does not know for whom he works. Self-Clearing Method: General Purpose Clearing and Maintenance Command The purpose and reason for this command is explained as follows. where all levels of reality (etheric. Perceived from a higher. When the world and people’s energy bodies are viewed from a higher vision perspective.About these commands and why they work. you will have many bad days and may get ill. you are backing up / empowering your command with the omnipotence of all the Love. and your health will tend to improve. The Omnipotent Light is making sure that this occurs and is available to you upon your invocation of it. and protection of individuals and humanity.karmic repercussions for past wrong doings. The challenges that we face today are temporary. Light and Evolutionary Force that is flowing through this planet. When you command with the power of The Universal Forces of the Light (or equivalent replacement word). liberation. The commands invoke a higher power that is always available to assist in the purification. redemption. You just need to do the command below and they are gone. more extended perspective of millions of years. sex. It is almost always the case. the Light DOES have the upper hand. So. When you feel lousy. These discarnate earthbound people still have their physical desires for food. Although it may not appear so when you watch the news or read the newspaper. . Do the command especially if you really don’t feel like doing it. They want you to be afraid and be in denial of them so that they can get away with their parasitic ways. If you do the command at least weekly. Test it out for yourself. the earth is covered with people that have died but have not made it into the Light upon dying and thus are earthbound. Humanity IS learning from its mistakes and IS returning to the path of Light. alcohol. mental. It is very easy to clear them.

so they whisper into your subconscious. If a term is not well defined then go to the Glossary for further explanation.) All nonaligned with the divine plan of my entire being and its life = there is divine plan of the greatest good designed by God/Source for all. Subconscious = that level of our consciousness that is below our normal conscious awareness and has more to do with the automatic accumulated tendencies and functions of our being. collectively and individually. mental. Many other examples could be given. conscious. Current grammar rules do not apply in this situation.)( Newly added words are bolded (they've gotten trickier and new things have been discovered.) . consciousness. For example. Command = I assert.)) Agreements = an energy exchange on a usually subconscious level that they set up so that they can attach to you. It is explained in detail as follows. (and this phrase is directed at all that is nonaligned with this. I will give you an excuse by making you sick. which can be the astral. relationships." refers to "all nonaligned with the divine plan of my entire being and its life" "and with the power of the Universal Forces of Light. in exchange for some of your life-force.It is important to really understand the command for it to be fully effective. Superconscious = above the level of your normal consciousness. I command:" also refers to "all nonaligned with the divine plan of my entire being and its life" Definitions of words used: (These are in the order in which they are placed within the command. happiness.(You have a right to do this regarding your personal being and those you take care of. one day you don’t feel like going to work. and superconscious. throughout all time and space forever. with. I intend.” Your subconscious agrees and then you have an attached discarnate. meaning perfect health. It is intentionally written with improper English in such a way so that it will have the maximum effectiveness. “Okay. and higher spiritual worlds. subconscious. Universal Forces of Light = a Universal Force of Light that has only the highest good of all in mind and lends its power to protect and clear you. demand. or against it. etc. How sections relate is explained as follows: "I release all agreements on all levels.

past. It is named for greater specificity and thus greater effectiveness in the clearing process. Psychic Mechanisms = these are mental. They can block abilities and cause great harm when made for bad purposes. They can enhance abilities when made for good.Entire being = your personality (physical. directly or indirectly = comprehensive to any degree. . Hexes = an intention to degenerate an aspect of the person or their life. Drug Entities = a strange type of lifeform that lives through and motivates the use of drugs of any kind. emotional. If can be taken on by the taking of any type of drug of any kind. Cords = energetic cord or rope like connections between people when they are connected in some way. Parasitic Beings = these can be people or similar lifeforms that inhabit the personality that you own as if it where there own and can lead to multiple or semi-multiple personalities. Spells = these are strong emotional thoughtforms that usually enchant people to do things they would normally not do. People unknowingly create them and put them on people when they judge them extremely harshly. whether they realize it or not. On average 30% of people have them at one time or another. having influenced or intending to influence me = present. To any degree in any way. Curses = these are strong negative thoughtforms on primarily a mental level. Psychic Implant = a psychic (nonphysical) mechanism that is embedded in one's energy system. but made out of nonphysical materials. great or subtle. and/or etheric devices that have specific functions to do very precise things. mental) and soul and higher spiritual selves and aspects that make up who you are. Influencing. Psychic Parasites = these can be all sort of creatures that you can pick up nearly anywhere. This command is designed to only clear the harmful ones. even indirectly by way of the mother to unborn child. They can be good or bad. and future intended influences. recreational or pharmaceutical. depriving you of experience when they take over. etheric. directly or indirectly through others. Beings = discarnate beings or lifeforms on any level of reality. They can be very detrimental. Thoughtforms = masses of mental and emotional and sometimes etheric vitality that have a dynamic behavior and do anything the creator intends them to do. People are always creating thoughtforms. Another name is an implant. emotional. They can have good effects or bad effects depending on what they are made of.

Vibrations = these are sound like influences that are detrimental. Cosmic Evil = evil that originates above the Logoic Plane. may amplify. Control Lines = energetic "strings" that are used to manipulate and control a person. harmful. Black Magic = magic (ritual or non ritual intention that is misaligned with your free will and the divine plan and/or harmful and/or manipulative. "any of the above that is timed to activate in the future" = self explanatory. "any of the above coming through other people or other beings or other objects toward me or other people or events in my life" = self explanatory.) "stimulation or evocation of my past harmful karma" = we usually have a reservoir of harmful karma accumulated from the past that must be balanced in some way. Forces = these are directed energies that are. . in the case of this command. Psychotronic Influences = influences originating from electronic devices that capture. Limiters = energy forms placed in a persons energy system that causes limitation of some kind. "any of the above integrated with my being but not aligned with its divine plan" = self explanatory. "intensification of my misaligned with the divine plan problems" = self explanatory. Subliminal and Superliminal Programing = programming done on a subconscious or superconscious (above conscious) level.Psychic Robots = a robot created and used on a nonphysical level for malicious purposes. and direct intent. "any of the above that are masquerading as my being" = self explanatory. Patterns = these are combinations of vibrations that are. "anything appearing to be of the light but not really" = self explanatory. harmful. usually from the Cosmic Astral plane when the 7 planes of our evolutionary system are lumped together as 7 divisions of what is called the Cosmic Physical Plane.our 7 planes being the 7 subplanes of the Cosmic Physical Plane. in the case of this command. (There are 7 Cosmic Planes . Energies = these are energies that are. harmful. in the case of this command.

by line for ease of comprehension. The reason why it is not affecting you is because it is not targeted at you. invisibly. and millions of cellular telephone conversations are permeating the air around you and passing through your body right now. Consider the fact that all radio music from classical to heavy metal. One more time. . positive transformation.) This command (or inferior versions of it) have been used several times daily for over 15 years and continually refined to its current state so as to have the maximum and most comprehensive effectiveness. .Level of the Light of the spiritual Soul = the light at then end of tunnel that is usually available to people just after the death experience. place where Cosmic evil is healed. and clear intent. . consciousness that is the healing place for very dark beings. It is arranged. without any perception of them by you at all. attentive. inaudibly. but rather the radio or TV. If the following sounds bizarre . Level of the Cosmic Light = this is the level of the Cosmic Christ/etc. all TV broadcasts from the news to wonderful movies to horror movies. and reunion with the higher self. Do with serious. Level of the Divine Light = this is the level above the Soul that is of the Christ/Buddhic/Divine Love/Krishna/Maitraya/Mohammed/etc. It is a place of healing.

cosmic evil. on any and/or all levels of existence. known and unknown or unnamed. and super conscious. psychic parasites. having  influenced or intending to influence  me in any way. or interfering with this command. now. intentions. diverting of. and anything else that is nonaligned with the divine plan. from me and all beings and things and go into the level of the Light of the Spiritual Soul or into the level of the Divine Light or into the level of the Cosmic Light. psychic implants. control lines. I release  all agreements nonaligned with the divine plan on all levels. forces. subliminal and superliminal programing. hexes. and continuing for a week!" . any of the above coming through other people or other beings or other objects toward me or other people or events in my life. according to the Highest Good. anything appearing to be of the light but not really. intensification of my misaligned with the divine plan problems. including: all those influencing. any of the above integrated with my being but not aligned with its divine plan. cords. psychic mechanisms. patterns. psychic-robots. directly or indirectly: and all those shielding from. energies. including: all beings. subconscious. vibrations. any of the above that is timed to activate in the future. any of the above that are masquerading as my being. limiters.                 to release      drug entities. stimulation or evocation of my past harmful karma. spells.  conscious. and with the power of the Universal Forces of Light I command:  all those nonaligned with the divine plan  of my entire being and life.  throughout all time and space. thoughtforms. parasitic beings. curses. psychotronic influences.The Self-Clearing & Maintenance Command: "With the power of the Universal Forces of Light. any kind of black magic.

which. you get complete protection. First you should do the Energy Reality service #1 Comprehensive Purification.. It is a very important technique.. Energy Hologram that will help YOU in seconds. So when you combine the two. However. You will feel great! For a quick clearing session…………. Visualize yourself in this color cube . However. So what you need to do is do the command every day. This will clear you of all interfering influences and give you a fresh start. This is called the Vibrational State. Set aside a day when you always do it. The best way to do the Command for complete purification and protection. the General Purpose Clearing and Maintenance Command works best when combined with another purification and protection technique simultaneously. such as Sunday first thing or before bed. get centered in your heart and ask if it is in your highest good to accept these energies. It is easy with a little practice and only takes a minute to do when you get the hang of it. but it will do so temporarily. will blow out any intruding detrimental influence. Align yourself with the.Remember to do at least every week. Thank you!" Note. So you want to do them together. you will inevitably pick up new interfering influences and soon be nearly back where you started. As you look at the cube below. all you have to do is say: "God I choose to align with you.... soon thereafter. Clearing. and Healing. The Universal Forces of Light will align with your intention for a week at a time. Please calibrate these energies and transmit them to me in the divine ideal way. as they follow your free will. take several deep breaths. The General Purpose Clearing and Maintenance Command clears most intruding influences forever into the light. If you get a YES. You have to keep up the momentum and show them that you still want the protection and clearing. to never return. The Vibrational State clears everything temporarily and the General Purpose Clearing and Maintenance Command clears everything that has been cleared from you and takes it into the light permanently. when learnt.

IMPORTANT: Please use the Practical Mastery Sheet for Daily Holistic Healing „Who passes on Happiness.” . does not meet Life.

you need some kind of external mediator – a savior or a church – in order to cross the barrier and be saved. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity proves that everything is energy. Yet most of us – especially in the Western world – have been programmed to deny our inherent spirituality. namely the material realm and the spiritual realm. Most religions agree with this viewpoint. The purpose of this page is to help you discover who you truly are by describing the components of your total being. . you can free yourself from the programming of denial and begin to unfold your spiritual potential. Thus. Ironically. Before you can fully accept who you are. Energy is often described as a form of vibration. even though science denies the existence of anything beyond the material world. Since you are a religious and/or spiritually inclined person.Appendix 1 THE TRUE SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL Who and what are you and why are you here? Understanding the components of self. mystical teachings of most religions disagree with this assessment. yet Western religion generally says there is an impenetrable barrier between the two realms. We need an outer savior or an outer church in order to be saved. you already know there is more to your being than meets the eye. Jesus himself told us that the kingdom of God is within us and that we will not find it as long as we are looking for it outside ourselves. Yet the inner. science has opened up for a deeper understanding of the relationship between the spiritual and the material realm. both science and religion portrays us as incomplete beings that do not have the potential to become spiritually self-sufficient. By integrating this knowledge. we cannot do so on our own. Parallel or interpenetrating realities The foundation for a spiritual outlook on life is the realization that we live in a world with two realities. you have to overcome this illusion of separation. Most Western religions say that although we have a soul that can enter a higher world. Modern science tells us our personality is a product of the firing of neurons in the gray stuff between our ears. which means there could be an infinite range of vibrations. Thus. all that you are Above. You can BE here below.

Yet beyond this range we find ultraviolet light and science has found even higher vibrations. Science has even proven a flow of energy/subatomic particles from an unseen realm into the world we can measure. the material universe is made from the same basic “stuff” as the spiritual realm. Thus. Science calls it energy. The lower part is the vehicle for our experiences and our expression in the material world. everything is made from the same basic substance.We know there are different levels of vibration in the material universe. Let there be light!) and Mother Mary calls it the Mater light. In reality. The point is that we all have a higher and a lower part of our beings. most people have fallen prey to the illusion – an illusion that can exist only in the mind – that we are separated from. such as the barrier between mind and matter or the barrier between the spiritual realm and the material realm. The importance of these findings is that science has broken down the barrier between matter and energy. you can never truly be separated from it. This substance can be molded into any form. The world is not made from two separate and incompatible elements but is made from only one substance that takes on various appearances. The following sections will explain the components of the higher and lower parts of our beings. This being is not some remote God in the sky. as stationary fields or as “solid” matter. the spiritual realm in interpenetrating with the material universe—is is right here with us. and it has been used to create everything in the world of form. Thus. our senses and outer minds program us to believe that we are disconnected beings that have been thrown into a hostile world without a lifeline. This is what gives rise to the illusion that there is a separation between Spirit and matter. even that we have been abandoned by – our spiritual selves. Energy can appear as ever-moving waves. The Ma-ter light has simply been lowered into a different vibrational spectrum and our senses/minds currently see it as solid substance instead of vibrating energy. These findings have broken down all of the barriers we traditionally set up with our outer minds. The world. In reality. The true goal of all spiritual teachings is to help us reestablish a conscious connection to our own higher beings. For example. It is the spiritual part of your own being and you came out of it. In reality we are extensions of – individualizations of – a greater spiritual being. . the Bible calls it light (And God said. The higher part exists in the spiritual realm and cannot be affected by anything in the material world. However. leading to a full realization and acceptance of who we really are. visible light ranges from the low frequencies of red light to the higher frequencies of violet light.

you are here to bring truth—for example by giving people spiritual understanding or a better vision for how to improve their material lives. thus gradually turning this world into another part of the spiritual realm. consider that your Alpha flame is Power and your Omega flame is truth. the higher spiritual beings seem like balls of fire or flames of great intensity. It refers to the fact that it is only in the material world that things seem solid. and. the very core of your Being embodies the central qualities of this God Flame.Your God Flame The concept of a God Flame has been introduced by Jesus. For example. everything seems more transparent because it is made from energies of higher – thus less “dense” – vibrations. Your flame has a masculine or Alpha polarity and a feminine or Omega polarity. the bush burned with fire.   The Alpha polarity is the core of your Being. Yet you must not fall into the lower aspect of power by seeking to control others in order to force them to accept your truth. you can and should be more direct and powerful in your expression of truth. You must bring truth in a loving way or your truth will not be well received by others. we might say that we all came here to help end suffering. . In that case. the contribution that your higher being wanted to make to the overall purpose of expanding the spiritual light in the material world. In the spiritual realm. it will no longer be possible for people to fall prey to the illusion that they are separated from their higher beings—which is the illusion that gives rise to all human suffering. The point here is that only by having balance between the two polarities of your God Flame will you be ultimately successful. It is your gift to this world. As another example. you encounter higher and higher – more intense – vibrations. However. As you go to higher levels of the spiritual realm. behold. For example. It is the God quality out of which your I AM Presence (see below) came. This concept is even found in the Bible as God appearing to Moses as a spiritual fire that did not consume the physical bush: And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked. (Hebrews 12:29) The masters have not (yet) told us how many different God Flames there are. Thus. Mother Mary and other masters in recent years. and thus you have to be true to who you are in order to fulfill your reason for being here. (Exodus 3:2) For our God is a consuming fire. and the bush was not consumed. The essential point is that your particular God Flame is unique to you. say your Alpha flame is Love and your Omega flame is Truth. There could potentially be an infinite number. your Alpha component might be Love. Thus. in order to be successful. In that case. Thus. When this happens. especially when you consider that your personal God Flame has two components. to the human eye. you need to bring truth within the overall quality of your Alpha flame of love. Your Omega polarity is the specific quality that you are meant to bring to Earth.Your Higher Being .

you will gain greater clarity concerning the qualities of your God Flame. accuse you of having or not having? Is there a quality that people often resist when you try to express it? The cause of this can be that you might have come to focus on the opposite qualities of your God Flame. but if you do it in a non-loving manner. The name “I AM” is linked to the name that God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai: 13 And Moses said unto God. The point being that all such observations can help you discover the qualities of your God Flame. For example. You might also have a lack of balance between the two polarities of your God Flame. and shall say .The concept of a God Flame is probably new to you and it can seem somewhat confusing in the beginning. the higher reality is that you must have a sense of being before you can think. The French philosopher René Descartes said. you might be stating a truth. therefore I can think. which is why people oppose your expression of it. Yet as you walk the spiritual path and reestablish your conscious connection to your higher being (as described on this page and throughout this website). The core of your spiritual self is also called your I AM Presence to signify that it is your true identity. Your spiritual self or I AM Presence The chart illustrates the higher and lower parts of your total being. when I come unto the children of Israel. Thus. I AM. Behold. “ I think. You might see these as a problem in the world or you might even have taken them on in order to transform them with your flame. therefore I am. people are not receptive. Here are a couple of hints that can help you get started:   What qualities do you truly love? What makes you feel enthusiastic? What do you sense is missing the most from this world? Is there a quality you think would solve most of the world’s problems? Is there a positive quality that other people often see you expressing? Is there a negative quality you see in yourself or the world? Is there a quality you think is responsible for most of the world’s problems? Is there a quality that other people see in you. it is what gives you the ability to know that “I am!” The top figure depicts your I AM Presence as the white sphere. your spiritual self gives you a sense of being and the fact that you have consciousness enables you to think.” While this is a valid observation from the material universe.

They extend from the highest God through many levels of vibration. all beings have a sense of oneness without sameness. In other words. Therefore.” Your lower being is an extension of. it has not impacted your true identity. and you can NEVER lose your ability to establish a sense of oneness with your higher being. When we use our creative abilities wisely. I AM THAT I AM: and he said. It is. This does not mean that spiritual beings don’t have individuality. Your life stream is part of that hierarchy. an individualization of. you ALWAYS have the potential to reconnect to your I AM Presence and unlock your true spiritual potential. in the material realm most people have a sense of identity as being separate beings. I AM hath sent me unto you. we can build upon the foundation of our divine individuality and can actually expand it. all of the characteristics that make you a unique expression of God’s Being. from nature and from God. in the spiritual realm. Chapter 3) As Jesus explains. and they shall say to me. partly to experience this level of God’s creation from the inside and partly to help co-create God’s kingdom here on Earth. The very purpose of life is to grow in self-awareness and to expand our creative abilities until we can take dominion over the material universe (the mastery of mind over matter demonstrated by Jesus and the Buddha) and thereby bring God’s kingdom to Earth. regardless of how miserable you might feel. This is a safety mechanism built into God’s design of the universe. many levels of the spiritual realm. Your I AM Presence contains the divine blueprint for your individuality. In the spiritual realm all conscious beings realize that all life is one and came from the same source. your I AM presence. Yet they see that their individuality is an expression of a higher Being that reaches all the way back to the Creator as the source of all life. What is his name? what shall I say unto them? 14 And God said unto Moses. Your I AM Presence desired to send a part of itself into the material universe. as we . (Exodus. We thus become more than we were created to be by learning positively from our experiences in the material universe. the foundation for your efforts as a co-creator. seeing each other and themselves as unique expressions of the same transcendent reality—what we human beings call “God. This blueprint was created by your spiritual parents – spiritual Beings existing in one of the spiritual realms – and it is permanent and immutable. part of the Chain of Being. so to speak. However. it cannot be negatively affected by any mistake we make in this realm. This is clearly stated in the Bible: Without him was not anything made that was made… (John 1:3) In other words. and we see ourselves as separated from other people. Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel.unto them. and it was created out of God’s desire to be more—which is unconditional love. The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you. No matter what mistakes you might have made. Because the I AM Presence resides in a realm of vibrations that is higher than the material universe. there is a hierarchy of spiritual beings in Heaven.

there are certain components of your lower being that work against this connection and make you feel separated from God. It is a product of your positive learning experiences—and take note that even what seems like a mistake to a human being can be turned into a positive learning experience. When Thomas Edison was working on inventing the light bulb. Once you reestablish a conscious connection to your higher being. where moth and rust doth corrupt.000 ways not to make the kind of human being you want to be.000 mistakes. sell whatsoever thou hast. because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colours. He said. Your causal body On the chart. (Matthew. We are here to find out what works and what doesn’t work. This represents the attainment you have gathered through your many lifetimes in the material world. it is wise to look at life as a scientific experiment.” You might have discovered 2.will see later. Chapter 6) Then Jesus beholding him loved him. you will be able to draw . (Mark 10:21) Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children. but these experiences can still be used to make the kind of human being you do want to be. (Genesis 37:3) Your causal body can be seen as your cosmic bank account that you can draw on for your spiritual growth and for the fulfillment of your purpose for coming to Earth. and follow me. As long as we are willing to turn every experience into a positive learning experience. and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. he tried 2000 materials that didn’t work before he found one that worked. and said unto him. there will your heart be also. and give to the poor.000 ways not to make a light bulb. and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come. Thus. where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt. He didn’t look at this as having made 2. you will see a number of colored rings around the white sphere that represents your I AM Presence. One thing thou lackest: go thy way. there is no point in feeling guilty for our mistakes. “I discovered 2. and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is. take up the cross. The Bible refers to the causal body in these sayings: 19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth.

your creative powers are expanded. and thus all people are part of the Body of God on Earth. (John 12:32) . This is why certain people are able to compose symphonies or perform other amazing feats as young children. and they cannot ascend back to the spiritual realm.upon your experiences from past lifetimes. to him shall be given. you will misqualify the spiritual energies. When you are lost in the duality consciousness. ye have done it unto me. if I be lifted up from the earth. You then see yourself as a cocreator with God and realize that you are one with your I AM Presence. thus restricting your creative abilities. Thus. and the misqualified energy accumulates in your four lower bodies (see later). Jesus described the oneness of all life in the following quotes: Verily I say unto you. You do this by expressing your God Flame instead of pursuing goals aimed at raising up yourself or taking from others. from him shall be taken away even that he hath. This misqualified energy blocks your intuitive connection to your I AM Presence and it reduces the energy that can flow from your Presence. (Matthew 25:40) And whosoever will be chief among you. Through this state of enlightenment. This can be done fully only when you attain personal Christhood. you will also realize that all other co-creators came from the same source. meaning that you overcome the human ego (see later). the figure-8 flow is restored. Jesus explains this in his parable about the talents: For whosoever hath. where they are multiplied and sent back to you. Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren. and the energies now flow back to the spiritual realm. let him be your servant. will draw all men unto me. These energies become your karma. when you multiply your talents. When you reclaim the balance of your four lower bodies. (Matthew 13:12) The true way to multiply your talents is to selflessly work on raising up all life. (Matthew 20:27) And I. the true way to raise up yourself is to selflessly work to help others overcome the ego and attain spiritual freedom. Thus. and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not. The flow of energy The figure-8 that frames the upper and lower figures represents the flow of energy from your I AM Presence into your lower being.

The square represents the material universe. the evolving lifestream. It is not found in most spiritual teachings. are one body in Christ. created from the “squaring of the circle.” It is also the conscious self that – ideally – makes the important decisions in your life. you see how it can accelerate your spiritual growth tremendously. The Conscious You The Conscious You. namely fire.” namely the process whereby Spirit became matter. Your I AM Presence gives you existence. and every one members one of another. see later) Let us take a closer look at the components of your lower being. is a new concept that was introduced by Mother Mary in her book. You can be here below all that you are Above. The conscious self is the seat of your sense of identity. The Vitruvian man by Leonardo DaVinci symbolizes your lower being in a perfectly balanced state. but it is the conscious you that is self-aware in the material world and recognizes. The key to understanding why the conscious self is such a revolutionary concept is the realization that the Conscious You is charged with the task of defining your identity as a . or conscious self. water and Earth. being many. Thus. (For a more detailed explanation. air.” namely your identity body. and hath many members. (1Corinthians 12:12) Your lower being The lower figure in the chart represents you. “I AM.Paul also talked about the oneness of all life: So we. are one body: so also is Christ. meaning that you are free of the consciousness of duality and have put on the mind of Christ. your emotional body and your physical body. and all the members of that one body. The square symbolizes the four basic elements. (Romans 12:5) For as the body is one. being many. However. This represents your four lower “bodies. and thus it takes some thinking to get your mind around it at first. The chart shows your lifestream at its highest potential. The figure is surrounded by a circle. when you internalize the concept. your mental body. your lower being reflects the perfection of your higher Being. which represents the plane of spirit.

Consequently.co-creator on Earth. We can either think we are in the world but not of the world or that we are in the world and of the world. This is what gives us the ability to identify ourselves as spiritual beings who are here to take dominion over the Earth (our high potential) or as human beings who are the products of hereditary and environmental factors (our low potential). the conscious self can identity itself as absolutely anything it chooses. and all these things shall be added unto you. You therefore experience the truth in Jesus’ words: I and my Father [meaning your I AM Presence] are one. the Biblical story of the Fall symbolizes what has happened to all people. It is the Conscious You which has been given the task of defining what comes after the words “I AM…” The Conscious You is an expression of God’s Being. (Matthew 6:33) The kingdom of God is a symbol for the Christ consciousness. these two polarities must be held in a dynamic balance. In order for any form to be sustainable. has become the Living Christ. meaning that you are not a house divided against itself. In your own being. the factor that is designed to create and maintain this balanced is the universal Christ mind. but in order to express yourself in the material world. and you must define it by yourself. . it can identify itself as a rock. and his righteousness. you need a sense of identity as a co-creator in this world. namely the expanding force of the father and the contracting force of the mother. a state of pure awareness. Mother Mary explains that everything in the world of form is created as a result of the interaction of two polarities. symbols for the higher and lower – masculine and feminine – aspects of our beings. and it is the Conscious You that is designed to ensure this oneness. Instead. You can express your highest potential only when there is balance between the two elements. In other words. This sense of identity is not created for you. the Word incarnate. the Conscious You must follow Jesus’ command: But seek ye first the kingdom of God. the Conscious You is meant to fulfill the role of the Christ in your being. we have fallen prey to the temptation to develop a lower sense of identity as human beings. In theory. your divine identity is anchored in your I AM Presence. Thus. (John 10:30) Most people have not yet developed this higher sense of identity as sons and daughters of God. This has happened as a result of the process that the Bible describes as the Fall of Man. On a cosmic scale. In order for this to happen. In reality. When this happens. Your highest potential is that your conscious self develops a sense of identity that is based on and in harmony with the divine individuality that is anchored in your I AM Presence. there is perfect harmony – even oneness – between the higher and lower parts of your being. We might say that the Conscious You has a built-in sense that “I AM” but it has no contents in that self-awareness. Adam and Eve are archetypes. your spiritual self represents the father polarity and your lower being represents the mother polarity. meaning that the Conscious You has become one with the universal Christ mind.

and this happens at the level of the emotional body. Instead. which simply flow from processes that are subconscious—and people can only watch. they must be set in motion. Emotion means Energy in MOTION. Thus. This means they have little power to control their actions. This earthly sense of identity creates a division between our higher and lower selves and it prevents us from fulfilling our potential as co-creators. a product of the Earth with no power to change it? The mental body contains your thoughts. if you identify yourself as a human being. How do you see yourself. most of their sense of identity. thoughts and emotions are hidden below the threshold of conscious awareness. The container of self and your four lower bodies The lower figure on the chart is what Mother Mary calls your container of self. how do you see the world and how do you see the interaction between them? Do you see yourself as a spiritual being who is here to take dominion over the Earth or do you see yourself as a material being. how do you see God. and they can conflict with your mental plans. this body also contains your desires. This mental image will be based upon your sense of identity. your emotions should be reflections of your thoughts that are reflections of your sense of identity that is a reflection of your Divine individuality. also called the etheric body. It is here you form a mental image of the specific things you want to do in the material world and how to accomplish them. For most people. even to the point of defining our identity based on the current imperfections on Earth. feeling and action. The emotional body is obviously the seat of your feelings. Ideally. These are interpenetrating energy bodies that co-exist in the same space because they vibrate at different levels of frequencies:     The identity body.What really happened in the Fall was that our conscious selves were tempted into building a sense of identity defined by the conditions in the material world. you will limit what you think you can do. Your thoughts are mental images. Thus. instead of taking dominion over the material world. we have allowed the world to take dominion over us. they do not understand the process that leads to a conscious thought. The contents of your identity body define your sense of identity. which defines parameters for what you think you can or cannot do. The problem is that the conscious self is expressing itself through a limited sense of identity that is centered around the human ego. Thus. However. . Yet it is common that the emotions take on a life of their own and seek to run your life instead of being run by your thoughts. but in order to become actions or manifest forms. we create imbalanced conditions that lead to suffering for ourselves and others. The conscious mind and physical body. It contains your four lower bodies.

When you understand that what occurs at the conscious level – including your outer circumstances – is simply an image projected unto the screen of your mind. selfish actions break the figure-eight flow and the misqualified energy has to go somewhere. What keeps you alive and gives you the ability to act in the material world is a stream of energy that flows from your I AM Presence into your four lower bodies. beliefs and energy) of those bodies. When you understand this dynamic. Life at the conscious level can be compared to the level of the movie screen. as it can project itself anywhere it can imagine. it becomes very obvious that one of the key elements of walking the spiritual path is to purify – transform – the misqualified energy . If you don’t like the movie that is playing in the theater. Thus. If you have beliefs and images in your four lower bodies that are out of harmony with your own higher being – especially when you have self-centered beliefs and selfish desires – you will impose imperfect images upon the Ma-ter light. everything in the world of form is created from the Ma-ter Light. It is like the light in a movie projector that is colored by the images on the film strip—only you have four film strips. As Mother Mary explains. It also reduces your creative powers until you think your only option for doing anything on Earth is to use your physical body. Your conscious self is perfectly capable of doing this. you realize that in order to change what is projected unto the screen of life.The key to controlling your conscious mind and your actions is to push back the threshold of conscious awareness so you begin to understand what goes on in the higher bodies and can begin to consciously control it. Imposing imperfect images upon the Ma-ter light will produce energy of a lower vibration. This can be compared to the light coming from the light bulb in a movie projector. energy cannot be created or destroyed [by human beings]. The accumulated energy has robbed you of your mental powers. it is colored by the contents (images. many people do not start the spiritual path until they experience a severe crisis – hit bottom – and finally decide they can’t live that way any longer. which means that the misqualified energy you produce will stay at that level of vibration indefinitely. This misqualified energy cannot flow back up to your spiritual self and become your treasure laid up in heaven. you have to go to the projection room and change the film strips in your four lower bodies. This energy will form a filter – EVIL means Energy VEIL – that prevents you from maintaining contact with your spiritual self. The energy will not simply disappear but will be stored in your four lower bodies. As this light passes through your four lower bodies. In fact. meaning the contents of your four lower bodies. how much can you change the movie by working at the level of the screen? You are much more likely to be successful when you go to the source and change the images on the film strip. This can gradually cloud your vision until you think your are a human being confined to the material universe with nothing beyond it. As science has told us. The essential concept you need to understand is that your four lower bodies form a filter that colors the light streaming into your lower being from your I AM Presence. This will lead to unbalanced actions that produce suffering in your life and it is possible to create a downward spiral that leads to more and more suffering.

On this website it is used specifically to refer to a "being" that exists in your four lower bodies. which means you see yourself as separated from God and from all other parts of life. For most people. This being is somewhat self-aware and it has a survival instinct. Yet in order to maintain this control. Because all co-creators have free will. Thus. there came a point when the conscious self decided that it would no longer make . so the following is just a brief summary. Most people on Earth gradually became blinded by the logic of the mind of anti-Christ and started making decisions based on this logic. The human ego The human ego is a term that has been used differently by various psychologists and spiritual teachers. You must lighten your load before you start climbing a mountain. you had to face the temptation to use the mind of anti-Christ—symbolized by the serpent. You can base your identity on the mind of anti-Christ. This creates the illusion that you can raise up yourself in comparison to others and that you can harm others without hurting yourself.stored in your four lower bodies. In other words. This is a somewhat complicated process. The Christ mind is designed to ensure oneness between your higher and lover self. Yet the ego will not give up control voluntarily. The spiritual path is a process of taking control away from the ego and thus attaining the freedom to be who you were created to be. their egos have attained a high degree of control over their lives. When you were created as a self-conscious being. the conscious self must be willing to take full responsibility for your life and make the important decisions. You will never feel fulfilled in this way and all your actions will ultimately lead to suffering for yourself. You will then fulfill your reason for being and bring the Earth closer to manifesting the kingdom of God. between Spirit and matter. in which you see yourself as one with God and one with all life. the consciousness of anti-christ came into being as an option. and your lower self will not reflect your divine individuality. This creates harmony in your own being and makes sure your actions will raise up both yourself and everyone else. As explained above. co-creators have two options for building their sense of identity:   You can base your identity on the Christ mind. This led to suffering and the conscious self started feeling that every decision it made had undesirable consequences. the Conscious You is the center of your lower being and it is meant to be in control of your four lower bodies. By giving co-creators free will. As you grew in self-awareness. it is possible for them to go against God’s law of oneness and create the illusion that they are separate beings. you lived in a protected environment – a symbolic description is the story of the Garden of Eden – in which you were guided by a spiritual teacher. This inevitably leads to a division between your higher and lower self. the conscious self must reach for the Christ mind and take up its position as the Christ in your being. In order to make balanced decisions. It is therefore essential for you to understand how the ego was created.

these programs took over. but once you get on. This is what Jesus addressed in the following statement: Either how canst thou say to thy brother. If the Conscious You discovers the ego and understand how it controls your life. If you repeat a certain action enough times. destroying you means destroying itself. This happened because your outer circumstances demanded that decisions be made. The ego has a limited form of self-awareness and intelligence. Well. To understand the creation of the ego. the subconscious computer became more powerful and the ego was formed. You have probably read science fiction stories of a super computer becoming so powerful that it attained intelligence and wanted to control the world. When you refused to make decisions. someone else had to. All of the true spiritual teachers have taught about how to overcome the ego. An obvious example is an addiction. The Buddha talked about attaining enlightenment and overcoming suffering. you never forget it. and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother's eye. It is like the mad dictator who can never get enough. (Luke 6:42) Because the ego will do anything to stay hidden. One example is riding a bicycle. and since the conscious self would not make them. The downside is that if you create a self-centered or self-destructive program. let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye. it had already created a number of such programs. consider that your subconscious mind functions much like a computer. You might not ride a bike for ten years. it is quite possible that people can think they are very spiritual. which means you must overcome the . your ego will not give up. yet they are still controlled by their egos. when you find the spiritual path. The ego does not actually care about you. you will not accept this and will take back control. it would no longer be in a position of responsibility. you will see that overcoming it is the real key to winning your spiritual freedom. It will seek to use your spiritual beliefs in order to maintain or even expand its control over you. Before the conscious self decided to abandon its responsibility. cast out first the beam out of thine own eye. it will seek to get you to deny or ignore these teachings on the ego. you create a computer program in the subconscious mind that can now perform the action without your conscious mind being engaged in it. it is willing to destroy you – destroy your self-esteem and sense of identity – in order to survive. Brother. including changing its behavior and beliefs. it only cares about itself. Thus. the subconscious computer program takes over. If you threaten the ego. Therefore. At the moment you decided to abandon your responsibility to make decisions.decisions. That someone else is the ego. when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite. after you abandoned control over your life. once you begin to understand the ego. The ego is generally not intelligent enough to reason that since it depends on you for its existence. your ego was born. it will produce suffering and your conscious mind will seem powerless to avoid it. You also need to understand that the ego knows it can maintain its control over you only by staying hidden. It is seeking to control you so that it can use you as a tool for expanding its power in the world. Thus. and it has a very strong survival instinct. once you have learned it. The ego will do anything to avoid this.

We might say that your Christ self is a spiritual teacher that is sent to you after you lost contact with your higher being. If you are a sincere spiritual seeker. the figure that sits at the nexus of the figure-eight is your Christ self. or rational mind. (Matthew 6:33) In order to hear your Christ self. It is inside your container of self and thus you can reach it at any time by focusing on your heart and activating your intuitive faculties. and thus it is up to you to raise your attention to that level. [which is] the Holy Ghost. all of them finding it difficult to hear their Christ selves. that he may abide with you for ever. Your Christ self does not descend below the level of your identity body. Your Christ self On the chart. and all these things shall be added unto you. and bring all things to your remembrance. small voice of your Christ self. Nor is it at the level of your emotional body or even your mental body and the intellectual. the world programs us to focus our attention at the lower levels. (John 14:26) It does not take any superhuman or psychic abilities to hear the still. you may also have to silence the loud voice of your ego that seeks to overpower your Christ self or seeks to rationalize away your intuitive . Some people are very focused on the material world. and his righteousness. and he shall give you another Comforter. you need to study the ego and you can find very profound teachings on it.ego. Unfortunately. Jesus talked about the importance of attuning to your Christ self when he said: But seek ye first the kingdom of God. take note that your Christ self is not at the level of your physical body and the normal. Jesus talked about the Christ self in the following quotes: And I will pray the Father. Thus. (John 14:16) But the Comforter. conscious awareness of most people. namely a state of consciousness in which you are no longer controlled by the ego. whatsoever I have said unto you. you must develop the ability to focus your attention on the higher parts of your Being and on the spiritual realm. Jesus talked about the kingdom of God. It is the mediator between the I AM Presence and the lower being lost in duality. whom the Father will send in my name. However. some are very emotional and some are very intellectual. he shall teach you all things.

It is through the mind of Christ that you can take dominion. the higher understanding of the soul is that it is not created by your spiritual parents but is created by you during your many embodiments on Earth. . You have then taken dominion over the Earth. There is a higher and a lower component of your four lower bodies. The ego does this by setting up certain beliefs as being infallible. many people dare not look beyond their mental boxes to hear the voice of their Christ selves—which is ALWAYS seeking to lead you outside ANY mental box and thus challenges the "infallible" beliefs of the ego. first over your four lower bodies. As you follow the spiritual path. This helps you reclaim the purity of your four lower bodies from the selfish beliefs that cause your suffering. You will then be “As Above. the soul is created from energies in the material frequency spectrum. thereby creating a mental box around your mind.” In fact. which is why traditional religion says the soul is mortal. Thus. you gradually put on the mind of Christ. In fact. Thus. This leads to the mystical union whereby you become the bride of Christ and attain oneness with your Christ self. Thus. so below. it can have so many different meanings and interpretations that it has become less useful. You can then accept that the Conscious You has attained its rightful position as the Christ in your being. (John 5:17) The soul You might have noticed that the above sections do not contain the word “soul.insights. spiritual. You can then claim with Jesus: My Father worketh hitherto. One consequence of this is that the soul can be fragmented by traumatic experiences. You have become the Living Christ. in Mother Mary’s book she does not use the term soul.” meaning that your I AM Presence can now act through your lower being. which can lead to severe psychological problems. corruptible and needs to be saved. However. The reason is that the word soul has been used in many different ways by various religious. as symbolized by the globe under the feet of the Vitruvian man. esoteric and psychological teachers. but you will gradually build a deeper sense of oneness with the teacher. The lower higher component is independent of the physical body and stores your experiences from embodiment to embodiment. and then over the material realm. a position that should be occupied by your Christ self until the Conscious You attains oneness with your I AM Presence. and I work. At first. your ego is constantly trying to set itself up as the ultimate authority in your life. meaning that you gain the vision and discernment that empowers you to see through the many illusions created by the mind of anti-christ. the Conscious You will see your Christ self as an external teacher.

The soul is made from energies that are not yet fully pure and thus cannot ascend and become part of your causal body. The soul can be resurrected. you create a downward spiral that takes you away from God. How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb. (Mark 10:39) For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. 6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh. As Jesus said: 3 Jesus answered and said unto him. (John. you must first attain mastery over the soul— being born of water. (John 12:25) . You must then give up the soul and the sense of identity based on the soul—being born of the Spirit. consider that you work as a biologist seeking to find a cure for disease. Verily. I say unto thee. as opposed to the ego which is created from your attempts to run away from God or even your deliberate rebellion against God’s law. he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Your work helps reduce the suffering of others and is thus a worthy cause. they are temporarily stored in your soul and will be raised to the causal body when your motivation reaches the purity of the Christ mind. Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit. (Mark 16:25) He that loveth his life shall lose it. You can do this only when you have attained a high degree of personal Christhood. The soul is made from your sincere attempts to do good. Thus. verily. he cannot see the kingdom of God. but that doesn’t mean everything you do has the full purity of the Christ mind. yet your primary motivation is not love for others but your desire to receive a Nobel prize or become rich. Verily. Thus. 4 Nicodemus saith unto him. It is important to understand that the ego can never be resurrected but must be allowed to die. Consequently your experiences do not have the purity that can rise to the level of your causal body. verily. Except a man be born again. meaning that you have built a new sense of identity based on oneness with your I AM Presence—thus not being left in a vacuum with no identity. Jesus described the process of giving up the soul in the following statements: He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. As long as you allow the ego to make decisions for you. As you turn around and start walking the spiritual path. and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. and be born? 5 Jesus answered. Chapter 3) In order for the soul to be fully transformed. I say unto thee. you create an upward spiral. As an example. but only when it is transformed through a spiritual rebirth. your motivation is still self-centered rather than a selfless desire to raise all life. and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

the idea that God has created evil just doesn’t sound right. you have virtually no explanation for evil. stating that free will either does not exist or is not important. This elite will do anything to spread false beliefs.Appendix 2 THE EVIL Why is there evil in the world? The concept of evil has caused much confusion. because it isn’t right. I might add here that ignoring a cancerous tumor is not the best way to deal with it. In the answers to other questions. then it becomes exceedingly difficult to explain the obvious fact that there is evil on this planet. If you are a religious person. then you end up having to come up with a series of contrived arguments that somehow seek to deal with the problem that if human beings do not have free will. It doesn’t sound right. What this power elite is trying to do is to make you deny your God-given potential to manifest Christhood on earth. so most of these people tend to ignore it. but also among spiritually interested people all over the world. For most people. If you deny the existence of free will. through religion or science. If you are a scientific materialist. I talk about a power elite that is seeking absolute control over the people. . not only among Christians. then God must have created evil. The main reason behind all this confusion is the widespread denial of the importance of free will.

as illustrated in the Taoist symbol called the Tai-Chi. and therefore it will be sustainable. if God does so. all spiritual beings have unlimited potential for expressing their individuality and creativity within the context of God’s law. God must create some other place where these beings can reside. Yet. What is God to do with such beings? God has two options. It will not self-destruct. Nevertheless. evil does not form the polar opposite of God. and when God refused to show this favoritism. if a being chooses to go against God’s law. Lucifer made the choice that he was not willing to follow one of God's commands. Evil cannot create anything. Therefore.   God can consume these beings as if they had never existed. Lucifer rebelled. Therefore. Lucifer made this choice because of pride. these beings cannot remain in heaven. that being cannot remain in heaven. They are complimentary and through their interactions they bring forth a new aspect of the world a form. or rather numerous free-will choices. God is a completely self-contained being and God has no opposite. Nothing that is influenced by evil is sustainable. The original free-will choice that brought evil to this planet was not made by human beings. because it violates God’s laws. That other place is the material universe. Yet. God creates two polarities. evil does not form a creative polarity with good. Therefore. God can give these beings a second chance to voluntarily choose to come back to the laws of God. and God can consume any part of the world of form. it is extremely rare that a heavenly being will use this free will to go against the laws of God. Our God is a consuming fire. He wanted to be the most important angel in heaven. Evil as the result of choice Why is there evil in the world? The presence of evil is the result of a free-will choice. In the material universe.The reality of the matter is that God has not created evil. The polarities of the Tai-Chi are not mutually exclusive. In heaven. The essence of evil is that it is not in accordance with God’s law. I have earlier told you that when God starts creating the world of form. I want you to understand that . evil is not the polar opposite of God. Therefore. leaving absolutely no trace. You must understand that in heaven all beings have free will. anything affected by evil will be temporary. and it will eventually self-destruct. However. It was made by the leader of a band of Angels. the energies are so dense that it is not immediately obvious that everything in this universe is created from God’s light. it can only destroy. this universe can serve as a temporary home for those beings who have stepped outside of God’s law and therefore no longer see themselves as God’s offspring. That command was that the angels of God were to serve human beings. and his name was Lucifer. because they clearly know the laws of God. That aspect of the world a form will be in harmony with God’s law. including planet earth. it did indeed happen with Lucifer. However. Contrary to what some religions teach. and it does not even form the polar opposite of good.

For centuries. They believe that their ends can justify absolutely any conceivable means. Any human being in the grips of the carnal mind is an easy target for the manipulators of this earth. called the Book of Enoch. That is why you see so many books or websites that promote the most incredible theories (including a number of books that contain false theories about me and my true teachings). I wonder why? The origin of evil My basic point is that the origin of evil was a free-will choice made by a group of very powerful spiritual beings who chose to rebel against God. I want you to know that during my life on earth. the orthodox church was a very efficient mind control machine. Plan B. This was. Today. as the burning of books and the inquisition clearly demonstrate. The essence of personal Christhood is the ability of discernment. they have attempted to turn planet earth into a world where God does not exist. maintaining such control is not very difficult. for the past 2. The Book of Enoch describes the process whereby fallen angels were cast out of heaven and took on human bodies. truth and error. The only way to escape this subtle manipulation is to reach beyond the level of the carnal mind and put on personal Christhood. a Christen being is the ultimate threat to the fallen angels who consider . The hope of the power elite is that you will be overwhelmed by all of this information. They have since formed what I have called the power elite. I and all of my close associates studied an old biblical text. If everything is relative. why would you not study it? I might add that the Book of Enoch was later taken out of the orthodox Bible. I consider the Book of Enoch to be an extremely important work. they want to shut God out of this world in an attempt to prove that they can exist without God. These souls will do anything to gain and maintain control over the people of earth. Many of these souls have so far demonstrated an absolute commitment to stick with their original decision to rebel against God. For example. They are attempting to cope with this by actually flooding the market with false information of every conceivable type. so that you will either shut your mind (and refuse to consider any new ideas) or become so confused that you no longer know what to believe (and therefore end up doubting everything). They also want to set themselves up as surrogate or false Gods on earth. If I studied it.this was not God’s original plan for the material universe. The fallen angels have a powerful weapon in their quest for control. then everything can be defined by some authority here on earth. The fallen angels have created numerous philosophies in an attempt to spread false ideas. including right and wrong. the power elite is facing the problem that technology has made it easier than ever to disseminate information. Therefore. The Book of Enoch also states that these fallen angels have continued to appear in human bodies. to use a popular expression. In other words. namely the relativity of the carnal mind. Unfortunately. You must understand that the power elite will do anything to prevent you from discovering the truth of God.000 years they have attempted to use the orthodox Christian church to prevent the spreading of knowledge. Therefore. and I would like all my followers to familiarize themselves with this book. the ability to discern what is of God and what is not of God.

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