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When we saw our house, we knew
it was “the one”. We called a few
lenders but decided our credit union
offered the lowest interest rate,
closing costs and the best service.
Tiffany explained the mortgage loan
process and what we needed to do.
She also knew we had to finalize
the paperwork and get into our new
home quickly.

Tiffany provided excellent service and we never had to call her

to find out what was going on, she called us. She went above and
beyond to help us get into our new home.

Thanks for making our new house a home.

– Justin & Jennelle

When it comes to mortgage loans, we want to provide a clear picture.

Our members want to know how much home they can afford, what
their monthly payment will be and that they are borrowing from a
secure lender.

When you need a mortgage loan or any financial service, we’re

here to make your financial future brighter.

Tiffany Layden
Member Service Officer
Be an
iBelong2 Star!
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FINANCIAL Spring 2009

Table of Contents

4 Message from the CEO

Norb Kaczmarek ● Security Is
Our Top Priority
10 1% MasterCard Rebate
No-Fee Balance Transfer Offers
with an Erie FCU MasterCard Page 6

6 Member Rebate Realty Program

Members Receive a 35% Realtor
11 Tips for Avoiding Scams
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8 Student Loans
Loans, Financial Aid, Resources
Where to go for Answers
12 MEMBERS Financial Services
Retirement, Insurance & Investments
From Larry Amenta

9 The Magic of Savings

Kids 17 & Under Can Join
the Youth Savings Challenge
13 Making a Difference
Community Efforts & Outreach Makes
an Impact on Our Community
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Holiday Closings ■ Membership Appreciation ■ Supporting Our Community
Discount Theme Park Tickets ■ Spring Seminar Series | 3
Protecting Member Accounts
Is Our Top Priority
Heartland Payment Systems is a company that processes credit
and debit card transactions for over 250,000 merchants across
the United States. It is estimated that up to 100 million card
accounts were compromised when hackers were able to penetrate
the security of their system. The Heartland breach comes on the
heels of the TJX breach in 2007 and the Cards Systems Solutions
breach in 2005. All three companies process transactions for
merchants across the country. Since they are not affiliated with
the Erie Federal Credit Union, we have no way to protect the data
they obtain when our members use their debit and credit cards.
In situations where debit or credit card data is compromised,
the liability falls on the Erie FCU, not the member, merchant or
processing company from where the data is taken. Once it is
determined exactly what data is stolen from the processor, the
credit union must decide to reissue cards to members whose data
was compromised or monitor the accounts.
The list of compromised cards from the Heartland breach
contained over 5,600 debit cards and 500 credit cards issued
by the Erie Federal Credit Union. In this particular data breach,
the potential for fraud was very high since enough data was
compromised to allow cyber criminals to manufacture counterfeit
cards and make purchases on a members’ account. Since such
a significant amount of information was obtained, we decided it
was prudent to reissue cards. Members with compromised
cards were sent a notification letter informing them of the
situation and that they would be receiving a new card. They
were also instructed to activate their new card once it was
received and contact us to cancel the compromised card.
The decision to reissue cards is not an easy one. It is an
inconvenience to our membership and an expensive, time
consuming project for the credit union. Unfortunately, we were
left with no other alternative since the risk of fraud losses from
this particular data breach was so high.
Members can assist the credit union in reducing fraud losses
by monitoring their accounts on-line or reviewing their monthly
statements to insure that no unauthorized transactions are being
posted to their accounts.
We apologize for any inconvenience this breach may have
caused our membership but we feel our actions were the best way
to protect the integrity of our members’ accounts and prevent the
potential for severe fraud loss for the credit union.

Norb Kaczmarek
Financial Statistics
Message from As of February 28, 2009

the CEO Assets....................................... $277,136,682.13

Deposits................................... $245,049,405.41
Loans....................................... $147,990,056.53
Members.................................................. 33,652

4 |
Welcome EC-2 FCU Members
In 1952 Erie educator Gertrude A. Barber dedicated her life to creating a dynamic
and diverse facility, the Dr. Gertrude A. Barber National Institute. Today the institute
serves more than 3,200 children and adults with developmental disabilities. In
1970, EC-2 (Erie County Exceptional Children) Federal Credit Union was chartered
to provide a Credit Union for employees of the institute and Christmas Club
accounts for their clients. The charter was later expanded to include members of
ARC (Advocacy and Resources for Citizens with Disabilities).
In January 2009, the EC-2 FCU merged with the Erie FCU. We would like to
officially welcome all EC-2 FCU members to their new credit union and hope you’ll
enjoy being a part of our credit union family.

Member Verification Audit & What You Need to Know...

Popa & Associates will conduct a member verification
audit in April 2009. This audit is designed to detect fraud
and inaccurate mailing addresses. Your March 2009
statement envelope will have a return address of
Erie Federal Credit Union, c/o Popa & Associates.

Please check your March 2009 statement for any

discrepancies in your account. If you notice any
discrepancies please contact Popa & Associates by April
30, 2009 at the address below:

Popa & Associates, PC, Certified Public Accountants

Broughton Professional Building
105 Broughton Road, 2nd Floor,
Bethel Park, PA 15102

Tell Us Your Credit Union Story &

You Could Become an iBelong2 Star!
To kickoff the 75th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt signing the Federal
Credit Union Act of 1934, which established a federal framework for credit unions, we
are looking for an Erie FCU member who wants to be the next star featured on the
cover of our Summer 2009 newsletter.
The Erie FCU, chartered in 1936, has been a ready source of affordable credit and
has offered our members a safe and sound depository for 73 years. Now is your
chance to tell everyone why you Belong! Just pick up an entry form at any office
or online at and tell us in 50 words or less what
you love about belonging to the Erie FCU. You can enter yourself, your family or get
together with a bunch of your friends who are members. The deadline to enter is May
8, 2009 and the next iBelong2 Star will be notified by May 15, 2009.

*Must be an Erie FCU member in good standing to be eligible. If entering a group, each person must be listed
and sign the media release. Anyone under 18 must provide parental consent. | 5
Member Rebate Realty
Whether you’re in the
market to buy or sell a
home, the Erie Federal
Credit Union can save
you hundreds, or even
thousands of dollars through
our Member Rebate Realty
Program. We’re offering a
unique opportunity to take
advantage of a program that
can save you time, earn a

Get the Best Auto Deal... significant cash rebate and

help you with the purchase
or sale of a home.
Never walk into a dealer showroom unprepared.
Equip yourself with the knowledge that will make a The Erie Federal Credit Union has partnered with
huge difference during price negotiations. a group of experienced real estate agents from the
local area to provide the best service, professional
CUDL AutoSMART allows you to compare features and
advice and best of all, extend to our members a
prices between multiple cars to ensure you are getting
rebate of 35% of their commission.
the car, SUV or truck you want. CUDL dealers in your
area are aware of the great financing options offered Our Select Agent Network includes local realtors
by the Erie FCU. They will compete for your business, who know your neighborhood best. Simply select an
which will help you get the best deal possible. And with agent from our website, ask a credit union employee
over 425,000 vehicles on the website, you’ll be sure for a list of agents or contact one of our mortgage
to find exactly what you want! Visit loan professionals. Our Member Rebate Realty
for details. Program in combination with an Erie Federal Credit
Union mortgage loan will help you make the most of
New Fast Branch/ATM your money.
• Free Mortgage Pre-Approvals
In Union City, PA •

Competitive Interest Rates
Pay Less in Mortgage Fees
A new Self-Service Erie FCU Fast Branch/ATM is • Locate an Experienced Real Estate Agent
available at the Shell Station located at 56 North Main • Save Money with a Realtor Rebate*
Street, Union City, PA. This new Fast Branch/ATM As a valued member of the Erie Federal Credit
provides a convenient do-it-yourself environment where Union, we’re here to help make your home buying
you can perform most of your financial transactions. and selling experience as easy as possible. Visit our
It can also be used as mortgage center today at
a Fast Branch by Erie for more information.
FCU members and *Rebate information provided to member in listing/purchasing
members of credit agreement. All Erie FCU loans subject to credit approval based
unions participating on certain credit worthiness criteria. Contact the credit union for
complete details.
in the Shared Service
Center Network or as a
surcharge-free ATM by
anyone using an ATM
Pre-Paid VISA®
or Debit Card. Gift Cards Make
Available features include: the Perfect Gift
• Deposits-cash or check • Cashier’s Checks When you’re searching for a graduation, wedding,
anniversary or birthday gift, our VISA® Pre-Paid Gift
• Withdrawals/Transfers • Balance Inquiries Cards will make the perfect gift. These great gift
• Loan Payments • Account History cards are available in any amount up to $500 and
are accepted anywhere you see the VISA® logo.
Cards are available at any office.
*Visa® Pre-Paid Gift Cards fee is $2.50 per card.
6 |
Tax Strategies Provides Local Tax Preparation Service
To take advantage of tax preparation and e-filing
services through Tax Strategies, simply drop off your
tax information at any Erie FCU office. You can also
contact the Tax Strategies Office, located at 4420
Peach Street (across from Perkins) to schedule an
appointment. Tax Strategies can provide you with
Fast Funds service, which allows you to receive your
refund in as little as 48-hours. They can also prepare
your business tax returns. Call Tax Strategies at
(814) 866-5494 for complete details.

1040EZ Only $40*

1040A Only $60*

1040 Only $90*

*Includes state and local taxes, plus FREE electronic filing.

TurboTax® for the

Savvy Tax Preparer
TurboTax® Online is the fast and easy way to file your
State and Federal income tax returns. The program is
Internet-based, so there is no software to download or
install. TurboTax® provides you with all the information
you need to file your tax returns at a reasonable price.
You may also be eligible for free filing through the Intuit
Tax Freedom Project. To learn more about filing options
and tax information, click on the TurboTax® link at

An EZ Loan Really Can

Make Your Life Easier
Whether you’re adopting a child, paying veterinary bills,
planning a wedding, or need money for any of life’s other
expenses, our EZ Loan will fill all your financial needs. The
new EZ Loan has credit limits up to $15,000 with interest
rates as low as 9.00% APR for qualified borrowers. You can
apply today for your EZ Loan in person, over the phone or
online. Let our new EZ Loan make your life easier.

*An Erie FCU EZ Loan is an unsecured loan and subject to credit union approval.
EZ Loan term, interest rate and borrowing amount is based on certain credit
worthiness criteria. Sample Monthly Payment for a $15,000 EZ Loan, including
.25% APR Auto Pay discount and payment protection; with a 48 month maximum
term is $397.58. Contact the credit union for complete details. APR=Annual
Percentage Rate. | 7
Erie Youth Ambassador
Representative Winner

James J. DeDad
The Erie Chapter of Credit Unions will award six Pictured are Erie FCU CEO Norb Kaczmarek, YAC winner Tiffany
Scholarships totaling $8,000. The Scholarships named Layden, Denise Kaczmarek Erie FCU Branch Manager.
for former Erie Chapter President, James J. DeDad The Erie Chapter of Credit Unions selected Tiffany
have awarded over $90,000 to college bound students. Layden, Erie FCU MSO, to be the Youth Ambassador
Applicants must be 17 to representative for the Erie area at the Pennsylvania
24 years of age, a primary Scholarship Awards Credit Union Association’s Annual Convention in May
member of the Erie FCU 2009. The nationally recognized Youth Ambassador
1st Place $3,000
and enrolled as a full- competition allows energetic and enthusiastic young
2nd Place $1,500 people to represent the future of credit unions.
time undergraduate student
in 2009. Applications are
3rd Place $1,250 Tiffany along with other contestants were interviewed
available beginning April 4th Place $1,000 by a judging panel and tested on their credit union
1st at our offices or online knowledge. She presented her essay titled “Credit
5th Place $ 750
at Unions Committed to Financial Education”.
6th Place $ 500
The Application submission The Board of Directors and staff of the
deadline is June 12, 2009.
Erie FCU wish Tiffany continued success.

Make Plans Now to Reach Your Education Goals

Our FREE Education Plus Took Kit provides
everything you need to finance your education and
become a financially responsible student. Education
Plus Kits are available at all Erie FCU branch locations
or simply request one online at
In addition to offering Erie FCU tuition loans, we
are a proud lender for the Pennsylvania Higher
Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA). We offer
PHEAA Educational Loans for Undergraduate,
Graduate and Medical students:
• FAFSA Application
• KeystoneBEST Stafford Loans
• KeystonePLUS Loans for Parents
• KeystonePLUS Loans for Graduates
• AES Consolidation Loan
Online applications for Erie FCU or PHEAA student
loans area available at You can also
access the American Education Services (AES)
award winning Education Planner to help you keep
track of everything you should do to achieve your
educational dreams.

8 |
Annual Meeting & Dinner The Magic of Saving Week
Youth Savings Week Starting April 20th-25th
Please join us at our Annual Meeting & Dinner to be
held on Monday, May 18th at the Erie Maennerchor Bring a little magic to your money! Save regularly,
Club located at 1607 State Street, Erie PA. Tickets are and—abracadabra—you’ll reach your goals. With
on sale now for $7 and are available at all Erie FCU an Erie FCU Savings or Treasure Club Account you
offices until Monday, May 11th. Doors open at 5:30 PM can become a savvy saver and watch your money
and a Swiss Steak dinner will be served at 6:00 PM. multiple faster than a hatful of rabbits.
The Annual Meeting will be held immediately following
Youth age 17 and under can celebrate National
the dinner.
Youth Savings Week, April 20th-25th by making a
deposit into their new or existing savings account.
Annual Meeting & Dinner Ten young savers will be selected nationwide by the
Monday, May 18, 2009 Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and each
Erie Maennerchor Club
will win $100. The Erie FCU will also reward one
$7 per person
young saver with a $100 reward.
Swiss Steak Dinner
You can find more information about saving and
*A limited number of tickets are available. There is no charge to managing your money online at Our
attend the meeting only. Treasure Club Kid’s Account and Teen Financial
Network will help you learn all about the magic of
saving. Visit the Erie FCU and help us celebrate
Local Erie Students Learn National Credit Union Youth Week.

to Manage Finances
*Must be age 0-17 to participate. Account deposit must be
made to an existing account or a new account must be opened
during Youth Week April 20th-25th to be entered in drawing.
Membership for youth ages 0-17 requires a savings account with
a $5 minimum deposit.
The Erie FCU knows the importance of education,
that’s why we sponsor the Erie-Times Newspapers
In Education: Invest in Your Future program. Our
employees also volunteer to work with students from
K-12 to teach the Junior Achievement of Erie County
curriculum, which includes vital lessons on financial
education, economics and career choices.
Recently, the Erie FCU
visited the Leadership
Christian Academy, Our
Lady of Mount Carmel,
and Fairview Elementary
School. Students enjoyed
learning about important
life skills for wise money
management and career
choices. | 9
Earn a 1% Balance Transfer Rebate
With Our MasterCard® No-Fee Balance Transfers
Anytime you transfer balances from loans and/or credit cards held at
other financial institutions to your Erie FCU MasterCard®, you will never
have to pay a balance transfer fee, regardless of the amount of the balance
transferred. Plus, you’ll receive a 1% Rebate* for each balance you transfer.
Our Gold, Classic and Platinum MasterCards® offer additional benefits
such as: No Annual Fee, Low Annual Percentage Interest Rates and a 25-
day grace period on purchases. And for your convenience, you can access
your Erie FCU MasterCard® online 24/7 with, which
allows you to monitor transactions, pay your bill and view your monthly
Visit any Erie FCU office now to apply for your 1% Balance Transfer
Rebate. If you would like to transfer more balances than your current Erie
FCU MasterCard® limit allows, please contact us to request an increase in
your credit limit. If you are not already enjoying the money saving benefits
of an Erie FCU MasterCard®, you can apply at any office or online at
*Loans granted and qualifying Annual Percentage Rate (APR) based on credit approval.
Balance transfers may not exceed approved credit limit. Current Erie FCU loans and
credit card balances are not eligible for balance transfer rebate offer.

EZ Money Manager
Features Now Available
We recently introduced new enhancements
to our EZ Money Manager. These new features
will provide you with more accessibility to your
account and will make it easier to keep track
of your funds. Now managing your money and
viewing your account information is even easier.
If you aren’t one of the 10,000+ EZ Money
Manager users, sign up at any office or online at

Here’s what we’ve added:

• Pending Transactions Hover Over - This option • Masked Account Numbers - The first 7 digits
allows you to hover your mouse over your Checking of each of your account numbers on the Account
Account balance and view information for pending Summary page have been masked to help safeguard
transactions including check deposits, withdrawals your account.
and signature based Debit MasterCard transactions. • MasterCard & Midwest Payment Accounts
This feature will only be active when there are If you have an Erie FCU MasterCard or Midwest
pending transactions on your Checking Account and Mortgage loan, you will now be able to see your
the available account balance is displayed in blue. accounts displayed on the Account Summary page
• ACH Checking Account Number - Your Checking along with the payment amount, due date and loan
Account MICR Number will appear in green next balance. Simply click on the account number to
to your checking account number. The ACH make a payment.
Account Number is required to perform electronic
transactions including direct deposit, tax payment/ Note: Joint Access Control - If you access a joint
refund and electronic merchant payments. Note: account through your primary account log-in, you will
All existing electronic transactions do not need to not have access to these new enhancements.
be changed.

10 |
How to Recognize & Avoid Fraudulent Check Scams
If someone you don’t know wants to pay you by check and asks you to wire or mail some of the money back, it’s a
scam that could cost you!
You are responsible for the checks you deposit. When a check bounces, even if it is fraudulent, the credit union
deducts the amount that was originally credited to your account. The credit union will not refund money you may lose
from depositing a fraudulent check.
• There are many variations of the fake check scam. It could start with an “advance” on a sweepstakes you’ve
supposedly won or the first installment on the millions that you’ll receive for agreeing to have money in a foreign
country transferred to your account for safekeeping. It could also be a fraudulent ad for secret or mystery shopper.
• They often claim to be in another country. The scammers say it’s too difficult and complicated to send you the
money directly from their country, so they’ll arrange for someone in the U.S. to send you a check.
• They tell you to wire or mail money to them after you’ve deposited the check. The scammers will send a check and
ask you to send money back to cover taxes, customs, bonding, processing, legal fees, or other expenses that must
be paid and stress the importance of keeping all of this confidential.
• The checks are fake, but look real. They may be phony cashiers checks, or look like checks from legitimate
business accounts.
• There is no legitimate reason for someone who is giving you money to ask you to wire or mail money back. If a
stranger wants to pay you for something, insist on a cashiers check for the exact amount and ask the credit union
to put a hold on the funds. This will allow ample time for a fraudulent check to be returned and prevent you from
losing money.
Remember: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Watch out for FRAUD.

Protect Yourself Against Scams

Don’t wait to become a victim of scams. Be proactive, stay
informed and protect yourself against scams. Scammers are
cunning and try to create a believable a story hoping you will let
down your guard.
Lottery Scams
Unlike a sweepstakes, a lottery is a promotional device by
which items of value (prizes) are awarded to members of the
public by chance, but which requires some form of payment to
Tips: If you have not purchased a ticket, you haven’t won a
lottery. Legitimate lotteries don’t ask for funds in advance of
paying prize money.
Internet Auction Frauds
Auction fraud (commonly called eBay or PayPal scams, after the two largest venues) is a misrepresentation of a
product advertised for sale through an Internet auction site or the failure to deliver products purchased through
an Internet auction site.
Tips: Do not make payments through an unknown site. Examine feedback to make sure the seller is reputable
and their information is valid. Understand how the auction system works and the obligations of the buyer and
seller before you bid.
Identity Theft-Phishing and Pharming
These are bogus e-mails that appear to be from credible banks or
credit card companies with website links and a request to update
account information. Tips: Financial institutions do not ask for social Sign-up for our RSS feeds today
security numbers, account information or request updated personal
information through e-mails. If you suspect you have been a victim
of identity theft, contact the Erie FCU immediately. Recent security
and fraud alerts are available online at
Remember: Never provide personal information to a person or company you do not know.

Source: | 11
Retirement, Insurance & Investments from a Trusted Partner
A message from the MEMBERS Financial Services Center
Trust is everything – especially when it comes to your insurance and investments.
That’s why we are honored to have been chosen by the Erie Federal Credit Union
as a financial partner to serve the needs of members like you.
Designed exclusively for credit union members, and located right here at the
credit union, the Members Financial Services Program is a full-service financial
advisor program. We provide retirement, insurance and investment services to
members like you. We’re here to help you and your family through a lifetime of
financial planning needs – from those just starting a savings plan, to those with
sizable assets looking for more sophisticated management tools.
Some of the products and services available include:
• Retirement Planning • 401 (K) / Pension Rollovers
Larry Amenta • Wealth Management • Life Insurance
Registered Representative • Education Funding • Long-Term Care Insurance
MEMBERS Financial Services Center • Mutual Funds • Tax-Managed Investing*

As a trusted partner of the Erie Federal Credit Union, MEMBERS Financial Services works in cooperation with
your credit union. Therefore, we understand the importance of serving you. We’re affiliated with CUNA Mutual
Group, a family of companies owned by and dedicated to credit unions and their members for the past 125 years.
Be assured your financial advisor will serve you with the same personalized attention you’ve come to expect
from your credit union. Call Larry Amenta at 814-825-2436 EXT. 1630 for a no-cost, no-obligation appointment.
*Representatives are not tax advisors. For more information regarding your specific tax situation, please consult a tax professional. Representatives are
registered, securities are sold, and investment advisory services offered through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. (CBSI), member FINRA/SIPC, a registered
broker/dealer and investment advisor, 2000 Heritage Way, Waverly, Iowa 50677, toll-free (866) 512-6109. Non deposit investment and insurance
products are not federally insured, involve investment risk, may lose value and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the financial
institution. CBSI is under contract with the financial institution, through the financial services program, to make securities available to members.

Solutions Online
As your Business Solutions partner, you’ll have
access to our full line of consumer products as well as
the opportunity to bring credit union benefits to your
employees. Our goal is to help you grow your business,
anticipate your future needs and provide you with reliable
resources. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of working directly
with us — local people from the area who are familiar
with your business. For more information, contact
our Business Account Specialists or visit us online at

Business Solutions Business Accounts*

• Savings, Money Market & Certificates of Deposit
• Short & Long Term Loans
• Commercial Real Estate Loans Newtek™ Merchant Services
• Working Capital Lines of Credit •  Electronic Payment Processing
• Checking & Debit Cards •  Website Design & Hosting
• Vehicle & Equipment Financing • Insurance Services
• Business Credit Cards & Letters of Credit
• Construction Loans *Visit our website for current business rates and fees.

Making a Difference
EZ Saver Debit Card FYI...
Round-Up Donations Discount Theme Park
The Erie FCU presented a check for
Discount Theme Park tickets to
$2,512.48 to the John Kanzius Cancer Waldameer, Cedar Point and Kennywood
Research Foundation. The check included will be available at all offices in early
funds Erie FCU members elected to donate May. Please call ahead for ticket orders
from their EZ Saver accounts and the of 8 or more.
credit union’s dollar for dollar match from
September 2008 - January 2009. The EZ Holiday Office Hours
Pictured are Erie FCU CEO, Norb Saver program rounds-up each Debit Card Memorial Day
Kaczmarek and Maryann Yochim, transaction to next whole dollar amount.
President of the Kanzius Cancer Monday, May 25 - Closed
The round up amount is deposited in the
Research Foundation.
members EZ Saver Account along with 4th of July
a monthly 5% match. Members can elect
Friday, July 3 - Open regular
to have their 5% match donated to the John Kanzius Cancer Research
business hours
Foundation. If you would like to sign up for the EZ Saver Program, visit
any office location today. Saturday, July 4 - Closed

Supporting Our
Knock Out Homelessness Community
Chocolate Lovers Wanted! Proceeds
The Erie FCU supported the Erie City Mission during Help the Homeless from each Daffin’s candy bar,
Week. Our staff collected much needed items for the City Mission and purchased at our offices for $1, benefit
served as a major sponsor of their Knock Out Homelessness event. The the American Cancer Society. In 2008,
your generous candy bar purchases
event raised $35,000 to help house the homeless and feed the hungry. allowed us to donate $2,300 to the
American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

2009 Enjoy the City Membership

Appreciation Day
Coupon Books Join us on Saturday, August 8th from
11AM - 2PM at our Zuck Road Office for
Enjoy the City Coupon Books provide hundreds of valuable discount Membership Appreciation Day.
offers at the most popular dining, recreation and retail establishments
in the Erie Community. You can purchase 2009 Enjoy the City Books for
$20 at any office and all proceeds will benefit local charities.

Thank You
Shining Stars ave t
he Da minar Seri
S Se
pring for th
Free S
Norb Kaczmarek, Erie gister
to re inars.
FCU CEO accepted a s ortail /sem org
ore de nto eriefcu.
Shining Star certificate For m lo g o
ars nar
from the St. Martin’s Center. semin Semi
y in g
Bu 2009 enter
For 11 years, Erie FCU staff Home ay, April 1, ence C
es d nfe r
and members have provided Wedn l & Co -
e Hote rusts
Christmas gifts for children in Bel-Air ills and T s Future
ing W ur Family ’
the Erie area. With your help pa r
Com or Yo
we can continue to support ing F , 2009 enter
Plann ay , April 22 e nce C
this wonderful St. Martin’s n e s d n fe r
Wed l & Co
Center program. e Hote
Pictured are Cheryl Kobel, St. Martin Executive
Director, Norb Kaczmarek Erie FCU CEO, Thomas
Brennan, St. Martin Board President. | 13
Refer-A-Friend or Family
Member & Earn a $10
Your friends and family should be
enjoying all the benefits the Erie
Federal Credit Union offers. You
can refer anyone who lives, works,
worships, volunteers, attends
school in Erie or Crawford County,
PA or has family member who is
already an Erie FCU member. Once they
become a member and open a qualifying
U.S. Savings Bond Values account*, we’ll reward you with a $10
deposit into your savings account. There
Get the Facts... is no limit to the number of rewards you
can earn. Visit
to print the Refer-A-Friend or Family
Do you have savings bonds that have matured
Member form or pick up extra forms in our lobbies or
and stopped earning interest? If so, it’s time to cash
drive thrus. Simply complete the Referring Member
them in, or reinvest them, and have your money
portion of the form and pass it along to a friend or
start working for you again. Use the tables below to
family member. We’ll take care of the rest.
determine whether your bonds have stopped earning
*Rewards can only be earned by existing Erie FCU members in good
interest, or how long you can expect them to continue standing, age 18 or older, when they refer a new member. New members
earning interest. must open a Prime Share Savings Account with a minimum required
deposit and one Active Qualifying Account with funds not already on
The following savings bonds no longer earn interest: deposit with the Erie FCU. Qualifying Accounts include: Checking Account
with Debit Card, Money Market, Share Certificate of Deposit, Erie FCU
Series Issue Date MasterCard® or Loan (excluding Indirect or Better Choice Loans). New
E May 1941 through January 1979 accounts closed within 90 days of opening will be charged a $20 fee and
the Reward will be forfeited by the referring Erie FCU member.
H June 1952 through January 1979
HH January 1980 through January 1989
Savings Notes May 1967 through October 1970 Go Direct With
A, B, C, D, F, G, J, K All issues
Direct Deposit
2009 Changes to IRAs Direct deposit is simply the best way
to receive your Social Security, SSI,

Minimum Distributions VA Compensation, Pension and

Payroll payments. Direct deposit
allows immediate access to
If you have a qualified retirement account including funds, eliminates the risk of
401(k) plans, 403(b) plans or IRAs, the Worker, Retiree, stolen checks and reduces
and Employer Recovery Act of 2008, signed last year, fraud. In fiscal year 2007, nearly
suspends the required minimum distributions for 2009. 60,000 checks issued by the U.S.
Under the new law account owners and beneficiaries Department of the Treasury fell
will not be penalized if they do not take the required prey to endorsement fraud. These checks totaled
minimum distribution. $56 million in estimated value. If everyone who
This law is only in effect for 2009. Account holders currently receives a Federal benefit check switched
will be required to take the RMD scheduled for 2010 to direct deposit, the Federal Government could save
by December 31, 2010. IRA holders who reached age $130 million dollars a year.
70.5 last year also are required to take their RMDs by To learn more about the benefits of Direct Deposit,
April 1 or face excise taxes. The taxes for 2009 will be log on to, contact
waived. your employer or visit any Erie FCU office.

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Dividend +Plus
• High Yielding Dividend
• $500 Average Daily Balance
• Free Checks with Direct Deposit

• Monthly Dividend
• No Minimum Balance
• Free Checks with Direct Deposit

• No Monthly Service Fee
• No Minimum Balance

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*Certain fees, terms and requirements may apply to checking accounts. See credit union for complete details.
Erie FCU Designated ATM Network

Erie Federal Credit Union

Erie FCU members using an Erie FCU STAR or Debit Card have unlimited access to all Erie FCU
ATM locations listed below and will not be surcharged for transactions made at these ATMs.

Reminder: Erie FCU cards have surcharge-free access to over 28,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide.


3725 McClelland Avenue & East 38th 13580 Route 8 ● Wattsburg, PA
605 Parade Street & 518 State Street ● Corner of State St. &
East 6th Street N. Park Row
7773 Main Street ● Fairview, PA 140 West 6th Street
4917 Peach Street & West Gore Road 3330 West 26th Street
8228 Peach Street & Robinson Road 160 East Front Street
1005 Greengarden Road 5 Grant Street ● North East, PA
5500 Zuck Road 124 West 7th Street
MANUS SUNOCO Wykoff’s Gulf Express
26 East 12th Street & French Street 3804 Liberty Street

Full Service ATMs

1109 East 38th Street 5500 Zuck Road
2436 Buffalo Road 3910 Schaper Avenue ● Erie, PA
1005 Greengarden Road 101 Washington Towne Boulevard
(Walmart Plaza) ● Edinboro, PA

New! Fast Branch/ATM

56 North Main Street ● Union City, PA

ATM Fees Apply to Non-Erie FCU Designated ATM’s

You can make up to 4 withdrawals per month at ATMs (not listed above) from your Premium
and Dividend +Plus Checking Accounts without incurring a foreign ATM access fee. After four
(4) withdrawals per month ATMs (not listed above), you will be charged a $1.00 fee for each
withdrawal made at an ATM (not listed above).

Office Locations & Hours of Operation

(814) 825-2436 ● (800) 480-0494 ●
Bayfront Office Main Office
1005 Greengarden Road - Erie, PA 16501 1109 East 38th Street - Erie, PA 16504
Fax: (814) 452-3327 Fax: (814) 825-2046
Lobby Hours: Lobby Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 5PM Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 5PM
Friday: 9AM - 7PM Friday: 9AM - 7PM
Drive Thru Hours: Saturday: 9AM - 1PM
Monday - Wednesday: 9AM - 5PM Drive Thru Hours:
Thursday: 9AM - 6PM Monday - Wednesday: 9AM - 5PM
Friday: 9AM - 7PM Thursday: 9AM - 6PM
Saturday: 9AM - 3PM Friday: 9AM - 7PM
Buffalo Road Office Saturday: 9AM - 3PM
2436 Buffalo Road - Erie, PA 16510 State Street Office

Fax: (814) 899-2783 518 State Street - Erie, PA 16506

Lobby Hours: Fax: (814) 455-9072
1959 East 36th Street • Erie, PA 16510-2663

Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 5PM Lobby Hours:

Friday: 9AM - 7PM Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 5PM
Drive Thru Hours: Friday: 9AM - 5:30 PM
Monday - Wednesday: 9AM - 5PM Zuck Road Office
Thursday: 9AM - 6PM 5500 Zuck Road - Erie, PA 16506
Friday: 9AM - 7PM Fax: (814) 838-1095
Saturday: 9AM - 3PM Lobby Hours:
Hammermill Office Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 5PM
1306 East Lake Road - Erie, PA 16507 Friday: 9AM - 7PM
Fax: (814) 451-0814 Saturday: 9AM - 1PM
Lobby Hours: Drive Thru Hours:
Cert. No.: BV-SFICOC-US07000166

Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 5PM Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 6PM

Friday: 9AM - 7PM Friday: 9AM - 7PM
Saturday: 9AM - 3PM