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DATE April 30, 2013 INITIAL 10:26 AM

MAYOR 1. Appointment-COB Board of Ethics(Harned) 2. Designation of Nominees-Reappointment Bd of Trustees Bflo & EC Library(Alvarez-Perez, Maglietto-Smith) MAYOR EXECUTIVE 3. Plan Bd-SEQR-Negative Declaration-58 Oberlin(Fill) 4. Plan Bd-SEQR-Negative Declaration-140 Chandler(North) 5. Strat Plan-Adjustment to BOA Contract of Camiros, Ltd 6. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-1769 Bailey(Lov) 7. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-217 French(Fill) 8. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-220 French, 222 French(Fill) 9. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-63 Harvard Pl(Ell) 10. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-34 Kehr, 36 Kehr(Mas) 11. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-38 Swinburne(Fill) COMPTROLLER 12. Cert of Determination-Terms/Form/Details of Sale and Issuance of Bond Anticipation Note $17,819,168 13. Cert of Determination-Terms/Form/Details/of Sale and Issuance of Refunding Serial Bonds $7,540,000.00 14. Post-Issuance Compliance Procedures for Tax-Exempt Bonds COUNCIL PRESIDENT 15. Common Council Meeting and Budget Hearing Schedule 16. Schedule of Budget Workshops PUBLIC WORKS 17. Notification Serial-10646 & 10662-10665 Waive 45 Days R&F 18. Change in Contract(Corrected)-City Building Facilities-Energy Update(Var) 19. Change in Contract-Pool Reconstruction(Var) 20. Perm to Hire Consultant-Allendale Theater Masonry Reconst(Del) 21. Perm to Hire Consultant(Corrected)-City Court Womens Holding Area 22. Report of Bids-City-Wide Mill & Overlay 23. Report of Bids-Citywide Parks Improvements-Play Court Rehab POLICE 24. Drug Asset Forfeiture Wire Transfers($75,574.78) PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS 25. Food Store License New-970 Kensington(Mas) 26. Food Store License New-295 Main(Ell) 27. Food Store License New-931 Niagara(Nia) 28. Food Store License New-955 Tonawanda(North) 29. Food Store License New-881 William(aka 389 Fillmore(Fill) 30. Used Car Dealer-164 W. Ferry(Nia) 31. Appoint Clerk(Inter)(Lockwood) CS COMMUNITY SERVICES 32. Acceptance of Agmt Btwn EC Probation and Div of Youth/Boys Council Program and Request Inter Cash Loan

April 30, 2013

CITY CLERK 33. List of Approved Chicken Licenses R&F 34. Board of Ethics Minutes-February 2013 R&F 35. Liquor License Applications R&F 36. Notices of Appointment-Seasonal R&F 37. Notices of Appointments- Temp/Prov/Perm CS MISCELLANEOUS 38. Bflo Water Bd-Monthly Report-March 2013 39. LP Ciminelli-Board Packet Documents-April 2013 40. J. Gage-Modified General Project Plan-Public Hearing 41. K. Lee-Response Common Councils No Kill Resolution 42. L. Ross-Mill, Overlay and Streetscape Proj-Fillmore Ave, N. Parade & E. Ferry 43. M. Pietkiewicz-Bldg UB-Comprehensive Physical Plan for Univ at Bflo 44. M. Pietkiewicz-UBs Concerns for McCarley Gardens 45. D. Smith-Buffalos Path to Renewal 46. P. Wolf-Creating an Open Government Advisory Board PETITIONS 47. D. Hall, Agent, Use 310 North St to Replace Facing of an Existing Ground Sign and Install New Wall Sign/Canopy(Ell)(hrg 5/7) LEG,CPBD 48. K. Ammar, Owner, Use 220 Allen St to Re-Establish a Sit in Restaurant and Sidewalk Patio in the Allen St Special District(Fill)(hrg 5/7) LEG,CPBD 49. M. Petrillo, Owner, Use 1368 Hertel to Convert a Bakery to a Restaurant in the Hertel Avenue Special District(hrg 5/7)(Del) LEG,CPBD 50. M. DiMartile, Owner, Use 1516 Niagara to Re-Establish Use of A Sit-In Restaurant in the Niagara River Canal Special Dist(hrg 5/7)(Nia) _LEG,CPBD 51. M. Brant & O-Support Landmark Designation of Trico Plant #1 RESOLUTIONS 52. Fontana Waiver of Fees Houghton Academy #69 End of School Picnic APP 53. Fontana Waiver of Fees for 2013 Kaisertown Car Show APP 54. Fontana Waiver of Fees for 2013 Kaisertown Polkas in the Park APP 54A. Golombek Request to Rename Riverside Access Road 55. LoCurto Waive Permit Fees for Boston Marathon Solidarity Run/Del ParkAPP 56. LoCurto Waiving Special Event Sanitation Pick-Up Fees APP 56A. Pridgen Waive Permit Fee for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day 56B. Scanlon Waive Park Rental and Event Fees for Lorraine Elementary Field Day at Cazenovia Park 56C Smith Ordinance Amendment Ch 154-Fair Employment Screening 57. Smith Permission to Hang Banners at 1184 Genesee St 58. Smith, etc Support for GBSEC to Obtain 9 to 12 Month Land Option Bflo Outer Harbor 59. Smith Support Reducing Greenhouse Gas Pollution Under the Clean Air Act 60. Smith Comm of Deeds Public Duties ADOPT 61. Smith Comm of Deeds ADOPT

April 30, 2013

1. Com 1 Apr 16 W/O REC 2. Com 2 Apr 16 W/O REC 3. Com 3 Apr 16 W/O REC 4. Com 34 Apr 16 APP 5. Com 47 Apr 16 R&F 6. No 44 Mar 5 R&F 7. No 42 Dec 11 R&F 8. Res 86 Nov 13 R&F 9. Com 10 Apr 16 10. Com 11 Apr 16 11. Com 12 Apr 16 12. Com 13 Apr 16 13. Com 14 Apr 16 14. No 63 Apr 16 15. No 64 Apr 16 Appointment Appraisal Review Board(Ross)(Mayor) Appointment Buffalo Preservation Board(Gilbert)(Mayor) Appointment Buffalo Water Board(Finn)(Mayor) Appoint Report Technician(Prov)(Inter)(Lorenzo)(Pol) Notices of Appointments-Temp/Prov/Perm(Cty Clk) T. Barrett-Concerns Staffing at Fire Scenes M. LoCurto-A. McKinney-Testimony Re Living Wage Entitling Seasonal Sanitation Workers to Back Wages CDBG Program Funding/HOME Program Funding/ HOPWA/ESG(Strat Plan) Report of Sale-430 Berkshire(Univ)(Strat Plan) Report of Sale-420 Busti(Ell)(Strat Plan) Report of Sale-310 Cornwall(Mas)(Strat Plan) Report of Sale-291 Wohlers(Ell)(Strat Plan) Report of Sale-79 Keystone(Lov)(Strat Plan)(#7,3/19)(#75,4/2) Report of Sale-206 Winslow(Mas)(Strat Plan)(#14,3/19)(#79,4/2)


16. No 55 Apr 16 J. Mahiques, Owner, Use 197 Allen-To Reestablish a Restaurant in the Allentown Special District(hrg 4/23)(Fill) APP 17. No 56 Apr 16 P. Tsouflides, Owner, Use 708 Elmwood to Enclose Portion Along Side of Building for Additional Kitchen Space and Cooler(hrg 4/23)(Del) W/O REC 18. No 57 Apr 16 A. Kondola, Owner, Use 802 Elmwood for Use of a Restaurant in the Elmwood District(Del)(hrg 4/23) W/O REC 19. Com 37 Apr 16 Used Car Dealer-356 Hopkins(South)(EDPI) W/O REC 20. Res 112 Apr 16 Ordinance Amendment-Chapter 316-55 Mobile Food Vendors(Golombek) APP 21. No 89 Apr 16 Food Store License(New) 1727 South Park (South)(EDPI)(#43,4/2) W/O REC 22. No 103 Apr 16 Food Store(New) 1096 Kensington(Masten)(EDPI)(#23,3/6) W/O REC 23. Com 5 Mar 19 Application for Landmark Site-Trico Plant No 1-791 Washington (Pres Bd)(Ell)(hrg 3/26) W/O REC 24. No 94 May 1 Application for Landmark Design-791 Washington aka 817 Washington(hrg 4/24) (Pres Bd)(#1, 4/3) R&F 25. Com 1 Mar 20 Application for Landmark Design-791 Washington aka 817 Washington(hrg3/27)(Pres Bd) R&F 26. Res 106 Mar 20 Opposing the Demolition of the Trico Plant No 1 Building R&F 27. No 57 May 15 T. Tielman & O-Support for Trico Landmark R&F 28. No 58 Mar 19 J. Golombek-F. Rzemek-Info Food Trucks/Mobile Kitchens R&F 29. Res 134 Mar 19 Request Rename Portion of Letchworth St(North)(exc 2 nd res) (Golombek)(hrg 4/30) W/O REC 30. No 83 Mar 19 S. Femmessy, Agent, Use 73 Leslie to Convert a Warehouse to a Human

April 30, 2013

31. Res 118 July 24 32. No 77 Nov 13

Service Facility(Fill)(no pub hrg) W/O REC Recycling Refrigerator Regulation(exc res)(Fontana) R&F Food Store License(new) 271 Ludington(Lov)(EDPI)(#37,7/24)(#133,9/4) W/O REC

April 30, 2013

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