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Mind Travelers

Will we be able to travel the universe with our mind in the future?

In this article I am going to write about a topic that relates to an issue that might not at all
seem rational to most people, mind traveling. This is a topic that explores the mind to a much
further degree to what most people are accustomed to. My writing as an author and explorer
of life relates to the study of the mind and how we come to perceive life and reality. I really
have only just touched the surface in explaining how I obtain information and experiences
relating to these topics, so far only really isolating topics that fall within the materialistic
approach, showing the formation of the dimensions in material space in relation to the mind
and the core of creation in articles such as:

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And also in my books I go into much more depth about the formation of space in relation to
the mind, in ‘Creation Theory Revised’ and ‘The Mind and Matter’.

In my first book, Creation Theory Revised, I highlighted on a topic about Time Travel and
how I perceive the working of this cannot be achieved within our material space. In this
article I will write more about this topic, showing why I do not really have an affiliation with
Time Travel, but perceive more within Mind Travel, an approach that is not as well regarded
as the materialistic approach.

When we look at the fundamentals of Time Travel we immediately think of a person stepping
into a machine and he or she is transported to another time line of our past or future. We look
at life so far in our perception as having a beginning and an end, and that time does have a
strict line of vision. Time travel is a concept invented on a materialistic approach, viewing
life only through physical means and in my opinion it fails to identify the soul of an
individual and their mind within the equation.

When we think of time travel, we look to such movies as ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Time
Machine’, and we consider the effects we would have on time if it were to be seen in a strict
line of vision. That if we were to go into the past we would ultimately change and affect the
future for the whole of our reality. This illogical approach does not really have any strong
footing to stand on when viewing life from the core of reality and the construction of the
dimensions of space. It is to me just an approach seen from a purely materialistic visionary
who wants or hopes to change parts of their life that they do not agree with. The concept
would have originally been created out of a desire to want to change the past of an experience
that a person wishes had never occurred. Basically it is linear thought that develops such
concepts, saying that time is a foundational construct of reality itself. Time is not
foundational, it is subjective and a result of creation itself, not the reason for it forming in the
way that it does.

Our mind so far within our world as human sees life through a direct vision of time, in a very
materialistic way. We can only so far relate to the space around us through material laws and
through our physical experiences, and we are only now starting to explore the bigger pictures
and question where thought and consciousness actually comes from. We know that we
physically perceive our world, but we so far wonder at the magnificence of thought and where
it comes from and find it hard to rationalize the space to where we exist. One cannot think a
thought into creation, when thought is the creation itself, and this is the confused state of our
conscious perception at this point in time in our studies of consciousness and reality.

Where does thought come from? This is the reality we are now just touching the surface,
when researching consciousness and the mind. The mind in my opinion is another totally
separate component of reality than material matter itself. It is force defined on a vacuum that
is not linking at all to consciousness or awareness in its true foundation and original form, just
as material matter itself when it is broken down into the purest state of light. It is the
combination of these two elements that defines consciousness, not one or the other singularly.
The foundations (or creator elements) of creation are not defined on the laws of
consciousness, but are what ‘create’ the conscious state to which we now exist within. They
define consciousness but are not consciousness when seen in their separated nature. It is then
in consciousness that we then look to define the laws of creation from a point of view that is
already in creation. This is where it becomes complex for us to comprehend the formation of
reality in a logical way and we find that we cannot avoid the barriers of material limitation
when taking into consideration the reason for why we are here.

How can a person define creation, within creation, from a standpoint that can view through
the eyes of all that is, from the standpoint of where they perceive God to hold the reins? To
most this would seem a lunacy to even think that such a thing is possible. People then attempt
to try and do this and only end up thinking that the mind is all that is and that it creates the
whole of their reality, which is not fundamentally true. The reason this is not true is that the
mind itself is not thought or consciousness, it is the motivation of material space with the use
of the mind that creates thought, defined on force. This means that the mind is not the only
parameter that we are working with within creation itself creating our consciousness, and that
there are material parameters also involved, that form from light. Consciousness itself has a
material component also within its makeup in order to be seen as physically interactive.

When creation is understood perfectly from the core of its formation it then can be understood
by all foundationally through the eyes of all that is possible. This is achievable and every
being within creation can become aware and understand the fundamental laws of life and
reality. In fact the evidence is all around us now, the byproduct of the union of mind and
matter is very clear to see, but it is only that we are not yet aware of the link between the mind
and matter itself in order to piece everything into place. Creation is systematic and can be
logically approached but only when we can reason illogical circumstances to be possible.
Such illogical circumstances as non-matter and zero point. Only then can we understand the
full thrust and flow of creation itself and determine how we can utilize our space to a much
greater degree than we are now, only viewing reality through a materialistic approach.

Force is an underlying invisible component of reality that stands within matter itself. It is the
component of reality that does not have a defined point to where it is perceived to come from,
only that it is the core balancing point of all matter at its essence. It seems to just appear out
of thin air to be forming the space to which we see and that when we focus on reality it all of
a sudden materializes matter into existence. No, reality does not at all work in this way, only
in our three dimensional perception do we see it this way. All formation already exists and it
is just that within our own point of perception within reality we become aware of certain
things that we did not before. I wrote an article about this relating to what we find relevant in
our world:


Things become relevant to our perception when we finally notice that they exist. That is the
restrictive component of reality itself that all points in space that are materialized can only
visualize in this singular approach. We can only truly focus on one thing at a time, and to us
things seem linear. This is produced within fourth dimension to which we call time. The
fourth dimension is like a blanket on consciousness forcing it into structure and coherency,
bringing matter to a more solid state of viewing. A lot of people when they become aware of
forth dimension they experience this level of space as being seen as the astral world, or
structural worlds. They are when seen through the mind as being darker than our world in
perception, almost like walking in the night. Things are accentuated in this area of space of
fourth dimensional reality. What ever is concentrated on is visualized as greater than the rest
of what is seen around it. People come into this world when they go into dreams and often
they interact with other worlds within these areas of space to which they are not at all
accustomed to in their material third dimensional world that they see in the physical.

Fourth dimension becomes the veil on life making us think that there is nothing more than
physical existence itself and that we are only body and not at all linked into the core of
creation and the mind. Time and thought still has structure in these worlds and most
importantly it is a place where we are able to communicate with other forms of life internally.

I know for some what I have just been writing about might not at all make sense when it
comes to viewing reality as they now see it. It might all seem quite complex and mystical.
But really it is fundamental and in the coming years people will become more and more aware
of other worlds to which they are a part of all of the time through consciousness. They have
known about these worlds for centuries, various people who see themselves as visionaries,
who understand some of the components of the mind and physical existence from their own
standpoint in reality, have been exploring levels of consciousness and the reasons for why
they exist. A lot do not essentially understand the reason behind some of their visions and
bizarre thoughts and reasoning, but it is the core fundamental concepts that become important
to consider. These concepts become to be called psychic visions, psychological reasoning and
something that totally steps outside of outward material constructive reality. It is the core
components of information that are bought back that help us to reason and define the space to
which we exist, not the way in which the information is presented. Information then gets
interpreted as mystical and supernatural when in all reality it is fundamental and normal, only
not seen this way from a purely materialistic approach when a person decides not to
understand themselves internally.

I do not at all see it in this way, as mystical, and find that it has a material approach just as
thought does in the area of space to which we call third dimension, to where we view out of
our eyes in our world as humans. When we dream we still exist within material reality but
our perception is elsewhere, in another level of creation itself. It is all part of material
creation, defined within reality. The only difference is, is that it is defined on the direction
that someone views reality. Angle of perception is the key to understanding the fundamental
construction of reality from the core. I highlight this in a couple of my articles:

Personal perception through the mind

The challenge to view and understand through the mind

In the coming years when we start to delve into the mind and explore what it is, we will
discover areas of space that can be also materially proven. Fourth Dimension and Second
Dimension will be possible to explore, from here first and fifth dimension will be able to be
reasoned within the whole flow of reality itself. Not just seen as consciousness but also a
place that is materially assessable through awareness of the mind. This is then where mind
travel will begin to be explored at a much larger degree. When it is first seen as possible and
then later explored through our desire to find out more about reality.

I will describe to you what mind travel is and how it works to the best that I can explain using
our current perception as a marker. However, I will note that we have not yet a level of
awareness to be able to comprehend the reason behind such things as yet, let alone use it to
benefit our own reality. We might not even reach this level of practical awareness until a
thousand of years in the future. A person must first learn what something is before they can
utilize it to its full benefit, so I will attempt to explain as best that I can.

Mind travel is at the basic most level the ability for a being to travel space without the use of a
vehicle or body, when a being does already have a material body in which they exist before
the transfer. How this is achieved is very complex and might only be able to be seen at the
moment as science fiction within our world but I can say through my own experiences that it
is absolutely true and possible. Around 5 percent, maybe a little more, of the population here
now on this earth would be considered in my terms, Mind Travelers, experiencing this world
through this means right now. Some might put this in different wording. I have heard of
things such as Star Seeds, Walk-ins and the like. People talk about these beings in different
ways. They also say that they are physical in nature, which is also true to a certain degree. I
want to explain more about these beings and how they come to contribute and also interact
with our world here now, and why they are here.

Mind Traveling is an integral part of reality itself and in its natural state it is coined the term
reincarnation. When a person dies, their essence or energy is reissued into reality into other
forms of life. This is done on the basis of energy level and when it is done naturally it is
coordinated through the core of reality based on magnetic and energetic balance. When a
person dies in life their material body turns back into the building blocks of life, and their
energy or spirit body (electromagnetic energy which I call the energy matrix and personality
matrix) becomes reutilized within creation itself, bonding itself to matter close in nature to its
energetic level, or vibration. This is a sort of like hearing a hum, this energy level. Each
individual has their own signature that is an energy level, or humming, almost like a musical
sound. It is their energy projected outwardly into material space, a point in perception that
has its own personality and parameters. Some might also call this personality matrix or
energy matrix.

When a person then Mind Travels from another world, they utilize the natural methods of
creation in order to unnaturally experience other parts of reality that they would not
necessarily be able to access for various reasons during a physical lifetime. So far for us as
humans we only experience this one lifetime, but for some beings they are able to experience
lifetimes within lifetimes. They do it by means of machines developed on the method of
opening up areas of space through portals within the fourth dimension. They are able to track
these portals through energy signatures that then become location markers; just as every body
has a signature, or energy marker, so does every other point or area of space within the whole
of creation itself.

One thing that we have not yet discovered and it might take some thousands of years before
we become aware of this, is that space is so grand that even our visions now do now do not
even come close to realizing its full parameters. The beings that live in these other worlds
know of this already, and they have knowledge from their own experiences, after becoming
material space travelers, that creation is far more grand and complex than they previously had
initiated. Every form of life comes to this realization eventually through their searching of
knowledge and life beyond their singular worlds. It is not by coincidence that this world is
not teaming already physically by aliens from other worlds beyond our own. There is a
significant reason for why this will not be occurring any time soon in the future, and if it were
to even occur it would not be achieved to the levels that we envision in our movies such as
Star Trek and Babylon 5. There are significant things within these movies that are not
possible at this moment in our current perception in third dimension, such interactions with
other beings from other worlds that do not hold logical material reasoning. I want to explain
why these limitations exist.

I will take you on a journey through the minds of beings far more advanced technologically
and intellectually than we are in our time now as humans, just to describe the real limitations
of life and physical reality and what they had to face in their own journey of discovery of
reality. This is just an example that might give more understanding to why some things might
seem possible when they are not at all reasonable within the parameters of material limited
space itself.

What these beings discovered when they started to journey through material space is that it
was far more grand than first thought, that one solar system was not even a speck of sand on
the rest of creation itself. That even if they were to travel the whole depth of space through
material means it would change so much over the time of their traveling that they would never
come to return home to the point that they departed, all things changing to such a large degree
to be considered a totally different area of space to which they originally departed. Besides
the fact that such things would never be able to be achieved within a singular lifetime, for
them being many more years than what we here have even possible. Even if a being has a day
as long as we have a week in their reality, there is never enough time to do all that they wish
to do. It would not matter even if a being lived an hour or one million years; there is never
enough time to discover the whole complexity of reality itself. This they already knew just by
seeing with their physical eyes the grandness of reality itself.
Not only did they discover that reality was so big, but also that it was multilayered in its
formation. When they looked out with their eyes into the third dimension of space to which
they called physical reality they could see all the solar systems close by to their home world.
They saw that they were not at all inhabited by intelligent life as they considered themselves
to be. In fact ‘intelligent’ life as they classed it in their definition was less than one percent on
the whole of creation itself, and even if they were able to find such life, there were many
factors to consider. The first factor was the difference in living conditions between both races
of beings. They may not be able to handle the same environmental conditions. These things
could however be altered unnaturally. The other was communication and level of awareness
between both cultures. We know just for humans alone that communication is already rather
difficult between two totally different cultures on earth with different languages, let alone
beings from some totally different world. It takes years to determine a proper level of
‘physical’ communication.

With these things in mind the beings then traveled from one galaxy to another to find the
same everywhere they arrived, they found no form of life that was able to intellectually and
materially communicate with them. Why was this so?

What they were to discover is that within each solar system the only area of its entire
formation, the inner core, or inner worlds was the only place that could support life in any
way. This was balanced on the formation of creation from the core of the dimensions of
material construction and when calculations where finally understood, the beings were
confronted with the fact that the possibility that they would find other intelligent life that was
like unto themselves, in close proximity, yet not formed from their own experimentation, was
next to impossible. Not impossible however, but next to impossible for the fact that they
understood the depth of their lifetimes, in relation to the expansion of space itself physically.

It is possible for other forms of intelligent life to live close to each other in the universe, even
some who had populated other planets earlier in their evolution and moved on to other worlds
creating different worlds of beings with the same heritage. However, when it came to these
beings that I am using as an example, they lived in a more remote area of space, making them
reconsider their position in reality itself, needing to find another way in which to explore
space in an easier manner.

These beings started to look inwardly for answers when they reasoned the complexity of
matter space itself exploring the mind and how we can transfer thought into other forms of
life. They first explored this within their own world within different forms, or different
animals living on and within their world. They transferred their thought into other
embodiments to explore how it felt to be within these material constructs. They had many
hurdles to cross before they were able to advance in their approach. This took many hundreds
of years before these methods were perfected to what they were happy with.

Through their experiments they did learn a lot about energy and how it forms from creation
itself, understanding the inner worlds that define reality. Their earlier experiments consisted
of taking the energy of a being and placing it into another creature. These were very barbaric
methods of energy transference, resulting in the death of both of the beings involved in the
experiment. They also experimented with placing more of these energies within one body in
order to experiment with balance of electromagnetic energy in relation to form. They learnt
out of these experiments the importance of energy and how it needs to obtain perfect balance
in order to be utilized in another physical embodiment. They were learning more about the
balance of reality and the formation of life itself from the core components of the whole of
reality. They found also that they were unable to transfer certain energy from one body to
another, unless it was close to the same energetic balance to the body of the next being. They
learnt ways to overcome these obstacles, with time, patience and a huge amount of
experimentation. These experiments took hundreds of years until they were perfected to
achieve things that we could not even imagine possible in our life here now as humans. We
are not even close to wanting to explore to this depth yet, but it is something we will
inevitably move towards in our evolutionary exploration.

Eventually they realized that not only were they able to access life on their world and worlds
within their close proximity but also that they could explore worlds through the inner
dimensions as well, leading to experiments that looked at a communication through internal
worlds. This was done through accessing a beings dream state in forth dimension. It was
realized that when a person dreams that they naturally travel through space with the use of the
mind, and that communication was able to be achieved within these worlds through image and
impulse interpretation. The beings that were running the experiments realized that when they
dreamed that they were naturally connected to other life within reality that was at a similar
energy level as their own formation through the forth dimension, and communicate with them
at a thought level, through images and symbols. They were able to pinpoint signatures of
energy that were from areas of unknown space and reality that did not belong to areas of
space within their own known physical third dimensional space. They realized over time that
these signatures were belonging also to material formations elsewhere and that they could in
fact follow the changing of these signatures through time of the fourth dimension, connecting
through to these lifetimes through dream state, watching and experiencing other worlds.
These symbols or images were read in their electromagnetic state and determined
energetically. What was realized is that internally there was a language of energy that could
be defined logically between all levels of creation itself.

This communication would be achieved when the beings put themselves into dream state and
then trigger the signature that they found and followed through the dream state with the use of
electromagnetic transfer into the core of their brain. This trigger formed in a separate area of
their brain a pocket of memory that was belonging to another world. They would then
interpret this pocket of memory through recall when awake when this electromagnetic energy
was sparked again into the core of their brain. This is really difficult to explain but I will try
and detail it in a more simplistic way.

Firstly visualize that there is someone lying on a table and they are put into a deep sleep state.
They have a device which is linked to a machine that when they place it in the back of the
neck it sends a pulse through into the core of the brain that initiates awareness of the other
world. Much like when viewing the movie the Matrix. This movie is also created by
someone who understands Mind Travel. However in this other world they do not plug you in
like you are a machine. The device is not at all plugged into the body through the back of the
neck. They have, however a device that when placed on the back at the point under the
cranial bone it is able to send signals to the inner core brain. This area of the head is the
perfect place to be able to achieve this. During sleep the being then visits this other world and
experiences the world that relates to the signature that they are following and placing within
the beings brain. This person experiences this world as if they are there and that they are the
person who is in that life. Upon awaking they then have this memory stored in their brain in a
component of matter that sits outside of the network of memory pockets that they utilize in
their everyday life.
One thing about memory that will be discovered is that it works very much in sequence.
Often memories come from a sequence of other memory patterns all linking to one another.
In order to utilize the memories of the experience in dream state they were able to spark a link
between the learnt memories of their own lifetime with the memories that they experienced
during their dreams, really just in the same manner as we remember dreams upon waking.
They would send a spark back into the core of the brain from this signature, which would
when done in an awake state, be remembered by the person in the experiment through their
own perception of material space. Even if this world that they experienced in through their
dreams was extremely alien in relation to their own, they would reinterpret it back into their
brain through the things that they already could visualize from their own material life and

What this meant was that if they experienced that they were living in a world where the being
was moving fast they might see that they had legs even if this being was really floating in all
physical actuality. They would reinterpret it back into their own understanding and see that
they had legs when remembered after the event upon waking. Even though this bought up
issues when it came to what was fact and what was created through the perception of the
person, it brought up also some interesting findings, that were later siphoned out from all of
the perceived imaginative information. They realized through much more experimentation
that they were able to gather a lot of information out of these experiences, helping in their
technology and perception of life, things that would not be normally discovered through their
normal means of experimentation through their own world. These beings that were involved
in these experiments were starting to show signs of a developed state of mind.

The beings who participated in the experiments were starting to utilize their memories from
these worlds in their own life, and were being inspired to make technology and think of things
that brought about great discoveries. They were utilizing memories of other worlds through
dream state to advance upon their own world without interfering with the natural order of
these other worlds. They were merely observing life in other worlds. These beings would be
coined the term, ‘Watchers’.

After a time, however, they came across something very unusual in their experiments. During
one sleep state travel that was being organized, the being started to talk during his sleep state
from the other world that he was experiencing. The messages were coming from the mind of
the being from the other world. What was to be discovered was that the beings from the other
world that they had chosen to explore were aware that they were watched through from their
world into their perception. They felt the presence of the energy from the other world coming
through their physical form, looking into their soul, so to speak. They were able to utilize
naturally the body of the being in sleep state to communicate with the beings of their world
through conversation. This today is called channeling and people are here discovering
naturally how to do this, coming into contact with thoughts from beings possibly from other
worlds or other people within our own world.

The only issue that was seen through this discovery was that the information that was coming
through was becoming distorted through the bending of space and reality when the portals
were open. Information sent in this method was always symbolically and electronically
transferred that it made it at times difficult to find an accurate interpretation. Both beings
actually thought that the physical experiences of the other’s world were in direct link to their
own fate. The information was distorted and imperfectly relayed, simply because of the
limitations within space and the capacity, knowledge and physical experience of the person
within their own reality reading the symbols and messages.

It was to be discovered that a person cannot visualize something properly if they had no
physical representation in which to try and relay the message properly. This brought up many
inaccurate communications that would later be discovered to be misinterpretations of the
information that was coming though. This was because of the fact that the being was trying to
base another world’s experiences onto their own instead of seeing it as totally separate reality.
One being might send a message through as images that show of a catastrophic event that
occurred in their world, and then the other being who is picking up the message in the other
world would reinterpret this as that they were being warned of a great disaster that was about
to occur. The important factor that was to be later discovered is that the memories needed to
be purely linked to the world that they were experienced in, and not the world that the
information was being read from.

As time went by, these beings were not satisfied with just obtaining knowledge in this
fashion, where the information was only as accurate as the being experiencing it could relay
back into their own world. They began to explore the possibility of actually living out
lifetimes within other worlds, where they could follow the progress through machine of how
the world was being experienced, relayed back through the individual who was living the life
of the being in the other world still linked to the body within their former world.

How this was achieved was in a much more complex manner than just through the dream
state of the individual. Over time they were able to pinpoint the exact location and time of
birth of a consciousness within a form in the other world, what we call physical birth, and
transfer the spirit (energy matrix) of the being into that body from their world. Internally it
would be linked to their body back in their home world at all times and they would return to
the body there when the lifetime was finished, when the body physically died. This is what
people call a star seed, which is a transference of energy or spirit of a being from one world in
creation to another world to live out a another lifetime during an already existing lifetime.
This brought about more accurate information on a more constant basis. The beings would
monitor in their own world the thoughts of the person continuously during their lifetime in the
other world.

This sort of mind travel is considered inter-dimensional in nature. A person will know if they
are from another world and will be aware that they exist in another body outside of this earth.
They will receive information and knowledge from their world with thought alone being able
to be interpreted in the best way possible through their own experiences. There is nothing like
real experience to understand a life fully for what it has to offer. These beings realized that
they could more accurately relay information if the person was actually experiencing the
lifetime itself. Through experience they were able to relay the information through more
accurately into their own language and cultural understanding sent back to their home world
in a more defined manner. They were also able to differentiate what was extremely alien and
did not relate at all in connection to both worlds. Like habits and emotions.

A person who is a ‘live in’ mind traveler, or star seed will know already that they are one.
They will often go in dream state to talk to beings back in their home world, and have dreams
that are often mechanical in nature. They will experience time where they are feeling as if
they are visited by strange energies, maybe even relayed back as being alien abduction
experiences. These experiences often entail times when their body is being worked on
energetically, this is important because of the differences in energy of both worlds, which is
not always conducive to the new environment and needs to be always monitored.

They will connect to the other world when they choose to through the fourth dimension with
most of these experiences occurring to them upon waking or on the midst of falling asleep, or
if they are passing out. This communication between them and their home world is on an
astral level and feel like they are being drugged or being dragged into a different state of
consciousness in order to communicate. They might see the room darken, or change in
appearance, or suddenly hear a strange buzzing noise, when they come to communicate with
beings from their home world in fourth dimension.

One thing to remember when these things are seen is that they are only human interpretations
of energy that is of an alien nature. The human brain can only utilize certain material imagery
in order to form an evaluation of what is being seen. Often this means that what they are
seeing is correct in energy but not in visualization, that the beings when seen visually on their
home world would be totally different than what was being seen through the human eyes at
the time of the information transfer.

These transfers are often done electronically as well. A star seed will be receiving at all times
information and dreams that seem systematic and electronic in nature. They will often
experience dreams where they have someone walking with them at all times watching from
the sidelines, keeping track of what they are doing. They might experience also dreams where
they are coming together with many others in a communal area where they are participating in
various activities. They will be also vivid dreamers, and often dream of things that do not
relate to the world here now and their experiences. Not even linking to their daily activities
and thoughts.

A star seed also has other abilities that link in with their experiences through their lifetime in
the other world. They have the ability to see things from their world, such as technology and
relay information back in this world. They are often people who have things that occur to
them that might seem strange in relation to most experiences within this world. They might
even have a high intellect compared to others when it comes to seeing things constructively.
It is almost as though they do not fit in this world, and they will feel always heavy or strange
in the body, depending on what world they are coming from. This happens because of the
direct link between their body there and the body that they have in this world. They will at
times be able to feel the other body, and maybe even at various times in their life experience
strange events where they get flashes of the other world. This will occur as a flash of light
and a sucking feeling like they are being drawn into complete darkness. They might then see
for a matter of seconds that they are lying somewhere on some sort of bed and that the room is
fuzzy to the perception. There might be things also moving in the room before they again
experience the sucking feeling and return back to their original body. This to some is seen as
an out-of-body experience.

Other things they might experience are languages being heard internally that are not of human
origin, a language that is systematic also in its construction. They might also hear strange
sounds, smell strange scents and have unusual feelings throughout their everyday experiences.
These things are coming from the fourth dimension of space where they are in communication
with other beings at all times.
If a star seed’s link is lost in their lifetime, either by their body dying or that the electrical
transfer is lost, they will at all times return back to their former body to where they have their
origin. Only when the body dies in their own world can they be lost within another world or
lifetime. They will then experience life first hand from the world that they newly inhabit and
link into the cycling of energy that the new life has to offer. Depending on what world they
come from and the level of technology their energy can be tracked and retransferred to a new
body. Not all worlds work in this fashion and it strongly depends on the level of advancement
that they have. Many worlds are currently using this method of mind travel effectively and
efficiently. The worlds that link to ours are in direct line with the energy that can inhabit the
bodies here in the present in a balanced and systematic way, or at least in a way that can be
monitored and altered to be able to adjust.

Each world has its own advancement when it comes to this type of travel being used. One
such world might now be utilizing this method of travel on a more advanced level to even
what I have so far described. These beings could be coordinating whole worlds to which they
are linked into, forming even schools and methods in which beings from their own world can
advance in their studies and fields of expertise. They might at times ask other worlds to
participate in their work to help in the technological components of other worlds. Some of
these races also find each other using this method to come into contact with each other even
physically within the third dimension space. This is all determined through personal choice of
the worlds involved and their interactions are based very much in the same way as we do also
in our world today, through trail, through developing trust, and also at times through conflict.

As you can imagine by reading this that Mind Travel seems science fiction in our eyes. It is
however as we begin to explore it more thoroughly, something that we will find as a need in
order to communicate to other parts of the reality that exist far outside from ourselves. This
can also be used in relation to other animals on earth. Not only would we be able to study
them on the outside, but feel what it is like to be them internally, through the behaviors and
character that they have. Such things as this can bring about great experiences and
understanding, and most importantly teach new ways to see life through another being’s eyes
in order to respect their own creative state.

Most might wonder at this stage, if they are still even reading this and considering the
possibility, whether such things as mind travel can affect reality in any way that would destroy
the foundation of creation itself. This is of course a linear perception of reality that comes
from a purely material approach that does not see creation as one and all, and that all things
happen for a reason. Creation always exists, and does internally as well. Nothing happens by
chance or for no reason, because creation is formed in a systematic way. Gradually through
time and development in our own world as we gain knowledge and experiment with these
things we will be driven to explore these possibilities naturally. When we travel with the
mind, it will be at a time that we are ready for it, and whatever we experience will be already
part of what we are meant to be participating in.

A mind traveler knows that he is part of the experience of reality and that it does not matter
where they are situated in creation that they will be affecting the space internally, externally
and in a natural way even if it is created synthetically. They also know that it is meant to be
that they experience these things or else it would not be achievable. In their eyes, mind travel
is part of evolution and development and comes at a time when a society is ready for
expanding their awareness of space and reality. There is always more to discover, and with
Mind Travel we will in the future, not only see other worlds that exist far outside from our
own, but we might also be in those worlds to remember them as an experience of our own
lifetimes, developing not only our perception of reality, but also our ethical, and foundational
understanding of all that is creation in total. Mind travel will open many doors to possibility,
and will advance our intellect exponentially through our contact with other worlds and
lifetimes, and it will bring us to a place of unlimited possibility in a world that seems mostly
just structured in material limitation and restrictions. It will expand our horizons and also
teach us the foundations of life and existence, giving us more in which to explore and

By Stacey T Pollock
1st April 2009

About the Author:

Stacey T Pollock is an author who writes about the mind and her personal perception of
life and the physical world. She has written books to do with creation theory and the mind
and matter, coming from the standpoint of a person who studies all viewpoints of life
around her. Her philosophy in life is that we can obtain an understanding that links all
philosophies together that can allow for creativity and choice on how we wish to experience

'Life is a perception of the mind; all the answers are within us'

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