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Reverend Fr. Pablo T. Tiong O.P.- Vice Rector of the University of Sto. Tomas, Reverend Fr.

Edgardo Alaurin O.P.- Regent of the College of Fine Arts and Design, Associate Professor and Dean Cynthia Loza, Asst. Professor Jean Reintegrado- college secretary, department heads, beloved faculty members, dear parents and relatives, friends, my warmest greetings and to my undoubtedly handsome and beautiful fellow graduates, my heartfelt congratulations to all of you. On this wonderful and glorious day we are gathered together to celebrate each and every graduates success in their academics and extracurricular activities and competitions, the sacrifice and unceasing understanding of our professors, and the fulfilled dreams of our dear parents who have provided us this opportunity. Before we plan for our employment and think of our salaries and our rise to fame and glory as we march out of college, I believe that it is vital that we ask ourselves, ambitious as it may seem, the question, How can we, mere 382 graduating students change the world? Yes, the WORLD. We must remember we are not just graduates. We are Thomasian graduates- products of the glorious 400 year old Royal, Pontifical, and Catholic University of the Philippines. Remember it only took one Mahatma Gandhi to change his country. It took one Jose Rizal to change ours. It took one Isaac Newton to change the face of science. It took one Lady Gaga, needless-to-say, to create a huge impact in todays international music industry. And of course, i t took one Jesus Christ to save us from sins. So, let us return to the question , How can we, a huge number of 320 graduates change the world? We should not waste in vain what we have cried over for four gruesome, stressful, memorable, blissful, formative college years where we have grown from innocent highschoolers with kachupoy and nene sarcastically hot hair dos to become young achievers, now wearing black togas over suits and elegant dresses. We should return our God-given talents and skills to society by sharing the individuals we have become as Thomasian graduates who will soon be productive and achieving members of our nation. Therefore, representing the 2011 Quadricentennial graduates of the College of Fine Arts and Design, I humbly and sincerely request our dear Reverend Fr. Pablo Tiong, the highly respected Vice Rector of the glorious University of Sto. Tomas, to grant us our hard-earned degrees. That we, the 382 graduating Thomasian students from the College of Fine Arts and Design may finally prove our capabilities and talents and use our ragged t-squares, overused brushes and worn out pencils in changing the world with our skills and crafts. Let us take part in upholding the honor and prestige of being a product of the university who have nurtured us with world class education coupled with faith, hard core formative training, and memorable, worth to be cried over, experiences for four years. I wish you all a great adventure on the road ahead and congratulations to us all. Thank you.