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Jack Nadel International (JNI) is a premier provider of targeted advertising and marketing solutions and has been in the branded merchandise industry for over 60 years. Our work is about extending your brand. Promotional products, printing, direct mail, creative solutions, onlinemarketing, event support, campaigns and so much more, JNI has all the experience and resources you need. Our experienced management and creative teams will work in coordination with your company’s internal marketing department or take the lead on a project-by-project basis. We’ve handled the printing, mailing and promotional needs of Fortune 1000 companies around the world. With offices in 24 locations around the world, JNI is ready to provide you with the best solutions and services possible.

About JNI
• Established in 1953 • Wide range of services • Serve Fortune 1000 companies worldwide Our company is a reflection of the beliefs embraced by our individuals. These are our Core Values: We believe that clients come first • Details Count - using the right font, matching Pantone® colors, and everything in between, we promote your brand. • Our clients deserve restful nights and peace of mind - they leave the details to us We treat everyone we work with like partners • We believe in building relationships • Projects come and go but relationships are timeless • Our Standard Operating Procedure? Listen first, respond next, over-deliver...always. We believe in delivering quality with Integrity • Integrity is everything. Our word is all we have. • Special touches make a difference. We deliver and delight. We believe that where there is respect, there is trust. And where there is trust, there is a relationship. And upon the strength of a relationship, the possibilities are endless.
"I have worked with Jack Nadel for the last three years and have always been extremely pleased with their service… Jack Nadel has always come through. They exude professionalism."
— J. Adobe Systems

We believe in ourselves and that with our partners we can do the impossible.

Promotional Merchandise
When our dedicated research team focuses its energy on 3,000 manufacturers and global resources, the results will be exactly what you need for your promotion. Our preferred vendor relationships provide for dedicated customer service reps at the factories - and our sales volume provides us the best value-pricing in the industry.


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Importing Highlights: • Over 60 years of importing experience • Strategic locations around the world • Exceptional value • Shipments monitored through delivery With offices located in strategic cities including Athens, Sydney, London, and Hong Kong, JNI can source and deliver any promotional product you need. Our locations make it possible for us to explore new products, materials and processes, allowing us to provide you with exceptional value.

Our company has partnered with over 3,000 manufacturers and our merchandising team scours premium and gift shows worldwide. We’re constantly searching out new product sources for our clients. When you’re ready to get started, JNI will help you find just the right products. Locate Products from Around the World • Local access to the latest products and trends If you want to get a feel for what JNI has to offer, visit the JNiShop http://jnishop.nadel.com – our online research tool – and explore our vast collection of promotional products. The JNiShop website puts more than 40,000 products at your fingertips and it is continuously updated with new finds from around the world. The JNI Shop Website • Online browsing site of promotional merchandise • Powerful, easy-to-use search engine • Over 40,000 products listed

Printing & Direct Mail
Our breadth of services offers a full line-up of offset, web and digital printers to cover all spectrums of your printing needs. From highly personalized small digital runs to multi-million piece web-runs, we’ve got the expertise and the knowledge base to handle your projects. In addition JNI can manage your direct mail fulfillment, forms procurement and product/literature fulfillment. As industry leaders in direct mail and product fulfillment our production teams will meet and exceed your exacting standards of service. Whether you are designing a direct marketing campaign, implementing an employee incentive program, producing your company’s annual report or building your brand, JNI helps you connect with your audience.

JNI Delivers
Concept to Execution • Wide Range of Promotional Services – Branded to Non-Branded Merchandise & Premiums – Implementation of Branding Campaigns & Marketing Events – Printing, direct mail and collateral/kit fulfillment services • A partner to help support your Client needs • Promotional solutions at every level and budget • Purchasing-Power advantage • Established in 1953 • Offices in 24 major U.S. cities, London, Athens, Sydney, and Hong Kong • Billings over $65 Million annually • Account managers dedicated to you


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Creative Solutions
At JNI, we know that great promotions start with great ideas — ideas that mean business. Our Creative Services department can help you develop exciting new concepts and strategies based on your specific needs. The department includes art directors, designers and graphic artists, all of who will be candidates for your specific project team. You determine JNI’s involvement with your marketing group and, based on the project, JNI will assemble a team of professionals to handle your account under the leadership of a primary Account Executive. The Creative department can take care of everything from basic logo designs and promotional packaging to complete themed campaigns. Many of JNI’s past projects involving the creative team have won prestigious awards in design, marketing and promotion. Jack Nadel International can offer clients many sales promotion choices. From simple direct mail postcards to multi-level, large-scale campaigns and product introduction events, JNI can do it all. Creative Capabilities • In-house Creative • Dedicated account management and project teams • World wide sourcing and custom manufacturing • History of award-winning campaigns • Account Executive provides guidance throughout the process • Samples of past campaigns available upon request Our modular structure allows us to provide appropriate resources no matter what the project size. We’ll work with you and within your budget to identify and determine the right type of promotional approach.

Consider JNI as a business partner, an extension of your marketing team. We can support your company with full and complete service, no matter the size of your organization or project. Our team works with you to determine which of our products best fits your customizing needs while meeting your budget and delivery requirements. JNI also has extensive experience in tradeshow marketing, point-of-purchase and online company stores.

rope. We can also organize special company events, such as sales meetings and product launches—domestiExtensive Creative Range • Wide spectrum of promotional products and services • Accommodate projects at every budget level • Full service for all types of client needs

“JNI has outstanding products and programs and outstanding personnel. The people at JNI are motivated to get the job done.” — MM, Toshiba


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Technology Solutions
No one understands how to use technology to your marketing advantage better than Jack Nadel International. From web-based solutions to social media and everything in between, we have the experience and vision to put the latest technological solutions to work for you. Jack Nadel International can accept various forms of electronic information. Whatever your existing means of requesting merchandise, JNI can handle it. You can also feel secure about how JNI will manage your sensitive data. To ensure high security standards, JNI runs all online programs through a secure process. Do you need to keep track of your promotional product inventory levels? Do you need to see the information by region? Or perhaps you need to see it by another specific category? Whatever your reporting requirements – standard or custom – JNI can meet them. If necessary, you can even download your report

Develop and Maintain your Company Store • Showcase, sell and track merchandise • Deliver customized, timely and analytical reporting
Seamless System Integration

You can keep track of your merchandise in real time and, with the help of your account team, you can pinpoint the status of product shipments anywhere in the delivery process.

• Accept various forms of electronic information via common eBusiness programs • Programs run through security hardening process • High-level, detailed reporting • Tracking and delivery information • Seamless purchasing support Jack Nadel International can support the online purchase of your promotional merchandise through your own website. JNI will access your requests for company store products via electronic purchase orders, send email


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Motivating employees and recognizing their achievements are important components of consistent business success, and Jack Nadel International has extensive experience with both. JNI can design your incentive campaigns from scratch or enhance an existing program by recommending new merchandise options to show your appreciation. Creating excitement about an incentive program in fun, innovative ways and developing new methods to reward individuals who reach their business goals is what we do best. As part of a campaign, we can create a website for your sales incentive program that will handle the process. After JNI has set up the structure of a program, you won’t need to worry about the details. Your entire sales team can enroll via the website and JNI will take care of tracking each enrolled person’s progress and give them access so they can monitor their own success. You can even give your team the option to choose from a group of exclusive prizes for each predetermined goal level. When they reach their goals and select their gifts, we’ll validate the claim and drop-ship exactly what they selected straight from the manufacturer, thereby eliminating the need for residual inventory. Offer your Employees Incentives and Rewards • Create and manage incentive campaigns • Innovative ways to recognize and reward

Our headquarter’s house our warehouse and fulfillment center. Orders are processed via the internet, national call centers, fax and/or mail. JNI can provide clients with a secure online ordering site or acquire orders from an existing website. Large and small projects alike, we can efficiently fill and distribute orders, generate order confirmations, and keep our clients informed on shipment status and inventory levels. Our JNI team has online access to inventory, order status, and order tracking, enabling them to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information about their merchandise. And, if needed, an inventory manager can be assigned to your account to address any fulfillment-related issues and to ensure a smooth process from factory to assembly to client delivery. Fulfillment and Delivery Capabilities • Process orders via the Internet, phone, fax and mail • JNI Team can provide clients with up-to-date shipment information • Advanced inventory and accounting software • Inventory managers available to ensure smooth process from order to shipment • Access to regional warehouses around the country and the world • Storage capabilities and ongoing shipping via any designated carrier • JNI accepts all payment types including most e-commerce solutions. Jack Nadel International, by way of its many vendor partnerships, has access to a number of regional warehouses to ensure on-time delivery of merchandise. Using these facilities gives JNI the ability to warehouse your merchandise economically and efficiently. That means your merchandise can be housed centrally or at multiple sites throughout the country—whatever works best for your particular needs. We’ll maintain and store your stock, then ship it when necessary using UPS, FedEx, or any shipping method you designate.
Visit our website to see success stories and find contact info: www.nadel.com

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