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Marketing is a communication process that has the purpose of individuals or groups - that are directly or indirectly able to purchase - aware of products and services that may satisfy their existing or newly-identified needs and wants.

Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. The term developed from the original meaning which referred literally to going to market, as in shopping, or going to a market to buy or sell goods or services.

Dealer Any person who carries on business in purchasing, selling, supplying or distributing goods and also includes works contractor, company, Co-operative Society, Broker, Commission Agent, Auctioneer or any other mercantile Agent for the consideration of cash, commission and deferred payment.

There are two types of dealer such as: 1) Registered dealer. 2) Casual dealer


Cement industry is one of the major industries in India. Today there are 130 large cement plants and more then 300 mini cement plants operating in India, producing cement under different brands and grades. Though most of the companies are restricted to surrounding states, some spread throughout India. A local market to a city, a district, or a state is composed of a variety of brands leaving to the customer a wide range of choice.

‗In the market, the movement of cement largely depends on the dealer‘s promotion, constructor or contractor‘s awareness and advice to the customer and to an extent on the awareness of the customer. Dealer is one of the key persons who can affect the movement of a particular brand of cement. A marketer needs the information regarding the dealer‘s satisfaction on different factors like product quality, service, price, supply and satisfaction of company‘s promotional activities so as to estimate his willingness to push the brand.

The study attempts to analyze the satisfaction of the dealer regarding various factors corresponding to SAGAR CEMENTS and the brand preference by the dealers. This helps the marketers of SAGAR CEMENTS to estimate the market position of SAGAR CEMENTS and take steps for their expansion of business.


 To study the dealers satisfaction levels towards sagar cements regarding promotional activities, quality and quantity of cement and to know demanding levels of sagar cements by the customers in the market.

 To find the Dealer‘s Satisfaction Level with SAGAR CEMEMTS.  To find the factors influencing the dealers to deal with SAGAR CEMEMTS.  To study various areas that needs improvement in SAGAR cements from dealer point of view.  To find the dealer‘s suggestions if any with respect to SAGAR CEMEMTS.


 The study is confined on the selected dealers in Nalgonda and Khammam Districts.  The data collection is carried out in Nalgonda and Khammam Districts  The project is focused on dealer‘s satisfactory levels with quality, supply, packing, service of SAGAR CEMENTS and promotional activities by the company.  A total of 60 dealers‘ have been surveyed for collecting the data with the help of a structured questionnaire.


industry profile and official web sites.0 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: Research methodology describes how the research study was undertaken. The researcher used structured questionnaire. research design. SOURCE OF DATA Primary data: The researcher collected both by direct survey from the dealer‘s through questionnaire. Secondary data: Here the researcher collected secondary data from the company profile. and method of data collection. SAMPLE DESIGN: Geographical area: The study is conducted in two districts Nalgonda and Khammam. 5 . This includes the specifications of source of data. the sampling method and the tools used.5. Period of coverage: The duration of project work is about 45 days Population: Population for this research is set of dealers those who are dealing with SAGAR CEMENTS in Nalgonda and Khammam districts.

which is selected according to the easy and convenience of the researcher.Sample units: The sampling units used by the researcher for this research. Questionnaire The questionnaire is prepared in a well-structured form so that it is easily understandable and answerable by everyone. Sample size: The number of samples collected by the researcher is 60 dealers Sampling procedure / Sampling method: The sampling method used for this study is non-profitability convenience sampling. 6 . are those who are dealing SAGAR CEMEMTS. The type of questions include in the questionnaire are open-ended questions. multiple choice questions and dichotomous questions. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT: Research instrument used for data collecting is questionnaire.

0 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY:  Since the survey was done only in Nalgonda and Khammam Districts the result obtained may not be taken as universal suggestion.  The results may not be accurate because the survey is on SAGAR CEMENTS dealers and hence there is a possibility of bias in their responses. 7.  Quality of the information highly dependent on the knowledge of the respondents.6.0 STASTICAL TOOLS USED FOR ANALYSIS: The researcher carries out analysis through various statistical tools.  Simple percentage analysis  Bar diagrams  Pie charts 7 . The statistical analysis is useful for drawing inference from the collected information.

There are two types of dealer such as: 1) Registered dealer. partners. commission and deferred payment. communicating. selling. Broker.that are directly or indirectly able to purchase . Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as the activity. who in turn sell to the general public. The shops may be owned by one company. as in shopping. Co-operative Society. supplying or distributing goods and also includes works contractor.8. and exchanging offerings that have value for customers. which is the world's largest marketing body defines marketing as "The management process responsible for identifying. The Chartered Institute of Marketing. and processes for creating." Dealer Any person who carries on business in purchasing. Many shops are part of a chain: a number of similar shops with the same name selling the same products in different locations.0 REVIEW OF LITERATURE: Marketing is a communication process that has the purpose of individuals or groups . anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. 2) Casual dealer Wholesaler A wholesaler buys goods in large quantities from their manufacturers or importers. or going to a market to buy or sell goods or services. 8 .aware of products and services that may satisfy their existing or newly-identified needs and wants. set of institutions. delivering. Commission Agent. Auctioneer or any other mercantile Agent for the consideration of cash. or there may be a franchising company that has franchising agreements with the shop owners. and society at large. company. The term developed from the original meaning which referred literally to going to market. clients. and then sells smaller quantities to retailers.

Retailer A retailer buys goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers or importers. how the brand owner wants the consumer to perceive the brand . The brand owner will seek to bridge the gap between the brand image and the brand identity. However. a products brand identity may acquire (evolve). either directly or through a wholesaler. or brand image are typically the attributes one associates with a brand. usually in a shop. Therefore. now being described as "cultural accessories and personal philosophies Brand identity A product identity.and by extension the branded company. organization. also called store. Retailers are at the end of the supply chain. gaining new attributes from consumer perspective but not necessarily from the marketing communications an owner percolates to targeted consumers. product or service. over time. Brands have become increasingly important components of culture and the economy. and then sells individual items or small quantities to the general public or end user customers. 9 . Brand identity is what the owner wants to communicate to its potential consumers. Brand A brand is a name or trademark connected with a product or producer. brand associations become handy to check the consumer's perception of the brand.

Unlike a distributor. a dealer is a principal and not an agent. The dealer came in to existence when communications were difficult with consumers and it is found necessary to have a point of distribution. The manufactures are not put to the task of collecting and securing orders and the numbers of accounts they have to open are smaller compared to dealing directly with the consumer. The dealers help the manufactures by formulating the policy of manufacturers according to the demand and assist them in securing the markets for their goods. He not only assist to the manufacture that also acts as the link in the chain of distribution between the manufacturer and consumers for which purpose the dealer maintain efficient and comprehensive organization. The dealers are being close touch with consumers so they are in position to advice the manufacturer by giving proper feedback about the customer‘s requirements.INTRODUCTION: Definition Individual or firm that buys goods from a producer or distributor for wholesale and/or retail reselling. The dealer can asses the public demand and see that marketable goods or manufacturer thus protecting the manufacture from wasteful and indiscriminate production as well as the consumer against goods which are neither satisfaction nor dissatisfaction of good value. The dealer occupies a very important specialized position. The dealers are also relieving the manufactures from the necessity of having sales organizations. 10 . Dealer generally enters in to forward contracts for supply of goods with the results the manufactures do not accumulate heavy stocks.

He may offer adequate trade discount. he should correspond them as frequently as necessary to show that the manufacturer is there to help the dealers to sell all and thus makes profit for themselves. every manufactures thus wants to motivate his distribution channel to sell more of his own products. the dealer finds stocks are laying at heavy on his hands and he cannot sell those products by adequately. Advertising products in the area concern the manufacturer should provide his dealers with promotional literature. They will appreciate effort and would be more in demand to support the company campaigns in advertising 11 .DEALER’S RELATIONS: Large manufacturers depends on dealer to sell their products. If they are assisted with promotional help. therefore good relations are most important to them . The manufacture should realize that the company dealers are more important assets. Thereafter.salesmen of some manufactures dump products on dealers through aggressive selling. Here the manufacturer must realize that dealers are themselves business men and must be viewed as beings rather than mechanical entities for flow of his products customers and human The dealer interested in maximizing their profits thus good dealer relations can be promoted if the manner is fair to his dealers in his behavior for example. provided display facilitate and even arrange contests among the dealers to motivate them towards better results.

They can also solicit dealers view on the competitor‘s performance. The must track their declares expectations. As some times dealers may feel that their complaints are minor or that they will be made to feel stupid . Satisfaction is a function of the difference between the perceived performance and expectations. had with the offer and to list out improvements they could suggest companies would also ask the respondents to rate various elements of the offer in terms of the importance of each element and how well the company has performed 12 .DEALER SATISFACTION Satisfaction in level of persons felt state resulting from company‘s products perceives performance in relational to the person‘s expectations. The questionnaire can be made to a random sample of their recent customers to find out how they fell about various aspects of the company‘s performance. or that normally will be offered the results is that the company has need Lesley lost dealers Therefore companies instead of using complaints level as measure of dealer‘s satisfaction. The respondents can be asked to list out problems they have. Company seeks to win in today‘s market. perceive company performance and dealers satisfaction While assessing the satisfaction level a company must not conclude that it can get full picture of dealer satisfaction and dissatisfaction by simply running complaints and suggestions. obtaining a direct measure of dealer satisfaction of conducting periodic survey would provide more appropriate measures.

Exclusive dealers needed to bring dealers satisfaction. An exclusive dealer often includes exclusive territorial agreements. Exclusive territories should be provided to bring dealers satisfaction. both parties benefits from exclusive arrangements. Many dealers like to develop exclusive channels for their products. The strategy in which the producer allows only certain concepts to carry its products is called exclusive design when the producer requires that these dealers should not handle expeditor products its strategy is called exclusive dealing. Keeping in mind about the concept and researcher has taken up a comprehensive study on the dealer‘s throw more light on the research topic chosen. satisfaction on cements in order to 13 . The producer may agree not to sell to others in the area or the buyer may agree in the given area or the buyer may agree to buy only in their territory.

A few of the leading manufacturers are the UltraTech/Grasim combine. growth in the cement consumption is anticipated in the coming years. road networks and housing facilities. registering a growth of 10. according to industry sources. cement despatches were 18.12 MT in March 2009.10 MT.65 million tonnes during April 2009. cement despatches have maintained a 10 per cent growth rate. Holcim etc. the fourth quarter of the current financial year 2009 will report a 2-3 per cent growth in margins due to rise in prices and 10-12 per cent year-onyear growth in sales due to sudden increase in demand this quarter. taking the total installed capacity to 219 MT and despatch of 16. the cement industry has ended FY 2008-09 on a strong note.INDUSTRY PROFILE India is the world's second largest producer of cement after China. Dalmia Cements.Despite concerns of slowdown. led by a change in economic scenario along with excess supply pressure. During March 2009. Moreover.With almost total capacity utilisation levels in the industry. 14 . with cement companies adding nearly eight million tonnes (MT) capacity in April 2009. India Cements.39 MT in March 2008.43 per cent as compared to 16.35 per cent as compared to 16. cement production was 18.42 MT in March 2008. Total despatches grew to 170 MT during 2007 – 08 as against 155 MT in 2006–07. Another 50 MT capacity is likely to be added this year. According to experts. With the boost given by the government to various infrastructure projects. showing a growth of 10. The cement industry may add 40-45 MT of capacity this fiscal. a 21 per cent increase over the installed capacity at 212 MT in 2008-09.

of which half will be invested towards setting up two grinding units at Rajasthan and Uttarakhand to augment its capacity.40 million. 15 .99 million for its new projects. Binani Cement has also initiated talks with a few foreign institutional investors (FIIs) to raise US$ 307.5 MTPA greenfield cement plant in Gujarat at a cost of US$ 169. ACC is expanding capacity by a third to 30 MT by 2010. 93 per cent of the total capacity in the industry is based on modern and environment-friendly dry process technology and only 7 per cent of the capacity is based on old wet and semi-dry process technology. The other half will be towards the two power plants in Bangur.5 MT capacity at its plant in Andhra Pradesh.  Bheema Cements Ltd is planning to invest US$ 116. There is tremendous scope for waste heat recovery in cement plants and thereby reduction in emission level.42 million in setting up a new manufacturing line of 1. Presently.  Binani Cement has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Gujarat government to set up a 2.12 million this year.  ACC Ltd will spend US$ 575 million on capacity expansion in 2009 and 2010. New Investments  Shree Cements will invest almost US$ 244.Technological change Continuous technological upgrading and assimilation of latest technology has been going on in the cement industry.

35 million. ABN Amro.  Leading foreign funds like Fidelity. 16 .5 per cent in India's third-largest cement firm. HSBC. Moreover.64 million. being the single largest acquirer in the cement sector. the Portugese cement maker. it also increased its stake in ACC Cement with US$ 486 million.  CRH Plc. acquired a 50 per cent stake in My Home Industries Ltd for almost US$ 372.91 million.63 per cent stake in Shree Digvijay Cement. with the cement sector contributing to 7 per cent to the total deal value.  Vicat SA. the world's second biggest maker and distributor of building materials.8 billion. India Cements (ICL).67 per cent stake in Hyderabadbased Sagar Cement for US$ 14.10 million for Grasim Industries' 53. for US$ 124.  Cimpor. a French cement maker acquired a 6.Mergers and Acquistions (M&As) A growing and robust economy was noteworthy in terms of the total number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in India 2007. Nomura Asset Management Fund and Emerging Market Fund have together bought around 7.  Holcim strengthened its position in India by increasing its holding in Ambuja Cement from 22 per cent to 56 per cent through various open market transactions with an open offer for a total investment of US$ 1. paid US$ 68.

cement export was 1. construction activity. has commented that cement demand in India is expected to grow at 10% annually in the medium term buoyed by housing.04 million tonnes as compared to 95. Cement production during April to October 2008-09 was 101. India is experiencing growth on all these fronts and hence the cement market is flourishing like never before.CEMENT INDUSTRY & SERVICES An Overview The cement industry is experiencing a boom on account of the overall growth of the Indian economy. Fitch Ratings.16 million tonnes during the same period for the year 2007-08.Despatches were 100. The Indian cement industry is the second largest producer of quality cement. being a derived demand.46 million tonnes as compared to 2. The demand for cement.24 million tonnes during April to October 2008-09 whereas 94. 17 .30 million tonnes.During April-October 2008-09. and investment in the infrastructure sector.05 million tonnes during the same period for the year 2007-08.The industry's capacity at the beginning of the year 2008-09 was 198. depends primarily on the industrial activity. real estate business.33 million tonnes during the same period for the year 2007-08. infrastructure and corporate capital expenditures. The cement industry comprises 130 large cement plants and more than 300 mini cement plants. which meets global standards. Global rating agency. Indian cement industry is globally competitive because the industry has witnessed healthy trends such as cost control and continuous technology upgradation.

Holcim Lafarge Heidelberg Cemex Italcementi 18 . Substantial technological improvements have been brought about and today.Technological Advancements Modernization and technology up-gradation is a continous process for any growing industry and is equally true for the cement industry. At present. Major Players The major players in the cement sector are:              Ultratech Cement Century Cements Madras Cements ACC Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited Grasim Industries India Cements Limited Jaiprakash Associates and JK Cements. The productivity parameters are now nearing the theoretical bests and alternate means. reduction in cost of production of cement. This technology up gradation is resulting in increased capacity. the quality of cement and building materials produced in India meets international standards and benchmarks and can compete in international markets. the industry can legitimately be proud of its state-of-the-art technology and processes incorporated in most of its cement plants.

J. Nalgonda district. etc. Sagar Cements Industries is a public limited company.30. 15. Muni Krishna. The Company installed some balancing equipments and machinery with a view to economise and also to improve efficiency. Rama Rao which were subscribed with the assistances given from Risk Capital Foundation. 7.N..000 shares reserved and allotted to the promoters. and 4. which is incorporated 1981 15th January at Andhra Pradesh.40. 19 .000 tonnes per annum. The Company's cement is marketed under the brand name Priya Cement The Company was promoted by Mr. Rama Rao and Mr.200 acre area in village peddaveedu.P.54. and accordingly the industrial licence was re-endorsed to permit maximum utilization of installed capacity. Krishna and J. Nalgonda district. Butchaiah.100 Shares subscribed for by the signatories to the Memorandum & Articles of Association.COMPANY PROFILE The organization ―Sagar Cements Industries Limited‖ is a fast growing Indian industrial group with its corporate head office at Hyderabad and works at Mattampally. located within 35 km from the National Highway No 9 connecting Vijayawada-Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. Mr. In 1984: 5.000 shares reserved and allotted to APIDC. The main object of the Company is to manufacture ordinary Portland cement.20.000 shares offered at par for public subscription during September-October. The Company obtained a mining lease from the Andhra Pradesh Government for mining limestone over a 1. 1.800 shares reserved and allotted to promoters. In 1986: The Government permitted the Company to enhance its licensed capacity to 99.

Sagar Group. Plant to supply the required slag to the unit. It was proposed to set up a new grinding unit at Salur in Andhra Pradesh with an installed capacity of 600 tonnes of slag cement. set was installed to supplement the available power. our product range is spreading its horizons that declare — our operations have grown to be among the largest in India. Since we believe progress is a continuous process. In 1989:  Two more D. As its contribution to the fast developing modern India. with the help of most sophisticated technology and the trusted consumers. This progress includes but not limited to high levels of assurance to our customers.G.G. assuring longevity. greater financial performance for suppliers and prosperous future to our staff that can help us to play an even larger role in the community. An agreement was entered with Visakhapatnam Steel In 1990  Necessary land was acquired and orders were placed for core There is no doubt that it is the cement that brought the revolution in the constructions industry by converting the conventional construction methods into the most and fast bonding.  The Company undertook another expansion scheme to enhance the production capacity to 600 tonnes of clinker and 400 tonnes of cement per day. 20 . sets were installed and commissioned in May to maintain the production at optimum level. Sagar Cements has been playing the major role since 20 years by providing the cement that speaks for itself. we are committed to become more aggressive and to be called as ―The Preferred Cement Supplier of India‖. Now.In 1987:  One D.

 Plant is near to headquarter.25% due to low setting Time. located within 35 km from the National Highway No 9 connecting Vijayawada-Hyderabad.  Cheap availability of the required land. 21 .  Stronger bonding with aggregates. Nalgonda district.  A very susceptible saving cost up to 20 .  Proximity of market.  Availability of labour.  Superiority quality of cement resulting in a better over all finish.Location of pl The first mini plant is located at Mattampally. Salient features of SAGAR CEMENT  High strength and great durability.  Abundant water resources. Location of the plant at Mattampally village has the following advantages.  Well-connected road transport.  Availability of financial subsidiary.

 Continues upgrade technology and skill top stay in the front line.SAGAR CEMENT industries limited . Types of products produced:  Ordinary Portland Cement: 53 grade  Ordinary Portland Cement: 43 grade  SRC  IRS T-40 Super grade  Portland Pozzolona Cement  Portland Slag Cement 22 .  Strive to maintain the environment clear. Objectives of the company:  The customer satisfaction should me attained by maintaining good quality.  Develop a strong quality culture at all skill top stay in the front line.quality policy:  To provide customer satisfaction through ―Total Quality‖.

We take pleasure to appreciate our most trusted dealers who are helping us to utilize the full capacity of our plants. All Directors and Senior Management Team of the company must strive to perform their best at all times. Community Care We our self and our business is part of the society we do believe in caring the community. The wide network of our dealers even more ensures that not even a single remote area is left. They should not use company's property. SAFETY. the company has contributed to its level best. PROMOTING INTEREST OF THE COMPANY Directors and Senior Management Team owe a duty to the company to promote its legitimate interests when the opportunity to do so arises. HEALTH. Sagar Cements Limited was there to support the efforts. ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 23 . Sagar Cements Limited is actively taking part in developing the community that needs a helping hand. information or position for personal gains. Let it be laying the good roads or erecting a building for educational purpose. From local voluntary organizations to nationwide relief fund organizations. As its efforts.SAGAR CEMENTS Network: Dealers The network of our dealers has been ensuring the fast and easy reach with speedy feedback. Further.

24 . production. It is the most important factor that creates repeated customers.SAGER CEMENTS LIMITED shall strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment and comply with all regulations regarding the preservation of the environment in and around its manufacturing facilities and other points of operations. Dealer satisfaction takes a very important place in Marketing As much as company thinks about its marketing strategies should help in generating sales. DEALER SATISFACTION IN SAGAR CEMENTS Dealer satisfaction is a key ingredient to the success of any business. If a dealer is satisfies with one of your products or services. The companies is committed to efficient use of natural resources and minimize any hazardous impact of the development. There are a lot of elements involved with Dealer satisfaction. which will increase your company revenue. Therefore. company should follow techniques to satisfy Dealers. in order to have your new or existing Dealer buy more from you. chances are this dealer will purchase more of your products or services. use and disposal of any of its products and services on the ecological environment. think about how the same marketing strategies could help in achieving Dealer satisfaction.

They can occur anywhere in the distribution channel.The elements which are practicing in sagar cements to satisfy dealers are  Discounts  Quantity turnover discounts  Immediate transportation  Gifts Discounts Are reductions to a basic price of goods or services . Immediate transportation Transportation is the movement of people and goods from one location to another. Sagar cement providing 3/. road. without the need for compensation that is involved in trade. Transport is performed by various modes. such as rail. A gift is a voluntary act which does not require anything in discounts per cement bag Quantity turnover discounts Are incentives for dealers based on the volume of business they sold in particular specified period. Company providing high speed of transportation to deliver stock to meet in time supply to consumers from dealers Gifts A gift or a present is the transfer of something. or a return in the form of prestige or 5/. Even though it involves possibly a social expectation of reciprocity.Company offering gold as gift those who make high volume of business 25 .

of respondents 06 20 38 16 80 % of respondents 7% 25% 47% 20% 100 GRAPH: Response 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 1-3 years 4-7 years 8-10 years Above 10 years % of respondents INTERPRETATION: Of about 80 dealers 20% are having above ten years experience and 47% are in the business of about 8-10 years. Experience in dealership: a) 1-3 Years c) 8-10 Years b) 4-7 Years d) Above 10 Years TABLE: S. The other 25% have 4-7 years of experience and the rest 7% of the dealers have 1-3 years experience. 4.1. Criteria 1-3 years 4-7 years 8-10 years Above 10 years Total No. 2.No 1. 3. 26 .

of respondents 15 25 32 08 80 % of respondents 19% 31% 40% 10% 100 GRAPH: Response 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 1-3 years 4-7 years 8-10 years Above 10 years % of respondents INTERPRETATION: This table shows the experience of the dealers in dealing with sagar cements. 27 . 2. 3. 10% of the dealers have sagar cements dealership for above ten years. How long you are dealing with SAGAR CEMENTS a) 1-3 Years c) 8-10 Years b) 4-7 Years d) Above 10 Years TABLE: S. 8-10 years experienced dealers are up to 40% and 31% have 4-7 years experienced and the rest 19% have up to 3 years experience.2. who have experience in their dealership. Most of the dealers. 4.No 1. Criteria 1-3 years 4-7 years 8-10 years Above 10 years Total No. have the experience in dealing with sagar cements.

49% d) 75% or above TABLE: S.No 1. 45% of dealers are having 25%-49% and remaining 31% of dealers are having 24% or less volume in there total business with sagar cements respectively. of respondents 25 36 16 03 80 % of respondents 31% 45% 20% 04% 100 GRAPH: Response 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 24% or less 25%-49% 50%-74% Above 75% % of respondents INTERPRETATION: Of about 80 dealers 04% of dealers are having above 75%. 4.74% b) 25% .3. Criteria 24% or less 25%-49% 50%-74% Above 75% Total No. 2. What is percentage of SAGAR CEMENTS volume in your total business? a) 24% or less c) 50% . 3. 28 . 20% of dealers are having 50%-74%.

29 .4. 4. 2. 3. 15% of dealers are dealing for promotional activities and remaining 4% are dealing by seeing company profile. Criteria Promotions Quality Company image Discount Demand Total No. 21% for demand.No 1. of respondents 12 20 03 38 17 80 % of respondents 15% 25% 4% 47% 21% 100 GRAPH: Response 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% % of respondents INTERPRETATION: About 25% of the dealers are dealing with sagar cements for its quality. 47% for Discount. 5. Which factors motivated you in choosing SAGAR CEMENTS dealership? a) Promotional scheme c) Company profile e) Demand b) Quality d) Discount TABLE: S.

2. of respondents 62 18 80 % of respondents 77% 23% 100 GRAPH: Response NO 23% YES 77% INTERPRETATION: About 77% of the dealers are dealing with other companies and 23% deal only sagar cements.5. Criteria YES NO Total No. Are you dealing with any other cement? a) Yes TABLE: b) No S.No 1. 30 .

PSC grades respectively. 06% 05% of dealers goes with IRS T-40. 23% of dealers goes with PPC. 2. 22% of dealers goes with OPC 43. Grades OPC 53 OPC 43 PPC IRS T-40 SUPER PSC Total No.No 1. 4.6. Which of the following is the fastest moving grade in SAGAR CEMENTS? a) OPC 53 c) PPC e) PSC TABLE: S. of respondents 35 17 19 05 04 80 % of respondents 44% 22% 23% 06% 05% 100 b) OPC 43 d) IRS T-40 Super GRAPH: Response 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% OPC 53 OPC 43 PPC IRS T-40 SUPER PSC % of respondents INTERPRETATION: About 44% of dealers are saying that OPC53 is the fastest moving brand in the market. 3. 5. 31 .

3. Competitors RASSI KCP KAKATHIYA DECCAN BHEEMA AMBUJA Total GRAPH: No. About 38% of the dealers are saying that Kakathiya cements is the toughest competitor. Which brand is considered to be the toughest competition for SAGAR CEMENTS? a) RASSI b) KCP d) DECCAN e) BHEEMA TABLE: S.26% is for KCP .20% for Ambuja. 5.04% is for Rassi.02% is for Bheema cements 32 .7. 2.10% is for deccan. 4. 6. of respondents 03 21 30 08 02 16 80 % of respondents 4% 26% 38% 10% 02% 20% 100 c) KAKATHIYA f) AMBUJA Response 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% % of respondents INTERPRETATION: The toughest competition for SAGAR CEMENTS is found to be Kakathiya cements.No 1.

33 . of respondents 34 16 21 09 80 % of respondents 43% 20% 26% 11% 100 GRAPH: Response 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Discounts Gifts Prizes Offers % of respondents INTERPRETATION: Most of the dealers are influenced by the discount offering to s them. 2. 11% are influenced by Offers provided by sagar cements. 4. Hence the 43% of the dealers are influenced by Discounts.26% are influenced by Prizes. Promotions Discounts Gifts Prizes Offers Total No.No 1.8. 20% are influenced by Gifts. Which promotional activity of SAGAR CEMENTS is having major influence in you? a) Discount b) Gift c) Prize d) Offers TABLE: S. 3.

22% of dealers goes with print media and remaining 16% for Radio.9. 4. Modes Print media Electronic media Radio Outdoor adds Total No.30% of dealers goes with Outdoor advertisement. 34 . of respondents 18 25 13 24 80 % of respondents 22% 32% 16% 30% 100 b) Electronic media d) Out door Advertisement GRAPH: Response 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Print media Electronic media Radio Outdoor adds % of respondents INTERPRETATION: Most of the dealers says that Electronic media. About 32% of dealers says that Electronic media is more effective. Outdoor advertisement is the effective media.No 1. Which of the following media advertising are consider to be more effective a) Print media c) Radio TABLE: S. 3. 2.

of respondents 19 31 25 05 80 % of respondents 24% 25% 31% 06% 100 GRAPH: Poor 7% Response Satisfactory 36% Very good 28% Good 29% INTERPRETATION: The promotion activities carried out by sagar cements is found to be satisfactory. 3. 4.10. Promotional Activities Very good Good Satisfactory Poor Total No.No 1. 06% dealers are dissatisfied and the rest 06% of the dealers are reporting poor. Rate the promotional activities taken up by SAGAR CEMENTS a) Very good c) Satisfactory TABLE: b) Good d) poor S. 35 . About 31% of the dealers satisfied and 25% of the dealers found is good. The promotion activities are can be still improved according their opinion. 2.

11. of respondents 39 41 80 % of respondents 49% 51% 100 GRAPH: Response YES 49% NO 51% INTERPRETATION: Of about 80 dealers.49% of dealers are saying that sagar cement price is same and remaining 51% of dealers said that price of other brands differs from sagar cement. Do you think price of SAGAR CEMENTS is same compared to other brands? a) Yes TABLE: b) No S. 2. 36 .No 1. Criteria Yes No Total No.

24% of dealers rated satisfied and remaining 02% rated poor toward quality of sagar cements.No 1. of respondents 27 32 19 02 80 % of respondents 34% 40% 24% 02% 100 GRAPH: Poor 2% Response Satisfactory 24% Very good 34% Good 40% INTERPRETATION: About 34% of the dealers rated very good toward the quality of sagar cements. 3. 37 . Rate the quality of SAGAR CEMENTS a) Very good c) Satisfactory TABLE: b) Good d) poor S.12. Criteria Very good Good Satisfactory Poor Total No. 4.40% of dealers rated good. 2.

22% of dealers rated satisfactory and the remaining 08% of dealers rated poor toward the quality of SAGAR CEMENTS with reference to the price.No 1. 4. Rate the quality of SAGAR CEMENTS with reference to the price a) Very good c) Satisfactory TABLE: S. 3.13. 2. 31% of dealers rated very good. of respondents 25 31 18 06 80 % of respondents 31% 39% 22% 08% 100 b) Good d) poor GRAPH: Poor 8% Response Satisfactory 22% Very good 31% Good 39% INTERPRETATION: About 39% of the dealers rated good toward the quality of SAGAR CEMENTS with reference to the price. 38 . Criteria Very good Good Satisfactory Poor Total No.

14. Whether the expected quantity of SAGAR CEMENTS is supplied to you in time? a) Yes TABLE: S.No 1. 39 . 2. of respondents 54 26 80 % of respondents 68% 32% 100 b) No Response NO 32% YES 68% INTERPRETATION: Of about 80 dealers. Criteria YES NO Total GRAPH: No.68% of dealers are satisfied with the supply of sagar cements with in time and remaining 32% are dissatisfied.

of respondents 03 30 21 08 80 % of respondents 4% 38% 26% 10% 100 b) Satisfied d) Dissatisfied GRAPH: Response 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Highly satisfied Satisfied Average Dissatisfied % of respondents INTERPRETATION: About 38%of the dealers feel average toward the employee dealing with them in the company. Criteria Highly satisfied Satisfied Average Dissatisfied Total No.No 1. What do you feel about the employees dealing with you in SAGAR CEMENTS? a) Highly satisfied c) Average TABLE: S. 40 .26% are just satisfied. 4. 2. 3.15.4% are highly satisfied and remaining 10% are dissatisfied with the employees in the company.

16. and remaining 20% of dealers wants the support of sales follows. 20% of dealers wants the support of credit facilities. 3. 4. 41 . 2. of respondents 29 12 23 16 80 % of respondents 36% 15% 29% 20% 100 b) Sales follow up d) Credit facilities GRAPH: Response 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Promotional Sales follow schemes up In time delivery Credit facilities % of respondents INTERPRETATION: Most of the dealers want the support of promotional activities. about 36% of dealers want the support of promotional activities. What form of support you need from SAGAR CEMENTS? a) Promotional scheme c) In time delivery TABLE: S.No 1. 29% of dealers wants the support of In time delivery. Criteria Promotional schemes Sales follow up In time delivery Credit facilities Total No.

No 1. 3. 26% are just satisfied. 4% are highly satisfied and remaining 10% are dissatisfied with the employees in the company. What is the overall rating you give to SAGAR CEMENTS? a) Very good c) Satisfactory TABLE: b) Good d) poor S. 2.17. Criteria Very good Good Satisfactory Poor Total No. of respondents 24 33 19 04 80 % of respondents 30% 41% 24% 05% 100 GRAPH: Poor 5% Response Very good 30% Satisfactory 24% Good 41% INTERPRETATION: About 41% of the dealers rate good toward the employee dealing with them in the company. 4. 42 .

No 1. 2. of respondents 76 04 80 % of respondents 95% 05% 100 b) No GRAPH: Response NO 5% YES 95% INTERPRETATION: About 95% of dealers recommend to their customers about sagar cements and remaining 5% of dealers do not recommend sagar cements to their customers. Do you recommend SAGAR CEMENTS to your customers? a) Yes TABLE: S.18. Criteria YES NO Total No. 43 .

No 1. 2. of respondents 23 57 80 % of respondents 29% 71% 100 b) No GRAPH: Response YES 29% NO 71% INTERPRETATION: About 71% of dealers are not having any complaints with sagar cements and remaining 29% or dealers are having some complaints with sagar cements. Do you have any complaints about SAGAR CEMENTS? a) Yes TABLE: S. Criteria YES NO Total No.19. 44 .

Quality. The rest 55% of the dealers are satisfied with what they are offering in sagar cements.No 1. of respondents 36 44 80 % of respondents 45% 55% 100 GRAPH: Response NO 55% YES 45% INTERPRETATION: About 45% of the dealers have suggestions to improve their packing.20. promotional activities. Their suggestions are wider about promotional activities. Criteria YES NO Total No. special offers. gifts. 45 . in time delivery of cement bags. Do you have any suggestions to improve the packing. price of SAGAR CEMENTS? a) Yes TABLE: b) No S. 2.

 The major promotional factor influenced the dealers to choose sagar cements dealership are Discounts.  At overall. Suggestions: 46 .  The total volume of sagar cements in dealer‘s total business is between 25%-49%.  According to dealers outdoor advertisement and electronic media are consider to be more effective to promote sagar cements.  The fastest moving grade in sagar cements is Ordinary Portland Cement 53.Findings:  Most of the dealers have 8-10 years of experience in dealership among that they are dealing with sagar cements in between 4-7 years.  The major support required to dealers are Promotional schemes and ‗in time delivery‘. most of the dealers rated sagar cements as Good.  Most of the dealers also deal with other brands to satisfy the need of various customers.

CONCLUSIONS 47 .  In time delivery should be improved.  Improve awarding the dealers who make the highest turnover yearly  Regular feedback should be improved.  Most of the dealers suggested for non-sticky cement packing.  Promotional activities should be improved like discounts.  As media impact is more. gifts. so company should go for more advertisements in mass media and out door advertisements to promote their brand. prizes etc.  Employees of sagar cements should deal gently towards dealers as they are direct customer to company. Dealers should be encouraged through arranging special meetings.

 The company is having a good dealer network and it is maintaining good relations with them i. The company is holding a good market share which is the result of efforts made by the company management and the executives..  By using different concepts of advertisement in media they attaining the concentration of customers.e.SAGAR CEMENTS is one of the fast moving brands in Andhra Pradesh. 48 . the service rate of the company is good.  The price of Sagar cement is matching with the quality of the cement  With the ideal promotional strategies and increasing the satisfactory level of the dealers the company can glow and become a market leader in the future. From the market survey we can conclude that:  Supply and quality factors are fetching to the movement of brand.