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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region VIII (Eastern VIsayas) Division of Leyte MAHAPLAG NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL

San Isidro, Mahaplag, Leyte

Minutes of School Deliberation School Head and Department Heads Special Meeting April 24, 2013

A. Call to Order At the Principals Office, the principal, Mrs. Basilia H. Requina called the meeting to order at 8:00 oclock a.m. Present: School Head Math and English Dept Head Science and Filipino Dept Head MAPEH and AP Dept Head TLE and EP Dept Head Mrs. Basilia H. Requina, P-II Mrs. Remegia H. Oria, HT -III Mrs. Victoria B. Subaran, HT-III (Recorder) Dr. Melvin Chito Solis, HT -III Mrs. Lydia A. Ligutan, HT -I

B. Old Business 1. Minutes of Meeting April 20, 2013 Minutes of the last meeting were approved as an accurate record. 2. Point of Clarification on Assignment of Head Teachers as Year Level Chair Mrs. Requina emphasized that as Year Level Chair, it is the responsibility

of the Head Teacher to supervise and manage the performance of the teachers under his/her charge including the submission of monthly reports. Mrs. Remegia Oria opined that since the focus is only the year level assigned, all activities be it academic or non-academic will all be his/her responsibility. Mrs. Lydia Ligutan, expressed lamentation that being assigned to G-7 will place the students at a disadvantage in school competitions if done by curriculum year in the sense that apart from being the youngest group, the students lack skills both in academic and sports. Dr. Melvin Chito stressed that smaller/younger students are more probable at winning during scouting activities. After the exchange of ideas, the Principal decided that previous assignment be performed- that as Subject Heads.

C. Department Heads Report Math Department Mrs. Remegia Oria pointed out that the mathematics teachers are trying its best to increase student achievement. Science Department Mrs. Victoria Subaran posited that curriculum materials and technology will enhance students performance in science particularly in probing.

MAPEH Department Dr. Melvin Chito Solis urged the principal to open Special Program on Sports

D. Present Business 1. Announcement The principal requested Victoria Subaran to read an Unnumbered Division Memorandum on HIRING GUIDELINES FOR THE 2013-2014 DEPLOYMENT OF NEW TEACHER ITEMS. Mrs. Requina explained that the memorandum has a bearing on the Special Meeting called for. 2. Agenda: Deliberation on School Need Teacher Items 2.1. Review of Teachers Profile To determine the number of teachers needed by the school Mrs. Requina requested the four department heads to compute the load of each teacher in their respective department according to their field of specialization. Mrs. Requina re-checked the computations done by the department heads. 2.2. Number of Teachers and Major Field of Specialization Needed by the School After a thorough deliberation, the principal and department heads concluded that the school need the following Teacher Items:

Science.1 Teacher Math..1 Teacher Filipino..1 Teacher

Aral. Pan. 1 Teacher TLE 1 Teacher

MAPEH2 Teachers E. Adjournment of Meeting There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m. Next meeting is will be announced through school memorandum.

Prepared by: VICTORIA B. SUBARAN, HT-III Recorder

Minutes Noted by:

LYDIA A. LIGUTAN, HT-I Department Head

MELVIN CHITO SOLIS, Ed. D. Department Head

REMEGIA H. ORIA, HT-III Department Head

Minutes Approved: