Combined Graduate level (Tier- II) Exam
September 2011 Question Paper
English language and comperhension Dierctions (QS. 1 to 20): A Sentence has been given in Active/ Passive Voice., Out of the four altgernatives suggested, select the one which best expersses the same sentence in Pssive/ Active Voice and select your answer accordingly. 1.



t e n . a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . w w w
A) We completed our task before sunset. C) We complete our task before sunset. The boy laughed at the beggar. B) We have completed our task before sunset. D) We had completed our task before sunset. A) The beggar was laughed by the boy B) The beggar was being laughed by the boy D) The beggar was laughed at by the boy. C) The beggar was being laughed at by the boy C) Jharkhand government has launched a massive tribal welfare programme. The boys were playing cricket. A) Cricket had been played by the boys. B) Cricket has been played by the boys. C) Cricket was been played by the boys. D) Cricket was being played by the boys.

Our task had been completedc before sunset.

The Government has launched a massive tribal welfare programme in Jharkhand. A) A massive tribal welfare programme is launched by the government in Jharkhand. B) A massive tribal welfare programme has been launched by the government in Jharkhand. D) The government in Jharkhand has launched a massive tribal welfare programme.



5. They drew a circle in the morning. A) A circle was being drawn by them in the morning. B) A circle was drawn by them in the morning. C) In the morning a circle have been drawn by them. D) A circle has been drawing since morning. 6. They will demolish the entire block. A) The entire block is being demolished. B) The block may be demolished entirely. C) The entire block will have to be demolished by them. 7.



t e n . a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . w w w
D) The entire block will be demolished by them. We must respect the elders. A) The elders deserve respect from us. B) The elders must be respected. D) Respect the elders we must. We have warned you. A) You have been warned. B) We have you warned. C) Warned you have been. C) The elders must be respected by us. D) Have you been warned. A) Your question has been answered? B) Any body has answered your question? C) Has your question been answered? D) Have you answered your question?

The burglar destroyed several items in the room. Even the carpet has been torn. A) Sveral items destroyed in the room by the burglar. Even the carpet he has torn. B) Several items in the room were destroyed by the burglar, He has even torn the carpet. C) Including the carpet, several intems in the room have been torn by the burgalr. D) The burglar, being destroyed several items in the room, also carpet has torn.

10. Has anybody answered your question?


11. The shopkeeper lowered the prices. A) The prices lowered the shopkeeper. B) The prices were lowered by the shopkeeper. C) Down went the prices. D) The shopkeeper got down the prices. 12. One must keep one's promises. A) One's promises are kept. B) One's promises must kept. C) One's promises were kept.

13. The government has not approved the new drug for sale.

14. They have published all the details of the invention.

15. He Teaches us grammar.

t e n . a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . w w w
D) One's promises must be kept. A) The government approval for the sale of the new drug has not been given. B) The new drug has not been approved for sale by the government. C) For the sale of the new drug we have not been given the approval. D) The new drug was not apporved by the government. A) All the details of the invention have been published by them. B) The publication of the details of invention was done by them. C) All the detail's have been invented by the publishers. D) All the inventions have been detailed by them. A) Grammar was taught to us by him. B) We are taught grammar by him. C) Grammar will be taught to us by him. D) We were teached grammar by him. A) The union leader's proposals could not be accepted by the manager. B) The union leader's proposals could not be accepted by the manager. C) The union leader's proposals will not be accepted by the manager. D) The union leader's proposals would not be accepted by the manager.

16. The manager could not accept the union leader's proposals.


eenadupratibha. B and C which may improve the sentence. B) Let the door be shut and you be asleep. 21. We must take care of all living species on Earth. Please shut the door and go to sleep. A) doing this is impossible. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part A. 18.eenadupratibha. C) You are requested to shut and you are requested to shut the door and go to sleep. C) All living species on Earth had been taken care of by us. C) Be prepared for the worst. Preparation should be made by you. It had been raining all in the night. w w w B) This is impossible to be done. B) The worst should be prepared by yourself. In case no improvement is needed. 21 to 40): A part of the sentence is underlined. C) This must not be done. B) All living species on Earth must be taken care of by us. 20. A) The door is to be shut and you are to go to sleep.net . A) Rained all in C) Raining all in B) Been raining all through D) No improvement t e n . your answer is "D". Choose the correct alternative. It is impossible to do this. A) All living species on Earth are taken care of by us. Prepare yourself for the worst. D) For the worst. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . Directions (Qs. A) further scrutiny C) further perusal B) further reading D) No improvement 22. The ground was wet outside when I got up in the morning yesterday. D) The door is to be shut and you are requested to sleep. A) You be prepared for the worst. D) This can't be done. www.net 17. 19. The Women's Emancipation Bill was sent back to the Lok Sabha by the President for further examination.www. D) All living species on Earth will be taken care of by us.

Mr. 28. The Finance Minister said that he would work for the impartial distribution of wealth. Professionals must continuously improve their skills.www.eenadupratibha. A) tenacity C) Paucity A) hone 29. the water in the lake raised another two feet. 27. After the heavy rains last week. Will you lend me few rupees in this hour of need? A) borrow me a few rupees C) lend me a few rupees A) Would raise another two feet C) rose another two feet A) as long as you work hard C) untill you work hard A) thrown out C) ousted B) lend me any rupees D) No improvement B) raise another two feet D) No improvement B) till you work hard D) No improvement B) rusticated 25. B) furnish C) disclose 31. we are reluctant to move to another city. A) equitable B) just C) fair D) No improvement 24. Unless you work hard.eenadupratibha. w w w D) No improvement B) necessity D) No improvement D) No improvement D) No improvement B) stay below the poverty line D) live beside the poverty line A) Since we were living C) Being that we living B) Being that we have been living D) Since we have been living 32.net . Audacity is the mother of invention. B) finetune C) explore A) give 30. www. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . you will not pass. A) live below the poverty line C) stay under the poverty line t e n .net 23. The minister was removed from a key post. More than 60 percent of India's population live under the poverty line. Raj has been asked to submit details of his tax returns. Since we are living in Bangalore for five years. 26.

he could not buy the coat. Being too costly for him. Just after I fineshed it started raining. I will now deal with him in a manner different from the one I have adopted so far. The good fortune of being your student in my younger days has helped me greatly in my life. He should not had done it. I didn't need to water the flowers.net 33. He complained of having tortured by the police. A) for past B) since the past 38.net . B) He being too costly D) No improvement 34. A) should had not C) should have t e n . A) having been tortured C) been tortured 37.eenadupratibha. www. A) It being too costly for him C) Being it too costly A) She no sooner had agreed B) No sooner had she agreed C) No sooner did she agreed D) No improvement 35.eenadupratibha.www. A) of my being your student 39. No sooner has she agreed to marry him than she started having terrible doubts. The orphans have been clamouring for nutritious food from the past two weeks. 36. w w w A) I didn't water the plants B) I needn't water the plants D) No improvement C) I needn't have watered the flowers B) tortured D) No improvement C) for the past D) No improvement B) of my my self being your student C) of my having been your student D) No improvement B) should not have D) should had A) I adopted C) I have been adopting B) I was adopting D) No improvement 40. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e .

41. "Will you have the suit ready by tomorrow evening?" D) The tailor asked him if he will like to have the suit ready by the next evening. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . "Mona will leave for her native place tomorrow. C) He exchaimed sorrowfully that it was a cold day. David said to Anna. Out of the four alternative suggested the same sentence in Indirect/ Direct Speech. The tailor said to him. 41 to 65): A sentence has been given in Direct/ indirect Speech. "Did you see the cricket match on television last night?" A) Kiran asked me whether I saw the cricket match on television the earlier night B) Kiran asked me whether I had seen the cricket match on television the earlier night C) Kiran asked me did I see the cricket match on television last night D) Kiran asked me whether I had seen the cricket match on television last night 42.net . w w w A) David told Anna that Mona will leave for her native place tomorrow.eenadupratibha. 45. "What a cold day!" t e n .www. He said to her. C) The tailor asked him if he would have the suit ready by the next evening. B) The tailor asked him that he would had the suit ready by the next evening." 43. D) He exclaimed that it was a very cold day. C) David told to Anna that Mona would be leaving for her native place tomorrow. Kiran asked me. B) David told Anna that Mona left for her native place next day.net Directions (Qs. I said to him.eenadupratibha. "Why are you working so hard?" A) I asked him why he was working so hard B) I asked him why was he working so hard 44. www. D) David told Anna that Mona would leave for her native place the next day C) I asked him why he had been working so hard D) I asked him why had he been working so hard A) He told her that it was a cold day B) He exclaimed that it was a cold day. A) The tailor asked him that he will have the suit ready by the next evening.

"Stand at ease". "Be quiet and listen to my words." A) He urged them to be quiet and listen to his words B) He urged them and said be quiet and listen to words 48. www.net . C) The teacher said congratulations to Mahesh and wished him success in life. he will phone me. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e .www.eenadupratibha. Pawan said to me. A) The captain urged his men to stand at ease B) The Captain wanted his men to stand at ease C) The Captain told his men that they should stand at ease D) The Captain commanded his men to stand at ease A) pawan told me that if he heard any news. D) Pawan told me that if he heard any news.eenadupratibha. B) He requested the interviewer to please repeat the question C) He requested the interviewer to repeat the question. 47. w w w D) He said you should be quiet and listen to my words A) He said that he has often been telling me not to play with fire B) He told me that he had often told me not to play with fire C) He reminded me that he often said to me not to play with fire D) He said to me that he often told me not to play with fire. The teacher said to Mahesh. D) He requested the interviewer if he could repeat the quesion. I'll phone you. "I have often told you not to play with fire? 49. D) The teacher congratulated Mahesh and wished him success in life. He said. The Captain said to his men. "Congratulation! Wish you success in life". C) He said they should be quiet and listen to his words 51. C) Pawan told me if he had heard any news. he would phone me. He said to the interviewer. 50. A) The teacher congratulated Mahesh and said with you success in life. He said to me. he would phone me.net 46. "If I hear any news. B) The teacher wished congratulations and success in life to Mahesh. B) Pawan told me that if he will hear any news. he will phone me." t e n . "Could you please repeat the question?" A) He requested the interviewer if he could please repeat the question.

C) Farhan asked Geeta whether she cluld lend me a hundred rupees until the next day. "in case I have to ring you?" A) I asked where you will be the next day in case I will ring him. B) The poor examinee. A) Seeta asked me can I give her my pen. A) The father warned his son. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . ''Don't fall into the trap" A) Manna asked Rohan whether he had sat in a trolley bus earlier. Farhan asked Geeta. The father warned his son.eenadupratibha.net 52. w w w C) The father warned his son. Seeta said to me. www. B) I aksed where he would be the next day in case I had to ring. C) I said to him where he will be in case I have to ring him. 54." I said. 55. C) Seeta asked me if I cold give her my pen. implored him to take pity on him C) The poor examinee exclaimed that God take pity on him. D) I enquired about his where abouts the next day in case I would have to ring up. D) The poor examinee asked God to take pity on him. "Can you give me your pen". "Could you lend me a bndred rupees until tomorrow?'' A) Farhan asked Geeta whether she could lend him a hundred rupees until tomorrow. 'O god. "Where will you be tomorrow. D) Farhan asked whether Geeta could lend me a hundred rupees until the next day. "Be careful about him" D) The father warned his son. B) Seeta asked me if I can give me your pen. Manna asked Rohan. "Watch that chap!" 56. The poor examinee said. take pity on me" A) The poor examinee prayed God take pity on him. involking God. D) Manna asked Rohan if he has ever sat in a trolley bus. t e n . "Have you sat in a trolley bus before?" B) Manna asked Rohan had he sat in a trolley bus before.eenadupratibha.www. D) Seeta asked me if I gave her my pen. "Beware of him!" B) The father warned his son. 57. 53.net . that he should be beware of him. C) Manna asked Rohan if he sat on a trolley bus before. B) Farhan asked Geeta whether she could lend him a hundread rupees until the next day.

59. A) He said that I can't bathe in his sea because it's very rough. D) He advised me to go for a swim as it was quite fine. t e n . Jagdish said. D) He enquired why did I not send my application to him.www. "I except you to attend the function". He said to me. B) He enquired why I did not send my application to him. "It's quite fine now". 61. to Goa. A) He enquired why I had not sent my application to him." he said. C) He suggested going for a swim as it was quite fine. "it's very rough". a trip to Goa. B) He proposed going for a swim as it was quite fine. "What about going for a swim. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . "Why didn't you send your application to me?" www.net . C) He enquired why had I not sent my application to him. to Goa. D) He told me that he expected me to attend the function. 62. D) He said that you can't bathe in this sea since it was very rough. C) He told me that he expected me to have attended the function. w w w C) He said that I couldn't bathe in that sea as it was very rough.eenadupratibha. A) Jagdish said that they passed by a beautiful lake when they had gone on a trip B) Jagdish said that they had passed by a beautiful lake when they went on a trip C) Jagdish said that they had passed by a beautiful lake when they had gone on D) Jagdish said they passed by a beautiful lake when they went on a trip to Goa. He said. B) He told me that he expected me to attended the function." he said to me. "You can't bathe in this sea. "We passed by a beautiful lake when we went on a trip to Goa". A) He asked me what about going for a swim as it was quite fine then.eenadupratibha. B) He said that you cluldn't bathe in that sea if it was very rough.net 58. A) He told me that he had expected me to attended the function. 60.

John asked. in fact. then mark (D) as your answer. (C)/ No error (D) 67. (B) or (C) as your answer. the pealing of bells (A)/ is a monotonous jangle and a nuisance(B)/ tolerably only when mitigated by remote distance and sentimental association.net .eenadupratibha. He says that (A)/ he reads novels (B)/ to pass away the time. If a sentence is free from errors. "Are you going to the party tomorrow. (C)/ No error (D) 69. He left for Mumbai on Sunday (A)/ arriving there (B)/ on Monday. (C)/ No error (D) 71. Eliza?" A) Dinesh asked whether Eliza was going to the party the next day B) Dinesh asked Eliza whether you are going to the party the next day C) Dinesh asked Eliza whether she was going to the party the next day D) Dinesh asked Eliza are you going to the party tomorrow 64. "What did you see at the South Pole?" Ashok asked Anil. (C)/ No error (D) 68. (C) No error (D) 72. To the ordinary man. If I were Zubin (A)/ I would not attend (B)/ the wedding. 66. Dinesh asked. It is (A)/ nothing else (B)/ than pride.eenadupratibha.www. Directions (Qs. (C)/ No error (D) t e n . w w w A) Ashok asked Anil if he saw anything at the South Pole B) Ashok asked Anil what he had seen at the South Pole C) Ashok asked Anil what did he see at the South Pole D) Ashok asked Anil that he saw anything at the South Pole D) John was asking how long must it take to travel from Germany to South Africa www. No sooner did the tacher (A)/ enter the class room (B)/ the students got up. 66 to 75): Some of the sentences have errors and some are correct. The Minister for Education (A)/ vehemently refused (B)/ the allegation what he had taken brides. (C)/ No error (D) 70. "How long will it take to travel from Germany to South Africa?" A) John asked how long it will take to travel from Germany to South Africa B) John asked how long it would take to travel from Germany to South Africa C) John asked how long it would take to travel from Germany to South Africa 65. come what may. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and choose that part (A).net 63. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e .

procrastinate 85. The reward was not commensurate_____the work done by us. cessation 84. (C)/ No error (D) 74. A) drapht A) for A) of B) draught B) on 78. The increasing mechanisation of life (A)/ have led us farther away from daily contact with nature and (B) the crafts of the farm. (C)/ No error (D) 75. B) with C) about D) at 80.www. frugal t e n . Choose the correct alternative out of the four. potent A) ineffecient www. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e .eenadupratibha. 81. A) up on B) out on 77. If you have a way with words. 81 to 85): Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word. 76 to 80): Sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Last week's sharp hike in the wholesale price of beef (A)/ is a storng indication for (B)/ higher meat costs to come (C)/ No error (D) Directions (Qs. A) so B) also C) eihter Direction (Qs.eenadupratibha. I don't care____ the expense. Four alternatives are suggested For each question. 76. (A)/ a good sense of design and administration ability (B)/ you may enjoy working in the high pressure world of advertising. C) with 79. I want the party to be a real success.net . susceptible A) incredible B) immune 82. I have made a rough_______of the report. w w w C) in D) at C) drought D) draft D) upon D) neither C) predictable A) miserly D) unpredictable B) gluttonous C) plentiful C) ongoing C) exclude C) fragile D) extravagant D) interruption D) propagate D) weak A) commencement B) renewal A) experiment B) expedite B) soft 83.net 73. My windows look_____ the garden. and ____ does Yeshwant. Vinay does not play cricket.

at the eleventh hour www. to feel like a fish out of water 98.net Direction (Qs. prognosis A) diagnosis 87. A) Pneumonia 95.net . 86 to 90): Out of the four alternatievs. A) Composition 94. w w w B) abundant C) bright D) shocking B) Cuddel C) Puddle D) Meddle D) Poetry B) Grammer C) Literature B) Diarrheoa B) Omission C) Xenophobia D) Amnesia C) Possession D) Occassion B) to get very angry C) to salivate on seeing food D) None of the above A) disgusted B) disppointed C) uncomfortable D) homeless A) too late C) immediately B) too early D) at the last moment 97. Find the wrongly spelt word. 86. to foam at one's mouth A) to brush properly t e n . 96 to 100): Four alternatives are given for the Idiom/ Phrase. 96. A) Commission Directions (Qs. 91.eenadupratibha. poach A) catch 88. choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.eenadupratibha. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . A) Oscillate 92. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/ Phrase.www. exhort 90. repartee A) refuse 89. Lurid A) recommend A) happy B) celebrate B) coax C) response C) pressure D) question D) push B) hunt C) preach D) plunder B) forecast C) preface D) identity Directions (Qs 91 to 95): There are four different words out of which one is wrongly spelt. A) Hurdle B) Deliberate C) Ennumerate D) Narrate 93.

who was called Alfred Nobel 6. In paliopathology www. Permanently? A) RQSP Q. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . that after all A) RSQP 103. And then word R.net 99. meet the released civilians S.eenadupratibha. w w w P. came from inside 6. on the skeleton as possible. Was singularly inconspicuous R.The rest of the sentence is split into four parts and named P. The man t e n . another look. these four parts are not given in their proper order. 101 to 120): The 1st and the last parts of the sentence are numbered 1 and 6. 1. the press could B) SRPQ C) PRSQ D) RPQS P. 101.eenadupratibha. Can any one 102.www. to burn one's fingers A) to get hurt physically C) to find work 100. but fleetingly Q. A) PRQS B) RPSQ C) QPSR D) SRQP Q. 1. 1. for a long time 6. R and S. and let S. falsehood triumph R. suppress truth C) SRQP B) QPRS D) PRQS P. 1. would have given him C) PSQR D) SPRQ P. to add fuel to fire A) to investigate B) to insulate C) to initiate D) to incite B) to suffer financial losses D) to suffer nervous breakdown English language and comprehension Directions (Qs. the fundamental objective S. would be to obtain R. Q. as much 104. background information 6. Read the sentence and find out which of the four combinations is correct and mark your answer accordingly.net . . A) RQPS B) QPSR S. and no one passing him in the street Q.

6. R. make us more resistant to the diseases responsible.www. in young people has skyrocketed. 1. 1. A) PQRS B) QSRP C) RQSP D) SPRQ www. he shows off. t e n . w w w Q. 1. Generally speaking. A) RPQS B) SQPR C) QRPS D) PRSQ 106. 1. Jeff is a very good dancer. the level of depression. to other related infections. P. The journeys that I undertake for the purpose of publicity 6. hard to pin down and quantify. A) RPQS S. A) RPQS B) QRPS 108. These positive effects vary from genetic changes that.net 105. children's self-esteem. while the rest of the class is struggling R. 6. It is how we feel about ourselves.eenadupratibha. for epidemics and Q. which are demonstrated.net . P. who always tries new dance steps 107. I find the things I have to do wearisome. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . which have effects on human that are 6. for me by those who have invited me or Q. P. who offer themselves as guides and usually in such cases S.eenadupratibha. an indicator of good mental health. After an entire generation of parents and teachers P. Follow programmes that have been worked out R. has worked hard to improve its s. and masters them quickly B) SQPR C) QRPS D) PRSQ C) SQPR D) PRSQ Q. S. R.

net 109. arguing vehemently Q. 1. they continue to respire for sometime.eenadupratibha. Which makes them hesitant 111. The Bermuda Triangle is an area P. Most of the people acquire P. B) QRSP C) QSPR D) PQRS P. protest the high salaries R. Local industries often 112. of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida and 6.www. Q.net . to accept new ideas and theories 6. offered by multinational firms A) RQPS B) PSRQ 6. that this will unreasonably raise S. their ancestral culture and R. 1. A) SPRQ S. 1l. the changing world. just as human beings do 6. giving off carbon dioxide S. tradition without questioning them. w w w Q. when they breathe. of many unexplained disppearances. A) PQRS B) SRPQ C) QSRP D) RPQS 110. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . C) SRQP D) PRSQ D) PRSQ www. taking in oxygen and Q. P. A) QPRS B) SQPR C) RPQS t e n . R. is famous for being the supposed site S. R.eenadupratibha. Although fruits can no longer grow once picked. all wages to an excessive level. the three points of the triangle being Miami. Bermuda and San Juan in Puerto Rico. 1.

1.eenadupratibha. using their own mix of S. Efforts should be made to stimulate exports. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . R and S. 115.www. P. If they are willing. one should only read B) PSRQ C) RPQS D) SQRP Directions (Qs. R. Q. Financial mess with Q. The carrots dropped into U shapes as I picked them up with the tips of my fingers. We have another source of foreign exchange. 6. 1. Near the carrots was a net bag of onions. because one liked it 6. The vegetable bin of my refrigerator contained an assortment of weird-looking items. different mints 6.net 113. to have to insist that S. 115 to 120): The 1st and the last sentences are numbered 1 and 6. but people read for such a R. P. A) QPSR B) RSPQ C) SPRQ D) RPSQ S. www. Q. These four sentences are not given in their proper order. It may seem odd P.net . It is necessary to increase our foreign exchange reserves. P. Q. R. to the right of the oranges was a bunch of carrots that had begun to sprout points. But people are reluctant to part with it. variety of reasons. 1. Remaining sentences are named. metals and alloys. coins led to a R. The multi sourcing of P. Read the sentences and find out which of the four combinations is correct and mark your answer accordingly. A) QPSR 114.eenadupratibha. gold can be sold abroad. A) PRSQ B) SPRQ t e n . C) SRPQ D) PSRQ 116. spikes and tendrils. w w w Q. I mean the huge quantities of hoarded gold. 1.

Blind. clouds were gathering in the sky. with full responsibility. R.www. Helen Keller has an ageless quality about her in keeping with her amazing life story. deaf & mute from early childhood. P. 6. She is an inspiration to both blind & who can see . white-coated lemon were two oranges covered with blue fuzz. 1. S. S. AIDS patients are carries of the virus. 6.net S. 118. w w w 6. R.net . A) QRPS B) RPQS C) QPRS D) SPRQ Q. In addition. P. This results in the victim's inability to defend themselves from any infections leading to death. The night was darker than usual. She believes the blind should live & work with their fellows. www. she rose above her triple handicap to become one of the best known characters in the modern world. people who are infected develop AIDS within five to ten years. P. AIDS is a disease caused by a virus called HIV. The moon also hid behind the clouds and it made the night gloomier. This disease destroys part of the body's immune system. A) QPSR B) PSQR C) RSQP D) SRPQ S.eenadupratibha. There was no proper light system on the highway.everywhere. Next to a shriveled. she has no wish to be set aside from the rest of mankind. t e n .eenadupratibha. 1. "Hellen Keller". the wind dropped. boys & girls from remote villages ran to her. The atmosphere now was very stuffy. Q. Each onion had sent curling shoots through the net until the whole thing resembled a mass of green spaghetti. R. 119. And they are infected for years without knowing it and transmit the disease to others. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . Q. A) SQPR B) QSRP C) PRSQ D) RSQP 117. Although warmed by this human reaction. Then suddenly. 1. 6. crying. When she visited Japan after World War II.

That technique brought us success. P. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. But some countries are still slaves. R. t e n . We fought it with a special technique. We are happy that they achieved freedom. A figure of speech by which a thing is spoken of as being that which it only resembles A) Metaphor B) Simile C) Personification D) Alliteration 124. w w w C) hide D) aboard D) Hoary B) Hippocratic C) Hirsute C) Neologism D) Platonism www.eenadupratibha. We therefore championed the cause of other countries. S.net A) QPSR B) PQSR C) RSQP D) SQRP 120. 121. 126 to 150): Some of the words have been left out.www. Q. An established principle of practical wisdom. 6. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . A) budgeting A) Marxism B) retrenchment B) Maxim C) saving D) closure 125.net . Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given and mark your answer accordingly. India led the battle of freedom against imperialism. A) hoard B) store 122.eenadupratibha. A) QSRP B) SRPQ C) RPQS D) RSQP Directions (Qs. 121 to 125): Out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/ secntence. The process by which a person or an organization reduces the amount of money it spends. To secretly store more than what is allowed. Directions (Qs. 1. Very dramatic A) Histrionic 123.

.(130). A) struggling 130. for the disaster. when toxic gas leaked . w w w B) at C) of D) by B) started C) proceeded C) exposure C) money D) went B) introduction D) acquaintance D) payment D) denied B) fighting C) grappling D) warning B) compensation B) refused C) forbidden B) responsible B) insolvency B) cruel C) accounting D) trustworthy C) stopping C) hard D) failure B) unapologetic C) unanswered D) unreturned D) thick skinned www.net .(127).(132). 126 . A) callous 134..000 people died within a matter of days. The leak began late at night and . A) closure 135...(126)..... to live normal lives. India...(129). has publicly . A) guilty 133.(134). a chemical plant in Bhopal. A) blocked 132.. Since then...net PASSAGE-I (Qs..www..135) More than 7..(133).. A) in 127..eenadupratibha. The investigation has been dealt with in a very . A) unattempted t e n .(128).. to the toxins created by the leak has resulted in innumerable deaths. manner.. A) continued 128. Despite trying to get ... The company involved...(131).. . the people have seen no real attempt to compensate them..... Many more are sick and . all responsibility for the leak.. No one till the date has been held . a h b i t a r p u d a n e e ...... UCC. Was it the . A) experience 129.(135). of the machinery or simply human error? Many questions remain .... 126..eenadupratibha. A) finances 131. for several hours unnoticed..

. A) critical 137..www. in both areas..(137). A) lead B) extensive B) opened B) village B) inside B) led C) extended C) opening C) rural C) on C) conformed D) expended D) opined D) country D) into D) caused t e n . 136-145) The last decade has been .. A) dogmatic 138. (147) . w w w B) paradoxical C) praiseworthy D) outstanding B) developing B) slashing B) grip C) faltering D) privatised D) curiosity B) marginal C) proportionate C) pro-activity C) context D) severe D) mood B) profound C) slight D) tough B) advocated C) projected D) expected B) rejecting C) managing D) criticising B) encouraging C) circulating D) preaching B) communication C) exhibition PASSAGE-III (Qs.. A) degradation One of the oldest cities of Asia. A) establishing 145.eenadupratibha. network of narrow streets amid multi-storey wooded houses. A) in 150. (146) ..(141).net PASSAGE-II (Qs... In the early 1990s industrialised countries were in the ... A) galvanised 142.(138). A) asserting 144. 136. But this has not been the case so far...(145).(139). 146-150) D) expansion www. A) expansive 147... When the economies of most western countries were . A) judicious 139..net . the quest for modernity have.... The large scale demolition of traditional buildings and bazaars .. retrenchment was to be reasonably ..... A) fabricated 143. out its waterways. Many leading companies are ....eenadupratibha. their belief in training as the key to future competitiveness and governments are . A) area 141........ throughout the training world. (148) .. (149) . cuts both in corporate training and in higher education.. make it look like medieval Islamic ..(142). . however. A) reactions 140.. for management education and development. centres... a h b i t a r p u d a n e e ... A) urban 149...(143)..(144).. to their disppearance.(140). A) open 148.. in higher education..... (150) ..... Srinagar is known for its unique wooden architecture. During the boom years of the mid 1980's there were some .. in the early 1980's there were . of another severe recession and a .(136).. an era of rapid .. Its .. 146..

are. And we see the wheat. you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating in this sheet of paper. And so. the cloud.www. the sheet of paper cannot be here either. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . In fact. because when we look at a sheet of paper. we can see the logger who cut the tree and brought it to the mill to be transformed into paper. 151. 151 to 200): You have eight brief passages with 5/10 questions following each passage. Everything co-exists with this sheet of paper. Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.. The paper and the sunshine inter-are. You cannot just be by yourself alone. A poet sees a cloud in a sheet of paper as A) he/ she is very creative B) he/ she loves nature C) he/ she writes poetry on paper D) he/ she sees the universe as a singly entity t e n . the sunshine. this sheet of paper cannot exist. space. And if we continue to look. "To be" is to inter-be. and without trees. and therefore the wheat that became his bread is also in this sheet of paper. Looking even more deeply. we can see we are in it too. we know what the sunchine is also in this sheet of paper. the sheet of paper is part of our perception. The cloud is essential for the paper to exist. So we can say that the cloud and the paper inter . And the logger's father and mother are in it too.net Directions (Qs. Passage -I (Qs. You have to inter-be with every other thing. This sheet of paper is bacause everything else is.net . This is why I think the word inter be should be in the dictionary. We know that the logger cannot exist without his daily bread. This is not difficult to see. the rain. If the cloud is not here. the forest cannot grow. Even we cannot grow without sunshine. we see that without all of these things. the trees cannot grow. When we look in this way. nothing can grow.time.eenadupratibha. we cannot make paper. Without a cloud there will be no rain. we can see the sunshine in it. if we look into this sheet of paper even more deeply. without rain.eenadupratibha. the river. You cannot point out one thing that is not here --. so we can say that everything is in here with this sheet of paper. the earth. the heat. 151-155) If you are a poet.. w w w www. Your mind is in here and mine is also. If the sunshine is not there. the minerals in the soil.

www.net . Why does the writer think that the word 'inter-be' should be in the dictionary? A) Bacause he didn't find this word in the dictionary B) Because he is a linguist C) Because he is interested in new words t e n . Why can't the logger exist without his bread? A) he will die without food B) he can't grow wheat C) Without cutting trees he can't earn money. A) both are very important B) both exist because of they are interrelated C) a cloud exists on its own D) everything in this world is separate. A cloud and the paper inter-are means. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e .net 152.eenadupratibha. The theme of the comprehension is A) Everything co-exists in nature B) Don't harm anybody D) Very confusing C) Inter-are and inter-be 155. 153. can't buy his meals 154.eenadupratibha. w w w D) There won't be enough trees to cut D) Because our every existence is defined by this term www.

but very much attention to health makes some people imagine that they are ill. w w w A) his work which good health makes possible. he should be using health for work.www. Modern medicine is primarily concerned with A) Promotion of good health B) people suffering from imaginary illnesses C) people suffering from real illnesses D) increased efficiency in work 157. The healthy man should not be wasting any time talking about health. 156.II (Qs.eenadupratibha. D) talking about health B) sometimes suffer from imaginary illnesses C) rarely suffer from imaginary illnesses D) often suffer from imaginary illnesses A) health is an end in itself C) health is only a means to an end B) health is a blessing D) we whould not talk about health 159.eenadupratibha. the health articles in popular magazines and the popularity of the television programme and all those books on medicine we talk about health all the time. 156-160) In the world have we made health an end in itself? We have forgotten that health is really a means to enable a person to do his work and do it well. Talking about health all the time makes people A) always suffer from imaginary illnesses t e n . B) looking after his health C) his health which makes work possible. the work he does and the work that good health makes possible. A healthy man should be concerned with 158. The passage suggests that www. Our great concern with health is shown by the medical columns in newspaper.net Passage . a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . A lot of modern medicine is concerned with promotion of good health.net . Yet for the most only result is more people with imaginary illnesses. Many patients as well as many physicians pay very little attention to health.

especially the Peruvian coast. coconuts and banana grow on the otherwise strubbornly barren land. and are household words today. Put simply. Today there are those who pray. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . causing very heavy rains in the early half of the year. 161.net 160.170) Time was when people looked heavenward and prayed. The Peruvian shore is a desert. give us rain.eenadupratibha. is now seen as a major t e n . first form the lack of knowledge.warms up the normally cold surface. "Ye Gods. Normally. And then. Passage-III (Qs.crunch pushes down primary production. including anchoveta (anchovies) temporarily disappear. miraculously. the desert is matted green. w w w www.rich cold waters from the ocean depths. But this boon on land is accompanied by oceanic disasters. But this wisdom dawned only after countries suffered. Many marine species.El Nino . keep El Nino away. are together referred to as ENSO. "Give us rain. The passage tells us A) how medicines should be manufactured B) What a healthy man should or should not do C) What the television programmes should be about. and then from the lack of co-ordination between policy making and the advances the scientific knowledge. D) how best to imagine illnesses. the waters of the South American coast are among the most productive in the world because of a constant upswelling of nurtient. The event has diametrically opposite impacts on the land and sea. an unusually warm ocean current.www. During an El Nino. These are the Peruvians' anos de abundencia or years of abundance. keep drought away". But every few yerard.Crops like cotton.eenadupratibha. El Nino is a weather event restricted to certain tropical shores. Over the years its full impact has been studied and what the Peruvians once regarded as manna. disrupting the food chain. Meteorologists recognise it as often being reponsible for natural disaster worldwide. however waters are stirred up only from near the surface. The current had come to be termed El Nino. This is just one damning effect of El Nino. or the Christ Child because it usually appears as an enhancement of a mildly warm current that normally occurs here around every Christmas.net .waters off the Peruvian coast." El Nino and its atmospheric equivalent called the Southern Oscillation. The nutrient.

according to the author. What. 161. The 'years of abundance' is when www.net .net threat. D) It is regarded as manna. Which word in Para 3 is the antonym for. is a positive effect of El Nino? A) It causes changes in atmosphere.eenadupratibha."Fertile? 165.www. How can we say that El Nino proves to be a boon for South American coast? t e n . B) They recognized it as an atmospheric equivalent and hence called it southern Oscillation. El Nino in a layman language is 163. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . C) It comes aroun Christmas. A) El Nino occurs during Christmas C) Marine species is destroyed B) The deserts are matted green D) None of the above A) a natural disaster B) Southern Oscillation A) It causes an upswelling of rich nutrients making it the most producitve in the world. Meteorologists took time to understand El Nino because A) It was neither a disaster nor a boon for the people living in desert areas. B) It results in vegetation on barren lands. 166. C) It warms up normally cold surface waters off causing heavy rains. D) All of the above 162. C) They suffered from lack of knowledge about El Nino as they were not scientifically advanced. 167. w w w C) a weather event D) None of the above B) Tropical shores and land D) None of the above B) It causes the destruction of many marine species such as anchoveta.eenadupratibha. What are the two types of landscapes that are effected by El Nino? A) Coastal areas and sea C) Deserts and Oceans A) matted C) barren D) All of the above B) abundnace 164. D) It enhances warm around every Christmas.

How International Understanding can be taught at the school level? A) Through various subjects like History. Political Science.graduate and the post. People today.'equal in value.graduate levels.net . International Law and International Organisation have been prescribed by most of the universities and these contain content which has a direct or indirect bearing on promoting UNESCO ideals. At the under.eenadupratibha. pray to God to keep A) rains and droughts away C) El Nino away B) drought away D) El Nino and droughts away B) destructive effects D) Dissrupting effects.net 168. Social Sciences . 170.www. international education can be perscribed as a separate subject of study. Political Secience.180) There is a general consensus that 'International Understanding' need not be www. B) By giving numerous oppor-tunities to the students C) By combining the subject content with the curriculum D) All of these t e n . 'damning effect' means A) negative effects C) full effects 169. The phrase. Instead it should be woven into the curriculum and the numerous opportunities that present themselves while teaching normal school subjects may be intelligently and imaginatively used by the teacher to promote International Understanding. Geography. 171. The word which means. courses of study in subjects like History. Civics. However. Economics. International Relations. Civics. at the higher education level. The school subjects for this purpose are History. Economics. Geography. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . Geography.eenadupratibha. In fact the present situation on India broadly conforms to this consensus so far as the school stage is concerned. power and meaning' is A) unusual B) current C) equivalent Passage-IV D) appear taught as a separate subject at the school stage as that would add to the curricular load which is already too heavy. etc. Sociology. 171. Languages as well as Physical and Life Sciences. w w w (Qs.

"combined with the curriculum"? A) Intelligently and imaginatively used in the curriculum B) Can be prescribed in the curriculum C) Woven into the curriculum D) None of the above 173. Which word out of the given options means . a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . it can be inferred that t e n .net 172.eenadupratibha.'feeling of most people'? A) Promote C) Bearing B) Numerous 175.eenadupratibha.www. A) Prescribed B) Proposed 177. Which phrase from the passage means.advised. Pick out the name of the subject which deals with 'the study society' A) Political science C) Sociology B) Social science 178. w w w D) Post-graduate and doctoral stage D) Consensus D) None of the above C) Conformed D) Presented D) Life Science A) All the subjects at school level may not be helpful in promoting International Understanding B) School subjects may be used creatively to promote International Understanding C) International Understanding may be treated as a separate subject in schools D) The school curriculum is too heavy to incorporate International Understanding www.net . What are the two stages where "International Understanding" should be taught as a separate subject? A) Primary and Secondary stage B) Under-graduate and post-graduate stage C) Secondary and under-graduate stage 174. On reading Para 1. Find the word from the passage which means. Which word from the passage is the opposite of the word narrow? A) Concern B) Broad C) Direct 176.

A generation is approximately 22 years in length. t e n . The implied meaning of Para 3 is A) Most of the universities have prescribed learning of International Understanding B) The subject International Undestanding is based on the UNESCO ideals C) International Understanding is to be taught only at under-graduate and postgraduate level D) International Understanding contains subjects like International Relations. and " emerge as busy mildlifers. Pick out the most probable meaning of the phrase: 'most profitably used'. The four generational archetypes identified by Strauss are Idealists. mature into risk taking adults. w w w A) Most fruitfully used C) Most valuably used B) Most rewardingly used D) Most commercially used PASSAGE-V (Qs. (2) common beliefs and (3) perceived membership in the same generation.eenadupratibha. attacked by the next spiritual awakening". Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe are Known for their theories about cycles of generations in American history. They refer to each cycle of four generations as a constellation.net 179. and they posit that each constellational era corresponds to ''recurring types of historical events''.'' who cultivate principle rather than pragmatism in midlife. According to Strauss and Howe. Civics growup "increasingly protected youths after a spiritual awakening" become ''a heroic and achieving cadre of young adults". each generation is comprissed of people who possess (1) common age. Idealists are ''increasingly indulged youths after a secular crisis. and emerge as ''visionary elders''.www. members of 4 generations are alive at one time. They state that adjacent generations do not live similar lives. Reactive. and become sensitive elders. Civic and Adoptive. mellow into ''pragmatic midlife leaders during a secular crisis''. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . Reactives grow up ''under protected and.net . Adaptives grow up as "overprotected and suffocated youths during a secular crisis". Since a lifetime may reach 80-94 years. mature into " indecisive arbitrator leaders during a spiritual awakening". and moods. and that each generation ages as a singular cohort as time moves forward. International Law and International Organization 180.eenadupratibha. criticized youths during a spiritual awakening''. build institutions as mildlifers. conformist rising adults".181-185) www. and become reclusive elders. become "risk averse.

w w w C) Adjacent generations are not influenced by each other D) Adjacent generations are not in touch with each other D) Reactives are one generation younger than the Civics C) acting on the basis of principle D) behaving in a reclusive way www.net 181. According to the passage.www. B) Each generation focuses on its specific traits. 'Pragmatic' most closely means t e n . 182.eenadupratibha. What is the dissimilarity between adjacent generations? A) Adjacent generations do not live similar lives. C) The cycles of generations share some common features and moods. According to the passage which of the following statements can be inferred? A) Idealist are one generation younger than the reactives B) Adaptives are elders when Civics are mildlifer C) When reactives are adults. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . D) Each constellational era corresponds to recurring types of historical events and moods. What is the assumption made by Strauss and Howe? A) Alternate generations live similar lives.net . Civics are youths 184. 183. what happens to the Civic generation as its members enter mild life? A) It is attacked by Idealists who are coming of age B) It is attacked by Idealists who are visionary elders C) It is attacked by Adaptives who are raising adults D) It is attacked by Adaptives who are youths A) behaving in a reckless way B) acting in a practical way 185.eenadupratibha. B) Four generation co-exist at one and the same time.

he www. "Yes. The fairy gave him a golden coach with twelve white horses.www.net PASSAGE-VI (Qs. yes. So when he and the Queen were alone together he knelt down and took her hand.eenadupratibha. When the shepherd reached Rome. At once he became a handsome young man dressed in princely robes. The fairy put a ring on his fingure. When the fairy put a ring on his finger." But as soon as he spoke he turned into a old and rugged shepherd. The shepherd went to Rome in a B) boat t e n . he met the young Queen of Italy. saying: "Marry me. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . He resolved to marry her and become the king of Italy and let the fairy go. "What is this horrible beggar doing here"? cried the Queen. The fairy wanted to marry the shepherd because A) He was very handsome C) He could play sweetly on his flute A) disappeared C) married her A) palanquin B) He had saved her life 187.eenadupratibha. "Whip him out of the palace". w w w D) The shepherd loved her B) changed into a handsome youth D) turned into a statue C) cart D) coach A) planned to marry the Queen of Italy B) met his friends there C) sought his parents permission to marry the fairy D) met the king of Italy 189. He played so sweetly that a lovely fairy came and listened to him. dearest and I will help you to govern Italy. 186. the shepherd 188.186-190) An old shephered was playing on a flute on the marshlands outside Rome. The shepherd saw that he had won the Queens's heart. Who invited him to her palace. As he rode in State to Rome. "Will you marry me and play to me in my castle?"she said. he said.net . " But I must first go to Rome and bid farewell to my friends". lovely lady! said the shepherd.

net 190. He has continuously tampered with nature which has resulted in that threat to the sustenance of mankind. they would be unable to sustain themselves. 191. Indiscriminate industrialisation resulted in urban migration as the rural poor settled in cities in search of opportunities. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . Earth is the home we all share and would pass on the our future generations as their legacy. Man exploited nature for his benifits. social and cultural factors and conditions influencing the existence of the development of an organism. A state of decadence has come about because of A) Indiscriminate exploitation of resources B) Due to half-hearted attempts C) Natural disasters t e n . Man has studily improved the technologies and other means necessary for the availability of devices that could give more physical and mental pleasures. w w w D) None of the above A) Due to global warming B) Because they have inherited an over exploited environment C) Because they rely only on technology D) Due to lack of sustainability 192. could not accommodate the migrants and this led to the development of slums. the efforts have not been whole-hearted. 191-195) The environment comprises all the physical. The Queen ordered the shepherd to be whipped out of the palace because he A) refused to marry her C) tried to steel her jewels B) turned old and ugly D) revealed his plan to marry the fairy PASSAGE-VII (Qs.eenadupratibha. attempts have been made to restore nature to its previous state of purity and serenity. without any foresight as to what the implications of his actions would be.www.eenadupratibha. already facing a population crisis. But if they inherit the present state of the world. Cities. This has resulted in increased pressure on the available resources and further degradation of the environment. The industrial revolution led to a drastic escalation of earths surface temperature. Why would the future generation s find it difficult to live on the earth? www. Due to indiscriminate industrilisation.net . man has created a state of decadence. Although.

Hybrid vehicles are an example of energy efficient technology that is good for both consumers and the environment. Since hybrid vehicles use less gasonline than conventional vehicles. The theme of the passage is A) Environmental degradation C) Crisis faced by modern world 195. When the vehicle is put back in gear.net . conventional vehicles are being used less. t e n .net 193. Industrilisation has resulted in A) Over population C) Migration of people to the cities B) Crowding of cities D) Both B&C B) Environmental pollution D) All the above B) Concequences D) Causes A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle which uses two or more kinds of propulsion. In convention vehicles.eenadupratibha. w w w PASSAGE-VIII (Qs. the engine temporarily turns off.In regenerative breaking system the energy lost in braking is sent back in to the electrical battery for use in powering the vehicle.www. and the energy used in braking is lost. Hybrids used two types of propulsionin order to use gasoline more efficiently than conventional do. Most hybrid vehicles used the gasoline engine as a generator which sends power to the electric motor. As hybrids become more popular. some hybrid vehicles use periodic engine shutoff as a gas-saving feature. In conventional vehicles.eenadupratibha. Most hybrid vehicles have regenerative braking systems. they put fewer emissions into the atmosphere than conventional vehicles do. the gasoline engine powers the vehicle directly. The electronic motor then powers the car. the gasoline engine powers the brakes. Some hybrids use tyres made of a stiff material which rolls easily and prevents drag on the vehicle. When the vehicle is in idle. or HEVs. most hybrid vehicles also use other efficient systems. These are usually called hybrid electric vehicles. Most hybrid vehicles use a conventional gasoline engine as well as an electric motor to provide power to the vehicle.196-200) www. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . Since the main purpose of using a hybrid system is to efficiently use resources. Implication means A) After effects C) Wrong doing 194. the engine comes back on. and the level of emissions being put into the air is decreasing.

The difference between hybrid and conventional vehicle is that A) Hybrids are heavier as compared to conventional ones B) Hybrids do not use electric motors while conventional ones do. Two kinds of propelling forces used by hybrid vehicles are A) electric motor and power B) electric engine and generator C) gasoline engine and electric motor D) electrical battery and gasoline 197. Why do HEVs use two types of propulsions? A) To go faster C) To provide comfortable ride A) Restorative C) Gasoline 199.www. In the context of the passage which of the following best articulates how the author regards the topic? A) Conventional vehicles may be more powerful than hybrid vehicles but hybrid vehicles are more socially responsible B) Since hybrid vehicles are less gasoline and put fewer emissions into the atmosphere they are better for the environment C) Hybrid vehicles are less expensive. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . 'Regenerative' most closely means 200. C) Hybrids use gas while conventional vehicles use petrol 198.net 196.eenadupratibha.net .eenadupratibha. w w w D) Hybrids use two types of propulsions while conventionals rely on one B) To use gasoline efficiently B) Electric D) Powerful D) To become environmental friendly www. so they are a smarter buy than conventional vehicles D) Conventional vehicles are faster but hybrid vehicles are better for the environment t e n .

135-A. 73-B. 19-B. 66-B. 164-C. 107-B. 122-A. 9-A. 70-B. 153-C. 88-C. 57-B. 4-D. 23-A. 65-B. 42-D. 145-D. 192-B. 188-D. 169-C. 20-B. 154-A. 71-C. 48-B. 194-A. 187-B. w w w www. 68–C. 72-C. 38-D. 3-B. 14-A. 158-D. 161-C. 139-B. 159-C. 173-B. 77–D. 97-B. 160-B. 89-B. 56-A. 21-B. 180-A. 184-A. 193-B. 55-A. 22-A. 119-D. 64-C. 127-A. 199-A. 40-C. 90-D. 32-D. 85-A. 185-B. 52-A.net . 142-D.net KEY 1-D. 80-D. 137-C. 200–B t e n . 163-B. 10-C. 176-A. 93-B. 35-C. 125-B. 82-A. 190-B. 63-C. 108-C. 79-C. 62-A. 24-C. 111-B. 186-C. 81-B.12-D. a h b i t a r p u d a n e e . 43-A. 117-C. 196-C. 92-B. 182-A. 156-A. 98-D. 60-A. 129-A. 69-B. 28-B. 157-A. 26-D. 16-A. 112-A. 45-C. 141-D. 133-D. 151-C. 120-C. 167-B. 113-A. 121-A. 34-B. 33-D. 109-B. 168-B. 166-B. 150–B. 104-C.www. 59-C. 54-C. 126-C. 46-A. 198-B. 165-B. 105-B. 177-B. 74-D. 197-D. 30-B. 27-D. 101-C. 49-C. 171-C. 124-B. 67-B. 13-B. 29-A. 183-C. 189-A. 75-B. 181-D. 5-B. 118-A. 191-A. 179-C. 15-B. 178-B. 53-D. 50-D. 39-B. 134-C. 86-A. 144-B. 152-B. 114-D. 143-A. 11-B. 146-B. 172-C. 25-C. 37-C.eenadupratibha. 95-D. 175-B. 8-B. 17-A. 174-D. 155-D. 195-C. 100-D. 51-C. 2-D. 162-C. 84-B. 58-A. 130-B. 7-B. 131-B. 123-B. 47-A. 115-B. 96-B. 103-A. 87-B. 41-B. 44-B. 94-B. 106-D. 149-A. 136-B. 78-C. 31-A. 140-B. 170-C. 132-B. 61-D. 83-A. 116-A. 148-A. 36-A. 18-C. 102-C. 147-C. 128-C. 76-B.eenadupratibha. 6-D. 138-B. 110-C. 99-B. 91-C.