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Fig. 23.

Sheltered and defined by the spectacular geometries of the Crescent Building, the public plaza offers a pleasant milieu for library patrons and city visitors.
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Photo courtesy of HHI Corp. Drawing courtesy of MSA Inc. and VCBO Architects.

the architects daring vision a reality (Fig. 22, 23). There can be no doubt that the new Salt Lake City Library is a work of architectural art when viewed objectively, but the library has become so much more than an inspired urban design; it has succeeded in becoming a powerful catalyst for the citys rejuvenation and a natural magnet for public gatherings and community life (Fig. 24, 25). As merely a repository for books, the definition of a library is not valid for the new Salt Lake City Public Library. The reality is that this thrilling landmark urban structure has drawn together residents in an esprit de corps that is reflected in Salt Lake Citys impressive urban renaissance.
Photo courtesy of Timothy Hursley.

Owner and Client: Salt Lake City Public Library; Salt Lake City, Utah Design Architect: Moshe Safdie and Associates Inc.; Somerville, Mass. Architect of Record: VCBO Architecture; Salt Lake City, Utah Construction/Project Manager: Construction Control Corp.; Salt Lake City, Utah General Contractor: Big-D Construction; Salt Lake City, Utah Precaster: PRETECSA; Estado de Mexico, Mexico Engineer of Record: McNeil Engineering; Midvale, Utah Precast Subcontractor/Erector: HHI Corp., Construction and Engineering; Farmington, Utah Geotechnical Services: Amec Earth and Environmental; Salt Lake City, Utah

Fig. 24. A daring design of unconventional shapes blends gracefully with the existing downtown buildings in Salt Lake City, Utah, especially the color-matched architectural precast concrete panels that were finished with acid etching.

Con clusion
With international collaboration, communication technology, and precast concrete industry innovation, this successful world-class project overcame language, geographic, cultural, and engineering barriers to produce a magnificent public library, community gathering milieu, and catalyst for urban renaissance for Salt Lake City. The fact that a library patron or city visiTable 3. Project Timeline
Onset of design Precast concrete design Precast concrete manufacturing

tor can look at the finished project and be impressed simply with its striking beauty and gravity-defying architecturewhile at the same time be blissfully unaware of all the extraordinary technical and logistical hurdles that were surmounted during the course of this $95 million projectis a powerful endorsement for the precast concrete industry (Table 3). The Salt Lake City Public Library is a testament to the international collaboration that made

Acknow ledg men ts

The authors acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their outstanding work on the Salt Lake City Public Library project: Gene Dyer, Steve White, Sean Scensor, Carrie Yoon, and Steven Elmets of Moshe Safdie and Associates and Jeanne Jackson, Nathan Leavitt, Dan Nelson, Carl Fullmer, Ewa Zmierczak, Karen Menlove, and Aaron Lengyel of VCBO Architecture. Appreciation is also extended to Fidel Lopez Toledo, precaster engineering director; Gervasio Kim, operations

June 1999 June 2001November 2001 September 2001September 2002 November 2001October 2002 November 2001 November 2002 January 31, 2003

Transportation of precast concrete components Precast concrete erection begins Erection complete Project complete

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Fig. 25. An evening photo of the new Salt Lake City Library reveals well-designed outdoor lighting around the open-air amphitheater.

director; Bernardo Johannsen, project manager for international projects; and Mario Fastag, president of the board, all of PRETECSA; Kenneth W. Ament of Construction Control Corp.; Troy Thompson of Big-D Construction; Al Lyons of Ove Arup & Partners, design engineers, structural MEP, and

fire protection; Parry Brown, P.E., of Reaveley Engineers & Associates Inc., associate structural engineering; Steve Connor of Colvin Engineering Associates, associate mechanical engineers; Bill Gordon of Amec Earth & Environmental; Mark Bryant of BNA Consulting, associate electrical engineers; Sear

Brown Group civil engineers; Mark W. Johnson of Civitas Inc., landscape architects; Glenn Heinmiller of LAM Partners, lighting consultants; Michael Gericke of Pentagram Design, graphics and signage consultants; and Gordon Bruce of Gordon Bruce Design, furniture consultants.
Drawing courtesy of MSA Inc. and VCBO Architects.

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Photo courtesy of Timothy Hursley.