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Referring to government regulation of Indonesia Number 68 on 2002 about food security, food security is a condition for fulfillment of food households which showed in the availability of sufficient food, amount, quality, secure, equitable, and affordable. Food security is crucial and strategic, because based on the experience in many countries shows that theres not state who can do of development with firmly before being able to realize food security first. Act Number 7 on 1996 mandates that government along with peoples realize the food security for all the citizen of Indonesia. Indonesia is a country with a lot of population and the growth rate was high, therefore attempts to realize food security is a challenge that should get priority for the welfare of the nation. Indonesia as a country with an agricultural and maritime with natural resources and socio-cultural that diverse, should be viewed as a God gift to realize food security. Efforts to realize the national food security should be based on local food resources with the diversity between regions and should possible be avoided dependence on food importion. To realize food security, so the entire sector should be active and coordinate in organized with the central government, provincial government, government district/city, government villages and community to improve the strategy for the realization of national food security. Because food security is showed in the availability of food in real, then it must be clearly known by the community about the provision of food. Food provision aims to meet the needs of the household consumption that continues to expand from time to time. To realize the food supply, needs to be done development of production systems, efficiency business systems, production technology, facilities and infrastructure of food and retain and develop productive land.

The sources of food supply is manifested comes from domestic production, food reserves and food importion. Food import is done if the domestic food production and food reserve is insufficient domestic consumption needs. Equitable availability of food require distribution of all area even to households. Therefore the embodiment of food distribution requires a development of transportation by land, sea and air that the system through management of the increased security of food distribution. Reserves national food manifested by community food reserves and the government food reserves. The government food reserves is restricted to certain food which is primary, as the government unlikely to reserve all the required food community. The government's food reserves consist of the government food reserve village, district/city, provincial, and the central government that its realization requires an inventory of food reserves, estimating food shortages and emergency form, so that the conduct in the procurement of management food reserves can be managed properly. The government food reserves was made to tackle the food problem and distributed in the form of mechanisms that tailored with the region and household conditions. However, the distribution get done by not harming the interests of community consumers and producer. The role and responsibilitie of the community in terms of food reserves was done by non-governmental organizations, community organizations, private, co-operative and/or individual. Variety of food is a thing that should be improved, with the processing technology, which is aimed at creating public awareness to consume a diverse food with balanced nutritional principles. In the activities of prevention and tackling the food problem need do of planning and program implementation with analysis and evaluation of factors that affect the availability of food. The food problem prevention intended as anticipative steps for avoiding the food problem. In terms of tackling the food problem should first known early about the excess of food, food shortages and the inability of households in meeting food needs. Thus, one of the way to tackling the food problem such us food spending plans if were excess food happened, increased of production and/or importion if were food shortages happened. Beside that, the distribution of food in particular take precedence for the household's inability to meet food needs, and provide food aid to the poor citizens.

Price control provisions in particular to certain food which are staple aims to avoid price fluctuations which resulted in society such as the state of emergency which included natural disasters, social conflict and prolonged famine. Thus controlling food prices should know the market mechanism or any market intervention by way of managing and maintaining the government food reserves, organize and manage food supply, food distribution and set tax policy and/or tariffs. The provincial government, district/city and/or village implement of food security policies in each area, watch the guidelines, norms, standards and criteria established by central government. In addition, the provincial government, district/city and/or village encourages the participation of citizens in food security with providing information and education, helping to smooth, improve the motivation of society and household independence in improving food security. In implement food security, society has an extensive role for example make production, trade and distribution of food, food reserves and do prevention and overcome the food problem. Food security is realized also through the development of human resources and international cooperation. Next to realize food security, making policy formulation, evaluation and control of food security with coordinating of food security council. The agricultural sector is one of the main solutions in the problems of food safety and security, which are the community farmers as executor. But often of farmers community fail to do the harvest caused by pests and diseases and very messed up the efforts or actions of the farmers is the uncertain weather so their crops become wither even dying because cannot make of photosynthesis, so that quality and quantity decreased and extreme sunlight due to the effects of global warming which causes the destruction of chlorophyll plants. With the current technological the fast developments especially in electronics applications, so give the provide an alternative way of safely and independently to better maximize the quality and quantity of crops as accurate stabilisation, so that it's not only the results but also a lot of good harvest. In General, everyone surely expects a tool that safely, independently and can overcome problems of photosynthesis to a maximum of quality and quantity, can acceleration the growth of plants from nursery, enlargement, flowering or fertilization to

harvest, have an economical value for people or country and environmentally friendly, in all sectors of food security especially agriculture must be very expect it, beside that results of the quality and quantity more maximal, the tool is stand-alone or can make a starting from the sources of energy, convert from solar energy so theres not additional cost and can be used on a region that not affordable electricity distribution, the tool is also can automatically work so farmers keep doing activities as usual. For its created the accelerator tool for process plant growth, which installed on the farm. This accelerator plant growth is result of the development of various applications of electronics, photovoltaic solar energy converters, batteries as the storage of the current and voltage, the inverter as a converter current, timers as the timing of system and electrical travo as radiator generators. The tool accelerator plant growth will transmits of light in a specific wavelength. This radiation has an effect on the auxin and giberelin hormone. This radiation can complete the process of photosynthesis and accelerate auxin and giberelin hormone. With the tool, can help farmers to overcome weather problem that interfere photosynthesis process which thwart quantity and quality of farmers harvest so that the farmers can do farming activities at any time. Considering the agricultural sector is the main solution in problems of food security and experience on the problems of food security in Indonesia, so application of technology play an important role in the field of agriculture and the tool accelerator plant growth is one of the application of technology solutions in development agriculture in Indonesia. Participation of all sides, especially the government is important in order to bridge between the need for appropriate technology for the general public and the ability of the expertise from a group of young scientists in creating technology. With the concept of research technology that related to the invention agriculture field, we hoped the government able to realize the idea of the design technology from the young scientist to be appropriate technology in reality that give beneficial to the community so that problems in agriculture can be handle and food security can be implement.