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State Competition April 13, 2013 at the University of Utah

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Organizations that provided Event Coordinator Support:

U of U faculty and Staff: 26 events USU Faculty and Staff: 4 events

Event Coordinators

WSU Faculty and Staff: 2 events BYU Faculty and Staff: 1 event

NOAA: 2 events Utah Dept of Health: 2 events Hill Air Force Base: 5 events Northrop Grumman: 1 event Campbell Scientific: 1 event

Thank you to all the event coordinators, those who knew what they were getting into and volunteered anyway; and those who had no idea what they were getting into, and volunteered anyway! We couldnt do this with you!
Anatomy Boomilever Bottle Rocket Crime Busters Disease Detectives Dynamic Planet Experimental Design Food Science Forestry Helicopter Heredity Keep the Heat Meteorology Metric Mastery Mission Possible Mousetrap Vehicle Reach for the Stars Road Scholar Rocks and Minerals Roto Egg Drop Shock Value Sounds of Music Water Quality Write It / Do It


Mark Nielsen Luisa Rogers Jeff Stephenson Ryan Steele Joann Watson and Team Stacie Bender, Paul Miller Tony Butterfield Judy Hinrichs Rose Long Frances Bradshaw Daniel Wee Mathieu Francoeur Kevin Perry Adam Zimmer, Jonathan Poole Steven Fershtut Wayne Sumner Tabitha Buehler, Wayne Springer Jim Wilson Erich Peterson Scott Cornelsen Neil Cotter, Rajesh Menon Adam Beehler Eric Peterson Erin Moulding


U of U Biology U of U Civil Engineering HAFB U of U Chemistry Utah Dept. of Health NOAA U of U Chemical Engineering Sci Oly Community Member USU CNR HAFB U of U Biology U of U MechE U of U Atmospheric Sciences HAFB Sci Oly Community Member Northridge High Scbool U of U Physics & Astronomy WSU U of U Geology Campbell Scientific, Logan U of U Electrical & Computer Eng. U of U Physics & Astronomy USU CNR Urban Teacher Education Institute


Anatomy and Physiology Astronomy Boomilever Bottle Rockets Chemistry Lab Circut Lab Designer Genes Disease Detectives Dynamic Planet Elastic Launch Glider Experimental Design Fermi Questions Forensics Forestry Gravity Vehicle Maglev Materials Science Remote Sensing Robot Arm Rocks and Minerals Technical Problem Solving Thermodynamics Water Quality Write It Do It


Matt Linton Paul Ricketts Luisa Rogers Jeff Stephenson Nick Spiropulos, Trevor Feagin Neil Cotter, Rejesh Menon Jeremy Hill Joann Watson and Team Stacie Bender, Paul Miller Lenn Riddle Tony Butterfield Michael Bartl Brent Horn Rose Long David Jolly Kendall Anderson, John Metcalf Mike Scarpulla Kevin Perry Jack Treasure Erich Peterson Wes Sanders Mathieu Francoeur Eric Peterson Erin Moulding


U of U Biology U of U Physics & Astronomy U of U CivilEng HAFB U of U Chemistry U of U Electrical & Computer Eng. BYU Utah Dept. of Health NOAA ATK U of U ChemEng U of U Chemistry WSU USU CNR HAFB Northrop Grumman U of U ECE/MS Engineering U of U Atmospheric Sciences Sci Oly Community Member U of U Geology U of U Physics & Astronomy U of U MechE USU CNR Urban Teacher Education Institute

Thank you to the many people who showed up in support of Event Coordinators, family, friends and colleagues.


Utah Science Olympiad Executive Committee Dr. Ian R. Harvey, Utah Science Olympiad Faculty Director, Associate Director, Utah Nanofab and Micron Microscopy Core, U of U College of Engineering Chelsey Short, Utah Science Olympiad Managing Director, MRSEC Program Admin, U of U Ashley Nicholes, Utah Science Olympiad Program Admin, , U of U College of Engineering Dianne Leonard, Academic Program Administrator, U of U College of Engineering Iain Harvey, ASUU Science Olympiad Alumni Association President and Volunteer Manager Utah Science Olympiad Organizing Committee Christopher Pehler, Conference and Event Services Melissa Van Hien, Huntsman Center Event Services Mateo Remsburg, Associate Director of U of U Student Recruitment and High School Services Dr. Debra Mascaro, MRSEC Outreach Director, U of U Grant Stanfield, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret), ROTC Scholarship Officer, Asst. Prof. Military Sci. Don Keogh, Army ROTC, Officer in Charge Luke Cavanagh, U of U Electrical & Computer Engineering, Web & Systems Development Publicity: Aditi Risbud, Nathan Weston & Dan Hixson, Deans Office, College of Engineering Regional Science Olympiad Directors Westminster College: Jaimi Butler, Great Salt Lake Institute Snow College: Dan Black, Dean, Science and Mathematics Division Southern Utah University: Jessica Burr, Academic Enhancement Coordinator Weber State University: Raine Ingram, Recruitment Coordinator, STEP Director Lead Sponsors University of Utah Offices of the Vice Presidents for Academics, Health Science and Research U of U College of Engineering National Science Foundation and Utah Materials Research Science & Engineering Center THANK YOU to muliple departments and organizations for event coordinator support, in-kind donations and for providing scholarships. Visit for a full list of contributors Winning Pin Design Artist: Alyson Black, 9th grade Willowcreek Middle School, Lehi, Utah County THANK YOU for your passionate support for Utah Science Olympiad: Kris Harvey, USO Advisor, Dr. Sharon Ohlhorst, Event Arbitrator Dr. Gerard Putz, Jennifer Kopach, National Science Olympiad THANK YOU to our many student volunteer Campus Hosts, our ROTC cadet volunteers and the ROTC program, and to the many Science Olympiad enthusiasts and alums who came from various corners of the state and campus, offering to assist in whatever events needed organization, setup, cleanup, and grading support. Finally, THANK YOU to all our sponsors and partners on the back of the program!

Thank you to the many people who showed up in support of Event Coordinators, family, friends and colleagues. Aaron Young Emilio Camu Mariah Simmonds Sophia Dimas Spencer Adam Abernathy Emily Lockheart Mary Harge Petersen Adam Howe Emily Means Matt Solum Stephanie Yu Maura Adam Zimmer Erin Price Stephen Ruegg Hahnenburger Aditi Risbud Evan Burgess Max Mertens Tanner Morill Agnieszka Szarzec Fergus Brown Melissa Puga Taran White Golda HukicAhmed Elmadhoun Meridith Perkins Tiffany Kinder Markosian Alex Morris Goyeun Yun Michael Ekenstam Tilani De Costa Alisa Schofield Griffin Loutzenhiser Michael Gill Tim Hutchison Amir Khabibullin Hao Hu Michael Jaremko Tim Love Aneta Waliszewski Harold Truong Michelle Reed Tina Xu Annika PecchiaHope Braithwaite Mike Bernardi Troy Loyd Bekkum Ari Fershtut Ian Schofield Mike Dahlby TSgt Geasler Arvin Brown Issac White Miles Roberts Udit Bhavsar Ashlee Ruff Janelle Trieu Mindi Manes Wantong Du Bettymaya Foott Jeff Beverley Molly Clemens WeiYi Xu Blaine Anderson Jeff Jones Nathan Hulet Will Hugie Brent Bernard Jennifer Heninger Nathan Nguyen Xuesheng Han Brittney Thaxton Jess Lucero Neysi Anderson Yu-Jin Jung Bryce Turner Jessica Hansen Nick Slowey Zach Hansen Chorong Pak John Devine Nicklaus Traeden Zachary Jensen Clint Schmidt Joseph Heninger Paul Nederhand Zhengfei Wang Connor Healy Juli Hatt Peter Howe Cynthia Jolley Julia Hall Rachel Wootton Daniel Matthew Justin Ngo Rameshu Rallabandi Danielle Montanari Katelyn Froehlich Ren Gibbons Debora Riddle Kathrine Skollingsberg Rick Worthen Dimitri Pham Kenny Davis Robert Erickson Donald McPartland Kevin Perry Robert Wasserlein Donghwi Bae Kevin Simmonds Sam Hill Doug Baird Khanh Coa Samuel Farnsworth Dustan Seipel Krystal Sly Sarah Taylor Eli Cohen Kyle Branch Seayeup (David) Oh Elisabeth Zachary Lars Petersen Shaun Gladden Elizabeth Billings Laura Ekenstam Sheila Edalatpour Lauren Michaud Snehal Gajiwala Mallory Millington

Thank you to our many Campus Hosts: Student volunteers who greeted teams, escorted students, and presented posters.
Yen Nguyen Jordan T. Frei Kathleen Luecke Matthew Guthrie Emily Sue Ng Marcus Gray Renee Tran Julianna Gardner Arturo Dominguez-Fraire Rebecca Kanell Caitlin Barrett Tiffany Phan Judy Zhu

Scholarships were provided by the following departments and organizations:

University of Utah Departments of: Mechanical Engineering Chemical Engineering Chemistry Civil and Environmental Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering Physics and Astronomy Atmospheric Sciences Geology Biology Nano Fab & Utah Materials Research Science & Engineering Center USU College of Natural Resources Army ROTC

Proud Sponsors of the 2013 Utah Science Olympiad Partners:

Thank you!