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Matthew Price

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April 2013 Volunteer Managers Newsletter

Happy National Volunteer Week! In this issue... Ways to Recognize Volunteers Whats Happening in the Field of Volunteerism Scribd Resources Job Posting Shout Out Ways to Recognize Volunteers During National Volunteer Week we celebrate the work of volunteers in our agency. Below are available resources:

Points of Light Recognition CCUSA Volunteer Certificate Template - to download it create an account or email Submit a Volunteer Profile for Charities USA

Whats Happening in the Field of Volunteerism

Finalists for the National Volunteer of the Year award have been announced. The winner will be announced tomorrow, stay tuned! "How to Capture a Companys Interest in Your Volunteer Program" "Why So Few Baby Boomers Are Volunteering" from Forbes and a response to the article "Can We Get Some Volunteers, Please?"

Bureau of Labor Volunteering Statistics Volunteerism breaking the political polarization - "State legislators announce bipartisan volunteer initiative" "AmeriCorps expects fewer volunteers under sequester" "Foster Grandparent Program volunteers receive public education awards" "The Untapped Power of Youth Engagement" Be Big Grant MLK inspired Sunday Dinner

Scribd Resources Catholic Charities USA collects and stores volunteer management resources so folks do not have to 'reinvent the wheel.' Visit the resources on Scribd. If you do not see a resource that you need, ask your colleagues across the network by sending an email to the Volunteer Managers discussion list - The VMN Steering Committee will be hosting two webinars in May. The first will be a welcome to the Volunteer Managers Network for folks who want to orient themselves with what the group does and how it functions. The second will be to familiarize folks with using the Scribd resource. Job Postings Managing Director (iMentor) Volunteer Services Coordinator (Catholic Community Services Western Washington) Shout Out A special thank you to the members on the Volunteer Managers Network Steering Committee for your commitment to advancing the work of managing volunteers in the Catholic Charities network!
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