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Jacob Reardon Instructor: Malcolm Campbell English 1103 February 5, 2013 Topic Proposal: Privacy: The War Technology Waged Against Society Introduction/Overview I will be researching the effects that technology has on the privacy of our society. There are many positive aspects of technology but as technology continues to advance we seem to give up more of our rights to privacy. Think of social media for example; everything you post on Facebook or Twitter is available for most of the world to see. Once something is out on the internet gets out, theres no getting it back. Also take a look at text messages. All of the texts you send are saved on some external server. The scary part is not knowing who has access to that information and if they could use it to harm you in one way or another. I have visited various websites and read many different articles regarding privacy. To start my search I skimmed over a few articles and picked out a few names and key words from them. The websites I used were mainly news sites (ie; fox news, msnbc, and the NY Times). The names I found lead me to understand a lot more about how technology affects our privacy.

Initial Inquiry Question(s)

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How long before we have no privacy at all? What are the technologies that are limiting our privacy? What can we do to prevent from further loss of privacy? Does society care about privacy at all?

My Interest in this Topic The main interest I have in this topic is my overall concern about it. From the preliminary research I have done Ive found that there are a lot of people who arent aware of the consequences that can come from losing privacy. I would like to make the reader of my research understand exactly whats at stake and what could happen if something isnt changed.

Next Steps For the next part of my research I will be looking further into the technologies and figuring out how they specifically affect our privacy. I will also be looking for potential solutions that can allow society to retain their privacy and not have to worry. I will be using resources from the library as well as going back through the news sites to see if I missed anything.

-Suggestions would be to narrow down your topic into a more specific question, that way you dont have too broad of a topic that you will not be able research your topic fully -Make sure you dont use contractions in any sort of formal writing

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-Also make sure to use proper grammar especially when talking about major corporations or news teams -Basically just make sure that you might need to redirect your topic and mainly focus on a specific form of privacy invasion that has to do with todays techonolgy