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was a term often used by Longwood University students as a shorthanded way of referring to the universitys conduct board. Over the course of the summer, the decision was made to rename the student-lead organization from Judicial Board to Conduct Board. According to Longwood Director of Student Conduct and Integrity Dr. Richard Chassey, the move was to separate the Longwood system from the legal system in the United States. According to Chassey, this is because the board members on Conduct Board are not enforcing US law, but rather Longwood policy and code. This code stems from the Longwood Student Handbook, which is available online. According to Chassey, the removal of legal terms is way to let students know that there is a difference between the two. Because Longwood University conduct is not state or federal law, they do not go on a students permanent record. This includes the three strike policy. Strikes go on a students record during their time at Longwood and remains on file for three years after graduation. It is standard operating procedure for an organization to adjust their constitution after a name change. According Longwood senior and Student Government Association (SGA) vice president Brian Reid, these changes usually pass with little problem. In addition, Reid acknowledged that the changes to Conduct Boards constitution had to be applied to the SGA constitution as well. This is due to the fact that a member of conduct board serves as a representative on the SGA. The change in name was also reflected in the name of the overarching office that oversees Honor Board and Conduct Board. What used to be Office of Honor and Judicial Programs is now the Office of Student Conduct and Integrity. Longwood University junior and conduct board Vice-chair Joe Sanford said, We try to be an educational board we do not simply punish people. According to Sanford, the board tries to inform students to avoid making certain mistakes on campus. One way conduct board attempts to inform the student body is through the Outreach Committee. According to, the purpose of the of this committee to bring conduct board to campus. According to Conduct Board chairwoman Destiney Jones, Conduct Board and the Outreach Committee are attempting to hold programs for students. At the moment, there are no programs scheduled. However, Jones said, We have people

The Longwood conduct board rebrands and looks towards future By Kevin Green

talking to Longwood Seminars (LSEMs) and we are going to have a mock hearing soon. Conduct board holds mock hearings every semester. The mock hearings are open to all students and, according to Jones; these hearings show what it is like to go through the hearing process. The next mock hearing is scheduled for some time before or after Oktoberfest. Along with the name change, the constitution was amended to reflect certain changes. According to Jones, the adjustments were put in place to fix dated information. Among them was a raise in grade point average (GPA) requirements for all members from a 2.3 to a 2.5. Before the change, the 2.5 requirement was for members who held an office or for chair positions. Regarding the raise in GPA, Jones said, It looks better to have everyone have a 2.5. In addition, the constitution was amended to include the extra where conduct board convenes. In the past, the board used to convene two days during the week. According to Jones, the added day was put in place to deal with more code violations. The meetings are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. Jones said, Now that more code violations are happening, three nights is need to accommodate everybody. In terms of why there is an increase in violations, Jones said, There is an increase of more students in this school. So more students [means] more opportunities to violate the code.