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SCHOOL: coala Gimnazial Crciuneti Corneti TEACHER: Srosi Izabella Nomi DATE: 26th of April 2013 FORM: 3rd grade LEVEL: Elementary TIME OF LESSON: 50 min TEXTBOOK: Way Ahead 1 UNIT: 15 LESSON: Please sit down SKILL INVOLVED: listening, speaking MATERIALS: textbook, blackboard, worksheets, CD player

AIMS: to introduce new vocabulary to teach about imperative to practise the acquired knowledge to improve reading, speaking skills

SPECIFIC COMPETENCES: At the end of class students will be able: to give orders and instructions to follow instructions to use prepositions of place to locate the place of different objects

Activity 1 lead-in Aim:to introduce new vocabulary Procedure: T gives Ss commands which they have to follow. Ex. Please sit down, Please stand up etc. T instructs Ss to open their books to page 76. T writes the title of the lesson on the blackboard. Interaction: T-S, Classroom organization:lockstep Timing:5 min Activity 2 listening and reading Aim: to listen to the audio material and then to try to reproduce it by reading the text Procedure: T tells Ss to look at the lesson on page 76 and to follow the recording by listening to the audio material. After listening, Ss will have to read the text themselves. Interaction: T-S, S-T Classroom organization: IW Timing:5 min Activity 3 reading, speaking Aim:to practise using imperatives Procedure: T asks Ss to read the words from exercise 1 from page 77 and match them with their pairs and then act it out, either to draw, write, count, say or sing. Interaction: T-S, S-T Classroom organization:IW Timing:5 min Activity 4 reading Aim: to introduce the new vocabulary Procedure: T hands out pieces of paper containing prepositions of place. T shows Ss illustrations of the prepositions of place. Ss will have to read each word and match the pictures with the words. Interaction: T-S, S-T Classroom organization: IW Timing:5 min Activity 5 giving instructions Aim: Ss to use the previously learnt words and to give instructions Procedure:T brings out a sheet of cardboard in which a part of town is illustrated. Ss will have to give instruction to bring the character of Billy home and for him to take care of different tasks. Billy will start from school and he will have to go to the library, the shop, the park and then go home. 2

Interaction: T-S, S-T Classroom organization: IW Timing:10 min

Activity 6 Simon says Aim:to practice giving instructions Procedure: T tells the Ss about the game of Simon Says. The Ss will have to do as the teacher says but only if hat she says is preceded by Simon says, of not, they should not do anything. The Ss who cannot follow the commands, fill have to sit down. The last person standing will be the winner. After the first round, Ss can come to the front of the class and give out orders. Interaction: T-S, S-S Classroom organization: lockstep Timing:15 min

Activity 7 Revision Aim:to reinforce knowledge Procedure: T will ask to locate different objects from the classroom, Ss will have to use the previously learnt words. Ss will give different instructions to T, T will do as the Ss say. Interaction: T-S, S-T Classroom organization:IW Timing:5 min