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Michael Sachen Mrs.

Konitzer Survey Literature Composition March 21, 2013

Frankenstein Essay Shelley’s Frankenstein shows how love can change the inner compass of diverse creatures. The thing that drives both Victor and the monster is love; it forms them into the characters they are. When things change for Victor and the one bridge separating him from his adversary, (love) collapses they begin to evolve into the same creature. That transformation leads to both Victor and his monster becoming almost the same person. The theme purveys throughout the whole story, and through these transitions you can see how they transform into congenial beings. Like a newborn, Victor’s creation was conceived with a good heart. Both Victor and his ignorant but good-natured creature have clean hearts, as shown by the monsters wish for love. Motivation for both the antagonists arrived through love, Victor’s love for friends and family and the creature’s lack of it. Born into the quiet world the creature was destined to be plagued by loneliness and hatred. “I, the miserable and the abandoned, am an abortion, to be spurned at, and kicked, and trampled on” (Shelley 231) the creatures impediments created hatred that turned the fiend a life of malice. The aforementioned change from creature to monster is a progeny of the creation being treated with no love. The monsters first perusal into a village leads to being driven out by an angry mob, into the woods he escapes and begins to discover the grotesque figure he is. Now, his personal quest begins, being denied love he strives to create a world where Victor suffers the same fate. Killing every one of Victors loved ones, the two characters morph into the same

And through love you can follow the story. The only difference is the characters path to their misfortunate created solely by Victor. Victor is imbued to seek revenge. I will cause fear” (148) After Victor’s transformation he is a living testimony to his monsters words. The important epoch of the monster becoming cold-hearted changes Victor’s life. almost unwillingly planning his own demise.essence of hatred. . the one thing that bridged these two characters is eliminated. “You have made me wretched beyond expression!” (97) Nothing keeps them from being different. where all motivation good or bad is drawn from. With everything he cares about gone. The stories of these two would have been very different if Victor had treated his creature with love. At the end of it all. love leads to the emanate demise of our characters. the monster becomes a metaphor of Victor’s inner self. the tragedies and how the melt down and mold the characters. Meaning he creates the monster that is himself. Now. and the contrast between their traits becomes smaller. Love is a prevailing theme in this book. and they both lack love. Essentially they live for the same reason. “If I cannot inspire love.

Bibliography Shelley. Inc. USA: Tom Doherty Associates. 1988. Frankenstein. . Mary. Print.

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