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Is the Republican Party Nazi or Communist?

A Tract Book Essay


Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Is the Republican Party Nazi or Communist? That is the question.

The answer? Well, let’s see. Let’s do a comparison of particular political

positions and policies and see what we come up with.

Now, the Communist Party only allows for a one party state. What

about the Republican Party? Well, how can we tell? I guess we can tell

this by figuring out how the Republicans treat the rival Democrats. If the

Republican rhetoric is one which seems to suggest that Democrats have no

right to exist, rather than being collegial, then it would seem that the

Republicans are trying to get rid of the Democrats. Now, it is fairly obvious

that if there are two parties, one Democrat and one Republican, and you

take away one party, the Democrats, then you are left with one party, the

Republicans, or is it the Communists? The problem of course is that the

Nazis also believed in a one party state run by the Nazi party, so could it be

that the Republicans are really Nazis?

Now, you might object that the Republicans are not trying to destroy

the Democratic Party, but there are a few problems with that. Richard

Nixon, a Republican was perfectly happy to use former C.I.A. employees to

engage in political espionage against the Democrats during the Watergate


Also, Ronald Reagan was quite fond of saying that liberal

democrats are evil. Even Republican Catholic priests, giving homilies from

the alter to Catholic Democrats, had no problem calling liberal democrats

evil. It has gotten so bad that Archbishop George, presumably a republican,

has stated that liberalism is dead.

Now, the most interesting people out to destroy legal democracy are

the republican or is it communist or nazi, Critical Legal Studies professors

at Harvard Law School and elsewhere. In fact I have heard, first hand, a

Critical Law professor refer to liberalism as fascism. Now, if you

remember World War Two at all, you might recall that Mussolini, the

Italian Dictator was a fascist, and he was aligned with Adolph Hitler, a Nazi,

both totalitarians. The people who fought the fascist and Nazis were

American soldiers who believed in liberal democracy. The Critical Legal

Studies crowd are a bunch of cowards. They never fight for reforms for

justice and social justice that would help the poor or working poor or

middle class, instead they argue that the Rule of Law doesn’t exist, rights

don’t exist, instead these are “reified” concepts which are illegitimate.

Now, I have argued previously in a published academic work that

“reification” is an incoherent, false concept. Only one professor bothered

to respond and, the article was about his work, that is Peter Gabel. Since I

published that article in the Capital Law Review, I have come up with a

shorter proof, also previously published. Try this on for size:

“Reification is itself a reified concept, and therefore invalid.”

So, once again, how is it that Critical Legal Studies professors,

supposed radicals, spend all their time trashing liberal democracy using the

reification concept? Perhaps these Critical Legal Studies professors are

Republicans, or is Communists, or Nazi? Food for thought.