Match 20,201,3
Ruth Ahlemeier 233 Wenneker St. Louis, Missouri 631,24

Re: OCR Docket # 07127265
Deat Ms. Ahlemeiet: On Septembet 1,9,2012, the U.S. Departrnent of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR), received your complaint ag trTst the Ladue School Disttict, St. Louis (District), Missouri, alleging discrimination on the basis of sex. This letter is to confum the District has voluntarily submitted a Resolution Agreement (Agreement) to tesolve allegation 1 of this complaint. For the reasonsset out below, we have determined there is insufficient evidence to conclude the Disttict did not provide you a prompt and equrtablegrievanceprocedure as allegedin allegation 2 of your complaint. Specifically,you allegedthe District: 1. discriminatedagainstyour daughterand other female sfudentson the basisof sex by allowing them to be subjected to a sexuallyhostile environment at the high school and failing to take prompt and effective action to remedy sexualharassment;and 2. did not provide you a prompt and equitable grievanceprocedure to addressyour complaint regardirg the sexuallyhostile environment. OCR is responsiblefor enforcing Tide IX of the Education Amendments of 1,972Ctd. IX), 20 U.S.C.S 1681,and its implementingregulationat34 C.F.R.Part 106. Tide IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program or activity operated by u recipient of Federal ftnancialassistance. As a recipient of Federal ftnancialassistance from the Department, the District is subjectto Title IX. Additional infotmation about the laws OCR enforces rs avatlableon our website at http: / / www.ed.qov/ocr. OCR applies a preponderance-of-the-evidencestandard to determine whether the evidence is sufficient to support a partrculat conclusion. Specifically,OCR examinesthe evidencein support of and against a particular conclusion to detetmine whether the greater weight of the evidence supports the conclusion or whether the evidenceis insufficient to support the conclusion.

Page2 - Ruth Ahlemeier - 07121265

In reachinga determination in this complaint, OCR interviewed you by telephoneand in person and reviewed correspondence you and the District submitted. On February 71.,201.3, OCR visited the District and interviewed the former superintendent,president of the school high school board, assistance superintendent,high school principal, and the assistant principal. The legal and factual basesfor OCR's determination are set forth below. ALLEGATION 1 - Request for Early Resolution - Voluntary Agreement

Prior to the completion of OCR's investigation, the District submitted a signed Agreement (.opy enclosed)on Match 19, 201.3,that,when fully implemented,will addressallegation1 of this complaint.l The Agreement requites the District to: 1) offet counseling servicesto your daughter and the othet six female studentsidentified in the 2071-12senior list; 2) issue a statement,to all high school students,patents and staff and printed in the high school's andf or Disttict's newsletterstating the District does not tolerate acts of hatassment, including acts of harassment basedon sex and watoirg that studentsfound to have engaged in acts of harassmentor other acts that createa hostile envitonment basedon sex will be promptly disciplined and make clear that such disciplinemay include, if circumstances warranq suspensionor expulsion;3) establisha student committee to provide a forum for studentsto discussmatters concerning discrimination or harassmenton the basisof sex, increasestudent.awareness of the District's antt-hatassment pfogram, and suggestmeasures for improving the effectiveness of the Disuict's program; 4) develop and conduct a school the presenceand climate survey to be used on an annual basis fot studentsand staff to assess effect of harassmentbasedon sex within the high school; 5) develop and delivet discrimination and harassmenttrairung for annual presentation to the Disttict's high school students;and 6) ensurehigh school administrators,and other high school staff at the District's discretion, receive training on what actions or behaviors may constitute unlawful harassment.Pleaseconsult the Agreement fot further details. OCR considers allegation L resolved effective the date of this letter and will monitor the District's implementation of the Agreement. When OCR concludesthe Disttict has fully implemented the terms of the Agreement, OCR will close this allegation and the complaint. If the District fails to carry out the Agreement, OCR may resume the complaint investigation. ALLEGATION 2

You allegedthe District did not provide you a prompt and equitablegrievanceprocedure to addressyour complaint regardirg the sexuallyhosule environment.
1 Pursuant to Article III, Section 302 of the OCR Case ProcessingManual (CPM, a complaint m y be resolved at any time, when, before the conclusion of an investigation, the recipient expressesan interest in resolving the complaint. The process is voluntary. The provisions of the resoluuon agreement will be aligned wrth the complaint allegations or the information obtained during the investigation, and will be consistent with application regulations. A resolution agreement reached before the conclusion of an investigation will be monitored by OCR. The CPM may be accessedat: http: / /www.ed. sor' / about / o ffi ces/list / ocr/ docs/ ocrcpm.html.








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Agreenterrt- 071212(tS llage 5 - Resr:lurcion

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