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April 2009  City Cheers 3

Refer to CS “Star Wives” (CC family and can well form a happy a very difficult phase. They are
March 2009). The most right living. With nothing in return she depressed, slow developers. I just
decision on marriage front is to have tries to upscale her husbands future want to ask whether it is really a
spouse from the same profession or prospects. The story was a nice read psychiatric problem or only
like-minded than best of marital to know about three different facets psychological. Does medication help
harmony is possible-as like-minded of a woman of three different age to cure this problem?
people get together for life long groups. How all the three have —Madhumita Nagpal
relations. When there is same helped their hubbys to attain the
profession-the spouse understands status they are in, is remarkable. Refer to CS “Travelogue: A
well the problems of the profession Hats off to all these ladies!!! Spiritual Yatra” (CC March
and can well appreciate the same —Samvidha Sikri 2009). Its always a pleasure to read
–as otherwise most of the time there Mr. Sarup’s writings. Golden Temple
are more complains than love in a Refer to CS “Tree House” (CC is one place which leaves you in a
married life of a couple if they are March 2009). There are lot many complete peace of mind. The whole
from two different professions or one campaigns going on for Saving the aura takes you near to God.
is only housewife-without professional Mother Earth. Plastics have been Chandigarh, the most planned city,
background. reduced in the capital. But the effort has amazing places to visit. The
—Mahesh Kapasi made by Mr. K.P. Singh is praise Rock Garden shows the marvel of the
worthy. The house constructed architect. Jallianwala Bagh takes
Refer to CS “Star Wives” (CC without disturbing its features is you back into the era of
March 2009). This truly relates to awesome. Mr. K.P. Singh has done a Independence and one is forced to
the famous saying that, “behind truly commendable job! believe how ruthless the British
every successful man there is a —Raman Arora soldiers were! Every travel gives you
woman”. A woman if a homemaker a different experience and leaves you
can devote much time for the family Refer to “Gold forever” (CC March with many interesting stories too!!
and kids. She is the backbone of the 2009). A woman would never —Brij Tiwari
members of the admit that she has enough
jewellery. And a woman’s Refer to “Word Power” by
weaknesses are flowers especially Chandraprabha (CC March
roses, scent-perfumes and 2009). Strokes reveal a persons
jewellery and appreciation. So, personality, inside out. The strengths
the best gift from a tour for a and weaknesses, positives and
female is a bottle of negatives, can all be depicted by
perfume/scent! Also simple signatures. Signatures vary
remember that the last but from person to person as it speaks
not the least weakness of your mind and heart. The analysis
women is a man! written by Chandraprabha, shows
—M. Kumar how well she understands the subject.
—Manas Khattar

Refer to “I want dry Refer to “Astro-Palmistry” (CC

nights” by Dr. Sanjeev March 2009).This add on to the
Kalra (CC March magazine has made it a complete
2009). Children who publication. Hope to read the star
have a habit of sign predictions soon!
bedwetting, go through —Raveena

4 City Cheers  April 2009

Dear Readers,

IPL 2, T20 has hit the popularity chart even before a single
ball has been bowled.
First there was the clash of tit ans between the
Indian Political League and Indian Premier
League. After much chaos and media hitting the
breaking news for more than a week, IPL lost to
the heavyweight politicians of the general
elections. However the reason evident was the
deploying of the army for security reasons which
was booked for the general elections. As it was to
happen, considering safety of the high profile
cricketers IPL crumbled to the pressure and was
forced to take its bag and baggage to a dif ferent
venue. The second round of combat was witnessed
between England and South Africa as hosts.
However, South Africa managed to win this nail biting
finish. The game now begins from April 18th. But hold
your breath, some more thrilling moment s,
controversies, bollywood, cheerleaders are to arrive
before that. Juhi Chawla, Shilpa Shetty would add the
glamour quotient while Sourav and coach Buchanan would discuss the new fundament als of
four captains theory. Cheer leaders would be selected through camp aigns while music
composers will try hands on creating musical mantras for IPL. No wonder IPL will hit the
chartbusters and TRPs from next month.
City Cheers has always tried to do stories which are meaningful and thought ful. Hence it went to
Association for Cricket for Blind in India only to find that the Cricket is not so easy and condition
are pretty soggy to bowl. It lacks support and funds to manage it s existence. I hope people like
Modi with sharp business acumen can someday pull his magic wand to create euphoric
environment for this passionate game for the visually challenged. BCCI which has managed to
amass huge funds from the game should also think on these lines. Even if they manage to t ake
out half a percent from their kitty it will help the cause of this segment. And finally meet most
adorable Mr. Jasdev Singh the famous comment ator and Guru of Hindi broadcasting in our Red
Carpet section.
Though India lost hosting the bang bang cricket but I am sure it won’t loose it s shine even if it
being played in South Africa.
All the best and cheers to all the eight p articipating teams.

Monika Gupta

April 2009  City Cheers 5

The Big Story

Glitz, glamour, entertainment, sport…the Indian Premier League offers viewers

everything they could have asked for. While you have cricketers sweating it out to
mark their victory, you get a slice of your favourite Bollywood celebs too cheering for
their very own teams. The IPL includes every ingredient and spice of entertainment
needed to serve a sumptuous delight to the audiences. Sweet and sour film stars,
spicy controversies, the right dash of salt with cheerleading babes, and of course all
the money to add in the salt; the IPL does have the perfect mix of it all. With the
entire ingredients well churned and mixed, the IPL potpourri is a treat that the
audiences are going to love to savour. Let us take a look at some of the spiciest
constituents of the IPL potpourri that make it such a delightful concoction.

q Bhawna Tuteja

6 City Cheers  April 2009

THE STAKES and extravagant, and this time around too we hope the
This big ticket event has even bigger stakes involved. And same.
the amount of spending entailed in this cricket
tournament is much higher than you can think of. It is all With unique concepts and innovative ideas, the IPL
thanks to the big bucks involved in this mega affair that it advertisements did give viewers some fabulous piece of
is already being considered as a big stimulus for a sluggish entertainment, even though if it was for a few seconds.
economy. Its been barely a quarter of 2009, and the year While the audiences enjoyed, there were some minting
has already witnessed some of the biggest downfalls. money with the explosion of the promotional bomb. Set
With the moolah raked in the IPL, it is believed that the Max, the official broadcaster of IPL who earned 350
event will overshadow some of the pitfalls of the crore as the revenue only from advertising. This year too
economic downfall. the channel is expected to earn a similar amount from
Advertising is perhaps one of the worst hit sectors by
global recession. Of late even the biggest of brands like It is not just that advertising arena is going to gain from
Coke and Pepsi have stayed away from the usual IPL but electronic players too will have a share of their
extravagant ad campaigns. It is perhaps because of the own profits. In a country that eats, sleeps and drinks
plummeting finances that Pepsi had to give its kind cricket, sale of television sets during such a mega cricket
ambassador SRK a miss. But with IPL around the event is bound to go up. During the last IPL season,
corner, advertising agencies are planning to make up for Samsung alone witnessed a 30% increase in sale of flat
the losses. With Rs 600 crore set aside for the TVs and 85% surge for LCD TVs.
promotional spree, it would not be untrue to say that at
least IPL is recession proof. Along with the advertising and the electronic sector, the
hospitality industry too stands on the gaining edge of IPL.
Last year we had seen some of the most aggressive With so many players in the country, there has to be
advertising from franchise owners, most of which enough room for their accommodation in the budget.
succeeded in making their team brand. Take for instance Airlines, catering services, hotels and tour operators are
Shahrukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders that had expected to make a potential business of Rs 200 crore
become a symbol of pride in West Bengal. And the from IPL. Well, seems the money is going to be quite a
team’s promotional song “Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re…” boost for the hospitality industry that has not seen a good
became time since the kick off of the economic downfall.
quite an
anthem for While the money making is big in IPL, the spending too
the region. is no less. Franchise owners are spending big bucks on
W h i l e their teams. A whopping Rs 9.6 crore is estimated to be
SRK sung the spending cap on the teams for 2009. The teams have
t h e already started spilling the money on the players to grab
popular their favourite ones. Liquor baron gave away a huge sum
anthem of $1.55 million to get the all rounder Pietersen in his
with a team. Andrew Flintoff too came under the hammer for a
sword in similar amount. Wonder whether all the money being
his hand, spent is going to be worth it on the field or not?
we also
s a w The list of spending is a little longer for the franchise
Sreesanth owners than you may think. Other than spending on their
d o i n g teams, the franchise owners are also expected to pay an
Punjabi annual franchise fee of $9 million or 45 crore.
for his With 8 teams battling it out in the IPL, the total figure of
Kings XI the annual franchise fee stands at a whooping Rs 360
in a few crore. No wonder BCCI is leaving no stone unturned to
ads. The make the tournament happen.
w a s There are others apart from the franchise owners too,
spectacular who have their money raked in one of the biggest cricket

April 2009  City Cheers 7

Bollywood hot shots who lent their star
power to the cricket tournament, but it
was King Khan who was the biggest of
them all. Shahrukh proved his mettle one
more time, but this time not as an actor
but as a fine owner of a team. He went all
out to promote his team in every way he
could. He sang his team’s anthem in a
promotional video shot for the team. And
that’s not just it. His enthusiasm was more
than just evident as he cheered for his
team in most of the matches.

As SRK rooted for his team, his friends

too cheered standing in the VIP seatings.
People in question include Arjun
Rampal, Juhi Chawla, Karan Johar and
the like. While Shahrukh’s presence at
the venue have may or may not helped
the team, but it did help a great deal in
events, the government included. The total amount put giving IPL and its stardust a flavour. And
together by the local sponsors itself stands to be a not to forget it also helped the organizers sell off the
phenomenal amount of Rs 160 crore. Had it not been tickets easily.
for these sponsors, the franchise owners would literally
have had a tough time pooling the funds. While SRK was the king of IPL, Ms. Zinta was the
People may say they are investing in IPL for the love of queen. Preity Zinta, along with SRK essayed the role of a
the game, but at the end of the day it is pure business. franchise owner perfectly. While SRK was absconding
And business means profits. So where the team owners from some of the matches played by his team, Preity
are spending big bucks, you definitely expect them to ensured she was present at every match. She cheered
reap some revenues as well. The primary source of loudly enough for her team, along with team co-owner
revenue for the team owners stands to be the gate and boyfriend Ness Wadia. The lady’s jhappis for her
receipts. Each team owner is expected to earn a grand team players at the end of every match had become
Rs 5 crore from each match from the event tickets. something to watch out for. She even threw surprise
Considering all the huge figures being spent in IPL, bashes for the players to rejuvenate them off their hectic
terms like global meltdown and schedules.
recession seem absolutely null and

Like it or not, IPL would not have
been so big had it not been for the
Bollywood faces that became a part
of the tournament in every sense of
the word. Whether it was Shahrukh
Khan waving and cheering away for
his team, or Priety Zinta queuing up
her teammates for a jaadu ki jhappi ,
it was indeed delightful viewing. It is
perhaps that the Bollywood influx
made IPL a tournament to die for.
Our film stars came down from the
red carpets to the green lawns and
set the entertainment quotient high.
Though there were a number of

8 City Cheers  April 2009

SRK and Preity Zinta were supposed to be doing it all for superstar Hrithik Roshan too was not left behind and was
their teams, after all they were the team owners. But who signed by the Mumbai Indians team.
says you need to be a team owner to add to the glam
quotient? Franchise owners had an idea. If you yourself All the stars did everything they could do for the team
cannot be a Bollywood celeb, hire one as your team’s except bowling and batting of course. From starring in ad
ambassador. While Akshay Kumar became the face of campaigns to attending press conferences meant for the
the Delhi Daredevils, Katrina Kaif was the brand team and even attending a match or two, each of them
ambassador for Bangalore Royal Challengers. Ace gave IPL everything they had.

The latest from Bollywood to step into the IPL gates is

the curvaceous Shilpa Shetty. Shilpa along with boyfriend
Raj Kundra, purchased last year’s winning team
Rajasthan Royals. The Bollywood beauty has been raving
about her venture into the field of cricket ever since. She
has even shot a lavish promotional video for her team.
The expected cost of the video is believed to be a
whooping 4 crore. Where Shipa Shetty has stepped into
the IPL field by owning a team, Riya Sen too will be
doing her own bit by working as the ambassador for the
IPL website.

With Shilpa’s addition to the IPL, the Bollywood

quotient of IPL just seems to get hotter. Must say it is a
great respite to see our film stars cheering and jeering all
the way than to keep on waving and blowing kisses at red
carpets. What say?

It’s said that all publicity is good publicity and IPL seems
to have taken that
quite literally.
Though the cricket
tournament has left
no stone unturned to
put up the best of
promotional and
marketing skills, it
has been in the news
for the not-so-good
reasons as well. Ever
since its start, IPL has
been surrounded by
a spate of
controversies. Be it
Bollywood biggies
fighting it out at the
IPL auctions to get
their favorite players,
or the players
themselves engaging
in a brawl, the series
of controversies has
always set the IPL
podium ablaze.

April 2009  City Cheers 9

was something that even Sree would not have expected.
A slap on the face was what Sree had to bear for his not-
so-impressive remarks. As tears trickled down
Sreesanth’s eyes, team owner Preity Zinta was seen
endowing her player with all the jhappis and pappis.

Of course there were endless meetings after the incident,

and Bhajji was forced to apologize. Though the apology
did not work much, Harbhajan Singh was kicked off
from the tournament. And yeah, to the yes of the public
the twosome did ‘hug and makeup’ and Sree even tagged
Bhajji as his elder brother. All I can say is, all’s well that
ends well (even if not, do we really care?).

It was not just Sreesanth and Bhaji who got engaged in a

duel, there were other players too who entered in a tiff or
two. The player in question here is Saurav dada. No he
did not let his hand lose on other players, he did enter
into a war of words with the then Rajasthan Royals
Captain Shane Warne. The fight stemmed from a catch,
for which Ganguly demanded a third umpire decision.
This eventually did not go down well with Sharne
Warne. Warne accused Ganguly of lacking sportsman
spirit and even indicted him for using ‘time wasting
tactics’. The result? Both of them had their ten percent
fees cut as penalized by the BCCI.

IPL Season 1, was no less than a fire explosion. The

steams and pressures were soaring and they were enough
to agitate the otherwise calm Tendulkar. Sachin, who was
batting for Mumbai Indians lost his cool in a match
between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab. The
former lost by one run at Mohali and accused umpire
Suresh Shastri for playing an unfair game. An official
complaint was lodged against Shastri, the result for
which, are still awaited.

If you think it was just the players who were giving in to

the mounting pressures, you are mistaken. Franchise
owners too lost their cool, encouraging controversies.
Repated losses of team frustrated the liquor baron, Vijay
Its just been one season of the tournament, and there has Mallya, and he ultimately ended up with blowing all fire
already been much feed for the gossip mongers. Amidst by sacking the team’s CEO Charu Sharma and calling
several incidents, one of the most interesting and the Dravid incompetent. Dravid, however, retained calm
rather flared up occurrences was the Bhajji-Sree slapgate. and did not give any eyebrow raising comments.
Though both of them happen to be players of the Indian
cricket team, the two were then playing against one other. It was not just Mallya who was not happy with his team,
While Bhajji battled for Mumbai Indians, Sreesanth was things were not well with the Kolkata Knightriders too,
too oggling fire from Kings XI Punjab. owned by King Khan, Shahrukh. Owing to the ongoing
losses of the team, rumours of differences between SRK
In a match that saw the two at opposing ends, Mumbai and Ganguly were rife. However, both SRK and Ganguly
Indians lost to the Punjabi boys. It was in the same match dismissed those rumours. Later on, a message full of love
that Sreesanth in a mode to sympathize or rather to and aiming to boost the moral of team that was sent by
mock at Bhajji said, “Hard luck Bhajji”. And the result SRK to his players was leaked to the press. We are still

10 City Cheers  April 2009

wondering whether that was a PR stunt or a genuine that this year India might not get its slice of IPL. The
outburst of love. Then SRK was banished from the venue as of now is to go international and is proposed to
dugout and dressing room by the ICC. be South Africa.

Since IPL 2 is believed to be bigger and better, it seems STAR PLAYERS

that the controversy saga will just get bolder by the day. The IPL, like any other event had its own share of hits
And if you are to go by the current series of happenings, and misses. With 8 teams and number of players batting
that does not seem too difficult either. Look at it, IPL has are ready to battle it out. Though all the players were
not even started and there is already too much hoopla there in the field for the game, there were some that
surrounding it. This year’s controversies started with an gathered a little more than usual attention. Steps in the
apparent tiff between Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta. star player category! And you need not really be putting
up a swell game to be falling in this category. Whether for
Shilpa Shetty is the latest entry to the Bollywood coach of the good reason or the bad reasons, all the players who
the IPL bandwagon. This apparently irked Zinta, who managed to etch a little bit of extra attention in and
was till now the only female owner of an IPL team. Both extravaganza of glitz, glamour and entertainment deserve
of them refused to comment on the issue. Maybe we some star status for sure.
could catch some fireworks in the stadium.
The glitz and glamour prove to be of little or no value if
The tiff between the Bollywood ladies is just a small you are not able to put up a good game. After all, cricket
spark in a huge ball of fire. It is the security concerns is a sport at the end of the day. Thus, performance might
concerning the teams that have kept building on news get lost for a while but it does matter. One of the players
one after the other. With elections and IPL matches that outclassed themselves with his performance was
clashing, there were constant concerns for security. The Brendan McCullum of Knightriders team. No one else
venues were being changed by the minute. IPL chief Lalit could have given the IPL a better kick off than this New
Modi too was fixed in a charge accusing him of a Zealand player. He hit a blazing knock out of 158 not out
maligned venue change. Modi who had lost the RCA off 73 deliveries in the first match of IPL. With 13 sixes
elections, had apparently refused Jaipur as the IPL venue and 10 boundaries, McCullum put up a good game and
stating that the State Government has refused to offer that too at the very commencement of the tournament.
security. It was later on that the Rajasthan Government
came out with its own statement that it was ready to offer Another player who was off to an impressive start was
security. The truth is only for the two of them to know. Lakshmipathy Balaji. The bowler who was forgotten for
With security issues still unresolved, the latest news has it quite some time made a notable comeback with the IPL.

April 2009  City Cheers 11

Khan to be a part of the team.

Owing to SRK and Lalit Modi’s efforts, Akhtar

was given a month remittance and the ban was
lifted for a month. While Akhtar’s presence did
not do much for the Knightriders, SRK’s efforts
to get him on Indian soil did put him in the star

Yet another player who fell into the star category

owing to the spate of controversies surrounding
him was Ganguly. Before IPL kicked off,
Ganguly was in a fix of ‘to be or not to be’.
There was a nationwide debate and a much-
heated discussion on the form and performance
of the former Indian captain. And it had not
been long before the infamous Greg Chappell
and Ganguly’s war of words had come to an end.
All the criticisms and brickbats did have one
Playing for positive aspect and i.e. they got Dada the extra
C h e n n a i attention in the extravaganza of IPL.
Superkings, he
registered the first This year’s IPL season has not even started and the IPL
hat-trick of the ‘A’ listers are already there out in the open. This time it
tournament. Balaji is Kelvin Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff who have made
claimed a it to the star category even before the tournament has
spectacular five begun. It is all thanks to the big bucks riding on the back
wickets in one of of these players that has made them the cynosure of all
the matches against eyes even before delivering few dazzling performances.
Kings XI Punjab. Both Pietersen and Flintoff have been roped in for a
whooping $1.55 million. Both the players managed to
One of the players fetch a phenomenal bid. While Pietersen was taken away
that definitely by the Bangalore Royal Challengers by replacing Dravid,
grabbed quite a Deccan Chargers has roped in Flintoff. Only time will tell
number of eyeballs whether these players are worth the big bucks being spent
and some on them. And meanwhile we can watch out for more star
headlines too was players in the coming IPL season.
Shoaib Akhtar. No
a splendid game in One of the notable aspect of last years’ IPL season was
the few matches the cheerleaders. Sexy lasses in bright and smartly clad
that he played. But uniforms were the center of attraction of the cricketing
it was the string of season. But not to the cheer of these leaders, they were
controversies faced with controversies and debates. All teams had
associated with skimpily clad cheerleaders shaking their hips and jiving to
him that made him the music during the games. They were the darlings of
a star in IPL. the crowd, every time a four or a six was hit, or a wicket
Akhtar who was taken. Then the problems began. Few were the target of
under a five year lewd comments from the crowd. Some politicians and
ban imposed by groups objected to their outfits.
the PCB was
invited by Kolkata The concept of cheerleaders was rather alien to a nation
Knightriders where the moral brigade has its ways on just about
owner Shahrukh everything. The issue was out there in the open and the

12 City Cheers  April 2009

conservative brigade was all out for it.
Women organizations condemned the
act of cheering saying it was ‘exploitation
of women’. Franchise owners were given
two options - either to take their
cheerleader gang back or to dress them
properly. While the government had
their own issues. Mumbai police had a
tough time controlling crowds that
passed on lewd remarks at the

Following suit with the Government and

the Maharashtra police many teams even
changed the way their cheerleaders moral by the conservatists, is now being put as ‘not just
dressed up. Take for instance, the Deccan Chargers fun and play’ by the teamowners. And to prove their
team. After the entire fuss about the flesh on show by the point, the franchise owners have even launched
cheerleaders, the Deccan Chargers made its cheerleaders nationwide cheerleader hunts on national television.
gang wear full-length tights instead of the short micro Shahrukh’s Kolkata Knightriders has come up with a
minis and even shorter blouses. show called ‘Knights and Angels’ that aims at finding out
the best cheer girls for the team.
It was not just the dress code that stirred the entire
controversy about cheerleaders. The cheerleader brigade And who better to judge the budding talent other than
had a racial furor added to it too. Two British the Captain Saurav Ganguly. (I thought he was a
cheerleaders named Ellesha Newton and Sherinne cricketer). To pep up the glam quotient there are young
Anderson, were apparently abandoned from performing beauties who are invited on each episode. From Minisha
because of their black colour. The girls, however, kept Lamba to Lara Dutta to Malaika Arora, quite a few
mum about the issue when in India and chose to spoke beauties have graced the show. And if that does not seem
about it only once they reached their nation. sufficient for a cheerleader hunt, you even have ace
choreographer Shaimak Dawar to train the selected ones.
The last season of IPL saw a great hue and cry over the
entire cheerleaders issue. This year too we have much And if Shaimak Dawar alone is not enough to pep up
the same, but in a different way. Last year it was the SRK’s angles, then we have the fashion czar Manish
police and the State Governments asking for the ban of Malhotra to set the glam quotient high. Along with Gauri
cheerleaders. But this season we have franchise owners Khan, Manish Malhotra has been roped in to restyle
promoting the cheerleader gang by cheerleader hunt. Kolkata Knightrider’s cheerleaders. It just could not get
better than this.
A job that was previously not considered ethical and
It is not just SRK who is all out to chase those Angel
eyes for his team. Chennai Superkings too will be
out on national television soon to get their cheer
gang. The team will be coming up with a show titled
‘Chennai Superkings Cheerleaders’ that will be on
air on Vijay TV. Perscussionist Sivamani will
perform with the finalists of Chennai’s cheerleader
hunt. In addition, Chennai Superkings would be
coming up with another talent show titled Chennai
Super Kings Juniors.

While other teams stretched out their arms to find

the cheerleading talent, Preity Zinta restricted her
talent hunt to the field of cricketing itself. She
started a talent hunt for budding cricketers and is
going to open a cricketing academy in Mohali soon.

April 2009  City Cheers 13

Gaurav Sharma, an
alumnus of NIM
Uttarakashi & DMAS,
Manali, is a well known
mountaineer &
qualified instructor of
various adventure
sports. He has many
expeditions to his credit.
On March 15, 2009,
he is going to climb
Everest as a part of an

Mountaineer Gaurav’s dream to be on

Top of the World is now turning into a
reality. The Son of Soil and resident of
desert aims to climb Mt. Everest, as a
part of International Expedition. He
left his home town, Churu
(Rajasthan), on 15 March 2009 to
travel to the peak of Everest. Gaurav
Sharma, the first and the youngest
civilian climber, spoke at length to
City Cheers about his expedition and
wishes his journey to be very fruitful.

14 City Cheers  April 2009

he lure of Himalayas is irresistible, for its beauty,
vastness, fascination and mystery and always
leaves an everlasting appeal for those who
venture in this region. Mountaineering for Gaurav is like
enhancing creativity to one’s ambition. To reach the peak
of Mount Everest is a dream of every mountaineer. It’s
many a times easier to climb Everest today than earlier
days, due to high-tech modern equipments and
technologies. Still, it’s quite a hard task. Sherpa Tenjing
Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary were the first who
climbed Everest on 26 May 1853. They attempted to
climb it six times earlier.
Everest, is also called “Yuva Parvat Shrinkhla”. First it
was named as Peak-15 and later on was renamed after Sir
George Everest, who discovered it. It was first measured
Mr. Ashok Gehlot, CM Rajasthan, flagging of Gaurav’s trip to Everest
by Radhanath Singh while doing research in Dehradun.
Earlier the height of Everest was 8,848 but now its 8,850 funds come in your way?
feet. It has two routes one is from Nepaland another one 25 lakh rupees on a minimum are required to go on an
is from Tibet (China).The Nepalese call it ‘Sagar Matha’ Everest expedition, individually. It is almost impossible
and Tibetans call it as Choumolungma. to get entire funds by collecting donations. Sponsorships
are of great help, as then climbers can only concentrate
Since when were you planning to climb the Everest, and on their mission. Sponsors too get a mileage as they are
now when you are actually going how does it feel? promoted throughout the world. Now a days, scope does
It is a dream of every Mountaineer & I have been not lie only for the climber but lends a wide scope for
dreaming of the same since 8 years. I have a mixed international business & advertisement. In India,
feeling at present, both excitement and thrill, as the mountaineering is not very much promoted. Hence, for
charm of Everest beckons me. This feeling can’t be put me it was very difficult to arrange for finances.
in words as one can only experience it in the lap of How did your well wishers respond to your decision?
nature. Was it easy to convince them about your mission?
How did you prepare yourself physically and mentally? My family has always stood by my side in fulfilling my
Other preparations invovled before the climb. dreams. Every morning I am blessed by my mother when
It is a lengthy process. One has to gain concentration, will she says “Everest Vijayi Bhawa”. I am elated at being so
power and high physical fitness. But, Everest is a game of close to achieving my dream.
mind and body coordination, and destiny as well. What or who inspired you to go ahead with this
W e a t h e r adventurous journey?
Route Map of the Everest Climb
conditions too Since childhood, Discovery & NGC Channels have
play a vital role. fascinated me. I keep reading books on achievers.
Faith and self Perhaps these habits inspired me the most to find the
confidence, are truth and adventure of nature.
the things which What was the CM, Mr. Ashok Gehlot’s reaction?
earlier also have Mr. Gehlot was too busy but he gave me time to flag-off
helped me in this great mission. I promised to speak to him via satellite
achieving goals. phone, after reaching the summit.
Apart from What is your route plan?
these, I am I am taking the South Ridge. I plan to reach Kathmandu
carrying a route on 25th March and fly to Lukla, which is 9,000 feet, by a
map, special helicopter. From Lukla, I will proceed towards the base
climbing boots, camp, then Camp 1, Camp 2, Camp 3, Camp 4 and then
coat, nutrient finally the summit.
powders and Any message to the youths.
some modern People must come out of indoor games so that they may
devices. see the challenges and adventures in life. My motto is to
Did any promote the Youth Power, which says nothing is
problem of impossible to achieve. Sky is the limit.

April 2009  City Cheers 15

Vaastu Corner

Shalini Gugnani, Vaastu &

omes are said to be harmonious if all the five For powerful atmosphere Feng Shui expert, believes
elements as per Vaastu are balanced. The in the family, the dining that a person’s destiny can
interiors of the house should be in such a and the lounge should be be enhanced with a
manner, that it allows positive energy to flow well from located in the centre of harmonious balance of the
one room to another and travel through the whole house. the house. Vaastu & Feng Shui
Here are some practical tips that will help create Changes in colour elements in life. Practicing
balanced and harmonious energies where you like, so scheme can be made. for the last 5 years, she lays
that you are able to live a happier, richer, fuller, healthier Change in the furniture great importance on
life and achieve your highest potential. layout. providing optimal remedies.
To prevent the energy from being stagnant, a home Change in sleeping, Heads and conducts classes
should not have claustrophobic corners, like straight long cooking or facing at Vaastu Science Research
corridors or several doors in a straight line. directions. Foundation, New Delhi.
And also conduct various
However, the best thing about Vaastu is probably the fact Vaastu enhancing tools
seminars. Holistic Hands
that one can still extract the best out of available through and devices can be used.
started by her in 2005,
Vaastu to have positive effects in the house even when it So, by changing a little bit
holds big corporates like
is not originally build according to Vaastu principles. To here and there in Singh Associate & Builders,
attain these positive effects in our house, one can follow accordance with Vaastu Airtel, United Colors of
certain guidelines for betterment of your premises: principles, we can create a Benetton, Cable Tel
The main door should not open into a narrow space. positive environment in Electricals, schools, export
After opening the door one should get a feel of openness the house. houses, factories and many
and brightness. It should not face a pillar, a corner, a Remember, Vaastu is other business and
staircase, a window, a toilet or a mirror. nothing but the maximum residential properties, who
Alcove and dead area can be broken up with the utilization of the available have gained vital benefits
placement of plants, large items of furniture or fish tank. resources. from it.

April 2009  City Cheers 17

word power

PUPALA, Founder and CEO of
Chandraprabha Graphology
Solutions (CGS) and an
Internationally Certified
Handwriting Analyst (USA)
believes in unlimited potential
of people. Her mission is to
BRINGING MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE for the divorce. What increased help people understand and
An Old Friend: Mrs. Radhika Iyer, one of my old friends, was trying to her feeling of guilt was that eradicate their performance
barriers. Amazed by the power
get in touch with me. She had left her top management position of an Siddharth was being very rational
of simple strokes leading to
elite women’s magazine and joint as a Director of a specialized US firm, and understanding about her great successes, she took this
which was to build up the India operations. She had taken up this divorce. According to Radhika, the to the masses. She has been
challenge. Radhika wanted to meet for a handwriting analysis session divorce, the career changes and studying the complexities of
human mind and ways to
since she now had much more to shape up without missing the balance. long work hours had forced empower inner strength of
I was delighted to see Radhika at my office for the analysis session. Her Siddharth to mature way beyond human personality. Has
appearance hadn’t changed in the least over the past one year. Thirty- his age. She blames herself of analyzed more than 10,000
eight year old Radhika who came from a devout Brahmin South Indian Siddharth losing out on his individuals. Her secret sauce is
to uncover behavioural traits of
family, had determination written all over her face. She is a woman who childhood. Radhika sensed the people, teams, and corporate
does whatever it takes, even if she has to be aggressive at times. Before increasing disconnect with her son in a holistic manner, with just a
working for the magazine, she got divorced and went to US alongwith and wanted to get closer to him few samples of handwriting.
her son. In the US, she struggled against all odds and restarted her somehow. Rather anyhow!
career successfully without the support of either relatives or friends. Graphological Redefining: On Website:
The Session Begins: Before I even started analyzing her handwriting, I analyzing Radhika’s handwriting,
asked Radhika as to why she had made such a drastic change in her I found there were two major
career. Knowing Radhika to be more practical than sentimental, I issues that affected her. One was self-deceit; being unable to accept the
expected her career to play a huge role in the decision. Very surprisingly, existence of the problem, and the other was resentment. As I went on
the reason behind her major shift turned out to be her eight year-old with the analysis, I learnt that the resentment that showed in her
son, Siddharth! At her job in the magazine, Radhika felt she wasn’t handwriting was not directed towards her husband as she claimed.
giving her son the time or attention he needed. Her new position would Instead, the object of her bitterness was her late father! I mentioned to
give her enough space to interact with Siddharth. Radhika was her that her father had perhaps not reciprocated much in their father-
responding very well to my observations, brilliantly evaluating and daughter relationship. Radhika, who upto this point had been
interpreting everything I said. enthusiastically discussing the implications of my observations, suddenly
The Challenge: As I analyzed and spoke, I started probing and found kept quiet the moment I uttered these words. She didn’t speak for the
unusual guilt traits and deep-rooted hurt. Radhika was taken aback for next five minutes. I too kept quiet, letting her take her time.
a moment as I stated the problem straight in her face. I felt I had In every counselling session, there comes such a moment where the
verbalized it just too abruptly. However, she then began to tell me about person involved breaks down or keeps quiet or goes through some
how she felt guilty with regard to Siddharth. Ever since the divorce, he extreme emotion. This is the turning point in the session. Every
had lost a father and since she spent hours working, Siddharth hardly therapeutic counsellor in the world knows that such a moment is the
saw his mother. Her conscience pricked her and made her blame herself most defining one, the most delicate and also the toughest.
18 City Cheers  April 2009
Slowly Radhika began to tell about her father. Her father was her role could do to be a better parent but she couldn’t bear the truth.
model and she loved him from the bottom of her heart. But that wasn’t Due to her problem of self-deceit, Radhika who is usually a logical,
the complete story. Radhika remembered a series of incidences in the past evaluative and a composed lady believed that she loved and trusted her
since when she had been holding a grudge against her dad. One of them male family members as she was unable to accept the truth that she
was the most devastating, where she simply lost faith in that relationship. didn’t trust them.
She was over with her twelfth class prelims and was studying very hard Sea Shift: Radhika then started the process of Grapho-therapy with us. In
for her boards. Her dream was to pursue medicine. Her prelim results this process, we worked on the strokes of resentment in her handwriting
showed how well prepared she was to be a doctor. Once while she was and changed them. Slowly Radhika began forgiving her late father. After
studying, she overheard her father conversing with her mum. “I don’t the session of handwriting analysis, she realized how much those few
think Radhika should do medicine. If she’s going to study medicine, how words her father said had shaken her trust in him for so long. Now that
will we afford her brother’s aviation training?” Radhika was shattered by she knew the cause of her distrust, Radhika was beginning to see the
these words. She felt terribly betrayed by someone she believed so better side of the father she used to love so dearly. She realised why she
completely. She felt as if something suddenly took away her support. loved this man so much, why he was so important to her and why she
Till date, for over twenty years, Radhika has been unable to trust any used to consider him her role model. The mental block in Radhika’s mind
male in her life, any person who appeared to be her source of support. of distrusting males was slowly melting away. Thus, she could relate
She couldn’t trust her father or her brother. The list went on… Her male much better to her son Siddharth as she could now give him her
colleagues, protective male friends, even her husband, which ultimately unconditional love. Her relationship with her son was completely
led to a divorce. Now she was entrusted with her son. She couldn’t hate redefined. She knew that forgiveness resulted in building a better
him since he was her own little helpless eight year-old, but she couldn’t relationship with her son. Radhika is still undergoing grapho-therapy.
accept him or love him unconditionally either. She tried everything she


Mahi as he signs his name; especially as autograph for his fans, reveals he is an enthusiastic, energetic &
outgoing person. As seen by the large handwriting size, he comes across more group oriented person. For
such a large writer leadership qualities are more natural.
As a Captain: What firstly comes across through Dhoni’s Signature is his great leadership skills. An amazing
orator, Dhoni has the ability to touch people’s hearts and motivate them with the power of his words. The
right-side slant of his handwriting is a clear indication of his expressiveness & high emotional level.
The peculiar ‘i’ dot shows Dhoni is also very particular about the minute details any task involves, giving them
due attention.
The central part of M is not pointed but curved like ‘u’, which shows Dhoni is a natural consultant.
He can instinctively advise friends and team members who come to him with various issues,
although executing his own advice in his personal problems does not come as easily to him. He
constantly strives to work on and improve any area that are lacking.
The long loop in ‘h’ displays his high drive by abstract ideas and concepts, he can sometimes end
up not planning practically for events at hand. His strong will power and strict self-discipline
make M.S.Dhoni a very determined leader.
As a Friend: Dhoni has a very outgoing, friendly nature. He can very naturally break the ice
and begin spontaneous conversations with others. He can get on very well with most
people. A very impulsive and emotional person, Dhoni can get affected by his friends’
problems to the extent that he would do anything in his power to help them out. This could
also be a drawback for him if he places heart over head and misses out on the practicalities of the
situation. Dhoni is a real shoulder to cry on when in trouble; his amazing listening
skills combined with emotional nature makes him a very compassionate and
empathizing individual.
Some Concern Areas:
He is an impulsive decision maker especially when he chooses things about
relatives or close relatives. He can feel touched by a drop of a hat. So many
people try to convince him by giving sob story.
Fleet Street

q Golden Reejsinghani

ince it is very hot you should play it real cool. Cool
pristine white is the colour of summer this season.
The colour white not only beats the heat but also
makes you look beautiful and poised. Dresses made of
soft and wispy chiffons, cool and crisp cottons like organdies
and voiles are doing rounds.
Of course the young and the fashion conscious are also going in for knitted and
crocheted clothes and also there are the embroidered white kurtas which are
being worn over white straight pants or denim jeans for that perfect and elegant
look. Small white kurtis with embroidery done in bright summer colours with
different neckline variations are also being preferred by the hip and happening
young collegians and by the smart office goers. These kurtis are worn over
white salwar with a white dupatta.
Many youngsters today are moving towards International trends in fashion.
Denim as always is still reigning supreme. Hot selling brands like Lee, Levis,
Pepe, Wrangler, Carl Louis etc are the top choice. Jeans no longer come in
basic colours of black and blue, now they even come in all rainbow shades
20 City Cheers  April 2009
including white. White means not only plain ones but singlet worn inside the kurta over loose white trousers
also with stripes, prints, floral designs and checks on and a white chiffon dupatta looks truly dazzling.
them and they come in a variety of washes from stone to For late night parties there is a lavish use of crystals,
acid and crack. And what makes them alluring is that beads, diamonds, sequins, resham and zari. These look
they are long lasting and can withstand the regular wear alluring and lovely, embellished on white fabrics.
and tear easily. Be it white or of any other colour they White chiffon sari worn over a backless blouse or
add value for money. spaghetti top blouse embroidered in tiny delicate multi-
Rashi Sharma, an Executive in an MNC said, ‘From coloured design looks very alluring and interesting.
jeans the denim has moved onto jackets, tops and even Provided you have the right body to carry it off. Chiffon
skirts. Skirts come in all shapes and sizes from long deep looks enticing only on women who have hourglass
slits to the shrinking size to the knee length varieties. figures, therefore always be careful when you are going in
Denim being a hardy fabric is not only soft and for body hugging fabrics. Same is the case with chiffon
comfortable to wear but at the same time also easy to trousers. Only women having shapely legs should go in
wash and maintain. Therefore not only youngsters but for them, otherwise they look very unelegant.
even the older people are hooked on to it.’ Chiffon trousers with light beaded trimmings combined
Nita Sahai, Rashi’s sister, student of K.C. College who with waist length strappy white top inside a white chiffon
had accompanied her to a mall, met me and put her view shirt printed with tiny summer flowers. A white scarf to
points, “Jeans and white tops are really cool in this tie the hair at the nape in a pig tail gives you a picture of
sizzling season. They are cool and comfortable and if the elegance and fetches you numerous complements.
tops are made of an uncrushable material then you have Rajesh Singh from Jaihind College who regularly opts for
a chilled out look. So jeans and white tops are always going to the beach in the heat said, “For the beach wear
considered fashionable for morning and evening wear.” white shorts combined with white halters not only looks
If girls are into sporting trendy outfits during summers, trendy but is ideal for beating the red hot heat. Denim
the guys in college are not far behind. For afternoon shorts with a white t-shirt also looks very cool, but some
outings, the are decked in hip length collarless or guys who are not into whites can also go in for soft shades
Chinese collared white t-shirts with long slits on the sides like sky blue, peach, lemon etc. Colours like white
with interesting looking buttons made of coloured beads. deflect heat from the body and keep it cool and
These are worn over off white pants or white denim jeans comfortable. Besides this, white and soft shades keep a
For evening women usually go in for something more check on perspiration and body odour and you feel nice
elaborate. Chudidar and pajama sets, skirts and blouses, and well turned out.”
salwar kameez with beautiful embroidery and motifs on Current fascination all over the fashion capitals of the
them. Markets are flooded with sleeveless white World is fascination with transparency, the sheer opaque
cotton fabrics that open windows on the body. Gleaming
kurtas in chiffons, translucent voiles, lace
various fabrics, cob web knitted
designs textiles, look like a peep
a n d show, but are great to
ending a beat the heat. The
few inches whole idea is to
above the stay in fashion
ankles. A and yet look
short cool!
Green Turf

Mr. Satish Mathur, ex-

Chief Horticulturist of
Mughal Gardens, is
presently Director
Horticulture, Oberoi
Group of Hotels &
Advisor to Chain of Taj
Hotels. Has authored
more than 600 articles
and columns in various
dailies, journals and
magazines. Patron
AIKGA, Judge in many
flower shows, Vice
At times there are areas of baldness and one wants to cancel it with a
President of Noida
colourful display of flowers of pleasing mixture of greens. Convenience, joy Floriculture Society and
and colour are the basic urge. winner of many citations
Let us take some questions concerning our readers regards to their gardens. and awards.

My house is in north-east direction with low walls and extra privacy – green, colour and fragrance. There are
maximum sunlight during summer season. Which many more to choose from.
flowers could grow well?
We should avoid seasonal flowers. Plant few shrubs of Please provide simple & effective way of preparing the
medium height and growth, which may be evergreen and proportion of soil and intervals at which manuring needs
flowering such as Brunfelsia americana, also called to be done.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow because of three One of the basic requirement of soil is the organic matter
colours of flowers each day and has a soothing fragrance in the form of well decomposed cow dung manure or
as well. Cestrum nocturnum (Rat ki Rani) a very popular vermicompost alongwith bone meal, neem cake powder
shrub full of fragrance, Galphimea – a round the year (Neem ki khali), potash and superphosphate. Then
flowering shrub with tiny yellow flowers in profusion, addition of mixture of micronutrients available in the
Hamelia with scarlet orange flowers, Hibiscus of varieties market in directed proportion makes a perfect soil
with many striking composition. Spring and monsoon are two important
colourful and season to manure your plants. But addition to small
inviting size of quantities in interval of once in three months makes
f l o w e r s , plant grow with vigour.
Ixora etc. As summer months are approaching, what should be the
are also watering techniques to the plant?
g o o d Best is to water the plants in the evening and if required,
plants early in the morning. Watering during the day should be
mixed avoided. Washing plants once a week makes them fresh.
w i t h
varieties Carpet grass of my garden dried up and now there are
o f little visible green patches. How can I regain the same
Jasminum. kind of grass, spread evenly?
They will Either the sowing was done during winter, when new
help give you grass does not take roots. Either you’ll have to plant it all
afresh. If the place does not get sufficient sunlight during Money plant, Aglaonema, Boston Fern, Chamaedora
winters, then this situation will arise every year. By palm, Syngonium etc. You may find quite a few more
forking the area for aeration, manuring it with organic when you visit nurseries. But may be after a fortnight or
manure, sufficient watering in the morning and evening, so, some of them may need being shifted out early
and during summer months with sunlight, the grass morning for an hour or so in winter and left out during
should grow. the night in the summer. Proper washing will help.

What varieties of flowers & shrubs can be planted in this How can I have full grown fruits from Pomegranate tree?
season? Anaar trees need to be fed with a mixture of compost
March issue of City Cheers has an article with heading manure, superphosphate and potassium sulphate or
Green Turf, giving details of vibrant summer flowering ready mix of N.P.K. available in garden stores – about
plants and how to plant. 150 gms to 200 gms per plant during monsoon or spring
and water profusely soon after fertilization. Addition of
Kitchen waste in pots. Is it advisable? Neem cake powder, about 200 gms will be an additional
Fresh kitchen waste of any kind in the pot is not at all benefit. Remove all dry and dead shoots from the plant,
advisable. You may make a small pit in the garden or put since they may lead to infection and disease.
waste in some plastic or any kind of container with lid A spray with Bavistin (one tablespoonful powder make
and permit it to rot. In order to make it an effective into a paste) and about 40-50 drops of Malathion,
organic manure, keep adding neem cake powder (small combination of fungicide and insecticide dissolved in
quantity) or cowdung manure to the kitchen waste. Only about 4 litres of water will also be helpful, both as a
after 30-40 days the manure is made, which can then be curative factor or a preventive factor for likely infection
used in required proportion for plants – after it is on a disease.
decomposed. This spray can be effective in almost all fruit trees
especially citrus varieties and even chikoo etc. as well.
Watering of Xerophytic plants.
Whenever you grow Xerophytic plants in pots or in a These tips are for common usage and any specific
garden – they will need some quantity of water to reach problems will need to be addressed separately.
their roots to retain moisture for its growth and
absorption of nutrients. A small quantity of water after
intervals of 15 days to 1 month depending on the season
and variety is necessary to let it grow with ease. But
ensure that there is no water stagnation or logging of

Fruit trees in pots are drying after having grown well for
three years. Leaves have suddenly dried. Can I regain the
There can be two basic reasons – one that drainage
hole is blocked or the broken pot piece has moved giving
way for complete water to drain out. In both cases, either
there is water stagnation or no water retention and under
any of these conditions plant is likely to dry out.
But this is a good time to repot your established fruit
plant, but care to repot in the evening and also alongwith
complete ball of earth, to ensure that roots are not
disturbed. You may prune all dry and dead shoots
including few unwanted or overgrown shoots to avoid
excessive load and the revival is easier. In future, take
care that excessive watering is avoided.

Which plants can be kept indoors to give a greener

interior look?
There are selected plants which have a natural character
to be indoors for a long time and retain their fresh look.
Few of them are Dracaena of varieties, Areca palm,
Save Mother Earth,
Save Life!
Save the Beauty of this Nature.

q Antony Gardia

burned face can be converted into new one garbage disposal system.
through plastic surgery but with a cost of losing its A group of people who thought that ‘lets do it’, didn’t wait
original identity, which is not easy for anyone to for any help from outside. The motive was to clean
pay. Mukteshwar from plastic waste. Joining hands together for
Today we are changing the face of Mother Earth through the movement “HAMARA MUKTESHWAR” were
plastic, without her will and we are destroying her identity. people from all walks of life, right from a temple priest to
Look around yourself, you will find bulks of plastic waste government officials. SO Anil Manral had been already
which we are converting into garbage, knowing that it’s not leading the clean up campaign with a personal approach
going to be decomposed in any way. The problem is not helped by local community social workers Lata and Durga
plastic, problem is our habits. If we are ready to change our Didi, local shopkeepers Lalit, Bohraji and Ginwalji, school
habits of spreading dirt everywhere, then it is possible to teacher Anuradha and students. Support was also given by
protect the natural beauty of Mother Earth. IVRI - Indian Veterinary Research Institute’s Station in
“HAMARA MUKTESHWAR” a movement by the local charge Dr. Vanamayya. Scientist Dr. Hera Ram delivered
people from all streams of life to make Mukteshwar a an informative talk and distributed literature on the
plastic free zone, has been promoted by Dr. Satyendra menace of plastic waste. He related that a hundred cows
Singh a teacher, surgeon, film maker from UK, who had die everyday in Uttar Pradesh alone after ingesting plastic
spent his childhood days in Mukteshwar. He shares from rubbish. There was pin drop silence as he gave a graphic
his golden memories a Mukteshwar full of flora and fauna, account of personally removing 45 kg of plastic from a
famed for its peace and spirituality. Anyone with a pure single cow during a postmortem.
heart, who had ever spent any significant length of time in The theme of the program was however very light and
Mukteshwar, would be able to feel the place within humorous designed to promote pride in the local area.
themselves. Appropriately the host, Dr Singh was dressed in a kurta
Today, tourists are reaching Mukteshwar in an ever and a borrowed local Kumaoni jacket and cap which could
increasing number. Though this has brought economic only be arranged after a prolonged hunt.
boom for some of the local people but for most of A musical program was arranged by Mukesh and Rebecca
Mukteshwar it is a bane. Plastic bottles and bags are thrown helped by local youths Niraj, Ravi and children from local
everywhere without any concern, in the absence of any schools. Slowly the crowd gathered in Mukteshwar’s only

24 City Cheers  April 2009

market place - Mohan Bazaar for the Working alone can be hard at the best of
campaign. The priest from Mukteshwar’s times, but even more so if you are trying to
ancient temple led the way with shlokas clean extensive paint vandalism off rocks.
ending with Om Shanti Shanti . ‘Picnic in
Dr Singh could relate how hard it was to work
Mukteshwar’, a drama performed by
alone to get painted graffiti off a very special
school children, was full of humor but at
rock formation in the area. But the effort was
the same time had a message about social
made worthwhile when three local youths
responsibility for locals and tourists. A
song inspired by and sung to the tune ‘we unknown to him joined in. Initially hesitant
shall overcome...’ was about a ‘polythene they wanted to know why he was doing it. He
mukt Mukteshwar’. explained this was the place that gave him so
Local community joined the children and much as a child and now he wanted to give
took oath with slogan ‘Ek sapna hai, ki back. “‘Hamara’, is to call a place your own,
plastic mukt ho Mukteshwar hamara. and is a right you only have when you have
Lena hai sankalp, aao dhunde plastic ka given something back to it”, he gently
vikalp’ - that they are not going to use explained. He had three willing volunteers all
plastic bags. The finale was a fashion of whom had grown up and finished school in Mukteshwar. After hard scrubbing in a cold evening,
show of local hand made cloth and jute they could watch the sun go down and shout with a satisfaction “HAMARA MUKTESHWAR” !
bags modeled by local children. The bags
campaign, which in this small place could be a record. At
were awarded in Oscar style with the categories of ‘Sasta,
least one shopkeeper was proud to say, ‘No to plastic
Sunder and Tikaoo’ with the overall winner bagging the
bags’, in his shop the next day with many others promising
best bag award as ‘Jhola No.1’ ! This award went to the
to follow suit.
local home science teacher and her jute bag which had
Motive behind the whole concept was to boost the local
been made from a throw away gunny sack lined on the
people and appreciate their work so that this could
inside with cloth and embroidered beautifully on the
become part of their daily life to maintain their
outside with left over wool pieces. Explaining her work,
surrounding clean and to spread awareness against the use
she offered sewing classes for local women. Encouraging
and effects of plastic.
the women, judging and giving the awards was Mrs
It’s not enough to address just one place or one city, this
Vanmayya, wife of the IVRI station in charge.
is actually a global problem and each and everyone has to
Asking for heroes and heroines, the host kept getting film
participate whole heartedly to save our Mother Earth from
star names. Slowly the audience could relate the real life
plastic. People of Mukteshwar have taken one step to
heroes and heroines that were pointed out all around
share their part of responsibility towards the nature. What
them. Anil Manral, officer in charge of the local police
are you waiting for?
station, was awarded the ‘Hamara Mukteshwar Hamara
Gaurav’ for 2009 for his contribution to the local area and
leading the clean up campaign. All participants joined Dr Satyendra Singh, teacher, surgeon, filmmaker from
together to sing ‘Ham ko man ki shakti dena’ and the UK, has founded the Chintan International Trust
National Anthem. ( a non-profit, non-
A local samiti organized by Mr Girnawal was formed to religious humanitarian organization based in the UK
continue the movement in a regular and sustainable way. working in India in the fields of health, education and
15 cloth bags were sold in under an hour following the environment.

q Jaya Shukla

resh environment. At such a tender age it is hard for kids to
admissions of grasp any lesson/poem and these things are not at all
preschoolers... expected from them too. But it’s easy to teach them
new some of the habits which may be of utmost help
ambitions...first day jitters...excitement...fear, all in one. lifelong.
It’s school time for kids as well as the testing period for
parents. Though it’s an awaited time for parents of  Parents have a common dream that their kids should
starters, the feeling of every individual differs, likewise be a genius in the class. It’s a genuine reason too in
the kids. Some are very carefree, some quiet, some over respect to kid’s career. But the foundation of the same
enthusiastic. Every parent’s hope is high when their kid should be laid down at that early stage.
holds the bag for the first time. The sadness of  Teach your kid some values how he/she should
departing from their sweethearts, though for a little behave at home, in the school and with other
while, is always there. The first step into school is the classmates, before sending him to school.
first step towards making them an individual. It’s the  Although kids do not understand the term manners
very first step which starts inculcating in them values and mannerism, but parents can guide them easily.
and responsibilities, to groom their overall personality.  Kids need somebody who believes in them. Believe in
To get admitted one’s child in a reputed school is the your child.
first wish of every parent. And here starts the formation  Teach kids how they should respect their teachers.
of expectations from the children and the competitive  Don’t ever try to install habits in him just by
attitute is also build up then on. comparing with others.
All kids have a somewhat similar fear factors in school.
The change in environment may be an enjoyment or a
hazard, its up to the kids level of understanding. For the
first time he’s asked to be alone, far from his nest.
Mothers are not there to listen to their cries, or wipe
their sniffing nose or make them eat their lunches. This
insecurity, in a few, leads to a different attitude of the
kids. For the kids its totally a new setup: teachers,
friends, books, accessories and of course discipline. But
remember, these “new” worries only stick around for a
little while, till he is the new comer. After few days of
practice he/she adapts himself with the schedule and the

26 City Cheers  April 2009

 Try to give him enough time to get Nitin’s father also said that he was
involved in extra curricular quite worried as it was Nitin’s first
activities. It will help you in the day of school and moreover he
future also to analyze his interests. would have to have his lunch by
 Some kids have a habit of fighting himself. Everyday he helped Nitin
and snatching things. Tell him/her during his meals. As the school
firmly of not to practice such bad timings of kids are normally 4-5
activities. hours. Still these hours are quite
 Tell him about how special his difficult for parents initially.
friends are and how special he Shivi’s mother was a little bit relaxed;
himself is. I was unable to hold myself. I asked
 Let him acquire a habit of telling her about Shivi’s behaviour in the
correct facts and if mockingly he is morning. She smiled and explained,
telling a lie, help him in guiding in “Since six months Shivi was rising
a correct way. and sleeping with a dream of going to
 Give him the freedom to choose school. As Shivi is very naughty, I am
between right and wrong, especially just worried about her behaviour.
friends, like, let him go and sit with Rest I am assured that she would be
his friend in the bus. very happy once she steps into the
 Ask him if he feels excited, school premises.”
anxious, or a little bit of both.
 Teach him the basics of discipline Now comes the next set or reasons
and responsibilities. Where should for teachers
he place the bags? Where should  Teachers are supposed to be their

he keep his books, bottles etc? parents in the school. Teacher is

 Give a hug, a kiss, and a warm but expected to answer to all the wierd
firm goodbye. queries of kids.
 Help your kid in his/her  Teachers should always give

homework. students a chance to tell something

 Pack something familiar in your about themselves, in front of the
child’s backpack to make him feel whole class.
more comfortable, and something
new to make him feel special. Parents should know the language of
their kids. Every day is a new day for
It’s the first day for Khushi, Shivi, your child. Always be open to talk
Ankit, Nitin and their Parents. Let’s about their days of school. Kids love
know about their reactions when they talking about their days, but need a
came to receive their kids. listener more than anything else. Be
Khushi’s Mother, Anju said, “I was that listener and brighten the rest of
very much nervous in the afternoon their day. By just listening you may
hours while I was waiting for analyze your kid and come up with
Khushi.” Her daughter was weeping new ideas. So make their school a
in the morning while leaving for fun place.
school. Anju was unable to go back
home. Disturbed Anju, thought of What are prehistoric monsters called when they sleep?
A dinosnore!
waiting at her friend’s house. Anju
repeated, “this day is a very hard day What is the fruitiest lesson?
History, because it's full of dates!
in my life”. Her face started
glooming and felt relieved as she saw What language do they speak in Cuba?
her daughter’s gleeming face.
What is a myth?
The same condition was with Nitin’s
A female moth!
father too. Nitin’s mother was busy in
How did your mum know you hadn't washed your face?
a meeting hence his father had come I forgot to wet the soap!
to receive him. Talking to him

bout a third of children are described by their  are restless, fidgety and overactive
parents as over-active, and 5-20 percent of  continuously chatter and interrupt people

school children are so described by their  are easily distracted and do not finish things

teachers. These reports encompass behaviour varying  are inattentive and cannot concentrate on tasks

from normal high spirits to a severe and persistent  are impulsive, suddenly doing things without thinking

disorder. Here we discuss about attention-deficit  have difficulty waiting their turn in games, in

hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and hyperkinetic conversation or in a queue.

disorder, the signs to look for and where to get help. This type of behaviour is common in most children. It
becomes a problem when these characteristics are
What are attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder exaggerated, compared to other children of the same age,
(ADHD) and hyperkinetic disorder? and when the behaviour affects the child’s social and
Kunal of 12 yrs. was brought to me by his parents from school life. Often the signs will have been obvious since
Mujaffarnagar, U.P, with complaints of in-attentiveness, the child was a toddler.
extreme and persistent restlessness, prolonged motor
activity and learning difficulties. What causes ADHD/hyperkinetic disorder?
Many children, especially under-fives, are inattentive and We do not know exactly what causes these disorders, but
restless. This does not necessarily mean they are genetic factors seem to play a part. The disorders can run
suffering from ADHD or hyperkinetic disorder. in families, with boys more often affected than girls.
The terms ‘attention deficit’, ‘attention-deficit
hyperactivity disorder’, ‘hyperkinetic disorder’ and Where can Kunal get help?
‘hyperactivity’ are used by professionals to describe the There is no simple test for ADHD/hyperkinetic
problems of children who are overactive and have
difficulty concentrating or manifests more or less marked
continuous activity. Dr. Sanjeev Kalra, M.D (Doctor of Medicine)
in Ayurvedic Psychiatry from S.D.M.C. of
In both instances, these children usually have problems Ayurveda. Is also an M.B.A in Hospital
with attention control and over activity. Management & Finance from TASMAC,
Pune. Currently, a Consultant Psychiatrist
What are the signs? and Consultant Ayurvedic Physician at ‘THE
MIND CLINIC’, Noida. Is a visiting Lecturer,
Children with ADHD/hyperkinetic disorder:
DBA Med. College & Hospital, Punjab.

28 City Cheers  April 2009

disorder. Making a full diagnosis requires an experienced specialist
assessment, usually done by a child psychiatrist or specialist
paediatrician. The diagnosis is made by recognizing patterns of
behaviour, observing the child and obtaining reports of their
behaviour at home and at school.
Your general practitioner will be able to offer you advice and
support and will usually refer you to a specialist. A child and
adolescent psychiatrist will undertake a thorough
assessment and offer treatment. Some clinical
psychologists and paediatricians also have special
experience and skills in managing this problem.
Effective treatment will include advice and support for
the parents as well. The child’s teachers will need advice
about management, which may include counteractive
teaching and behaviour modification.
A Full Specialist Assessment:
This will enable your child’s needs to be clearly identified.
Psychological Management
You should expect:
 a full explanation of the condition to you and your child;

 advice about on how to manage difficult behaviour;

 communication between the child’s specialist and teachers, who will offer

you advice on structured activities and reward systems for positive behaviour
that may help. Special support and teaching may also be needed;
 help for difficulties that have developed as a result of ADHD/hyperkinetic

disorder, including low self-esteem, difficulty with friendships, temper

tantrums and aggression.
Stimulant Medication
Some medications may reduce hyperactivity and improve concentration.
Medication produces a short-lived improvement after each dose, but is not a permanent
cure. It creates a period when the child can learn and practise new skills. Children
often say that medication helps them to get on with people, to think more clearly,
to understand things better and to feel more in control of themselves. Not all
affected children need medication. Those who do always need psychological and
educational support as well.
Changing Diet & Avoiding Additives
There is a small body of evidence about the effect of diet on some children. A
few may be sensitive to certain foods. If parents notice that specific foods
worsen hyperactivity, these may be avoided. It is best to discuss
this with the specialist.

Do children grow out of it?

Children who receive specialist treatment tailored to
their needs may benefit considerably. Some
problems with restlessness, attention and lack of
control might continue into adult life. However, with
help, most hyperactive children will have settled
down by the time they reach their mid-teens. They will
have been able to catch up with their learning, improve
their school performance and make friends.

April 2009  City Cheers 29

Dr. Saraswati
Prasad Dwivedi
Ayurved physician
& Psychologist
Founder of
Movement. He is
renowned specialist
practioner of
herbal medicine, yoga, meditation and
panchkarma therapy for holistic healing of
people suffering from psychosomatic and
chronic disorders.
Ph: 09335124181.

I am happy to promote my thoughts with City Cheers to its esteemed readers and help create an environment
which is Life Medicine Free. The fast paced urbanization in the country has increased the stress level at all
quarters and its time we all get together to combat various diseases occurring due to modern lifestyle. Every
issue we would take up various problems and try finding solutions to them. If we are able to lead a life which
is medicine free, then probably our contribution to the society would be more impactful.

epression is a very common term which we Symptoms :
usually come across in seminars, talks or Any type of depression may run in families, suggesting
meetings. What does it actually mean? The that a biological vulnerability can be inherited.
word in itself states something in a sunken state. But Depression can also occur in people who have no family
medically, depression means pressing down i.e. the history of the condition. Additional factors, such as
decrease of vital functions such as cardiovascular, stresses at home, work, or school, may trigger
nervous, respiration, etc. in case of mental disorder depression. People suffering from depressive disorders
marked by altered mood & behaviour. An estimated 5%- do not express the same types of symptoms. The
7% of the World’s population is affected by depression. severity, frequency and duration of symptoms vary
During this state of mind, a mental state is characterized depending on the individual’s age, sex and other
by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent atmospheric conditions, and his/her particular illness.
lack of normal activity. There is a loss of interest in all Feelings of sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, pessimism,
pleasurable outlets, such as food, study, sports, sex, worthlessness, helplessness, irritability, restlessness, loss
routine work, friends, family, hobbies, or entertainment, of interest in activities or hobbies including sex and
etc. In Ayurved, depression is called as “Awshad”. sports. Fatigue and decreased energy, difficulty in
According to Charak, a well known ancient physician, concentrating, remembering details & making decisions,
the origin of “Awshad” lies in “Kafaj Unmad” in which a lack of sleep, early-morning wakeups or excessive
person portrays symptoms like a pessimist and does not sleeping, overeating or loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts
take interest in any activities which work for a smooth and attempts, body aches, headaches, cramps or
sailing peaceful life. One occasionally has mood swings, digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment.
but these are usually fluctuating and pass away within a Cause of Depression:
week or few days. When a person has a depressive There is no single known cause of depression. Rather, it
disorder, it interferes with the daily life, normal routine, likely results from a combination of genetic,
and causes pain for both the person with the disorder psychological factors, biochemical, environmental and
and those who care about him or her. Depression is a also lack of spiritual health.
common illness. Mostly who experience it need Diagnosis & Treatment
treatment. Medications, psychotherapies and other non Without treatment, symptoms can last for weeks,
medicinal treatments are available for cure. months, or years. Appropriate treatment, however, can

30 City Cheers  April 2009

help most people who suffer from depression. People (found in cold-water fish, fish oil, and flax seeds)are
with depression may not recognize that they have a beneficial in depression.
disorder or they may be discouraged from seeking or For treatment of depression, it is necessary to know the
staying on treatment due to feelings of shame and the basic cause of an individual’s suffering from depression.
associated stigma. Too often, untreated or inadequately The basic principle of treatment is to first stop causative
treated depression is associated with suicide. factors and then treat the remaining illness. Otherwise
It can be diagnosed by conducting a physical one can be cured only of the symptoms and signs, and
examination, interview and lab tests by doctors & not the disease actually. I have seen several cases of
psychologists. For treatment it is a must to visit a doctor depression, where the patient is addicted to the medicine
to rule out any possibility of other diseases, like thyroid, since long and is not able to get away withthe habit. I find
chronic viral infections, because they refer to the same patients who are treated by Non-Medicinal approach,
sign and symptoms which are similar in case of such as psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, diet-routine
depression. Once diagnosed, a person with depression correction and life-style management, better than those
can be treated with a number of methods. Most common who are totally dependent on medicines.
treatments are medication and psychotherapy, which can Medicine related to depression are loaded with side-
be followed by medicinal & non-medicinal approches. effects. This is very strange in our country. The use of
In Medicinal Approach: anti-depressant drug is increased to about 5-8 times and
Use of Anti-depressant medicines under supervision of daily. Number of patients are gradually increasing, if
an experienced Allopathic doctor. In my opinion, considered in Indian demographical conditions.
sometimes giving medicine is a must for acute cases of The life-style & life-span of our ancestors was better,
depression, where the patient needs to be hospitalized because of the growth of depression, has increased from
due to his/her symptoms. But, it is not useful or the ancient to modern times and it is the most common
recommended for long term treatment. side effect of urbanization. I am trying to promote Non-
In Non Medicinal Approach: Medicinal approach of
If you feel overwhelmed by stress or are experiencing treatment everywhere. It is
symptoms of depression, see your healthcare provider very similar to the ancient
for a physical exam and mental health evaluation. You life- style, routine, thoughts
may be referred for further evaluation or counseling, if and behaviour. So is said in
appropriate. A variety of relaxation techniques can help the vedic text: “Santosam
you cope with stress, like meditation, deep breathing, Param Sukham”. It is not a
progressive relaxation, aerobics, exercise, yoga, and verse. It is a holistic medicine
biofeedback. These techniques help you relax your mind which provides peace,
muscles. You can also reduce stress by getting adequate healthy mind,
sleep, rest, and recreation. Even psychotherapy, life-style and healthy
correction, panchkarma therapy of Ayurved under body.
supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor are very useful for a
permanent cure from depression. Usually, I am always Readers may
on a look out for ways of better treatment all over the send their
world, as there are various causes of depression, but the s p e c i f i c
cardinal sign and symptoms are same. Eat a healthy diet, problems
that is low in fat, high in fiber, and rich in vitamins and over email
minerals. Specific dietary factors, like B-complex or contact on
vitamins (found in whole grains) and omega-3 fatty acids mobile.

Q. I am 32 year old lady & suffering from Depression from last 4 years. I am
taking regular antidepressants. Advised me for natural remidies.
A. Daily do Padmasan, Pranayam,15-30 minutes & 2-4 km daily morning
walk. Take 3-5 bananas per day & avoid taking fatty food items. Fix your
daily routine of breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep & other essential works. Take
‘Saraswat churn’ (powder) one teaspoon full twice a day with cow milk.
Along with teh above, continue with your medication till couple of weeks &
then gradually withdraw them within next 30 days. Continue above tips for
about six months. Think positive.
Personal Information
Full Name: Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Born: 7th July 1981(age 27)
Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.
Nickname: Mahi
Height: 5ft 11in (1.80m)
Batting Style: Right-hand batsman
Bowling Style: Right-hand medium
Role: Wicket Keeper, Captain
International Information
National side: India
Test debut (cap 251) 2 December 2005 v Sri Lanka
Last Test 18 March 2009 v New Zealand
ODI debut (cap 157) 23 December 2004 v Bangladesh
Last ODI 14 March 2009 v New Zealand
Odi Shirt no. 7
Domestic team Information
Years Team
1999/00 - 2004/05 Bihar
2004/05 Jharkhand
2008 Chennai Super Kings
Career Statistics
Test ODI
Matches 36 135
Runs scored 1,854 4,385
Batting average 36.35 49.26
100s/50s 1/14 4/30
Top score 148 183*
Catches/stumpings 85/18 132/41
‘Folk Music Ensemble’ by
Santoor Maestro Abhay Rustum Sopori
Abhay Rustum Sopori is the country’s youngest artist who
has established his versatility in the domain of music both
as a Santoor maestro & composer. Recently “Folk Music
Ensemble” was conducted and composed by Sapori ji. Though it was not new, but it was extremely rare. “Folk Music
Ensemble”, was introduced by Santoor Legend & Music Composer Pt. Bhajan Sopori in early 1970’s. The concept
was to revive, preserve and promote folk musical culture, popularising instruments and folk melodies. The
presentation had around 40 musicians playing various instruments like Rabab, Kashmiri Sarangi, Tumbaknari, Daher,
Matka, Laddakhi Drums, Sur Santoor, Tabla, Percussions, Synthesizer, Guitars, Tenor, Mandolin, Violin, Flute and
Santoor etc. The presentation left the audience mesmerized. Folk music ensemble for the first time was organized on
such a grand scale. On this memorable evening Governor of J&K Sh. N.N. Vohra was the Chief Guest, while Pt.
Bhajan Sopori, Aparna Sopori, Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan, and various other dignitaries were present.

Shrine Empire
Shrine Empire provides expert
services for Private Clients looking
to start a collection or build on an
existing one. We identify and
source acquisition opportunities
globally. We have access to works
of art available on the open
market, from private collections
and corporations. Determine a client’s art requirement, and sourcing suitable
artworks at a fair market value. A major part of our business lies in handling
ITC Maurya Wins of privately owned works offered for sale. Those who acquire art often trade
or sell it. There are many different avenues to sell art - public auction, online
‘Golden Peacock sales, private dealers, and galleries. Once we assess the market value, we
Innovation Management advise how best to sell it, whether by auction or private treaty. We provide
appraisals for insurance. Collectors are given a fully illustrated and indexed
Award-2008’ inventory of their artwork. Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to
us.We work with insurers, banks, and law firms who lay immense value on
ITC Maurya is the proud recipient of client privacy and depend on us to preserve it.
the ‘Golden Peacock Innovation
Management Award -2008’ by the
award Jury, under the Chairmanship
Celebrating International
of Justice P. N. Bhagwati, former Women’s Day!!!
Chief Justice of India and Member,
To mark International Women’s Day, an evening
UN Human Rights Commission. The
of Indian Classical Music was organised by
Golden Peacock Awards for Quality,
Samraat Club Delhi Central in association with
Innovation Management &
SABA Communications at IHC, Delhi. Evening
Innovative Product/Service, Business
had a performance by Ishita Aniruddha Thatte
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
(Vocal) and Sitar recital by artist Supriya Shah Shankar. The musical evening
was presented to ITC Maurya at a
was graced by Odissi dancer Sharon Lowen along with Dr. Ravi Shankar
specially organized Gala Award
Prasad, Smt. Shobhana Shah Mittal & Rohit Suri. Many people from the world
Night in the presence of business
of art and culture were also present. Ishita began with raag “Desh” and
and political leaders.
ended with a song depicting “Holi”.

34 City Cheers  April 2009

“We Are Poor But So Many”
A book by Smt. Ela Bhatt
SEWA and IHC, presented a discussion by a panel of eminent
persons on Smt. Ela Bhatt’s book –“We Are Poor But So Many”
Spring-Summer by on March 14, 2009. The discussion was followed by interaction
with the author. The event was Chaired by Smt Devaki Jain,
Saggar Mehra Former Director, ISST. Devaki Jain is one of the founders of the
Study by Janak introduces Saggar Mehra, a new feminist movement in India and internationally. Ela R. Bhatt has
face to the brand. Saggar’s debut is marked dedicated her life to improving the
with unveiling of Spring-Summer’09 collection. lives of India’s poorest and most
Other highlight was the launch of magnificent oppressed women workers, with
coffee table book at their store in GK-1. Event Gandhian thinking as her source
was flagged off in a of guidance. Her book is a first-
traditional way, hand account of the vision, rise,
followed by a and success of SEWA, in India as
fashion show by well as internationally. The book
Saggar Mehra, son begins with early days of SEWA
of designer Sunil and follows with an account of the
Mehra. Russian struggles and challenges that
Model Frenanda, & SEWA faced in its journey. It
actor/model Rahul explores the freedom given by
Dev walked the SEWA to its women by presenting
ramp. Formals, inspirational stories.
casual linen jackets
& trousers, summer Kobian introduces Laptop Bags
sherwanis & Kurta Kobian Ltd, manufacturer of motherboards, casings, TFTs
Pajama were show and others, has announced the launch of IXA series of
cased in the show. laptop bags. Most laptops come with bags but, you can
prefer to suit your needs. Kobian IXA series of
‘Sreeleathers’ Laptop Bags are designed for personal
Canvas Collection and corporate users, which are stylish,
One of India’s largest footwear & practical, durable, good protector,
accessories brand ‘Sreeleathers’ tougher and lighter. It comes in three
have introduced a stunning line of different looks - ProIXA, StyleIXA &
Canvas casuals. The range of footwear RugIXA. ProIXA: Protection, ample
& funky new design detailed with velcro, storage, 15.4” & 17” size, shock air
laces, zips, zigzag, stitching on washed denims, denims cells, trolley strap can be converted
washed in metallic shades and on printed twill fabrics into back pack. StyleIXA: bold
are the ultimate epitomes of style and sheer attitude. colors, comes in 15.4” & 10.2”
The designs transit easily from a college day wear to an and its trolley strap has air
evening party wear. For the generation next tourists cushion. RugIXA: 15.4” size, with
from abroad, the new found comfort, style and the anti shock air cells including cable
combined value irresistible fit to be carried home. pouch. Rs799-Rs 2499.

Petsetgo tie-ups with Isle of Dogs

Petsetgo, India’s foremost pet care brand ties up with Isle of Dogs, USA.
It has already tie ups with leading pet accessories and grooming brands
from across the world. Now it has a new range of shampoos,
conditioners etc. from Isle of Dogs. Commenting Mr. Raghav Modi, MD
Petsetgo said, “We are very happy to be associated. Petsetgo intends to
provide the very best in pet care accessories and grooming products to
the Indian market. This association reiterates our commitment.” Many
international celebrities use Isle of Dogs for their pets. With the addition
of the all new range of Isle of Dogs, Petsetgo now offers the best products
from the world to the discerning dog lovers in India.

April 2009  City Cheers 35

DESIGNER Date: 5 April, 2009 (Sunday) Date: till 30/04/2009
SUITS N Time: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM Venue: Akshara Theatre - Home
SAREES Venue: C-701, Rudra Apartment for the Mind of India,
INAUGRAL Sector -6 Dwarka, New Delhi 11-12 B, Baba Kharak Singh
EXHIBITION Ph: 9958881599 Marg, New Delhi
Date: 1 April, Email: Ph:: 23742083, 23364326.
AM ANNUAL DAY Directed By - Mr. Noushad M.
Venue: B- Date: 9 April, 2009 (Thursday) Date: 2/04/2009 - 18:30 till
2/19, Ph-2, Time: 5:30 AM 5/04/2009 - 23:59
Ashok Vihar, Venue: Triveni Gallery, 205 Venue: Shri Ram Centre, Mandi
Delhi. Tansen Marg, Mandi House, New House, Delhi-1
Ph: Delhi 2nd year acting course students
9811023800 Ph: 9818188965 are going to present
Email: Email: Shakespeare's "Midnight summer dreams" in Hindi SILVA ULTRAMIND ESP TRAINING Ph: Anupam S. (9868929470)
Date: 3 April, 2009 (Friday) 9:00 RELAXATION Date: 1/04/2009 - 12/04/2009
AM - 5 April, 2009 (Sunday) 6:00 Date: 11 April, 2009 (Saturday) An evening of club and retro
PM 09:00 AM - 12 April, 2009 music with a DJ & dance floor,
Venue: Hotel Radisson, NH 8, (Sunday) 05:30 PM drinks, dinner & shopping
Mahilpalpur, Delhi. Venue: IIC, Delhi Parisian night market
Ph: 26779191/9810919501 Website: Date: 11th April 2009.
Email: Time: 3-30 pm - 11-30pm. Ph: 09871119075 Venue: Allure bar and lounge, Le
THEATRE IN FACILITATION Email: Meridien Hotel, New Delhi
(THEATRE FOR GROWN-UPS) Funds collected go towards
Date: 03 April, 2009 (Friday) RED CARPET-A CORPORATE rehabilitation of several injured
10:00 AM - 29 April, 2009 PARTY and stray animals..
(Wednesday) 1:00 PM Date: 18 April, 2009 (Saturday) Ph: 32542477/ 9810190497
Venue: C-701, Rudra Apartment, 07:00 PM - 19 April, 2009 Entry free.
Sector -6 Dwarka, Delhi (Sunday) 12:30 AM LODI – THE GARDEN
Ph: 9958881599 Website: RESTAURANT
Email: Ph: 011-26674013 / Snacks & Drinks Special/Easter/
Age: for +18yrs 09711968011 / 011-26674011 Light Lunch/Organic Festival/Feast
Duration: 15 days session - 1.5 / Email: by Night
2 hrs EDUCATION FAIR - SPRING Date: 3/04/2009 - 30/04/2009
TRIBUTE TO USTAD BADE 2009 Date: 3rd - 9th April
GHULAM ALI KHAN SAHIB- Date: 25 April, 2009 (Saturday) Time:12:00 - 15:00 & 19:00 -
KUMAR MUKHERJEE 11:00 AM - 26 April, 2009 23:00
Date: 3 April, 2009 (Friday) (Sunday) 06:00 PM TAROT: A BASIC COURSE FOR
Time: 7:00 PM - 08:30 PM Venue: Pragati Maidan BEGINNERS by Joy Dev
Venue: IHC, Lodhi Road, Delhi Website: Date: Till 8/08/2009
Ph: 9830434008 Time:10:00
GO LIVE!!! CREATIVE Ph: 9811663707 Locality: NOIDA / DELHI
FACILITATION OF UAS FOR Email: Few seats available
PARENTS Romancing India's North East Ph: 9899693546-47

To be listed in these p ages post to

36 City Cheers  April 2009

Autumn - Winter 2009

IFW was hosted at the Intercontinental Eros, Nehru Place, New Delhi from the 18th - 23rd of March,
2009. WIFW also began the hunt for the new faces going places – ramp scorchers, who may help
enhance and bring the vision of all WIFW participating designers to life. The Wills Lifestyle India
Fashion Week is known for being a hotbed of emerging and established design talent converting the runway and
exhibition area into business destinations for Indian fashion designers. It offers a complete lifestyle wardrobe for the
premium, consumer incorporating the latest fashion trends for both men and women. A
nationwide chain of exclusive specialty stores provides the Indian consumer a truly
‘International Shopping Experience’. Currently there are 51 Wills Lifestyle stores in 30
cities across the country, and the brand is making rapid strides in terms of expansion -
doubling the number of stores over the next three years. WIFW
also provides high level business mentoring to the up-and-
coming designers. Support is given by an established team
of fashion industry experts and professionals in areas such
as business planning, marketing, sourcing, production,
export and legal. By giving such in-depth advice where it
is most required, the aim is to help the designers
consolidate their businesses, growing them
internationally to the next level. WIFW’s the leading
business of fashion event is designed to allow
younger, untried designers the chance for a
breakthrough moment. Sunil Sethi, President,
FDCI, said, “WIFW is a prestigious launch pad
for the emerging designers to showcase the best of
Indian design talent globally.” Atul Chand,
Divisional Chief Executive, ITC’s Lifestyle
Retailing, said, “The Wills Lifestyle India
Fashion Week is the country’s biggest and most
prestigious lifestyle event. We received an
overwhelming response from the designer
fraternity for the event.” To support the
emerging fashion design industry of India,
WIFW had 18 designers who participated for
the very first time. Like every season FDCI gave
an opportunity to aspiring and eminent designers
to experience India’s only ‘Business of Fashion’
event 2009. This list includes some of the well-
known names like Adarsh Gill and Sanchita
Ajjampur who have showcased their collections
in India and overseas. With 102 designers and
around 175 buyers, WIFW is India’s premier
fashion extravaganza, which brings together the
business of fashion and expert designers as well as
connoisseurs of lifestyle on a common platform

April 2009  City Cheers 37

ATM usage to be free of charge
Bank customers can expect use
Happening India of ATM free of charge. The
Central Bank has rejected to cap
the number of free cash
Videocon to launch withdrawals every month, as it
D2H services in felt was not desirable & practical.
April 2009 Other banks’ ATMs for balance
Consumer enquires will be free of charge. Use of other banks’ ATMs for cash
durable maker withdrawals will be free from April 1, 2009. The charge of Rs 20 will
Videocon plans be all inclusive, irrespective of the amount of withdrawal. The banks
to launch its may determine the service charges for cash withdrawal with the use
d i r e c t- t o - h o m e of credit cards and cash withdrawal in an ATM located abroad.
(DTH) television Further, RBI said that the customer is not aware before hand, of the
services venture in April charges that will be levied for a particular ATM transaction, while
against its original target of September. As using an ATM of another bank. And even, that in countries such as
of now five companies are offering DTH UK, Germany and France, bank customers have access to all ATMs
services in the country including Dish TV, in the country, free of charge. The Central Bank also noted that the
Tata Sky, Airtel, Big TV and Sun TV. ideal situation is that a customer should be able to access any ATM
Videocon Industries, the flagship group installed in the country free of charge through an equitable
company of the Dhoot family, would be cooperative initiative by banks.
launching the DTH service through its Deora promises new sources of gas supply from April 2009
subsidiary Bharat Business. A senior Union Petroleum Minister, Murli Deora has said that the supply of
executive with the company added that natural gas from KG D-6 field is likely to begin by this month. Deora
the firm is looking to integrate the set-top- said the first 40 Million Metric
box with new television sets as a fresh Standard Cubic Metre will be
offering to the consumer. As per estimates supplied per day of gas to meet
of consultancy firm Ernst & Young, the shortfall in existing gas-based
DTH subscriber base could touch 19 urea plants, LPG plants and
million in the next 2-3 years. power plants. Emphasisingly he
said, “The decision would go a
India to launch ‘Astrosat’ long way to increase the supply
About a year after India’s first mission to of fertilizers in the country, bring
the moon, ‘Chandrayaan-1’, now Indian down fertilizer subsidy, increase
Space Programme is ready for another production of power and LPG, reduce dependence on petroleum
India’s first dedicated astronomy satellite, products and improve environmental standards.” Deora further
‘Astrosat’, launched to the orbit in April. added that Government passed on the benefit of falling oil prices to
Prof Tandon said that satellite will carry X- the common man by twice reducing the prices of petrol and diesel.
ray telescope and UV telescope and it will
be placed at an altitude of 650 kms. Delhi to get a new flyover
Tandon is a part of the ‘Astrosat’ project. The foundation stone of a new flyover on NH10 was laid by CM
ISRO is making an antenna to get data Sheila Dikshit at Nangloi. To be built at an estimated cost of Rs.78
from ‘Astrosat’ at Byalalu village near crore, the flyover would be commissioned by April. Ms. Dikshit said
Bangalore. Lifespan of the satellite will be the transport scenario in Delhi would improve significantly with the
nearly 5 years. Tandon is leading a team commissioning of 27 flyovers or underpasses and 31 foot over-
of scientists who will bridges before the start of the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Apart
develop a UV from this, she said the Delhi Government had also decided to bring
telescope. There fast moving buses, including air-conditioned ones, for city transport.
are six The CM also complimented the
instruments PWD for providing quality
in the infrastructure. She said that the
‘Astrosat’ new flyover would ensure a
out of smooth flow of Inter-State traffic
w h i c h and reduce commuting time
t h r e e between Delhi and Rohtak.
have been Incidentally, the 1,075-metre-
developed by Tata long flyover would also facilitate
Institute of Fundamental Research. village-bound traffic.

38 City Cheers  April 2009

Just Food

Located bang opposite the Great

Kebab Factory and alongside ICICI
Bank, Cafe Style, is the latest entrant
to Sector 18, having opened it’s
doors to the hep and stylish
frolickers of Noida.
q Jaya Shukla

or Noidaites, the main haunting place is
C.S.M and Great India Place. Even the
roadside quick bites are good to taste.
But with this transition season and the onset of
summers, roadside eateries are not a healthy
Me, a part of Noida frolickers, I frequent the
well known Atta Market of Noida regularly.
To subside my hunger pangs, my first choice
was always Mc Donald’s or Pizza Hut. But,
now due to increasing graph of residents in
Noida, both these places are usually packed.
This time, I was on a look out for a spacious
joint to have good food. As I strolled, a board
reading ‘Café Style’ grabbed my attention. The
name itself gave the assurity of good food with
a cool ambience. But, my first step inside took
be aback by its unique interiors and simple
atmosphere. I was sure that ‘it’ was the right
place to be. I could see a little open space
outside the Restaurant, kept for coffee, juices
etc. The ground floor was exclusively reserved
for food and the first floor for party or a big
crowd. What I judged was that the highlight of
the restaurant was to have food in style. Too
much of glamour quotient was involved in the
theme. Interesting bit was that their were
fashion accessories which one could even
purchase, like stole, mask, bike etc.
If one wants to organize a party, the hall could
accomodate countable people. The fashion

40 City Cheers  April 2009

asked him the reason behind displaying so many
accessories. With a nod he said, “A little bit of fun and a
little bit of masti with some unforgettable taste is what
Café Style wants to give to the people.”
Surprisingly one of my friends even purchased few items.
All in all, if one wants to have food at an affordable place,
Cafe Style is the best option.
Mr. Chetan Malik, the owner, truly deserves to be the
brain behind the whole concept. Being a youngster
himself, he knows what the generation of today really
wants. An early breakfast, a never to forget lunch or a
peaceful dinner with your pal or family, whatever you
want to have choice is yours.
Timings of the restaurant are very comfortable. One can
start the day with a healthy breakfast.
Choice of delicacies, fashion accessories with unlimited
The cover is 80-90. But if one wants to organise a party,
100-120 people could easily accomodate.
Cocktails or Mocktails are not in their listing.
Meal for two-Rs 800
photographs displayed on the walls indicated the motto Timings from 8:00a.m to 11:30 p.m
of the restaurant, i.e dine in style.
The best part was that all the waiters are well dressed and
have pleasing and warm smile. As he approached me, I
enquired about their specialities. With a gentle tone he
explained about the two best options for breakfast. One,
Obama Style Breakfast and the other, English Style
The Obama style meant a heavy breakfast including
choice of omellette, croissant sausage, chicken, fruit juice
or coffee.
There’s a choice of 18 flavours of coffee and many
varieties of sandwiches.
My friends who accompanied me, ordered a mix of
Indian as well as Continental cuisine.
Though it was afternoon hours, still I chose to have the
Obama style breakfast. The quantity was quiet sufficient
and was too filling that I was compelled to share it with
others. Every bite gave a different taste. Being a complete
meal, still it was so light that one could have it on a daily
Sandwiches and coffee were listed in variations.
The whole area was quite living due to the music played
in the background, which lent a peaceful and calm
The Manager of Cafe Style, Mr. Nalin Kumar Saxena,
looked very agile by his movements. Out of curiosity I
Café Style
K 1, Dharam Palace
Opposite The Great Kabab Factory,
Sector-18, NOIDA.
Tel: 0120-4548472

April 2009  City Cheers 41

q Golden Reejsinghani

Mocktails are always welcome because they

beat the red hot heat of summer. They not
only quench the thirst but also cool the body
and are great energy boosters. Below are
some recipes of really cool mocktails which
are full of goodness of fruits. So try them
out this summer and see how they transport
you to snow clad mountain tops.

Juice of 6 limes
6 tbsp castor sugar
3 bottles soda
3 cups vanilla ice-cream
Fresh mint leaves
Mix together lime juice and sugar. Add
soda and half of the ice-cream. Beat with
a beater till the ice-cream is half melted.
Put in a serving glass over the crushed ice.
Pour the remaining ice-cream on top and
decorate with fresh mint leaves.
Lemon Ecstasy

42 City Cheers  April 2009

2 cups chilled orange juice
3 cups soda
¼ cup lemon juice
¼ cup milk
3 sticks vanilla ice cream
Sugar to taste
1 tbsp grated rind of orange
A drop of orange red colour <Optional>
Mix together juices, milk, rind and sugar and
stir until the sugar dissolves. Add 2 cups soda
and 2 sticks ice cream. Beat until ice cream is
dissolved. Stir in the remaining soda. Serve
immediately with a tbsp of ice-cream floating
on top.

Fruit Mocktail

1 cup each of orange, pineapple and grape
¼ cup lemon juice
½ cup apple cider
3 cups iced water
Sugar to taste
Mint leaves
Combine all the juices with water and sugar.
Stir until the sugar dissolves. Serve in tall
glasses with mint leaves floating on top.

Orange Soda

April 2009  City Cheers 43


s we interacted with Mr. George
Abraham (Chairman) ACBI, we were
allured to question him further about the
initiation and the motto of this challenging sport.
“I am a passionate Cricket lover since my
childhood days. I first picked up the bat at the
age of 5 and then on dreamt to be a player. As a
child, I always aimed to be a good fast bowler, as
there were very few fast bowlers in India that
time. But due to poor vision I was unable to
participate. In 1989, during my visit to Dehradun
I found the visually challenged school boys
q Jaya Shukla
playing cricket. It made me feel that even blind
people could also play cricket equally well. I was
a regular listener of Cricket Commentaries and
Sports is an important part of education. For all cricket lovers it’s a die hard enjoyed doing so.”
passion and is usually seen during the pulsating hours of World Cup
matches. Here we are talking about cricket, which sounds interesting, Not touching too much to his sensitive chords,
amazing, different and exclusive. This is the cricket organized by ACBI my next question was, if being handicapped was
(Association for Cricket for the Blind in India). Here the ball, boundaries as a negative factor in one’s life. With a deep pause
and thoughtful gesture he replied ,“Sports is a
well as the wickets are distinctive, which are ordered keeping in mind the
valuable, interesting and an engaging way to
ease of the visually challenged players. The ball used is an audio ball and develop thinking as well as psychological and
rules are also adapted. This game of cricket for the blind in India was leadership qualities among people. I thought it
initiated by the blind themselves. ACBI is a voluntary organization could be a platform for the blind people to show
promoting cricket for the blind in India since 1990. It has always been their talent. And it indeed turned out to be a
organizing annual, state, zonal and national level tournaments wherein good platform to show ones passion and unity to
over 150 teams from across the country participate. A little bit of adventure the world. Actually it was unbelievable to all that
even a visually challenged person could play
and happiness in their life is the motto of ACBI.
cricket as a normal person does.”

This forced me to think as of how could he have

brought people together for such a challenging
task. As my mind was building up queries, he
continued, “Gradually people became aware and
then they started participating from different
parts of the country. We held many activities
which are a wonderful way of providing exposure
to the people. After my Dehradun visit I realized
that this game should be promoted at various
levels, even to a status of an International level.”

Cricket with blind people is awesome to watch.

There are many interesting twists and turns in
between the matches. It is usually said that people with
disabilities have a sixth sense and are very sensitive in terms of
their reaction and work. Sharing his experiences, Mr. George
in a firm posture stated, “In 1990, First National Tournament
was held in Delhi followed by Bangalore in 1991”. Third
National Tournament was held in 1993, in Ahmedabad. A
year after that, in 1994, Zonal and National tournament was
held. An International conference on cricket for the blind was
held in New Delhi in 1996. Delegates from Australia, England,
New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India
participated. An international set of rules and equipments were
drawn up. ACBI was established in the same year and World
Blind Cricket Council was formed. India hosted the first two
World Cups in 1998 and 2002 in Delhi and Chennai
respectively. In 2005, Pakistan came to India for about five
match series. In 2006 in the 3rd World Cup organized in
Islamabad, India lost to Pakistan in finals. And in 2007 again,
India went to England for five matches.”
“During the matches, curiosity level was instrumental in
bringing the players closer to each other.They get so enthused,
that every game turned out be a great competition. If you talk
about their senses, naturally speaking there are no such senses
at all. It’s just a form of adaptation. When one sense doesn’t
work one must compel himself to be dependent on other

As Mr. George spoke it seemed that the whole task was so easy
going for him. But as everyone knows the complete thing
might have taken days of planning and financial involvement
too. Earlier the biggies who sponsored were Brooke Bond and
Coca Cola. Taking the sponsorship subject further, he
affirmed,“Kanishka World Cup in Delhi was sponsored by
Kanishka Hotel supported by ITDC. It was the major sponsor
in 1998. In 2002, the World Cup match in Chennai was
possible only due to the support given by Petroleum
Companies. Seven countries, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India,
Australia, New Zealand, England and South Africa had
participated then. Petroleum and Kanishka World Cup were
the Government bodies from the Ministry of Petroleum and

So much happening in this mode of cricket and many unaware

about it, is surprising. With the presence of so many Sports
Channels, this game is doomed. The reason behind it being

April 2009  City Cheers 45

Coach Noor Mohammad: (Secretary), Vikram Dalmia, Joseph de Mello,
I am here since 15 years. ACBI Mahantesh, Dr Panchal are the key people behind
is a government organization. ACBI.”
It has a good scope but the
basic problem is the lack of No game or venture is complete without an ambassador
support towards visually supporting the brand. “In 2005, V.V.S Laxman was the
challenged people and the Brand Ambassador. Presently we are thinking of
funds. People who are in introducing some more Brand Ambassadors. But no
different categories of B1, B2, names can be declared right now.”
and B3 should be treated in a balanced way. There
are two parts involved. The first one is the coaching What are the future plans? He said, “Since last two years
where beginners are taught about batting, bowling, I am planning about restructuring the body. We need to
fielding and catching. And the second one is the have people in the board who bring skill and money into
training where players are trained for matches and it in a more viable way. Our aim is to have an
their physical fitness. Here the training is again organization to ensure blind people that they may play
different because only sound is used. cricket regularly.”

infamous, Mr. George commented, “Earlier cricket was Many other factors, like the criterion behind selection of
followed only via radio commentary and the the players and the coaches, fitness of the players and any
commentators of those times were equally good. Blind specific facility was a big question .“Four players are
people also listened to the radio with the same interest selected from different parts of the country. Two extra
level. Today, the media and the T.V. are much players in each category are also required. 4, 3 and 4 are
commercialized. Due to lack of commercialization, this the ratio plus two extras. In total there are 19 people
game has not come to its expectation. Media is driven from one side. One coach and a manager is also
commercially. People assume that the TRPs would also appointed. We select players through different
not be very high, if they show the visually challenged tournaments. Best 17 are chosen. Then they are sent for
playing cricket. But AIR always covers our cricket.” a complete eye checkup and medical checkup, to be
suited to our eligibility criterion. After the selection
Apart from the game shouldn’t the players be promoted, procedure, we have a 15-20 days camp for fitness,
was my query. “I am involved with ACBI since 18 years. sessions for warm-ups, push-ups & practicing cricket.
People like to play and participate in these tournaments. There are physiotherapists to take care of our players.”
There is now requirement to strengthen the organization
structure or the game at National and International Nothing much to say and nothing more to know, he
level.” concluded,“We hope the next World Cup will be either
held in 2010 or 2011, but not in the sub-continent.”
Knowing more about the quality of the players and
the high management levels in terms of players, Captain Manvender Singh:
Mr. George stated that, “A team has three categories. I have captained the team since 2002.
Four people in first level who are completely blind. BCCI board organizes cricket at
Three people at the second level having 2 /60 vision. National and International level. ACBI is
Remaining four are in between 2/60 and 6/60. It’s lacking its maintenance due to the
very challenging to prepare a team with all these funds, as there are no such
three categories involved. But it all happens with organizations which are looking after it.
ease.” There is no upper body for support, fund
and recognition that makes tournaments and sponsors.
Without the support of the Government no game ACBI will go in a dim light if not supported well. Our
can be promoted at an International level. In a low cricket is different as here verbal instructions are given. As
and humble voice came the reply, “We did have it’s a totally sound based game we categorize batsman,
support from the Government during the World bowler and wicket keeper as per their eye sight. A good
Cup. But, on a day to day basis we aren’t getting any captain must posses many qualities like: he should be calm
support from anywhere.” and cool minded in all circumstances, must have a good
sense of humour, must know each and every player and
Elaborating more about ACBI, he said that,“ACBI is give proper importance to all equally as well as he must
totally an Indian Organization. D. Ranganathan know the combination well.

46 City Cheers  April 2009

Think Tank
1. Lumbini, 2. Jerusalam,
3. Kimberley in South
Africa, 4. Vienna,
5. Avocado, 6. USA,
CONTEST NO.15 7. September 08,
 How much distance the light travels in one year ? 8. 21st June, 9. Mr. India,
 Who discovered the force of gravity? 10. Kodaikanal and Ooty
 In which book scientist Galileo described his observations Giraffes live in Africa, south of Sahara, with a markings help the giraffe to camouflage.
of space? few trees and bushes and close to acacia trees Giraffe’s lips are thick and rubbery with
 Which substance on the Earth is commonly found in all ENTRY COUPON CITY on which they feed. They avoid grasslands saliva. It protects the tongue of giraffe which
CHEERS CONTEST NO.15 because of their eating habits and large size is so tough that it can wrap around the
three states – Solid, Liquid and Gas. April 09
which makes them conspicuous in open. vicious thorns of acacia trees, to grab twigs.
 Which bone in the human body is jokingly called ‘The Name:...............................
Giraffes are the world’s tallest animal with its Giraffes have long tail with coarse hairs to
Funny Bone’? Age:.................................. massive neck and long legs. Male and female deter flies.
 Who invented detergents? Address:............................ giraffes are 5.3m & 4.3m high. They live in Giraffe has an exceptional good eyesight.
 What is added to drinking water to prevent tooth decay? ......................................... small groups of upto 12 females and their Browsing and Drinking
 What is added to the water in swimming pool to kill calves. Adult males live apart and visit the Giraffes eat shoots, flowers, leaves, bark and
herd only for mating. Occasionally though for fruits and small twigs of even at the top of the
bacteria and giving the water a greenish-blue tinge? Ph.:................................... few days or hours, they gather together to tree. Giraffe’s height and long neck helps it in
 Who are well known Kuchipudi duo? make a large group of upto 70 animals. browsing. Giraffes never eat grass.
 Which poet wrote the patriotic song ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Features of a Giraffe The height of giraffe causes it a problem in
Logon’? Giraffe’s massive shoulder blades carry huge drinking. For that, it has to either bend its
muscles that support its head and long neck. knees or extend its forelegs out on either side.
RULES FOR CONTEST NO. 15 (April ‘09) Its fore legs are almost 2m long and longer This awkward posture reduces its field of
Participants should be between 8-18 yrs. than its hind legs. vision and leaves it vulnerable to attack.
Last date for receiving entries for Contest no. 15 is 25th April ‘09. Post to A&A Communication Pvt. Ltd., B-16,
Sector 49, Noida-201304. Its neck is about 2m long, very flexible and Other Facts
Entries shall be accepted only along with entry coupon CC contest no. 15 in original. has 7 bones, but of larger size. While walking giraffes move their two legs of
Prize money for correct entries is 1st (500 Rs.), 2nd (250 Rs.), and 3rd (100 Rs.). Winners of 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize Both male and female giraffes have a pair of one side alternately. While running they can
shall be decided by draw of lots only.
Answers of Contest No. 15 and name of the winners shall be published in CC May ‘09 issue.
short stubby horns (about 30cm long in adult gallop along faster than the speediest
Editor’s decision shall be final for answers in this contest. males). Some giraffes, have a third horn in racehorse.

April 2009  City Cheers

NOTE: *Contest has total 10 questions. Q1-Q8 are general & Q9-Q10 are from previous issue of City Cheers the middle and some even 5 horns. A baby giraffe, when born is very wobbly on
(February ‘09)
Giraffe’s coat making has its own unique its legs and so cannot standup for at least

* Previous issues of City Cheers are available at a discounted price of Rs. 20/-per issue (April‘08-March‘09)
pattern from regular geometrical shape to half an hour. The lifespan of a giraffe is about
irregular fuzzy-edge pattern. The coat 25 years.

Mud Fort at Kuchesar

t is not always necessary that an exotic place makes overcast February day. Although the weather was a bit of
an exciting holiday spot. More often than not some a dampener (pun unintended) it had a positive side to it,
of these places are over-hyped. However, an oft- in that there was hardly any traffic on the NH24. I myself
trodden run-of-the-mill location can sometimes become was driving, and with Lata Mangeshkar’s old songs on the
a truly fabulous place to unwind, let down your hair and car stereo to keep us company, we made good time up to
generally have a relaxing time. We re-discovered this last a place called Chopala beyond Hapur. From there we
month when my wife and I decided to visit Bhimtal and turned right off the highway and after 6-7 kms reached
its environs for a short getaway. We had been to Nainital what is known as the Mud Fort at Kuchesar. Some
before but during that trip had not taken in various places people we know had talked about it and out of curiosity
of interest around this hill station. we also wanted to see the place. The unusual fort, made
of mud as its name suggests and built by Jat rulers more
We left Noida at 7 in the morning of a rather cold and than 2 centuries ago, has now been turned into a hotel.

48 City Cheers  April 2009

Garh Mukteshwar

picnic of our trip. It was simply beautiful -acres and acres

of sugarcane, wheat and mustard fields behind us and the
River Ganga flowing majestically in front of where we had
perched ourselves. There were no sounds at all except
for the twittering of birds, and the whole atmosphere was
so pristine that we were reminded of our days in the tea
gardens of Assam - unadulterated peace and solitude.
After a refreshing break we were again on our way.

There is a fair amount of road-development work

currently in progress on NH 24, with the result that in
certain patches, lasting for several miles, the condition of
the highway is absolutely pathetic. On the day of our
travel the diversions were full of rainwater and we were
almost crawling along, with our average speed having
come down to less than 20 kms per hour. We bypassed
Moradabad, crept through the congested towns of
Rampur and Bilaspur, finally reaching Rudrapur where
We were shown round the property by an employee who we stopped for lunch. The last time we had visited this
narrated the history of the fort and gave us a public District Headquarters of the newly-created Udham Singh
relations tour of the hotel in its present avatar. We Nagar district, it was just developing into an industrial
assured him that we would come and spend a weekend town. Within a short span of about 10 years, however,
there next winter. Rudrapur can now boast of a large number of
From Kuchesar we drove back towards the highway and manufacturing plants having been set up by prestigious
soon reached Garh Mukteshwar, a holy town that is likely companies. Further up the road we passed the reputed
to be developed into another Haridwar. We crossed the Govind Ballabhbhai Pant Agricultural University at
Ganga and stopped to have our breakfast. My wife had Pantnagar (where till some years ago I was routinely
carried sandwiches and a flask of hot coffee. I on my part invited as a guest faculty at the College of Agri-Business
had put a rattan chattai in the car, which I spread on the Management to address MBA students). We also saw the
grass by the riverside for what turned out to be the first newly-established Tata Motors’ swanky plant from where

April 2009  City Cheers 49

approached Haldwani and a short distance
later Kathgodam, the last station on the
railway line from Delhi. After that the road
became steep and we entered the Kumaon
Hills of Uttaranchal Pradesh, or Uttarakhand
as the locals prefer to call their state.

The drive from Kathgodam onwards to

Nainital and Almora is very picturesque. The
rain had increased in intensity and soon we
were confronted with a hailstorm although the
stones were not large. By now it had started
getting dark and I was apprehensive that
should our car have a breakdown we would be
in serious trouble. But as they say, “fortune
favours the brave” and we weathered the
Bhimtal storm to reach the fork in the road from
where to go to Nainital one keeps going
straight and to go to Bhimtal and Almora one
Naukuchiatal has to turn right. We were booked in a resort
that lies 3 kilometres from Bhimtal. Just
before reaching the town, as we were driving
along the lake, we had to take a sharp turn to
the left and drive up a pebbled kutcha road.
The drive to our hotel that lies another 2
kilometres from this point was very steep and
circuitous. I had to focus on keeping the car
safely on the narrow road whereas my wife
was deep in prayer invoking the gods to help
us reach our destination in one piece! We
finally did so at 4 in the afternoon, her prayers
having gratefully been answered. It had taken
us 9 hours of driving, the total distance
covered being just 302 kilometres.

At the resort we were allotted a gabled cottage

comprising a bedroom with an attached
bathroom, a living room, a small dining area
and a kitchenette - nothing ornate, but
comfortable and functional. After we had
unpacked we sat down to have tea. I switched
the first Nano car is likely to roll out next month. on the TV and while watching a news channel our
interest was immediately drawn to an announcement that
There was a sudden increase in vehicular traffic near since that morning there had been very heavy snowfall in
Lalkua, mainly trucks and tractors. We saw scores of Nainital during which 2 students had died, and the town
lorries laden with wooden logs and a large number of was cut off from all sides. No wonder it was so bitterly
tractor-trolleys loaded with sugarcane, headed toward chilly where we were staying. While walking up to the
saw-mills and sugar-mills respectively. On the sides of the restaurant in the main building for dinner later in the
highway one can see poplar and eucalyptus plantations, evening we were hit by the skin-piercing gusts of cold
both catering to the paper industry. It was the logs of winds. Our hotel was situated in an oak forest, so the
these trees that were being carted by the trucks. With so chill factor must have been quite high.
many heavy vehicles on the road, driving had become
difficult, especially since it had started raining again. When we got up the following morning we were
Anyhow, we were soon clear of the traffic as we pleasantly surprised to see the sun shining brightly in an

50 City Cheers  April 2009

absolutely clear sky. There were no tell-tale signs of the town we were elated to see thick sheets of snow
previous day’s inclement weather. As we drove down the everywhere, from the roads to the rooftops to the trees in
kutcha road it did not seem ominous and threatening as it the woods. It was a truly spectacular sight. We were
had the day before. We went to the lake and like most advised by a policeman that the 2 other roads from
tourists decided to take a boat-ride. There is a small island Bhowali - one going to Nainital and the other to
with a restaurant in this beautiful lake which is larger than Mukteshwar - were both closed on account of the
the lake in Nainital. After some time we left our car and previous day’s heavy snowfall, but efforts were being
decided to walk to the town. Although it was sunny there made to clear them. Bhowali after all is a major centre for
was a definite nip in the air and we enjoyed our stroll. export of fruits such as apples, plums, apricots and pears,
Bhimtal, which lies at a height of 4500 feet above MSL, and it is commercially undesirable to have the town cut off
takes its name after Bheem, one of the Pandavas. Its from the rest of the country for too long. By now it was
salubrious climate attracts tourists all the year round. getting dark so we decided to return to our hotel.
There were no decent restaurants where
we could sit down to have a bite, but as we
walked up the road leading to Nainital we
came across a beautiful resort by the
roadside. We sauntered in, to be greeted
by lovely gardens full of multi-coloured
flowers of myriad species. The main
building had an indoor swimming pool
with a restaurant adjacent to it. The lunch
served to us was simply delicious, with the
head chef having taken personal interest in
ensuring that the dishes we ordered were
perfectly prepared. After a thoroughly
satisfying meal we walked around the town
and returned to collect our car parked by
the lake.

From Bhimtal we drove toward another

lake - Naukuchiatal - some 4 kms away.
This pretty lake, lying in a beautiful valley,
has 9 corners. We had heard that there is
paragliding facility nearby, so we drove up
to the take-off point. Even if I had any pre- Nainital
conceived plans of going paragliding they
were quickly dispelled when we saw a
dubious-looking ramshackle shanty that The Mall Road
purported to be the “office” of the
paragliding people. I can only presume
their safety standards must be very high
otherwise they would have been forced to
close down by now, but seeing the set-up I
do not think many persons would want to
risk their lives jumping off a cliff with one
of their experts.

From Naukuchiatal we drove back to

Bhimtal and onwards to Bhowali. This
town lies midway between Bhimtal and
Nainital and is situated at a height of about
5700 feet. Because it is on the sheltered
side of the mountain it gets snow while
Bhimtal does not. As we drove into the
Naukuchiatal lakes which were comparatively

The Mall which runs along one side of the lake

has a promenade where one can take a leisurely
walk or sit down on a bench to savour the beauty
of the lake with ducks and swans swimming in the
crystal clear water. The local administration
some time back had installed an oxygenation
plant in the lake to keep the water fresh, resulting
in increased fish population. We found the water
much cleaner than that of the other 2 lakes we
had visited. As we were walking down the Mall
we came across a restaurant with a rather unusual
name. I immediately rang up our 8-year old
Snow view of the Himalayas grand-daughter to tell her that we had just
purchased a restaurant in Nainital and had
decided to call it after the way she addresses my
wife and me. We told her that we had named it
Sat Tal “Nanu Nani ka Vegetarian Restaurant” and had
taken photographs of it to show her. She initially
believed us until our daughter told her that we
were just kidding her! By the way, a restaurant by
that name does actually exist on the Mall.

There is a ropeway from the Mall to a point

called Snow View which offers a spectacular view
of the Himalayas. If you are lucky you might on
a clear day be able to see Nanda Devi, the second
highest peak in India. We had taken the ropeway
ride during our earlier visit, so we decided to give
it a miss this time and instead drove up
Tonnochy Road towards a place called Kilbury
about 10 kms from the lake. The previous day’s
snow was all over the place - the road, covered
with at least 1 foot of snow, had become
unmotorable whereas the forest on the side had
about 2-3 feet of snow. There were dozens of
cars and SUVs parked with well over a hundred
men, women and children frolicking in the snow.
We too joined in the revelry and realised that we
The following morning my wife prepared breakfast in the were perhaps the oldest couple amongst all the people
kitchenette using the groceries that we had picked up in there. An enterprising local teenager had set up a
Bhowali the day earlier. For lunch we asked our hotel’s makeshift stall selling hot tea and coffee and also Maggi
chef to pack some sandwiches, cutlets and coffee for us, noodles!
and soon we were off to Nainital 22 kms away, reaching
the city in less than an hour. Nainital owes its name to After a thoroughly enjoyable and rejuvenating one hour
Naini Lake around which the town is situated at a height we drove back towards the town and stopped a couple of
of about 6500 feet. According to Hindu mythology the kilometres short near a clearing in the woods. We took
eyes of the goddess Sati (here known as Naina) fell here, out the chattai and the basket and sat down for a picnic.
hence the name. The town was discovered in 1841 and From where we had set ourselves we were accorded a
the first Englishman to live there was one Mr P. Barrow, breathtaking view of the lake below us with the snow-clad
a sugar merchant from Shahjahanpur. There was a lot of mountains beyond. It was simply beautiful and heavenly.
activity in and around the lake, so unlike the Bhimtal and We returned to our hotel in time for evening tea. The

52 City Cheers  April 2009

resort has a machan on a tree-top about 20 feet above and for us there couldn’t have been a more romantic
ground-level, with a couple of tables and accompanying setting for celebrating Valentine’s Day.
chairs set on the platform. Both my wife and I clambered
up the steep wooden ladders, albeit with difficulty, but We checked out the following morning after an early
the effort was worth the trouble. A waiter served us tea breakfast. On our way to Noida we stopped every now and
and cookies. Below us in the tiled courtyard a game of then for refreshments. Any return journey is always more
tennis ball cricket was in progress, being played by some boring and unexciting than the onward one because there
guests and employees of the hotel. is nothing to look forward to, more so if one is taking the
same route back. As they say, “all good things must come
The next day we wanted to visit Mukteshwar, said to be a to an end”, and so was the case with our trip. We had a
very pretty hill station at a height of about 7500 feet, perfectly enjoyable and relaxing holiday in the Lake
which has the reputation of offering magnificent and District of Uttarakhand, having gone there in the lean
incredible views of the Himalayas. The hotel Manager, period. If one is looking for a peaceful break why go to a
however, informed us that Mukteshwar was still under a holiday destination during peak season? As such there is
thick blanket of snow and was unapproachable, so we so much shor-sharaba in the cities where we live, so why
shelved the idea of visiting the place. Instead we decided go at a time when the place is teeming with tourists? If one
to have another picnic, this time at Sat Tal. The chef was feels more comfortable being amidst loads of people and
requested to pack a dry lunch along with coffee, and once a cacophony of all kinds of noises then one should instead
he had done so we left for Sat Tal, reaching the place in try walking through the lanes of Sadar Bazaar or Kotla
about 45 minutes. As the name suggests, Sat Tal is a Mubarakpur in Delhi!
group of 7 small lakes called Garuda, Ram, Sita, Laxman,
Hanuman, Bhiyun and Sukha lakes. These beautiful Rhododendrons
water-bodies are surrounded by thickly forested hills
covered with oak, pine and various species of
rhododendron. The rhododendron flower is the State
Flower of Uttarakhand and because of its beauty is used
for ornamental purposes. It is also processed into juice
and wine. Not far from the place where we had sat down
for our picnic was a shack, with the owner selling
rhododendron juice. We tried the magenta-coloured
nectar and found it absolutely delicious, a befitting
accompaniment to the very nice lunch that the hotel chef
had packed for us. The atmosphere was so serenely
peaceful that my wife and I just lay on the mat staring at
the clear blue sky, only to be awakenedout of our reverie
about an hour later by the warbling of ducks in the lake.
Totally refreshed, we got up to return to our hotel.
Incidentally, that particular day was the 14th of February,

Vinay Sarup is a retired Chief Executive (Farms Division)

of a New Delhi based company with national presence.
Earlier he had worked in other well-reputed
organisations, his total experience being over 35 years.
He did the first half of his schooling at Modern School,
New Delhi, and the latter part at a school in London. He
is an alumnus of IIT
Kharagpur, 1970 batch. One
of Mr Sarup's hobbies is
travelling, and he has been
doing so within India and
abroad for nearly 50 years!
Among other things, he now
spends his time visiting new
places and writing about his
various travels.
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April 2009  City Cheers 55


22nd April 1914 - 5 Nov 2008

“Blessed was the day when he embraced

the silver screen
By portraying life which the human
race always seen
B.R.Chopra was the name of that
gentle soul
Who helped many a star score millions
of goal!”

aldev Raj Chopra (B.R. Chopra) was an Indian Chowk. Naeem Hashmi was the hero of this movie and
director and producer of Bollywood movies and Erika (Rukhshi) was the heroine. Just as the production
television serials. Mostly known for Hindi social of the film was to start, riots broke out in Lahore and he
films like Naya Daur (1957), Kanoon (1961), Gumrah and his family had to flee from the city. After the
(1963) and Humraz (1967), plus the mega TV Series, partition of India into India and Pakistan in 1947, he
Mahabharat in the late 1980s. He was awarded the moved to Delhi. He later moved to Bombay (Mumbai),
highest award in Indian cinema, the Dadasaheb Phalke where his first production Karwat, began in 1948, though
Award in 1998. it turned out to be a flop. His first film as a director
His brother Yash Chopra, son Ravi Chopra and nephew Afsana, was released in 1951 and featured Ashok Kumar
Aditya Chopra are also directors in the Bollywood in a double role. The story was about good and evil
industry. featuring twin brothers, both played by Ashok Kumar in
Born in Ludhiana, Baldev Raj received an M.A. in a double role. ‘Afsana’ was a success and Chopra’s
English literature from Lahore University. He started his narrative cohesion was widely admired. The film was a
career in 1938 as a film journalist with Cine Herald , a huge hit and he established his name in Bollywood.
film-monthly published in Lahore. He later took over Chopra made Chandni Chowk, with Meena Kumari as a
the magazine and ran it until 1947. In the same year, he lead, in 1954. In 1955, Baldev Raj formed his own
launched a film with a story by I.S. Johar, Chandni production house, B.R Films. His first movie for his

56 City Cheers  April 2009

production house was the highly successful Naya Daur (1957) starring
Dilip Kumar and Vyjayantimala Bali. The film turned out to be a
golden jubilee hit.
Mr. Chopra was instrumental in developing the career of singer
Mahendra Kapoor, and employed Mahendra in most of his movies.
Director-Producer Yash Chopra, a brother of Baldev Raj, cast
Mahendra Kapoor’s son in Fasle.
The legendary director’s foray into television led to Mahabharat, one
of the most successful TV serials in Indian television history.
He died in Mumbai at the age of 94 on 5 November 2008, survived
by his son, Ravi Chopra, also a filmmaker and two daughters.
Baldev Raj always felt that the rise of money and stardom have vitiated
the image of Indian cinema. The eminent producer-director was of the
view that a film is not just about jugglery with money. He believed that
a film addresses itself to the society and it is the duty of filmmakers to
make healthy and wholesome films, preferably with good story and
social significance. Chopra practised what he preached.
AWARDS Awam (1987)
1962: Filmfare Best Director Kal Ki Awaz (1992)
Award for Kanoon DIRECTOR
1998: Dadasaheb Phalke Award Afsana (1951)
2003: Filmfare Lifetime Chandni Chowk (1954)
Achievement Award Ek Hi Rasta (1956)
2008: Phalke Ratna Award by the Tawaif (1985)
Dadasaheb Phalke Academy PRODUCER
ACTOR Dhool K Phool (1959)
Ghar (1978) Dharm Putra (1962)
STORY WRITER Waqt (1965)
Baghban (2003) Ittefaq (1969)
Babul (2006) Aadmi Aur Insaf (1970)
Naya Daur (1957) Chhoti Si Baat (1976)
Sadhana (1958) The Burning Train (1980)
Kanoon (1961) Agnee Pareeksha (1982)
Gumrah (1963) Mazdoor (1983)
Humraz (1967) Aaj Ki Awaz (1984)
Dastan (1972) Kirayedar (1986)
Dhund (1973) Dahleez (1986)
Karm (1977) Pratigyabadh (1991)
Pati Patni Aur Woh (1980) Baghban (2003)
Insaf KaTarazoo (1980) Babul (2006)
Nikah (1982)

April 2009  City Cheers 57

Kal Kisne Dekha
Cast: Jacky Bhagnani, Vaishali
Desai, Rishi Kapoor, Archana
Puran Singh, Irrfan Khan,
Javed Jaffrey.
Director: Vivek Sharma
Nihaal, from Chandigarh
makes different types of
gadgets whenever he is free.
He speaks a lot and is always laced with queries. A brilliant lad, his dream is to earn
a bright future for himself while studying in a prestigious college in Mumbai. He
dotes on his mother. Finally his dream is fulfilled. There nobody invites him or talks
to him. He is ragged by his seniors. Soon he is considered as an insignificant student
by his counterparts in the college. Now everyone is impressed by him but there is one
girl called Meesha, who is not impressed by Nihaal. He loves her a lot. Meesha is a
spoilt rich girl and does not like Nihaal. One day he dreams that she is in trouble and Siddharth The
he saves her life. But in the end, he gets caught in a different kind of web. Prisoner
Cast: Rajat
Tasveer 8 x 10 Kapoor, Sachin
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Ayesha N a y a k ,
Takia, Sharmila Tagore, Javed Pradeep Kabra
Jaffrey, Girish Karnad, Anant Director: Pryas
Mahadevan. Gupta
Director: Nagesh Kukunoor The movie
8x10, is a story of a young man revolves
who has a supernatural power. a r o u n d
Jai (Akshay Kumar) is a man in Siddharth (Rajat) who is just released from prison, and was once a
his 30’s and he is powered with famous writer who completes a new manuscript. He re-engages
supernatural powers. Jai can tell about the past of any person by just touching a thing with the outside world, hoping that the new book will restore his
that belongs to the person. The supernatural power comes with responsibility and reputation and reconcile him with his estranged wife Maya.
sometimes Jai himself doubts the credibility of the supernatural power. Jai can tell However, when his briefcase gets exchanged at a cyber café with a
about a dead man from his 8 x10 photograph. Jai’s soul rediscovers the past and Jai similar one, Roy loses the only copy of his manuscript, while Mohan
keeps the secret about the lives of other people. Once an 8x10 photograph reveals (Sachin), comes under to recover the lost money. The story unfolds
secret related to Jai’s past and mysteries are perplexing. What next? at a lethargic pace. Sadly, the end ruins just about everything.

Videsh: Heaven on Earth

Cast: Balinder Johal, Preity Zinta, Vansh Bharadwaj, Geetika Sharma, Gourrav Sihan, Rajinder Singh Cheema, Ramanjit Kaur, Yanna Mc Intosh.
Director: Deepa Mehta
Chand, a young woman, leaves her home and loving family behind in India to build a new life in Canada. She moves to Brampton, Ontario and marries
Rocky, a man she has never met. Rocky is overwhelmed by all the pressures that rest on his shoulders: dealing with his controlling mother and confused father
and supporting his sister, her husband and two children who are
all crowded into a small house in the suburbs. And all of this on
a cab drivers salary. Educated and bright, Chand feels trapped in
a world she cannot connect with. Estranged and mistreated by her
new family, she feels homesick and misses her family in India but
cannot reach out to them. Chand becomes the brunt of all of his
frustrations. While working in a factory cleaning and pressing
hotel napkins, she meets Rosa who sees past the make-up that
covers her badly bruised face. Streetwise yet mystical, Rosa gives
Chand a magical root that is supposed to bring out the love of the
recipient. Chand begins to fantasize another version of her life
which interlaces an ancient Indian fable about a King Cobra.

58 City Cheers  April 2009

By Sudhindra
BPO-Sutra by
Sudhindra Mokhasi is
a collection of 150
true stories from
Indian BPOs and call
centres. It replaces the BOLLYWOOD BABES
m u n d a n e By Narinder Dhami
technicalities of this The Bindi girls are back: Geena, Amber and Jazz. Amber is
world with some still anxious to further the romance between Auntie and Mr
refreshing incidents. Arora, the handsome teacher at their school.
The individuals are When Auntie proposes a Bollywood Party as a part of a
not seen as mere fund-raising project, Amber has an idea. She has
coughs in the discovered that a former Bollywood film star is living
machine rather, they nearby and the girls set off to enlist her support for the
are brought forth as party. They find her in mid-flight from her poverty-stricken
living entities who have their subjective ups and downs. It is a tapestry of the flat, and have no option but to take this surly, bedraggled,
‘true’ BPO life compiled through humorous anecdotes either by personal grubby woman home with them. After a bath and a change
experience or elicited through interviews with a wide spectrum of BPO into some of Auntie’s clothes, Molly Mahal emerges,
people, in an attempt to humanise the industry. The book takes you through dazzling and imperious. As the news breaks that Molly
the various adventures that are so much a part of the lives of a BPO Mahal is with the family, the neighbours surge in to gawp,
employee — work, customer calls, home, travel, fun, parties, weekend, but are gradually memserised by her - as is everyone,
scams and more. especially Dad and Mr Aurora.
This book is fun to read and cleverly depicts the relationship
between the sisters, and Auntie’s outrage.

by Buddhadeva Bose
Is the memory of happiness
that has passed, sad or
Four middle aged men sit
together in a railway station,
waiting for dawn to break. To
pass their time, each tells a
story of a woman they loved
secretly in their youth…
Romantic, elegant, suffused
with melancholy, My Kind of
Girl is a classic love story from
one of Bengal’s great writers.

April 2009  City Cheers 59

Red Carpet

q Monika Gupta


A voice which starts as ‘Main Jasdev Singh bol raha hoon…’ brings the entire nation to a pindrop silence.
For a person described by a European publication as one who “eats, drinks and sleeps commentary”, it
comes as a surprise that popular commentator Jasdev Singh was not quite proficient in the chosen language
of his calling till well into his teens. A man to whom the entire nation has lent its ears, we all know his voice
is his most potent magical charm.

Surprisingly, Jasdev Singh’s golden voice, was rejected by All India Radio in his audition as an announcer in
early 1950s. With his continued dedication and efforts he finally managed his grand entry into the Indian
broadcasting organization and was recruited for All India Radio Jaipur in 1955. Primarily educated in the
Urdu medium, he decided to pursue his passion with Hindi commentary after hearing veteran radioperson
Melville De Mellow’s live commentary of Mahatma Gandhi’s last journey. His incisive, sometimes poetic,
and always well-informed remarks formed the backdrop at nine Olympics, six Asian Games, eight Hockey
World Cups and numerous other sporting events besides occasions such as the Republic Day Parade and
Independence Day. He has so far covered sports like hockey, cricket, football, volleyball, tennis and athletics
among others. Conferred with the Padma Shree award in 1985, he is the first person in the World to have
received the Olympic Order from International Olympic Committee in 1988 and in 2008 he was felicitated
with Padma Bhushan. To his credit, he has nine Olympics starting from 1964 (Tokyo) till 2000 (Sydney)
doing commentary on various sports and also the opening and closing ceremonies. He retired as DDG
(Sports) from Doordarshan. He had been a regular columnist in various newspapers and magazines like
Dharmayug. To add up, he has even authored his autobiography, “Main Jasdev Singh Bol Raha Hoon…”.

City Cheers in an exclusive interview spoke about his journey till now.

60 City Cheers  April 2009

CC: Tell us something about your family, upbringing and career?
JS: We belong to Gujranwala (now in Pakistan). I come from a
family of Civil Engineers. My father was an Engineer by profession.
He was appointed an overseer in the erstwhile Jaipur state in a small
town Bonli. I was born and brought up there in 1931. My early
education was from Chaksu, about 25 miles away from Jaipur. I did
my education from Maharaja High School, located just opposite
Hawa Mahal. It was a matter of great pride getting an education
there. During those times the education was given so much of
importance that the Maharaja encouraged a person who completed
Masters by welcoming him on an Elephant.

CC: How did you develop this love for Urdu and Hindi Language?
JS: In Chaksu there was one Vernacular School that time. We were
allowed to take English subject only after fifth class. But in the
beginning, we had an option of taking up either Hindi or Urdu. I
took up Urdu. Since at that time the official language of Jaipur State
and Punjab was Urdu, I completed my Matriculation in Urdu along
with English. I was totally unaware of Hindi writing but gradually I
learned to read and write in Hindi as well. Today I can proudly say
that I have mastered the art of vocal and written Hindi.

CC: We heard and read about your involvement in scouting. How

did it help you in your career?
JS: During my school education, Scouting was one of the subjects.
Scouting played a very vital role and helped me in learning the
moral values of life. I opted Scouting out of interest too. I was lucky
enough to have few teachers who played a very positive role in
grooming my overall personality .Our head master and teacher
Pandit Tara Chand Chaube was instrumental in moulding my vision
towards life. Scouting taught us to help others, speak the truth and
most importantly to be self reliant. These were the basic principles
and motto of Scouting. When I graduated to Maharaja College
scouting was no more a subject but I took it up as a hobby.

CC: Your experience during freedom movement?

JS: In the year, 1947 the Government decided to send four boys to
‘World Scout Jamboree’ to be held near Paris in France. I topped
the Competition and I was fortunate enough to tour France. Our
scout training during the school and college days helped us
immensely there. While we were living in camps we had to do all
day to day works by ourselves. I was appointed as Patrol Leader
there, which was the biggest training of my life. It was then that the
country was going through the freedom struggle. But Jaipur was not
much effected by the struggle movement due to the liberal attitude
of the Maharaja. The news of the Nation’s Independence poured in
when we were in camps of France. We celebrated our
Independence in the midst of jungle.
When in 1944-45, the Great War was over, people of France didn’t
have enough eatables to survive. Still, they just said that Jambori
would be held. They took care of all our needs. This inculcated a
feeling of National pride and patriotism within me. We learnt how
people of a nation can sacrifice themselves for its name. It was for
the first time that we hoisted our National Flag. my mother’s blessings have helped me in reaching such
Scouting here taught me the importance of being a true heights.
citizen of a Nation. My father always inspired me at every stage of my life.
His help and guidance gave me a moral support of
CC: As known to many that you were inspired by the doing better and improving on my work. I feel
commentary of Melville de Mellow. How did it contented that I could give him a reason to be proud of
happen? me whenever people acclaimed me of my works. He
JS: On 30 January 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was was like a pillar of strength throughout my life. I feel
assassinated. When the news of Mahatma Gandhi’s blessed to have Krishna as my wife who has strongly
assassination spread we were listening to a lecture supported me from the day one of our bonding. There
addressed by the then Indian High Commissioner in was appreciation and pride in the eyes of all family
Sri Lanka, Mr. Paranjpe. He broke the news of members whenever I was recognized and honoured for
Gandhiji’s assassination. The whole Country was in my talent. Lastly, I owe everything to my parents and
state of shock and disbelief. Next day we listened to a especially to my listeners and countrymen.
more than seven hours commentary in the voice of
Melville de Mellow on radio. CC: Your unforgettable moments in your career span?
Though Melville de Mellow spoke in English which JS: If you ask me, there are uncountable moments in
was not very well understood by me but it was ‘that’ my career span which are still fresh on my mind. My
moment which inspired and guided me to take up commentary was hugely appreciated, when in 1975,
commentary in Hindi. I was deeply moved by the pitch during the World Cup Hockey match people heard me
and depth of his voice which later became
my inspiration in this field. The kind of
hard work Melville de Mellow used to put
while doing commentary greatly affected me
in building up my career. I still can’t figure
out how I decided to take this move as
there was no medium to master the arts of
spoken words. But it was my sole
determination and passion which helped
me to stand out against all odds. Then on, I
started doing local commentary on public
address system like parades, sports,
scouting functions and many more. I
candidly remember, that Prime Minister
Nehruji came specially to Jaipur to present
the Rajasthan Police Flag to the State
police. I did the local commentary on
microphone for the people who had
assembled there. The then Chief Minister
of Rajasthan, Shri Jai Narayan Vyas,
summoned me to do the honours of the
proceedings. He said, “ Us ladke ko bulao
bahut achcha bolta hai. ”

CC: Was your family supportive of you in

taking up the commentary?
JS: When I declared to my mother that I
wanted to take up commentary as a career,
she didn’t respond. She always wanted me
to follow the footsteps of my father and be
an Engineer. Till today it hurts me that my
mother, who passed away in 1960, couldn’t
see my flourishing career. But I feel that,

62 City Cheers  April 2009

commentating India’s historic win. Secondly was an then convey it to my listeners. One should understand
incident when Mujeeb returned to Dhaka. I have never the proceedings and have right words for it. A
seen people gathering in such large numbers and commentator is an artist who transforms the words into
expressing their mixed emotions whole heartedly. meaningful sentences to express the thoughts and
I still remember, when unfortunately, I had to do feelings of any proceedings. All I can say is commentary
commentary on Nehruji’s funeral. My words moved the is not an easy task, it’s an absolute hard work. It’s just
listeners so much that they were literally in tears. like sadhna or tapasya. Today it has become more of a
Till date I have spoken on 47 Republic Day Parades fashionable job. Judgement, analysis and research have
and same number of Independence Days. Besides I taken a back seat.
have spoken on good number of sporting events and In commentary one should have the ability to convey
other national and international events. the atmosphere and ongoing happenings to the listeners
Receiving Padamshree in 1985, Olympic Order in 1988 well. It is an art where a commentator needs to act like
and Padma Bhushan in 2008 in the presence of other a painter or a photographer. To end up, I just have to
dignitaries was a notable accomplishment of my career. say “Commentary ke samvaad mein nafasat honi
I feel elated and honoured when people from different chahiye”.
regions of India recognize me just by my voice.
CC: What are your future plans?
CC: What message would you like to give to today’s JS: It pains me that organizations like Prasar Bharti
commentators? (AIR) and Doordarshan have not given any importance
JS: Commentary has always been my first love. It comes to the art of commentary. They don’t have any training
from my heart. I am not the kind of commentator who institute for the spoken words. Spoken words are very
can sit in a claustrophobic room and comment on the important, be it T.V or Radio.
proceedings being beamed on to a television set while To sum up, I want my voice to be utilized. If asked,
the match is taking place a thousand miles away. I need even today I would love to do commentary and also
to be present at the scene of action and ambience and train people for the spoken words.

April 2009  City Cheers 63

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