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Idea in Your Mind

Idea to Investor

Initial Plan

Example from dating

Enterprise example

My Question

Personal Chef Example

50% fudge factor

Look for key multipliers

Mis-allocation Mistakes


Make sure you segment unknowns

Be careful to segment out all your guesses. Easy to forget and start acting as if the
spreadsheet is reality only a guess

Unless you have solid, personal data, it is

Look for radical savings

Ran 160,000 people through a site for $7
using Google cloud yesterday

Buddy of mine is going in local advertising

market with a white label solution for less than $2K, while he answers real question of how to sell the product

Accelerate customer payout

Reason dating was so lucrative Customer bought in rst 4 days Advertiser sent bill at end of the month As long as we monitored each trafc
source it was a license to print money