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Warren G.

Harding Middle School

203 East Euclid, Des Moines, IA 50313-4599 (515) 242-8445 Fax (515) 244-3566

April 19, 2013 To Whom It May Concern: It is my pleasure to write this reference letter on behalf of Liz Brekke. I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Brekke at Harding Middle School during her student teaching assignment in the spring semester of 2013. I have thoroughly enjoyed having Ms. Brekke as a great collaborative partner and working together on behalf of the newcomer and early intermediate ELL students. I have found Ms. Brekke to be a very motivated, dedicated, and hardworking teacher who cares greatly for the students. At Harding, the students receiving English Language Learner support come from many different parts of the world and speak several different languages. Working with students in this area can be quite challenging because they span all different grade levels, various languages, various stages of language acquisition, and various educational backgrounds. Teachers, therefore, must be effective in building content knowledge along with verbal language and listening skills, vocabulary and reading comprehension, and written communication. Ms. Brekke has ensured that all of the students are actively engaged in this multi-facetted learning process and are making strides to complete proficiency. In order to assist students in their learning process, Ms. Brekke demonstrates a great work ethic in creating curricular materials and preparing differentiated lessons. She has developed various assessments and rubrics along with several technology-based projects. It is obvious Ms. Breeke is comfortable and competent with including technology to enhance her teaching methods. Ms. Brekkes creative skills are further enhanced by her positive and polite classroom management and efforts to keep every student engaged. She commands the classroom with clear authority and fluctuates easily between whole group explicit instruction and small group or one-on-one interactions. In addition to her teaching skill set, Ms. Brekke displays many leadership qualities. She is a punctual, organized, and responsible teacher who shows high intrinsic motivation. Ms. Brekke has often offered to take work home, volunteered to take the lead in creating class materials, and finished school tasks. This is particularly impressive when considering that she is still attending classes and working part-time. Ms. Brekke is a positive role model who leads by example with her professional behavior and with the completion of all assigned teacher tasks to the best of her ability. Based on these above attributes, I am certain that Liz Brekke will be an asset to any district and an excellent staff member in any school. Her commitment and hard work will be a benefit not only to students but to the entire staff. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely,

Sarah Tincher Harding ELL Teacher (630) 688-7924

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