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Anadarko Marco Polo

Gulf of Mexico Blocks GC 518, 562 & 608

Landmark: Worlds Deepest Tension-Leg Platform

Project Overview
Contract Award: 2002 (Surface Trees) 2003 (K2) 2004 (GC 518) Sales: Houston, Texas Fabrication: Houston, Texas Service Base: Houston, Texas Host Type: Mini-TLP Contract Type: EPC

Project Characteristics
No. Trees: Water Depth: Tree Type: Tree Pressure: Tree Bore Size: Hydrocarbon: 6 (Surface, Non-FMC) 3 (K2, Non-FMC) 2 (GC 518) 1,310 m (4,300 ft) Surface, EHXT 10,000 psi 4 (Surface) 4x2 (Subsea) Oil and Gas

Project Ownership
Anadarko 100%


Scope of Work
4 Two (2) horizontal 4x2 10,000 psi subsea trees 4 Six (6) complete production-riser systems 4 Global riser design and analysis 4 UWD-15 subsea wellhead systems 4 Hydraulic external tieback connectors 4 Tapered stress joints 4 High-fatigue-resistant outer riser joints 4 Inner riser joints 4 Keel joints 4 Tension joints 4 Hydro pneumatic riser tensioner 4 System integration, testing, installation assistance, service and maintenance

Marco Polo is Anadarkos first deepwater development. It is located on Green Canyon Block 608 about 240 km (150 miles) offshore Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. It uses a floating production platform capable of accommodating production from multiple fields. The platform is stationed in 1,310 m (4,300 ft) of water and functions as a hub. Production capacity is 120,000 bopd and 300 mmcf/d of gas. Under the agreement, Anadarko has a firm capacity of 50,000 bopd and 150 mmcf/d of gas. The remainder of the platform capacity will be available to Anadarko for additional production and/or to third parties that have fields developed in the area. Oil and gas processed on the platform is transported through new gathering pipelines to downstream markets. The oil is transported through a new 55 km (34 miles), 14 pipeline and El Pasos Allegheny oil pipeline to Ship Shoal 332 platform where onshore markets can be accessed via the Poseidon oil pipeline system.

Floating Production
4 Engineering procurement and construction of the hull, mooring system and production-riser system for the Tension Leg Platform (supplied by MODEC)

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