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Below are examples of each of the different types of problems with the correct answer indicated with an asterisk (*). E. d. (D)Guests can paddle kayaks. It would probably be too exhausting. You would not find it a challenge.” a. will you b. E. The passage above was taken from an Internet report from Natural Geographic KIDS. a. uses c. What can be inferred from what is said in line 1 about racing your friends across this pool? a. won’t you c. (D)* EXTRA SKILLS PRACTICE Following each reading comprehension text. shouldn’t you Read About It! – MSU-CELC Test of English Reading Ability VOCABULARY: Vocabulary is not tested discretely in the limited context of isolated sentences but within the context of an entire reading passage or a part of it. aren’t you* d. The Arctic explorers had to travel in the bitter cold for days on end. c. (B)Ten feet deep on average. material is provided to help your students practice two other important skills tested on the examination: Writing and Speaking 1 . (A) You wouldn’t want to race your friends across this pool. You are going to Bob’s party. You would not be used to swimming in seawater. the private resort pool holds 66 million gallons of water. and structure/logic questions. _____? a. empties b. Candidates are required to choose the given word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the word highlighted in a sentence from the passage. and windsurf right in the pool. (B) c.100 yards long.g. catches Q3. so their progress was extremely slow.THE GRAMMAR AND READING SECTIONS OF THE MSU-CELC This set of five short practice tests has been produced to help candidates familiarize themselves with the skills tested in two of the four sections of the MSU-CELC examination: Grammar You Can Use! – MSU-CELC Test of English Grammar Read About It! – MSU-CELC Test of English Reading Ability. (C)That’s enough to fill more than 2. The sentences from the passage may read as follows: Q1.g. (A) b. the San Alfonso del Mar seawater pool in Chile is the world’s largest swimming pool. Grammar You Can Use! – MSU-CELC Test of English Grammar Candidates are required to choose the word or phrase which best completes the given sentence. freezing* READING COMPREHENSION: The question types in this section include comprehension of the main idea of the passage to discrete points of information. It would be dangerous. pedal water bikes.000 residential pools. long c. continuous b. a. inference. selecting the correct place in the given text to insert a given sentence. unusual d.g. e. (C) d.g. The word holds in line 3 is closest in meaning to______ . Measuring 1. b. At which point in the passage would the following sentence best fit? “There’s more to do than just swim. May 2010 Q1.* Q2. contains* d. E.

later b. anyone else did c. She asked me _____ people I had invited. than c. a. from 11. will finish your homework 10. Sue bought two pairs of shoes. finishing your homework b. any 2. lately c. have to finish your homework c. a. not receive c. what I was seeing c. lastly 2 . had seen c. An ambulance rushed _____ to hospital. either b. and neither _____. himself to help d. He prefers listening to the radio _____ watching TV. 1. what number 13. injuries c. you can go out to play. Pete enjoys _____ his friends. a. he helps c. Ought d. a. what had I seen d. _____ you please turn down the TV? a. had to get c. As soon as Bill _____. anyone else b. us to do something b.Test 1 Grammar You Can Use! Choose the answer that best fits the sentence. what I had seen b. returned c. is returning 6. how much d. hadn’t been 4. Need b. helping 14. If you_____. She didn’t find the answer. It’s time _____ about that old armchair. did no one else 8. returns d. late d. usually not receive d. We _____ complaints from younger customers. a. wouldn’t have been d. the injured 5. instead d. Would 12. a. we would have invited him. a. will return b. to b. should have got b. a. none c. I’ll give him the news. the injured peoples d. May c. injured b. Helen looks happy. to help b. a. don’t never receive b. how many c. a. wouldn’t have gotten b. Paul has been looking very tired _____. we are doing something d. never receive 3. the number b. If we _____ Bob. but I didn’t like_____ of them a. did anyone else d. neither d. a. have finished your homework d. we did something c. we have done 9. could get 15. The policeman wanted to know_____. a. a. she ______ the job. must have got d. what was I seeing 7.

balance c. The manager was fired when it was discovered that he had been using company money for his own purposes. a. I cannot understand why she refused his offer of help when it was clear she did not know what to do. lasting 23. a. gained b. chopping c. peeling 19. scenic d. counted c. turned in b. terrible b. speed d. the vocabulary items tested will be highlighted within a much longer text. The group of friends found a convenient spot to have a picnic just a few yards from the riverbank. marginally c. turned down c. The child remained after school to discuss her problem with her class teacher. call b. Most chemicals have to be handled with caution at all times since many are highly caustic. a. turned up d. present d. demoted c. a. call off d. so unless you make an immediate reservation for a hotel room. high c. closely d. a. stayed b. left c. you might find yourself with nowhere to stay a. earned 20. replaced 28. call over 21. moved b. After slicing the onions. Someone had altered the position of the vase on my desk and that is what first made me suspicious. halved 30. call away c. booking 27. reported 24. The mountain roads become hazardous at this time of the year when the cold weather brings snow and ice to the region. check d. a. dangerous c. plainly d. The four bank robbers split the loot from the robbery equally before they went their separate ways. distributed d. Sheila is definitely going to be elected as class president because she is so popular with everyone. a. beautiful b. suspended b. The current situation in the country requires immediate government action if a civil war is to be avoided. miserable c. turned into 17. possibly c. a. cucumber and peppers thinly. In the actual examination. a. successfully b. blending d. found c. divided b. 16. she prepared the salad dressing. thereby providing candidates with a wider context in which to determine the meaning of the words. turned c. undoubtedly 22. a. The town is expecting over one thousand visitors for the conference. That building has narrowly escaped destruction many times during its 150 year history. care b. slowness 3 . a. cool d. changed 29. rewarded d. dismissed d. a. cutting b. The following sentences are meant to represent such test items when found in longer contexts. lowered d. returned d. shady b.Read About It! Choose the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the highlighted word/s in each sentence. graphic 25. appointment c. a. The young player deserved his place on the team because he had worked really hard all season. The group had to cancel the concert because their lead singer was suddenly taken ill and had to be hospitalized. a. repeatedly 26. call out b. probably b. suitable 18.

34. countries in East Africa. a. realize c. c. the men a. Their community’s survival depended on it. kill and eat large numbers of cattle. want to preserve lions in the wild. but the Maasai haven’t always gotten along with these fierce neighbors. May 2010 while doing research for an assignment on endangered species. trust the guardians who use modern technology. Read the passage carefully. 32. When a lion does attack livestock on the ranch. 35. In the 1940s there were an estimated 450. appear while the Maasai are having their meals. But he’s not texting friends. Until recently. sheep. “You wanted to show that you are someone. then answer the questions that follow. he is unlikely to a. So Kasanga and other lion guardians are working with the organizations Living with Lions and the Maasailand Preservation Trust (MPT) to protect livestock and keep cats out of danger. So did my father and grandfather. “So people listen to us. prove 33. who lives in a Maasai community on Mbirikani Group Ranch.” says Tom Hill. can determine when the lion passed by a certain point. no lions have been killed on the ranch. The Maasai have warmed to the change. And the guardians can use cell phones to warn herders that a cat is nearby. the lions’ food source. present d. can decide whether or not their community needs protection from the lion. a respected leader in the community. c. can tell whether or not they are surrounded by lions. but overhunting and habitat loss have cut the population to as few as 20. The lion guardians have turned to modern technology to watch the cats. are able to determine how old the lion is. c. Lions have always prowled nearby. avoid the lion. so they can avoid the lion. In the past four years. Modern Technology Helping to Protect Lions Outside a hut on the African savannah. By reading the lion’s paw prints. The word show in line 8 is closest in meaning to________. and it’s shrinking fast.000. He’s tracking lions. so the Maasai are more willing to live side-by-side with wildlife. d. b. But the cats treat the Maasai’s valuable livestock—including cows. 10 Today the Maasai no longer encourage the killings.” Kasanga says. 4 . And they are using modern technology and traditional skills to help keep lions from becoming extinct. a Maasai warrior taps away on a laptop computer. When the owner of an animal that is attacked by a lion is paid for his loss. d. “We are helping to save lions in the ecosystem. hunt down and kill the lion that was responsible. a Maasai warrior from Kenya. For centuries the Maasai have herded cattle in the grasslands of Kenya and Tanzania. a man had to kill a lion as a sign of courage. b.” Kasanga says. b. the number of lions regularly killed. steal the food which is scattered for the livestock. and goats— like an all-you-can-eat buffet.” says Antony Kasanga. A few lions have been fitted with radio collars that transmit signals to satellites. The men expertly read the animal’s tracks to see if they are days or hours old. reveal b. The word habitat in line 15 describes a. “The collars let us track these lions on the Internet.” says Kasanga. The Maasai’s livestock is described in line 11 as “an all-you-can-eat buffet” to show that lions often a.” 5 15 20 25 31. eat everything that they are offered. d. “I have participated in killing lions. too. To become a Maasai elder. who helps run the fund. In the surrounding wilderness. the MPT’s Predator Compensation Fund— which receives support from the National Geographic Society— pays the owner for the loss. and it’s illegal to hunt lions in Kenya. These brave Maasai are lion guardians.READING COMPREHENSION You come across the following passage taken from Natural Geographic KIDS. d.000 lions in Africa. the lions’ natural enemies. c. the warriors had no choice but to kill lions that attacked their livestock. b. the lions’ natural surroundings. “The guardians have killed lions in the past. a group of his fellow warriors—who are responsible for protecting their community—have been following a lion’s paw prints for hours.

Support what you say with examples. in your opinion. many continue to find their way to pet shops around the world. Have you ever worn a mask and explored the seabed? Describe some of the things you saw underwater. Have you seen any animals in the wild? Describe the experience. Write About It! In an essay of between 150 and 180 words Either Say why you think a number of countries around the world have made it illegal to hunt certain animals. despite the efforts of certain countries and organizations to reduce or stop the international trade in exotic animals. Talk about a time when you visited an aquarium or safari park. What are some animals that can be seen in the wild in your country. or Say why.) to me Narration • • • • • Talk about a time when you visited a zoo.EXTRA SKILLS PRACTICE Think About It. What are some wild animals that. Have you heard of the WWF? What work is done by the WWF? Describe a tiger / leopard / cheetah / zebra / hippo (etc. Have you ever been visited by wild animals while camping in the countryside? Describe what happened. should not be kept as pets? Support what you say with examples. Talk About It! Description • • • • • Describe your favorite wild animal or animals. Supported opinion • • • • • Should animals be kept in zoos or allowed to live free in the wild? Why are so many wild animals killed on the roads every year and what can be done to reduce the number? What is a photo safari? Why are more and more people today going on photo safaris nowadays? Why should the younger generation be encouraged to join organizations like the WWF? What is the symbol of the WWF and why do you think it was chosen as the symbol? 5 . Describe any animals in your country which are considered endangered species.

neither c. living d. a. am living 8. You wouldn’t know where Maria is. Have ever you seen c. on d. do you c. are needing c. you find 10. a. so d. will have apinted 12.Test 2 Grammar You Can Use! Choose the answer that best fits the sentence 1. By the time we returned. have lived b. needs d. watch c. protesting d. little b. the least 13. a. to work b. If you have difficulty_____ a place to stay. will rain b. either 7. so dangerous as d. Have never you seen 6 . less d. My brother and sister_____ help with their math. the less c. to watch b. studied d. Pam had better_____ if she hopes to pass the test. also b. study c. a. to find d. Have you seen never d. find c. worked d. _____? a. did you 11. I don’t like spicy food and _____ does my father. would paint b. as dangerous b. A hippopotamus is just _____ a rhinoceros. he_____ two walls. more dangerous from c. need b. rains c. a. I saw a number of people_____ outside the factory. a. to 14. raining 15. watching 3. to protest 6. I’ll put you up for a couple of nights. was protesting c. a. as dangerous as 4. studying 2. _____ such well-behaved children? a. to studying b. The picnic will be cancelled if it_____. a. Have you ever seen b. Paul is _____ obedient. be protesting b. is going to rain d. finding b. a. live c. a. work 9. I _____ in the same house for over twenty years a. would you d. The boys prefer watching TV _____ going out. I spend an hour _____ TV before I go to bed. My boss makes us _____ every other Saturday. a. watches d. working c. was painting c. wouldn’t you b. than b. instead c. Among the three children. had painted d. a. needing 5.

list c. suitable 18.Read About It! Choose the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the highlighted word/s in each sentence. postponed c. necessary d. cares b. amusing c. cheerful d. quantity 25. thoughtless 30. tries c. ended d. In the actual examination. a. nearly d. visit d. over b.000 on renovating his house. a. inquire at the hotel’s reception desk. a. point out d. object to b. thereby providing candidates with a wider context in which to determine the meaning of the words. She sensed there was something wrong when her daughter failed to return from school by 4 o’clock. work b. unfair 26. fresh b. amuses c. happy b. confessed b. unpleasant c. terrible b. What bothers his friends is that he often asks them to lend him money but always has to be reminded to return what he has borrowed. a. a. a. The driver claimed that the cyclist he knocked down had braked suddenly for no reason. correct c. they should all be punished. the vocabulary items tested will be highlighted within a much longer text. start d. changeable 23. unusual b. The new machinery is really easy to operate. George was not prepared to help his lazy classmate by doing his homework for him. a. ask c. decided b. The weather recently has been rather miserable. shows d. repair 29. That supermarket has such a wide selection of tropical foods it is difficult to decide what to try! a. The new neighbors are really inconsiderate and regularly make noise late into the night. a. learned d. They concluded the meeting after the committee members took a vote to give workers a pay rise. all of it is synthetic. doubtful b. If you need information about sights to see in the town. He has spent roughly €7. rearranged 27. wait b. frightens 22. I hope it improves before the weekend. troubles d. question 24. The fashion house does not use genuine animal fur in any of its collections. fake d. annoys b. The new assistant appears to be learning the job very quickly and has impressed everyone in the office. a. anyone can do it after a simple demonstration. a. put up c. determined c. willing d. a. We don’t mind her using this empty room if she has nowhere else to study as long as she remembers to lock it before leaving. real c. choice b. seems 7 . think of 21. reported 28. able 17. approximately 19. but I cannot give you the exact amount. a. mentioned b. pretended d. supposed 20. unpredictable d. a. 16. realized c. The following sentences are meant to represent such test items when found in longer contexts. maintained c. It is unjust to make her take the blame for what all the students did. precisely c. a. turn c. amount d.

insects d. The word critters in line 2 refers to_______. While there are hundreds of thousands of animal species on earth. For example. from our favorite pet snuggled at our feet on a cold night. whose loads they carry between the countryside and the cities and towns. Some animals have even changed the course of history. then answer the questions that follow. hunters. b. Places and Cultures. actors. the Middle East. Archaeologists believe dogs and sheep were the first animals domesticated. The camel is an important animal in Africa and Asia. sheep and goats. 10 Some animals are useful in many different ways. July-August 2011. d. people were loading camels with water and trade items and driving them across vast desert trade routes. helping us obtain food 35. keep us company. but don’t forget that they work too: as service dogs. following their herds. strays c. Animals in Our Lives Lions. and in some cases keep us alive. and Europe. Which of the following is NOT a function of dogs mentioned in the text? a. Some animals work for us. chickens. tigers. feed and clothe us. or as nomads. species b. c. watchdogs. where it helped change the course of history. only a fraction of these have special relationships with human beings. most animal species have a special relationship with human beings. d. the replacement of nomadism by village life. People began domesticating. amuse us. the formation of the first villages. Later. They can travel for long periods without drinking. these routes extended to link widely-separated civilizations in China. We can understand from the use of the word fraction in line 3 that a. an increase in the number of villages. Camels have special adaptations that make them invaluable to people living in or crossing the desert. to the critters that roam our yards as we sleep. Cats have been royal mousers to Egyptian kings and queens. a small number of the animals species have a special relationship with human beings. being able to survive for long periods of time without drinking. different cultures began to learn of one another’s art. 5 15 20 31. Vol 27. d. Because of this trade. philosophy. and way of life. providing milk and butter. and bears. Almost 5. 34.READING COMPREHENSION You come across the following article taken from Faces. a. b.000 years ago. being able to live both in cities and in the countryside. either in villages. In many parts of the world. In the Andes Mountains of South America. or sheepherders. People. cattle and other larger animals still help people move heavy loads from one place to another. where they could also farm. the yak carries the belongings of nomadic people in the mountains of Tibet and Nepal and provides them with milk and butter as well. We are able to understand from the text that the domestication of animals led to a. The larger animals that are used by human beings are apparently most valuable in a. transportation of heavy loads. and later other animals as well. No. c. llamas are allies of the native people. c. protecting us c. half the animal species have a special relationship with human beings.9 while doing research for an assignment on animals that are used by human beings. they were able to live in larger groups. b. being used in scientific experiments d. Read the passage carefully. the end of nomadism. 33. When people began to control dogs. or controlling animals between 10 and 15 thousand years ago. creatures 32. entertaining us b. oh my! Animals are all around us. Dogs are a favorite pet. Elephants have served in the military. the majority of animal species have a special relationship with human beings. 8 .

Describe an elephant. Have you ever been visited by wild animals while camping in the countryside? Describe what happened. Write About It! In an essay of between 150 and 180 words Either In many countries in the world. Supported opinion • • • • • Why are some animals still being used for work in certain countries when there are so many machines that can take their place? What is your opinion of pet owners who spend large sums of money to change the appearance of their pets by taking them to beauty saloons? Why might some people object to our using animals for work? Why might some people object to our using animals in experiments? Why should the authorities do everything possible to catch and remove stray animals from residential areas? 9 . What makes elephants suitable for some of the work they are made to do? Give some examples Narration • • • • • Describe any tricks you have seen an animal perform. or Why do zoo or circus animals continue to attract children? Support what you say with examples. Describe a camel. Have you ever worn a mask and explored the seabed? Describe some of the things you saw underwater.EXTRA SKILLS PRACTICE Think About It. Talk About It! Description • • • • Describe any animals that are made to work in your country. What do you consider to be the most important ways in which dogs are used to help us? Support what you say with examples from everyday life. a dog is considered to be a man’s best friend. Have you seen any animals in the wild? Describe the experience. Have you been to a circus? Describe the experience.

KEY Test 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 a d b d c a c b c a d b d c b b d a d c d c A b c d c d a a c d b c a Test 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 b d d a c b a d a c c d d b a c b d b a a b b a d c b a d d d b b c a 10 .

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