Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack


Welcome to a fantasy world where the men are Baldrick, the dwarves are punk, and the dogs are small but vicious. Welcome to a world of bawds, grave robbers, excisemen and witch-hunters; a place where “Blather”, “Flee!” and “Mime” are legitimate skill choices; and where all material on the insidious threat of Chaos is officially interchangeable between settings. Welcome (back) to the Grim World of Perilous Adventure. Whisper it (that fanboys may not hear and descend a-squealing), but for all the charm of its skewed-familiar 16th century milieu and the lurking horror of Chaos, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play was little more than a modcop of classic Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, our beloved WFRP was yet another ‘fix D&D’ fantasy heartbreaker, albeit one which had the clout of the biggest name in British gaming behind it. Whole chunks of the system were lightly disguised D&D mechanics adapted to a roll-under d% system, and many setting elements not gleefully ripped off from Tolkien, Leiber or Moorcock were already established D&D tropes by the time WFRP was published. But that's ok. Indeed, that's part of why all right-thinking people – Brits, Italians and Poles especially – love WFRP. To paraphrase a better man than I: we took an American invention, soaked it in a witches' brew of Bosch, Durer and Doré, Mervyn Peake and Tom Sharpe, Blackadder, The Young Ones, pints of bitter, cheap weed, Iron Maiden and The Damned, and then played the hell out of it. And that’s what this ill-considered rules hack is about. Your humble author – a dirty little yahoo from a rainy, grimy, post-imperial isle in the northern seas – decided to have a go at welding D&D and WFRP together. Why? So I could play games of WFRP-ish misery and despair with rules of B/X-ish brevity, thus achieving personal gaming nirvana. This here resulting travesty is a 90% pure game mechanics kitbash with minimal background material or context. I won’t even pretend I can précis 20-odd years of background material into 32 pages or so. If you want all that good stuff you should hunt out a copy of WFRP itself; it is worth your time. I hope you enjoy my little love letter to *real* WFRP (the one that came complete in a single fat book). But “If you know a better hole, then go to it.” Note: This is not-for-gain fanwork which requires access to both B/X D&D (either in the form of the original TSR games, or as Goblinoid Games’ fine simulacrum Labyrinth Lord) and WFRP (1E or 2E) for full use and enjoyment. It is not intended as a replacement for either game, or as a challenge to any copyrights. A Note on Abbreviations Most people reading this will know what all these acronyms mean, but just in case: OD&D B/X BECMI WFRP WFRP 2E WFRP 3E SRD Original Dungeons & Dragons (1974-77), published by TSR. Moldvay/Marsh/Cook Dungeons & Dragons (1982), published by TSR. Mentzer Dungeons & Dragons (1986), published by TSR. Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play (1986). Reprinted by Hogshead Publishing 1995. Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play (2005). Published by GW’s Black Industries imprint. Some boxed collectible dice-and-card game that claims to be Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. Oh, how we laughed! Published by Fantasy Flight Games (2010). The d20 System Reference Document (2000), published by Wizards of the Coast.

Credits WFRP created by Meisters Bambra, Davis, Gallagher, Halliwell and Priestley. B/X D&D created by Meisters Gygax, Arneson, Moldvay, Marsh and Cook. SBVD from the pen of Chris Hogan, a lowly ink-stained wretch. Playtesting/Proofreading by [TBC]

Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack)

Ability Scores
A character’s Primary Ability Scores are Movement, Strength, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, Willpower and Fellowship. I’m sure anyone familiar with B/X and WFRP will be able to work out what’s what… Movement (Mv) is B/X speed in feet/turn divided by 30. Why the chance-for-the-sake-of-it? Because a single digit Movement score (Mv 4, Mv3, etc) is 1) more WFRP-ish, and 2) simpler than fiddling about with “so many tens of feet per round”. Other Ability Scores are generated with 3d6 in order, for such is the way of righteousness (although see the “Laughter of Dark Gods” rule below). Ability Score Modifiers, and use during play, are per B/X D&D unless indicated otherwise. Primary Profile Mv Str Tgh Ag




A character’s Secondary Scores are other game-relevant numbers. These are a bit of a mish-mash in that some are randomly generated, while others are either fixed scores, or accumulate or decrease over time. These are:

Secondary Profile WS BS Att W






Weapon Skill Bow Skill Attacks Wounds Magic Insanity Points Fate Points

(melee attack bonus) (ranged attack bonus) (per round, generally 1) (a.k.a. hit points) (max # of casting dice)

See See See See 6 See See See

“Combat”, pp13-14 “Combat”, pp13-14 “Combat”, pp13-14 “Races” and “Careers”, pp3“Magic”, pp19-20 “Insanity”, p11-12 “Fate Points”, p7

A character’s Saving Throws are determined by their class and level, as normal for B/X D&D.

Saves Profile Death/ Petrify/ Poison Paralysi s

Breath Weapon



“Laughter of Dark Gods” At character generation a player may replace one – and only one – 3d6 Primary Profile ability score that makes them sad with a 10. Players who do this may be freely mocked as soft and gurly with our blessing. True followers of the WFRP Way may instead replace their highest rolled Primary Profile ability score with a 10. This latter choice earns kudos for being “Totally WFRP!” and, at the GM’s option, gains the character an additional d3 Fate Points.

Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack)

Choice of playable races is one area where SBVD (and all its source material before it) show a notable debt to that erudite 800lb gorilla of 20th century fantasy, J. R. R. Tolkien. Humans are the vast majority in SBVD, with non-humans being the designated butts of both superstitious prejudice and a blatantly unfair tax regime. Those who elect to play a non-human don't get the unalloyed joy of rolling for a career; instead they play a professional stereotype straight from Central Casting. Use the demi-human races of B/X as written. Dwarf (0-2 per party) Wounds: 8+d8/lvl Attack as: Fighter Save as: Dwarf Likes: gold, jewels, honour, combs. Preferred MO: axe to the knees, or over-complicated death-machines (“Pull the lever!”) Trappings: scruffy clothes, chainmail, hammer or axe, tankard, lantern, helmet. Huge beard, dour mien. All dwarves are beer-soaked beards on legs who stop mining only to fight, drink heavily and/or sing about mining. They consider everything they say and do to be SRS BZNZ and nurse a grudge like a Bretonnian nurtures a fine vintage wine. Any resemblance of Dwarves to Yorkshiremen is purely coincidental. There’s a 10% chance that any dwarf character created is a Troll Slayer, a kamikaze no-pants dwarf with a big orange mohawk, prison tats, a two-handed axe and a burning desire to ragequit life as violently as possible. Elf (0-1 per party) Wounds: 6+d6/lvl Attack as: Fighter Save as: Elf Likes: wine, art, singing, anything you haven’t heard of. Preferred MO: peppering with arrows, then singing beautiful songs about same. Trappings: fine clothing, lute or lyre, bow and arrows, sword, smug expression. All elves are metrosexual minstrels and archers who fly into fey rages when provoked; the elven ability to lose it in spectacularly violent fashion has been clocked at “Nought to Feanor in 4.2 seconds”. Most PC elves are filthy tree-hugging pseudo-Celtic Wood Elves, although the Sea Elves who hang out in coastal cities seem to be a kind of Elven gap year backpacker. No one’s quite sure what the mohawked, spandex-wearing paramilitary Riverdance troupe known as Wardancers are supposed to be, apart from FABULOUS! Rumour has it that the Elven homelands are contested in an endless war between two mighty and ancient factions: the louche-and-arty vs. the darker-and-edgier. The origin of their interminable strife is unknown, although it probably began as a spat over the relative aesthetic merits of art nouveau and gothic revival styles. Elves of these factions are far too in love with themselves to do anything so déclassé as adventuring for gain. Elves use the SBVD casting system as wizards of their level. Halfling (any number) Wounds: 6+d6/lvl Attack as: Thief Save as: Dwarf Likes: food, drink, food, sex, food, stealing, food, gardening, food and food. Preferred MO: poison, or prison-yard shanking. Trappings: hardwearing clothes, skillet, recipe book, concealed shiv, jovial manner. All halflings are smelly-footed, opportunistic little food tubes on the make. They are not to be trusted: don’t rely on their word, don’t eat their pies (invariably of dubious provenance), and never let them get their hands on your ring. Halflings emerged from the distant East to infest a formerly pleasant area called The Mootland; this schmaltz-soaked domain is now a terrible warning about what happens when the more touristy parts of rural Bavaria meet the Lollipop Guild. Halflings do not have any sort of wacky Mohawk-wearing subculture, for which we are all eternally thankful. Human (any number) Wounds: 6+(varies) Attack as: 0-level Fighter Save as: 0-level human Likes: money, killing. Preferred MO: varies wildly. Trappings: by Class and Profession. All humans are cynical, vicious, and have a laser-focus on their own self-interest. Those not prone to absurd superstition are usually in thrall to pernicious ideologies or religious mania. Humans can be found all over the place, stuffed ten-deep in squalid firetrap cities or cluttering up the rural landscape with their farms, mines, castles, temples, lazar-houses and hospitals. They even take to the seas, forever seeking new and distant markets in which to display their hard-won skills in larceny, fraud and murder.

500 6+2d4 3 5. Esoteric Knowledge: Academics can make an Int test to remember obscure lore related to their profession. Yes. Academic Advancement XP Wounds 1 0 6+1d4 2 2. warrant card = cop/agent. Roll your occupation. if any. adding your career skill and distinctive trappings (stereotypical item.000 6+3d4 * See Magic section. massacre by beastmen. 2. academic = caster in SBVD. 5. It thus has very little in common with the monster-riding. 4. surveying tools Abacus Pestle and mortar Pendulum Robes and holy symbol 1d6 glass jars filled with oddness Surgical tools. rob and kill your way to fortune and glory without succumbing to poison. etc. Players may choose their class but the way of true WFRP gaming righteousness is to generate one’s career randomly. quills and paper Divining gear 1d3 scholarly books Stock in trade Casting Dice* 1 1 2 . They generally only use small. witch-hunt. No exceptions. a nugget of purest green?” Wounds: d4 Attack as: Cleric Save as: Wizard Basic equipment: set of decent clothing.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Classes and Careers All playable characters in SBVD are levels 1-3 in B/X D&D terms. Roll your starting HD and note your attack and save progressions (derived from the B/X originals). Preferred MO: killing without getting their hands dirty (magic or vile concoctions). Note your starting cash: 3d6 GC. staves) and that quite poorly. horrible accident. 3.) to your sheet. Scheme. holy symbol Hammer+chisels. 1d20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8-10 11 12 13 14 15-16 17 Alchemist App Artisan's App. stethoscope = doctor. Sure. being cited. gimlet-eyed rustics The turbulent urban proletariat Vicious armed thugs ‘Gr eat Young One’ Neil Mike Rick Vyvyan Each class encompasses 15 or so careers (specific occupations). Academics don’t wear armour and have little. clubs. Druid Engineer Exciseman Herbalist Hypnotist Initiate Priest Pharmacist Physician's App. you know. The simple fact is that a non-caster scholar or artisan has the survival chances of a snowflake in Hell. Academic “…can it be true? That I hold here in my mortal hand. All Academic PCs gain casting dice as they advance in level. there are lots of non-caster Academics in the WFRP world. but we really don’t care about them. banditry. Scribe Seer Student Trader Career Skill Brew alchemicals Trade skill Identify Plants Engineering Supernumerate Herb Lore Hypnotise Theology Manufacture drugs Treat injuries Read language Divination Read language Haggle Trapping 1d3 books on alchemy Tools of trade Sickle-knife. Elsewise. The grubby. daemon-punching antics of WFB or high-level D&D. vicious world of SBVD is a place of minor triumphs against a background of misery. like white coat = scientist. if you want to play one. If playing a human pick (or roll) your class and note the basic package of goodies on your sheet. the machinations of Chaos… There are four broad classes in SBVD. knife or stave. madness. Likes: knowledge. comfort. jar of leeches Ink. These are: Totem 1d10 1 2-3 4-7 8-10 Class Academi c Ranger Rogue Warrior Place in Great Chain of Being The learned in lore Hard-bitten. squalor and suffering. Baldrick don’t ride no dragon! 1. light weapons (knives. disease. academic robes. knock yourself out and try to die usefully. experience wielding weapons.

Scroll Lore Manual of spellcraft .Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) 18-20 Wizard's App.

Rogue Advancement XP Wounds 1 0 6+1d6 2 1. Likes: forests. with their long tails and their stupid twitchy noses!” *gunfire* “Squeak” *thud* Wounds: d6 Attack as: Fighter Save as: Thief Basic equipment: hardwearing clothes. whip Horse. Likes: stealing. Preferred MO: shooting people with missile weapons and retiring into the shadows. getting one over on the lordships. Sneak Attack: Treat as backstab attempts according to the B/X rules. money. small but vicious dog Running shoes.000 6+2d6 3 4. Your cash bags please. Rural Charm animal Follow trail Animal care Move Silent.000 6+3d6 1d20 1 2 3 4 5-6 7 8 9 10 11-12 13 Agitator Bawd Beggar Entertainer Footpad Gambler Grave Robber Jailer Minstrel Peddler Raconteur Sneak Attack x2 x2 x2 Career Skill Public Speaking Bribery Concealment. pipe. Preferred MO: leaving unexplained knives protruding from the backs of their enemies. roads. hand weapon. Ranger Advancement XP Wounds 1 0 6+1d6 2 2. waterproofs Mantrap Sling. knitted cap Net. pick and shovel Animal traps. crossbow 2 lanterns Pan. dice (loaded) Spade. large sack Club. manacles Coach horn Fish-gutting knife. Urban Perform Strike to Stun Gamble Silent move. ring of keys. Survival: Rangers are able to increase the amount of food garnered by foraging/hunting amounts in the wild and generally know enough to not do stupid things like eating the red mushrooms with white spots.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Ranger “Bastards! I hate them. furry hat Broad-brimmed hat. flashy clothes Stock in trade Fancy clothes. leather jack. and the lovely Miss Cheapside.” Wounds: d6 Attack as: Thief Save as: Thief Basic equipment: scruffy clothes. Rural Orientation Metallurgy Resist disease Flee! Evaluate Set Trap Identify plants Trapping Oar.500 6+2d6 3 3. headband Crossbow 1d4 animal traps. long walks in the country. knives galore.000 6+3d6 1d20 1 2-3 4 5 6 7 8-9 10 11 12 13 14-15 16 17 18-19 20 Boatman Bounty Hunter Coachman Fisherman Gamekeeper Herdsman Hunter Muleskinner Outrider Pilot Prospector Rat Catcher Runner Toll-Keeper Trapper Woodsman BS +1 +2 +3 Career Skill River Lore Follow Trail Drive cart Sailing Concealment. Rangers can wear leather or chain armours and use any one-handed or missile weapon. crutch Tools of trade Mask. outrageous hat . well-concealed purse. leather jack. Rural Resist poison Perform Haggle Blather Trapping 2d10 inflammatory leaflets Pimp hat Begging bowl. Rogues generally wear street clothes or leather armour and can use any one-handed or missile weapon. fleas Lute or mandolin. cutlery. pack with bedroll. etc. fur hat Woodmans axe Rogue “Good evening Duke. blackjack or garrotte Cards (marked). panpipes Bow.

What? No! Not about you taking L33T advanced careers. lasso Cart or row boat Swag bag. flask of tea Grappling hook.000 6+3d8 1d20 1 2-3 4-5 6-8 9-10 11 12 13 14 15 16-17 18 19-20 Bodyguard Labourer Marine Mercenary Militiaman Noble Outlaw Pit Fighter Protagonist Sailor Servant Squire Watchman WS +1 +2 +3 Trapping Knuckle dusters Packed lunch. etc. shield Costly clothes.000xp without dying horribly in a ditch. attitude Boat hook. addressing the subject of advanced careers (and all the headaches that go with them – like arcane lores. or a magus of the Colleges of Sorcery. They’re substantially harder to kill than Fritz in the street. . hooks and rakes Crowbar. looting.) in a hypothetical “Small But Really Vicious Dog”. Likes: fighting. equipment and.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) 14-15 16-17 18-19 20 Rustler Smuggler Thief Tomb Robber Move silent. pony. chainmail Bow or crossbow. skill mastery. Stand by your gun. hand weapon. and then we’ll talk. chainmail Spear. Joking aside. sir!” Wounds: d8 Attack as: Fighter Save as: Fighter Basic equipment: sturdy clothing. or a Knight of the White Wolf.000 6+2d8 3 4. sack Warrior “Swords! What do you think this is. but most of that difference in survivability stems from training. Rural Disarm Strike to injure Sailing Dodge blow Animal care Strike to stun Advanced Careers What’s that? You don’t like being a ratcatcher. Preferred MO: smashing you in the face …hard …repeatedly. bandanna Wacky arena weapon combo Horse. Combat Ability: Warriors are able to use any specialist weapon they pick up with minimal practise. mass combat and leadership. or a Dwarven Giant Slayer? OK. U or R Move silent. etc. Urban Spot trap Lantern. bottle of rotgut Livery. d4 hangerson Bow. it’s all about the travails and torments of the little guy. chainmail. above all else. most advanced careers in WFRP are about on a par competence-wise with 3 rd to 4th level D&D characters. player skill. Rural Move silent. cleaning kit Lantern on pole. pack with bedroll. cutlery. If sufficient interest is ever expressed your humble scribe may one day re-jig the experience and advancement requirements. the Middle Ages? Only girls fight with swords these days. lantern. Warrior Advancement XP Wounds 1 0 6+1d8 2 2. horse. stolen trinkets Livery. Crawl your way up to around 8. hourglass Career Skill Street Fighting Scale sheer surface Dodge blow Strike mighty blow Dodge blow Etiquette Concealment. rapine. leather jack+helmet. Warriors can wear any type of armour and use any weapon they encounter. but about your failure to enter fully into the correct WFRP-ish mindset: joy through adversity. Otherwise. You want to play a Warrior Priest.

Yeah. but in my experience players seem to have no problem remembering whether more or less is better if things are in their interests. Yes. The exact reason why these “SO UNFAIR!” modifiers apply is left to the limitless imagination and exquisite good taste of the GM. means to the true end of adventuring: riches.) should be treated as Ability Score checks that succeed only on a 1. GM fiat). Although the skill and test system was among the glories of WFRP I don’t think D&D is much enhanced by hundreds of skills. Things the character has only limited knowledge of = Ability Check against half the relevant ability.k. Ability Check or Saving Throw? My personal rule of thumb for SBVD is to use Ability Checks to adjudicate actions initiated by a character and to resort to Saving Throws if characters are on the receiving end of something. What happens instead of death or maiming is entirely up to the GM. Elves. etc.k. He may. • • • Treat Career Skills (and anything else a character could reasonably be expected to be competent at by virtue of their background) as Ability Score checks against the most relevant score.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Resolution Unless indicated otherwise all mechanical task resolution in SBVD is per the rules laid out in B/X D&D. the unwillingness of the gods to let you die until you have suffered further for their entertainment. although the words ‘frying pan’ and ‘fire’ should be meditated upon. the nuances of armed combat to a desk-bound scribe. more likely. The Gods Hate You! In keeping with the ‘failure is the expected outcome’ ethos of WFRP the GM is encouraged to arbitrarily slap negative modifiers onto any die roll as and when he sees fit (I suggest –1d6 per roll). Those things are expected elements of play. but see “The Gods Hate You” below. Experience & Advancement Experience in SBVD is awarded for killing dudes and taking their stuff. glory.a.a. Dwarves and Halflings start with 2 Fate Points. . the ‘roll over’ nature of player initiated actions in combat does confuse the issue slightly. This should serve to convey the unfairness and perversity of a world where the presiding gods of law are Murphy and Sturgeon. or. Fate Points are lost forever once spent and new Fate Points can only be gained either by achieving greater skill and renown (a. and the bloody downfall of one’s enemies. start with 1 Fate Point. with all due rejoicing and thankful sacrifices. levelling up) or through spectacular heroic endeavours (a. Characters earn experience by: Making money through theft or looting Killing members of player races Killing monsters 1 xp per 1 GC 25xp/HD 50xp/HD + 50xp per special ability Sucking Less On advancing a level a player may pick one of the six Ability Scores on his character’s primary profile. raise that score by one (to a maximum of 18). There’s none of this namby-pamby experience for “achieving objectives” or “good role-playing”. being front-loaded and cheesy beyond belief. Expenditure of a Fate Point allows a player character to avoid otherwise inevitable death (or horrific permanent injury). He also gains 1 Fate Point free and clear. Human characters start with 3 Fate Points. this makes characters marginally more competent than they are in either of the base systems from which SBVD is derived. the subtleties of courtly etiquette to a labourer. Which means they’re pretty much an irreplaceable wasting asset in SBVD. Fate Points These represent the favour of the gods. Things entirely outside that character’s ken (the mysterious workings of magic to a guttersnipe.

they are pants wetting terrifying. paralysis Treat as failed Fear test (above) Character goes utterly berserk. which generally last 3d4 rounds. and to melee hit rolls against hated enemy. Character refuses to move towards or attack the fear-causing object unless and until it attacks him. but the character draws no especial benefit from the animus he bears. Concussion and intoxication have remarkably similar effect to stupidity. Hatred is aroused by a particular stimulus. drugs. Must move towards the object of outrage and destroy it if at all possible. LLAEC). spell Character masters his fear. Follow the WFRP guidelines. petrifaction/paralysis to prevent himself letting the side down. He screams like a sissy girl and legs it (if possible) or else curls into a helpless catatonic ball. Character remains calm. or apply common sense (as preferred). Character gains one Insanity Point. Hatred Frenzy Stupidity Fear Terror Mental State Aggro Hatred Frenzy Will check Stupidity Int check Character copes with the myriad distractions and complexities of life. being instead distracted by something extraneous (and probably shiny). Some psychological states are mutually exclusive ( stupidity and most others). He is treated as being under the effect of a hold person spell but will lash out if goaded or attacked. for example). However brave and hard-bitten someone is. These can be induced by drugs. Morale = 12. Fear vs. Effect if failed Turn on allies unless already in melee. p13). Dislike is evident. A pack of charging minotaurs. unaffected by Fear. or other stimuli may cause these outbursts of atypical behaviour. Aggro Some people just don’t play well with others and will cheerfully turn on their own side if they can see both an opportunity and clear advantage in doing so. religious mania. Dwarves hate orcs and goblins. Some states of aggressive excitement can be so powerful they impair the urge to self-preservation. there are some things that are just downright scary. Character initiates no meaningful action. There’s mildly confuzzled. Ratmen. is nothing to be sniffed at. goblins and orcs are infamously prone to treacherous infighting. treats Terror as if it were Fear. This time… Terror vs. This state of terror lasts for 3d4 rounds. fear/terror. usually someone you really. for example.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Psychology There are several psychological states which are so frequently-encountered a part of life in SBVD that they have their own rules (suffice it to say ‘happiness’ and ‘contentment’ are not among them). really don’t like. He suffers a –1 penalty to all attack rolls. and then there’s troll-grade stoopid. Some things out there are more than just scary. saving throws and ability checks for 3d4 rounds (as scare spell effect. or through martial disciplines. or until the inspiring object is no longer visible (GM’s discretion). A character affected by stupidity is unable to sustain a train of thought without outside assistance. Stimuli as varied as insanity. . while others are synergistic in effect (hatred and frenzy. to saves vs. various factions of elves hate one another. Save/Check Morale check Will check Effect if passed No effect Character gains +2 bonus to morale. all attacks are furious attacks (see Combat. demons of rage hate everyone (and their little dog too). insanity. A character that lays eyes on such a sanity-blasting horror must save vs.

poison or act in a hilariously inappropriate – and likely dangerous – manner. but its use has harsh penalties both socially and in law. Save vs. Save vs. Tileans have spent centuries researching ever more complex and subtle poisons. Dead in 1d6 rounds.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Poisons and Drugs Sometimes the quickest way to get someone out of your way is to dose them with something nasty. poison or treated as Stunned. albeit unpleasantly conscious. or over an extended period. Drugs People in the Grim World of Perilous Adventure will try to get wasted on almost anything. or just impaired judgement. The particular effects of these atypical arcane poisons are treated in the description of the creature in question. garlic. Most poisons simply kill or render incapable. Overdose is entirely too easy if a user has no formal knowledge of what he’s dealing with. Most habitual users just willingly fail their save and enjoy the ride. A successful save inflicts the next less intense degree of debilitation (see Combat Conditions. Alcoholism and drug addiction are not recognised as illnesses. Most drugs are toxins if taken in larger doses. Poison is pretty a definitive statement of disapprobation. Levels of effect are: Dead > Helpless > Seizure/Drowsy (as Stunned) > Dizzy (as Floored) > Unaffected Infamous Toxins Belladonna Black Lotus Extract Arsenic Cyanide Rabid Dog Saliva Hemlock Wolfsbane Liche Dust Hellebore Mercury Fumes Centipede Venom Scorpion Venom Spider Spittle Tarantula Venom Vector Contact -“Ingestion -“-“-“-“Inhalation -“-“Injury -“-“-“Onset ? Seconds Hours Seconds Hours Minutes Hours Minutes Minutes Hours? Seconds Seconds Seconds Seconds Failed Save Dead Dead Dead Dead Frenzied Dead Dead Drowsy Helpless Confusion Helpless Dead Dead Seizure Even supernatural and daemonic creatures can be poisoned. A single dose will bring on the specific effect of the drug (save vs. Save vs. the roots or seeds of particular plants). where ‘it’ has a value of ‘whatever crosses your path’. Black Lotus Bottled Love Crimson Shade Lustrian Marching Powder Mad Cap Mushrooms Rye Mould Sultan’s Resin Weirdroot Arousal: Hallucination : Palpitations: Dead: Dur 2d6 hrs 1d6 hrs 1d6 hrs 3d10 min 1d6 hrs 3d6 hrs 1d6 hrs 1d6 hrs 1 dose Drowsy Arousal Hatred Stupidity Frenzied Hallucination Dizzy Drowsy 2 doses Hallucination Palpitations Palpitations Frenzy Death Helpless Drowsy Hallucination 3+ doses Death Death Death Palpitations Death Unconscious Unconscious You are hot for it. Some unnatural beasts are poisoned by substances rare and strange (alchemical silver. from serpents to mushrooms to mineral compounds. . Drugs are often just as effective. poison to resist). while mineral toxins may be fatal immediately or cumulatively. if less final. for 3d10 minutes. others by the most innocuous of things (iron. poison/death or suffer effect. although usually not by things toxic to mortal life. p15) until treated. plant and fungal toxins within 1d6 hours of consumption. blessed water). Toxins The world is full of poisonous things. merely as gluttonous appetite. Most animal venoms kill within seconds of injection. some of which only take effect in the presence (or absence) of other chemicals.

Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Prices for toxins and drugs are whatever the market will bear. . usually at the behest of the Distillers and Apothecaries Guilds. This invariably leads to all the usual black market antics. Many jurisdictions place punitive taxes on these goods.

application of maggots and leeches Vir.” . -4 to Ag checks. Animal. Rare and exotic infections are an occupational hazard to adventuring types. More primitive societies consider disease to be evidence of moral failing on the part of the sufferer. -4 Fel while affected. sure evidence that they have somehow offended the gods. graveyard miasmas Weapons. tainted water Goats. fast? 1d12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Disease Name [d2 of Humour. essence of albatross in grog Ice baths and cool blankets.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Disease Disease is a fact of life in the filthy living conditions encountered in SBVD. Fel). Will. poison/death when exposed to their vector of transmission. ½ Mv. poor diet Viciously disputed Corpses. -1d6 Ag while affected. fever or chills Blue-grey skin tone. fervent prayer. = Virulence (save modifier) Inc. nonsense speech. fever. -1d6 all mental ability scores (Int. flawed judgement Green or red pustules. pustules. Prevents natural healing. syndromes and chronic conditions are categorised by their symptoms and visible effects. -6 to all ability checks and saving throws while affected. with failure indicating that the lucky character has a colourful new complication in his life. And prayer. fleas Vir -2 Inc 2d10 Dur 2d10 Symptoms Coughing. One for the journals. To keep things simple all diseases require a save vs. Death if any stat drops to 0. Place or Magnitude] Pox [any descriptor] Rot [d2 of Place or Symptom] Sweats [Place or body part] Wen “An inexplicable medical mystery. Symptom or Magnitude] Ague Canker of the [body part] [Animal or Symptom] Cough [any descriptor] Fever [Humour] Flux [Place] Measles [Colour or Place] Plague [d3 of Colour. black buboes. death Itching. Rise as Demon of Disease if any stat drops to 0. rash Rotten odour from feet Vomiting. fever. Infamous Medical Afflictions Name Black Plague Frothing Yellow Pox The Kruts Mootish Stinkfoot Gurglish Rot Vector Rats. open sores Inflammation. rotting smell from affected area Effect -1 to all ability scores/day. decomposing flesh Tooth loss. Daily application of creosote to affected area Poultice of mashed Halfling Poultice of mouldy bread Tileans. fever. animal bite. rather than by a true understanding of their operation. Wrap in heated blankets. = Duration of illness (in days) Jolly Uncle Gurgle’s Super Happy Funtime Instant Disease Generator Need a particularly horrible affliction. -1 Tgh per day. No natural healing possible. There is no systematic epidemiology: diseases. Dwarves Halflings Curse or Chaotic influence Sailors. = Incubation Period (in days) Dur. Remedy Flower posies. -1 Tgh per day. diarrhoea. -1 to all ability scores/day. Panicked. wading in foulness +0 +0 +0 -4 2d6 1d8 1d4 1d6 3d6 2d10 2d10 3d10 Scurvish Gob Rot Sinople Pox +0 -2 3d10 1d10 2d6 2d10 Sylvanian Tomb Rot Wound Rot (Infected Wounds) +0 +0 1d6 1d4 2d6 2d8 Fresh fruit. or hot eggs up the fundament Potation of calcined Mummy bones Eating ground iron. death Frothing at mouth.

Opium poppies and alcohol are about it in the anaesthetic stakes. choler. Hekharan. Any medical intervention requires an Int check. Cathayan. bile. lesser. and more often than not absurdly wrongheaded. And probably those pants too…”). galloping. where sometimes the only sane response to the unrelenting horror of a world sinking in misery. region or nation: Saratogan. by virtue of its chromatic resonance with the arcane wind of death. etc. but they’ve been an integral part of WFRP since the year dot. Wheezing. to tiny invisible daemons of disease. You’ll have to burn that jacket. Lightly Injured (Wounds remaining) Critically Injured (limb. shivering. Battlefield medicine is less in thrall to idiotic theories. Estalian. The more lurid and obscure a shade the better. There is no difference in the popular imagination between insanity and daemonic possession. but doing anything more requires at least a modicum of medical knowledge. gibbering. Petty. Sylvanian. This is a game of darkly comic horror. both are seen as clear manifestations of Chaos in the world. Whether the sufferer ever fully recovers from the effect of the disease. cranial damage. but not viciously debilitating. In game terms. shaky-handed) physician. ghastly. crimson. and sepsis is an occupational hazard. and bandages are about the limit of sophistication. Miracles of Modern Medicine Anyone can slap some clean linen over a gushing wound. Healing Times Players do whine on when you take away their precious Wounds and Ability Scores. or if he remains a wasted shell of a man in its wake. Doubles rate of natural Wound recovery. Khyprian. Miraculous and magical healing do exist. Reman. The attitude towards mental illness in SBVD is horribly ignorant. saws. or to the personal hobby-horse of the physician being consulted (“Every learned man concurs that purple cloth. great. foaming. The GM should apply horrific effects as he sees fit. Bilbali. Patient dies of blood loss. Stop Wound Loss: Treat Light Wounds: Accelerate Recovery: Set Broken Limb: Amputation/ Invasive Surgery: Check at +4 bonus. Norse.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Colour: Humour: Place: Symptom: Magnitude: Red. shock or infection if failed. cholera and cancer are almost randomly attributed to miasmas. Prevents character from bleeding out (see Combat. Err on the side of “disfiguring and unpleasant. Mootish. organ. is also at the GM’s option. but many people are loath to put their health in the hands of the power of Chaos or the whims of enigmatic gods. Minimize their whining with the following – harsh but fair – recovery times. etc. 0 Wounds) Recovering from Ability Score loss 1 Wound/day 1 Wound/week 1 point/week/score Insanity I know some people find the idea of sanity systems in RPGs less than tasteful. squalor and corruption is to go mad.” Medicines and Healing Medicine in SBVD is empirical at best. Talabecan. p14) Takes 1 turn. Relatively harmless ‘village idiots’ or ‘noddy men’ are tolerated. Limb must be bound up for 1d4+2 weeks. Named for city. the more debilitating and grotesque the better. carries disease. but just as rudimentary. sweating. celestial influences. If you want to think up more humours that’s fine by me. Recovery time as if critically injured. Blood. blue. etc. Lustrian. Deftly wielded knives. hot pitch. Although correlations between dirt and infection have been observed there is no germ theory of disease. their conditions provoking pity or . The rigours and squalor of adventuring != convalescence. umber. horrible. And no. Injecting people with milder forms of diseases and/or cutting up dead bodies for research purposes just gets the witch hunters and all-purpose angry mob excited. Breton. seeping. semi-competent. Illnesses as varied as the common cold. a player character physician cannot single-handedly replicate the development of modern scientific medicine through a series of ‘lucky guesses’ and ‘simple structured experiments’. phlegm. Better to resort to that time-tested poultice of stink nettles and mashed weasel bollocks. etc. All recovery times assume non-strenuous physical activity and relatively clean living conditions. if a character is afflicted with disease and chronic ailments he’s going to be wholly at the mercy of his (drunken. gritty. mickle. puce. restores 1d4 Wounds.

with lynch mobs forming at the least provocation. are treated with fear and loathing.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) laughter. on the other hand. The violent or unsettling mad. .

Andrew R Fawcett produced a handy compilation of iconic WFRP mutations entitled “Chaos Mutations” for the criticalhit. On gaining 5IP. transparent skin or a parasitic second head that sings blasphemous songs isn’t so easily obfuscated. a character must make a save vs. well. or through a miraculous intercession involving the willing sacrifice of “one of innocent blood”. modified by location and severity of mutation. by cleansing fire. a bracing hike through the Northern Wastes. GM fiat. but not always. even civilised urbanites will readily drive from their midst those marked with extra digits. on rare occasions.) a character must make a save vs. The GM should roll on the mutation table of his choice. catastrophic spell failure. or to the “Tome of Corruption” for WFRP 2E.) . That last is a fancy way of saying GM fiat as the objective of a particular quest.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) A character gains an Insanity Point if any of the following conditions are met: • • • • Failing a Terror test (see Psychology. etc. off they go… Curing Insanity Insanity can be managed through regimens of drugs and behavioural modification therapy and. cured by surgery or powerful magic. feathers or scales. Gaining another 5IP either advances an existing insanity in some catastrophic way. If they fail. etc. p15) Other: failing to save a loved one. encounter with Chaos. A successful Int check is required to spot a concealed mutation. fixated on event Unfocused Paranoia Addiction to Mandrake Root Focused Paranoid Delusions Amnesia Kleptomania Dipsomania Compulsive Gambling Phobia Bi-polar Manic Depression When confronted with an opportunity to act out their insanity the sufferer must make a Willpower check. More severe mutations (tentacles. Poison/Death. but don’t hold to this as a hard-and-fast rule. if ever. etc. related to whatever finally drove the character over the edge). and. or gives the character a whole new aspect of unreason to explore. etc. Scholars. As a general rule the more intense or prolonged the exposure the greater the degree of mutation. Death/Poison. anyone manifesting them will be burnt at the stake unless they flee the inevitable torch-and-pitchfork party. surgeons and apothecaries are universally agreed that merely ‘talking it out’ achieves absolutely nothing. It’s easy enough to hide a sixth toe from most people. smoking mechanical limb. and for each IP gained thereafter.) are obvious marks of Chaos. developing some form of mutation if they fail. horns. but a steaming. backwash of a demonic summoning. when whipped up by witch-hunters or zealous preachers. Mutations should rarely. p8) Surviving drug overdose (see Drugs. Such dire straits require heroic (if often catastrophically wrongheaded) intervention. be fan site. (If you want access to the proper WFRP mutations tables refer to an obscure volume entitled “Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness”. Some mutations can be concealed with clever tailoring or prosthetics. Chaos is. If successful they manage to keep their behaviour within the (generally generous) social norms accorded to adventurers. Mutations can be removed by surgery (although they may grow back – the caprices of Chaos are not so easily thwarted). lighting Be warned that all of these expedients are wildly hit-and-miss. chaotic. or ginger hair. p9-10) Suffering a Critical Hit (see Combat. If exposed to the influence of Chaos (Weirdstone. Mutation The common yokel hates and fear deviation from the physical norm as evidence of the taint of Chaos. Common Name Alienated Flesh Bestial Rage Crushing Despair Delirious Saviour Cataclysmic Mania Heartless Hate Inescapable Memory Loathsome Mistrust Mandrake Mania Profane Persecutions Razed Recollection Restless Fingers Slave to the Vine Thrall of Chance Unreasoning Fear Tides of Joy and Dread We’d know it as… Body Dysmorphia Psychotic Rage Suicidal Tendencies Messianic Delusions Eschatic Delusions Sociopathy Obsession. suffering torture. If the save is failed the character loses 5IP from his accumulated total and gains a debilitating insanity (usually. vestigial tails.

Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) .

etc. It no Я complex.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Combat Initiative SBVD uses B/X D&D’s optional individual initiative rule (1d6 +/. running away (up to 3x Mv rate). Servant) (Bodyguard) (Mercenary) (Protagonist) (Footpad.Ag mod. Hitting People for Fun and Profit SBVD uses Dan Collin’s Target 20 system for combat resolution. Unless the fight is taking place in a ballroom there’s always cover within diving distance. they don’t just stand there exchanging blows like clockwork figures on a municipal clock tower. Combat Options It’s assumed that characters protect themselves in melee. gain +2 bonus to hit. If the GM allows especially cautious or reckless behaviour in combat may result in mechanical advantage. casting a spell.Ag mod) Further Complexity Rolling a natural 20 in melee allows you to make a follow-up attack during the same combat round. Rolling a natural 1 in melee allows your enemy to riposte. but not additional movement or spell casting. Forego attack to confer a penalty = WS on enemy attack (as Parry. as does aiming and firing a missile weapon.Str mod) BS = ranged bonus to hit (class modifier +/. p9). To hit: get 20 or more from the total of your WS/BS + their AC + d20. Why? Because simple and intuitive is good. This ties in nicely with psychological effects (see Psychology. Watchman) -1 from damage inflicted by any melee weapon Never count as being unarmed +1 damage with any melee weapon May swap damage for debilitating effect on enemy (-2 to all rolls until healed) May swap damage for Stun effect (save vs paralysis to avoid) . gain +1d4 bonus to AC against missile fire. Actions You get one action per round. making an additional attack against you. LLAEC p142) Take –4 penalty to AC. Several warrior careers also have career skills with an effect on combat: Dodge Blow Street Fighting Strike Mighty Blow Strike to Injure Strike to Stun (Marine. Militiaman.) as standard. WS = melee bonus to hit (class modifier +/.Ag mod – cover mod) AC = Armour Class (armour worn +/. Dive for Cover Fight Defensively Furious Attack Forego attack. More than one Attack on your profile allows additional attacks per round. Moving (up to Mv rate) and swiping wildly counts as an action.

Enemies hit automatically Dead in 1d6 rounds if not healed. l 2 Leg. Mv 1 Leg mauled As #5 + bleeding out Leg mangled As #6 + save or die or lose foot Leg hanging off As #6 + save or die or lose leg at knee Head Disoriented Lose next action Ears ringing Stunned for 1 rnd Nose crumpled As #3 for 1d4 rnds Scalp sliced -2 to all actions Concussed -4 to all actions for 1d6 rnds Flattened Stunned for 1d10 rnds KO-ed Helpless for 1d10 minutes Face mangled As #7 + save or die or lose an eye 9 10 -. Combat Conditions Sometimes a blow will do more than simply cause damage. wild boars. p15-16). l 5-6 Arm. There’s no shame in either surrendering or just staying down and quietly awaiting assistance if reduced to 0 Wounds. paralysis or lose use of legs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Arm Butterfingers Drop wielded item Arm numbed No attack or Ag bonus to AC for 1 rnd Arm numbed As #3 for 1d4 rnds Hand incapacitated Cannot use hand Arm broken Cannot use arm Arm mauled As #5 + bleeding out Arm mangled As #6 + save or die or lose hand Arm hanging off As #6 + save or die or lose arm at elbow Leg Staggered Lose next action Leg numbed Mv 1 and -4 to Ag checks for 1 rnd Leg numbed As #3 for 1d4 rnds Leg incapacitated Floored 1 rnd. Mv 1 Hip cracked Stunned 1d4 rnds. named NPC) is reduced to 0 Wounds take the overkill damage (total damage – remaining Wounds) add 1d10. Enemies gain +4 to hit Paralysed or unconscious. This simple and elegant system can be replaced by the variable damage system from B/X D&D. warriors/demons of RAEG!) will keep fighting beyond this point. but that’s as it should be.Dead. You’ll probably want to avoid that kind of nutter. Only the most ferocious combatants (berserks. Overkill + d10 Result 2 1 3 2 4 3 5 4 6 5 7 6 8 7 9 7 10 8 11 8 12 9 13 9 14+ 10 Body Winded -4 to all actions for 1 rnd Kidney Jab Stunned for 1 rnd Groin shot Stunned for 1d4 rnds Ribs cracked -2 to all actions Badly winded -4 to all actions for 1d6 rnds Walloped Stunned for 1d10 rnds Gutted Helpless + bleeding out Spine Crushed As #7 + save vs. defensive actions only. Any further hits: coin flip. tails = dead Hit Location This is an optional rule. No actions may be taken. Yeah. bloodily so --. or by the weapon qualities of WFRP 2E. As you can imagine. Enemies gain +2 to hit Prone.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Damage In both B/X D&D and WFRP base weapon damage was 1d6.Dead. it sucks to be insignificant. r 3-4 Arm. Another hit = damage of 6+1d6+modifiers. modified by Str and by any special rules that applied to the weapon type. The most common effects (in increasing order of severity) are: Floored: Stunned: Helpless: Bleeding Out : Prone (no movement). One wrinkle that WFRP added was an exploding damage die: Re-roll to hit if 6 comes up on damage dice. and then compare to the chart below. Make another roll each time the character is damaged further. Roll a d10: 1 Leg. getting gnawed on by a creature that does multiple dice of damage on a hit is almost invariably fatal. generally used in connection with critical hits or specialist weapons like lassos and bolas. Anyone who isn’t significant enough to merit a roll on this table just has a 50% chance of dying at 0 Wounds (coin flip. r 7-9 Torso 0 Head Critical Hits When a character you care about (PC. tails = dead). messily so -- Unless duration is listed penalties last until the injured character is treated by a medically competent healer. if the GM prefers (see Combat. . Trollslayers.

Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) .

lasso. crowbar. scimitar Flail Arquebus. javelin. A small all-steel crossbow. morning star. ratting shovel. trident Crossbows The original point-and-click weapon has been elaborated on by weaponsmiths who have created ingenious specialised versions for the discerning killer. shortsword. blunderbuss. Misfire on Nat 1 to hit (save vs. varied and exotic are the tools of death. not for hacking at shield-walls. lance. Any and all weapons from B/X D&D are available. Popular with stagecoach guards. jezzail. lance. bola. two-handed sword (B)raced (Ch)arge (Fl)ail (Fi)rearm Spear.and their accompanying array of off-hand bucklers and blades . etc. pole arm Bola. Cheaper and quieter than guns. but only one hand to aim/fire. hand axe. lighter blades than the full-sized war sword (variously dubbed the broadsword. *really* noisy May be drawn as free action Wins initiative vs. Strikes last in melee (2H)anded Battle axe. and students will fight to prove the superiority of their chosen style at the least provocation.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Weapons Many. heavy crossbow. halberd. Requires both hands to span with assistance of a mechanical screw. Judicial shield A curious fencing weapon found in rustic courts where trial by combat remains on the statute books. net. Weapon Properties These rules may be used to differentiate weapons beyond simple raw damage potential. Large wooden shields are simply too bulky to be used in conjunction with the rapid movement of fencing. A buckler. pike blocks. even in polite company.are optimised for quick jabbing combat against lightly-armoured human-sized opponents. A note on carried weapons: Wandering the streets of Burgdorfstadt tooled up and clad in full armour will get you turned away by merchants and/or stopped by the guard. with Tilean sword-and-buckler fighting being the most famous. flail. spear. Fencing Weapons Gentlefolk use smaller. pistol (Q)uick (R)each (S)nare (T)hrown Dagger. any one-handed sword Spear. . dart. along with a bunch of rare and specialised quasi-Renaissance kill-toys. Estalian defencing (a one-handed style typified by rapid jabs and linear shifts back-and-forth) and Teutogen duelling (a macho northern style relying on static positioning and reflexive parries and ripostes) also have their adherents. main gauche or swordbreaker (a fork-like weapon with two or three blades set at angles) is more commonly wielded in the off-hand. Wielder may fire twice/round if no movement is taken. mancatcher. pistol. dagger. and easier to master than compound or self bows. pole arm Lance. crossbows are still popular among hunters and militia. Only the most eccentric (and short-lived) warriors wield such things on the field of battle. lasso. club. poison/death or take 1d6 damage). hammer. Many workingmen carry potentially lethal tools of the trade (axe. whip Dagger. infamous as an assassin’s weapon and illegal in many jurisdictions. net. chargers 2x damage in cavalry charge Usable in tight spaces Ignore shield bonus to AC Ignore armour bonus to AC at short range. There are several competing styles of fencing. non-reach weapons May entangle opponent May be thrown (C)ompact Dagger. claymore. and the gentry are expected to wear an elegant ‘hanger’ (rapier) as a mark of their status. pole arm. meat cleaver.). or gargantuan monsters. These light blades . Repeating Pistol A gravity-feed magazine (capacity: 10) and integrated lever action allow rapid restringing. Carrying a knife is unremarkable. halberd. or spadroon) when in civilised company. Property Weapon Mechanic Roll 2K1 damage. pistol 2x damage vs. cloak.

The defender chooses whether they want to take the damage or suffer the penalties of being floored. . trip or pin opponents.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Judicial shields are wielded two-handed. and their protrusions and hooks may be used to overbalance. Wielders can elect to either do damage or Floor their opponent (see Combat).

a large net can hopelessly entangle a targeted enemy per the web spell (successful hit and failed save required). Arquebus Blunderbuss Jezzail Pistol Five feet and 10+lbs of awkward. A humanoid. T Sn. Fi 2H. physically solid target hit by a non-lethal weapon must save vs. Cost 300 100 200 Enc 2+ 2+ 2+ 1+ Dmg 1d10 1d8/6/4 * 1d8 1d8 Range 50/100/200 20/40/60 75/150/300 25/50/75 Reload 1 2 2 1 Properties 2H. Look at one of your d20s. Q Arquebus Blunderbuss Jezzail Pistol * Counts as 2-handed weapon only at short range. 10’ reach * If a successful parry is made with a swordbreaker. paralysis or be tangled. Think of something over a foot long with a 12mm bore. short barrelled dispenser of havoc. T Firearms Prolonged and rigorous alchemical study has revealed the explosive qualities of certain compounds of naturally occurring minerals. p14-15) and apply an appropriate effect for maximum hilarity (lasso to the arm = disarmed or caught. but their potential for noise and damage outweighs these failings in many minds. nothing but faffing around with the boomstick) required to reload the weapon and ready it for use again. Requires move action to light fuse provided flame is to hand. If used two-handed. Fi 2H.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Non-Lethal Weapons Sometimes it’s worth keeping the enemy alive for questioning or ransom. Sn Sn. Grenadoes are popular with grenadier storm troops and black-cloaked anarchists. Even if the save is successful the entangled must spend a round shaking off the encumbrance. Long barrelled. paralysis or be disarmed. No one has come up with rifling yet so this is state-ofthe-art. Price? If sir has to ask… Sophisticated snaplock weapon. or as part of a trap. Fi. melee attacks only Second attack ~or~ +1 to AC Second attack ~or~ disarm * +2 to AC 2h. That’s about the size of the ball being thrown. but really unpopular with everyone else. Warriors sick and tired of high-and-mighty wizards hogging the pyrotechnic limelight have gleefully exploited these properties for maximum carnage. Fi C. Grenadoes misfire (roll d10) on a natural 1 to hit: 1-4 5-7 8-9 0 Fuse fizzles out Fuse delayed 1d3 rounds Explodes halfway to target Explodes in the wielder’s hand Cost 50 Enc 1 Dmg 4d6 ** Range 10/30/50 Grenad . Check the hit location table (see “Combat”. Firearms are expensive. complex and prone to failure. (Hey look! Non-casters get to throw “save or…” effects around! Take that SRD-derived D&D!) Melee Weapons Foil Rapier Buckler Main Gauche Swordbreaker Judicial Shield Mancatcher Whip Cost 10 15 5 10 10 25 10 5 Enc 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 Dmg 1d6 1d8 1d4 1d4 1d4 1d4 1 Properties +2 to individual initiative +1 to individual initiative +1 to AC vs. “Reload” is the number of combat rounds of complete inactivity (no movement. or by more than one person. Don’t think in terms of a snub-nose 9mm revolver. Ranged Weapons Repeating Crossbow Crossbow Pistol Bola Lasso Net Cost 100 50 5 5 10 Enc 2 1 1 1 2 Dmg 1d6 1d6 1d3 Range 80/160/240 30/60/90 20/40/60 10/20/30 10/20/30 ROF 1 or 2 ½ 1 1 1 Properties 2h Sn. Damage drops off as range increases. T Sn. Grenado Big black ball with a fizzing fuse and “BOMB” written on the side. fiddly. bola to the head = spark out). Wide mouthed. Damage drops off rapidly at longer range. but it’ll totally ruin the day of anyone nearby. no attacks. small bore hunting piece. That’s when non-lethal entangling weapons come in handy. the opponent must save vs. one-shot matchlocked fiddlyness.

Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) o ** 10' radius. . save vs. device for half.

Generally: • • • Looted goods sold on the open market yield ~50% purchase price. Selling off Loot If you want comprehensive trading rules seek out a copy of Death on the Reik or something.000 * new item Shield. +50% enc Adventuring Gear Price and description are generally as B/X. pay through the nose for something superior in terms of utility or bragging rights. -1 to skill use. Quality Fine Good Poor Mark-up 10x list price 3x list price ½ cost Rarity Rare as hen’s teeth (10%) Sought after (30%) Common as muck Game effect +1 to relevant skill use. Funny that… Type (Clothing) Padded Leather Scale mail Chain mail Banded mail Plate mail Full Plate N N L L H H P P AC 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 Cost space 10 20 50 150 250 600 1. 11-15 = Mv 3. which map pretty handily to the armour types found in both TSR’s Chainmail and GW’s Warhammer Fantasy Battle rule sets. I use James Raggi’s Lamentations of the Flame Princess encumbrance rules: tick off each carried item. 4/5ths normal enc. KISS principle applies: counting on fingers is easier. 16-20 = Mv 2.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Equipment Characters in SBVD start with very little stuff. (H)eavy and (P)late. etc. etc) Enc 1 2 1 2 1 5 Shield Light armour Heavy armour Plate armour Cash Carried casualty Enc 1-2 5 10 15 1 per 100gp = Tgh score Quality Some stuff is better made than other stuff. Encumbrance Yes. light item Bulky loot (stolen furniture. Stuff like that always retains value. jewels or magic items. silver Shilling (sp). which sellers will usually try to pass off as quality product. such timeless elegance and sophistication in a currency system just overwhelms the colonials. judicial * Helmet AC +1 +1 +2 +2 Cost 5 10 25 25 10+ . Money Generally as B/X. This is slightly easier if you are can leverage your ownership of existing stuff in some ingenious manner. (L)ight. One-handed weapon Two-handed weapon (inc. small Shield. you could track every ounce of carried weight individually. and “violence trumps money trumps ethics”. Gold Crown (gp). Armour types are (N)one. that’s what makes it treasure. to a max of 25: 0-10 = Mv 4. etc). yielding 5-30% of list value. copper Pfennig (cp). Used goods markdown does not apply to rarities like precious metals. Caveat emptor. -1 enc. Stolen goods should be fenced. People can. and most people are motivated by the desire to gain more and better stuff. The universal rules of business apply: “it takes money to make money”. Selling stolen goods openly will likely result in apprehension and judicial mutilation (branding. but that’s just masochistic (and not in the entertaining WFRP fashion). Armour Big solid chunks of material interposed between one’s soft delicate parts and the harsh realities of the unforgiving world. buckler * Shield. bows) Ammo (per 10 shots) Blunderbuss Ammo (per 10 shots) Multiple instances of small. There’s also a lot of cheaply made crap out there. and do. but don’t bother with the ‘old money’ “£ S/d” format of WFRP money. Keep the WFRP names for flavour. finger-cropping. large Shield.

gnawed or rotted off. the more comfortable and sophisticated lifestyle solutions cost more. powder. As ever. Prosthetics Replacements for body parts chopped. Assume 3d6 gp for an item of average quality. Lead shot* Powder* Match 10sp for 10 3sp/shot 1sp/foot (burns at 1ft/hr) * Double cost/shot for the excessive requirements of blunderbusses. Artificial… Leg Hand Eye Nose Ear Teeth Skull Plate Poor Crutch Hook/fork Patch Wood Pewter Average Peg Leg Wooden Leather Ear horn Horn Iron Good Carved Foot Carved hand Glass Ceramic Human Fine Spring Leg Gripping hand Silvered/Gilded Prosthetic Ivory Silver or Gold . balls. less for pre-owned tat. etc: all the various fiddly bits and pieces that make gunpowder weapons such a delight to use during extended engagements.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Gunpowder gear Match.

Subject to Divine Wrath. etc. The half-assed word-of-mouth tomfoolery of the hedge wizards and cunning folk. and casting spells is the imposition of a mortal’s will upon Chaos energy. Cast Divine Petty Magic and Lesser Magic.” “Winds of magic say NO!” As above + save vs. Major Manifestation Caster gains visible infernal mark lasting 24 hours. suffers magical burnout (-1 Casting Dice for the next 24 hours). All those elaborate rituals and weird paraphernalia aren’t just mumbo-jumbo designed to impress the rubes. Our Wizards Are Different There are three arcane traditions accepted (or at least semi-accepted) in polite society. Giving Them the Explodo SBVD uses a straight rip of the WFRP 2E casting system (already familiar to players of Legend of the Five Rings. the more severe the effect. magic. caster gains +1 IP if failed Wearing armour while attempting to bend the uncontrolled power of Chaos to your will is generally not a good idea. just towards checks for Curse of Chaos. . Arcane Catastrophe! Casters falls unconscious for 1d10 minutes. gains +1 IP. this is an insanely dangerous way of making a living. which is basically WFRP + samurai) because it’s an unimprovably vindictive mini-game of Russian roulette.7) Minor Manifestation Caster glows with eldritch light for 1d10 rounds.5) Quads (7. This can be anything from “no more spells for you today” to “1d10 minutes of penitential prayer. animals flee. ghostly voices. Magic is the stuff of Chaos in the world. Cast Arcane Petty Magic and Lesser Magic. Lacking the rigorous training and protective gear of their more respectable peers they are even more prone to having it all go horribly wrong on them. they’re time-tested protective gear just as vital as the graphite rods and lead shielding in a nuclear power plant. caster takes minor damage. right now! Yes. Target Number (TN) of spell Equal or better: Less than TN: All dice = 1s: Success Failure Fumble “Just as planned. Curse of Chaos If any casting dice match the wizard has sorely mishandled his magic and becomes subject to magical backlash. Subject to Curse of Chaos. those same rites and juju are dead giveaways to the inevitable witch hunters and pitchfork posses. The scholarly magic of the wizard traditions. other than the caster's own prudence and the tolerance of locals… To cast: roll d10s = character’s Casting Dice vs. etc. Cast Hedge Petty Magic and Lesser Magic. As you might imagine.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Magic As ane fule kno the use of magic in the world of WFRP (and thus in SBVD) is much riskier than in B/X D&D. All that iron plays havoc with the flow of magic. Cleric: Wizard: Hedge wizard*: * Any academic who isn’t a Priestly Initiate or Apprentice Wizard can dabble in the infernal arts.7. caster takes random critical hit. Doubles (2.7. Add +1 to TN per 1 AC of armour worn. milk curdles. the more dice match.5. Of course. gains +1d10 IP. Hedge wizards roll an extra die whenever they attempt to cast any spell. 1in20 chance of major manifestation 1in20 chance of arcane catastrophe 1in10 chance caster is sucked into Realm of Chaos Wrath of God If any casting dice match the priest’s god requires some self-sacrificial ritual of his pawn *ahem* devoted servant. in the middle of the fight” to “no more spells until you go on a penitential pilgrimage”. which most people don’t thing of as toying with Chaos. This doesn’t count towards the total accumulated by their Casting Dice.2) Triples (5. a minor demon appears. stunned for 1 round. 1d6 demons appear. These are: • • • The time-hallowed rites of priestly prayer. etc. There are no limits on spells/day. Subject to Curse of Chaos in spades.

meditation. and float if immersed Casts light as candle. All characters capable of using magic know 1d3 of these (determined randomly). Petty Arcane Glowing Light Sounds Drop Marsh Lights Magic Dart Sleep Petty Divine Courage Speed Fortitude Healing Might Protection Petty Hedge Prot from Rain Magic Flame Gust Ghost Step Ill Fortune Shock TN 3 4 4 6 6 6 TN 3 4 5 5 6 7 TN 3 5 4 4 5 6 Effect as light as ghost sounds as targeted grease (SRD) as dancing lights (SRD) as magic missile as sleep. or drummed into the apprentice by rote. Arcane Lores The flash-bang effects of College. either learnt by trial-and-error. Lesser Spell Move Aethyr Armour Bless Weapon Magic Lock Magic Alarm Silence Skywalk Dispel TN 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 13 Effect as ghost hand (SRD) as mage armour (SRD) as lesser magic weapon (SRD) as wizard lock as alarm as silence. Or how both WFRP and B/X use the same arbitrary 45g units for their encumbrance systems. and give the spell a pompous Vancian name. Dark and Chaos Magic are beyond the scope of SBVD. one target 3xMv for 1 round. Or… . touch attack Effect as remove fear As cat’s grace (SRD) as bear’s endurance (SRD) as cure light wounds as bull’s strength (SRD) Enemy must save or target another opponent Effect You’re unaffected by rain. scatters paper as pass without trace (SRD) as bestow curse save or stunned. High. even if they can’t yet cast the spell successfully due to the TN. Most petty magic spells map readily to low-level spells found either in B/X. or in the d20 SRD. can ignite flammable material Wind knocks over small objects. Or the WFRP 2E action economy maps to that of the SRD combat system. one target. Or how WFRP armour types and protective values map to D&D AC. Or how XP-per-career requirements in WFRP map to XP-per-level requirements in D&D. assume a casting TN of around 6(+/-2) per D&D spell level. It’s quite remarkable how readily the spell lists of WFRP 2E map to the spells of the d20 SRD. Should you feel the need to include such things in your game simply pick a B/X spell. or as trade secrets.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Petty Magic Apprentice magic.1 1 Or how clearly WFRP 2E talents map to SRD feats. Magical research in SBVD looks more like a Russ Nicholson pic than anything else. touch attack Lesser Magic These universal spells are largely inherited from an older system of magic that predates the modern Lores vouchsafed unto men by smug know-it-all Elves. leap up to 6 yds vertical as dispel magic Learning an additional Lesser Magic spell costs 100xp and 1d4 weeks of study. fasting and drugassisted dream questing.

Side effect: wearer loses sense of taste. That’s an inherent aspect of the Chaotic nature of magic. and their sense of touch is lessened. Side effect: none.). etc. Simply carrying weirdstone without the correct protective equipment (sealed lead caskets and the like) requires the carrier to save vs. Use the WFRP item lists as a guideline to what’s out there. or up to its breaking strain if ordered to tie itself off. Releases a cloudkill effect on impact. Arrow Storm: Splits into numerous separate arrows upon firing. The arrow damages as normal in a 10’ radius area of effect centred on the original target. Magic Monoliths: Waystones. the Chaos Wastes. These side effects will usually be little more than cosmetic. Side effect: the hair and beard of the last person to command the rope knot and tangle constantly. Ratmen consider weirdstone the sacred leavings of their vile god. Side Effects All magic items in SBVD (with the exception of Runes and Dawnstones) have side effects. but may be greatly amplified in locales of great magical potency (Waystones. One use only. erring on the side of scarcity. because it’s compressed Chaosstuff: the very essence of magic. Globe of Poisoned Wind: Seamless glass globe containing a lurid green swirling mist. Using weirdstone as a component in a casting increases the power the wizard can draw on. . Amulet of Silver: was good against fear effects from the undead? Amulet of Jade: promoted healing Amulet of Iron: resisted magic Amulet of Adamantine: the wearer takes minimum possible damage from melee attacks. So why would anyone bother with these wickedly dangerous hell rocks? Well. but the focus of terrified superstition to many more. etc. ditto such folkloric standbys as hats/rings/potions of invisibility. If you’re not fussed about nitpicking areas of effect just say it affects 2d6 of the enemy. Why exactly the Ancient Ones erected huge menhirs here and there is an enigma. but requires that he save vs. Side effect: the wearer’s skin takes on a metallic tinge. allow a caster to ignore one matching die on a casting roll. Weirdstone The otherworldly arcane substance dubbed weirdstone is sought after by some. device 1/day or suffer mutation. and most characters have an active lifestyle. Weapons Arrow of True Flight: Always hit their target so long as they are within maximum range. uncoils. Pious men deem it the condensed sins of the world.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Magic Items Many of the magic items in WFRP had direct equivalents in D&D. but the effect of these stones is profound and powerful. Oghams and Herdstones These are scattered all over the wilderness. Side effect: Enchanted Rope: Coils. Dawnstones repel demons as protection from evil. ties up enemies or ascends and ties itself off as required. The rope can support the weight of a single climber unsupported. Side effect: eagle feathers gradually replace the bearer’s hair. cornucopia of endless sandwiches. Dawnstones Pre-Chaos artefacts. Each of these things is weird and unique and breaks the rule of magic as understood by moderns. entirely negate the toxic effects of Weirdstone. No roll to-hit required. May be thrown as a flask. He gains 1d6 new feathers/day. Side effect: Items of Awe and Wonder Boots of Bovva: Allow an additional kick attack (2d6 damage) if wielder chants the ancient ritual incantation “Oi! Oi! Oi!” during melee. The wearer moves around as commanded by the true master of the boots. A hand-sized chunk of weirdstone is good for 1d6 castings and commands fantastic prices on the black market. seven league boots. Amulets Amulet of Blessed Copper: unerringly detects poison at a range of one foot and grants +4 bonus to saving throws made to resist the effects of poison. et blah. albeit at a cost. Treat them as AD&D artefacts of low-to-middling power with a secondary effect of suppressing Chaotic influences. usually at the centre of their own little zone of weirdness. but it’s a glass globe full of poison gas. Boots of Command: Cursed item. This grows back at the normal rate. Side effect: the hair on the wearer’s head shortens to coarse stubble. Drawing on a chunk of weirdstone grants the caster +1 casting die. A magic sword/shield/codpiece is what it is. device or suffer a chaotic mutation.

These bonus dice count for both the purpose of spellcasting success and for chance of invoking either The Changer’s Curse or Wrath of God. . which was a significant root of scholarly and necromantic magic traditions. a 1st level wizard casts spell while touching a monolith. He rolls 3 casting dice rather than his usual one and achieves (6.9. Each multiple of the normal TN required allows the spell to take effect again.g. E. Chaotic and Hekharan. Runes Dwarves really distrust magic. There are various forms of non-dwarven runes. including Rattish.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Any spell cast within 100ft or so of a monolith adds +1 additional casting dice. His spell takes effect on four targets rather than the usual one and he suffers a minor manifestation of arcane backlash. Any spell cast by someone touching a monolith adds +2 additional casting dice. Humans ripped off dwarven rune law as the basis of ancient Nekharan ritual magic. Runic items have no side effects. They bind it into items in a rigidly ritualised time-hallowed form: arcane runes.9 =) 24.

Beastmen produce nothing and live by hunting and raiding. treasure. And they certainly don’t plot to overthrow the world of men. They are nothing like gnolls. damage. even to B/X D&D monsters that don’t normally terrify hardened adventurers. They’re don’t have an extensive hidden empire in the sewers and tunnels.” Beastmen (2d6) Mv WS BS Att 4 2 2 1 W 2 AC 6 Sv F2 Mrl 8 Beastmen are goat-legged. Morale base 4. Consult your preferred D&D monster book for such familiar fantasy stalwarts as goblins. ogre or giant spider should cause fear. and their bizarre magical technology. infected wounds or disease. and they’re especially not a PG13 copypaste of Runequest Broo. each doubling in the number of Ratmen present in a group increases it by 1 with no upper limit (2 ratmen = Mrl 5. The more ratmen around. head butts or crude but effective melee weapons (all of which cause 1d8 damage). The missing information from the B/X block (alignment. the braver they are. 4 = Mrl 6. terror. vampires) should cause terror. but gain an almost mystical courage when among large numbers of their own kind. There is a 50% chance that any beastman has a randomly determined mutation. Rats. To enhance that WFRP flavour of SBVD I suggest that the WFRP psychology rules be applied across the board. Ratmen (1d100) Mv WS BS Att 4 1 1 1 W 1 AC 6 Sv F1 Mrl 4+ The twisted Ratmen don’t exist.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Monsters The vast majority of the monsters in WFRP are straight borrowings from the well of public domain folklore from which D&D drew. The infamous Ratmen special weapons should be treated as magic items with radioactive/steampunk FX . otyughs. manticores. scattering both the bones of their enemies and their looted wealth (HC XIX) around tainted Chaos monoliths found deep in the forests. The standard B/X monster stat block has been reformatted to be a little more WFRP-ey in appearance. hydras. flight. orcs. This will be noted in the descriptions of new monsters. Humanoids “People on the left… we hate the people on the right. 16 = Mrl 8. that’s all. Monster Name (# Encountered) Mv WS BS Att W AC Sv # # # # # # ## Mrl # Mv WS BS Att - B/X movement in feet per turn /30 Weapon Skill (melee attack bonus) Bow Skill (ranged attack bonus) Attacks per round W AC Sv Mr l - Wounds (d8 HD) B/X Armour Class B/X Saving Throw matrix B/X morale Psychology and Special Abilities A lot of monstrous creatures in the WFRP world cause fear. Things a normal human has no chance against (demons. even though entire armies have fought against their uncountable hordes. Beastmen attack with vicious kicks. swimming or burrowing speed) can be found in the monster description. carcass scavengers and suchlike habitual wallowers in mire should have a non-trivial chance to cause infected wounds or disease from their filthy claws and bites. etc. Nosirree. their twisted warbeasts. dragons. dragons. animal-headed tribal humanoids who consider themselves the favoured children of Chaos. • • • Things as relatively mundane(!) as a skeleton. Ratmen are unutterable cowards on their own. etc. They’re just a rat-faced type of beastman. ghoul. 8 = Mrl 7.) Common Ratmen wield spears and jagged poisoned blades with vicious glee and a fanatic’s eye for your soft parts.

Giants claim that their drinking is to numb the tragic pain of the ancient greatness that their race has lost to man. which varies round by round. The swarms of feral giant rats that accompany all Ratmen incursions cause infected wounds 35% of the time. returning to the WFRP world as the fearsome lightning-powered Dragon Ogres. They originated as druidic defenders of the forest. poison/death or be squashed. Individually they carry HC IV. and then went into space as the shock troops and diplomats of an alien hive race before disappearing entirely. and the ruling Grey Wizards and Warlock-Engineers as wizards of level equal to their W (3+). Suffice it to say these guys are weird. Legend says that they once fielded entire armies and waged terrible wars against men. Chaotic giants are surly drunks who revel in pulling the limbs off those smaller than them. All these attacks cause 1d8+1 damage. Zoat (1) Mv WS 7 4 BS 4 Att 2 W 4 AC 5 Sv E4 Mrl 10 These ancient lizard-centaurs have enjoyed a complex history. fear-causing White Apes. death or discorporate. the bounce and ricochet of hurled stones. and carry Black Plague 2% of the time. but such things are long past. just remember that Ratmen have absolutely no conception of Elf’n’Safety. pg 14). etc. . dwarves and elves. hurling some poor unfortunate into a wall. sweeping blows with tree-trunk clubs. ending up Floored for 1 round. Zoats are rumoured to possess ancient treasures and lost lore. collectively HC XXI. paralysis when fighting small folk in melee to avoid tripping over their own feet. Chaos and the passage of ages. players can wield these weapons if they manage to capture and decipher them.thrown missiles.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) and some downright cheesy puns and visual gags (warpfire = wand of fire. The ancient runes grant the weapon +1 enchantment and require any demon struck to save vs. warplock = jezzail+poison ammunition. Those fighting a giant against a toppling giant must also save vs. All giant attacks. These ancient terrors of the wetlands have been driven to the verge of extinction by divisions among their creator gods.wildly inaccurate . and by the inexorable expansion of Ratmen and Dark Elves into their conceptual niche territory. be they melee or ranged.) Yes. They appear to have vanished into a combined time travel/ret-con portal. Treat Fimmish mist as a random level of cover. The damage dice from giant attacks may be divided up between several opponents to represent stomping and kicking. and the tail attack may strike to stun (see Combat. They are 50% likely to have an allied demon on call. Bog Devils are terrors in close combat. or are subject to frenzy and have a complete immunity to damage from electrical attacks. poison wind = see “Magic Items”. a bit confused and not to all tastes. Bog Devil lairs are filled with ancient treasure. cause 3d6 damage and cause all human-sized opponents struck to be Floored for 1 round. sharp-edged tails. Giants have to save vs. Treat the gigantic Ogre-Rats as stupidity prone. Zoats attack with a barging trample which causes 1d8 damage and with gigantic two-handed stone maces which cause 2d6 damage. etc. There is a 25% chance that a giant has been affected by Chaos and has 1-3 randomly determined mutations. Fimmish Bog Devils (2d4) Mv WS BS Att W AC 4 4 1 3 3 4 Sv F3 Mrl 6 The Bog Devils are monocular amphibian humanoids of evil aspect. and blasphemous idols of ancient make. One of the few things that will get these obstreperous creatures working together is a planned assault on a brewery. attacking with two large axes or maces and with swipes from their long. And the Bog Devils are really bitter about it. Zoats either have spellcasting ability as a wizard of level . and are evil sorcerers able to cast spells as wizards of level equal to their W (3+). The eldritch mist they naturally exude invariably covers Fimmish advance and also serves to gauge range for their . The ancient masters of the Bog Devils are able to enhance their minion’s natural fog effect into a stinking cloud. but the general consensus is that they’re just at the tired and emotional stage. Giants (1d2) Mv WS BS 4 9 9 Att 1 W 9 AC 4 Sv F9 Mrl 9 SBVD giants are all massive (20’+) drunken killer hobos.

Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) .

auditors must save vs. as opposed to vibration. Lashworm (# Encountered) Mv WS BS Att W AC # # # # # # Sv ## Mrl # More a trap/damage tax than a proper monster. Immune to non-magical weapons. Giant Bogtopus (1) Mv WS BS Att 1 8 4 6 W 8 AC 7 Sv F4 Mrl 9 Bogtopi spend their lives squelching around in mires and marshes looking for things to fondle and eat. There are plenty of Chaos-warped animals out there that are more than happy to remind those uppity humans that no one is above the food chain. Used as chariot beasts by the more extravagant (and lunatic) Chaotic Lords. Even Chaos doesn’t take credit for these guys. Interweave them with shriekers for massive hilarity. and will throw clods of mud at torch wielders. Confusing cackle. Aggressive and stupid. They grow on old battlefields. A bogtopus generally fears fire. Maybe have them activated by noise. Regenerates.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Dumb Animals Dumb doesn’t equate to helpless. They attack as normal giant octopi and have enough cunning to drag air breathers below the water. Carnivorous Snapper (# Encountered) Mv WS BS Att W AC Sv Mrl Riding lizard (Cold One) – hey look! It’s the FF Bonesnapper in all but name! Chameleoleech (# Encountered) Mv WS BS Att W AC Sv # # # # # # ## Mrl # Hallucinatory leeches Goldworm (# Encountered) Mv WS BS Att W AC # # # # # # Sv ## Mrl # Nasty little things that eat your gold if you give them half a chance. Poison bite. Razorbill (4d6) Mv WS BS Att 3 3 1 W 3 AC 6 Sv F2 Mrl 8 No one is quite sure why the WFRP world has giant angry puffins hopping about its’ rocky shorelines in colonies up to 100-strong. Dwarves hate these guys! Jabberwock (# Encountered) Mv WS BS Att W AC 6 8 3 8 2 Sv F8 Mrl 10 Jabberwock – a creature that entered the WH world through a mirror or something. breath weapon or suffer as the confusion spell. Causes terror. Bogtopi have no interest in gathering treasure. although exceptionally cunning specimens use it as bait for passing humans. Claw/claw/bite routine. Bloodsedge (# Encountered) Mv WS BS Att W AC # # # # # # Sv ## Mrl # Proactive carnivorous plant. . Subject to stupidity.

Razorbills don’t care about treasure. Bloodspillers attack twice per round. Whatever the nature of their existence demons are alien and hostile to mundane life. Bloodspillers) are impossibly skinny bloody-skinned humanoids with faces of constantly twisted into a grimace of inhuman fury.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Razorbills savagely attack anyone who wanders too near their nests. or anything they mistake for fish (polished armour confuses their simple brains no end). Razorbills have Mv 15 (450’/rnd) in flight and attack with their wickedly sharp beaks. holy water and the like… Carrion (1d6) Mv WS BS 4 5 5 Att 3 W 5 AC 5 Sv F5 Mrl 7 Blame the death-fetishists of Hekhara for these beauties. Why? Because heliotropic laser slugs would make no sense in cold. If there’s nothing else to get angry about demons of rage will gladly turn on each other. Treasure equivalent to HC VI per worm will typically be strewn among the remains of their impromptu barbeques. • Survive indefinitely without food or air. striking for double damage in the round they first charge (stoop upon) their prey. all the time. Sunworm (4d6) Mv WS BS Att 3 2 2 1 W 2 AC 6 Sv F1 Mrl 8 The warmer. others consider them the inspirers of same. Carrion cause fear (and loathing). • Regenerate 1 Wound per round. Sunworms consume flesh and leather. If both claws strike the Carrion will attempt to lift its opponent (man-sized or smaller) to a great height before dropping it to its death. Demons Demons are creature native to the enigmatic Realm of Chaos from whence all magic flows.k. except damage is acid rather than fire). Some scholars consider demons distorted reified echoes of human sins and virtues. Universal Qualities of Demons: • See in darkness (infravision 90’) • Immune to non-magical weapons. rather than the poor damage (1d4/hit) of their natural attacks. normal poisons and earthly diseases. Treasure is shiny like fish. which cannot be healed through magic). but consider metal unpalatable. once with a blast of venomous spittle (treat as flask of oil. but annoyingly inedible. Still others claim they are life forms naturally arising from their realm or that they are accumulated psychic residue. • Cause fear in living creatures. perpetually overcast locales. etc. wand for half) at a range of up to 50 feet. Sunworms bask in the baking deserts of Araby and southern Estalia. then eating the smoking remains. . zapping unwary travellers and unsuspecting livestock with accumulated solar energy. They are always angry. A sunworm is able to discharge up to 3 times/day for 3d6 damage (save vs. are 90% likely to cause infected wounds and accumulate large amounts of treasure scattered around their mountain eyries (HC XXI). relying on their innate paralysing touch (as ghoul) to subdue prey. and once with a massive two-handed black rune sword (cause 2d6 damage per hit. • 50% chance of a randomly determined mutation. sunnier regions of the world are infested with man-sized carnivorous laser slugs. Carrion attack with a claw/claw/bite routine. • Repelled by protective barriers (protection from evil. Salt affects sunworms as burning oil. They otherwise just rasp at things with their abrasive tongues for 1d4 damage. Undead Did I mention that there’s no turning the undead in SBVD? Better stock up on garlic.) Demon of Rage (2d6) Mv WS BS Att W 4 4 4 2 4 AC 5 Sv Dw4 Mrl 11 Demons of Rage (a. Some bright spark just had to see what happened when you feed the giant vultures on a diet of zombie flesh. The answer: nothing good.a. Although at least we now know what’s grosser than a vulture: giant stinking undead ghoul-vultures.

no reload required) in addition to its runesword. Tallymen of Poxes) are created through the agency of Gurglish Rot. Physical contact. poxes and cankers far and wide. jellyfish and porcupine.k.a.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) There is a 25% chance that any bloodspiller encountered wears magic plate armour (enchantment +1. A successful save vs.k. Changing Horrors) – Chaotic Aura??? Hawk-beaked fire throwing with detachable limbs.a. spell allows a bloodspiller to control its frenzy and operate (semi-)rationally for 1d6 rounds. brightly coloured combinations of bird. Regenerate? Throw Fire. and a further 25% chance that a bloodspiller wields an anachronistically advanced technological weapon (treat as arquebus or blunderbuss that fire once per round. pitted glaives (1d10 damage and infected wounds). p51) Demon of Change (2d6) Mv WS BS Att W 4 4 4 2 4 AC 5 Sv F4 Mrl 11 Demon of Change (a. compound eyes and coiled horns.k.a. Someone slain by the disease will later arise as a one-eyed. Succubettes) are hermaphroditic humanoids with claws. a melee strike from their rusted. Demon of Sensation (2d6) Mv WS BS Att W AC 4 4 4 2 4 5 Sv F4 Mrl 11 Demon of Sensation (a. Weird. human. causes food to rot and plants to wither. horned festering monstrosity which exists only to spread agues. or even extended proximity to the necrotic festering flesh of a Tallyman will require a save vs. Demon of Disease (2d6) Mv WS BS Att W 4 4 4 2 4 AC 3 Sv F4 Mrl 11 Demons of Disease (a. All bloodspillers are by default subject to both frenzy and hatred of everyone they encounter. grants a base AC of 2). They radiate a strong musky smell. All Demons of Disease carry Gurglish Rot and 1-3 other random diseases. Their mere presence curdles milk. Their ever-present cloud of vermin acts as an insect swarm which dissipates only on the banishment of the Tallyman. . Hypnotic pattern (*ahem*) dance (LLAEC. poison/death to avoid contracting something unpleasant.

8. ignominious demise. The gods hate you. 2. Glowing green rocks = bad. Investigate and Report: There’s something rotten in [the sewers/the necropolis/the village of Dorfdorf/ Kislev – delete as appropriate]. 9. . It can always get worse. and accompanying dire retribution. will befall if you fail. complications and hilarity ensue. and generally should. and the monster’s kin to show up. confusion and loss of the will to live. Bring back the Graf’s wife/Hammer of Sigmar/Glowing Green Rock of Guffin McGuff. 3. business or social rival. Empire in Flames) will cause only sadness. Power Behind the Throne) will provide massive pointers in the right direction in terms of theme. Fancy a little extracurricular looting? Feeling a little more ambitious than running something akin to a Lovecraft-scripted Blackadder episode? Looking at the first three parts of the classic Enemy Within campaign (Shadows over Bogenhafen. Stand and Deliver: There’s a lot of fuss and expensive preparation about that carriage due in later this week. doing everything just short of that is much more entertaining. Jabberwock…: Find and slay the fearsome [monster] which has been making life so complicated recently. Sure. threats and blackmail letters strewn about so thick? The Quest: Go there. and your suffering amuses them. Gold Fever!!! It turns out that old abandoned Dwarven mine/hold/grave is full of treasure after all. Expect unpleasant people to interfere. Killing characters off is no fun.Small But Vicious Dog (B/X-WFRP hack) Scenarios SBVD scenarios practically write themselves: [people] have [stuff you want]. If in doubt. get it without being blamed or falling afoul of [complications]. Put them through the wringer as much as possible before their inevitable. Better get in there and secure it for the common good before opportunistic looters can steal it. Chaos did it! If it appears that Chaos didn’t do it. the authorities welching on promised bounties. Cock-ups. the priests are still in there. Be advised that looking at the later parts of the same campaign ( Something Rotten in Kislev. Remember: 1. Disaster. Hmm. greedy scum. Congratulations. What could be so important and valuable that it needs all those extra guards and so many bribes. 7. Kohl’s Herren: That village occupied by [enemy]. Slay the fearsome Thing of the Heath. Also Chaos. I wonder why the place was abandoned in the first place? Larcenous Pursuits: It’s not nailed down? It’s like they’re asking you to nick it! What? It is nailed down? Lucky you brought your crowbar… Traps? Lucky you bought a few expendable Halflings… Easy money! Stop the Pigeon: Hunt down and [capture/kill/sell into slavery] [person] who is rushing by [foot/horse/ carriage/ship] to reveal [revelation] to [the authorities/their cult/the enemy de jour]. Expect kill-stealers. The remainder are vicious fanatics. Everyone has an agenda: sometimes several. and the place is thick with [enemy] troops. The world is not fair. Schattenlaufen: Herr Johanson hires some deniable scum (that’s you) to perform some discrete service intended to result in the discommoding of a political. rumour has it that there’s a rich treasure buried beneath the temple that no one knows anything about: enough to retire on if we don’t have to split it with the rest of the army. 5. Keeping It Small But Vicious Making the PCs suffer best evokes the spirit of the source material that inspired SBVD. tone and content. 90% of people are corrupt. check harder. 6. it is not recommended. Death on the Reik. 4. you’re the canaries. There are no such things as Skaven.

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