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May 2013

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Central Coast Family

May 2013

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Allergy Awareness
May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. Its a peak season for asthma and allergy sufferers, and a perfect time to educate your family about allergies. Seasonal Allergies in Children Allergies and asthma often start in childhood and continue throughout life. Although neither can be cured, with proper care they can usually be kept under control. Allergies are caused by the bodys reaction to substances called allergens, which trigger the immune system to react to harmless substances as though they were attacking the body. When to Suspect an Allergy Some allergies are easy to identify by the pattern of symptoms that follows exposure to a particular substance. But others are more subtle, and may masquerade as other conditions. Here are some common clues that could lead you to suspect that your child may have an allergy. Repeated or chronic cold-like symptoms that last more than a week or two, or that develop around the same time every year. These could include a runny nose, nasal stuffiness, sneezing, throat clearing, coughing, nose rubbing, sniffling, snorting, sneezing, and itchy, runny eyes. Itching or tingling sensations in the mouth and throat are not usually complaints with a cold, but are the hallmark of an allergy. Wheezing, difficulty breathing, and other respiratory symptoms, recurrent red, itchy, dry or scaly rashes in the creases of the skin, wrists, and ankles also may indicate an allergy. When it comes to rashes, the most common chronic inflammatory skin condition in children is eczema, also called atopic dermatitis. Although not strictly an allergic disorder, eczema in young children has many of the hallmarks of allergies and is often a sign that hay fever and asthma may develop. The rate of eczema, like that of asthma, is increasing throughout the world. Where asthma is rare, the rate of eczema is also low. When to Suspect Asthma Although allergies and asthma often go together, they are actually two different conditions. In simple terms, asthma is a chronic condition that starts in the lungs. Allergies are reactions that start in the immune system. Not everybody with allergies has asthma, but most people with asthma have allergies. The airways of the typical child with asthma are inflamed or swollen, which makes them oversensitive. When they come in contact with an asthma trigger something that causes an asthma attack the airways, called bronchial tubes, overreact by constricting (getting narrower). Many different substances and events can trigger an asthma attack exercise, cold air, viruses, air pollution, certain fumes and, especially, a host of allergens. In fact, about 80 percent of children with asthma also have allergies and, for them, allergens are often asthma triggers. Common Allergens In spring, warmer weather can increase outdoor allergens. In fall, many indoor allergens cause problems because children are indoors for longer periods. Dust: contains dust mites and fine particles from other allergens, such as pollen, mold, and animal dander Fungi: including molds too small to be seen with the naked eye Furry animals: cats, dogs, guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits, and other pets Clothing and toys: especially those made, trimmed, or stuffed with animal hair Latex: household and school articles, such as rubber gloves, toys, balloons; elastic in socks, underwear, and other clothing; airborne particles Bacterial enzymes: used to manufacture enzyme bleaches and cleaning products Certain foods: common allergens are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, seafood, soy, and wheat

Child Development
Controlling Allergy Symptoms Its helpful to use air conditioners or filters, where possible, to reduce exposure to pollen in both your home and your car. Molds are present in the spring and late summer, particularly around areas of decaying vegetation. Children with mold allergies should avoid playing in dead leaves in the fall. Dust mites are commonly found in upholstered furniture, bedding, and rugs. Padded furnishings, such as mattresses, box springs, pillows, and cushions should be encased in allergen-proof, zip-up covers, which are available through specialized retailers. Wash linens weekly, and bedding such as blankets every 2 to 3 weeks in hot water to kill dust mites. Replace pillows every 2 to 3 years. Work With Your Childs Pediatrician Your childs allergy and/or asthma treatment should start with your pediatrician. If needed, your doctor may refer you to a pediatric allergy specialist for additional

Open T-F 11-4 in Los Osos or 24/7 at:

805 528-8956

evaluations and treatments. Although there are many overthe-counter antihistamines, decongestants, and nasal sprays, it is very important that you work with a pediatrician to make sure that your childs conditions are correctly diagnosed and the symptoms properly treated.
Excerpted with Permission. 2013 American Academy of Pediatrics.

Central Coast Family

May 2013

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Library Voice
Go Green. Live Healthy. Make Money. Make a Difference.
by Kristen Barnhart

Moms helping Moms work from home

Its that beloved time of year again! June 1stAugust 3rd bookends the free Summer Reading Programs throughout San Luis Obispo County Libraries, and we have a great summer planned for your children! Dig Into Reading is the theme for kids from infancy - 5th grade. We will have a board book for the under 2-year-old crowd, a canvas bag filled with fabulous prizes and coupons, along with a book to choose for lapreaders and very beginning readers who finish 20 books. Our chapter book reading set will earn a bag of incentives when they finish reading 10 books. Teen readers (grades 6-12) will not only get a filled canvas bag and book, but a chance to win an iPod Touch after they explore their Beneath the Surface theme.

And Amelia Q. Carpenter - age 14 (who won last years competition):

Once again, our canvas bags are sponsored by the wonderful people of Cloud Star. The importance of keeping kids reading through the summer cannot be over emphasized. Fun programs and incentives are all well and good -- but reading, like virtue, is its own reward. Programming helps maintain the habit of weekly library visits for the whole family. Dont forget that you are your childs best teacher, so make a point of checking out books for yourself too, along with DVDs, CDs, and video games. Make friends with your librarians and ask for suggestions. We love to recommend great read-a-louds, ageappropriate good reads, and series that cant be missed. Librarians are local treasures; they get to know their communities, their

patrons, and their collections to best serve you. School librarians are equally valuable for children during the school year. They not only know about good books for their students, but they also know which books dovetail in with the curriculum. Librarians teach students life-long research and media literacy skills. As author Neil Gaiman writes Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one. Research shows a direct correlation between schools with devoted school librarians and higher student achievement. For some horrid reason, many school districts seem to think that any clerical aid can do the job and they are cutting out the heart of school libraries by eliminating their statecertified teacher-licensed librarians. This is very short-sighted and tragic at many levels. Please stand up for school librarians if you live in such a district, and send a letter of support to your school board. The long-term consequences of school librarian cuts will be chilling. I am not going to list all of the great library performers and programs this year. Please check with your local branch or, better yet, check our website , and even better, dont forget to Like us on Facebook: SLOCountyLibrary . We love to keep you up to date! Some program highlights follow. Tom Knight, the singer/songwriter/ puppeteer from Massachusetts at: SLO: Wed, July 17 at 10:30 am Arroyo Grande: Wed, July 17 at 2:00 pm Atascadero Colony Park Community Center: Thu, July 18 at 11:00 am Morro Bay Library: Thu, July 18 at 2:30 pm Our own Ivan Firetruck! Ulz will be back in force around the county too: Los Osos: Sat, June 1 at 11:00 am

San Luis Obispo: Wed, June 12 at 10:30 am Morro Bay: Thu, June 20 at 2:00 pm Cayucos: Wed, June 26 at 11:30 am Were also adding some new acts this year. Something Ridiculous Jugglers (Mark Wilder and VonJon) are slapstick stuntmen who juggle on free-standing ladders, seven-foot tall unicycles, or atop the partners shoulders. Definitely a do not try this at home kind of program! San Miguel: Thu, June 20 at 3:00 Morro Bay: Thu, June 27 at 2:00 Creston: Tue, July 9 at 2:30 Cayucos: Wed, July 31 at 11:30 Arroyo Grande: Wed, July 31 at 2:00 Duct Tape Creations is a handson program planned for teens this summer. Our fabulous intern Amy will bring ideas, patterns, and LOTS of different rolls of this inspiring medium. Our thanks go out to Ritas Rainbows for funding this fun workshop. Become an at home tourist and visit some new areas of the Central Coast this summer by attending programs in other communities. Take a picnic and visit the zoo, the beach, or downtown SLO, or finally be able to answer that burning question Where the heck is Creston? The library website has directions to all of our branches. You can check out books wherever you go and return them to your local branch. Youll fall in love with our slice of paradise all over again!
Kristen Barnhart has been telling stories, recommending books, and stamping little hands for over 34 years throughout SLO County. She is currently a Youth Services Librarian at the San Luis Obispo Library. Kristen can be reached at (805) 781-5775 or

2013 bags celebrate the work of local artist Cyprus Hogan - age 9:

Arroyo Grande Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Seeking... Sharing... Serving

Voted Best Restaurant 6 Years in a Row!

Worship Service Times Saturday: 9:30 & 10:45 am 240 Vernon St, Arroyo Grande

795 E Foothill Blvd, SLO

(805) 543-0722

Daily Lunch Buffet $7.95

Monday Dinner Buffet $10.95

(805) 489-6622

Libraries will get you through times with no money, better than money will get you through times with no Libraries!

Central Coast Family

May 2013

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4211 Broad St, #D in San Luis Obispo

Monart Birthday Party!
See website for pricing

Middle School

Dont Miss the Monart Student Art Show!

Throughout June at Nautical Bean
11560 Los Osos Valley Rd, San Luis Obispo (Laguna Village Shopping Center) Please come in and enjoy all our wonderful student work!

Age 7

Call (805) 544-4243 to Register Now!

Like SLOMonart on facebook for discounts! and check out our new website:
Art & Cork
May 2013 Page 5

Central Coast Family

Getting Out
Weekend in Carmel-by-the Sea

by David Vogel

I asked my wife Patrice if shed like to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary at a nice restaurant in SLO. How about a family weekend in Carmel? she replied.

The drive up the coast is dropdead spectacular, but the scenic inland route on 101 saves an hour. It was raining on Friday, so we planned Big Sur for the ride down on Sunday. After a pleasant 2-1/2 hour drive, we neared the verdant little city of Carmel (population 3000) and opened the windows to enjoy fresh air scented with evergreens and salt water. Winding from the highway through pine-studded hills, we came to the tiny downtown area-a veritable cosmopolitan oasis, resplendent with boutique shops, We sauntered happily and art galleries, and restaurants. window-shopped on the way to our car, then drove out San Carlos We parked a few blocks from Street, Carmels hotel row. We Mundaka, www.mundakacarmel. easily found the Hofsas House com, a Spanish style tapas within restaurant where we had walking distance. It is pink, with reservations. The dcor was a charming mural by the entrance warm and eclectic, a mix of old, that complements the classic repurposed, and new. The dinner Bavarian architecture. Though crowd included couples and the inn does not look large from families, young and mature. Table street level, two more stories are conversation and the music were built up the hillside in the back. lively, but not loud. The staff was friendly and professional. When we walked upstairs and Diners were smiling and enjoying opened the Dutch door to our themselves. The menu, which suite, we were astonished by how includes organic fair-trade spacious it was. The kids room produce, free-range poultry and had two queen beds with plenty line-caught fish, features a variety of space between them, a dining of hearty appetizers--hot and area, a kitchenette, and a divided cold tapas. With our waiters bathroom (tub / shower / toilet assistance, we chose the seafood room with adjoining vanity area). paella, preceded by a mix of Our bedroom had an open sitting artisan cheeses, fig bread, bacon area, king size bed, large dressing wrapped dates with goat cheese, area, and a divided bathroom olives, house made sausage, and vanity. When Donna Hofsas potato creations, cauliflower built this hotel sixty years ago,

gruyere, and other tasty morsels. The house red wine was robust, and we managed to save enough room to share a portion of bread pudding, with almond, pear, chocolate and ginger. We thanked chef Brandon Miller for our scrumptious meal, and he shared his enthusiasm for healthful food, wine, Spanish culture, and his plans for Mundaka.

she wanted her guests to feel relaxed. All 38 rooms are unique-some have fireplaces, some full kitchens. The furnishings are comfortable, yet elegant. At the same time, the rates are among the most reasonable in Carmel-our enormous two-room suite cost $260/night. After a restful night, I joined guests from various countries in the lobby for continental breakfast. The freshly baked pastries and coffee were excellent, along with fresh fruit and yogurt. We talked about Hofsas House and the Carmel community with Carrie Theis, who owns and manages the hotel that her grandmother had built. Shed learned hospitality at her grandmothers knee, so the inn has the cozy feel of a little B&B. Carrie showed us around the hotel grounds, including the heated pool, saunas, and conference room, which can seat a dinner for thirty. She explained that dogs and other pets are welcome in certain rooms, with waste stations outside, and even free doggy treats. The whole town of Carmel is famously dog-friendly. When our family walked on the beautiful white sand beach nearby, we saw people running with their dogs off-leash.

We drove to Rio Grill at the Crossroads Shopping Village for lunch on Saturday. www.riogrill. com The restaurant has high ceilings and a festive, modern southwest dcor. The staff was attentive but not over-bearing, and good blues music played in the background. The menu featured creative regional California cuisine from a wood-burning grill and an oak wood burner. Though I had a fine beer (Delirium Tremens), the Rio Grills wine list showcases the Central Coast of California, and the stylish bar offers signature Southwestern cocktails as well as the classics. Our dishes arrived promptly, looked like pieces of art, and tasted great. The Dungeness crab cakes with roasted red-pepper cumin vinaigrette were light and crispy, with a meaty interior, and a little kick. The prawns on penne pasta with pancetta and grilled peas in cream sauce had just the right mix of textures and savory flavors. The Southwest Bouillabaisse was superb. Note well, the Rio Grill has a kids menu, which included a plain quesadilla and ice-cream sundae for our less adventurous 11-year-old.

Hofsas House offers special family packages, such as Beach Fire & Smores ($60), which includes a wood bundle and starter, beach blanket, smores supplies, Frisbee, and a flashlight. They also encourage family reunions with group discount rates on We drove to nearby Monterey for rooms and meeting facilities and the afternoon, where we enjoyed wandering through the Monterey a complimentary family portrait. Mirror Maze on Cannery Row

Central Coast Family

May 2013

Page 6

and trying out their Laser Maze. This was a fun experience that encourages family teamwork.

menu offers a thoughtful selection of classic, healthful dishes from southern France and the Basque region. The wine list was extensive, emphasizing wines from California and France, but including superb vintages from all over the world. The service was excellent and understated. I ordered a heart of palm salad and rack of lamb Provencal. Patrice chose a Caesar salad, and Petrale sole. We ordered a half bottle of Oregon Pinot and shared plump Kalamata olives and crusty fresh bread. The salads were fresh with delicate dressing. Patrice declared that she had finally found the ultimate Caesar salad. My rack of lamb evoked a similar response. Not only was it perfectly cooked over a wood fire, but it was uniquely cut with the bone on one side and the filet left whole. Patrices sole with lemon butter was succulent. The side dishes were equally refined. For dessert, we shared Profiteroles with fluffy pastry, creamy vanilla glac, and dark chocolate sauce. After our meal, we were greeted by owner Pierre Bain, whose family has owned the Grand Hotel Bain in Provence for almost 300 years. Inherently charming, he showed us around Fandango, related its history, and enthusiastically answered my questions about the wine cellar. Pierre even escorted us to the small home next door that hed converted from a law office into a temperature-controlled wine storage area, giving new meaning to the phrase house wine. The next morning, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before checking out, thanked our host Carrie Theis for a truly wonderful stay, then started home through Big Sur. As advertised, the views were incredible. Two pieces of advice for the drive: 1) If you really want to enjoy the views, make sure someone else is driving; and 2) If you are afraid of heights or a timid driver, it is better to head north through Big Sur, so that you are not driving next to the dropoffs.

We then crossed the street and spent a few magical hours at the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, marveling at exhibits of jellyfish, seahorses, otters, and otherworldly creatures.

After we returned home to the Hofsas House, the kids had dinner en suite and connected to the high-speed wireless Internet to watch Netflix while Patrice and I dressed for our anniversary dinner at Fandango, a French Basque restaurant in Pacific Grove. http://

If youre looking for a romantic Old World restaurant for a special occasion, Fandango is a wonderful choice. A charming old farmhouse with exposed wood beams, the venue includes two main dining rooms, and five private dining rooms seating from eight to fifty. The dcor is rustic elegance, reminiscent of rural France. The

Central Coast Family

May 2013

Page 7

Fun & Games

Hen & Ink

Jacks Jokes
If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? Knock Knock. Whos there? Figs. Figs who? Figs the doorbell! What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo? A pouch potato!

Mothers Day


Hink Pinks (2 rhyming 1 syllable words matching a silly definition):

1. crying father ________________ ________________ 2. fast choice 4. angry boy ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________
1. sad dad 2. quick pick 3. calm mom 4. mad lad

3. relaxed mama ________________ ________________


Sudoku begins with some of the grid cells filled with numbers. The object is to fill the other empty cells with numbers between 1 and 9 (1 number only in each cell). A number should appear only once in each row, column, and region.

Central Coast Family

May 2013

Page 8

Summer Camps, Intensives & Classes Dance Music Theater Voice Fitness
Beauty and the Beast Camp
July 8-26 10am-1pm $290 Ages 8 - 17

Summer Session Classes

Story Time Theater Camp

July 8-12 10am-12pm $100 Ages 5-7 July 22-26 10am-1pm $125 Ages 11+

Choreography Lab Camp Vocal Jamm, Pop! Camp

July 29-Aug 2 9:30am-11am $100 Ages 12-18

(once/week, 1 hr, 6 weeks, $60) Learn The Beatles on Guitar! M, 2:45 Dance Jams T, 2:45 Act It Out T, 2:45 Intro to Happy Feet W, 2:45 Lyrical Fusion TH, 2:45 Performance Troupe Prep F, 2:45 Conditioning for Dancers F, 5:45 A Taste of Tap (21+, $75) F, 5:45 Ask about our Childrens On Tour Program!

Broadway Tap Intensive

July 29-Aug 2 11:30am-2:30pm $125 Ages 11+

Ballet Intensive

Aug 5-9 8am-11:30am (advanced, 13+) $150 Aug 5-9 12pm-2:30pm (intermediate, 10+) $125

Jazz Funk & Hip Hop Camp

Aug 12-16 11am-2pm (2 levels) $125 Ages 8+(beg./interm.) 12+(interm./adv.)

Sign up for camps & inten sives by May 3 for 10% 1 o ff !

Scan for camp descriptions

All camps/intensives include a showcase of learned material on the final day!

We host Birthday Parties!

Spaces are limited and filling up - register today! For camp descriptions and registration call or visit us online. 1030 Huston St. Ste. C, Grover Beach | 489-5678


What do you offer Central Coast Families? (805) 528-0440
Enjoy FREE full color, graphic design & website exposure:

Central Coast Family

% off
Exp. 5/30/13

Beauty & the Beast Jr.

Summer Performance Camp Grades 1 -12
MON-FRI June 17 -28 10:30 am - 2:30 pm
Performance June 29 at 2:00 pm

Hours Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun11-4

at Unity in San Luis Obispo

Lets put on a show! Kelrik offers total theater immersion plus all the fun of a great summer camp. Beginners and advanced performers ages 7-18 wil find expression and fullfillment on stage with guidance from professional directors, choreaographers, and vocal coaches. $475
May 2013

Get ready for the most fantastic summer of your life!

543-7529 Page 9

School readiness and success require your child to have an organized brain as the foundation for effective attention, behavior, communication, motor skills, and learning. When his brain network is wired correctly, accurate sensory messages are sent between the body and brain, which allow him to learn and adapt in different environments. This brain wiring begins before birth and develops as your baby moves his body and interacts within his environment. Early body movements play an important role in the organization (or disorganization) of the brains wiring connections. These connections are the foundational link between the body and brain. They enable your child to: sit still in a chair, focus and pay attention, balance and coordinate movements, manipulate a pencil, follow a line of print while reading, comprehend and remember information that he sees and hears, and express himself socially and through writing. When a childs brain network is disorganized with crossed wires, learning is inefficient, takes more energy, and cannot be maintained. This child may be bright, but inconsistent with his workhe can do it sometimes and not others. His challenges are likely connected to missed development in his brain network caused by abnormal primitive reflexes. Primitive reflexes, (also called survival reflexes) are automatic movement patterns that emerge to help a baby survive and develop during the first year of life. These reflexes organize sensory input, which activates wiring connections in the brain for higher levels of movement, adapting, and learning. In normal development, by one year of age, the survival reflexes become integrated, or inactive, because they are no longer necessary. This allows for more complex areas of the brain to develop. Survival reflexes that are active beyond 18 months are abnormal and cause an underdeveloped brain and immature central nervous system. When reflexes dont integrate normally in a child, subtle to severe symptoms occur that negatively

C ross ed Wires?
by Karyn Lutes, MA, CCC-SLP The Speech And Learning Coach

Unique Beauty
* Handcrafted Jewelry * Jewelry Repair * Unusual Art & Gifts
Watch Batteries
Open TUE-SAT 10:30-5:00

impact the childs development. It is important to recognize these symptoms, because there are effective methods for improvement that can permanently change a childs brain organization and learning potential. Following is a list of five primitive reflexes and how they can impact learning if they are still active, or retained. (Please note that it requires a specialized evaluation to determine if your child is positive for any of the reflexes.) Each of the symptoms listed for a reflex can indicate that an area of development was missed. However, it is not common for a child to exhibit all of the symptoms. 1. Moro Reflex - This reflex is linked to the fight-or-flight instinct, anxiety, obsessive - compulsive disorder, and your childs ability to handle multiple stressors at once. Other symptoms include auditory processing problems (that impact speech, language, comprehension, reading, and writing). It is linked to the vestibular (balance) system, and many of these children are sensitive to motion (swings and car rides), light, and sound. They may exhibit poor balance and coordination, actfirst-think-later behavior, poor visual perception, withdrawing or overreacting, allergies, asthma, frequent colds, ear and throat infections, and exhaustion after school. 2. Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex Children with this active reflex often have reading and writing problems including dyslexia. It affects the ability to cross midline, know left from right, use both eyes together to look at a single word (convergence), and track horizontally across a page. Many of these children did not crawl, cannot skip, and have difficulty with motor-planning, coordination, balance and may appear awkward when they run or play sports. 3. Spinal Galant Reflex - This active reflex can show up as attention problems and ADD/ADHD, as it affects focus and the ability to sit still. It is also linked to short-term memory, ear infections and auditory processing problems. Often, these children wet the bed beyond age 5, are hypersensitive to touch (especially ticklish on their lower back) and sensitive to clothing or belts around the waist. 4. Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex - Children with this active reflex frequently have difficulty with handeye coordination, vertical tracking and catching. They may appear to be clumsy, have bad posture, or slump when sitting at a desk. They are slow at tasks that require copying and tend to be messy eaters. Many did not crawl, and have difficulty with activities that require both upper and lower body movements, such as swimming and gymnastics. 5. Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex - This active reflex connects to poor spatial awareness in children and knowing where their body is in comparison to things around them. They may knock over or run into things, talk too closely to someones face, become lost while playing sports, or feel disoriented and disorganized in their own body. In addition, these children often have poor balance, posture, coordination, proprioception, and muscle tone. Weak control of eye movements can affect reading, writing, copying and math. They also may have problems processing information and have poor organization, sequencing, and timing. Active primitive reflexes cause crossed wires and create a barrier to learning because important phases of development have been missed. Higher centers of the brain will attempt to compensate for what the lower centers are supposed to automatically do. While compensation may work in the shortterm, it takes a lot more mental energy, which creates exhaustion and makes it difficult to maintain long-term. This is why your child may be inconsistent with his skills able to perform in some situations, but not others. This inconsistency can look like your child is just lazy and careless, which suggests that the behavior is a choice. Rather, he

2141 Tenth St, Los Osos

805 543-2000
is working with faulty brain wiring because he lacks foundational skills due to missed phases of development. Your child can never reach his full potential if his brain is disorganized! One of the biggest problems for parents seeking help for a child struggling with attention, behavior, communication, motor, or learning challenges is that many professionals dont fully understand the foundational underpinnings of the bodybrainlearning connection. Countless parents have unsuccessfully tried many interventions, including tutoring, therapies, special education, medications, counseling, behavior charts, neurofeedback, and expensive reading centers. But, these strategies were not specifically geared to address the root cause of their childs problem. The great news is that it is never too late to retrain your childs brain by integrating these reflexes, so that it functions automatically and supports all learning and attention. This is done by re-creating the developmental stages that were missed in early childhood. It begins with an assessment of your child or teens primitive reflexes to determine if they are still active, followed by an individualized program that combines sensory processing with therapeutic movements to rewire the previously missed and critically important brain connections. This newly developed brain network can become the foundation for your childs future success in learning and in life.
Blythe, Sally Goddard, Attention, Balance and Coordination, Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. Karyn Lutes, MA, CCCSLP, is a Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist, CA Credentialed Teacher, and Executive Director of The Speech And Learning Coach in Arroyo Grande. She is an author, speaker, wife, and mother of three. Contact her at (805) 4741144 or 2013 The Speech And Learning Coach. com. Reproduction allowed if origination is included. Mustbeusedinitsentirety.

Central Coast Family

May 2013

Page 10

Founded in 2001
Lic. # 406211099

WonderScience Summer Camp

Mid-June through July Flexible Hours and Days to fit your families needs

Heritage Montessori Preschool

A holistic program in a farm-like environment that encourages children to develop academically, artistically, and socially through a creative, self-directed program A small, warm, and cheerful place; an ideal transition between the world of home and the wider world of school High-quality academic tools, beautiful and natural art and craft supplies, and plentiful, natural wooden toys Our energetic curriculum includes music, science, Spanish, arts & crafts, organic gardening, cooking, yoga, puppetry, story-telling, and lots of fresh air, sunshine, and farm pets

First 5 San Luis Obispo County 2013

Award Winner for home based preschool

Unique Integration of Classic Montessori & Waldorf Philosophies Age range: 2.5 - 5 years

Open Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Central Coast Family

May 2013

Page 11

Local History
Historic OUTLAWs in San Luis Obispo County
by Guy Crabb

San Luis Obispo: 100 Years Books

Collect all three great books about the history of SLO town. Buy your memory of downtown as it continues to change in the coming months and years. Capture a moment in history!

Enjoy Your Memories!

Get an autographed copy at, Boo Boo Records, the History Center, and Antiques on Monterey
Also available at Barnes & Noble, Crushed Grape, Apple Farm, and Volumes of Pleasure

Recently, San Luis Obispo was named the happiest city in the United States (by National Geographic and Oprah Winfrey) but back in mid 1800s, our little town was one of the most dangerous places to visit. I recently bought a great book about a man who worked for the United States government delivering important mail in California in 1849. The book was originally published in Harpers Monthly magazine in two separate issues in 1862. The man told of his trip from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo and the many dangers he lived through as he traveled alone. The tales in his book reminded me of the three most feared men in our county during the 1850s. I have written before about Jack Powers and his gang of bad guys. I have also told the tale of Pio Lineras and how he was finally cornered and killed out near Los Osos. The outlaw I have not written about was one of the most feared and deadly men to pass through San Luis Obispo County and was known to kill people without a second thought.

Joaquin Murrieta (pictured above) came to California from Mexico in 1849 to strike it rich in the gold fields. While seeking his fortune, he and his wife were attacked by other miners and they both barely escaped with their lives. This incident scared him and he swore revenge on the men who attacked him and all white men who came to this part of California. Murrieta gathered a gang and started stealing horses and attacking settlers and wagon trains throughout California. Often his victims were traveling in San Luis Obispo County. It was said that Murrietas band of murderers killed up to twenty-eight Chinese and thirteen Caucasian Americans. It was documented that he and his gang killed at least six of the people who attacked him and his wife. Murrieta was like a ghost to the law. He would be reported in one area and there would be simultaneous reports that he was in another city 100 miles away. During this time, Murrieta was not the only Joaquin wanted by the

law. There were four others, but Murrieta was the most dangerous and the most wanted of the Five Joaquins. Murrieta would appear and disappear, but it was believed that he would come to San Luis Obispo to visit a girlfriend who lived in the San Luis Obispo High School area. In 1850, the population of San Luis Obispo was a little less than 400 people, so when Murrieta would come to town, most people knew of his presence. They made every attempt to avoid him and his gang while they were in town. It was not until 1853 that California Governor John Bigler signed an act to create a group called the California State Rangers. The group would be led by former Texas Ranger and Mexican War veteran Harry Love. Love came to California during the gold rush and became a bounty hunter. Due to his experience and fame in the war, he was assigned to capture Joaquin Murrieta and the other four Joaquins. Even though Love probably traveled in our county, this wasnt where he and the other Rangers had a run-in with a group of three infamous Mexican outlaws. Love claimed that one of the outlaws killed was Murrieta and one of the other two was a bandit named Three-Fingered Jack, who was a coldblooded killer. To provide proof that the two men captured were Murrieta and Three-Fingered Jack, Love preserved the two bandits heads in jars of alcohol so he could collect the money for their capture. There are still legends about Murrieta burying sacks of gold stolen from settlers in the hills of Cuesta Grade and other areas around San Luis Obispo County. In the 1950s, when two boys were digging up some bushes and unearthed a sack of gold, it was thought to have been buried there by Murrieta. There may

be several sacks of gold still buried out there in our hills. Murrieta never wanted to be arrested with stolen loot on him, so burying his booty under rocks or underground would be a smart thing to do. He could always come back and find the illgotten fortune at another time. Another legend of local bad guys was about a man who owned a bar in the Santa Margarita area. He was very hospitable to all travelers and often supplied free beer to thirsty visitors. The bar owner was so generous because many travelers carried large sums of money to buy cattle down in Santa Barbara. The more beer the visitors drank, the more information they revealed to the bartender / bar owner. The next morning when the visitors left town and started riding over Cuesta Grade into the city of San Luis Obispo, a bandit would appear and steal all of their money. The crazy thing was the bandit seemed to know exactly where each traveler hid his money. The bandit always wore a black wig, and one day as he was robbing another group of travelers, the bandits wig accidentally fell off. Then the travelers recognized him as the friendly bar owner from Santa Margarita. The bar owner soon disappeared, never to be heard from again. Isnt reading about bad guys as close as youd want to come to them? Thank goodness that our town is now known as the the happiest city in America.
Guy Crabb teaches at Charles E. Teach Elementary School in San Luis Obispo. He graduated from Cal Poly SLO and has been teaching for 28 years. Guy was a Teacher of the Year in 2006 and currently teaches at a National Blue Ribbon School. Reach him at

Captain Harry Love, CA State Rangers Commander

Central Coast Family

May 2013

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Registration Now Open for Cuesta College Community Programs Summer Fun!
College for Kids
Session I: M-Th, Jun 17-Jul 3 Session II: M-Th, Jul 8-25 7:30am-5:30pm
Prices vary depending on schedule.

For students entering 5th-9th grade in Fall 2013

For students entering 4th grade in Fall 2013 M-Th, Jul 29-Aug 1 8:30am-12:30pm $132

4th Grade Camp

Sciensational Workshops for Kids

Prospectors Mystery Rock (Ages 6-11) SLO Campus Only 1 M-Th, Jun 10-13, 1:15-5pm Course# CFK06S.213; Fee: $175 (includes materials)
Chemical Magic - Magical Microscopes Rocks & Minerals (Ages 6-11) SLO Campus Only 1 M-Th, Jul 8-11, 9am-12:45pm Course# CFK04S.213; Fee: $175 (includes materials)

Aquatics & Swim Lessons

Baby & Me Levels 1-6 Session 1: M-Th, Jun 24-Jul 3, 2013 Session 2: M-Th, Jul 8-18, 2013 Session 3: M-Th, Jul 22-Aug 1, 2013 Session 4: M-Th, Aug 5-15, 2013 11am-6pm $55 - $105 Family Fun Swim Wed, Jul 3 6:30-8:30pm Thurs, Jul 18 6:30-8:30pm Thurs, Aug 1 6:30-8:30pm Thurs, Aug 15 6:30-8:30pm Fri, Aug 16 5-9pm $5 drop in

Make It and Take It Home (Ages 6-11) North Co Campus Only 1 M-Th, Jul 29-Aug1, 9am-12:45pm Course# CFK03N.213; Fee: $175 (includes materials) Can You Dig It? (Ages 6-11) SLO Campus Only 1 M-Th, Jul 29-Aug1, 9am-12:45pm Course# CFK03S.213; Fee: $175 (includes materials)
Hover Craft: Design Your Own Egg Drop Car (Ages 6-11) SLO Campus Only 1 M-Th, Jul 29-Aug1, 1:15-5pm Course# CFK05S.213; Fee: $175 (includes materials)

The All-Terrain Tracker Workshop (Ages 7-12) SLO Campus Only 1 M-Th, Jun 10-13, 9am-12:45pm Course# CFK02S.213; Fee: $175 (includes materials)
Magnetic Levitation for Future Transportation (Ages 7-12) North Co Campus Only 1 M-Th, Jun 10-13, 1:15-5pm Course# CFK02N.213; Fee: $175 (includes materials)

Golf Camps are also available!

Celebrate Cuesta Colleges 50th Anniversary: Enjoy some Sun & Fun with us!

Robotic Arm Science (Ages 7-12) North Co Campus Only 1 M-Th, Jun 10-13, 1:15-5pm Course# CFK04N.213; Fee: $175 (includes materials) CSI-Crime Scene Investigation (Ages 8-12) North Co Campus 1 M-Th, Jun 10-13, 9am-12:45pm Course# CFK01N.213; Fee: $175 (includes materials) SLO Campus 1 M-Th, Jul 8-11, 9am-12:45pm Course# CFK01S.213; Fee: $175 (includes materials)
Central Coast Family May 2013

Call 546-3132 or visit

Register online, via phone, fax, or walk-in! Page 13

Fun for everyone - no gymnastics experience necessary!

Camp 1: June 17-21 Camp 2: June 24-28 Camp 3: July 8-12 Camp 4: July 15-19 Camp 5: July 22-26 Camp 6: July 29-Aug 2 Camp 7: Aug 5-9

Gymnastics PLUS

Register now for full day or half day Summer 2013 Camps!
Central Coast Family May 2013 Page 14

Beauty Blog: Pro Make-Up Tips

by Mandy Buechner

Self Care
browns or mauves. Gold and bronze is also beautiful on dark brown eyes. For medium brown eyes - Medium to light brown eyes can try green, violet, or bronze colored shadows. You truly can wear almost any color of eye makeup if you have medium brown eyes. A purple or green eyeshadow palette can work equally well for daytime. Experiment by pairing neutral shadow with metallic eyeliner in copper or bronze for evening. For light brown eyes - Avoid black eyeliner, if you have light brown eyes, and use dark brown or other colors instead. Apply a neutral shade of shadow on the lid, a darker hue of the same color in the crease, then line your eyes in gold or green to reflect the flecks of color in your iris. If your eyes are so light they are hazel, try champagne tones with violet, bronze or brown liner to define the eye. Green or Hazel Eyes - Play with purples. Bring out your gorgeous green eyes with makeup that is red/ orange-based. To widen the look of close-set eyes, apply shades of deep plum eye shadow toward the outer edges and a lighter shade of purple toward the inner eye. If your eyelids are a little droopy, do the opposite. Avoid purples with blue undertones, as well as blue eye shadow and eyeliner. For green eyes, choose color tones such as dark green, lavender, purple, plum, or lilac. Gold and copper are great for highlighting green eyes. For eyeliner, it is best to avoid black and to choose browns or grey, which are much softer. A general rule of thumb for green eyes is to choose warm shades vs. cooler shades. Choose mascara in a brown tone, so the face does not look harsh or overpowered. Avoid silver - If you want to experiment with metallics, avoid silver shades on the eyes. Bronze, copper, and gold look wonderful with green eyes for evening. Brown or dark green eyeshadow with flecks of gold are also terrific choices. * If you missed Part 1 or 2 of Professional Makeup Tips, visit Mandys blog at to catch up!
Mandy Buechner is a master stylist at Legends Salon & Day Spa in Atascadero and graduated from Paul Mitchell The School MTI. She can be reached at (916) 225-3971 for a free consultation.

Part 3* Eye Make-up

Eyeshadow Matte: Simple and sophisticated, matte shadows can define and enhance your natural eye color. Use a deep brown matte shadow in the crease of the eye to create a sculpted eye look that pops. Shimmer: Shimmers reflect light and instantly brighten the eye. Select a neutral shade for a day look or pump up the nighttime drama with a brighter shimmering shade. Blue Eyes - If you want your eyes to stand out and look mesmerizing, try wearing earth-tones, such as browns with a slight purple base, taupe, and slate colored grays. If you want to have a little fun, try a nice rose color. The coolness in pink/purple eyeshadow is a nice compliment to blue eyes. For the office, stick with brown, rose, lavender, and neutral shades. For a special date, blue-eyed women can try metallics (both silver and gold work well), turquoise, and icy pink.

For evening, dark blue mascara looks fabulous on blue eyes, especially paired with smudged charcoal eyeliner. Try smoky gray, dark blue, purple, grey, silver, violet or lavender shadow. For nighttime, blue combined with black is a great look. For eyeliner or mascara, try navy instead of black for a dramatic, yet less intense look. Brown Eyes - Most eye shadow colors work well with brown eyes. The determining factor is usually the depth of eye color -- almost black, medium, or light brown. Women with brown eyes can also pull off both black and brown eyeliner (brown works best in the day and black at night). For deep brown eyes - If your eyes are dark brown, medium to dark shades of eye shadow will work for you. Try plum, forest green, or charcoal gray. Check for flecks of lighter color in your eyes and uses those hues to select your eyeliner color. For dark brown eyes, try dark

$30 Special ($15 Savings!)

Wash, Cut & Style
(only valid with Mandy B)

Legends Salon & Day Spa

4855 El Camino Real Atascadero

Mandy B

Curl Specialist

(805) 461-5207 salon (916) 225-3971 direct

Central Coast Family

May 2013

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Cirque & Silks



Schools Out for Summer!


Tramp & Tumbling

Team Gymnastics


Rec Gymnastics



k c e h C our 8 fabulous weeks of Summer Camp: ou t

Schools Out & Surfs Up!
JUNE 17 - 21 JUNE 24 - 28 JULY 8 - 12



Members who purchase a Summer Class Card receive a FREE 1/2 day of Summer Super Camp!

CCG combines action-packed days of fun with the finest gymnastics training for the

CCGs Summer Super Camps for children 3 13 are filled with Gymnastics, Tumbling, Acrobatics, Trampoline, Pit Activities, and Super FUN Games! Every week has a different theme, guest speakers from our community, awesome arts and crafts, outside activities, martial arts, flying in the overhead rig, and more!

Go online to print out the registration form at


New and non-enrolled students. Not valid with any other offers. One coupon per person. Expires 5/31/2013

Central Coast Family

Pirates of the Gymnasium!

JULY 22 - 26

CCGs Birthday Bash! Sponge Bob Does Flips! CCGs Super Heroes!
JULY 15 - 19

Amazing Race Challenge!

JULY 29 - AUG. 2 AUG. 5 - 9

CCGs Got Talent! Splish Splash Summer Bash!

AUG. 12 - 16

Ultimate Camp Experience!

Early Bird Savings!

16,000 square feet of Fun & Fitness!

805 549-8408
May 2013

21 Zaca Lane, SLO

Page 16

May 2013 Free Ongoing Events

FARMERS MARKET: 11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG



May is:
American Bike Month Allergy Awareness Month Better Hearing & Speech Month Flower Month National Mental Health Month National Physical Fitness Month Older Americans Month National Water Safety Month



8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade

8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG


mother goose day

space Day Dr Benjamin spocks birthday (Born in 1903) Holocaust remembrance day


Lily of the Valley

May day


national weather observers DAY


11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


national teacher day

8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI



3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG



9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade

8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St


national train DAY no socks day International No Diet DAY


clean up your room day national Family child care providers day

twilight zone day


11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

kite day international nurses day

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI



3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG


9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

mothers day

national dance like a chicken day

national chocolate chip day

Wear Purple for Peace 1st Us nickel minted (in 1866)

international museum day visit your relatives day 1st kentucky derby (in 1875)

tulip day

armed forces day


11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

circus day peace day

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI



3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG


9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 10:00am-12:30pm Cayucos Vets Hall 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall

8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St


lindbergh flight (in 1927) red cross founded (by Clara Barton in 1881) play a musical instrument day penny day 1st morse code message sent (WA DC to Baltimore in 1844)

national missing childrens day


11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI



3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG


9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

world no tobacco day Jim Thorpes birthday (Born in 1888

memorial day
golden gate bridge opens (in 1937) john F Kennedys birthday (Born in 1917)

Central Coast Family

May 2013

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Family Events
THU APR 25 - SUN MAY 5 (times vary): FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at Baro Theater behind Atascadero Jr High, West Mall Ave, Atascadero. The story centers on Tevye, the father of five daughters, and his attempts to maintain his family and Jewish religious traditions while outside influences encroach upon their lives. Cost: $8-20. Contact: 8383006 or THU APR 25 - SUN MAY 12 (times vary): FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at The Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Ave, Arroyo Grande. Travel the roads of Anatevke with Tevye, his dairy cart, his wife, and five daughters. As the sun rises and sets on his beloved Russian town, he dreams of a better future for his family. Cost: varies. Contact: 489-9444 or FRI APR 26-SUN MAY 5 (times vary): ALICE IN WONDERLAND at Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School, 682 Palm St, SLO. Mission College Prep Drama Club presents Lewis Carrolls classic. Cost: $7-10. Contact: 543-2131 or FRI APR 26-SUN MAY 5 (times vary): XANADU at the Cultural and Performing Arts Center at Cuesta College, SLO. The smash hit musical that took Broadway by storm. Cost: $10-15. Contact: 546-3282 or SAT APR 27 - SUN APR 28 7:00 pm: HONEYMOON AT GRAVESIDE MANOR at Shandon High School, 101 S 1st St, Shandon. Cost: $6. Contact: 238-0286. MON APR 29 3:00-6:00 pm: BRUSHMARKS! JURIED ART EXHIBIT FOR TEENS at Paso Robles City Library Center, 1000 Spring St, Paso Robles. Aspiring artists in grades 6-12 are invited to submit artwork for this 7th Annual competition by APR 29 in two categories: painting and drawing. Cost: $5. Contact: 2373870. TUE APR 30 (all day): CATERPILLARS ARE BACK! at the San Luis Obispo Childrens Museum, 1010 Nipomo St, SLO. Adopt a caterpillar! Cost: $2. Contact: 545-5874 or WED MAY 1 at 7:00 pm: SPRING CONCERT at Cohan Center, PAC, 1 Grand Ave, SLO. Jazz and Symphonic music will be performed by four different ensembles in Los Osos Middle School & Morro Bay High School Bands. This season, the Concert Bands will perform the music of composer Brian Balmages, who will be guest conducting his music. The MBHS Jazz Band will perform several classic Big Band selections, including the music of Woody Herman, Duke Ellington, and Benny Goodman. Cost: $10. Contact: 756-2787 or THU MAY 2 - SUN JUN 16 2:30-5:00 pm: AN EVENING OF COMEDY MUSIC at The American Melodrama, 1863 Front St, Oceano. An evening of comedy and music is what you have come to expect at the Melodrama and this night is no exception. Join The Melodrama for a night of light-hearted entertainment as they present two hilarious one act plays followed by a vaudeville revue guaranteed to liven your step and tickle your funny bone. Cost: $18-22 Contact: 489-2499 or FRI MAY 3 11:00 am-2:00 pm: PROJECT OF LIGHT CLINIC at Santa Margarita Community Hall, Corner of Murphy St. and I St, Santa Margarita. Sessions of Light and Tone. Cost: free. Contact: 438-4347 or SAT MAY 4 8:00 am: COMMUNITY YARD SALE in Santa Maria. Do your Spring cleaning and participate in a community wide garage sale. This is a wonderful way to clean up and declutter. Cost: free. Contact: 438-3898 or SAT MAY 4 8:00 am-2:00 pm: CLUTTER TO CASH COMMUNITY WIDE GARAGE SALE at Main St, Templeton. The Templeton Community Services District, in collaboration with the US-LT RCD, is holding its 2013 Clutter to Cash Community Wide Garage Sale to promote and encourage recycling, reuse and other sustainable living strategies. Cost: free. Contact: 434-0396 or SAT MAY 4 9:30 am-2:30 pm: PINE NEEDLE BASKET WEAVING at SLO Botanical Garden, 3450 Dairy Creek Rd. Create unique, sustainable, and beautiful baskets. All materials provide, just bring scissors and lunch. Cost: $95-120. Contact: 541-1400 or SAT MAY 4 - SUN MAY 5 10:00 am-5:00 pm: SAN LUIS OBISPO HOME SHOW at the Alex Madonna Expo Center, 100 Madonna Rd, SLO. The latest in home designs. Cost: free. Contact: 772-4600 or slohomeimprovement. com. SAT MAY 4 - SUN MAY 26 10:00 am-5:00 pm: DISNEYS THE LITTLE MERMAID JR at Unity,

1490 Southwood Dr, SLO. Kelrik Productions is proud to bring you the wonders of Disneys Broadway production of The Little Mermaid Jr. on stage! Join mermaid Ariel and her friends as she navigates her magical Kindgom under the sea, defies her father, King Triton, makes a pact with a sea witch, and falls in love with Prince Eric, who is enchanted by her beautiful voice. Cost: varies. Contact: 5437529 or SAT MAY 4 11:00 am: BIRDIE FAMILY CONCERT AND FUNDRAISER at Avila Community Center, 191 San Miguel St, Avila Beach. Support the Childrens Resource Network by singing and dancing with Birdie! Kids activities, bake sale and a silent auction. Cost: $5 or bag of donated clothing. Contact: 440-5352 or SAT MAY 4 1:30 pm: KENTUCKY DERBY PARTY at the Greengate Ranch, 300 Greengate Road, SLO. The Clark Center will be hosting an authentic Kentucky Derby. Our guests will enjoy an afternoon of Southern appetizers and desserts, mint juleps and sweet tea, yard games, a hat contest, silent auctions and, of course, horse racing all while raising money for the Clark Center! Cost: $60. Contact: 4899444 or SAT MAY 4 2:30-5:00 pm: THE TRUTH ABOUT ATTENTION, BEHAVIOR, COMMUNICATION & LEARNING presentation at Central Coast Gymnastics, 21 Zaca Ln, San Luis Obispo. Discover if there are obstacles in your childs path to success and how to overcome them at this event provided by The Speech and Learning Coach and Central Coast Gymnastics. Free admission and CCGs Fitness & Fun childcare (over age 3/pottytrained) with a minimum donation per adult of either $5 for Jacks Helping Hand or 5 food items for SLO Food Bank. Pre-registration

is required. Contact: 474-1144 or Info@ SUN MAY 5 1:00-4:00 pm: FLAVOR OF SLO at Jack House and Gardens, 536 Marsh St, San Luis Obispo. Treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon showcasing the very best food, wine, and beer our region has to offer. All proceeds benefit United Way of SLO County. Cost: $30-55. Contact: SUN MAY 5 1:00-3:00 pm: BOOK EVENT & PRESENTATION at Coalesce Bookstore, 845 Main St, Morro Bay. Dig, Dogs, Dig: A Construction Tail by James Horvath. Contact: 772-2880 or SAT MAY 11 at 8:30 am: 5K & COUGAR KIDS FUN RUN at Cuesta College San Luis Obispo Campus, Hwy 1. Join Cuesta College in celebrating their 50 year anniversary! The race is held in memory of Dr. Grace Mitchell and will support the Kinesiology and Recreation programs as well as Cuestas Childrens Center. Events include a Cougar Kids Fun Run and a Kids Zone. The course is a flat, fast loop that winds through both the old and new campuses and finishes on the track. Cost: 5K $30-40 (t-shirt included), Kids races $5. Register at Contact: 546-3100 or SAT MAY 11 11:00 am5:00 pm: OUTDOOR DISCOVERY FESTIVAL at Lopez Lake Vista Lago Day Use Area, 6800 Lopez Dr, Arroyo Grande. If you like to hike, bike, camp, fish, bird watch, kayak, horseback ride, golf, and more... this is the place to be! There will be exhibits, demos, vendors, and live music. Cost: free. Contact: 788-2381 or www. SAT MAY 11 11:00 am-3:00 pm: 1st Annual MINI SLO MAKER FAIRE at Mission Plaza,

Central Coast Family

May 2013

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San Luis Obispo. Enjoy a smaller version of the enormous Maker Faire, which began in San Mateo in 2005. This is a free familyfriendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. Make, create, craft, recycle, build, think, play and be inspired by celebrating arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, science and technology. Contact: 5438562 or SAT MAY 11 11:30 am-2:30 pm: CCRRF NATIONAL TRAIN DAY FAMILY EXCURSION at 170 West Grand Ave, Grover Beach. National Train Day celebration includes a round trip ride on Amtraks Pacific Surfliner from Grover Beach to SLO and back, a visit to the activities at SLOs Amtrak Station and an ice cream treat from Doc Burnsteins to end the trip! Cost: $19-25. Contact: 773-4173 or SAT MAY 11 12:00-4:00 pm: First Annual WELLNESS FAIRE at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, 1215 Avila Beach Dr, Avila. Celebrate the bounty of wellness on the Central Coast. This free family outdoor event features local artisans, nutrition experts, farmers market, live music, and Wine & Wellness Auction. Benefits Wellness Kitchen and Resource Center. Contact: 595-7302. SAT MAY 11 6:00-9:00 pm: INDULGENCE SILENT AUCTION at Avila Lighthouse Suites, 550 Front St. This scholarship benefit for Central Coast Gymnastics is held in conjunction with CCGs Kids Night Out 5:0010:00 pm. Parents can drop off the kids at CCG and enjoy a night of Indulgence: live jazz music, wine tasting, and hors doeuvres. Contact: 549-8408 or SUN MAY 12 1:00-3:30 pm: GARDEN FRESH FAMILY COOKING CLASS at SLO Botanical

Garden, 3450 Dairy Creek Rd, San Luis Obispo. This Saturday at the Childrens Garden is a great chance to discover the joy of cooking garden-fresh meals with local organic produce. Well harvest vegetables, then whip up a meal to share, plus give tips for creating an edible backyard garden. For kids 2-6 grade. Cost: $25 for child & guardian, additional $5 per family member. RSVP: 5411400 304. Contact: SUN MAY 12 1:00-4:00 pm: MOTHERS DAY CONCERT at Jack House & Gardens, 536 Marsh St, San Luis Obispo. Enjoy an afternoon of music by the Quiet Knights in the serene gardens. Take a tour of the historic Victorian home and check out unique vintage purses. Tours are free to families with three generations present, $5 for others. All mothers attending receive a complimentary flower. Refreshment provided. Contact: 7817300. TUE MAY 14 7:00 pm: ARROYO GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL BAND CONCERT at the Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Ave, Arroyo Grande. Cost: varies. Contact: 489-9444 or THU MAY 16 9:30 am & 11:00 am: RUMPELSTILTSKIN at the Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Ave, Arroyo Grande. Recall the Grimm Brothers moral tale of promises made and broken. Recommended for grades K-5. Cost: varies. Contact: 489-9444 or FRI MAY 17 4:00-7:00 pm: KIDS WORK FAMILY REUNION at 652 Wildflower Dr, Santa Maria. Help us celebrate 11 years of helping families grow and see how far our children have developed. All Kids Work families, past, present, and future are welcome to enjoy a free family BBQ, carnival, kids games, and

more fun! Contact: 264-1553. FRI MAY 17-SAT MAY 18 (times vary): I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY at the Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Ave, Arroyo Grande. Dance showcase performed by the students of Nipomo High. Cost: varies. Contact: 489-9444 or SAT MAY 18 2:00-4:00 pm: VETERAN OF THE YEAR CEREMONY at Veterans Hall, 801 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian will honor those serving in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard and announce the Veteran of the Year to represent the 35th Assembly District. Cost: free. Contact: 549-3381. SUN MAY 19 10:00 am-3:00 pm: 6th Annual DUCKY DERBY at Mission Plaza, 989 Chorro St, San Luis Obispo. Sigma Nus 6th Annual Rubber Ducky Derby is an event created by the men of Sigma Nu to help in the fight against cancer. By sponsoring a $5 duck, youre entering to win prizes while you enjoy the duck race, BBQ, silent auction, bounce house, face painting, games, and plenty of fun! The event is geared towards families, college students, and especially children. All are welcome, and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Contact: www. SUN MAY 19 7:00 pm: MAGIC REDEFINED at the Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Ave, Arroyo Grande. For over a decade, magician John Gabriel has been thrilling audiences with his unique magic that combines cutting-edge performance and contemporary style. From his beginnings Gabriel has generated a pop culture following by applying shocking new twists to some of the classics in his art, such as a double levitation that was hailed as one of the greatest illusions of the year. Cost:

varies. Contact: 489-9444 or FRI MAY 24-SAT MAY 25 (times vary): SHOW TIME! DREAM ON at the Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Ave, Arroyo Grande. A Nipomo High School Drama Department production. Cost: varies. Contact: 489-9444 or FRI MAY 24 & SAT MAY 25 (times vary): MORRO BAY BANDS ON THE RUN 5K and 10K at Morro Bay High School. MAY 24 5:007:00 pm: Carb Up Pasta Feast in Morro Bay High School cafeteria for early run checkin. Music from 6:00-8:00 pm. This event is open to all! Children under 5 are free with paying adult. May 25: Bands on the Run 5K and 10K begins at the high school, goes through the Cypress Tunnel, then on to the beach. Enjoy bands playing on the main stage and at key venues along run courses. Runner Check-In: 7:00-8:00 am. Opening Ceremony: 8:00 am. Race Time: 8:30 am. Closing Ceremony: 10:30 am. Check-in, Start, and Finish Locations: MBHS football field. Free parking at MBHS. Registration: $30, Students: $25. Fruit and water will be offered for participants, concessions for fans. Contact: bandsontherunmorrobay. SAT MAY 25 11:00-4:00 pm: HERITAGE DAY at Cambria Historical Museum, 2251 Center St. Demonstrations of all things old fashioned will be displayed in the front yard, and antique Fords will be in the back. Families can enjoy free crafts for kids; hot dogs and root beer floats. Contact: 927-3159 or www. WED MAY 29 7:00 pm: ARROYO GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR at the Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Ave, Arroyo Grande. Spring performance. Cost: varies. Contact: 489-9444 or

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Local Resources
Every THU-FRI 12:00-5:00 pm & SAT 11:00 am5:00 pm: Exploration Stations Interactive Science Center welcomes families at 867 Ramona Ave, Grover Beach. Cost: $2 kids, $3 adults. Contact: 473-1421 or http:// 2nd THU of every month 6:00-7:00 pm: Grief Support Group at Central Coast Hospice, 253 Granada Dr, Ste D, San Luis Obispo. This free group is for anyone suffering from the loss of a loved one who is in need of support. Contact: 540-6020. 2nd SAT of every month FEB-NOV at 9:00 am: The City Of Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department offers free docent-led nature walks in Los Flores Ranch, 6271 Dominion Rd, Santa Maria. Contact: 925-0951 x 263. Volunteer as a Good Neighbor! Make a difference in the life of an older or disabled adult. Once trained, volunteers choose services to contribute and schedule hours at their convenience. Training is scheduled monthly at Wilshire Community Services, 285 South St, Ste J, SLO. Contact: 547-7025 x 17. Volunteer at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art! Stop by at 1010 Broad St (Mission Plaza) or email 2nd MON every month 6:30-8:00 pm: Caregiver Support Group at Cayucos Community Church, Ocean Ave & S 3rd St. Free support group for caregivers and family members dealing with long-term illness, memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimers. Contact: 458-7484. 1st SAT every month 9:00 am-12:00 pm: Elfin Forest Work Parties. Dress for wind, fog, or sun (layers work well) in long pants, longsleeved shirts, and sturdy shoes. Meet at the north end of 15th St in Los Osos. Contact: 528-0392 or Every MON 10:00 am-2:00 pm: Remain Independent Despite Vision Loss at Santa Maria Terrace, 1405 E. Main St. New ways of doing daily tasks are taught by the Braille Institute, such as managing the home, traveling, and use of talking library books. Contact: 462-1225. 2nd & 4th MON every month at 6:30 pm: MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meet at Pacific Christian Church, 3435 Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria. Childcare provided. Contact: 934-3491 or www.pacificchristian. net. Every TUE 3:00-6:00 pm & FRI 3:00-5:30 pm: Teen Wellness Program at Arroyo Grande EOC Health Services Clinic, 1152 E Grand Ave. Health services, including reproductive health, in a safe environment with staff trained to screen, assess, and provide intervention. Appt preferred. Contact: 4894026. 1st WED every month at 9:00 am: Community Action Partnership Senior Health Screening at First United Methodist Church, 275 N. Halcyon Rd, Arroyo Grande. Free and low-cost services for people 50 and older including blood pressure, pulse, weight, total cholesterol, screening for anemia, diabetes and fecal blood, nutritional counseling, and referrals. Contact: 481-2692 or 788-0827. 1st WED every month at 12:00 pm: Disabled American Veterans luncheon at Veterans Memorial Bldg, 313 W. Tunnell St, Santa Maria. Contact: 345-0402. Every WED 5:30-7:00 pm: Widowed Support Group at New Life Church, 990 James Way, Rm 14, Pismo Beach. Arrive 10 min early for 1st meeting. Offered by Hospice of SLO Co. Contact: 544-2266 or 1st THU every month at 6:15 pm: Commission on the Status of Women meets at Coast National Bank, 500 Marsh St, San Luis Obispo.

Janel A. Chavez, LCSW Individual & Family Therapy

License # 27129

Counseling Services

Arroyo Grande Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Seeking... Sharing... Serving

Worship Service Times Saturday: 9:30 & 10:45 am 240 Vernon St, Arroyo Grande

Marriage, Premarital, Relationships Adoption & Foster Care Family Issues Children & T eens Divorce, Grief & Loss School Issues Depression & Anxiety

(805) 489-6622

Everyday Life Challenges

Grover Beach 805.540.1902

The Commission is an official advisory group to the SLO County Board of Supervisors to identify issues of concern to women that are not the focus of other advocacy or advisory organizations. Contact: 788-3406. Every TUE at 7:00 pm: Al-Anon Family Support Group at Luis OASIS Senior Center, 420 Soares Ave, Orcutt. Contact: 937-9750. 3rd WED every month at 7:00 pm: How to Survive Divorce seminar at the San Luis Obispo Womens Community Center, 1124 Nipomo St, #D in SLO. Practical tips, pointers, and suggestions for handling family law issues. $10.00 donation requested for handout materials and book. Contact: 5449313 to register. 4th TUE every month at 5:30 pm: Legal Clinic for Self-Represented Litigants at the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse Law Library, 1050 Monterey St in SLO, #125. SLO County Bar Assn Family Law Section & Womens Community Center provide one-on-one legal advice for persons filing divorces w/o an attorney, and a document preparer to assist in completing court-required forms. Min. $40.00 donation. Limit: 12 participants. Contact: 544-9313. Sexual Assault Recovery and Prevention (SARP) Center of San Luis Obispo County offers: Weekly Drop-In Support Group for Sexual Assault Survivors; 24 Hour Crisis Line; Advocacy and Accompaniment; Peer Counseling; Individual Clinical Counseling; Prevention and Education Programs; and Womens Empowerment and Self Defense Workshops. Contact: 545-8888 or www. 1st THU every month at 6:15 pm: Commission on the Status of Women meets at Coast National Bank, 500 Marsh St, San Luis Obispo. The Commission is an official advisory group to the SLO County Board of Supervisors to identify issues of concern to women that are not currently the focus of other advocacy or advisory organizations. Contact: 788-3406. Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens offers many free services: Senior Connection - connecting callers with local resources; HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) one on one assistance for Medicare beneficiaries, advise and referrals for long term care options, and help with billing / appeals; Vial of Life magnetized containers with medical information; a Senior Resource Directory for SLO or SB counties, and much more. Contact: 925-9554 or www. San Luis Obispo Senior Center offers health screening, legal services, meals, exercise, bridge, bingo, and more at 1445 Santa Rosa St. Contact: 781-7306. San Luis Obispo ALPHA (Alpha Pregnancy Counseling & Support) provides free pregnancy support, newborn assistance & education in SLO, Arroyo Grande, and Atascadero. Pregnancy Testing; Options Counseling; Follow-Up Counseling; Support & Referrals re: Post-Partum Depression; Medical Care & Insurance; Agency Referrals; Rental Deposit Assistance; Maternity & Baby Clothes; Infant Supplies & Equipment; Workshops; Support Groups; and Speakers Bureau. Contact: 541.3367 or www.sloalpha. org.

for Irrigation Inspection & Consultation Exp. 6/1/13

20% off Final Bill
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Central Coast Astronomical Society plans a Dark Sky Star Party every month at Santa Margarita Lake KOA Campground at sunset. CCAS also sponsors special guest speakers and programs periodically. Event details and schedules, weather updates, and local resources can all be found at: www. Contact: Aurora Lipper at aurora@centralcoastastronomy. org.

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Super FUNdamentals (Boys and Girls, Ages 6-14) 9:00 am to noon Cost: $125 Little Skillsbuilders (Boys and Girls, Ages 4-6) 9:30 to 11:00 am Cost: $75
Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week 1A 1B 2A 2B 3 4A 4B 5 6 June 17th-21st Arroyo Grande (Soto Sports Complex) June 17th-21st Morro Bay (Morro Bay Elementary) June 24th-28th San Luis Obispo (Taylor Field) June 24th-28th Templeton (Evers Field) July 22nd- 26th Atascadero (Paloma Creek Park) July 29th-Aug 2nd Orcutt (Orcutt Junior High July 29th-Aug 2nd Paso Robles (Barney Schwartz Fields) Aug 5th-9th Arroyo Grande (Soto Sports Complex) Aug 12th-16th San Luis Obispo (Hawthorne Elementary) Catalyst Soccer is taught by current college coaches and players with a FC Barcelona-inspired curriculum to increase skill levels and tactical understanding. Influenced by the top youth development models in the world, Boys and Girls will love the FUN and LEARNING of Catalyst Soccer!

SPACE IS LIMITED - Register Today!

Register at CATALYSTSOCCER.COM or call 805 541-3031

What are YOUR kids doing this summer?
Now enrolling for Summer Play Groups Tuesdays & Thursdays July 2 - August 1
Im a Big Kid Now: This group helps children ages 3-5 years develop language, motor skills & social abilities needed to benefit from a structured learning experience in preschool & kindergarten. Co-led by a Speech & Language Pathologist & Occupational Therapist. How Does Your Engine Run?: This group helps kids develop selfregulation & behavior control through a non-medication approach & sensory integration therapy.
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Packed with loads of totally fun K-8 activities that are also educational. Your kids will be having a great time, while keeping their science learning going through the summer. Blast rockets, build robots from junk, wire burglar alarms, shatter laser beams, zoom roller coasters, discover black holes, and shake up chemical solutions! Taught by a real engineer, scientist, and university instructor.

Picky Eaters: Children learn about healthy eating through fun cooking crafts & nutrition education. Super Flex Social Thinking: Have kids follow in the foot-steps of Super Flex, a super hero who has mastered social skills & understands non-verbal communication. Happy Handwriting: This group helps kids improve & enjoy printing & cursive handwriting. Parent Support Group: Learn the 1-2-3 Magic approach to child behavior management, and receive valuable support for parents of children with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and behavioral difficulties. Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 pm.
Register Early: First 20 campers receive a free Bonus Science DVD!

$87 for the whole summer!

Register Early to Reserve Your Spot:

Questions? (805) 617-1789

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Stephanie M. Foster PhD, OTR/L

(805) 264-1553
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Los Osos Valley Organic Farm

The Village Salon

(805) 242 6789

Call Toni & Toni:

Mothers Day is for children... to buy Mom a Gift Certificate for her Hair!
Well add a Complimentary Shine Treatment!

(805) 489-5100

115 East Branch Street in Arroyo Grande

What do you offer Central Coast Families?

Enjoy FREE full color, graphic design & website exposure:

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Family Tour Day A great overview of the camp experience! Saturday, May 18th 11:00 am & 1:00 pm

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