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2011 13:59

The Guilford College Farm is pleased to announce that we will be offering two sessions of TWENTY-FIVE (25) shares for the upcoming 2013 season! We are seeking individuals and families throughout the Guilford community willing to be a part of this humble farm and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Please email Korey Erb ( by MAY 10th if you would like to purchase a share for the first session. Memberships will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. In addition, members participating in the first session will have priority in renewing their share for the next session. You will be notified via email MAY13th if you have secured a spot in our CSA program. If you do not receive a spot for the fist session, you will automatically be put on our waiting list and notified of any openings we have throughout the season. Please read the following information carefully and decide whether or not you would like to become a member.

2013 CSA Information Form Guilford grown produce picked just for you!

The Guilford College Farm Community Supported Agriculture program is an opportunity for you to connect directly with the farm in your backyard! Our mission is to create a self-sufficient farm operation framed both by the ideals of sustainability and a general respect for ecology. We are devoted to teaching the basic tenants of small-scale agriculture and hope to inspire our community to become responsible, active members of the local food system. Although we are not certified organic, we follow the National Organic Program and employ sustainable practices such as crop rotation, integrated pest management, cover cropping and more. Seasonal produce is harvested at the peak of ripeness for pickup at the farm weekly. Although the items available will change week to week, the total value of each share will be $20.00. Given the inherent risks of farming and the nature of Community Supported Agriculture, we cannot guarantee what the season will bring and what particular vegetables will be in your share on a given week. However, we as farmers pledge to always try our best to provide a healthy variety of items. The following is a sample share from last years market on July 17th: slicing and cherry tomatoes, eggplant, basil, onions, sweet peppers, beets and mixed greens Other crops to expect this year are: chard, kale, head lettuce, pac choi, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, carrots, turnips, radishes, summer squash, cucumbers, winter squash, okra, pole beans, New Zealand spinach, melons, garlic, parsnips, collards and broccoli (We also hope to have mushrooms and edamame!) In addition to the delectable produce, you will also receive a newsletter informing you of recent happenings on the farm as well as a recipe to try with that weeks share. There will also be an opportunity to purchase a deluxe share that includes one (1) dozen eggs from Duck Herder CSA at Kanoy Farm every two weeks! Kanoy Farm is located in neighboring Davidson County where chickens are housed in mobile units allowing them to graze in fields. Their diet consists of grain, insects, weeds and grasses. By late spring and summer, their diet will also include vegetable scraps from the garden. The chickens are big fans of tomatoes! Chicken breeds include: Rhode Island Reds, Silver-laced Wyandottes, Dominiques, Barred Rocks, Australorps, the odd Buff Orpington and Ameracauna (blue eggs). By late summer and early fall, laying hens may also include Light Brahmas, Brown Leghorns (white eggs) and Sextlinks. The first TEN (10) week session this year will begin MAY 21st and run through JULY 23rd. Basic Share $200.00 Deluxe Share (22 Available) $220.00 Payment is due with the Agreement Form at the first market pickup. You will receive an agreement form when you have secured a spot in the first session. Pickup will be every TUESDAY from 4:00pm-7:00pm in the barn. Please respond via e-mail to the following address for the 2013 Guilford College Farm Agreement Form: