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Executive Summary Information from Companies Commission of Malaysia and public survey proves that Forever Delicious need

to improve the popularity of our companys product. In order to improve the popularity of the product, we need to sponsor reality show that currently becoming a favourite TV programme. The sponsor will cost MYR 100000 and this will enhance our product popularity. Background Recent survey on our product shows that popularity of our product has been increased. The survey conducted last month by our marketing department showed that more than 50% of the 300 respondents know about existing of our product. While our product popularity increased, there is also increasing number of other company that produce same product as ours. Information from Companies Commission of Malaysia shows that 40 companies that produce same product like us has been registered to them. If this number increased, means our competitor are increased. Therefore, we need to well establish our products to the public. Data Sources The data used to create this proposal came from survey records from Media Prima, a public society survey, data from Companies Commission of Malaysia and also data and recommendations from our staff. Problem Popularity of Forever Delicious product among the public communities is a serious concern. Since our companys product popularity increased, we have to maintain and improve our level of popularity because we need to challenge our competitor in order to gain public attention as well as increasing or profit. However, it is evident from our research that, popularity of our product is a main factor to ensure our product accepted by consumer.

Solution In order to increase the popularity of our product we can sponsor the reality shows. We choose reality TV programme because recently this type of programme get more interest in our society. Based on the survey done by the Media Prima, the rate of the audience watch television was increased during the reality programme like Akademi Fantasia and Malaysian Idol. Objective The purpose of this proposal is to increase the level of popularity or our product. This can aid to increase production rate of our product and as well as our profit. Assessment of cost The adjustment necessary to sponsor the reality show programme will cost MYR10000. The following budget details the expenses for this project: Advertisement: MYR 5000 Sound System: MYR 5000 Conclusion If we cannot maintain and improve popularity of Forever Delicious product towards the public, future problems are likely to occur. We might face a decrease in the number of customer. We recommend that MYR 10000 be allocated in this quarters operating budget for sponsor the reality programme on TV. This effort will enhance our popularity and credibility of our product and also to grab public attention towards the Forever Delicious product.